One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/28/10


Episode # 10741

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Dani: Maybe we should try again.

Téa: Uh-uh. Only one wish, kid.

Dani: You don't want a little insurance?

Téa: I don't need it. I already got what I wished for.

Dani: You can't wish for something you already have.

Téa: Ha! I like to even the odds.

Dani: There's nothing that you want to happen?

Téa: Oh. I'm such an idiot. Of course that's what you wished for.

Dani: Yeah, well, if you tell, it won't come true.

Téa: Ah. Another good reason to wish for what you already have. I'm so sorry, baby. Ah. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, baby.

Starr: Dad.

Todd: Hey. I need to talk to you.

Starr: Where have you been?

Todd: What?

Starr: I've called you a million times. You haven't checked you messages?

Todd: Oh, I turned my phone off on the plane.

Starr: The plane?

Todd: Yeah. I was in New York with Téa and Dani and her boyfriend.

Starr: What?

Todd: I'll tell you about it later. Right now I need to tell you about something.

Starr: Look, I know what you're gonna say.

Todd: You do?

Starr: Yes, I do, and I understand. You're gonna have to tell the truth about what Cole did to you.

Todd: Right, yeah.

Starr: But can I ask you to do something?

Todd: Hmm?

Starr: Just stick to the facts. Try not to say too many horrible things about him.

[Cell phone rings]

Cole: Excuse me.

Elijah: Sure.

Cole: Hello.

Hannah: Cole, it's me--Hannah.

Cole: Hannah, why are you calling me?

Hannah: We need to talk.

Cole: Why? What is it?

Rex: We just need to find Glen.

Kelly: You really think he met with Bennett Thompson?

Rex: It's the only thing that makes sense. Thompson had to have taken those records from Glen before we showed up.

Kelly: So then Thompson gets rid of all the pertinent info.

Rex: And that leaves us with the boring stuff and throws us off the trail.

Kelly: Well, one look at this and we would figure all the Bennett Thompsons were nothing but golly gee swell kind of guys.

Rex: And we'd have no reason to believe anything else, not once he made sure I was out of commission when Glen showed up.

Kelly: You're lucky all he did was drug you.

Rex: Yeah, not for him now we know that he was here and that he met up with that--uh, hey, excuse me. We're looking for Glen.

Glen: That's me. What can I do for you?

Rex: Well, I think you already did it. We were supposed to meet last night. I'm Rex Balsom.

Glen: No, you're not.

Rex: Excuse me?

Glen: I met Rex Balsom. You're not him.

Ford: You're my brother?

Nate: Hey, Mom, I know you told me not to, but--

Inez: Yay, you're back!

Nate: Yeah.

Inez: So how was the trip? Did you have fun in the big apple?

Nate: Let me see it.

Inez: See what, sweetie?

Nate: Whatever you just stuck in your bag when I came in.

Inez: What? It's nothing. It's my junk mail.

Nate: Then why don't you want me to see it?

Inez: I don't want you to get your hopes up, but we may have already won $10 million!

Nate: Would you please show it to me?

Inez: This came today.

Glen: I've got to ask you to leave now.

Kelly: We're not going anywhere until you talk to us.

Glen: Mr. Balsom warned me not to talk to anyone.

Rex: No, I didn't--I'm Rex Balsom!

Glen: And Mr. Balsom warned me that someone might show up pretending to be him.

Kelly: He's not pretending anything. This is Rex Balsom. Show him your I.D.

Glen: Don't bother.

Rex: I have I.D.

Glen: You and every other scam artist who comes in here.

Glen: Well, this one's not fake.

Glen: I don't have time for this. I've got 10 minutes until my shift starts.

Rex: Okay, the man that you met last night, the one who told you he was me, he's a killer.

Glen: You expect me to believe that?

Kelly: It's true.

Glen: If you'll excuse me, my bagel's getting cold.

Kelly: How much did he pay you?

Glen: What?

Kelly: For the information, how much did he pay you?

Glen: I've got a good job. Like I said, I've got 10 minutes until my shift starts. What are you doing?

Kelly: You're not going anywhere.

Glen: Give me that back.

