One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/9/10


Episode # 10728

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David: Pa! Pa! Are you here? Pa, I need your help! Matthew, where's pa? Oh, boy. Dorian's on the warpath. I got her all wet at the country club, and she wants to have me arrested for assaulting a public official.

Matthew: He's at the station. So's Mom.

David: Why are you so glum? Are you sick? Are you drunk? If you're drunk, I'll join you.

Matthew: I'm not drunk.

David: Oh, boy. Don't tell me you got dumped again. That would be a record. No, actually, I hold that record. You know, I got dumped by half the kick line at Radio City Music Hall in one night.

Matthew: Can you keep a secret?

David: No, but I love secrets. All you got to do is tell me once a day to keep my mouth shut. Better yet, I'll tell you what, I'll put it in my phone under my daily alarm. "Don't tell anyone that Matthew..."

Matthew: Got Nate and Dani killed.

Nate: Are you okay?

Dani: I'm fine. Sorry. That's a lie.

Nate: I'd lend you my phone, but I can't afford another one. That was dumb. Sorry. I know something bad happened at the hospital, but no one would tell me exactly what was going on.

Dani: Yeah, join the club!

Téa: This is why I didn't want to tell her. I knew she would spin out.

Todd: It's's a difficult thing to hear.

Téa: Ha ha! Yeah. She's just not--she's not very good at handling bad news anyway, you know.

Todd: Well, I don't know about that. She got over leaving Tahiti and starting a new school.

Téa: Yeah. Those were, I mean... ultimately they were good things.

Todd: Yeah, but they were hard things. She'll handle this. Don't worry about it. I think it's harder on you. Of course you want to protect her, don't you?

Téa: Well, there's no protecting her from this.

Nate: What happened?

Dani: Not much. My mother's in the hospital, which I found out by accident.

Nate: No one told you?

Dani: Or that she's been sick for months! That she's dying!

Nate: My God.

Dani: My mother is dying! But why tell me? I'm just her daughter.

Hannah: I was there, Eli. I saw you push Dr. Saybrooke down those stairs.

Eli: You have a vivid imagination.

Hannah: I was there. You saw me. I know you did. So, why'd you push her? You have a thing against babies or just shrinks?

Eli: All this time I wondered if you'd really seen me.

Hannah: Well, now you know. So what now? 

Layla: Oh. You can't blame that flat tire on me, and I didn't get us lost. That was the GPS lady.

Cristian: Layla, you turned a 3-hour trip into a 2-day vacation.

Layla: You were always so brave. I can do this, right, sis? Tell Mom about me and Cristian, stand up to her the way you would?

Starr: I've missed you so much.

Cole: Are you okay? At the police station, they said there was a shooting.

Starr: Yeah, it was a big mess, and there were a lot of people involved, but I'm fine.

Cole: I was so worried about you. When Brody said that you were here, I had to see you.

Starr: I'm so sorry.

Cole: So what happened? How'd you end up in a shooting?

Starr: Oh...

Eli: What now? Now you go down for the assault on Marty Saybrooke.

Hannah: Oh, I don't think so. You're gonna confess.

Eli: Ha ha! Why would I do that?

Hannah: Because it's the right thing to do.

Eli: Oh. Oh, this from the girl who tried to pin Marty's fall on Todd Manning so she could get her little meat hooks into Cole Thornhart, which I have to hand it to you was an inspired idea, really. You're a very creative girl.

Hannah: Thanks. But don't change the subject. This little thing about Marty's fall, I don't care who goes down for it as long as it's not me. And since you're the one who pushed her--

Eli: Your word against mine. And given your history, I'd be surprised if anyone believed you.

Hannah: You want to take that chance?

Starr: It was just this whole insane mess that had nothing to do with me but somehow I ended up in the middle of it, and Cole, I'm just so glad it's all over. All I've wanted to do is just curl up with you and Hope.

Cole: So all that stuff you said the last time we talked on the phone, about needing time away from me...

Starr: No. None of it was true. I just wanted to make sure that you stayed away from me because it was too dangerous. If anything had happened to you or Hope--

Cole: Starr, what if something happened to you? Starr, you can't take on the whole world by yourself.

Starr: But all I could think about was keeping you and Hope safe.

