One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/4/10


Episode # 10746

Provided By Suzanne

John: What's wrong?

Natalie: I, um, I have to tell you something.

John: Ok. Come on. What is it? Something happen?

Natalie: No. Nothing. Nothing like that.

John: Whatever it is, you can tell me.

Natalie: I'm pregnant.

John: Pregnant?

Natalie: Say something.

John: I think I need a drink.

Dorian: To clint buchanan, my one true love.

David: To mandy, the woman of my dreams.

Clint: To women who know what they want.

Dorian: Oh...

Mandy: And to men who know how to give it to them.

Jeff: Morasco, just in time. They're all yours.

David: That's enough. No. Another.

Gigi: What's going on?

Jeff: The mayor and her boy toy are trying to convince the world they aren't in love.

Gigi: And the other two?

Jeff: Beards. Have fun.

Gigi: Huh. Hey. You're back. What did they say at the hospital?

Rex: Uh, it was just a sedative. No big deal.

Gigi: No big deal?

Rex: Um, ow!

Gigi: You could have been killed!

Rex: Well, I wasn't! So could you please stop hitting me?

Gigi: Well, I'm sorry. I'm just glad you're alive. Thank god this bennett thompson person only knocked you out.

Rex: Yeah. So I just completely missed my contact.

Gigi: All right, I know you may not see it this way, but you really dodged a bullet.

James: You don't have to carry that for me.

Ford: Come on. You just had a bullet taken out of your gut.

James: I think I can manage to walk down the hallway.

Ford: I'm your big brother. It's the least I can do for you.

James: Well, when you're right, you're right.

Ford: All right.

Starr: And then they said their I dos. My dad and Téa got married, and it was really sweet, and now they're just making the best out of the time that she has left.

Langston: Oh, my god, that's so sad. Poor dani. Is she ok?

Starr: Ah, you know what? She's actually been really strong through all of this, but I just don't think that it's sunk in yet, and when it does...

Langston: Well, at least she'll have your dad there for her.

Starr: That's true. Hey, look, you didn't come over here for me to vent about Téa and my dad. What's going with you?

Langston: You know what? After what you just told me, trust me, this is not important at all.

Starr: Please, as long as it doesn't have to do with you telling me that someone else that I love is dying, I am-- I am all ears.

Langston: You might change your mind once I tell you. It's about ford.

Starr: What?

James: Aren't you gonna carry me across the threshold?

Ford: Just get in here.

Blair: Ok, kelly, you've completely gone around the bend.

Kelly: I'm serious.

Blair: Eli's a murderer? Really? Who did he kill? Does this victim have a name?

Kelly: Names. There's more than one.

Cole: Hey, help! I need some help in here right now, please!

John: When jessica told us that she was pregnant, you said that you had some kind of sympathy sickness.

Natalie: Morning sickness.

John: When did you find out?

Natalie: Same day jessica did.

John: Why didn't you tell me?

Natalie: I was going to, but I...chickened out.

John: The haircut?

Natalie: I know. And I really, really wanted to tell you.

John: Why didn't you?

Blair: Well, I'm sorry, kelly. Did you just say that the man that I'm gonna marry is a mass murderer?

Kelly: I know about 3 victims for sure.

Blair: Oh, only 3?

Kelly: My mother, rodney, a clerk at the boston hall of records, this guy named glen. There could be more that we haven't tied to him yet.

Blair: Ok, wait, wait, wait. Stop here! You told me that you thought that your mother and this rodney guy were killed by a, what, a bennett thompson?

Kelly: We think that's eli's real name or maybe an alias.

Blair: Oh, so now he has a secret identity. This is amazing.

Kelly: That's exactly what I'm saying. Everything you thought you know or knew about this man, it's a lie.

Cole: Hannah. Hannah, come on, wake up. Hey, can you hear me? Sister katherine: I told you you couldn't see this patient!

Cole: Well, it's a good thing i didn't listen. Hannah!

