One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/16/10


Episode # 10775

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Langston: Dorian, I need your--

Kelly: Whoa! Hey!

Langston: Hey, Kelly. Sorry. Is Dorian here?

Kelly: Yeah, but she's taking a nice, quiet, relaxing bath.

Langston: Oh.

Kelly: Maybe I could help you. What's wrong?

Langston: Robert Ford.

James: And it was kind of a huge move, quitting teaching that class so you could go out with Langston.

Ford: Yeah. She didn't go for it.

James: Well, that sucks, bro.

Ford: Good news is, I'm back teaching the class.

James: See? And don't worry. You're gonna find somebody new. That campus is crawling with hot chicks.

Starr: It is so cute that you called a date night.

Cole: Well, I just thought that we needed to go out and have some fun for a change, forget about all the stuff that's gotten in the way lately.

Starr: Well, it's gonna be perfect. Tonight it'll just be about us, all right? Hee hee!

Ford: Don't worry, bro. You'll find somebody new. L.U. is crawling with hot chicks.

Rex: You in?

Gigi: Oh, um, yes. I was the last student to sign up for Cristian's art class, but look at the supplies list. How am I gonna afford any of this?

Rex: Well, I think I can help. I just picked up a new case.

Gigi: Really? That's great. Who's the client?

Rex: Kelly.

Gigi: Again. Hmm. How many dead mothers does she have?

Kelly: Okay. What about Ford?

Langston: Ha! Where do I start?

Kelly: At the top.

Langston: No. I can't. I shouldn't.

Kelly: Why?

Langston: Because there's more people involved than just me and that slime ball.

Kelly: So?

Langston: You're the editor of the "Sun."

Kelly: Do you seriously think I would print what you tell me? Okay. Would it help if I promise this would be completely off the record?

Langston: Yeah.

Kelly: What is said in Dorian's room stays in Dorian's room.

Langston: I was this close to giving Ford a second chance, this close to believing his spiel about how he was trying to change and how he wanted a real relationship. God, Kelly, the guy is a bigger dog than I thought. He slept with Jessica.

Kelly: Ford told you?

Langston: No. Found out when Brody showed up and nearly tore his head off.

Kelly: So Brody knows.

Langston: And apparently, so do you.

Kelly: Yeah. I do, and I wish it weren't true, but now that the cat is out of the bag, it makes me worry what this could mean for Jessica.

Jessica: I cannot believe that you ordered Chinese food and pickles and ice cream.

Brody: Hey, now, that's for me. I've always wanted to try it.

Jessica: All right. Then I get your egg roll. Natalie!

Natalie: Hi.

Jessica: Don't worry. Brody told me everything that happened between the two of you, and it's fine.

Natalie: It is?

Ross: All right, sweetheart. Let's go, and don't worry about your things. We'll send for them later.

Blair: Wait, wait, wait. John, can he do this?

Todd: No. He can't.

Dani: Todd--

Todd: You're not leaving here with my daughter. 

Rex: This has nothing to do with Kelly's mother. It's actually about David Vickers.

Gigi: David. Mm-hmm. What about him?

Rex: Kelly wants me to track him down.

Gigi: After everything he put her aunt through?

Rex: Well, that's why she's doing it. Apparently, Dorian still hasn't gotten over David leaving her high and dry at the altar for a second time.

Gigi: Don't tell me Kelly thinks that she can get them back together.

Rex: Well, kind of, but only long enough for Dorian to bring the hammer down.

Gigi: Explain.

Rex: Kelly is hoping that Dorian can woo David again only so she can dump him like a ton of bricks.

Gigi: For revenge.

Rex: Kelly calls it closure.

Gigi: It's nuts.

Rex: That's what I said, but a case is a case.

Gigi: A case of Kelly Cramer trying to get you out of your clothes again.

Kelly: I've known for a while that Ford took advantage of Jessica.

Langston: And you didn't say anything.

Kelly: Well, excuse me. Weren't you the one who was just worried about Jessica's privacy?

Langston: Wait, wait, wait. So that's why you were so interested when you heard Starr and me talk about Ford getting tested. You knew it was for hepatitis C, didn't you?

