One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/16/10


Episode # 10753

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David: Hello, gorgeous.

Mandy: Where's my money?

David: Mandy, I thought you came and you gave without taking.

Mandy: I take cash, David, now.

Dorian: The city council will take my lead on the name.

Clint: I want it in writing--"Buchanan Field." And I want it now.

Mandy and Clint: I'm sick of pretending we're lovers just to stick it to--

Clint: Vickers.

Mandy: Dorian. I want what you owe me.

Clint: I want longhorns.

Dorian: What?

Clint: Buchanan Field should have good old longhorns sticking out above the stadium entrance.

Mandy: It's time to pay up.

Clint: It is payday.

Dani: Was this, like, your place? You and Mom?

Todd: Rodi's? No.

Dani: Did you have a place?

Todd: No, wherever we were, really. Not here very often.

Dani: Yeah, me, neither.

Todd: But this will do for you and me, right?

Dani: Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's great. No reminders. Awesome.

Téa: The hospice is beautiful, Greg. Thank you.

Greg: Well, it's a little off the beaten path, but they're good at what they do. How do you feel?

Téa: Oh, I'm pretty tired. It's a long trip.

Shaun: You wanted to lose Mr. Manning's tail.

Téa: Did we? Are you sure Todd can't track me down?

Dani: I can't decide.

Todd: Order everything. You can decide later. Hi. Ahem. Did you find Téa?

Eli: Hey.

Blair: Eli, hey. Why are you coming in the back way?

Eli: Oh, just wanted to make sure you were here. You want a drink?

Blair: No, I'm good. Who are you avoiding?

Eli: Right now, anyone who isn't you.

Blair: Why? What's wrong?

Eli: John McBain.

John: Oh, Hannah, I don't think you tried to kill yourself.

Hannah: I O.D.'d.

John: I talked to the doctor. He told me when you took the pills.

Hannah: After rounds.

John: And visiting hours. Did you have a visitor?

Hannah: I don't remember much of the day.

John: Do you know how close you came to dying?

Hannah: Not close enough.

John: So now you're talking like you have to die and you don’t. I can help you, if you let me.

Natalie: Hmm. Looks like Jessica's making plans for your baby.

Brody: Are you making plans for our baby?

Natalie: Don’t. This is John's baby and that is the only way to look at it.

Brody: What if it's mine?

Viki: Natalie? Finally!

Natalie: Hi, Mom!

Viki: Hi, sweetheart.

Natalie: How was your trip?

Viki: Oh, it was perfect, sweetheart. Just the two of us, and far away from all that David and Dorian foolishness.

Natalie: That sounds great.

Viki: It was. What are you up to? Oh, you are bonding over the baby.

Natalie: Heh.

Jessica: We had sex, didn't we?

Ford: Again?

Jessica: And I'm going to keep on asking you until you tell me.

Ford: I told you over and over--

Jessica: You got tested for Hepatitis C. A nurse told me.

Ford: Wait, somebody at the hospital gave you my personal information?

Jessica: No. You just did. 

Dorian: I'll look into the livestock request.

David: You'll get your money.

Dorian: I can assure you, you will get your stadium.

Clint: When?

Mandy: How much longer?

Dorian: Soon.

David: Don't worry, I have a plan.

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: Got to go.

David: Got to go.

Dorian: Mandy? Do come in.

Mandy: Did you call me about David? Because you can't have him back. He's deeply in love with me.

Dorian: Oh, please. I know that David is paying you to work me. I also know the two of you are not in love.

David: Cards on the table--I want you to admit it. You and Dorian aren't really in love.

Clint: Why would I do that?

David: Well, I'll let you know what happened to your stripper/assistant/ex-real housewife of Llanview.

Dani: You sent someone after Mom?

Todd: Hell, yeah. So where is she?

Man: I lost them.

Todd: Them? What do you mean? She's got someone helping her? Who?

Man: I don't know. They must be real pros.

Shaun: I lost that chump in 3 moves.

Téa: Todd hired a chump?

Shaun: Don't get me wrong. The guy was good.

Téa: But you're better.

Shaun: I wouldn't let you down, Ms. Manning, but you just ran from your daughter and your husband.

Greg: Téa made a hard choice, but thanks for helping out.