Doctor: Hey. Her pulse is weak but it's there. Looks like she swallowed a whole bottle of pills.

Cole: Well, is she breathing?

Doctor: Barely. We need to get these pills out of her fast or she won't be breathing for long.

James: Sweet digs, bro.

Ford: Yeah. Used to live down the hall. It's a good building. Sit.

James: Why is it you moved again?

Ford: Well, uh, my roommates kicked me out 'cause I hooked up with a girlfriend of one of their buddies.

James: Really? You?

Ford: Yeah. Thing is, it started out just for fun, but this chick kind of got to me.

James: And you blew it?

Ford: Big time.

Starr: Hey, I thought you were done with that lowlife?

Langston: I know, so did I, but then I found this text from him answering one from me.

Starr: What were you doing texting him?

Langston: No, that's the thing. I never did. So I went over to see him to straighten everything out.

Starr: And you couldn't just e-mail him?

Langston: I know. I'm pitiful. I should have just left it alone.

Starr: All right, let me guess, he was a jerk as usual?

Langston: No. Actually, he wasn'T. He just had this huge blowout with his mom. It turns out--no, no, no--she abandoned him and his little brother when they were little. He was really upset about it. I've never seen him like that.

Starr: Langston, please.

Langston: He was different this time, I mean it.

Starr: That's because someone else did something to him! I would like to see him get upset about something that he did to someone else.

[Langston scoffs]

Langston: Ok, fine, then. Ford also feels that he hasn't been there for his little brother.

Starr: You mean james?

Langston: Yeah, I mean james.

Starr: Well...what's going on? I mean, how is he?

Langston: I thought you were done with him?

James: Bob? Bobby?

Ford: What?

James: You gonna tell me what's up?

Ford: With what?

James: With you.

Ford: Nothing. I'm just thinking about all the work it's gonna take to get this place into shape.

James: That's it?

Ford: Yeah. What else would i mean?

James: Well, at least let me help you.

Ford: Dude, you just had your stitches taken out. The doctor said take it easy.

James: Ok, how about I sit right here and just tell you where to put everything.

Ford: Yeah, that'll be a big help.

James: Hey, I know a lot about feng shui.

Ford: What is that, some kind of sushi?

James: No. It's the way that you configure space.

Ford: Goofball, I know what it is.

[Knock on door]

Ford: Coming!

James: Jeeves, would you please go see who's at the door?

Ford: Ah, whatever you say, sir. Hang on a second. T with her. She's a ho

David: Rex, bro, don't rat me out, ok.

Rex: For what?

David: Mandy already had one run-in with renee, and since you apparently know all the escorts in town...

Rex: I just thought you were doing great with her. She's a hooker?

David: No. She's a swimsuit model. At least that's what i need dorian to think tonight. That's all I need. No. I also need dorian to think that she and I are a couple. That's all i need. No. I also need dorian to get so drunk that she forgets and she tells everybody that she and clint are just faking. So look, can I count on you, brother to brother?

Rex: Well, we're not brothers.

David: Almost! My real pa is your surrogate pa. Heck, he think you're just as much his son as I am, so for him, tell me you'll do this.

Rex: Uh, I didn't see anything. Did you, geeg?

Gigi: See what?

David: What, are you two blind? The hooker drinking with the mayor and the rich guy in the suit. Oh! Right. Thanks, bro.

Gigi: Ahem. Ok, so why aren't you busting david?

Rex: Well, if I tried to stop david from pulling every scam he ever tried, I would have no time to do anything else. Plus this way I get to mess with dorian. So tell me what's going on with natalie.

Gigi: Oh. Well...

Rex: Why, what's wrong? Now, you said you would tell me if something was going on with natalie.

Gigi: The thing is, I can'T.

Gigi's voice: Natalie, you're going to miss your appointment. Should we stay or should we go?

Natalie's voice: No. No. I--can't do this. I mean, what if this baby is john's? I mean, look what he just went through with marty. How could I do that to him?