Cole: Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait a minute. Who--this James guy... was he the one threatening you?

Matthew: There was a shootout in some bar out on 23A. Todd Manning was involved, Starr was there, and people got shot. Remember that guy I told you about?

David: That guy you ran into at the club?

Matthew: Yeah, that Bull guy. He's dead now. And Dani and Nate were there, so I don't know if they got hurt, shot, killed. I don't know--

David: Okay, easy, easy! One thing at a time. I tell you what, I'll call and make sure that Dani's okay.

Matthew: Oh, this is all my fault. I knew I shouldn't have told that guy about Nate. How am I ever gonna make this right?

Téa: So who's looking for Dani?

Todd: Uh, Nate seemed to know where she might be.

Téa: Nate?

Todd: And I figured she wouldn't want to see me. Yeah, Nate.

Téa: Her new boyfriend? What's he doing here?

Todd: Oh, come on.

Téa: What?

Todd: That's not her boyfriend. She's too young to have a boyfriend.

Téa: Starr and Cole.

Todd: That's exactly right-- they're too young.

Téa: And yet you trusted Nate to go looking for her.

Todd: I didn't know what else to do.

Téa: So you did the right thing. This is reassuring, Todd, very reassuring. Ha ha! Gives me hope. You're starting to trust your daughter's boyfriends. I might finally be able to die happy.

Todd: Well, you better hold on, brother, because I am never gonna trust my daughter's boyfriends.

Nate: What, she's dying?

Dani: Yeah, she's dying with a big capital "D!"

Nate: My God, I am so sorry, Dani. I can't even begin to imagine what that would feel like.

Dani: You know what? I'm with you on that! Since nobody trusted me enough to tell me because I'm so stupid that I can't look up brain tumor on the web or ask an intelligent question or who knows, maybe even go with her to radiation, hold her hand! But forget that! I'm--I'm useless!

Nate: That's not why she didn't tell you. Not that I know your mom, but listen, my mom, she didn't tell me about our money problems for months.

Dani: Yeah, and as soon as she did, you solved them.

Nate: Sort of, if you don't count the kidnapping or the shootout.

Dani: Well, money won't solve this or my dad would have solved it by now.

Nate: My mom didn't want to tell me that we were broke because she didn't want me to worry. She kept thinking she'd find another job. But it was only after she realized that we were gonna lose our--

Dani: My mother doesn't tell me anything! She didn't even tell me who my real father was!

Nate: So it's--listen! So it's a pattern. When she's afraid that she's gonna scare you, she shuts up. My mom does that, too. She was afraid to worry me and hurt my feelings as well, but--

Dani: Yeah, but my mom is the one who is hurting.

Nate: She probably thinks that, you know, how losing her.... it might make you feel a little lost. How long does she have?

Dani: I don't even know. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! No! Oh, God!

Layla: Mom, you scared the living daylights out of me.

Mrs. Williamson: How do you think I felt hearing people creeping around my house?

Layla: I know. We should have called.

Mrs. Williamson: Oh, it's all right. I'm glad you're here. There's something I have to tell you.

Layla: Cristian and I are getting married, and I'm sorry for blurting it out like that. I've been stalling long enough, and it's really important to us that you're happy for us.

[Dani sobbing]

Nate: It's okay.

Dani: No, it's not. I've been such a bitch to her!

Nate: No, you've been--

Dani: Yes, I have! I've been horrible! Especially when I find her with Todd. And he was just trying to take care of her because she's been sick.

Nate: Hey, come on. Most guys would have cut and run by now. The fact that he stuck around, that's a good thing.

Dani: I guess.

Nate: Yeah. He was here earlier. He was looking everywhere for you. He was worried.

Dani: He was?

Nate: Yeah. But I sent him back to the hospital to be with your mom, that I'd find you.

Dani: And what did he do?

Nate: He left.

Dani: Just like that?

Nate: Yeah.

Dani: When--when I asked how long she had left, he said months, but then she said maybe less.

Nate: They don't know. I mean, even the doctors, they give you a ballpark. I should call him, let him know that I found you. Do you have his number?

Dani: Yeah, here, it's--it's in there. So he really just left? He wasn't all over you about what happened tonight with Bull and the money and all that?