Shaun: Ms. Manning, it's none of my business, but if I were going to meet my maker, I'd want Destiny, Vivian, my family--I'd want all of them right next to me.

Ford: How did you find out I got tested?

Jessica: You just told me.

Ford: Well, you knew to ask, so I'm assuming--

Jessica: Who cares, Ford? It doesn't matter how I know, it just matters that we had sex!

Ford: I never said that.

Jessica: You lied to me, you lied to Brody, you lied to Kelly. I saw your face! You didn't even blink!

Ford: So it was a setup?

Jessica: I knew if we had sex, that you would go get tested for hepatitis C, and you did. So please, tell me--did we have sex?

Ford: Yes. Well, what are you going to do now, go run and tell your boyfriend?

Viki: Jessica told me about the baby and the engage--well, actually, no. David blurted it out, but we're going to try and forget about that.

Brody: Well, I hope you approve.

Viki: Oh, Brody, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, so completely. We are so lucky to have you in the family. Congratulations. Oh, I should warn you, though. I want a houseful of grandchildren, okay?

[Brody laughs]

Viki: Congratulations. Isn't it wonderful?

Natalie: Yes, it's perfect, just the way it should be.

Viki: You know, who'd have thought that we'd be saying this even a few months ago?

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Viki: I guess you did, because you never gave up on Jessica, not for a minute. Thank you for that.

Brody: Oh, it wasn't hard. It's what I wanted.

Viki: Well, unfortunately, those two things don't always go together. Thank you so much for sticking with our girl. Oh...

John: It seems your memory's coming back. So what do you say we start from the beginning?

Hannah: Why are you doing this?

John: Hannah, I just want to try to understand why you'd want to kill yourself.

Hannah: You know what I've done. I attacked Ford. I pushed your girlfriend down the stairs and I killed your baby. You should want me dead, too.

John: But you were adamant to me you didn't commit either of those crimes. And here you are confessing to it all over again.

Hannah: It feels good to come clean.

John: Is that what Eli said?

Hannah: Yeah.

John: Your lawyer told you to confess?

Hannah: He said it would make things easier.

John: What else did Eli tell you? Did he tell you killing yourself was the only way out?

Blair: So, what is going on with you and John?

Eli: Nothing. He's just doing his job.

Blair: Eli, that's never bothered you before.

Eli: You know what, Blair? It's actually always bothered me. I'm a defense attorney. John McBain is the other team.

Blair: Okay. Okay, time out. You do not get to do this.

Eli: What am I doing?

Blair: I'm going to be your wife very soon, and I need to know what's bothering you. Eli, come on, I can tell that something's bothering you. What is it?

Eli: Okay. I went to St. Ann's to visit Hannah. She tried to kill herself last night.

Blair: That's awful.

Eli: It's okay.

Blair: That's sad.

Eli: She's fine. They found her in time. But I just wanted to go in and talk to her, give her a pep talk, let her know that no matter what she did, life is worth living. But John McBain wouldn't have any of that.

Blair: What do you mean, he wouldn't have any of that?

Eli: He wouldn't let me go in the room to talk to my own client. He--then he started giving me a line of questioning about my last visit. He was treating me like a criminal!

Blair's voice: And since when did my Aunt Melinda’s death become a murder?

John's voice: When corpses started showing up every time someone asked a question about her.

Blair's voice: Well, that's just Kelly's conspiracy theory. Why did you buy into it?

John's voice: Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth?

Eli: I don't know why John McBain is all over me, but...

Blair: I do.

Eli: Really?

Blair: I know exactly why John's all over your case.

David: Why did you go along with Dorian? What does she have that you want?

Clint: Oh, Dorian is the whole package.

David: Yeah, and she's ticking.

Clint: You're so jealous, you reek.

David: I'm a little concerned about you, Uncle Clint.

Clint: Yeah, concerned enough to dangle information in front of my face about my ex-wife? Well, I've come to the conclusion you don't have it.

David: Oh, I do.

Clint: Show me.

David: See, you do want the stripper. You don't love Dorian.

Clint: No, you tell me about Kimberly. How did you get her to leave?

David: You don't love Dorian.

Clint: David, tell me.

David: All right, all right. First, you got to promise you're not going to kill me.

Dorian: Why are you pretending to be in love with David?

