One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/30/10


Episode # 10785

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Starr: All work, no play? Bad idea.

James: You have a better idea?

Starr: How'd you guess?

Dean MacKenzie: Excuse me, Miss Wilde. I'm glad I found you.

Langston: Oh? Is it ever good news when the dean has been trying to track you down?

Dean MacKenzie: We need to have a little talk.

Langston: About what?

Dean Mackenzie: Robert Ford and your future here at L.U.

Ford: Whoa! Dude, what the hell are you doing?

James: Dude, I'm sorry. Sorry. I wasn't expecting you home yet. So did you get that camera shop job?

Ford: No. Somebody else got there first.

James: You got to be kidding me.

Ford: No. It's a jungle out there, people clawing and scratching each other for the golden opportunity to make minimum wage.

James: Well, don't worry about it. You'll find something better.

Ford: Not tonight. Yeah. I went to every single store in that mall. Do you know who many are hiring? Two--some perfume shop and a pastry place called--get this--

James: Take the Cannoli? Oh, dude, I love that place.

Ford: Seriously?

James: What? At least we wouldn't starve to death.

Ford: Well, I'd take starvation over slave wages in a place like that any day.

James: Oh, come on. It could be worse. At least no one is trying to kill you anymore.

Eli: All right. This is ridiculous. You have no right to hold a patient in a hospital against his will.

Nurse: True, but I have responsibility to inform you that if you leave now, you're jeopardizing your recovery.

Eli: Well, I appreciate that, but I have other priorities, one of which is extremely time-sensitive, and in any event, I feel just fine.

Nurse: Because you been on bed rest following doctor's orders, but your condition is serious, potentially fatal, and if you die of a hemorrhage after walking out of here, your time-sensitive issue isn't going to matter much, is it?

Natalie: This doesn't add up. I mean, why would Evans testify that Téa would want Dani to be raised by Ross Rayburn?

John: I don't know, but it backed up what was stated in Téa's will.

Natalie: The will that Eli Clarke faked.

John: Exactly.

Natalie: Okay. So Evans is lying about Ross. The question is, why?

John: He and Clarke are in on it together?

Greg: I told you, Destiny, I have a patient waiting.

Destiny: And I'm still not getting an answer. Were you telling the truth in there?

Greg: Now, come on, Des. What kind of question is that?

Destiny: A simple one. Just say yes or no.

Eli's voice: Nothing has changed, Greg. Our deal is still in force.

Greg's voice: What are you talking about? You're dead. You can't show your face back in Llanview.

Eli's voice: But my brother can, and who's to say he isn't circling your family right now?

Greg: Why would I lie?

Destiny: I'm still not getting an answer, and I'm not going anywhere till I get one.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge Burdett: Be seated. Let me begin by saying I've been informed about the violent outburst that happened outside my courtroom just now. You've run out of warnings. Now to the matter at hand. I've reviewed the new testimony, and I've made my decision. This case has taken some unpredictable turns, to say the least, but throughout, one thing has been eminently clear. Both parties petitioning for custody love Danielle Rayburn, and I respect that, but it's my job to decide what living arrangement is in the child's best interest, and with that in mind, I'm ruling in favor of Mr. Rayburn.

Todd: No. This is bull, Your Honor. I don't know how it's in Danielle's best interests not to be living with her father.

Judge Burdett: Order. Counselor, get your client under control.

Morgan: Todd, don't make it worse.

Todd: Well, I don't know how it could get any worse. The kid's mother just died of a brain tumor, and what you're doing now is ripping her away from whatever security she has.

Morgan: My client is understandably disappointed, Your Honor.

Judge Burdett: Tell him if he keeps this up, he can say good-bye to any chance at a liberal visitation arrangement.

Todd: Visitation? You telling me I have to get permission to see my own daughter?

Judge Burdett: The court accepts that Danielle is your biological child, but you didn't make contact with her until very recently, and, given that her mother's will stipulates that Danielle be raised by Mr. Rayburn--

Blair: But that's not what Téa wanted. Your Honor, please. She wanted Dani to be with Todd, and if she said it once to me, she said it many, many times. That will right there is a fake, and Mr. Rayburn knows it.

Natalie: You know, I don't know Greg Evans that well, but I can't picture him aiding and abetting Eli Clarke.