Gigi's voice: What if the baby's brody's?

Natalie's voice: No. This baby's john'S. I know it.

John: Well, why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?

Natalie: I, uh...I just didn't think it was the right time.

John: Why not?

Natalie: Because of brody.

Blair: You are absolutely unbelievable, kelly. I am going to marry eli tomorrow, and i would have to be a complete idiot not to know who he is!

Kelly: Ok, if he has committed all these murders and has never been caught, he has fooled a lot of people besides you.

Blair: Ok, what makes you so sure that eli's the murderer you've been chasing to begin with, hmm?

Kelly: Rex went to boston.

Blair: Rex?

Kelly: Yes. To check out 3 bennett thompsons in the area. He contacted this guy glen at the hall of records. Glen brought everything he could find to rex's hotel room.

Blair: Ok. Did rex find anything?

Kelly: Not exactly. Someone got there first, drugged rex, and intercepted glen. He lifted the most incriminating documents from the file and left the rest.

Blair: Ok, well, if rex didn't have all the documents, then how would he know what was missing, kelly?

Kelly: We questioned glen. Glen told us there was more that he had pulled. He also was able to describe the man he thought was rex balsom as tall, dark haired, and good-looking.

Blair: Wait. Tall, dark, and handsome. Tall...that must be eli! Oh, my gosh! So is that all you got?

Kelly: I know that we're gonna find more.

Blair: You haven't gotten anymore yet, though, huh?

Kelly: Not yet.

Blair: So you want me not to marry eli based on this?

Kelly: I am doing this for you!

Blair: No, you're doing it for yourself!

Starr: Langston, the only reason I'm concerned with james is because I shot him. Once I know that he's out of the hospital and that he's feeling better, I'll be done with him, ok? It's not like we had anything between us in the first place, and the only man I care about is cole.

Langston: Ok, so now that cole's not going to jail for assaulting your dad, are you guys back to normal? Where is cole, by the way?

Starr: He's out.

[Cell phone rings]

Starr: Hey, where are you?

Cole: I'm still at st. Ann'S.

Starr: Well, I was hoping that you'd be home by now.

Cole: Yeah, me, too. I, uh, i found hannah. She, uh, she overdosed on some pills.

Starr: Again? She just doesn't give up, does she?

James: Hey, starr, it's me--james. Hey, I was just, uh, calling to let you know that I'm out of the hospital and also i wanted to warn you. My plans have changed. Looks like I'm not going back to ohio after all. I'm staying here in llanview with my brother. So maybe I'll see you sometime.

Starr: I'm sorry that I said that.

Cole: It's just that hannah almost died this time. Yeah, I'm still not sure if she's gonna make it.

Starr: So I'm guessing that you're gonna stay there until you're sure.

Cole: I think I have to.

Starr: Keep me posted.

Cole: I will. Hey, how's hannah? Sister katherine: I'm sorry. You'll have to go. She's having her stomach pumped.

Cole: Can I ask you a question? You were so worried about keeping me from seeing hannah. Why the hell weren't you worried about keeping hannah from getting those pills?

Langston: Is everything ok?

Starr: Hannah tried to kill herself again.

Langston: Oh, my god. Is she gonna be ok?

Starr: I don't know.

Langston: Well, with her history, you'd think they'd be watching her more closely.

Starr: Well, you would think, but I guess if they were, cole wouldn't think that it was his job to. I got a message while i was on the phone with cole.

Langston: Who's it from? James' voice: Hey, starr, it's me--james. Hey, I was just--

Starr: It was nothing important. Look, what were we talking about before with ford? I mean, are you seriously thinking about giving him another chance?

Langston: Well, I was this close to considering it, then he wrecked it.

Ford: How'd you find me?

Eli: Oh, it wasn't hard.

Ford: Well, what do you want?

Eli: We need to talk.

Ford: About what? I haven't done anything to cross you. I've been taking care of my little brother.