Nate: Uh, he was, but he was too worried about you and your mom to get into it.

Todd: Uh, "Dani's with me. Don't worry, Nate."

Téa: Oh, thank God.

Todd: Oh, yes, thank you, Nate.

Téa: Ha ha. Stop it! At least he found her. The thought of her out there alone. Oh, God. Todd, that's what I'm doing to her. I'm abandoning her.

Todd: No, you're not. You're not abandoning.

Téa: Yeah, I'm dying, I'm--

Todd: But you're not abandoning her. And she knows that if you could that you'd be with her for the next 100 years. Sweetheart, hey, she knows that you love her and that you're gonna set things up so she never has to worry. Right?

Téa: I could plan out the rest of her life, but I won't be there to listen to her when she needs to talk, to hold her when she needs to cry.

Todd: I know, and she's gonna miss out on those things, but you're not abandoning her. Abandonment is something-- well, ha ha. Abandonment is something else entirely. Believe me, I know.

Téa: I know you do. Ahem. You're right. She'll know that she's loved, and she'll know that she's cared for.

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: I just remember that when my mother died...

Todd: Oh, hadn't she already left you and your dad?

Téa: Yeah. Ha ha. But I still had fantasies of her walking through the door. Those fantasies, they kept me company. When I found out that she finally had died, I never felt so alone in my whole life.

Todd: Dani's not gonna feel that way. I promise.

Téa: Yeah, you can say that. You have a prison sentence hanging over your head.

Todd: You're gonna get me out of it, aren't you?

Téa: Ha ha! I appreciate your faith in me, but--

Todd: Listen, even if I have to go away, she's gonna be fine.

Téa: You gonna write her postcards from prison? Todd, we need to talk about Ross.

Cristian: Mrs. Williamson, I know this is probably kind of a shock, but I love your daughter.

Mrs. Williamson: You're engaged?

Cristian: Yes, ma'am.

Mrs. Williamson: When did this happen?

Layla: May.

Mrs. Williamson: Okay, May. It's July.

Layla: I know. It's just...I mean, I was afraid to tell you.

Mrs. Williamson: Afraid to talk to your mother.

Cristian: Well, Cristian's not exactly your favorite person.

Mrs. Williamson: He put your sister in a coma.

Layla: No, he didn't, Mom. It was an accident. And even though they'd been broken up for a while, they were still friends. He would never have done anything to hurt her. And for you to still be mad at him or me for falling in love with him, it's just unfair. Anyway, the only reason we're here is because I love you, and I want your blessing.

Eli: I'd be very careful if I were you, Hannah. After all, you started this.

Hannah: Me?

Eli: By blaming Todd. You could have ratted me out or kept your mouth shut, but no, you had an agenda. Of course, I was happy to play along 'cause it involved getting rid of Manning. I don't like him much. He's my girlfriend's ex, you know.

Hannah: Oh. So I did you two favors.

Eli: In return for which I let you go.

Hannah: What do you mean?

Eli: I tried to find you that night, the night Marty...fell.

Hannah: She was pushed.

Eli: You weren't in your dorm room, and you weren't at the library. You weren't even at that little corner back booth at the Buenos Dias cafe where you like to hide, but pretty soon I did find you, funny enough, here at the police station, and when our eyes met, you didn't bat an eye. So you blamed Todd, and I let you go.

Hannah: And if I hadn't named Todd, would you have pushed me down the stairs, too?

Starr: How do you know about James?

Cole: Hannah. She showed me a picture of you and him.

Starr: What? How? When was that?

Cole: You were at a park with Hope.

Cole: She made me think that there was something going on, that you two were hooking up.

Starr: But how could--that is so far from the truth. How could she possibly make you think that from, what, just a picture? Cole, we had just met, and then my car stalled and he helped get it started.

Cole: Yeah, well, then when you called your aunt's house and I picked up the phone, Hannah had me star 69 the number, and it went to James' phone.

Starr: That's because I didn't have my phone. I needed to borrow his.

Cole: Then she said that you and him were heading to Delaware. So we, uh, we kind of went down there.

Starr: You jumped bail?