Kelly: You tell us what we need to know, or you're gonna lose a lot more than your breakfast.

Cole: Aren't you still at St. Ann's?

Hannah: Yes, and don't have much time.

Cole: I thought you weren't allowed to use phones.

Hannah: I'm not. That's why I need to see you.

Cole: Hannah--

Hannah: Please, can you come now?

Cole: No, I can’t. I'm about to go on trial for attempted murder thanks to you.

Todd: So you're back to defending Cole, huh?

Starr: I'm just asking you to be a decent dad.

Todd: What did you guys do, kiss and make up?

Cole's voice: When we were in Delaware, and...and I thought that you had slept with James...I almost slept with Hannah.

Starr: It's not all Cole’s fault.

Todd: You listen to that psycho.

Starr: Hannah was on a mission, and she did everything she possibly could to break us up.

Todd: But he's the one who believed her.

Starr: Okay, well, he didn't have much reason not to.

Todd: Anyway, at least you believed me. That's all I care about.

Starr: Look, I know how you feel about Cole, but he's still Hope's father.

Todd: Oh, don't bring my granddaughter into this.

Starr: What? I know that you have a good side.

Todd: Oh, really? Where? I've never seen it.

Starr: Well, I have. You're a father, and you're my father.

Todd: And I would do anything for you.

Starr: Well, what if one of your kids had to grow up without a parent?

Dani: This is just stupid anyways.

Téa: What, making a wish?

Dani: Well, when I was a kid, you told me that the only way to get what I want is to do my damnedest to make it happen.

Téa: Too bad our tireless work ethic won't help us out of this one.

Dani: You sure?

Téa: Sweetheart, we can't stop what's gonna happen, but there is something we can do.

Dani: Find another fountain?

Téa: Try to be happy.

Dani: It's not exactly easy.

Téa: Hey. My daughter was never afraid of a little hard work.

Dani: I'll try. I promise.

Téa: You already have. I'm so grateful that you've worked so hard to get past your differences with Todd.

Dani: Yeah, well, he was pretty awesome when Nate got kidnapped.

Téa: That's one of the things I like best about Todd. He's great in kidnapping situations.

Dani: Although for a while I was wondering if he just wanted to finish Nate off himself.

Téa: Not anymore?

Dani: Eh, he could have been worse today.

Téa: You know, I think he learned his lesson with Cole.

Dani: You know he bought Nate a snow cone?

Téa: He did not.

Dani: He made sure you weren't looking.

Téa: Ho ho ho. I think as much as Todd tried not to have a good time today, I think he had fun.

Dani: Good for him.

Téa: One thing I can promise you--Todd will always be there for you. Always.

Dani: I'm kind of starting to figure that out. You know...

Téa: What?

Dani: Well, I was just thinking. Maybe we should be there for him when he has to testify against Cole.

Téa: You're right. Let's go. Come on.

Nate: This says we have to be out today.

Inez: They already gave me an extension.

Nate: Well, can we ask for another one?

Inez: We're not gonna do anything.

Nate: I'm not letting you deal with this by yourself.

Inez: You're not letting me do anything. I will figure this out. Don't worry.

Nate: Figure what out, Mom?

Inez: I don't know.

[Cell phone rings]

Inez: Something. Hello.

Ford: I need to talk to you.

Inez: Bobby. Let me call you right back.

Ford: Just get over here. I'm at the hospital.

Inez: I have to go.

Nate: Who was it?

Inez: It's a job I applied for.

Nate: You're kidding.

Inez: Yeah. See, I told you everything is gonna be fine, and we'll figure this out. Wish me luck.

Nate: You don't need it, Mom.

Inez: Thank you, sweetie. And I--I promise, everything's gonna be fine, so don't worry, okay?

Nate: Okay.

Bo: Want something else?

Nora: Ah--

Bo: Look, it says here-- "all you can eat."

Nora: No. I have to go to court, prosecute Cole.

Bo: Mmm.

Nora: Maybe some flapjacks.

Bo: Not exactly raring to go, are you?

Nora: I would rather have a dental student work a root canal on me.

Bo: Your judge still won't change his mind about the plea agreement?