Eli: Really? Not according to hannah.

Ford: Wh--you talked to her?

Eli: I did, ford, and she told me that she's been talking to you.

Ford: No. She called me, and i told her I had nothing to say, and I hung up.

Eli: So you didn't happen to give her any bright ideas?

Ford: Like what?

Eli: Well, when I got to st. Ann's, she was doing the most curious thing, writing down everything she knew about me. Ring any bells? Tell me she didn't get that idea from you. Hi, anne.

David: You know what this party needs? We need to ramp up this music in this rat hole.

Dorian: Yes! Laissez les bonne musique rouler. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

David: What?

Dorian: Je veux-- I want to pick, ok? Let me--

David: No, no, no. I'll do the picking. You'll pick some stupid french song by edith pilaf.

Dorian: It's piaf, you...

[Speaks italian phrase]

Dorian: I hate her, too. Now you're speaking spanish.

Dorian: It's italian. Let me pick!

David: Come on, easy.

Dorian: Come on. Wait.

Clint: Mandy, tell me again, how is it you got to know david?

Mandy: We were business associates, then we just fell in love. What about you and the mayor?

Clint: Same. I think we better get over there.

Rex: I thought we agreed we wouldn't lie to each other anymore. Secrets and lies are what destroyed us the first time.

Gigi: This isn't about us. It's about natalie, something she told me in confidence.

Rex: I'm her brother.

Gigi: Yeah, and when she wants you to know, she'll tell you. Look, rex, she trusted me. Now i have to respect that. So do you.

Rex: Fine. Just tell me one thing. Is natalie sick?

Gigi's voice: I know you need to believe that this is john's baby.

Natalie's voice: I know it is.

Gigi's voice: I'm just trying to consider all the angles, because don't you think brody is going to ask questions when he hears that you are due at the same time as jessica? He'll do the math.

Natalie's voice : Ok, so i will--I will cross that bridge when I come to it. But first, i have to tell john that I'm pregnant with his baby, and he can never know that I doubted it was his baby. No one can.

Gigi's voice: I promise you, i won't tell anyone.

Natalie's voice: Ok, not even rex, please, gigi?

Gigi's voice: I swear, natalie, if anyone ever finds out, it's because you told them.

Natalie's voice: Thank you.

John: You didn't want to tell me you were pregnant because of brody. I don't follow.

Natalie: It's--I mean, it wasn't--not just that. Jessica, too. You know, I mean, she just told brody that they were gonna have a baby of their own, and i didn't--I didn't want to horn in on that.

John: I think we could have kept it to ourselves.

Natalie: Yeah. Which actually i think that maybe we still should, you know, 'cause it's the first trimester, and it's really bad luck to go around telling everyone.

John: You know how I can't stop talking about my personal life.

Natalie: Huh.

John: What's the real reason you didn't tell me?

Natalie: I wasn't sure how you were gonna react. I mean, we just got back together. We're still figuring things out as A...couple. Well, we are.

John: And--and what?

Natalie: And I know how much it hurt you when marty lost the baby. I know how much it still hurts you, and I wasn't really sure that you were ready for another pregnant girlfriend so soon.

John: So you didn't know how I'd take the news. That's it?

Natalie: And I...I wasn't really sure if I was ready for this baby.

John: Ok. Fair enough. So are you?

Kelly: How can you tell me that I am doing this for me? I am trying to save you from a tragic mistake!

Blair: No, you have no proof that eli's bennett thompson. No, you're doing this because you can't stand to see me happy, kelly.

Kelly: That's not true.

Blair: Yeah? Then what is it?

Kelly: That is not true!

Blair: What is it, then?

Kelly: You and I have had our differences, but you are my family, and I want to see you get everything you want.

Blair: Well, let me tell you what I want. I want to marry eli.

Kelly: He's not eli.

Blair: You don't know that!

Kelly: I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't believe it!