John: Well, he's not your standard accomplice, especially with "doc" in front of his name. Then again, Clarke was supposed to be a good lawyer.

Natalie: Yeah. Well, he had us all fooled. So...think Evans could be pulling the same con?

John: Maybe, or maybe Eli is strong-arming him into doing something he don't want to do.

Eli: Look. I don't doubt that you're only following doctor's orders, but doctors have been known to be wrong before, haven't they? I'd like a second opinion, please.

Nurse: There's no one available at the moment to review your case, but if it's any consolation, Dr, Evans is generally regarded as the best in his field.

Eli: It's no consolation because Dr. Evans is M.I.A., and if my condition is as critical as he says it is, would it kill him to check in on his patient every once in a while?

Nurse: I'm sure he'll be checking in very soon.

Eli: He's got till the end of the day. If I don't get clearance by then, I'm out of here, and if I drop dead, Dr. Evans will have to answer to that.

Destiny: Look. I don't know why you would lie. All I know is that what you said in there sounded all wrong.

Greg: Well, I said what I had to say. I'm sorry if it isn't what you want to hear.

Destiny: I can't believe Dani's mom wanted her with Ross.

Greg: Look. I know Dani is your friend, and I know you want her to stick around, Des.

Destiny: This is not about what I want. This is about what Dani's mom wanted, and I just don't--

Nate: Destiny, hey, is it over? Did the judge make a decision?

Greg: No. It's probably about to happen any minute now, and if it is, Dani is gonna need her friends. You two should get in there.

Destiny: What about you?

Greg: I have to go check on a patient.

Destiny: Wait. What patient?

Greg: Why does it matter?

Destiny: I was just wondering if you were going back to Cherryvale.

Greg: Look. I have several different patients, and they all need my attention. I'll talk to you soon, okay?

Nate: Let's go find Dani.

Destiny: There is something I should maybe tell you first.

Nate: Later, okay? I need to know what's going on.

Destiny: Even if you're not gonna like it?

Nate: Why? Do you think she's gonna have to go back to Tahiti?

Destiny: I think my brother is right. Dani is gonna need us. Can you stay for a while?

Nate: Yeah. My mom is not waiting up or anything. She has plans tonight.

Clint: Here's to another fine evening.

Inez: So far.

Clint: Ha ha! So you think it's gonna go downhill?

Inez: Well, you said you had to talk to me about something, and in my experience, that's usually not good.

Clint: Oh, believe me, you got nothing to fear. I just wanted to talk about your son.

Inez: Hmm. James. James is so happy to have a second chance at going to college. I mean, if you could've seen his face, you would've understood how much it meant to him, and everything you did to make it happen--

Clint: Inez, I wasn't really talking about James. I was talking about your other son, the one who lost his job.

Langston: Am I in some kind of trouble, Dean Mackenzie?

Starr: I think that Langston's mother should be here for this. Mayor Lord takes a very personal interest in Langston's college career.

Dean MacKenzie: I'm sure she does, and I'm sure she's very proud of you, Langston. Nothing I have to say here is gonna change that.

Langston: So I'm not in trouble?

Dean MacKenzie: Absolutely not. I wanted to let you know that a committee will be reviewing the university's fraternization policy to make sure that what happened to you with Mr. Ford will not happen to another student.

Langston: Okay.

Dean MacKenzie: Mr. Ford should never have attempted to have taken advantage of you.

Langston: Well, I'm sure he didn't think he was doing anything wrong.

Dean MacKenzie: Oh, the policy is clear. I am sure he was fully aware of the consequences of his actions, and now our job is to make sure he's not a repeat offender. With this on his record, he will not be teaching again anywhere. I hope that you and the mayor, of course, can take some comfort in that.

Langston: Thanks. Dean Mackenzie?

Dean MacKenzie: Yes?

Langston: Nothing. Thanks again.

James: Man, this is really turning into a tough night for the Ford family.

Ford: What, are you getting kicked out of school already?

James: Oh, funny. No. Nate is the one with the problems.

Ford: Nate?

James: Yeah. Our brother?

Ford: What about him?

James: Well, his car died, and while I was trying to help him get it started again, he was telling me all this stuff about his girlfriend. Things are getting really intense.

Ford: Great. Just what I need tonight--teen angst.

