One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/23/10


Episode # 10758

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David: No, Pa, I'm fine. I can get myself ready. I just want to make sure that you and Matthew get here before the ceremony. And bring the garter. I've got the ring.

[Knock on door]

David: That was fast. Hey, I got to go.

Cabana boy: Did you need something?

David: Maybe you should come in here and ask me that question.

Cabana boy: Did you need...

David: Champagne, Be--maybe you should write this down. Champagne; Beluga caviar with those little toast things; a mirror, preferably full length. I need napkins with "Davian" spelled the traditional way embossed in gold. It's my wedding day, man. Come on! Snap to!

Cabana boy: Yes, sir.

Viki: David, is everything all right?

David: Viki? It's so nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to hide in the bathroom if you hear footsteps approaching.

Viki: Why?

David: Does Dorian know you're here?

Dorian: Oh, oh! And the wedding cake--double check on that. Thank you. Handle it. Oh! Oh, Starr, darling.

Starr: Hello.

Dorian: Oh, my dear. Oh. You gorgeous creature, you. Cole, I'm so glad to have you here.

Starr: Well, sure. We wouldn't miss your wedding.

Cole: It's nice to be at a family event. I missed too many this year.

Starr: Well, this will be better than graduation.

Cole: Hey, look. Llanview's new super couple.

Dani: Oh, I know who he is. He refused to help my dad find my mom. You want to tell me why?

Shaun: You get it, right?

Destiny: Actually, no, I don't, but you better have a good reason. I have to go get ready. See you in a few? Don't take no from him.

Shaun: Des!

Dani: Shaun, you have to help us.

Shaun: I'm sorry, but I can't.

Dani: What? "You can't." That's no answer.

Blair: Ah! Eli! What are you doing? It's bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony.

Eli: There's been a change of plans. There will be no wedding for us here today.

Price: Clarke's in the cabana with his fiancée.

John: Does he look agitated?

Price: No. He doesn't seem suspicious.

John: Good. Keep it that way. Don't let him out of your sight, but don't alert him either.

Price: All right, I got you.

John: Call me back in 15.

Kelly: Okay, so is Price following Eli? Does he have him in sight?

John: He's doing his job, Kelly, he's doing his job.

Kelly: Do you think Eli's gonna try to hurt Blair before the wedding?

John: No. No. I'm worried he's gonna run if he gets spooked.

Kelly: You apologized to him. You arrested me.

John: I am not sure he even bought that. All right, look, I want this guy locked up today, and that's where you come in.

Kelly: I gave you everything that Rex and I found about Eli.

John: Yeah. And Nora's gone to the judge with it, trying to get a warrant.

Kelly: Good!

John: Not good. She sent me a text. She's bombing out.

Kelly: Damn it. John, we need more. We need more. We need more cooperation--

John: What we need is a statement from this guy Ford, and you're gonna help us get it.

Dorian: Darling, you do look wonderful.

Langston: Well, thank you. Look at you. You, too!

Dorian: Oh, not yet. I'm not in my wedding dress yet. Listen, listen, I'm gonna need my Cramer women with me, so will you please come to my cabana in just a few minutes? Please? Thank you! I've got things I have to do. Come on.

Langston: She looks so happy.

Starr: It's hard to believe that David Vickers does that for her, but he does.

James: This place is insane!

Langston: Well, it's done up for the weddings. It's not usually like this.

James: Yeah. It's still a country club.

Cole: Hey, James, uh, why don't we get everyone some drinks?

James: Sure.

[Starr sighs]

Langston: Oh, wait. What?

Starr: Well, you actually brought James here?

Langston: Yeah? Why not?

Starr: There doesn't really seem to be a point. It's not like Ford's here to see it.

Cole: Hey. We need to get a few things straight. You showed up at my apartment, hit on my girlfriend--

James: Wait. That's what she said?

Cole: Yeah, she told me.

James: No. I mean, she calls herself "your girlfriend"?

Cole: She told me what you said, what you did. Give it up, James. She's never gonna leave me for you, ever.