Blair: Well, I don't care, and it doesn't matter what you believe this time, kelly.

Kelly: Does it matter that john mcbain believes it, too?

Ford: I have no idea why hannah does anything.

Eli: So you didn't tell her about your little insurance policy? Maybe try to sell her one yourself?

Ford: No. I didn't say a word about it.

Eli: Then why was she doing the exact same thing you did?

Ford: Who knows? Who knows why hannah does anything? Maybe she thought of it herself. Maybe she saw the movie. I don't know, and I don't care! In fact, why do you care? No one's gonna believe her anyway. She's crazy, remember?

Eli: Well, you're right about one thing--no one's ever gonna believe her story because, well, no one's ever gonna hear it.

Ford: What do you mean?

Eli: Let's just say hannah's been dealt with.

Ford: You--you killed her?

Eli: No, no. I didn't have to. But that doesn't mean that you should forget that I now know where you live, and I also know that your little brother lives in there, too. So don't get any more big ideas.

Ford: What did you do to hannah?

Eli: Oh, ford, don't tell me you actually care about that little slut. Don't worry, there's nothing you can do to help her now. You just need to concentrate on keeping you and your brother safe. Don't do anything else you might regret.

Langston: Ford and I were having what felt like our first real conversation. We were really connecting, and for a moment, i thought...maybe there could be something between us.

Starr: Well, then what blew it?

Langston: Ford did. Just as we were starting to get close, this nurse came in and told him that his results were back. Apparently he'd been exposed to an std or 7 and needed to get tested.

Starr: Langston, did you get tested?

Langston: Yeah. No, it was negative. I'm fine.

Starr: Oh, thank god.

Langston: He told me it was from someone after me. I mean, all that time he was talking about how much I meant to him and how much he missed me, how badly he wanted me to give him a second chance...

Starr: And he was still sleeping around.

Langston: Yeah. Look at it this way. At least you figured it out before you got too deep into it, right?

Langston: Yeah. From now on, I'm just staying as far away from ford as possible. He's poison.

Starr: Good. I'm glad to hear you say that.

Langston: Starr, cole's a really good guy. He'd be concerned about anybody who was in the kind of trouble that hannah's in.

Starr: You think that's all it is?

Langston: Of course. I mean, come on, there's no way he'd be into that girl after he found out she pushed his mom down the stairs.

Starr: Then why did he almost sleep with her? Sister katherine: I don't know how or why hannah did this. There were no signs that she was this troubled.

Cole: Yeah? No, you just missed them. All right, how is she? Did you get the meds out of her in time?

Clint: Dorian? Dorian. Are you ok?

Dorian: Yes, of course. I'm just perfect. I wanted to pick une chanson parfaite for us to dance...

Clint: Yeah, ok.

David: I wanted to pick a chanson parfaite, too, for us, darling, and ours would've been a much better one.

Dorian: Impossible! I have taste.

David: You wouldn't know taste if it sat on your shoulder and whistled "the star-spangled banner" into your ear.

Gigi: Don't worry. Natalie is perfectly healthy.

Rex: Ok. As long as this little secret has nothing to do with us.

Gigi: It doesn'T.

Clint: I think it's time that we got some coffee into these two.

David: Yeah, mrs. Mayor, your job is to serve the people. Why don't you go fetch us some coffee?

Dorian: Fetch this.

Gigi: Ok, I think you all have had enough.

Mandy: Actually, we're just fine.

Clint: Yeah, we're ok.

Rex: Yeah, no, I see it's romeo and juliet that have the problem. How about I call you a cab?

Clint: No, rex, that's--that's all right. I got the limousine waiting out front.

Dorian: Ah, cheri, summon the limousine.

Rex: I'll take care of it.

Natalie: I've thought a lot about this and... yes. I mean, I really want to have this baby with you. But what do you want?

John: You know, when you think about being a father... you can't help but picturing, you know, taking that little guy to ball games...playing catch with him...and if it's a little girl, telling her to stay away from boys, making sure she doesn't end up with a guy like me.