Cole: Starr, I was worried about you. It's okay. John took care of it. Look, anyway, Hannah took me to this beach house, and that's where I found your diploma and a condom wrapper.

Starr: What?

Cole: She made me think that you had slept with him.

Starr: Cole, that girl, that girl is evil! Oh, my--how could she do that? How could she make you think that?

Cole: What was I supposed to think?

Starr: You should think that I would never ever do that to you! I mean, you know that, right?

David: Thank you so much, gorgeous. I'll look you up next time I'm at the hospital. Okay, we're good. Dani's fine, so is Nate.

Matthew: Oh, thank God. Thank you for making that phone call.

David: What, are you kidding? That's what brothers are for.

Matthew: Hey, Brian, this is Matthew Buchanan. Is my dad there?

David: What are you doing?

Matthew: Telling Dad. What are you doing?

David: Telling Dad exactly what?

Matthew: That this is my fault!

David: That you bought a gun, rounded up a bunch of people, and started shooting at them?

Matthew: Well, I set it in motion.

David: No. What you did was tell someone the truth.

Matthew: And now that guy is dead.

David: Yeah, that dead guy, probably the work of Todd Manning.

Matthew: Look, the only reason I told--

David: The truth.

Matthew: Was because I was jealous.

David: Jealous? What are you talking about? Half this town is jealous of me. It doesn't make them guilty of murder. Look, Matthew, you did the right thing.

Matthew: Then why do I feel so bad?

David: Because you're a nice guy and your girlfriend--

Matthew: Ex-girlfriend.

David: Your ex-girlfriend was in danger, but she's not anymore, so no harm, no foul.

Matthew: No. I've got to tell my parents. I put a lot of people in danger just to try to get back at someone, all right, and that's not right, and Dani could have gotten hurt.

Dani: Oh, my God! The prom!

Nate: What do you mean?

Dani: I was wondering why she kept pushing it on me. I mean, I'm not even a senior and she made me get the perfect dress and the hair and the nails. We even went over to Dorian's so that I could have this big prom experience with my sister. Oh, and then she kept taking all these pictures. She was crying, and I told her that she was crazy because she'd just have to do it all over again next year.

Nate: Maybe she will. You don't know.

Dani: No, but I should have known. I mean, the way she kept pushing me on Todd, and when she got all weepy when I was talking about you. God, it was all there. I was just too stupid to see it.

Nate: She didn't want you to see it.

Dani: No. She just wanted me to keep being my selfish, stupid self.

Nate: She wanted a little time with you that was still perfect. You know what I mean? So yeah, she carried all that weight around so she could be with you and take pictures and hear about your incredible boyfriend person.

Dani: He is pretty incredible.

Téa: Look. I know you don't want to hear it, but Dani loves Ross. I mean, he's the only father she knew.

Todd: Oh, well, he was father of the year, man.

Téa: Last time we were in Tahiti, when everyone thought he was dead, we got through a lot of things in our past. We worked through them, and when Dani needs someone--

Todd: She's gonna come to me. She already has. The other day, she needed help, and she asked me.

Téa: Why?

Todd: Because I'm her father.

Téa: No, no. Why did she need help? What happened?

Todd: Oh, that doesn't matter. The point is--

Téa: No, no, no, no. I'm her mother. I'm still alive, and I need to know what is wrong with her. Tell me what happened, Todd.

Cole: All I can say is, Hannah did a number on me.

Starr: That wasn't true, Cole. I did not sleep with him.

Cole: I know.

Starr: And how she came up with Delaware...

Cole: She has family there, and it turns out, she was on the run.

Starr: From what?

Cole: John McBain. She was just arrested for attacking Ford.

Starr: She's the one who attacked Ford?

Cole: That's not all. You were right. She was lying. She never saw your dad push my mom down the stairs.

Starr: I knew that he didn't do it.

Cole: She made it all up. He never hurt her or killed her baby.

Starr: So she confessed.

Cole: Yeah, and everything I did--from beating up your dad, going to jail, having all those arguments with you, pushing you away--was all because of Hannah because she lied.

Starr: Well, I knew it.

Cole: Starr, I'm sorry that I didn't believe you. You were right. She was trying to tear us apart... and it almost worked.

Starr: What do you mean?