Shaun: Dani, I'm not a detective.

Dani: Yeah, but Todd says you're smart and you know people. You could find her.

Shaun: Your mom left and said she wanted to be left alone.

Dani: No, no. She doesn't know what she's doing, okay? She's scared, and she thinks that this is best for me, but she's wrong.

Shaun: You want me to come between you and Téa Delgado?

Dani: Yes! Shaun, if you don't help us, my mother is going to die alone. How can you let that happen?

Blair: You changed your mind about getting married?

Eli: No. Only about the venue. Do you really feel right sharing a wedding day with David and Dorian?

Blair: Well, not really, but I thought that you couldn't wait to marry me.

Eli: I can't. I just feel like we got ambushed by Dorian's decision, and we couldn't really say no.

Blair: You know what? It will be fine.

Eli: Yeah, well, fine doesn't sound like a great wedding day to me.

Blair: Eli, I told you I didn't want a big wedding anyway.

Eli: But you deserve to be the belle of your own ball, and so does Dorian. And anyway, double weddings are a little strange, don't you think?

Blair: Well, actually, I don't really remember the last double wedding I attended. It was kind of a blur.

Eli: Well, then there's the Vickers factor.

Blair: Oh, Eli, he'll behave, I'm telling you.

Eli: I'm not so sure. What about Clint Buchanan? What if he shows up with another shotgun like he did at Bo and Nora's wedding, hunting Vickers?

Blair: You really don't want to get married today, do you?

Eli: I just--I don't want a circus. It's David and Dorian.

Blair: I know.

Eli: You asked if I could handle your big, crazy, wild family, and I can. I can handle anything they throw at us, but I just want one day that is all about my bride.

Blair: Oh... you're the best, you know that?

Eli: I want to be.

Blair: Oh, you are. Mmm. Okay, we'll wait.

Eli: Thanks. No, no, no! No.

Blair: But you just said--

Eli: No. I don't want to wait another day to marry you, Blair.

Blair: Well, what in the world do you have in mind?

Eli: I want the two of us to disappear. Let's elope.

Darren: Theodore? What--what are you doing here?

Price: Shh! Man, I told you, it's Theo now, and I'm working.

Darren: Here? Must be pretty serious work. Whoa, is this surveillance?

Price: Yes.

Darren: Who's the perp?

Price: Shut up.

Darren: Do you have a visual?

Price: Look, I told Mom to stop letting you watch those cop shows a long time ago. It's messing with your mind.

Darren: It's just so cool. I mean, you're like Shaft... without the really great coat.

Price: Leave before I bounce you out of here, Darren.

Darren: Going.

Price: Hey. And don't tell anybody you saw me here. You blow my cover, it's trouble.

Darren: Don't worry. Surveillance. Sweet. Ha!

Kelly: Wait, so are you saying that you want me to work Ford?

John: Listen, I need a statement so I can arrest Eli before he gets married.

Kelly: Are you gonna bust into Blair's wedding?

John: Well, I could wait till they cut the cake if that makes you feel better.

Kelly: No, I just--I feel bad. She thinks I'm a pain in the butt, too.

John: She'll thank you later.

Kelly: Oh, no. You would think so, but that's not how it works. Trust me. It doesn't matter. Okay, you know what? Let's do this. Let's do this.

John: Yeah?

Kelly: Yeah.

John: Let's go.

Kelly: Feel it.

Viki: It's all right. Dorian invited me.

David: To our wedding?

Viki: Oh, yes, yes. Not only did she invite Charlie and me, she thanked us.

David: Did you just hear a rip in the fabric of space and time?

Viki: Mmm. She admitted that our...efforts actually brought you and Dorian back together again.

David: Maybe you did.

Viki: Mm-hmm. So I came by in the hopes, David, that you would forgive me, too.

David: You had me at my name.

Viki: Oh, David! That usually works.

David: Now, you were very conniving and very devious, which I got to say, it was very confusing, Viki.