James: Dude, stop, seriously. I mean, its Starr's sister, and she could be sent out of the country for some custody thing. It would really suck for Nate.

Ford: Well, as suckage goes, I think me losing this job and possibly this apartment sort of trumps Nate's love life.

James: Okay. I'm just saying--

Ford: Don't say anything, okay? You and me, we've got real problems. Nate is gonna be fine.

Blair: I was there the day that Téa signed a will. It was the same day that she said if anything were to happen to Todd that she wanted me to be Dani's legal guardian.

Todd: That's right. Did you hear that? If anything happened to me, Your Honor, not to Ross, to me.

Judge Burdett: I've made my decision.

Todd: It's the wrong decision.

Judge Burdett: That's enough, Mr. Manning, or I'll have you removed. Is that the last impression you want to give Danielle?

Todd: What do you mean, last impression?

Judge Burdett: I'll give you some time to say your good-byes. I hereby transfer custody of Danielle Rayburn to Ross Rayburn, effective immediately.

Starr: What were you gonna say?

Langston: When?

Starr: When the dean was leaving, you called her back in, and-- were you gonna tell her that Ford is innocent?

Langston: But he's not. Neither am I. All it took for me to realize that was running into Markko.

Starr: You saw Markko?

Langston: Yeah. He told me he came back because his dad was getting an operation.

Starr: Yeah.

Langston: You knew?

Starr: He e-mailed Cole.

Langston: Did you also know about him and Karen?

Starr: I don't know how serious it is.

Langston: Doesn't matter. If he's happy, I'm happy.

Starr:, you're not.

Langston: Okay. Fine. I'm not, but you want to know what gets me the most? It's not Karen.

Starr: Then what?

Langston: Markko and me, we had that special thing that two people have when they really love each other. You don't need to explain yourselves because you just get it, but now when we talked, he just looked right through me like he was questioning every word, and I hate it, Starr. I just hate it so much...

Starr: I know.

Langston: But I get it. He feels like he needs to protect himself because he knows what I am now. He knows how I hurt people.

Starr: Don't do that to yourself.

Langston: No. It's true. Starr, I hurt everybody I care about.

James: What, I'm not allowed to feel bad for somebody getting a raw deal?

Ford: I'm just trying to give you a little perspective, okay? What do you think is worse, Nate having to get a new girlfriend or you and I living on a park bench?

James: Oh, we're not even evicted yet.

Ford: Only a matter of time if I don't start getting another paycheck.

James: Bobby, that's not all on you, man. I can get a job, too.

Ford: You have a job. It's called staying in school. I don't want you jacking cars just to put food on the table.

James: Well, then I guess you're gonna have to suck it up and take one of those mall jobs.

Ford: And spray cologne on giggling eighth graders at $7.50 an hour? No, thanks.

James: Okay, okay, okay. Well, how about waiting tables? I mean, at least you get paid in tips, and Nate said they really add up.

Ford: Nate again. My God.

James: Okay. Look. Look. He got a job at the country club as a cabana boy and then got promoted as a waiter. He says he makes triple, triple, what he used to make.

Ford: Lucky him.

James: Dude, would you just listen to me for a second? Look. He offered to put in a good word for you, and I told him that you were gonna take that camera shop job, but now you don't have to. You can tell him that you are interested, after all. So problem solved.

Clint: Robert hasn't found another position, has he?

Inez: No, not yet, and now is not a very good time to be looking for a job, and Bobby loved teaching, but, as the papers clearly stated, there was a certain accusation. I don't believe it, though. Bobby is a good boy. Just, it has to be a misunderstanding.

Clint: Yeah. He's lucky to have you on his side.

Inez: I'm his mother.

Clint: Would you want someone else to be there with you?

Inez: Are you offering?

Clint: I'll tell you what. L.U. has been trying to build a first-class film department for some time now, and hiring a young, award-winning director like Robert is a good first step. I could tell you, though, I am positive they did not want to let him go.

Inez: So why did they?

Clint: My theory is that the student involved just happened to be the daughter of the mayor, and so that put the university under some unique pressure, but take it from me. If they could find a way, they would want to reinstate Robert. All they need is a little incentive, which I would be honored to provide... with your permission, of course.