Mandy: Pretending? Have you seen that body?

Dorian: There's no way that David could afford your rate, not 24 hours a day.

Mandy: We're in love.

Dorian: Even with a bulk discount, he can't afford you.

Mandy: David and me are forever. Like those diamonds of yours that turned green, you're so jealous.

Dorian: These are emeralds.

Mandy: Gorgeous. They'd look even better on me.

Dorian: You want them? They come with a price.

Mandy: You can have David all to yourself.

Dorian: Oh, he's the last thing I want.

Mandy: So what's the catch?

Jessica: Why did you lie to me?

Ford: I don't know--I didn't want your Navy Seal cop boyfriend to come and kill me. For all I knew, you'd tell everyone it was rape.

Jessica: You lied to Kelly.

Ford: Well, I--I had my story. No reason to change it.

Jessica: You shouldn't have lied.

Ford: Look, I already had one crazy dude bash my head in. I didn't need someone else chasing me around town.

Jessica: A dude? I--I thought it was Hannah O’Connor.

Hannah: That's crazy. No lawyer would say "kill yourself."

John: Agreed. No lawyer should.

Hannah: Eli had nothing to do with...with what I did.

[John sighs]

John: Suicide attempt--that's--that's what it looked like.

Hannah: Leave me alone.

John: If it's not what it looked like, then we can help you.

Hannah: No, you can’t.

John: You wanted to tell someone, didn't you? You wanted to tell Cole. He told me you called him.

Hannah: That was stupid. I don't know what I was thinking.

John: Yeah? Well, it's a smart move. You think keeping quiet's helping?

Hannah: I'm tired.

John: Cole told me you had something important to tell him, and then you shut up the minute Eli walked in the room.

Hannah: I'm going to sleep!

John: If you are afraid of Eli--if you never want to see him again, you don't have to. Whatever he is holding over you, whatever he is threatening you with--

Hannah: It's not me. I'm not the one Eli's threatened.

Eli: You know why John McBain is treating me like a criminal?

Blair: Yeah, I do.

Eli: Would you care to tell me?

Blair: It's idiotic.

Eli: Well, I could use a good laugh right now.

Blair: It's not funny.

Eli: Tell me, Blair. You just said we're getting married. We don't hide things from each other.

Blair: Okay, okay. It... happens to be about Kelly, actually. She convinced John that you're some kind of criminal.

[Eli scoffs]

Eli: I don't even know what to say. That's--that's beyond ridiculous.

Blair: I know.

Eli: What exactly is it that Kelly thinks I did?

Blair: Oh...she thinks that you played some part in her mother's murder.

Greg: Téa's doing a brave thing. She's sparing her family--her husband and daughter--a lot of pain. You'd do the same for your family.

Shaun: I'm sure you would.

Greg: I'll be here with her every step of the way.

Téa: I still can't believe you're going to do that for me, Greg.

Greg: I wouldn't leave you here alone.

Téa: Thank you.

Greg: Of course.

[Shaun sighs]

Greg: I'm going to go finish checking you in, okay? Introduce myself to the doctors on staff. Shaun, would you stay and help her get settled?

Shaun: Sure.

Greg: Thanks.

Shaun: Does it make it better? Having my brother here?

Téa: Well, he's a professional. He won't be hurt or get upset by anything that happens or anything I become.

Shaun: Can I help you unpack?

Téa: You know, I didn't know how to pack for my own death. I went with lounge wear.

Shaun: You're still funny.

Téa: Ha ha. For today.

Shaun: The grounds are beautiful. You can even hear the surf.

Téa: Dani misses the ocean. She'd love it here.

Shaun: Then call them. Tell them where you are.

Todd: You lost her in Indiana? It's next door, man.

Man: Actually, Ohio is next door.

Todd: No, that's like losing her across the street. Apparently, you didn't remember how important this was to us. All right, well, just give me their destination and I'll take care of it from here.

Man: I don't know where they were going. They booked multiple tickets and--

Todd: Okay, you're fired. Get lost yourself. Get lost in Indiana.

Dani: You're brutal.

Todd: You better believe it.

Dani: Look, I thought you said we had to let Mom go. You talked me into this.

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Dani: You said we had to love her enough to give her what she wanted.