Viki: Yes, I know, I know. And I really am very, very sorry because I hope you know how fond of you I am. But, David, I had to do it, and it worked because you and Dorian realized that you belong together.

David: Is that really what it was about?

Viki: Mmm, yes. Did you think there was something else going on?

David: Eh, I thought maybe you were just giving yourself an excuse to act on your long-simmering desire to get me in the sack.

Kelly: Okay, nice! I would like a lawyer!

John: When I'm ready to process you.

Kelly: Which is when? You're gonna hear about this! You're gonna read about it in tomorrow's paper, McBain! Huh.

Ford: What are you doing here?

Kelly: Oh, I'm waiting to be processed.

Ford: For what, harassment?

Kelly: Breaking and entering.

Ford: Figures.

Kelly: What?

Ford: Nothing. Just you can't help sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Starr: Why did you bring James here?

Langston: You heard him--we had a date.

Starr: It just seems like such a waste 'cause Ford isn't even here.

Langston: I know, but is it a problem?

Starr: No.

Langston: Fine. Then I'll keep him distracted since you don't want to.

Starr: You're right, I don't want to, okay? Because I'm not interested in James!

James: That is what Starr said, too, that she'll be with you forever.

Cole: Okay.

James: Forever. Like a prison sentence.

Cole: Now, pay attention, okay?

James: Oh, believe me, I am. I've seen everything.

Cole: I don't know what you think you've seen, but--

James: You let that nut case, Hannah O'Connor, take you for a ride, and you left Starr alone. Can't be surprised if she went looking someplace else.

Cole: You mean when you carjacked her?

James: That's ancient history. I'm talking about after that.

Cole: You talking about that big kiss? That was all for show.

James: Keep telling yourself that, Cole. There's something between us.

Cole: Well, Starr doesn't think so.

James: Starr doesn't want to think so. Yet. But she's already struggling to go through the motions. You see that, don't you?

Cole: Look, I don't give a damn what you think. You stay away from my girlfriend, you hear me?

James: Huh.

Kelly: Jessica asked me to help her find out if you lied to her, which you had.

Ford: With good reason.

Kelly: Anyway, I was protecting someone that I cared about. You know what that's like.

Ford: Me?

Kelly: Yeah. What are you in here for anyway?

Ford: Obstruction of justice.

Kelly: Oh, what did McBain say you obstructed?

Ford: I don't know. Ask him. The whole thing's bogus, kind of like your charge.

Kelly: Oh, no, no. No, no. I am guilty. I broke into Eli Clarke's room.

Ford: You don't want to mess with that guy. He's a lawyer.

Kelly: Um, he's a killer. He murdered my mother... and a friend who worked at her hospital. He killed a man, a records clerk in Boston, because he was giving us some information. He pushed Marty Saybrooke down the stairs and killed her baby, and I still don't know why he did that, and he attacked you and made Hannah confess to it.

Ford: So you shouldn't break into his room.

Kelly: Oh, no, I'm gonna do whatever it takes because Eli has to be stopped.

Ford: Huh. Good luck with that.

Kelly: Ford, this is your problem, too. We have to put him in jail.

Judge Runyon: Come in. What can I do for you, Lieutenant?

John: Issue a warrant for Elijah Clarke's arrest.

Judge Runyon: Do you have something that Nora didn't have an hour ago?

John: Oh, I think you'll find this compelling, judge.

Judge Runyon: Yes. I saw this. Nora showed me all this. You have a random group of unrelated deaths by natural causes.

John: Suspicious deaths.

Judge Runyon: Elijah Clarke is a respected attorney.

John: And Clarke is only one of his names. He has 3 that we know of.

Judge Runyon: Yes. He changed his name after he was exonerated for his wife's death.

John: First wife. Second wife is still missing to this day. That's because he killed both of them.

Judge Runyon: They couldn't prove the first case. You say there's a second?

John: They never found the body.

Judge Runyon: So you have nothing.

John: Doesn't mean it ain't true.

Judge Runyon: I need evidence. Now, I could maybe--maybe-- stretch this to give you a search warrant--

John: Not good enough. Not good enough, Judge. It's got to be an arrest warrant.