Nora: No. No. I don't want to prosecute Cole, but my hands are tied.

Bo: Yeah, but you are the great Nora Buchanan.

Nora: I'm not feeling so great today.

Bo: Yeah, but I have faith in you, red.

Nora: Thank you.

Bo: You're gonna think of something.

Nora: I don't think so.

Hannah: I know it's my fault. I know you wouldn't be on trial if I hadn't lied about seeing Todd push your mother.

Cole: It wasn't just a lie. You pushed her.

Hannah: No. That's not the whole truth.

Cole: That's right. You killed her baby.

Hannah: Listen, Cole, there's a lot that you don't know.

Cole: Fine. Fine, Hannah. So tell me.

Hannah: I can’t.

Cole: Then why'd you call me? Hannah, if you have something to say, say it!

Elijah: Hannah? Is that Hannah?

Hannah: Oh, my God. Is that Eli?

Elijah: Cole?

Hannah: Please don't tell him it's me.

Glen: You can threaten me all you want.

Kelly: It's not a threat.

Glen: There's a security guard right outside that door.

Rex: Okay, um, I think we got off on the wrong foot. We just want to talk, that's all. Now, you were supposed to meet me last night, right?

Glen: I was supposed to meet Rex Balsom, which I did at his hotel room.

Rex: Yeah. That was my hotel room.

Glen: Then where you?

Rex: the man who opened the door.

Glen: You're so sure he's a killer, why'd you let him in?

Rex: I didn’t. I've never even met him. He put something in my food.

Glen: How do you know it was him?

Kelly: Because it had to be. He knows we're onto him. He's trying to keep us from finding out who he is.

Glen: Or maybe you're trying to keep him from finding out who you are.

Rex: He knows who I am! I'm Rex Balsom!

Glen: Look, I don't know who you are, and I've got no reason to believe a word you say.

Kelly: Please, just listen to us!

Glen: I'm done listening. Now give me my bagel and get out of my way or I'm going to call the police.

Rex: You're gonna call the police? After you sold protected documents to a stranger?

Glen: You're the one who came to steal them. Identity theft is a very serious crime.

Kelly: Uh, so is murder.

Glen: I told you, I don't believe you.

Kelly: Maybe we're lying. But what if we're not? Don't you realize you're aiding and abetting a killer?

Elijah: How did Hannah get a phone? She's not allowed to make calls.

Cole: I'm not sure.

Elijah: Cole, we can't risk you getting her in more trouble. Give me the phone. Hello, Hannah, this is your lawyer speaking.

Hannah: Where's Cole?

Elijah: Oh, no, no. Me first. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Hannah: I want to talk to Cole.

Elijah: Did you forget our agreement? You stay in the nuthouse. Cole stays safe.

Hannah: If you hurt him, I'll tell everyone what you've done.

Elijah: Now you're threatening me?

Hannah: You're scared.

Elijah: Of you? Who would ever believe a certified mental patient?

Hannah: Cole would.

Elijah: Right. My client who's about to go to trial.

Hannah: Are you gonna throw the case?

Elijah: I don't have to. Cole's got no chance of winning. But what is up to me is how long he spends in jail or if he even lives to get to jail.

Hannah: You can't do that.

Elijah: Don't make me. Never speak to him again.


Hannah: Cole.

Elijah: So sorry she managed to do that.

Cole: It's not a big deal.

Elijah: Still, it's the last thing you need before your case starts.

Cole: Yeah. I don't think she thought about that.

Elijah: Oh, poor kid. She doesn't know what she's doing.

Cole: I don't know.

Elijah: What?

Cole: I mean, she sounded... sane.

Elijah: Huh. If only she were. Don't worry, Cole. She can never hurt you or your family again.

Todd: Have you forgotten your boyfriend almost tried to kill me for something--

Starr: Of course not, Dad.

Marty: Well, he wasn't the only one. I believed Hannah's story, too.

Todd: But you had a little reason, didn't you?

Marty: Which made me jump to the wrong conclusion. I should have seen that she was lying.

Todd: Yeah, but you had a bump on the head. You didn't know what to believe.