Todd: Do you really call this justice? You should be disbarred. I'm gonna put that in an editorial in tomorrow's paper. Buy a copy. You'll like it.

Judge Burdett: Are you threatening me, Mr. Manning?

Todd: Oh, I haven't even begun.

Morgan: Todd, dial it down. You're cutting your own throat here.

Todd: You better make this right. If you don't, your job is only the first thing you'll lose, okay? There's gonna be more...

Blair: No. You know what, Your Honor?

Todd: So much more.

Blair: It's obvious this man is very, very upset. He doesn't know what he's saying. He just lost his wife. Now he's afraid he's gonna lose his little girl.

Ross: He knows exactly what he's saying, Your Honor. Mr. Manning has a history of violence--it's a matter of public record--and if you grant visitation, I'm gonna fight it.

Natalie: So what are you gonna do?

John: Tell you what I'm not gonna do. I'm not gonna sit around here speculating about motive. We need proof that Evans is lying.

Natalie: So you don't want to bring him in for questioning?

John: No, not until we got something we can use when it counts. Hmm.

Natalie: Who you calling?

John: The hospice that Téa was staying in when she died. Maybe she confided in someone there.

Natalie: Someone who can contradict Evans' story.

John: That's the plan.

Eli: I don't need my blood pressure monitored. I need my doctor.

Nurse: And when your doctor gets here, he needs to see your latest readings. So please let me do my job.

Nurse two: Monica, there's a call for you. The office just put it through to the hall phone.

Monica: Thanks. You can take over. Did they say who it is?

Nurse two: It's some detective from the states--a Lieutenant McBain.

Monica: What would a detective be calling me about? I don't play around with my health.

Starr: Do not beat yourself up about Markko. You've already done enough of that.

Langston: He was so trusting, always looking for the best in people, and when I let him down, he was blindsided. Just made everything so much worse.

Starr: I wouldn't be worried about Markko if I were you. Cole talked to him. He said that he sounded great, and they're even hanging out together tonight.

Langston: You didn't want to go?

Starr: I think they want it to be a guys' night, and that's fine with me because, well, I just need a breather.

Langston: Breather from what?

Starr: Oh, Cole and I, we had a talk, and we said things to each other that we just hadn't said before. He caught me up on the latest with Hannah, and guess where she's living.

Langston: Where?

Starr: At Cole's mom's house.

Langston: Shut up.

Starr: They said the only way they would release her from the hospital is if she was under constant supervision, and Cole's mom volunteered. She's taking over Hannah's therapy.

Langston: Well, I bet Hannah just loves that. Pretty much guarantees she gets to see Cole on a pretty regular basis.

Starr: Yep, especially since Cole admitted that he has feelings for her.

Langston: What?

Starr: That's not all. I admitted that I have feelings for James, too.

Langston: Well, that's pretty huge.

Starr: But, you know, we just had to get it out there, you know, and we decided that we were going to put it away and just concentrate on us.

Langston: Put it away?

Starr: Yeah. I'm not-- I'm going to forget about James, and he's going to forget about Hannah.

Langston: Are you sure you can really do that?

James: I got to get to the bookstore.

Ford: Now?

James: Yeah. I've got a quiz tomorrow, and this book is making my eyes bleed, so I'm gonna go dig up the crib notes.

Ford: Not before you tell me why you've been broadcasting details of my personal life to Nate.

James: Dude, he asked how you were doing and offered to help. What's wrong with that? If you had half a brain, you'd take him up on that country club offer.

Ford: No.

James: Why not?

Ford: Because then I'd be working with Nate.

James: So? What's the big deal? The kid is willing to stick his neck out for you. If you weren't choking on your own ego, you'd do yourself a favor and thank him for it.

Inez: That is unbelievably generous of you, but I have to say no. Bobby has made it very clear that he doesn't want my help.

Clint: But I'd be the one doing the helping.

Inez: But you're my friend, so he would refuse to accept it.

Clint: Wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Inez: You're a very busy man, and I don't want you to waste all that time and then have it thrown back in your face.

Clint: Look. I wouldn't be wasting any time at all. Buchanan Enterprises is L.U.'s biggest contributor. It would take a phone call, 10 minutes tops, and I wouldn't just be doing it to help Robert. I mean, the university would benefit by having him back on staff.