Natalie: Ha.

John: And at some point, you realize...every second of every day, everything around you presents a danger to the child.

Natalie: Yeah, but...there's all those good things, too. Everything you just said.

John: Yeah. But can you handle all the rest? Everything that comes with it? Because with all the beautiful moments, there's tragic ones, too. I don't think I can go through that again.

Starr: While james and I were out on the run, running from that thug bull, hannah convinced cole that we had an affair.

Langston: What? Oh, my god.

Starr: Yeah, she showed him all of this fake proof in order to seduce him, and it almost worked.

Langston: Ok, but it didn'T. Nothing happened, right?

Starr: No, it didn't, and that's why I trust him to be with her right now.

Langston: Ok, but what about you? Did anything happen with you and james?

Starr: Langston, I told you that nothing happened. The only reason why I was with james in the first place was because I was protecting cole, and james knows that.

Langston: No, I know that that's why you went on the run, but you were gone for a few days and you were really concerned about james before--

Starr: Of course I was concerned. I shot him. And I know that he's all right, and I love cole. I'm going to concentrate on that. We want things to get back to the way they were before all of this happened, and cole wants that, too. And are there gonna be bumps in the road? Sure there are, but I know that we'll get there. I know it.

Doctor: Hannah is going to be fine, but it was close. If you hadn't found her, chances are she'd be dead.

Cole: What I want to know is how did it happen. When I talked to her, it was obvious that there was something wrong with her. That's why i rushed over here. I mean, you're-- you're professionals, right? Ok? So how did it happen?

Doctor: Well, sometimes the signs aren't obvious. She may have been more open with you than she was with us.

Cole: Well, what about the fact that it happened once before?

Doctor: Well, I'm not making excuses, but depression can be complex and subtle. The important thing is, you were here. You found her in time. You saved her life.

James: You were gone a while. Who was that guy?

Ford: Doesn't matter. Actually, wait a second. His name is elijah clarke, and I want you to stay away from him.

James: Is he another one of dad's thugs?

Ford: No, he has nothing to do with dad.

James: Then who is he?

Ford: It doesn't matter. Just stay away from him.

James: Ok, I don't even know the guy, so I don't have any reason to go near him.

Ford: And if he ever comes near you, you run like hell, and when you get in the clear, you call me right away, ok?

James: What's going on?

Ford: Don't worry about it.

James: Oh, ok, so I need to run like hell and then call you I'm in the clear?

Ford: Just stay away from him and let me deal with him.

James: Look, if you need my help, just--

Ford: I've got it. I've got it totally under control, ok? It's cool.

Blair: How dare you, kelly?

Kelly: You know john. If he thought it was a fantasy, do you think he'd be involved?

Blair: Well, he shouldn't be. I can tell you that much. I'm gonna call him right now and tell him to back off, is what I'm gonna do.

Kelly: Do not do that. No. He asked me not to tell anyone about this investigation.

Blair: There's an investigation?

Kelly: Yes. That's what I'm trying to tell you. John is taking this very seriously. We cannot afford to tip eli off, so he asked me not to say anything.

Blair: You should've listened to him.

Kelly: I couldn'T. I was afraid you'd marry eli and...

Blair: And what?

Kelly: And he'd kill you, too.

Rex: I'm sorry, the bar wench--


Rex: Well, the cab and the limo are out front.

David: I know exactly what we need. More drinks. Bar wench, 4 amarettos.

Gigi: I don't think so.

Dorian: Oh, no, that's exactly what I need--a nightcap.

Rex: I'm sorry, the bar wench-- gigi says no, and besides, it's past closing.

Clint: Past closing, so, madam mayor, off we go.

Dorian: Oh. Yes, indeed. I am the mayor. Don't anybody forget that.

Rex: You, too.

David: Is dorian gone? When did dorian leave? Excellent. This is a perfect opportunity for us to start doing body shots.