Marty: You're right. I didn’t. Don't take this out on Cole.

Todd: Don't talk to me about this. Talk to the judge and Nora.

Marty: Nora.

Nora: Oh, Marty.

Marty: I--I know. I understand.

Nora: I'm sorry. I--I have to do my job.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Bailiff.

Bailiff: The case is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Cole Thornhart. The charge is attempted murder in the first degree.

Judge: Counselors.

Nora: Yes. Nora Buchanan for the Commonwealth, Your Honor.

Elijah: Elijah Clarke for the defense.

Judge: Let's get started. Ms. Buchanan.

Bo: Hey, man, haven't touched your flapjacks.

Nate: Huh?

Bo: Don't I know you?

Nate: Commissioner Buchanan...

Bo: Yeah.

Nate: I'm, uh, I'm Nate Salinger.

Bo: Yeah. You're the guy that stole my son's girlfriend.

Nate: Yes, sir.

Bo: Mm-hmm. And then took the money that almost got her killed.

Nate: Yes, sir.

Bo: Yeah, I thought so.

Nate: Are you going to arrest me?

Bo: Arrest you?

Nate: I'm sorry, okay? I only took the money because my mom is gonna lose our house, but she's gonna anyway--

Bo: Listen, Nate.

Nate: Look, please do not take me to jail, okay? I do not know what it would do to her.

Inez: Where is James?

Ford: Not here.

Inez: Did something happen?

Ford: Well, the hospital figured why not squeeze us for a few more dimes. He's doing more tests.

Inez: But he's okay?

Ford: Don't pretend you care.

Inez: Of course I care. I love him. He's my--

Ford: Don't say it!

Inez: It's true!

Ford: Not for James! He doesn't even know who you are. And he never will.

Inez: Then why did you want me to come here?

Ford: Well, I met this kid who told me a really good story about how he almost got my brother killed. Or maybe you've already heard it. Recognize him?

Inez: Bobby?

Ford: He's, uh, he's your son. So that makes him my brother, mine and James?

Inez: Yes.

Ford: So all these years, Dad told us what kind of a slut you were, and I finally have proof.

Inez: Bobby, listen-

Ford: So wait, what happened? Did you leave your protection inside somebody else's hotel room?

Inez: What?

Ford: Or maybe you wanted to get knocked up. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe you wanted to go off and start a life with the kid's real father.

Inez: Eddie is Nate's real father. Nate is your full brother, yours and James'.

Ford: Huh. If you say so.

Inez: I didn't want to leave you. Eddie threw me out. He called me that, what you just said, and...worse things. But I was never unfaithful to him.

Ford: Because the old man was such a loveable guy.

Inez: Even if I wanted to cheat, the thought of what he would do to me...once something got in his head, there was nothing I could do to convince him that the child I was carrying was his. And then before I even knew it, I'm being dragged across the room by my hair, kicked out the door, and when that door was closed, I could never see you and James again.

Ford: So you didn't call the cops, the courts, anybody?

Inez: I had a friend who knew a lawyer, and we had just filed the custody papers when I got a knock on the door in the middle of the night, and there was a picture of Nate with a 6-inch butcher knife through it.

Ford: So you dropped the suit?

Inez: I was worried for my son!

Ford: I was your son! Okay? And my father didn't have to put a knife through a picture of me to get to me!

Inez: Don't you think I know that? I thought about you every day. I went to your school every day just so I could see you getting off the bus. James in his little red jacket that was a size too big and you in your yellow windbreaker. I was there every day no matter how cold it was, and I wanted to grab you, and I wanted to take you and keep you warm and--

Ford: No. You wanted proof.

Inez: Of what?

Ford: We were our father's sons.

Inez: I never thought that you--

Ford: No. Why didn't--why didn't you come back for us? You didn't give us a second thought, not until James shows up with our father's money, and then all you can think about is revenge.

Inez: Revenge?

Ford: So you had your kid steal our cash--

Inez: No!

Ford: You don't care about James just as long as you get even with dad! You wanted payback!

Inez: I want a family! You and James are my sons, and I love you just as much as I love Nate.

Bo: Relax. No one's getting arrested.

