One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/1/10


Episode # 10786

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Téa: Todd.

Natalie: So Greg Evans hops on a plane to St. Kitt, which is where he treated Téa at that hospice, only he's been back twice since Téa died.

John: So unless he's going windsurfing, sounds like he's got another patient down there.

Natalie: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Eli: You won't let me leave here.

Greg: I can't.

Eli: And why is that?

Greg: If you walk out of here, you're a dead man.

Nurse: Well, good evening.

Téa: Todd?

Nurse: It's good to see your eyes open.

Téa: Todd--

Nurse: I'm here to take your vitals.

Téa: No, no. My husband was here. You said--

Nurse: Oh, of course. I didn't know his name. Yes. He was here.

Téa: I need to see him.

Nurse: I'm sorry. He's gone.

Téa: Gone? Where? Where?

Viki: Todd?

Charlie: Wait. What are you doing?

Todd: Yeah. Hey, Charlie, would you mind giving me a couple seconds alone with Viki, please?

Viki: Why? What's going on?

Todd: Well, judge gave Dani to Ross.

Viki: Oh, my God, no.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah. He's taking her to Tahiti. I'm not gonna get visitation.

Viki: That's outrageous. You have to appeal.

Todd: I have no time. He's taking her tonight, actually in an hour. So I've lost my daughter, Viki. I've lost her, and there's nothing I can do about it or anyone.

James: What kind of help do you need?

Nate: It's for Dani. We have to keep her here in Llanview. If we don't do something tonight, like now, I'll never see her again.

Destiny: My new computer has a camera in it. We can be on that every day, and my family can come to Tahiti on vacation.

Blair: I'm gonna bring Starr and the boys down every chance we get. You're not gonna lose us, sweetheart. You're not.

Cop: Mr. Rayburn will be here soon. You've about an hour to pack.

Blair: We remember.

Starr: Dani is my sister.

Blair: Let her in, please.

Starr: Why are there cops here?

Blair: Court ordered it.

Starr: I'm so sorry. I came as soon as Mom called me, and I can't believe it's now, like, right now?

Dani: Yeah. Me, either. I have to pack. Oh, my God, I have to pack up my life.

Destiny: It's okay. I'll help.

Starr: Where's Dad?

Blair: He wanted to go over and tell Aunt Viki himself.

Starr: Right now?

Blair: Starr, he is having a really hard time with this. He's avoiding the reality.

Viki: Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

Todd: Yeah. So what am I supposed to do? Can you believe it? This is my own daughter being taken away from me.

Viki: Oh, it's all right. It's okay. We'll get you through this.

Todd: That's right, you will. You're gonna steal my daughter. There's nowhere else I can go.

Viki: No. There isn't.

Todd: Yeah. Right. So you can help me.

Viki: I--

Charlie: Why is the cop here?

Cop: Judge's orders.

Charlie: What for?

Todd: Because God forbid I could have a few minutes alone with my daughter before she leaves.

Viki: Why would they be afraid of that?

Todd: They're idiots. Charlie, would you mind? Can I just have a little privacy with Viki? I promise I won't kidnap her.

Viki: Officer, it's okay.

Cop: I don't know.

Charlie: Officer, you know what? If we can just stand in the hallway, you can keep an eye on Todd. Come on.

Todd: Just--no, no. Look calm, calm and concerned. Okay. Here's what I need.

Viki: Todd, this is wrong. You cannot kidnap your own child.

Todd: That's exactly right. She's my child. It wouldn't be kidnapping. Viki, I can't just let her go like this. She's my daughter, and she's Téa's daughter. She's all I have left of Téa.

Nurse: I'm sorry. I don't know where your husband is.

Téa: My daughter, was she with him, Daniella?

Nurse: I didn't see her.

Téa: Well, they were supposed to be here.

Nurse: Don't upset yourself, hon. I'm sure your husband will be right back. He knows you're here waiting.

Todd: So here's the plan. My plane is at the airport, but I just can't call him--the pilot, I mean--without the cop getting suspicious, but I can text him, and, okay, he'll have the plane fueled and ready.

Viki: Todd, this is wrong.