Eli: I do have one question for you, Hannah, given the circumstances. Why would you hire me to represent you?

Hannah: Well, I've just been charged with assault. I need an attorney, and you have as much at stake as I do.

Eli: Oh. Aw, so you thought we could work this out together?

Hannah: You got it.

Eli: You-- I'm starting to like you, Hannah, but tell me, why would I ever want to help you?

Hannah: Well, because I didn't push Marty Saybrooke down the stairs--you did--and I didn't attack Ford, so why he's blaming me... you said you'd let me go, but you didn't, did you? You didn't trust me. You had to make sure that the police wouldn't believe me if the case against Todd fell through and I named you. You had to discredit me.

Eli: Oh, I think you're doing a damn fine job of that yourself, kid.

Hannah: But you had to be sure, so you got Ford to accuse me.

Eli: And why would he ever agree to do something like that?

Hannah: Oh, my God. It was you. You attacked Ford, and the reason that he's blaming me is because he's scared of you.

Eli: What about you, Hannah? Are you scared of me?

Cristian: Mrs. Williamson, I'm not trying to hurt Evangeline or you. I love Layla, and I promise you, I am gonna be good to her.

Mrs. Williamson: Fine. You have my blessing.

Layla: Really?

Mrs. Williamson: I said it was fine.

Layla: Oh, good. I'm glad. Cristian makes me so happy. Well, we want to go tell Evangeline.

Mrs. Williamson: No. I can't let you do that.

Layla: Why not?

Mrs. Williamson: Because she's gone. Evangeline is gone.

Eli: It's a wonderful story you've concocted there, Hannah, really--well done--but there is a tiny flaw to your logic. You see, Robert Ford almost died, so the idea that I attacked him to scare him into naming you, it doesn't exactly make much sense.

Hannah: Nothing you do makes sense. I don't know why you tried to kill Marty Saybrooke or why you almost beat Ford to death. All I know is that I didn't do it.

Eli: Yet the evidence would suggest otherwise. Let's review, shall we? First, there's motive. You and Robert Ford had a fling. Then he dumped you, and witnesses will attest you threatened to get even.

Hannah: Witnesses will also attest that I moved on.

Eli: To Cole Thornhart, who, I'm sure, would be more than happy to give the jury an earful. Now, where was I? Oh, yes-- mental state. I'm sure the attempted suicide will cover that.

Hannah: How do you know that?

Eli: Then there's the physical evidence. The police found your sweater in your dorm room with Robert Ford's blood on it.

Hannah: I couldn't possibly have blood on anything. I wasn't there. It wasn't me. You planted that.

Eli: And there's the eyewitness--Robert Ford, the victim himself. He named you as his attacker. So, as your attorney, given the case against you, I cannot advise you to proceed to trial. There's not a jury in the world who'd acquit you. What I would advise is that you accept a plea. Now, I'm sure I can negotiate something reasonable for you, given your fragile state of mind.

Hannah: You're fired.

Eli: I don't care who you hire, Hannah. There's no getting out of this. Plead guilty. Make a deal, or you're gonna be in jail till you're 45, and by then, you can give up all hope of ever finding your way back to Cole.

Cole: Hannah had a plan. She was trying to break us up so she can get with me, and when we were in Delaware--

Starr: Look. You know what? I'm sorry, but I have to tell my dad about this right away.

[Cell phone rings]

Todd: Yep.

Starr: Dad, you were right. Hannah was lying when she said that she saw you push Marty down the stairs. She confessed it to John McBain.

Todd: How do you know?

Starr: Cole was there when it happened. Dad, it's over. They have to drop the charges.

Todd: Thanks. Yeah. That's great. Téa is gonna be very happy that John McBain's star witness is a big, fat liar...

Téa: What?

Todd: And thanks for letting me know.

Starr: Yeah, of course.

Todd: So you're back with Cole, huh?

Starr: Don't even start.

Todd: Okay.

Starr: Okay. Thanks, Dad.

Todd: So all's well that ends well, or one of those plays I never read.

Téa: I was so looking forward to ripping that girl apart on the stand.

Todd: So the charges are gonna be dropped?

Téa: Well, I'll have to file a motion, but yeah. It sounds like it.