Judge Runyon: Why?

John: Because if Elijah Clarke isn't put behind bars today, he'll kill again.

Blair: Is this because John and Kelly were coming after you?

Eli: No. Why would you say that?

Blair: Well, they accused you of being a murderer, Eli, and if somebody did that to me, I'd want to be as far away from them as possible.

Eli: You know what? It's fine. John actually apologized.

Blair: Well, he did?

Eli: And he sent Kelly to jail for breaking into my hotel room.

Blair: She what?

Eli: Apparently so.

Blair: Oh, well, I'm gonna have a talk with her.

Eli: Don't, don't, don't.

Blair: Well--

Eli: She honestly believes that I'm some kind of maniacal evil doer.

Blair: Well, it's nuts!

Eli: She lost her mother. I can only imagine--

Blair: No. It doesn't give her an excuse to go after you.

Eli: I think John is a little embarrassed that he even believed her in the first place.

Blair: Ha. I can't believe he really--he threw her in jail! She's in jail! Ha ha!

Eli: I'm sure he's only gonna keep her there long enough to teach her a lesson.

Blair: Oh, my. Welcome, welcome to the circus.

Eli: Now do you understand why I didn't want to get married here?

Blair: Well, it'll calm down after today, I promise.

Eli: Will it?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Eli: Tell me the truth, Blair. Does your life ever calm down?

Blair: Mmm, no. But I kind of thought you liked that about me.

Eli: I do. I love your life, and I cannot wait for it to be our life.

Blair: Mmm.

Eli: But I want it to start out right, just the two of us.

Blair: Mmm. Okay. You know what? As soon as Todd gets back, we'll start making plans.

Eli: Why do our plans depend upon Todd?

Blair: Well, I told him that I would watch Dani, and I, you know, can't leave until he gets back.

Eli: Well, where the hell is he?

Blair: He went to find Téa. Oh, go on! You can't be surprised! You knew that he wasn't gonna let her go off alone.

Eli: Okay, well, there is a household full of people who can look after Danielle just fine. We're only gonna be gone for a day or two.

Blair: Oh, my gosh. This is really important to you.

Eli: This is important to us, Blair.

Blair: All right. Then let's do it.

Eli: Oh, I love you.

Blair: Hmm. I love you, too, so--so when are we leaving?

Eli: Right now.

Blair: Wait a minute. We're not even gonna stay and watch Dorian and David's wedding?

Eli: If we stay, then it's gonna be all about "why aren't we getting married, too?" We'll steal Dorian's thunder just by being there.

Blair: You're right, you're right, and we both know how much she hates that. Okay, so I guess we'll leave now.

Shaun: Why isn't your dad here with you?

Dani: He's out trying to do what we need you to do. We have to find my mom. You can't understand that?

Shaun: You're gonna be okay. Can I get you some water?

Dani: No.

Shaun: Dani, I wish things were different.

Dani: Huh. Well, me, too, but they're not.

Darren: My queen! Looking especially delicious today.

Destiny: Hey, you look good, too.

Darren: I do, don't I? Ahem. Uh, what's wrong?

Destiny: My brother's being a pigheaded fool, and I don't know why.

Darren: About what?

Destiny: Dani wants to find her mother.

Darren: At that hospice or wherever?

Destiny: Yeah. Her dad's trying to find her, full-out search. They need Shaun to help, only he won't do a thing.

Darren: Maybe I can help.

Viki: Congratulations, David. I never thought you would actually get to this point.

David: What's that?

Viki: Ready to commit to someone for the rest of your life.

David: Oh. That's much later. Much later today.

Viki: David, you are prepared to commit for the rest of your life?

David: Don't say it like that. Something about the wording. 2 to 5 with an option to renew, that's a much--

Viki: Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

David: The coward's way out?

Viki: Mm-hmm.

David: You're right. I'm in this for the long haul.

Viki: Sweetheart, the last time you and Dorian got this far, you deserted, and she was devastated.