Todd: Yeah, I didn't want to fight her. I just thought if we went along with her...

Dani: That she'd let her guard down and she'd be easier to trail. Only, she wasn’t.

Todd: I wonder who she's using.

Dani: Mom knew you were playing her, so she hired someone to throw you off track?

Todd: Yeah, that's how we roll.

Dani: You don't trust each other.

Todd: We trust that we're not going to give up on each other.

Dani: So what's our next move? We have to find her.

Jessica: What dude hit you?

Ford: Or fruitcake or psycho--whatever Hannah is.

Jessica: I can't believe I ever let you touch me.

Ford: You did, and you consented. Don't you forget it. You begged me.

Jessica: Did we use a condom? Tell me that we used a condom. Oh, no.

Ford: I--you didn't say anything. I figured you had birth control covered.

Jessica: Really?

Ford: I don't know. You were going off about some Mitch guy doing you, so--look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. Is that what you want? I'm sorry this whole thing happened.

Jessica: That's not going to help.

Ford: Look, it was one time. You don't even remember, and you're back with your--your Navy Seal boyfriend. It's over.

Jessica: No. It's not.

Ford: Well, it's not cheating if you don't even remem--

Jessica: I'm pregnant.

Viki: So, we are going to have to start planning. So have you and Jessie decided what kind of a wedding you want?

Brody: Oh, we don't--we don't need much.

Viki: Oh, bite your tongue. Sweetheart, what do you think? It's got be at least two showers, right? One for the wedding, one for the baby.

Natalie: Definitely at least two.

Viki: You okay, honey? You look a little pale.

Natalie: Yeah, I'm good.

Viki: Really? Now that I think of it, before we left on vacation, you weren't feeling all that well, were you?

Natalie: Yeah. I wasn't--I wasn't sick.

Viki: No, it was that whole business about David's muffins, wasn't it? But then, of course...with Jessie, it was--it was because of the baby. So what was wrong with you?

Natalie: You're not going to believe it.

Viki: Try me.

Natalie: I'm pregnant, too.

Eli: I never even met Melinda Cramer.

Blair: I know.

Eli: So the idea that I would want her dead doesn't make any sense. What's Kelly thinking?

Blair: Not you, actually. A guy named Bennett Thompson that Kelly says is you.

Eli: Oh. Oh. That is wild.

Blair: Yeah. Believe me, you are a lot calmer than I was when I heard. I mean, when she was going on about you being this murderer, I thought, "What--Kelly, what are you talking about? You're talking about my Eli as being some sociopathic murderer?"

Eli: This is why we didn't elope and go to Vegas, isn't it?

Blair: Well, it's one of the reasons. But yeah, that's--that's why Kelly stopped us. But you know what? I can think of many reasons why we wanted to wait for a real wedding.

Eli: Blair, do you believe Kelly?

John: Who did Clarke threaten?

Hannah: I need to rest.

John: Was it Cole?

Hannah: Leave this alone, please.

John: If Cole’s in danger, I can't leave it alone, and neither can you.

Hannah: It'll be okay.

John: You know, if you want to stop Clarke, you need to help me. I can put him away, but not without evidence.

Hannah: Well, there isn't any.

John: Well, there's you. We can get there. But I need your help, Hannah.

Hannah: You're right, okay? Eli told me that if I didn't confess to pushing Marty and attacking Ford, he was going to kill Cole.

John: He said it directly?

Hannah: Then he decided I was a loose end. He brought me the pills, held a gun on me, and said if I didn't swallow them, he would kill Cole. So I took the pills to save Cole.

David: If--if you kill me, my pa will have to arrest you, and I'm not worth it. You don't want to go to jail.

Clint: Tell me about Kimberly. Is it true that you got her to leave me?

David: I was protecting the family name, and the family fortune. I sent her packing.

Clint: How?

David: It's all on there. You'll see some blacked out stuff. That's from homeland security. Maybe it was from animal control.

Clint: Where's Kimberly now?

David: Oh, I think you'll be able to figure it out after you read that. Now... testing, testing. Admit it. Tell me the truth about you and Dorian.

Dorian: All right. Speak clearly into the microphone. Enunciate.

Mandy: David paid me more than that.

Dorian: David didn't pay you anything, or we wouldn't be standing here talking. Okay, girlfriend, do you want to work really hard for this amount of money? Or start talking?