Inez: Even someone that was accused of sexual harassment? I don't think so.

Clint: Why are you fighting me on this?

Inez: I told you. Bobby doesn't want any help from anyone even associated with me.

Clint: Is that the only reason?

Inez: No.

Clint: What else?

Inez: I guess I'm wondering how long you can continue to help me without expecting something in return.

John: As I was saying, there's been a series of murders that may be connected to a patient that was staying at your facility recently.

Monica: Which patient?

John: Téa Delgado-Manning. I was told that you had some contact with her before she died.

Monica: Yes. I did.

John: Did she ever mention anything about a will or arrangements she made for her daughter's custody?

Monica: Not that I recall. She was fairly heavily sedated while she was here, and I didn't spend much time with her. Ms. Manning's doctor handled most of her care.

John: Ah. Is that fairly typical?

Monica: No. Normally, the nursing staff has primary contact with the patient, but Dr. Evans took a strong personal interest in the case. I'd connect you with him now, but he hasn't been here in a while.

John: Since Téa's death.

Monica: No. He's been here since then, a few days ago, in fact.

Blair: You can't keep Todd from seeing Dani. That's not up to you.

Judge Burdett: Visitation is for the court to decide, Mr. Rayburn.

Ross: I understand, Your Honor. There's something you need to hear so that you will understand my position and why Dani needs a clean break.

Dani: Why are you doing this?

Ross: You'll see as soon as the judge gives me a chance to explain.

Judge Burdett: All right, Mr. Rayburn. Go ahead.

Ross: Thank you, Your Honor. I'm sorry to do this, but Dani needs to know who Mr. Manning really is and how dangerous he can be.

Ross' voice: What are you gonna do, kill me?

Todd's voice: That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

John: Thank you.

Natalie: Did you get anything from the nurse?

John: Nurse said Téa was too sedated to say much and that Dr. Evans handled most of the care himself.

Natalie: Great. So no one will contradict Evans' story. That means we're right back where we started.

John: Not exactly. The nurse did say that Dr. Evans had been back to St. Kitts since Téa's death.

Natalie: What for?

John: That's what we're gonna find out.

Monica: I hope he didn't give you a hard time while I was gone.

Nurse: No. No problems.

Monica: Oh, so I guess it's just me you have a problem with.

Eli: Look. I let my frustrations get the best of me. I didn't mean to take it out on you.

Monica: Is that an apology?

Eli: Your work is hard enough. You don't need someone like me making it any harder, especially when you have the police to deal with. Hope everything is okay.

Monica: Fine.

Eli: I only ask because in case you needed any legal advice, I'd be very happy to help.

Monica: The detective just had some questions about a former patient. It's something Dr. Evans will need to handle.

Eli: Looks like Dr. Evans will have his hands full when he gets back.

Todd: Would you like me to shove that tape recorder down your throat?

Judge Burdett: Order!

Todd: Your Honor, this is not evidence. This is entrapment. It was taken out of context, and we don't know how he got the tape. We don't know when he got it, how he edited it.

Ross: No editing required, Your Honor. He had a gun on me at the time I recorded it.

Todd's voice: I have someone to dispose of your body. I've got a guy who will have your name on his passport and a bunch of witnesses who just saw me leave this memorial before you.

Dani: Oh, God, how could you?

Inez: Please don't misunderstand. I am overwhelmed with the interest that you've taken in my family. When my son James graduates from college, he will owe it all to you, but to try to fix things for bobby, too, it's so much.

Clint: And you want to know what's in it for me.

Inez: I don't want to sound suspicious. I'm just trying to understand why you would want to do this for someone you barely know.

Clint: Inez, I'm a rich man. Now, some people think I should keep that under my hat like money is something you're not supposed to talk about, but why the hell not? I like having money. I like the power that comes with it, but power is no fun unless you can use it every once in a while. So don't take the fun out of my life, please.

Inez: That's a nice way to put it.

Clint: Here's the bottom line. You don't own me anything. Yes, I would like to get to know you better, but if you think we should go our separate ways, well, then so be it. I'll take it like a grownup, but the offer to help Robert, that still stands regardless.

Inez: So all you're asking of me is the pleasure of my company?

Clint: You say that like it's a small thing. It's not, not to me.

Ford: Hi. You must be the manager.