David: Now, that was not my fault. My brother forced me to leave her at the altar.

Viki: I know. But that's not going to happen this time, is it?

David: No. This is the real thing.

Viki: Oh, David, I'm proud of you! Ha ha!

Dorian: David, I didn't know you were entertaining guests.

Viki: Dorian, don't worry. He's all yours. I just came by to apologize to David and congratulate him and to give you both very best wishes.

Dorian: So glad you could come. Should I be jealous?

David: Probably. There's not a woman around who's not gonna be trying to steal your husband.

Dorian: Hmm. Will they succeed?

David: I ain't goin' anywhere, baby. Now, hold on a second. Why are you tempting fate? Isn't this supposed to be bad luck?

Dorian: Only if I'm wearing a wedding dress.

David: Oh.

Dorian: I wanted to make sure that you were here, and well, here is the schedule of the events. And there's another copy on the mirror in the bathroom.

David: Like on a movie set. This is so cool.

Dorian: You'll want to be on time at the altar.

David: Of course. Dorian.

Dorian: No distractions.

David: Like what? You're the only thing that I can see today.

Dorian: Really?

David: I'll show up.

Dorian: Are you sure?

David: There's not a doubt in my mind.

David: Somebody would have to kill me to keep me away from that altar.

Ford: I don't have to do anything.

Kelly: You think that's gonna keep you safe? Your brother safe?

Ford: I...I've nothing to say.

Kelly: You're the oldest, right? I mean, you're James' big brother?

Ford: Yeah, well, not much of one. He's already been through enough trouble lately.

Kelly: So? You want to do right by him.

Ford: Yeah, and for once I can protect him.

Kelly: And the only way you're gonna do that is by not keeping quiet.

Ford: Look, it may not help you, but I have to watch out for James.

Kelly: It's not gonna work. It's like blackmail. No matter how hard you try to keep Eli happy, it'll never be enough. Have you taken a look at the list, how many people this man has killed?

Ford: You don't know that.

Kelly: Ford, we do know. This guy has killed people because they get in his way. That's all the reason he needs. And no matter what, he is gonna come after you and your brother. And the only way you can stop that is to put him in jail, and you're the only one who can do that.

Judge Runyon: So you don't want a search warrant.

John: I don't need one.

Judge Runyon: I see on the docket that Kelly Cramer was arrested for b&e at the Palace. Would that be Elijah Clarke's room?

John: Yeah, she confessed.

Judge Runyon: And now all of this evidence comes in the back door.

John: As you know, Judge, evidence gathered in one investigation can be used to prove another crime.

Judge Runyon: You're taking a chance on appeal.

John: We don't pick up Clarke today, there ain't gonna be a trial, Judge. There ain't gonna be an appeal. You know what you're gonna have? You're gonna have more dead bodies. We need that arrest warrant, and we need it now.

Judge Runyon: Get me a witness of some kind.

John: It's all right there. Listen, look at this. Hannah O'Connor. She saw Elijah Clarke push Marty Saybrooke down a flight of stairs.

Judge Runyon: She's in St. Ann's.

John: She still knows what she saw!

Judge Runyon: I don't think she's gonna hold up--

John: You're not listening! You're not listening! This son of a bitch pushed Marty down a flight of stairs! He killed her unborn child! My child! And he walks if you don't do anything.

Judge Runyon: This is too personal for you, Lieutenant. You shouldn't even be on the case.

John: Clarke knows we're looking at him. He already pushed his wedding up to today. Once he gets another rich wife... what do you think happens?

[Door opens]

Dorian: Honey, please. Why aren't you dressed yet?

Blair: Hey, Dorian.

Dorian: Why, our guests have already started arriving.

Blair: You look happy.

Dorian: I am. Okay. Tell me what's going on?

Blair: I'm not getting married today.

Dorian: What? Oh, don't tell me that S.O.B.--

Blair: No, no, no. It's nothing like that. In fact, Elijah thinks every bride should have her own special day, and I want all eyes on you.