Blair: Ugh--I listen to Kelly, I let her go on and on about Bennett Thompson, you, her mom, a janitor, a clerk--all this little detailed craziness. It was--ugh.

Eli: Well, I'd love to hear some of these details.

Blair: No, you wouldn’t. It was just Kelly. It's just the way that she grieves. I just wish she hadn't focused on you.

Eli: It doesn't matter. Kelly can't hurt me.

Blair: Really? What about Todd? Some mixed-up girl says a lie and Todd ends up in jail.

Eli: I am not Todd. Although now, I kind of know what it feels like to be him.

Blair: Hmm. John was that awful to you?

Eli: Well, it makes perfect sense, if your cousin's trying to convince him I'm serial killer.

Blair: Well, I told him it was a load of bull.

Eli: What, you spoke to John?

Blair: Absolutely. I went over there and said, "You know what? Kelly's crazy. She's mixed up." He needs to back off.

Eli: Oh, I bet he loved that. Come on, I can take it. What else did John say?

Blair: Eli, John's fair. He's got to go through protocol, he's got to do his thing, and then when he finds out there's no evidence, he'll just drop it.

Eli: And there is no evidence, is there?

Blair: Not one bit.

Hannah: Eli will kill Cole if he finds out I said a word to you.

John: He won't find out.

Hannah: He will if you start poking around. And it won't do any good.

John: Huh. Well, Hannah, you don't know what will turn up. So let's just go through it again. Did you even see anyone push Marty down the stairs?

Hannah: It was Eli Clarke. I'm so sorry about your baby.

John: Tell me what happened.

Hannah: I saw Dr. Saybrooke go into the stairwell. I was a minute behind her, maybe. And I saw a man wearing gloves push her down the stairwell.

John: What did you do?

Hannah: I ran. I'm sorry. I just--he started to turn around and I thought he was going to see me.

John: Did you recognize him?

Hannah: Not then. I had never seen Eli before.

John: So you never thought it was Todd Manning?

Hannah: No. I know I should have told the police the truth. I wanted to break up Starr and Cole and I knew that if she took her father's side...

John: Hannah, listen to me. Was there anyone else in that stairwell that day that might have seen Clarke?

Hannah: No. And there definitely wasn't anybody there when he threatened me. See? I can't help you.

Viki: Oh, my God. Honey, talk about burying the lede...are you sure?

Natalie: Yeah. Definitely pregnant.

Viki: That's wonderful! Oh, my darling, I'm so happy for you.

Natalie: Thanks.

Viki: How do you feel?

Natalie: Um, you know, good days, bad days. Sometimes I feel good and sometimes I feel queasy.

Viki: Well, that happens to everybody and that'll pass.

Natalie: Yeah.

Viki: Oh, my goodness, my twins are having babies.

Natalie: Yeah.

Viki: Can you believe this?

Brody: It's incredible.

Viki: Oh, my goodness. You are going to be a father and an uncle all at the same time.

Brody: It's a lot to take in.

Viki: Yeah.

[Viki laughs]

Ford: Okay, wait. You sleep with your fiancé, right? We were--we were one time, barely even that.

Jessica: Right. There's barely any chance this baby could be yours.

Ford: Okay.

Jessica: This is Brody's baby. He wants that more than anything, and that's what I want. He deserves to be a dad.

Ford: What, like being a dad is a prize?

Jessica: That's why you're not going to tell anyone about my visit here today.

Ford: Fine.

Jessica: We didn't sleep together. That's your story. You stick to it.

Ford: Fine. Go get married. Go have your baby. Just leave me out of it.

Jessica: Done.

[Slams door shut]

[Shaun sighs]

Shaun: Maybe I'm a mama's boy, but if my mom was going down the slide you're going down, I would walk barefoot over glass to be there, and I wouldn't look away, either. I would thank God for every moment I have with her. I can't believe my brother's going along with this.

Téa: Oh. Greg is--he has experience with this. He knows--

Shaun: He doesn't know much about being there for his family. I can tell you that. If you change your mind, you call. I'll bring Dani and Todd right here, right to you. One call. Unless you want to leave with me right now.

[Door opens]

Greg: Shaun, your taxi's here.