Todd: You go to my house. Tell the cops, "I want a private good-bye with my niece," and they'll trust you.

Viki: Do you know what you're asking?

Todd: What would you do to keep your kids safe?

Cop: We need to go, Manning, or you'll miss your daughter.

Todd: In or out? Are you afraid you're gonna get caught? Come on, and even if you did, what are you, like the patron saint of Llanview? What are they gonna do to you? You'll be fine.

Cop: Let's go.

Todd: In or out?

Viki: I'm sorry, Todd. This is not the way.

Starr: Is there anything that we can do?

Blair: Your father doesn't even get visitation.

Starr: Are you kidding me? How could the judge do that?

Blair: Your father threatened to kill Ross and dump his body.

Starr: In court?

Blair: No. The other day, Ross just happened to record it.

Starr: Great. Perfect. It's vintage dad.

Blair: Although this time, I think maybe it was a good idea.

Starr: Yeah? Hey, how's Dani taking this?

Blair: You saw her, sweetie. She's shut down. She's in shock. I know that she cares about Ross, but I know that she doesn't want to leave here, leave her friends and family.

Natalie: We don't know that Eli got hurt.

John: Clarke had to move a corpse in to take his place and then get out of a burning house. There's no way he gets out without a scratch.

Natalie: So he goes all the way to the Caribbean and then has Greg treat him.

John: Clarke needed someone he could trust.

Natalie: And Greg is definitely in his pocket.

Shaun: Hey.

John: What's up?

Shaun: You wanted to see me, Lt?

John: Yeah. I do. Have a seat, will you? You want anything to drink or something?

Shaun: Nah. It's cool.

John: If it's all right, Natalie is gonna sit in with us, okay?

Shaun: That's fine with me.

John: Listen. The question is about your brother. He's not in trouble or anything. Just, no one has been able to reach him.

Shaun: Well, he was in court today. He'll probably be at the hospital tonight.

John: Actually, it seems that he's headed back to the hospice where Téa died.

Shaun: You know that for sure?

Natalie: We do.

John: You have any idea why he would have gone?

Shaun: Yeah. I do.

Greg: Test results came back.

Eli: And my head is not any better?

Greg: The bed rest helped.

Eli: But?

Greg: You have an embolism at the back of your brain.

Eli: Embolism. You mean a blood clot.

Greg: Yes. It's formed an occlusion in your internal carotid artery. That supplies blood to half your brain. If it blows, you're dead.

Eli: This is exactly what you thought would happen before, isn't it?

Greg: Yes. It was one of several possibilities, but it was obscured by the hematoma. Well, now that the hematoma is healing, we're able to see it for the first time.

Eli: But wait. The nurse said I was just fine.

Greg: Well, you are to her.

Eli: She doesn't have your x-ray vision.

Greg: She doesn't have the x-rays. The nurse checks your vitals, looks after your blood work. Those are all fine.

Eli: I don't get it, Doc. I feel good as new.

Greg: Yeah. I'm sure you do, and you will feel fine right up until the minute that clot moves from your internal carotid artery and blows inside your brain. Here. Look at the film yourself. You'll see. You're a walking time bomb.

Eli: What do you want me to do, just sit here and wait?

Greg: No. You need surgery immediately.

Téa: I need to talk to Todd.

Nurse: Sorry. There's no phone in this room.

Téa: Well, get one.

Nurse: Dr. Evans left strict orders. You are not to be disturbed.

Téa: It's too late for that.

Nurse: I can't ignore a direct order.

Téa: Well, then find Greg.

Nurse: I'm sorry; he had to leave, as well.

Téa: Why is everyone going?

Nurse: How about I call the doctor, find out when he'll be back, and he may know when your husband is coming, too? You rest.

Téa: Oh... oh, why did you leave, Todd?

Eli: Doc, this doesn't make any sense. I feel just fine.

Greg: Well, I told you you would.

Eli: Listen. If this is so serious, why am I experiencing no symptoms--no headaches, no dizziness, nothing.

Greg: Well, like I said--

Eli: I'm fine until I blow up, and then, without warning, I drop dead?

Greg: Well, no, not necessarily.