Kelly: Well, I figured.

Langston: And you still didn't say anything.

Kelly: You said Ford was negative and that you two were over. If I thought there was a remote chance, believe me--

Langston: I know. You were just trying to protect Jessica. God, now she's pregnant.

Kelly: And it could be Ford's.

Langston: Oh, my God.

Kelly: He kept lying until the Hep C test forced everything into the open.

Langston: I can't believe any of this. How could he be worse than I thought?

Kelly: Because the guy is sick.

Langston: You know, part of me hates him so much, I wish he would just fall off the face of the earth.

Kelly: Part of you?

Langston: Yeah. The other part of me still has feelings for him and wants to believe we still have a chance.

Ford: Want to go somewhere else?

James: No. I mean, it's cool.

Ford: So those two hanging all over each other--

James: It doesn't bother me at all.

Starr: Look. I'm telling you, we can leave if you want.

Cole: No. It's okay. James being here does not bother me.

Ford: I don't get it. I thought you were really into Starr.

James: I liked her.

Ford: Yeah, like a car likes oil.

James: Oh, she and Cole are trying to work things out, and I'm not gonna get in their way.

Ford: Hmm, that's why you're the good brother.

Starr: Such a sleaze.

Cole: I thought you and James were friends.

Starr: I'm not talking about James. I'm talking about his brother Ford.

James: Man, what's going on between you and Starr?

Ford: Langston probably told her about something I did.

James: Something like what?

Ford: Doesn't matter. Just... stupid mistake, a stupid mistake.

Cole: Ford and Jessica?

Starr: When Jessica still thought that she was a teenager before she got back together with Brody that night--

Cole: The baby?

Starr: The wrong person could be the father of my cousin's baby.

Natalie: So what exactly did Brody tell you happened between us?

Jessica: Well, that he ran into you in the hospital when he was looking for me.

Brody: I told Jessica you helped me figure out what to do.

Jessica: About the baby.

Natalie: Oh, and--and?

Jessica: And this.

Natalie: Oh, my God! Jess!

Brody: I proposed to your sister all over again, and she said yes.

Natalie: That is great. That is the best news.

Jessica: Thank you so much for being there for me and Brody. You are the best sister in the whole entire world and the best friend ever.

Blair: Come on, Todd. Just--

Todd: Man, you take one step out the door with my daughter, and--I swear to God--

John: Listen, listen. For once in your life, why don't you play this smart?

Todd: I don't want him anywhere near my daughter.

John: Yeah, yeah. Well, how is ending up in a jail cell tonight gonna help your kid?

Todd: Yeah. All right.

Dani: Are you okay?

Ross: Yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine. I could press assault charges, but I won't.

Todd: Yeah. Why don't you try that? You're in my house uninvited. If I want to, I could shoot you.

John: What did I just say?

Ross: You think I'm trespassing? All I'm trying to do is respect Téa's wishes as stated in the will. That's all.

John: You mind if I have a look at that for a minute? We got a little problem here.

John: This will has got to be probated before anyone can act on it.

Ross: Whatever. You can stall all you want, but it's not gonna change the fact that Téa made me Dani's legal guardian.

John: Maybe so, but you still can't take Danielle now.

Todd: Or ever.

John: Not until this is sorted out, and if you try anything, I have no problem with arresting you.

Ross: If you're doing this all by the book, the law is on my side.

Blair: Oh, really? Because this will right here is fake.

Ross: No, it's not. I can prove it.

Blair: Oh, well, I hope you can because I'm gonna have it authenticated.

John: Okay. All right. Look. As long as we're all in agreement about where Danielle is staying tonight, this is no longer a police matter. It's a legal one, and I'm gonna leave it up to you 3 adults to sort it out.

Todd: What are you talking about? You're just bailing?

John: It's all I can do.

Todd: Well, thanks for nothing.

Ross: Listen, sweetheart. Don't worry about a thing, all right? Before you know it, we'll be home.

Todd: Over your dead body.

Blair: Listen. I know that you did everything you possibly could, but there's anything that I can do tonight?