Manager: Yeah. Bill Rhodes. What can I do for you?

Ford: I'm Robert Ford. My-- one of your waiters said that you might have an opening.

Bill: Which waiter?

Ford: Oh, he's kind of new here. Nate Salinger.

Bill: Oh, Nate. He's one of our best. You must be his brother. He spoke very highly of you.

Ford: He did?

Bill: Sorry I didn't make the connection. Different last names.

Ford: That's okay. So you have a job opening.

Bill: Absolutely. We lose a lot of staff this time of the year, people going back to college. You have restaurant experience?

Ford: Uh, no, not really. No.

Bill: Why don't we start you out bussing tables and see how you do? Are you ready?

Ford: Now?

Bill: No time like the present. Is there a problem?

Ford: Uh, no. I just didn't see myself bussing tables. That's all.

Bill: Well, you can move up quickly if you work hard, but if you'd like to try someplace else, I hear take the Cannoli is hiring.

Langston: It's just, you said stuff like that before about forgetting James, and it doesn't seem to work.

Starr: Well, it will this time.

Langston: Well, I hope so. Don't start lying to yourself, Starr. Start doing that, and then before you know it, you're lying to other people, and everything is out of control, and you wonder how you got yourself there.

Starr: Langston, this is nothing like what happened with you and Ford and Markko.

Langston: Right. Well, maybe you're stronger than I am. Maybe you can bury your feelings. 

Clint: I've been told that I can be very persuasive, so what's the verdict? Did I make my case, or didn't I?

Inez: I think the jury is still deliberating.

Clint: Ah, well, then we should eat something because it's a well-known fact that deliberating burns more calories than 10 miles on a treadmill, and to keep your strength up, I think I should order you a steak.

Inez: How do you know I eat red meat?

Clint: Because I saw you drooling over my steak when we had dinner at the Palace the other night.

Inez: You don't miss a thing, do you?

Clint: No. I don't. Waiter, whenever you got time, we're ready to order.

Inez: Bobby, I didn't-- when did you--I'm sorry. I didn't know you worked here.

Ford: I just started. Nate actually put in a good word for me.

Clint: Welcome. It's a fine institution here.

Inez: I'm sorry. I don't know if you've met Clint Buchanan.

Ford: We've met.

Inez: Clint, this is my son Bobby.

Ford: Hi. Good to see you again.

Clint: Yeah. We've met. Yes. So I think that we'll be sharing the porterhouse steak.

Ford: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not allowed to take orders yet. Just give me a sec. I'll get your waiter. Excuse me.

Clint: Guess he decided on a career change, huh? Think this place would be a good fit?

Morgan: Your Honor, this can't be admissible.

Judge Burdett: Court will come to order. That means you, Mr. Manning.

Ross: You stay away from her, man.

Judge Burdett: You, as well, Mr. Rayburn. Everyone back to their seats.

Todd: I was fighting for you. I was willing to do whatever it took. If that meant scaring Ross off, okay. Fine, right? Right? For us so we can be together.

Ross: Look at this. Look at what we're dealing with here. I tell you, he's dangerous. He would've killed me, I'm telling you.

Blair: But he didn't, did he? So why don't you shut up?

Judge Burdett: Everybody sit down, or I'm gonna hold you all in contempt. I'm prepared to make my ruling on visitation. Mr. Rayburn, given what we've just heard, I can understand your misgivings about having Mr. Manning be given access to Danielle.

Ross: Your Honor, I'm just trying to provide a safe home environment for Danielle, is all, and the only way I see doing that is to have Dani and myself return to Tahiti as soon as possible, with court permission, of course.

Todd: You can't do that.

Judge Burdett: For the last time, Mr. Manning, another outburst, and I will be forced to alert the D.A. about your recent death threats. I think I may, anyway, but for now, I can only state that I approve of Mr. Rayburn's suggestion. You have my permission to take Danielle out of the country at the earliest opportunity.

Ross: Thank you.

James: I'm not stalking you, I swear. I'm just here to hit up the bookstore.

Starr: You're back at school.

James: Yeah. It turns out, I got that grant, after all.

Starr: That's great.

James: Well, I'm not on the dean's list yet, but that's what cheat sheets are for, right?

Starr: Ha ha ha!