Mandy: Oh, we can do them at home, sweetheart. I'll wear that little thing that we were talking about.

[David chuckles]

David: Ooh.

Gigi: Ooh. Oh. God.

Mandy: Why I fell in love with him. Always so unpredictable.

Rex: Ok, well, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. No, actually, you really should just go home.

David: Rex, thanks for a great evening, bro. It was so good for you to see me. Good night!

[Rex chuckles]

Blair: Eli is not going to kill me, kelly. He loves me. He shows me every minute that he can.

Kelly: I don't doubt that.

Blair: No. And you have no doubt that he's the one that murdered your mother, but do you know why?

Kelly: We don't know what his motives were. Yet.

Blair: Well, then what do you know, kelly?

Kelly: That 3 people are dead.

[Door opens]

Eli: What are you two fighting about now?

Kelly: Nothing but the usual. When do we not fight?

Eli: That's a good point. Hey, sweetheart. I'm beat. Do you mind if we take this upstairs? We have a big day tomorrow.

Natalie: So you're saying that you don't want to have this baby?

John: Not at all.

Natalie: Really? Because it kind of sounded that way.

John: You know, natalie, it's taken a long time for us to get here, and like you said... we're still trying to figure us out. And... you know, having a baby that--

Natalie: It's too soon.

John: Actually, you know what i was gonna say, I was gonna say it's a sign. It's a sign that you and I... belong together. I know it's scary... but it's a good thing.

Natalie: You're happy about this?

John: Yeah. I'm getting another chance to have a family... and I get to do that with you. And you know something? I can't wait to get started.

[Natalie crying]

Eli: How about I pour us a nice glass of wine and we go enjoy it upstairs?

Blair: That sounds great. Just don't pick a bottle older than starr or dorian'll have your head. Ha ha.


Kelly: Thanks for not saying anything.

Blair: Oh, I would've said something, but I didn't want eli to think I was crazy.

Kelly: Look, I know this seems crazy--

Blair: ...Don't drop it right now, I promise you, I will tell eli everything.

[Cell phone ringing]

James: Hey, twinkle.

Starr: Hi. I got your message. You're staying in llanview?

James: Yeah. I'm gonna be living with my brother for a while.

Starr: Oh, well, I just thought that because your dad was arrested that you might go back to ohio.

James: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Starr: I'm just surprised, i guess.

James: Well, I mean, bobby really needs me here right now. He's really going through something, and...I don't know what it is,'s big.

Starr: Well, actually... I'm just glad to hear that you're out of the hospital.

James: Thanks. Hey, and just so you know, even though I'm here in llanview, I promise to stay out of your way. I don't want to cause any more problems for you and cole.

Cole: Hey, starr, it's me. I just wanted to let you know that...hannah's gonna make it. But I think I better stay here tonight just to make sure that these people pay attention to her. All right, I'll call you in the morning. I love you.

Starr: Well, thanks. I appreciate that. I-I hope that everything works out for you.

James: So...I guess this is it.

Starr: Yeah, this is it. I guess. Good-bye, james.

James: Good-bye, twin-- good-bye, starr.

Ford: Who was that?

James: No one. You're happy a

Natalie: I am so relieved that you're happy about this.

John: What's not to be happy about?

Natalie: And--and you're ok with not telling anyone?

John: For jess and brody's sake.

Natalie: And for us. You know, i mean, at least in the first trimester or until at least i start to show. I don't know, I'm feeling a little superstitious these days and I--it's cool, right? It's our little secret?

John: If that's what you want. I'm gonna like sharing a secret with you, almost as...almost as much as I'm gonna like sharing a child.

Singer: Oh, yeah from where you stand there's no way to change you no way to make it make sense and it's lonely there there in the spotlight well, honey, don't I understand you need someone to love you need someone to hold you tonight you need someone to love you need someone to tell you that everything is all right someone to love you someone to love you someone to love you someone to love you ooh, yeah

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