John: Well, you can stop Todd from doing something stupid.

Blair: Oh...right.

John: Hmm. Take care of yourself. I'll be in touch.

Blair: Thanks, John.

John: Hey, listen. Stick around. I want you to put a tail on Rayburn. I want to know every move he makes.

Cop: You got it.

Natalie: Well, I won't keep you two from celebrating.

Jessica: And I should get this food inside before it gets too cold. Thanks so much for everything.

Natalie: Honey, I'm just so glad everything worked out. You deserve it.

Jessica: You're so sweet.

Brody: I got to run a work thing by Natalie. I'll be right in.

Jessica: Sure. Okay.

Natalie: Thank you.

Brody: For what?

Natalie: Well, you know, when you left the hospital, I really wasn't sure what you were gonna do. I mean, you said that you weren't sure if you could deal with Ford possibly being the father of Jessica's baby, and then you were saying that you didn't know if you could keep the secret that--

Brody: That your baby could be mine.

Natalie: You know, I honestly was waiting for your call. I thought that you were gonna call me and you were gonna tell me that you told Jessica everything, but when I didn't hear from you--

Brody: You knew that I didn't do it.

Natalie: Yet. So do you think that you still need to tell Jessica that you and I slept together just because she told you that she slept with Ford?

Cole: What Ford did to Jessica is as low as a person can get...

Starr: Tell me about it.

Cole: And I still can't believe that Langston wrecked things with Markko over that creep.

Starr: Well, and do you know that Ford is trying to get back together with Langston?

Cole: You kidding me?

Starr: Oh, yeah. He's trying to convince her that he changed.

Cole: Jeez, like Dr. Jekyll changed into Mr. Hyde?

Starr: I know, right? He even backed out of teaching a class so that she wouldn't be his student in case there was a conflict of interest if they dated.

Cole: So they just let him cancel the class?

Starr: Well, they're going to find a new teacher, but James and I still will be in the class together.

Cole: Oh, that's cool.

Starr: Are you sure?

Cole: Yeah. Why not?

Starr: Just this morning, you were upset that we were spending any time together.

Cole: Well, that was this morning.

Starr: Okay. Well, I'm really glad that you feel differently now, but what changed?

Ford: I see you're still wearing that bullet Starr plugged you with.

James: I mean, it's not really about Starr.

Ford: What's it about?

James: It's about life, about being alive and staying that way. I mean, that's what I told her boyfriend.

Ford: What, you talked to Cole about this? When?

James: When he came over this afternoon and told me to "back off with Starr."


Cole: Um, I did something.

Starr: What?

Cole: I decided to trust in our love. You know, Starr, I believe in us, and no one is ever gonna able to rip us apart again.

Rex: Um, is that jealousy that I'm sensing?

Gigi: Excuse me?

Rex: I know I have a sordid past, okay, but my boy-toy days are behind me.

Gigi: I think you mean cougar cub. Try to keep up with the times.

Rex: You got me. You know you have no reason to be jealous, okay? Kelly is a client. That's it.

Gigi: For a while there, you were spending a lot more time with Kelly than with me without your clothes on.

Rex: It's just dumb luck.

Gigi: Balsom--

Rex: Hey! Is it my fault that I'm not shy? Besides, anybody that spends a lot of time with me is bound to see a little skin.

Gigi: How much time?

Rex: Don't worry. This case shouldn't take long. In fact, I already have a new lead.

Gigi: So, you know, the sooner you get started on this case--

Rex: Good point. I should get going, follow the lead. See you tomorrow?

Gigi: Yep. See you.

Kelly: Are you considering letting Ford back into your life?

Langston: No. No. I can't. It's just so hard every time I see him and he turns on the charm.

Kelly: Then don't see him.

Langston: Yeah. Well, I thought I had that covered, but then I just got an e-mail from L.U. saying that Ford is gonna be my instructor, after all.

Kelly: And you can't drop the class?

Langston: It's a prerequisite for almost all the other writing classes. That's why I was trying to get some advice from Dorian. God, is she ever gonna get out of that bath?

Kelly: Oh, she's trying to wash off the memory of David's betrayal.