Eli: I knew it. Please.

Greg: You could have a stroke. The location of the embolism could move, and you could lose control of one side of your body, but there's no way I can promise that. I've scheduled an O.R. here today.

Eli: No. No. No, no. Doc, I don't have time for major surgery. I have things to do.

Greg: Well, you can't do anything if you're dead. I'm gonna prep.

 [Cell phone rings]

Greg: Dr. Evans.

Nurse: Doctor, Mrs. Manning is awake, and she's asking for her husband. Do you know where he is?

Greg: No.

Nurse: Well, she's asked for a phone. I'm sure she knows his number. I could just--

Greg: No. No phone.

Nurse: Doctor, she's gotten much stronger, and she's very intent on seeing her husband and her daughter.

Greg: Under no circumstances can she have contact with anyone right now.

Nurse: I don't understand.

Greg: You don't have to. Just follow my orders. There are very good reasons why Mrs. Manning can't have visitors yet.

Nurse: If you could see how agitated she was--

Greg: Then give her a sedative.

Nurse: I'll try.

Greg: Good. I promise, as soon as I'm finished here, she can see anyone she wants.

Todd: Okay. I can understand you hanging me out to dry--why not?-But we're talking about an innocent girl here being taken away by Ross Rayburn.

Viki: I'm gonna hire the best lawyers.

Todd: Oh, that doesn't make any difference. Eli Clarke has forged a will, ironclad, that's gonna allow Ross to take my daughter halfway around the world, and that's it.

Viki: We will get her back. It's just Tahiti. It's not the end of civilization. Let me drive you home. We can talk.

Todd: Nah. Forget it.

Viki: Look. I'd like to say good-bye to her myself.

Todd: Just send her a card. Yeah. Sure. "You know what? I'm sorry I couldn't help, Dani, but I'll always care."

Viki: Oh...

Charlie: Uh...

Charlie: Hey, you okay?

Viki: He's right, you know? God help me, he's right.

Charlie: What?

Viki: He is. Charlie, if I were in his position, I would be out of my mind. He's losing his daughter. Of course he wants to do something desperate.

James: So psycho dad number one is taking Dani to Tahiti tonight.

Nate: Exactly.

James: Bummer, man.

Nate: No. It's a disaster.

James: Yeah, but it's been to court, man. There was a judge. It's a done deal.

Nate: No. You don't get it. I will never see her again. If you cared about a girl and someone was telling you you could never see her again, would you just accept it?

Blair: Two things. Only two things she wanted before she died.

Starr: Téa?

Blair: I promised her that I would look after Dani as if Dani were my own, and she wanted Todd and Dani to be close. She wanted her daughter to love her father. Now she's never gonna get a chance.

John: You know why Greg went back to the hospice?

Shaun: Greg had to be going over Téa's case.

John: Why you say that?

Shaun: Because ever since Téa died, Greg has been a little bit off.

John: What does that mean, exactly?

Shaun: I don't know. It was something he wasn't saying. You know, after Téa's memorial, I found him here at the bar throwing drinks back over Téa's medical records.

Natalie: Did you ask him what was up?

Shaun: He didn't want to say.

Natalie: He's been back to hospice twice.

Shaun: Twice?

John: Greg was there in mid- September.

Shaun: He told Destiny he was taking some time off.

John: Was he close to Téa?

Shaun: I don't think so before she got sick, but he still took it hard.

John: You helped him move Téa to the hospice, right?

Shaun: Yeah. She wanted to shake Todd Manning's crew. I didn't like it, but the woman was determined to die alone. She didn't want to hurt, you know, Todd and Dani.

John: You sure that was it?

Shaun: It ate her up--I could tell--but she thought she was saving Todd and Dani. She loved them both.

John: It's funny. She told Greg in the end that she wanted Ross Rayburn to raise Danielle.

Shaun: No. Hell no.

John: Why are you so sure that Téa didn't want her daughter with Ross?

Shaun: All she talked about was keeping Todd and Dani together so they'd be okay when she was gone. Last thing she said to me was to promise that I'd check up on Todd and Dani. I mean, no way she wanted Ross to have her daughter. My brother really said that?