Todd: Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get cracking.

Téa: Oh, no, no, no, no, you don't. Don't you change the subject on me.

Todd: What subject?

Téa: What happened to Dani?

Nate: So she has a brain tumor?

Dani: And they can't operate.

Nate: Ah, but she's gonna get radiation.

Dani: Yeah, so maybe that could still work. I mean, it could. People survive. They get a miracle or something. I mean, she wasn't even planning on telling me, so that must mean that she still had some hope, right?

Nate: Yeah, totally.

Dani: But if she doesn't get that miracle, I mean, she's the only hope of my dad staying out of jail.

Nate: Oh, he's out on bail?

Dani: Then if she dies and he goes to jail, then I won't have anyone.

Nate: You'll have me, and you can live with us. I'm sure my mom would be okay with that.

Dani: Thanks, but I'm sure my dad, the guy I grew up with, he'd come for me.

Nate: Where does he live?

Dani: Tahiti.

Nate: That's a long ways away.

Dani: Mm-hmm. What if he wants me to come back with him and I don't want to? I want to stay here.

Matthew: Give me that phone.

David: No.

Matthew: Give me it.

David: No. Hey, hey, listen to me. You tried to warn them. You tried to warn Dani, but she blew you off.

Matthew: David, somebody died. I have to tell my parents.

David: And break their hearts? What if you're right, Matthew? What if there's some itsy-bitsy law that makes you guilty? Then what are you gonna do? Your ma and pa are gonna have to arrest you. They're gonna have to prosecute you and throw you in prison so you can feel better for a minute and a half, and, believe me, once you're in prison, there's no feeling good about anything.

Matthew: I'm not gonna go to prison.

David: So what's the point of saying a single thing? Look, little brother. Man up.

Matthew: That's what I'm trying to do.

David: In this particular instance, being a man means that you keep your mouth shut.

Matthew: No. That's the easy way out.

David: That's not the easy way out. The easy way out is to confess and dump this entire thing in your parents' laps. What's that gonna get you, huh? Is that gonna bring this dead guy back to life? No. Is it gonna bring Dani back to you? All it's going to do is ease your conscience a little bit. Is it worth it?

Layla: What do you mean, Mom? Evangeline is dead?

Mrs. Williamson: No, but she is back in the hospital.

Layla: Why? What's wrong?

Mrs. Williamson: What do you care? I mean, you got your new fiancé, your whole life, and--

Layla: Mommy, tell me what happened right now. What is wrong with my sister?

Cole: I know I should've trusted you, but I listened to Hannah instead...

Starr: Oh...

Cole: You know, because, I mean, you know, I wanted to believe her so that I could show you once and for all who your father really is.

Starr: If you had just listened to me--

Cole: I know, but I couldn't hear any of it, so I just pushed you away and ran off with Hannah, and when she told me that you were hooking up with some other guy, I believed it. Starr, I'm sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

David: Does anybody else know about this?

Matthew: That I told Bull Nate had his money? No.

David: So only Bull and me know the truth. Bull is dead, and I'm your brother. Your secret is safe.

Matthew: I can't ask you to lie for me.

David: Who's lying? I'm just not volunteering. There is a difference. Look, Matthew. Trust me. This is the right thing to do for everybody.

Matthew: Oh...

Nate: All you have to do is worry about today, getting your brain wrapped around the fact that your mom is sick. That's enough.

Dani: I don't even know where to start.

Nate: I think you do, and I'll go with you, all right, and we'll go, and we'll talk to them, and we'll sit.

Dani: Yeah, but then...

Nate: What?

Dani: It'll be real.

Téa: He killed a man?

Todd: Yeah, and he pulled a gun on Starr and Dani.

Téa: You took Dani to a hostage negotiation?

Todd: No. I didn't take her. I told her to go home and stay with you, but she somehow managed to sneak into the back of my car, in the trunk or whatever.

Téa: She is so like you.

Todd: Yeah. You love it.

Téa: Yeah, except when she puts herself in danger.

Todd: Well, that was Nate's problem. It's all his fault, believe me.

Téa: And Starr was there?

Todd: Yeah.

Todd: [Exhales] I don't how she got mixed in with it. I guess it was James. It was his money. He either stole it or was stashing it at the quarry. I don't know.