Langston: I don't think there's a bath that long, or I'd have washed off Ford months ago.

Kelly: Well, Dorian needs to start somewhere. She needs a little closure, and it sounds like you do, too. You need to get control of your feelings about Ford once and for all.

Langston: Yeah. I've tried. You think I like staying mad all this time?

Kelly: I don't think Dorian is in any shape to help you. She's dealing with her own feelings right now...

Langston: Yeah. You're right.

Kelly: But I do know what I would tell you, and I think Dorian would agree.

Langston: Well, anything, please.

Kelly: Don't get mad. Get even. Speaking of which, I'm gonna check on her.

[Cell phone rings]

Ford: Hello?

Langston: I have to see you.

Ford: Why, so you can rip my head off again?

Langston: Please. It's important. Can I meet you at your place? If you ever cared about me, you'll say yes.

Ford: Uh, sure. Yeah. I'm heading home right now. Bye. I have to go.

James: Okay.

Ford: No, no, no. You stay. Finish your burger.

James: Um, I'm not really sure that's a good idea.

Ford: No. Please. Come on. Have some dessert.

James: That was Langston, wasn't it?

Ford: Yeah. She wants to see me again. I might have a chance with her, after all.

Starr: It's really nice being together...

Cole: Yeah. It is, isn't it?

Starr: But I should probably check with the sitter.

Cole: Okay.

Starr: That's weird.

Cole: What?

Starr: I just got an e-mail from my school, and it looks like Robert Ford is gonna be teaching that writing class, after all.

Cole: You kidding?

Starr: No. I wonder how Langston feels about this.

[Knocks on door]

Ford: Coming. La ta ta all right. Hey. What did you want to see me about?

Kelly: Langston?

[Cell phone rings]

Jessica: Hey, Kel.

Kelly: Hey, how are you?

Jessica: I'm fine. Is something wrong?

Kelly: Well, I thought there might be. Langston told me that Brody found out Ford might be your baby's father.

Jessica: I told him.

Kelly: And?

Jessica: Brody was so upset when I told him. You should've seen his face.

Kelly: Oh, no.

Jessica: Yeah, but we talked about it, and, you know, he said that he could accept this child, even if it turns out that it's not his.

Kelly: He did? Jessica, I'm so happy for you.

Jessica: Me, too.

Kelly: Oh, that's nice to know that Brody is one of the good guys.

Jessica: Eh, he's pretty incredible. I'm not sure I'd be so understanding if the shoe were on the other foot.

Brody: I heard what you said to me, that I could still have the family that I want with Jessica, no matter who the baby's biological father is, if I just let myself. I want that. This child will be our child, no matter what the DNA turns out to be, same way yours will be John's.

Natalie: Are you saying--

Brody: I can live with our secret. I won't say anything. You're right. We should focus on what's good, on the miracle of two babies that are gonna be born and two families that are gonna be created.

Natalie: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

John: How's it going, guys?

Natalie: Hey, John. Um, Brody and Jess are officially engaged, finally got her a ring. Ha ha!

John: Congratulations. That's great news.

Brody: Well, thank you. Uh, I'm gonna get back to Jess. Have a good night.

Natalie: You, too.

John: You, too.

Jessica: I don't think I could've gotten through these months without your support. I owe you.

Kelly: Believe me, I intend to collect.

Jessica: Ha! Well, I hope so because I want you to be as happy as I am.

Kelly: I am happy. Don't worry. I get to do what I want when I want. I'm loving work.

Jessica: And after work?

Kelly: Well, I am actually having a perfect evening tonight. I am going to follow Dorian's lead and take a nice, long, hot bubble bath.

Jessica: Well, that sounds like a plan, but you know what would be better? A nice, long bubble bath for two.

Kelly: Oh, yeah. See, for that, I am gonna have to hold out for a guy as great as yours.

Jessica: Well, you might have to wait forever because there is no other guy as great as Brody. I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.

Kelly: And I couldn't be happier for you, okay? See you tomorrow at work.

Jessica: Bye. Hey. How much of that did you hear?