Shaun: You coming?

Dani: We have to find Mom, like, yesterday. We're not giving up, right?

Todd: No.

Dani: Good, because I cannot just sit here and wait for a call that Mom's--that she's--

Todd: That's not going to happen. Come on, let's go.

Dani: Where?

Todd: Um... just, you have to see it to believe it. Come on.

Clint: After I read what's on this, I'll probably have some questions, so don't you leave town.

David: Yeah, well, if I turn up dead, my pa's going to know who to come looking for. Oh, boy. I got you now, Dorian.

Dorian: If you're calling Mandy, give it up.

Mandy's voice:  David Vickers hired me to pretend we were in love. Only he's cheap and doesn't pay.

[Turns recorder off]

Clint's voice:  Dorian promised to help me get the new stadium named after the Buchanans if I pretended to be in love with her.

Viki: You know, Jessie should be here for this. Where is she?

Brody: She's working on something for the paper.

Viki: Oh.

Jessica: Hey.

Viki: Oh.

Jessica: What's going on?

Viki: A toast, a toast.

Brody: Did you get everything you needed for the story?

Jessica: Yes. Yeah, I finished. Um, Nat, why don't you and Brody get the good stuff? You don't have to stick with the sparkling cider, huh?

Viki: Your sister doesn't know?

Jessica: Know what?

Natalie: We haven't gotten a chance to tell many people yet.

Jessica: Natalie?

Natalie: I'm pregnant, too.

Jessica: Oh, my God! You're pregnant? We're pregnant together? Oh, my God! Congratulations! How twins is this?

Natalie: I know.

Jessica: So when did you find out? And how come you didn't call me from the doctor's office?

Natalie: I found out at the hospital.

Jessica: At the hospital? What--when we were there together? During the muffins incident? Why didn't you tell me?

Natalie: Because I felt that you and Brody should have the spotlight.

Jessica: Well, that's--that's beyond, Natalie. The spotlight's big enough for both of us. Or at least it is for now, until a few months pass and we really blow up. Oh, my God, you're the best sister, ever.

Natalie: Hmm.

John: That's not entirely true. You gave me some good information.

Hannah: And you'll use it to get Cole killed.

John: Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Hannah: It will if you start asking questions and stirring things up. Eli will know that I talked.

John: I'll work the case without him knowing it.

Hannah: Can you put him in jail? Can you keep Cole safe?

John: Nothing's going to happen to Cole.

Hannah: But you can't put Eli Clarke in jail?

John: Not yet, but we're getting there.

Hannah: How? I'm the only witness who saw him push Marty Saybrooke down the stairs. I'm the only one who heard him tell me to confess and fake a breakdown. When he made me take the pills, we were alone. There's no evidence.

John: Except you.

Hannah: Hmm. My word is worth nothing. I'm a psycho since I faked this breakdown.

John: We can establish you were coerced into doing that.

Hannah: But I've lied about other things. Nobody is going to believe me.

John: I believe you.

Hannah: Thank you.

John: I know you've made a lot of mistakes, but you're telling the truth now, and that counts for something.

Hannah: Not in court. Now you tell the truth, Detective. If my word is all you have, can you put Eli Clarke in jail?

Blair: Are you really concerned about John?

Eli: No. That's why I became a lawyer in the first place--to defend the innocent against being falsely accused. It happens more often than you think.

Blair: Yeah, but, Eli, it's different when you're the one being accused.

Eli: It's all right. It's not John that's worrying me, it's you.

Blair: Me?

Eli: You never answered my question.

Blair: What?

Eli: Do you think I killed your aunt?

Blair: Oh. It's impossible.

Eli: It is. I have no idea why Kelly has this idea about me, but I need you to be sure.

Blair: I am.

Eli: We're getting married, Blair, and I want you to know everything about me.

Blair: Well, I do, Eli.

Eli: I have nothing to hide.

Greg: Shaun, please, let's not make this any harder than it already is.

Téa: It's okay. Shaun, I didn't ask for any of this, but it's here now. I don't get the life I wanted with my husband and my daughter. The only thing I get to choose now is how I die.

Greg: Come on, Shaun, we really--

Shaun: What if I need a lawyer?

[Téa sighs]

Téa: I hear Elijah Clarke's not bad.