Nate: Why not?

Bo: 'Cause I don't have my cuffs with me. That's a joke.

Nate: Ha. Right.

Bo: Uh, why don’t...tell me what's going on with your mom.

Nate: It's nothing, really.

Bo: Well, it didn't sound like nothing.

Nate: I was just being dramatic. My mom says I do that.

Bo: About losing your house?

Nate: It's been a little rough. It'll be okay.

Bo: Yeah. So you say that the money that you took, you gave that to your mom?

Nate: I didn't know it was stolen, though.

Bo: All right. Just relax. There's no cuffs, remember?

Nate: I know I should have turned it in. It was s...

Bo: Yeah, but you were trying to save your house. Why were you losing it?

Nate: My mom lost her job. And she's been looking and looking and looking for months.

Bo: No luck?

Nate: She just went on an interview, though, so...we'll probably be okay. Right.

Bo: So it's just you and your mom? What about your dad?

Nate: He's gone.

Bo: I'm sorry. He died?

Nate: Might as well have. He kicked me and my mom out before I was born. So I don't know if he's dead or alive. I don't really care.

Rex: Look, we don't want any trouble. Would you be willing to just answer one question?

Glen: You can ask.

Rex: Are these the documents you gave to the person who said he was me?

Glen: How did you get that?

Rex: Well, whoever you gave it to, left it for me at the hotel's front desk. You can call them and ask.

Kelly: But first, just can you see if those are the documents you gave him?

Glen: Then you'll give me back my bagel?

Rex: Definitely.

Glen: These are some of the records I got from the files.

Kelly: There are more?

Glen: There were.

Rex: Okay, what were they?

Glen: I don't remember.

Kelly: So you can't tell us which ones are missing?

Glen: I didn't pay that close attention. I just...pulled everything that mentioned Bennett Thompson.

Kelly: Are you kidding?

Rex: No, it's fine. I'm sure Glen wouldn't mind pulling them again for us.

Glen: I can’t.

Rex: What do you mean you can't?

Glen: Those are the originals.

Kelly: Those--you didn't make copies?

Glen: I didn't want to get caught. Besides, I didn't think I'd need them. I figured once I showed them to Mr. Balsom, I'd bring them back here.

Rex: So there's no copies of these records anywhere?

Glen: There's one.

Kelly: Where?

Glen: The guy I gave them to has them.

Nora: The people will show that Mr. Thornhart's history with his victim precluded any hope of rational thought. Instead of the well-mannered young man you're seeing in front of you today, the defendant became enraged and beat Mr. Manning within an inch of his life.

Cole: Look, stop, okay. You don't have to do this. Everyone here knows what I did. I attacked Mr. Manning, and I want to take responsibility for it.

Elijah: Cole, what are you doing?

Cole: What I should have done before.

Elijah: I decide what you should do in court. Now sit down.

Judge: Actually, I believe I decide what the defendant does, and I'd like to hear what he has to say.

Cole: Your honor, there's no point to this trial. Look, I admit it--I attacked Mr. Manning.

Judge: Without provocation?

Cole: Well, at the time I believed he hurt my mom and killed her baby.

Judge: And you think this belief justified your actions?

Cole: No. But the district attorney is right. I was out of control. I should never have attacked Mr. Manning no matter what he did. But he was innocent. I was the guilty one. I nearly killed Mr. Manning over something he didn't do. And... I owe him an apology. I pled not guilty because there was no plea bargain and, well, I didn't want to go to jail.

Judge: You've since changed your mind?

Cole: The truth is I'm guilty, and I'm ready to be punished for what I did.

Judge: And you're sure this is what you want, Mr. Thornhart?

Cole: I'm sure.

Judge: Then we'll enter a plea of guilty to the charge and move on to sentencing.

Bo: I'm sorry that you and your mom are going through hard times.

Nate: It's not your fault.

Bo: Yeah, well, it's not your fault either. But you don't go using somebody else's money to try to solve your problems.

Nate: I will not make that mistake again, believe me.

Bo: Good. You know, there are other ways to get help.

Nate: Like what?

Bo: A city, a state, federal government--they all have programs.