Brody: Enough to know that I love you more now than I did 5 minutes ago.

Rex: Kelly--

Kelly: Oh!

John: After you.

Natalie: Thank you. So what happened at Todd's?

John: What happened at Todd's? Well, let's see. Ross Rayburn showed up.

Natalie: Like you expected.

John: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: So is he in lockup waiting to be extradited?

John: No.

Natalie: Oh, no. Please tell me Todd didn't do something stupid, like shoot him.

John: No. Todd didn't do anything. Eli did get Ross cleared of all the charges in Seattle, though.

Natalie: Well, how did he manage that?

John: I don't know, but Eli also changed Téa's will so now it says that Ross gets custody of Danielle, not Todd.

Natalie: Oh, I'm sure Todd took that real well.

John: As well as can be expected, yeah.

Natalie: So is everyone in one piece?

John: Blair is with him now.

Natalie: Is this possible? I mean, can they really do this, steal Todd's kid?

John: Blair said there was another will that stated that Todd was the guardian, but no one seems to have a copy of it, so only Téa knows what she really wanted. She made quite a mess when she lied to her daughter about who her real father was.

Ross: You know, Manning, you can threaten me all you want, but this document is ironclad. As soon as the court signs off on it, I'm leaving with Dani.

Blair: Oh, yeah, Ross? Where are you gonna go, back to Tahiti? Your house burned down, didn't it?

Ross: Plenty of houses in Tahiti.

Todd: She's not going to Tahiti with you.

Blair: Listen. Okay. Why don't we just calm down.

Ross: Maybe you should listen to her.

Todd: Why don't you shut up?

Blair: Okay. Focus on Dani. Let's be really nice to Ross tonight, and then we'll go in for the kill tomorrow.

Ross: Remember Tahiti, huh? Remember how much we loved it there, how much fun we had? I promise we're gonna have that again. I tell you what. When we get there, I'm gonna get you a brand-new long board.

Todd: A surfboard? I'm getting her a car.

Ross: Yeah. Buy her love, Manning.

Todd: You can't afford to keep your--

Dani: No. Okay. Stop. Stop, both of you, okay? You're all talking about me like I'm not even here, but you need to listen to what I have to say. 

John: Cheers. You know, Rayburn showing up in Llanview makes it pretty clear that he and his brother were collaborating, that Eli is still alive.

Natalie: Well, it makes sense that Ross would help his brother. I mean, it's a small price to pay, faking Eli's death, to ensure that he would get custody of his daughter.

John: Of course, we still have a body in a Tahitian morgue that says Eli is dead, and we didn't find anything in his room at the Palace that tells us otherwise.

Natalie: We didn't, but I did. Renee told me that Eli left these sealed envelopes with tips in them for the staff, and someone didn't pick theirs up.

John: And you got it?

Natalie: Yep, still sealed. Eli must've licked the envelope.

John: And left his DNA on it.

Natalie: Right. So I dropped it off at the lab for analysis, and as soon as we get it back, you can compare that sample to the dead body in Tahiti, and if you're right, they won't match, which means the dead body is not Eli Clarke's.

John: And if Clarke is still alive, he had to have made contact with at least one person--his brother Ross Rayburn.

Blair: Dani, whatever you feel you need to say, you go right ahead and say it. We're all listening.

Dani: Dad, I can't go with you, not right now, at least. You know, I have friends here, really close friends, and, besides, we're having this memorial for Mom, and I need to be here for that.

Blair: You know, um, Ross, maybe you'd like to go to the memorial. I know Téa was a big part of your life, right?

Dani: Yeah. I'd like that.

Blair: And you know what? We'd like that, too, wouldn't we, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Blair: Yeah.

Ross: Okay, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. I wasn't gonna leave, anyway, until this custody issue was resolved, and--tell you what--then you could say good-bye to your friends, and then I'll take you home.

Rex: Sorry about that. Jack let me in, he told me to come right upstairs.

Kelly: Someone needs to explain to Jack that when you live in a house full of women, you don't just send a guy upstairs. Anyway, did you find David?

Rex: Well, not yet, but I might be onto something.

Kelly: Great.