John: In court under oath.

Shaun: Something is not right. I'm meeting with my sister.

John: Yeah. Okay. Look. Go ahead, but thank you, and let me know if you hear from Greg.

Shaun: Sure.

John: All right.

Shaun: Bye. Hey, little D., you look like you just lost your best friend.

Destiny: I did. The court said Dani has to go back to Tahiti with Ross Rayburn.

Shaun: Rayburn? He beat Todd?

Destiny: With our brother's help.

Shaun: McBain said he testified, but I didn't know.

Destiny: It worked, and now Dani is leaving tonight, and I never know when I'll see her again.

Shaun: I'm sorry, little D.

Destiny: It doesn't make any sense...

Shaun: No.

Destiny: And now John McBain is asking questions. What is our brother mixed up in?

Natalie: So Greg is definitely lying.

John: Lying, drinking, and feeling guilty.

Natalie: So he probably was the one who got Téa to sign that fake will when she was weak at the end, didn't know what she was doing.

John: Maybe, but what is it that Clarke has on Evans?

Natalie: Do you want to send a photo of Clarke over to the hospice and see if anyone recognizes him?

John: No. I do not. If he's there, I do not want to tip him off.

Natalie: All right. Then what?

John: I think I'm on the next flight to St. Kitts.

Greg: By this time tomorrow, that ugly red blotch will be gone.

Eli: Well, you're right. It sure is ugly.

Greg: Well, the orderlies will be here in a minute to take you down to the O.R. to prep you.

Eli: Before we get started, Doc, I just have some questions.

Greg: Sure.

Eli: Exactly how risky is this surgery?

Greg: Oh, every surgery has risks, but I've performed this a hundred times. You're otherwise healthy.

Eli: But my odds of dying on the operating table are what, do you think?

Greg: Are you asking for a number?

Eli: Yes. I am.

Greg: Well, that's hard. I--

Eli: 100%? Isn't that right, Doc? Isn't that the plan?

Greg: What?

Eli: Ha ha ha! Who do you think you're fooling? I invented this con.

Greg: No. It's right here in the chart.

Eli: Yeah, just like every test of Téa Delgado's showed she was dying of a brain tumor. Please, Greg. I know what you can do. I've paid you to do it.

Greg: No, no, no, not exactly.

Eli: You have a problem with our arrangement? You remember the one, where your family is spared from the ugly truth.

Greg: But the price is too high! I can't do this anymore.

Eli: Too late, Greg. You're in it too deep. What do you want to do now, repent?

Greg: No. I can repair the damage.

Eli: Really? How? Because no matter what you do, Téa Delgado will still be dead.

Nurse: I spoke to Dr. Evans.

Téa: Where is he?

Nurse: He didn't say, but he did tell me he wants you to rest a little while longer. Then he'll be back, and we can--

Téa: No, no. I need to see my husband and my daughter.

Nurse: It's all right. You can see them very soon.

Téa: Do you have children?

Nurse: Two.

Téa: If they thought you were dying--ha ha!-But then you weren't, wouldn't you want them--ha!-To know?

Nurse: I'm sure they were told.

Téa: Now listen to me. I need to see my daughter. I need to hear her voice. Please, please. I won't be able to rest. Please let me use your phone. Please.

Blair: So you all packed?

Dani: I didn't even start yet.

Starr: Neither have we.

Dani: Yeah. It's, I have so much here, you know, a lot more than when I moved in.

Blair: Yeah. You do.

Dani: Yeah.

Starr: Hey, where's Nate? Did something happen?

Dani: No. I don't know. He was really upset at the courthouse. I don't even know if he'll come.

Starr: He has to.

Dani: Maybe it's too hard to say good-bye.

James: Okay. You want to do something.

Nate: Yes. I knew you'd get it.

James: Whoa, what are you looking at me-- what do you think I can do?

Nate: You're smart.

James: Yeah, right, man.

Nate: You know how to hide, don't you? You and Starr were on the run. Nobody found you.

James: No, man. That was different.

Nate: How? You didn't want to be found, so you weren't. We have to hide Dani so she doesn't have to leave. It's totally the same.