Dorian: What? Blair, darling, it was my idea to have a double wedding. Really. And David wants it, too.

Blair: Oh, we both know how much he wants to share the spotlight.

Dorian: Oh, he's really very fond of you. And I promise you, he'll behave.

Blair: Yeah, what fun is that? This is your special day. Yes, soak it up. You deserve it.

Starr: You should try to have fun with James.

Langston: Seriously? That's what you want?

Starr: He's a decent guy. He's completely different from his brother.

Langston: Well, that's good to know, but you'd really be okay with that?

Starr: Why not?

Cole: Why don't you get out of here and leave us alone?

James: I have a date for the wedding. It's all good, Cole. Relax.

Cole: So you're into Langston?

James: She's a nice girl.

Cole: I thought Starr was the one for you.

James: It's just a date.

Cole: Right. You know, you're no better than your lowlife brother.

James: You back off of Bobby.

Cole: He's a sleazy user, and you're just as bad.

James: I am nothing--

Cole: Ford is scum.

James: No.

Cole: He ruined Langston's life--

James: Watch it.

Cole: And you're trying to fi--

James: Shut your mouth!

Cole: You know, your whole family's nothing but--

James: I mean it. Shut your mouth right now.

Cole: Shut my mouth or what?

James: I am so sick and tired--

Shaun: Hey, hey, hey! What's going on? Hey, Cole. Breathe, breathe. What are you doing?

Cole: Taking out the trash.

Shaun: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're at a wedding. Look at those fine decorations. Soon, the appetizers will be coming out. Shrimp on a stick. That's my favorite. How about you, Cole?

Cole: He's here to cause trouble.

James: I'm Langston's date.

Shaun: What did I tell you?

Langston: Hey, what's going on?

Shaun: Oh, nothing. We're just enjoying a fine day. Tell your boys if they want to fight here, it's gonna be with me.

Starr: What are you fighting about?

Cole: Nothing. James and I didn't agree on the drinks.

James: Yeah.

Starr: Okay. Come on. Really, tell me.

Cole: It's nothing, okay? We kind of got into it, but it's over now.

Starr: I told you there's nothing to worry about, okay? James means nothing to me.

Cole: I just wanted to make sure that James knew, too.

Destiny: You're gonna help Dani find her mother?

Darren: Yeah.

Destiny: You're not a detective.

Darren: My brother is.

Destiny: You mean Theo?

Darren: Yes. Gold shield detective with the LPD, right-hand man to John McBain.

Destiny: You think he'd help us?

Darren: As soon as he cracks the case he's on.

Destiny: Which is what?

Darren: Can't say. It's classified.

Destiny: But you know.

Darren: I ran into him here.

Destiny: And he told you top secret information?

Darren: I can be trusted.

Destiny: Tell me.

Darren: He's got some serious criminal under surveillance. So if you see my brother, just pretend you didn't, okay?

Judge Runyon: I don't share your certainty that Elijah Clarke is the serial killer you claim.

John: You don't have to be certain. It's just a preponderance of evidence.

Judge Runyon: And the guy walks on arraignment if you can't meet the burden of proof.

John: I'll have it. Help me do my job, and I'll have it.

Judge Runyon: I'm trying, but you don't have probable cause.

John: Why? 'Cause you don't find the O'Connor girl credible? Is that it? What about Robert Ford? You take his word?

Judge Runyon: He swore that Hannah attacked him.

John: That's 'cause he's scared. He's coerced, just like Hannah. It's a pattern, Judge, and it will hold up.

Judge Runyon: Do you have a statement from Mr. Ford?

John: I did. Clarke got to him and he threatened him and he recanted. Listen, I'm working on it right now.

Judge Runyon: Get me a signed statement from Robert Ford, and I'll give you a warrant.

Ford: All right, can you prove anything you're saying about Elijah Clarke?

Kelly: Some of it.

Ford: Yeah, but not enough to put him in jail, let alone convict him.

Kelly: Are you listening to me? That's why we need you.

Ford: Me? A guy who'd be contradicting everything he already told the police.