Rex: Well, maybe not so great. I think Clint might have something to do with where David is.

Kelly: Clint?

Rex: Yeah. Okay. It's just a hunch, but I saw him over at the Palace, and Clint still has this major bone to pick with Vickers. He was practically doing a happy dance now that the guy is gone.

Kelly: Well, I know a lot of people who are probably doing that dance, as well.

Rex: There was something in the way that he reacted, especially when I asked Bo if he had any idea where David was. My Spidey sense definitely tingled.

Kelly: Okay. That's exactly why I pay you the big bucks.

Rex: Actually, yeah. That's what I came to talk to you about. I can pursue this Clint angle, but do you really want me going after your son's great-grandfather?

Gigi: Hey, did you ever apply for that grant money for life experience?

James: Oh, you're that girl from the student union who looked at the flier with me.

Gigi: I'm not exactly a girl anymore, but thanks. So did you apply?

James: Oh, you know what? I'm actually just auditing my brother's class right now.

Gigi: Oh, well, what about when you enroll?

James: Actually, I'm not even gonna need it. Since my brother is faculty, I get a free ride. It's pretty sweet, huh?

Gigi: Yeah. It's sweet.

Starr: I'm gonna go call outside, okay? It's too loud in here.

Cole: So what's the deal, man? I thought you said you were gonna back off.

James: I am.

Cole: Then why are you still here after your brother has already left?

James: Trust me, this is not about Starr. I got your message loud and clear when you came by this afternoon to tell me to back off Starr.

Starr: What? Did you really do that?

Ford: What was that kiss all about?

Langston: Well, I thought about what you said about how you were trying to change, and when you stepped down from teaching my class and told me that you wanted to move on with me, I was blown away, but then all that stuff happened with Jessica, and I was hurt and angry, but you were right. All that stuff happened months ago. For all I know, you really haven't gone girl to girl since then.

Ford: I haven't. I swear.

Langston: And I believe you. You told me that you wanted to start over with me, that you wanted a real relationship, so my question is, did you mean it?

Ford: Yes...more than anything.

Langston: Good, because I want that, too.

Langston: My family is gonna have something to say about this, but I don't care.

Ford: You sure?

Langston: I mean, I've tried to deny my feelings for you, but I can't. If anything, it just makes them stronger.

Ford: I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Langston: Well, it's my choice, and I want to be with you.

Ford: You really mean that?

Langston: I wouldn't have said it if I didn't.

Ford: I want to be with you, too, Langston.

Langston: Now you can now that you're not teaching my class.

Ford: Actually, I am. After you blew me off, I got the dean to assign me that class again.

Langston: And you can't get them to unassign you?

Ford: Well, I already put the administration through a lot of grief. I don't know if I can make that change again.

Langston: Oh, I thought we had a chance.

Ford: Oh, we do. Look. We'll work this out. I promise.

Langston: Really?

Ford: You just kissed me and told me you wanted to be with me, so, yes, I'm not gonna mess this up.

Langston: So, what, we just won't tell anyone?

Ford: Would you be okay with that?

Langston: I guess we could keep it quiet for a semester. It's not like we haven't done it before.

Ford: Mm, we should celebrate.

Langston: You're right. We should, oh, but I can't, not tonight.

Ford: Not even for a little while?

Langston: No. I have to get home, and, plus, I don't want it to be like last time, I mean, quickies whenever we can.

Ford: Yeah. Right. No more quickies. That's a promise. I'm really glad you changed your mind.

Langston: What can I say? You can be very persuasive.

Ford: You have no idea how much I want you right now.

Langston: Are you sure it won't be a problem, you being my teacher, I mean, with all the rules about professors sleeping with their students?

Ford: Don't worry. We'll make it work.

Langston: Good. So I'll see you tomorrow?

Ford: Mm-hmm.

Cole: Yeah. I did go talk to James.

Starr: Why?

James: To tell me how much he loves you and to make sure that I didn't still think something could happen between you and me. I mean, to be honest, I-- I mean, if I were in Cole's place, I would've done the same thing, only I probably wouldn't have been as polite.

Starr: So that's all that happened?