James: No. Uh-uh. There was no court order saying that I couldn't be anywhere around Starr. There were no cops. There was no psycho dad number two on our tail.

Nate: Todd Manning will not be a problem.

James: It's a huge problem, man. He's loaded. He's powerful, and he's crazy protective of those girls. I mean, why isn't he all over this?

Nate: He has cops all over him. They knew that he'd try to keep her here, so they stuck him with guards. They will not let him be alone with her.

James: So you'd think he'd be happy if we jumped in and messed things up?

Nate: No. He'd kill us...

James: Exactly.

Nate: But if we keep Dani from going to Tahiti, you'll be his hero.

James: I don't know, man.

Nate: James, I need help. Please. I am begging you... as a brother.

Starr: None of us want to say good-bye, Dani.

[Door opens]

Todd: Hey. Well, my sister is useless. She's not gonna lift a finger to help.

Blair: What did you expect her to do?

Starr: I'm gonna go look for an extra suitcase.

Todd: Dani, do you need anything? Is there anything I can do before--

Dani: There is one thing, one question.

Todd: Okay.

Dani: Would you really have killed Ross?

Viki: Well, there's got to be some way to stop Ross Rayburn from leaving the jurisdiction during the appeal. Are you kidding? That's what the orders-- Todd threatened to kill Ross, and it's on tape. Look. What if I offered myself as a neutral party? Fine. Okay. In that case, I want the authorities in Tahiti alerted, okay? Well, if I have to go there myself, I will. I want to make sure that child does not leave the island. Yes. You're damn right I'm gonna throw my weight around. I'm sorry. Yes. I'm sorry. Okay. Just let me know what you can find out. Thank you.

Charlie: No way to stop it?

Viki: No. Oh, Lord, poor Todd.

Charlie: And so, what, he threatened Ross?

Viki: Oh, yes, and with a gun, no less.

Charlie: Oh, I wonder what else Todd left out. Gee.

Viki: Charlie, he's losing his daughter. You know what that can do to a person.

Charlie: I know. I know, and I am not one to judge.

Viki: He asked me what I would do to protect my kids. You and I both know what it is to lose a child.

Charlie: Yeah. You lose your mind, lose your good sense. I went so crazy that I nearly lost you.

Viki: But you didn't.

Charlie: Yeah. Pure dumb luck and your big heart. I mean, I could've been--

Viki: Hey, you are where you belong.

Charlie: I still feel for Todd, though.

Viki: I know. That poor man, he's lost Téa. Now he's about to lose Danielle.

Charlie: Yeah.

Viki: He's very alone right now.

Charlie: He's mad at the world.

Viki: Yes, and when he feels like a victim, that's when he lashes out.

Charlie: What, you think that he might try something else?

Viki: Oh, yes, and it will probably be something really foolish or very, very dangerous.

Todd: So you want to know if I'd really have killed Ross.

Dani: Yes.

Blair: Dani, listen. Todd was desperate. I was desperate. I probably would've threatened Ross myself. Listen to me. We were so afraid of losing you. I hope that you never ever feel that desperate.

Dani: Well, I was once. A long time ago, I did it to you.

Todd: That's right. I remember that. You know, the only thing I could think in that moment was, "please don't let her fire that gun," because your life would've been over had you. You know, I'd die to keep that from happening, Dani. You know that. I do hate Ross. I do, and I think he's terrible, and frankly, I wish he would just up and disappear, but, no, I would never kill him because that would hurt you, and that's the last thing I want to do. I love you.

James: What kind of time are we looking at here?

Nate: What?

James: Look. If we save Dani, Todd loves us, right...

Nate: Uh-huh.

James: But if we get caught, a judge won't. So we got to know what kind of time we would be facing here...

Nate: I don't know.

James: You know, because it's just, I'm starting school and--

Nate: Right. Just forget it, okay? I'll do it alone.

James: No, no. No.

Nate: Look. Forget it, okay? It's too much. I'll figure it out.

[Cell phone rings]

Nate: Hello?

Starr: Where are you?

Nate: Starr.

Starr: Dani can barely bring herself to pack. She has less than an hour. Why aren't you here?