[Langston chuckles]

Starr: I guess I better--

James: I guess I better...go. Yeah.

Starr: Right.

James: Okay.

Langston: Well, that was a good effort.

[Cell phone rings]


[Cell phone rings]

Starr: Mom, what's up?

Blair: It's about your sister.

Judge Burdett: I'm instructing you now to go home with Mr. Manning and pack your things.

Ross: Your Honor, I have to go with them. I can't leave him alone with her. He might try to kidnap her or--

Todd: Like you did? Your Honor, at least I deserve a few minutes to say good-bye to my daughter. I'm not gonna do it in front of this scum.

Judge Burdett: Mr. Rayburn, you will give Mr. Manning and Danielle an hour. A police officer will accompany them to make sure no security is breached.

Dani: Oh, God. Oh...

Nate: Dani, this is crazy.

Dani: They can't. They can't just make me leave.

Nate: It'll be okay.

Dani: How?

Nate: I'm gonna fix it. Just wait for me.

Dani: W-where are you going?

Nate: I'll be back... I promise, okay?

Dani: Na-- why'd he just leave?

Natalie: Who you calling this time?

John: The station. I think it's time we bring Greg Evans in for questioning.

Eli: "It's done. Dani's coming home with me. Wheels up in a few hours." Yes. Oh, finally. It won't be long now.

Greg: For what?

Eli: For me to get what's coming to me.

Greg: Well, what do you know, Eli? For once, you and I agree. 

Clint: I enjoy a good cut of beef, but I could never ever be in the ranching business because for me, raising cattle would-- Inez, if you want something else, we can order whatever it is you want.

Inez: No, no. This is great. I'm just having a hard time enjoying my dinner when I can see that Bobby is so unhappy.

Clint: Well, it's not like he's going to stay here forever. I mean, something else could come along at any time.

Inez: I would like for that to happen.

Clint: Then it will.

Destiny: Dani, I am so sorry. I feel like this is all my brother's fault.

Dani: No. All he did was tell the truth. I wish Nate hadn't run off. He didn't even tell me where he was going.

Destiny: He cares about you so much.

Dani: Then why did he leave?

Destiny: I don't know, but he wouldn't have done it without a good reason.

[Knock on door]

James: Nate, dude, what's wrong?

Nate: I need your help bad.

Langston: What happened?

Starr: I'm losing my sister.

Todd: Where does she think she's going?

Blair: Well, Todd, the hearing is over. There's not anything that we can say.

Todd: Hell, there isn't. So what happened to our appeal?

Morgan: Get it started tomorrow morning.

Todd: God, the mess you made today. I'd have done so much better with a public defender. Obviously--

Morgan: Yep. Yeah. I know. I'm fired.

Blair: Listen. We just weren't prepared. Next time, we'll be prepared, all right? We'll find a way to get Dani back. We'll find a way.

Ross: Hey, kiddo, you okay?

Dani: No.

Ross: You will be, I promise. We'll just take it one step at a time, okay, and then we'll leave in an hour, and everything will be okay.

Todd: Uh-uh.

Ross: Hey, hey, get your hands off me.

Cop: Let's not make things difficult, gentlemen.

Blair: Let's just get Dani home, okay?

Todd: Let's get home.

Blair: Come on, Dani.

John: Yeah. Okay.

Natalie: All right. So should we head on over to the station?

John: What for?

Natalie: I thought you wanted to be there when they bring Greg in.

John: Not gonna happen.

Natalie: Did you call off the questioning?

John: Well, you can't question someone who's not there.

Natalie: I thought that you just had someone go over to the Palace to pick him up.

John: Too late. He's already hopped a plane.

Natalie: Let me guess-- St. Kitts.

John: And back to the hospice, and we still don't know why.

Eli: Well, well, well. You sure took your sweet time getting back here.

Greg: I had a long to-do list, Eli. Remember? All the things you wanted me to take care of back in Llanview?

Eli: Oh, yes, and I heard you came through big time. Just heard from Ross about the custody hearing. Thank you for your expert testimony. "Thank you, Elijah, for your expert coaching." Now only one more piece of business, and our work together is done.

Greg: What's that?

Eli: I need a clean bill of health, Doc, so I can get out of here and go finish what I started.

Greg: Sorry. Not possible. No way in hell I'm letting you leave here.

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