Nate: We don't want charity.

Bo: And that's good because that's not what this is. You're not the only one out there who's going through tough times right now. You guys, you get back on your feet, it helps the economy. Everybody wins. I'll tell you what, why don't you give me a call in case you decide to apply for something.

Nate: Why?

Bo: 'Cause maybe there's something that I can do to help.

Nate: No. I mean, why are you doing this? I stole your son's girlfriend, right?

Bo: Do you want me to get the cuffs?

Nate: You should hate me.

Bo: I know that. But I don’t. Call me.

Inez: Nate finding that money had nothing to do with me.

Ford: So you're telling me it was just a coincidence?

Inez: Yes. He doesn't know about you and James. He doesn't know he has two brothers.

Ford: Because he doesn't!

Inez: Don't say that.

Ford: Well, it was your decision, not mine. You wanted Nate away from us so bad, lucky you. You got your wish.

Inez: I never wanted that.

Ford: As far as James knows, you don't exist, and if he ever finds out anything about either one of you, I'll know who to blame!

Inez: Bobby, please, we're family!

Ford: No. We are done here.

Inez: You can push me away all you want. I'm not going anywhere this time. I gave up on you and James once. I won't ever do that again.

Ford: God...

Hannah: I can't tell Cole the truth about Eli, not with Eli watching his every move. I have to talk to someone. No one understands. Unless...there is someone.

Starr: Wait. They're going to sentence him right now?

Marty: He'll be all right. He'll be all right.

Starr: How do you know that?

Marty: I don’t.

Judge: Ms. Buchanan.

Nora: Yes, Your Honor. The people recommend a sentence of time served plus probation plus community service. We believe that that sentence is more than reasonable.

Judge: Mr. Thornhart admits he attacked and almost killed Mr. Manning.

Nora: Yes, because of his mistaken belief that the victim attacked his mother, and he's also shown remorse which he just attested to in open court.

Judge: It's well known that Mr. Manning is far from the most popular man in Llanview.

Nora: Yes.

Judge: But I think counsel would agree that even the least popular man deserves the full measure of law.

Nora: Oh, yes, of course.

Judge: Then you'll have no objection if I ask his opinion on the matter. Mr. Manning, would you please come forward?

Rex: There must be some other way to get copies of those documents.

Glen: There isn’t.

Kelly: There's not a central database?

Glen: There is, but with the budget cuts, we've only scanned in through the MS.

Rex: So you're telling us that all the files on Bennett Thompsons are gone forever?

Glen: It looks that way.

Kelly: Okay, then we're gonna have to find the man you gave it to. Any idea how to locate him?

Glen: All I know is his name-- Rex Bal--

Rex: That's not his name.

Glen: If you say so.

Kelly: Just one more question. Could you tell us what the man looked like?

Glen: How many one more questions are there gonna be?

Kelly: Please? This man is a murderer, and anything you can tell us could help save someone's life.

Glen: If he's really not you...

Rex: He's not. We swear. Could you please just tell us what he looked like?

Glen: I didn't pay that much attention, but he was tall, had dark hair, clean cut, you know, a professional type.

Judge: Mr. Manning, do you have anything to add before I sentence Mr. Thornhart?

Todd: Yes. I do. Uh...the truth is, I never really liked the kid, not from the beginning. When he was going after my daughter, I thought I knew exactly what he wanted. I thought he was just gonna take whatever he wanted and then throw it away. Of course, I'm not gonna let anyone throw my daughter away. And to be honest with you, I think she's probably better off without him...but that being said...

[Cell phone rings]

Ford: Who the hell is this? Yeah?

Hannah: Ford, it's me--Hannah O’Connor. Please, I need to talk to you.

Ford: We have nothing to talk about.

Hannah: Yes, we do. You know exactly what we have to talk about.

Todd: But that being said, the kid has the some pretty good reasons to hate me. I'm not saying that I wasn't right most of the time. Why wouldn't he believe that I pushed his mom down the stairs? Um, I don't think that gave him the right to assault me, but I know that if anybody hurt someone I loved that I would probably do the same thing, or actually I would do the same thing, and it would be me sitting there about to be sentenced...and I'd deserve it. But I love my daughter and my granddaughter most of all. I don't want anything or anyone to hurt them. And I would hate to see my granddaughter grow up without a father. That doesn't seem fair to me. So if you really want my opinion about this whole thing, then I actually think you should let him go home.