James: Yeah. Yeah. It's obvious that Cole would do anything for you, and, I mean, you're really lucky to have a guy like that. So if you two don't mind, I'm gonna get a jump-start on some homework.

Starr: Sure. I'll see you later.

Cole: Yeah. I'll see you later.

[Starr sighs]

Cole: Starr, I am so sorry.

Starr: Yeah. Not cool.

Cole: I know. I know. I get that now. You and James are friends. It's just that-- Starr, look at me. Look. I love you so much that sometimes I just get crazy when I think that things aren't, you know, good between us, you know, but we're gonna make things right, okay? All right. Can you forgive me?

Starr: Don't you get it?

Cole: Get what?

Starr: You will always be my football star with the heart of a poet. You're the only guy for me. Of course I forgive you.

[Starr giggles]

Gigi: How can one skinny paintbrush cost $64?

Kelly: Clint is Zane's family.

Rex: So you want me to drop it.

Kelly: No. Dorian is my family, too, and I have to help her get her life back on track. So go ahead and find out what you can. You know, if Clint knows something, great. It's not like he did something to David.

Rex: Okay. I'll help, but I need your help.

Kelly: Name it.

Rex: I can't exactly walk into the B.E. office and ask to see Clint's phone records, travel logs, bank withdrawals. Do you have enough access to get me in after hours?

Kelly: I'll see what I can do.

Jessica: "Know your child: Tips on parenting from conception to college"? I didn't know you had this.

Brody: I want to be as good a dad as Clint is.

Jessica: What did I do to deserve such an amazing man?

Brody: Is

Jessica: Yes. It's safe. You can look it up in the book if you want, but your not gonna hurt your baby. You're not gonna hurt me.

Natalie: I'll get the lab to rush the DNA results. What? I'm eating for two.

John: You know, that reminds me. I'm gonna need to go to Tahiti again to get some DNA off that charred body.

Natalie: We talked about this, John.

John: I don't like leaving you.

Natalie: Don't worry about me. You know what? If you're right and Eli Clarke is alive, we need to find out as soon as possible before he or Ross hurts anyone else.

Blair: Well, I guess we will see you at the memorial, then.

Dani: Hey, where are you staying?

Ross: Eh, some cheap motel.

Todd: Oh, no. I wouldn't hear of it. Stay at the Palace on me.

Blair: Oh, that's nice of you, Todd. We'll work everything out tomorrow.

Ross: Yeah. Right. Definitely. Sure. Okay, and I'll see you tomorrow, kiddo. Don't forget, I'm your dad.

Blair: Okay. So let me walk you out. You know, I don't know if you're aware that your brother was a criminal or a murderer, but if he did draft that, I'm sure it's not valid.

Ross: We'll see.

[Door slams]

Dani: So what's gonna happen?

Blair: Sweetheart, nothing is gonna happen tonight, all right?

Todd: Dani, I--

Dani: You know what? I'm tired. Gonna go to bed.

Blair: Ah.

Todd: Of course, we know what Téa wanted. What the hell are we supposed to do?

Blair: Get the best damn lawyer we can possibly find. Okay. The second best lawyer.

John: The PPD is dragging their ass getting me the missing persons reports from the time when Clarke supposedly burned up.

Natalie: Forensics samples usually don't have as much DNA as buccal samples, so I'm gonna have to amplify for 40 cycles instead of 30.

John: I have no idea what you just said, but will it work?

Natalie: Yeah. It should. It's just too bad we can't do anything until morning.

John: Then what do you say enough sexy talk for tonight and more of this?

Woman: Secret hidden underneath it trying hard to keep it safely out of reach creeping I can feel it breathing coming to the surface I'll be in my dream sweet despair fill you devour me, oh silently, oh, you carry me home woman: Taken down, I give in to what I can't disguise the surrender the surrender broken down, I give in to what I cannot hide I surrender I surrender woman: Locked in buried under my skin riding on the whispers restless in the wind haunted, I can feel it coming keep me undercover in my could've-been ooh

Todd: I'm gonna do whatever I have to, Blair. I'm not gonna lose my daughter.

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