Nate: I had a thing. I had to take care of something.

Starr: Something more important than Dani?

Nate: No. Nothing matters to me more than her.

Starr: Well, then get over here. Time is running out.

Nate: I know, okay? I'm trying.

Starr: I know that you're afraid to say good-bye to Dani, and so am I. We all are, but you got to do it. You'll hate yourself forever if you don't, and Dani needs you.

Nate: I just don't know how to. Okay. Thank you.

James: That was Starr?

Nate: Yeah.

James: What'd she say?

Nate: Sometimes you have to just be big.

James: What?

Nate: Uh, bigger than what you're afraid of. When you care about somebody, you got to step up, and she's right. I have to step up now for Dani.

James: I mean, you're trying.

Nate: But it's not good enough, is it? So I have to go say good-bye. Later.

James: Wait. I'll help you, man.

John: Hey, I'm booked.

Natalie: All right. I will drive.

John: No, no. Price is on his way.

Natalie: Well, you tell Price he better have your back, or he's gonna have to answer to me.

John: For the record, okay, there are no more seats on this flight, okay, so in case you were thinking that you would come on the plane or maybe check yourself on as baggage, forget about it.

Natalie: I'm not. I just gonna stay put, okay, but my cell phone will be on. So if you need any forensics or any tracking--

John: I'll-- just take care of yourself. Take care of the kid.

Natalie: No. You take care of yourself. Eli is dangerous.

John: I'll see you soon.

Natalie: Call me sooner.

John: Okay.

Shaun: I don't know what's going on with Greg.

Destiny: He's not right.

Shaun: Ever since Téa died.

Destiny: And now he has some new mystery patient in Cherryvale.

Shaun: How do you know that?

Destiny: I tailed him.

Shaun: How do you have straight "A"s, you don't go to class, and now you're tailing?

Destiny: That is so not the point.

Shaun: You wish.

Destiny: When I saw Greg out there, he wouldn't tell me who the patient was, what was wrong with her, or why he was all the way out there, nothing.

Shaun: Greg is standing in some deep shade these days.

Téa: It's your phone. Nobody will know. I need to talk to my daughter.

Nurse: It won't be long now, Mrs. Manning. Let's be on the safe side, huh?

Téa: But why?

Nurse: We'll follow Dr. Evans' orders until he gets back.

Téa: When will that be? Oh, God, how could he just leave me here?

Nurse: I'm sure it was important.

Téa: Where did he go? You don't know, do you?

Eli: Look. If it makes you feel any better, killing me wouldn't have worked.

Greg: I'm not going to--

Eli: Stop. You're embarrassing both of us. Ross has his instructions.

Greg: What?

Eli: My brother knows everything about you, Greg, and if he doesn't hear from me, he'll make sure your family and every paper in the entire country gets the dirt about Greg Evans.

Greg: Then you have nothing to worry about, then, right? Let me fix you.

Eli: Seriously? Give it up, man.

Greg: I can't.

Eli: Greg, why should I ever believe you'd want to help someone like me?

Greg: I want the dying to stop. My job is to keep people alive. If I can prevent someone else's death--

Eli: Save the hand wringing for your next A.M.A. meeting. Thank you, Greg. I have places to go, a teenage girl to see.

Greg: I don't think so.

Todd: I love you. I'll always love you.

Starr: Dani, I love you, too, and you will always be my sister.

Blair: You're very, very, very special to me. I love you, too, Dani.

Nurse: I'm sure Dr. Evans just had another patient he needed to see to.

Téa: What aren't you telling me?

Nurse: Mrs. Manning, I promise, there's nothing I'm not--

Téa: I'm getting better, aren't I?

Nurse: Absolutely, but you still need rest. You're very weak.

Téa: I can't sleep now.

Nurse: I have something to help for that. I'll be right back.

Destiny: You know, the weirdest part when I caught Greg at this place--he started gushing, "Oh, I love you so much. You can move someone so easy."

Shaun: Like the first day of school.

Destiny: Kind of. I thought he would be better after that vacation.

Shaun: A few weeks ago.

Destiny: Yeah. Remember? He went away to relax.