Téa: Does Blair know about this?

Todd: I'm not sure, but Starr is okay, except--

Téa: Except what?

Todd: Well, she's the one who shot James.

Téa: Well, is he okay?

Todd: Uh, well, if I'm lucky, he won't be okay.

Téa: Todd--

Todd: Well, he almost got my daughters killed.

Cole: Look. I know that you said you couldn't wait to get home to us, but now that you know about Hannah--

Starr: What, that she's a liar? I always knew that.

Cole: Starr, in Delaware, when I found that condom wrapper and your diploma, I thought that you had been with him, and it really, really messed with my head.

Starr: Oh, excuse me. Were you in surgery with Dr. Gangemi?

Nurse: No. Sorry. They're still in there.

Cole: What was that about?

Starr: James is in surgery.

Cole: The guy that was threatening you?

Starr: He wasn't threatening me.

Cole: Okay. Then I don't understand. Starr, what's going on? Why were you with him?

Hannah: I don't care how much evidence you think you've made up. Once the police hear what I have to say, that you pushed Marty Saybrooke down the stairs and killed her baby, they're gonna think twice about the assault on Ford.

Eli: Are you sure about that? Why would I want to hurt Marty or her baby? I'm her son's attorney, for heaven's sake. She trusts me. She hates you, especially now that she knows you lied about Todd, which got her son so wound up, he ended up in jail. Phew. Lady, you're gonna look like one cracked egg short of a dozen.

Hannah: John McBain will believe me, and you know he will. 

Layla: Which room?

Mrs. Williamson: Hasn't she suffered enough?

Cristian: I'll ask in there.

Layla: There she is.

[Machines beeping]

Starr: Basically, James was in trouble, and there was this guy that was after him, and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cole: Starr, you were with him for days.

Starr: Well, he had to take me with him because this guy, he saw us together when James was fixing my car. He thought that I was his friend, so he started threatening me to get to James. James was just trying to protect me until he could straighten things out. Cole, it was never about anything more than that. We did not sleep together, and you have to believe me. Please know that Hannah is lying.

Cole: I know that.

Starr: Cole, I just want to make sure that he's okay right now. That's all that it is.

Téa: Please don't overreact, okay?

Todd: Overreact? These thugs got my daughters mixed up in something that could've gotten them killed. I'm supposed to take the high road?

Téa: It's a thought.

Todd: Look. I was willing to pay this guy half a million dollars to keep this Nate punk alive, so don't give me any lectures about bending over backwards.

Téa: Look. All I'm saying, for your sake and for Dani's, please don't treat Nate the way that you've treated Cole, okay?

Todd: Oh, come on. Cole tried to beat me to death.

Téa: Yeah, because he was convinced that you were a heartless bastard with nothing reconcilable about your character, okay, and in the process, Starr's life is miserable. I will not be here to beg you. Please, I am begging you now. Please don't do to Dani what you did to Starr, okay?

[Knock on door]

Todd: Yes?

Nate: Excuse me.

Todd: Where's Dani?

Téa: Hey.

David: Who knows? You just might be able to make it up to them someday.

Matthew: To Nate and Dani? How?

David: Well, if they never find out that you're the one who sandbagged Nate, you get to still be friends with them, and then if they're ever in trouble or if they need something, you can help them out secretly, you know, do a few good deeds down the road.

Matthew: Like a secret Santa or something?

David: Exactamundo. So do we have a deal, huh?

Téa: Thanks for bringing Dani back, Nate.

Todd: Yes. Thank you.

Nate: Any time.

Téa: Oh, come here.

Dani: I'm sorry I walked out on you before. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I promise. Just please don't leave me. [Sobs]

Cole: James is in surgery? Well, what happened?

Starr: He got shot.

Cole: Jeez, what the hell happened tonight? What-- how'd he get shot? Who shot him?

Starr: I did.

Nurse: Miss? You were asking about Dr. Gangemi?

Starr: Yes. His patient, James Ford, did he make it through surgery?

Hannah: Let me go, or I'll scream.

Eli: You think I pushed a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. You think I cracked your ex-lover's skull. What do you think I'll do to you if you try to turn me in?

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