Kelly: You would be telling them the truth. That would be enough.

Ford: No, thanks.

Kelly: Are you not tired of people treating you like a bad smell?

Ford: Yeah, actually, I am.

Kelly: Well, then, here's your chance to change that. For once, you could be the hero. You could be the guy who's not afraid to stand up. You can put Eli Clarke in jail and get some respect. You'd be doing the right thing.

Langston: Maid of honor's here!

Starr: Maid of honor number 2. Mom, you're not even dressed yet.

Blair: There is only gonna be one bride today.

Dorian: Don't look at me. It wasn't my idea, and I only just heard.

Starr: No, Mom. Did you and Eli break up?

Blair: No, silly! It's nothing like that.

Dorian: Your mother thinks I need my own day. I tried to tell her I did not, but she doesn't listen to me.

Blair: You do need your own day. It will be better this way.

Langston: I completely agree. That means more weddings.

Starr: Yeah, did you guys set a date?

Blair: Today. We're eloping.

Starr: You're what?

Langston: Wait, that's not fair.

Dani: Wait, you're leaving?

Dorian: This is news.

Starr: You don't want us at your wedding?

Blair: Of course I want you there. I'd love to have you--

Dani: You can't just run off.

Dorian: You never said anything about eloping before.

Blair: Well, I didn't know it was gonna cause such a commotion.

Dorian: Sure, you did.

Starr: You would be okay getting married without me and Jack and Sam there?

Langston: Yeah, couldn't you wait?

Dorian: And you're gonna miss my wedding.

Blair: Okay, everyone, just listen. I would love it to have all of you there. I would love to have a big, fat Cramer women wedding, but there is another man in this picture here, and it's Elijah, my fiancé, who doesn't really have a big family, and he's only made one request.

Starr: Whoa! Does he have a problem with our family?

Blair: No! He loves every one of you. He just hasn't been married before, so this is actually a really big deal for him. Okay? He hasn't asked for very much. And I think he's like bailed us--maybe each one of us--out of a lot of trouble, right?

Dorian: True.

Blair: So I am going to give him this. And I promise, I'll let you throw us a huge celebration when we get home, okay?

Dorian: Okay.

Langston: Well, now you're talking.

Blair: It's gonna be fun! Starr?

Starr: Congratulations.

Blair: Yes. There's my girl. And Dani, I'm only gonna be gone a day, sweetie, so you can call me if you need me, all right?

Dani: Well, I won't need to.

Blair: Sweetie, we're all family here. You can count on us. We'll look after you.

Dani: Is this a Cramer woman thing?

Dorian: You bet. We Cramer women look after each other.

Blair: And look how happy Dorian is right now.

Langston: She looks radiant.

Dorian: Ha ha! Well, that's what love does for you.

Blair: Man, you and David have come a long way to get to this day, actually.

Dorian: It's made it all the sweeter.

Blair: I think we need to make a toast. Grab a bottle. There you go.

Dorian: Oh, it's sparkling water. Yummy.

Blair: There you go. Okay, everybody.

Dorian: Be careful opening it. Water can spot silk.

Blair: Okay. Here we go.

Langston: It's all good.

Blair: To true love. May it always last. And to Dorian and to, uh, David [Cough] Vickers. It kind of gets stuck in my throat.

Dorian: Hey, hey, play nice. Watch me. Ha ha! To Elijah and to Blair. May they have a long and happy life together.

Blair: Thank you, Dorian. And these beautiful young women. Just know that you can always count on the women in this room to take care of you no matter what.

Langston: To Cramer women! Oh!

Blair: There we go!

[All talking at once]

Starr: Oh!

Dorian: I needed that more than a...

Blair: Aww...

Cole: Hey. Truce, okay? Shaun's right. It's a wedding.

James: I don't want to fight.

Cole: Stay away from Starr, and there won't be one.

James: I have a date.

Cole: Yeah, you do. So we're clear.

James: Yeah, Cole. I'm warned. Man, I don't have to do anything. You're messing it up with Starr all by yourself. I just have to sit back and wait.