Shaun: I don't think it took.

Destiny: It's hard to lose a patient.

Shaun: Especially if you're Greg and you think you should be able to save them all.

Destiny: It's more than that. Something about Téa got to him.

Eli: What the hell is that?

Greg: Sedative for surgery.

Eli: Oh, the hell it is. What's in the needle, Greg?

Greg: The poison you wanted me to give to Téa Delgado.

Eli: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what?

Greg: It'll kill you, too! D'agh!

Todd: You better go get ready, huh?

Starr: Hey, I'll help you, okay?

Dani: Thanks. Before the judge decided... Destiny asked me who I wanted to live with, and she was all over me about it, saying, "Be honest. What do you really want? Who do you want? Where do you want to be?" I said you, here. I chose you. I love you, Dad.

Natalie: Hey, Mom, Charlie.

Viki: Come here, you gorgeous thing, you.

Natalie: Oh, well, good to see you, too.

Viki: Especially tonight.

Charlie: Yeah. Your mom has been mushy today after what happened to your cousin in court.

Natalie: Oh, you mean Ross getting Danielle?

Viki: Yeah. Todd was here. He's a wreck.

Natalie: Yeah. Well, no one is happy about it except for Rayburn. I can't even imagine.

Viki: Give it a few months, and you will.

Natalie: Yeah. Guess so.

Viki: How you feeling?

Natalie: Just a little tired. I guess I'll see you guys in the morning?

Viki: Okay. Good night. Love you.

Natalie: Good night. Love you, too. Good night.

Charlie: Mm-him. Night, hon. Well, you look like you want to go tuck her in.

Viki: And read her a story.

Charlie: Mm-him.

Viki: Oh, Lord, I hope I can help Todd in some way tomorrow.

Charlie: Hey, hey, hey, you will, hmm? You ready for bed?

Viki: I don't think I can sleep now.

Charlie: No? So you want to watch a movie?

Viki: Yeah. Yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Charlie: Okay. I'll get it. You go pick it out, okay?

Viki: Yeah.

Charlie: Pick out a good one.

Viki: Ha ha ha! Yeah. A bad one.

Woman: Chuckles, long time, no see. Ha ha ha! Ooh!

Destiny: I've got a plan for us to get into Cherryvale.

Shaun: You do?

Destiny: Darren and I go in like we're looking for our grandma.

Shaun: I wish that boy could at least slow you down.

Destiny: I'd ditch him then. If we find out who Greg's patient is--

Shaun: You are not messing in our brother's business.

Destiny: But--

Shaun: Leave that to me.

Nurse: This should help you sleep.

Téa: Oh, can you--

Nurse: Of course. Of course. Here. Here you go. You see? You really do need the rest.

Téa: Oh, you're right. I do.

Nurse: I'll be back to check on you later.

[Door closes]

John: Hi. Excuse me. I'm looking for Dr. Greg Evans.

Monica: Oh, I think he's in there with a patient.

John: In there?

Monica: Mm-hmm.

John: Thank you.

Monica: Mm.

Nate: You are good.

James: Nate--

Nate: No, no. It's a good plan.

James: You can say that only if it works.

Nate: I could say it now. Like I said, you are smart.

James: Look. We're gonna go over the plan again in the car, but if there isn't perfect timing, man--

Nate: Look. Hey, we'll make it work. James, thank you.

James: Look. Don't thank me until we get Dani out of that house, okay?

Todd: I don't know what to say. Ha ha!

Dani: I better go get my stuff.

Starr: Okay. I'll go with you.

Todd: Huh? Did you hear that?

Blair: Yes. I did.

Todd: She said, "I love you." My daughter loves me.

Blair: I know.

Todd: She chose me. She wants to stay with me.

Blair: That's the way it should be.

Todd: I know. That's what Téa wanted. That was her wish. It's-- I can't believe she's not gonna see it come true.

Todd: Well, my daughter loves me.

Blair: Well, you earned that.

[Cell phone rings]

Blair: Who is it?

Todd: I don't recognize the number, so it can wait.

Blair: No. It might be somebody from the court about Dani.

Todd: Hello?

Téa: Todd. Todd?

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