Shaun: You whipped his butt in Matthew’s case.

Téa: So very, very true, but I trusted him with my will.

Shaun: I'm sorry this is happening to you.

Téa: Me, too.

Shaun: If you need anything--

Greg: Shaun, the car is waiting.

Téa: Thanks for everything, Shaun. I hope that destiny and Dani stay friends for a long time. That way, I'll know you're always looking out for her.

Shaun: I will anyways. Good-bye, Ms. Manning.

Téa: Bye.

[Door closes]

Dani: We're having a picnic?

Todd: No.

Dani: So, we're just...hanging out up here in the dark?

Todd: No, we're waiting for the showers of Perseus.

Dani: It's going to rain?

Todd: It's going to rain stars, about 500 an hour. It's a meteor shower. It happens every august.

Dani: You're right, I'm going to have to see this to believe it.

Todd: Watch it.

Eli: Here is my driver's license...

Blair: What are you doing?

Eli: Here is my passport.

Blair: Eli...

Eli: I lost my social security card years ago, but I'll write the number down for you.

Blair: You--are you kid--

Eli: No, I want you to hire a private investigator and do a background check on me, Blair. Whatever it takes.

Blair: I did not ask for any of this.

Eli: No, you didn't, but you defended me, and I love you for it. So if we're going to be husband and wife, I want you to be 100% certain about me. So dig around, Blair. I want you to.

David: You paid your worst enemy to pretend he was in love with you.

Dorian: You hired a hooker.

David: Escort.

Dorian: I detest you.

David: I loathe you.

Dorian: I despise you!

David: I hate your guts!

Clint: Hello, everybody.

Viki: Oh, good, you're here. This one's yours.

Clint: Oh, thanks. Thanks for calling, too. I hate to miss a party.

Viki: Yes.

Brody: Sir...

Clint: Uh-huh?

Brody: I would have preferred to have done this in private, but I want to ask Jessica to marry me and I'd like your blessing.

Clint: Yeah, son, you got my blessing.

Brody: Oh, good, because I already asked her.


Brody: After we talked yesterday, I--I didn't want to waste any time, especially with a baby on the way.

Clint: Congratulations, Brody.

Brody: Thank you.

Clint: And congratulations to you, too.

Jessica: Well, thanks, Dad, but now you need to congratulate Natalie.

Clint: Don't you--are we having another double wedding?

Natalie: Huh.

Jessica: Go ahead, tell them.

Natalie: I'm pregnant.

Clint: Well, oh, my--I'll be damned. I'm assuming it's John’s.

Viki: Clint!


Clint: I'm just asking.

Natalie: Of course, it's John's, Dad.

Clint: Well, I think this is my cue to give a toast, all right? Everybody, here's to a big and getting bigger family. And to a very happy family.

Viki: Well, I'll drink to that. Hear, hear.

John: No. If all we had in court was your word against Eli's, I couldn't put him in jail.

Hannah: So now you see why I have to be quiet?

John: No, I don't know what you're talking about. I was never here. You never talked to me.

Hannah: That's right.

John: But you're not the only one who can tell me the truth about Eli Clarke.

Blair: And here my biggest fear is that I would have fallen for a man like Todd Manning.

Eli: I know. This is why I want you to check me out.

Blair: Well, I don't have to. Because you gave me your word.

Eli: Yes, but people you care about tell you it's worthless.

Blair: Well, they're wrong. I trust you.

Eli: I love you.

Greg: Shaun made his flight.

Téa: Good.

Greg: If you need anything else tonight, let me know.

Téa: Yeah, I will.

Greg: Okay.

Téa: Thank you, Greg.

Greg: Yeah.

[Téa sighs]

Todd: Well, was I right?

Dani: Yeah, it's stars.

Todd: And?

Dani: And, I don't know, they're pretty.

Todd: Yes, but they're everywhere. It just doesn't stop.

Dani: You mean, they're anywhere on earth tonight?

Todd: No, no, just the northern hemisphere. But we're all looking at the same sky.

Dani: Good night, Mom.

[Cell phone rings]

Eli: I really should take this.

Blair: Okay. I'll be right here.

Eli: Okay. Is she there?

Greg: Téa's checked in and settled for the night.

Eli: Good. Then everything is going according to my plan.

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