Judge: Mr. Thornhart, while I appreciate your admission of guilt and your willingness to accept responsibility for your actions, I'm afraid no amount of remorse will change them. You severely beat and almost killed an innocent man, Todd Manning. Regardless of your motives or beliefs, the law cannot stand for such a crime. It requires me to mete out a just sentence, which I have no doubt is the maximum allowed, but I asked for the victim's point of view, and as such, I must consider it. Mr. Manning believes that the suffering of your family in your absence would be greater than that caused by your hand, which leads me to wonder if by sending you to prison I would be the one committing the larger crime. I'm inclined to answer in the affirmative. For this reason I'm choosing to accept the commonwealth's recommendation. I hereby sentence you to time served plus two year's probation and 5,000 hours of community service. But I warn you, Mr. Thornhart, if while on probation you should decide to disregard the gift that Mr. Manning has given you today and instead return to reckless action, consider committing any kind of malfeasance, get so much as a parking ticket, I will send you to jail. Don't test me. Court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Starr: Ah! Ha ha!

Cole: Thank you so much.

Elijah: Don't thank me. Thank your victim.

Glen: And he was wearing an expensive suit. That's all I remember.

Kelly: Thank you for your help. Really.

Kelly: What do you think?

Rex: Well, at least now we have an idea as to what Bennett Thompson looks like.

Elijah: Remember, no further contact with Hannah O’Connor. If she tries to call you again, just hang up the phone.

Cole: Hang up?

Elijah: Yes, and then call me immediately. Now, I'm sorry. I have to go. Congratulations.

Starr: Dad, that was amazing.

Marty: Yeah. You didn't have to do that. Thank you.

Todd: No big deal.

Starr: See, I told you you had it in you.

Todd: My good side?

Starr: Yeah, you can pretend that it doesn't exist all you want, but now we all know that it does.

Cole: Mr. Manning...thank you.

Todd: Don't mention it.

Cole: Look, I said that I owe you an apology, and I meant it. I'm sorry for everything, and I appreciate you giving me another chance. I'm gonna make sure that you don't regret it.

Todd: Perfect. Can I talk to you down here just a second? Excuse us. Uh, I didn't give you another chance. Ha.

Cole: What?

Todd: Yeah. Just keep smiling. Uh, I did this for my daughter and my granddaughter. Uh, I'm making them happy. Uh, if it gives you some kind of free ride, that's fine with me. Nothing I can do about it.

Cole: That's all I want...

Todd: Huh.

Cole: Is for Starr and Hope to be happy.

Todd: We'll see. But for now, you punk, you owe me, okay? And I intend to collect.

Téa: Hey. Not too shabby, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Mmm. Told the judge what I actually think. I should try that more often.

Téa: You could have been petty, gone after revenge.

Todd: Yeah. That sounds better.

Téa: Hey. Proud of you.

Dani: Me, too.

Inez: Not now!

[Tap tap]

Inez: Please tell me, Officer, what did I do?

Marty: Thank you.

Nora: Oh, don't thank me. I can't believe I'm going to say this. But you should thank Todd.

Marty: I know, I know, and I did. But I just wanted to thank you, too.

Nora: All in a day's work. Bye.

Marty: Bye.

Starr: I am so happy that you're not going to prison.

Cole: I know. I can't believe it. And the thought of losing you and Hope.

Starr: I didn't know how I was going to tell hope that her daddy wasn't coming home.

Cole: Uh, about what I told you before, everything with Hannah.

Starr: Right.

Cole: Are you still upset?

Starr: Yes. But I'm trying to forget about it.

Cole: You are?

Starr: I am. I want us both to move on and just forget about Hannah.

Ford: Why are you calling me? You almost killed me!

Hannah: Ford, please we need to talk.

Ford: What the hell would I want to talk about with you?

Hannah: Elijah Clarke.

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