Eli: Hey, Destiny, Darren. Is David in the cabana?

Destiny: I don't know.

Darren: I think so.

Eli: Great. I better go get ready. You guys have fun at the wedding.

Destiny: We will. Congratulations.

Eli: Thanks.

Price: Look, Darren. Take Destiny and get out of here right now.

Darren: What's going on?

Price: Do it, and don't come back for any reason until you hear the coast is clear by me. You understand? Go.

David: Ah, I didn't hear you come in. Hello, fellow groom.

Eli: Hello, David.

David: The dressing room's all yours. As you can see, I'm ready.

Eli: Well, I came to tell you that there's been a slight change of plans. Blair and I will not be getting married today after all.

David: You dodged a bullet. Good move. Up top, right?

Eli: Wrong. What I mean is, we are flying away to get married.

David: Oh. How romantic. I'm sure you'll both be very happy.

Eli: Thanks...or not. Anyway, you and Dorian are the whole show today.

David: Oh, then I better look extra good.


John: I'm working on the statement from Robert Ford right now.

Judge Runyon: Good. When you have it, bring it back--

John: It'll be too late.

Judge Runyon: I need something concrete.

John: Then I'm picking him up now.

Judge Runyon: McBain!

John: Jaywalking, indecent exposure. What the hell, I'll make something up.

Judge Runyon: And expose this city to a wrongful arrest suit?

John: I don't care.

Judge Runyon: You'll be the one who ends up behind bars!

Kelly: I got it. I got it. Your Honor, this is a signed statement from Robert Ford.

John: You got it all?

Kelly: He ID’s Elijah Clarke as his attacker.

Judge Runyon: Give me the warrant.

John: You need a pen, Judge? We got him.

Price: Yeah, this is Price. I think we got a problem. My brother's a guest at this wedding, and he said something I think Clarke may have overheard. So it's possible he knows there's a tail. Yeah, for now we're good. He's in a cabana with Vickers. And I have a visual on the only door in or out, so he's not going anywhere.

David: Think it's too late to get Roxy over here, put me through the works? Wonder if she does house calls. Say, I'm a little short on cash, Eli. Could you loan me a C-note? I'm good for it. You can ask Blair.

Blair: Oh, make sure they take lots of pictures!

Dorian: Oh, I will. Ha ha ha! Honey, where's Eli?

Blair: You know what, I don't know. I told him I would be here waiting for him when he was ready to go.

Dorian: Oh, he probably wanted to give us some alone time.

Blair: Oh, he's good that way.

Dorian: Yes, he is. Just thinking about where we were last summer. Viki's wedding.

Blair: Oh, come on. You really want to go down that road?

Dorian: No, I do not. Ha ha! Just think, the next time we see each other, we're both gonna be married ladies.

Destiny: I'm sorry about Shaun. I don't know what's up with him.

Dani: He doesn't want to help.

Destiny: That's not it. He has this look on his face like he's trying to swallow his tongue trying not to talk. Don't worry. I'll dog him after the wedding.

Dani: No, just forget it. I can't waste my time on him. I have to find my mom.

Cole: So it's just your Aunt Dorian?

Starr: Don't worry. I'm sure it will still be quite the show. Let's enjoy it, okay?

Cole: Sure.

Starr: Do you know what I mean? No Hannah, no James.

Cole: Sounds perfect to me.

Langston: It's never gonna happen.

James: What?

Langston: Starr's with Cole. End of story.

James: Now I was just thinking how great it is to be at a fancy wedding with a beautiful date.

Langston: Oh, you were, were you?

James: Come on, let's just have a great time today.

Langston: Works for me.

Ford: Did you get the warrant?

Kelly: Eli's going to jail thanks to you. Ha ha!

Ford: Can you keep this out of the paper, please?

Kelly: I will try. I will try. You know what, Ford, you did the right thing. John's arresting Eli right now.

John: Price, where are you? I'm on site. Backup's on the way. Police! Open up! Clarke, I know you're in there. We have a warrant for your arrest.

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