One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/2/10


Episode # 10724

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David: Well, well, well, ain't this the life, ladies? Unlimited mimosas, minimal tan lines, and a horde of undersexed women just waiting to baste me up in cocoa butter.

Dorian: Who are you calling undersexed?

David: Well, certainly not you, Dorian. You've got Charlie, but, you know, it's a little poor form to flaunt your conquests in front of poor Kelly.

Dorian: What conquests?

Kelly: Poor Kelly?

David: Kelly, I'm talking about that nun-like dry spell you've been going through. How long has it been since you've had a hard body under your fingertips? I'll tell you what, today is your lucky day. You crack your knuckles. We're gonna put you back in the saddle.

Todd: I did what you wanted. I came to the palace. Where the hell are you?

Bull: The kid and I had to take off. That ex-wife of yours was nosing around. She nearly caught us.

Blair: You'd better...keep it down. We don't want the whole country club to come running.

Eli: Oh, let them hear us. I want the whole world to know how I feel about you.

Blair: Good.

Jessica: Did you see how fast Bree ran to that T-ball field?

Brody: We might have a little slugger on our hands.

Jessica: You know, I just hope that mom and Charlie don't mind watching her for the day.

Brody: Are you kidding? They had already mapped out the batting order.

Jessica: And the ice cream stand.

Brody: While we get a little alone time. I mean, don't get me wrong, Bree's my best girl.

Jessica: Oh, really? Then what does that make me?

Brody: You are just the best.

Jessica: Well, don't worry about it. Nobody is gonna come between the two of us today.

Cole: You lied? You never saw Todd push my mom?

Hannah: I'm sorry. I know that it was--

Cole: You're just now figuring that out? Do you have no idea what that means?

Hannah: I'm sorry.

Cole: Look. I almost beat Todd to death because of what you said. I could be facing jail time; I could lose Starr, all because of what you said!

Starr: Oh, don't! What do you think you're doing?

James: Shh! Just go with it. 

Hannah: I never meant for things to get so out of control.

Cole: What did you think was gonna happen when you told me that Todd tried to kill my mom? You think I was just gonna let it go?

Hannah: I don't know!

Cole: You just weren't thinking. All you cared about was breaking up me and Starr.

Hannah: Cole, no.

Cole: You just wanted to drive us apart, just like Starr said.

Hannah: Look. You have to understand.

Cole: I should have listened to Starr. She said that I shouldn't trust you. She said that... oh, my God. She said that you would do anything.

Hannah: What?

Cole: You did it, didn't you? You pushed my mom down those stairs.

John: Hey. I'd have been here sooner, but traffic was a bitch.

Starr: What the heck are you doing?

James: Shh! Don't look now, but--don't look! There's a guy at the bar, and he's got a photo of us.

P.I.: Seen these two kids?

James: He's asking questions about us, too.

Starr: Wait. So your idea of keeping a low profile was kissing me?

James: Well, I am God's gift to great escape plans. It was the first thing I could think of.

Starr: What do we do now?

James: I don't know. Do you have any ideas? Because I've got to get out of here before Bull's man catches on.

Starr: Oh, jeez.

James: What?

Starr: Okay. I have some good news, and I have some bad news. The good news is that's not Bull's guy.

James: What's the bad news?

Starr: He's my dad's.

Todd: We had a deal: I come to the country club, you give me the kid, I give you the money.

Bull: I changed the deal. Now we're meeting somewhere else, someplace quieter.

Todd: No, I don't like it.

Bull: Doesn't look like you've got much of a choice. Now, get in your car and head north to Route 23A.

Todd: Yeah, and what then?

Bull: Take it going west. Get down the road far enough, you'll find a big red barn with a broken-down silo. Come right now.

Todd: It's gonna take a while to find that place.

Bull: It better not. I've got other business to conduct.

Todd: You know what? You don't get to change the deal or make demands. I want to know the kid's okay.

Bull: He's fine. Shaking like a leaf.

Todd: Prove it. Hello?

Dani: Is Nate okay? Nate?

Nate: Hey.

Ford: Glad to see romance is alive and well. To be honest, I didn't think you two could get it back together, all things considered.

Brody: I'm surprised to see you out of the hospital. Figured you'd be laid up a while longer.

Ford: I can bounce back pretty quick, with the right motivation--things to do, people to see. Like you, actually.

Brody: Why me?

Ford: I was just wondering if there was any word on Hannah O'Connor. She's the girl that tried to kill me.

Brody: McBain's on her trail. He'll find her.

Ford: All right. Good to know. Well, I'm gonna make the most of the sunshine. Thanks for the update. Some guys will stop at nothing to get a girl to be with them.

Jessica: But you're not like that.

Ford: Definitely not.

Ford: Are you okay with this?

Jessica: Yes. I want this.

Ford: And, uh, nice seeing you again.

Brody: I thought he'd never leave.

Jessica: Yeah, me, too.

Brody: So what was he talking about? How do you two know each other?

Kelly: What do you think you're doing?

David: This is high-grade tanning oil. It serves many purposes, but for now, just rub it into my skin.

Kelly: Excuse me?

Dorian: David, stop it!

David: Now, I know you're frightened. You don't need to be scared, Kelly. You're in good hands. As soon as you start to slick this all over me, it'll all start to come back to you. Don't worry.

Dorian: David, stop. Kelly, get your hand off him.

Kelly: I'm trying to!

Dorian: Security!

David: What a lovely singing voice you must have. You can't kick me out of here, you know.

Dorian: Oh? And why can't I?

David: Because I'm Viki's guest. You folks need me around here. I'm much-needed eye candy in an otherwise sugar-free world. Kelly will back me up on that, won't you, Kelly?

Kelly: I'm gonna go wash my hands, or burn them.

David: Oh, don't you wash that off. We still have my thighs and my calves to get to.

Dorian: Stop. You keep this up, and so help me, you are gonna be looking for companionship in chat rooms!

David: What do I need the internet for? I can always have you, baby.

Dorian: In your dreams. I will never again fall prey to a man of your...ilk.

David: I resent that. I have no ilk.

Dorian: Ilk, shmilk. That Robert Ford--why, he's a carbon copy of you.

David: Ford? My carbon copy? Come on! Ford's a pretender, a wanna-be, a never-will-be.

Ford: Somebody say my name?

Brody: I didn't think you and Ford knew each other that well.

Jessica: Stay away from me! Get away from me, Mitch! Get away from me! Stop it! You're a pervert! I'm your daughter!

Jessica: Remember? I told you I was at Cristian and Layla's, and Ford hit on me.

Brody: Right. Forgot about that.

Jessica: Wish I could. Kelly.

Kelly: Hi! Jessica. Hey, Brody.

Jessica: I didn't know that you'd be here.

Kelly: Well, I thought I'd enjoy the festivities, but I am thinking I'm gonna get while the getting is good.

Jessica: Oh, no. What's wrong?

Kelly: Just stay away from the pool. There might be blood in the water later.

David: You look ridiculous in that swimming suit.

Ford: This coming from last year's model.

David: Free piece of advice, Ford. Not everybody can be sexy. I've been wearing the stars and the stripes on the Fourth of July since you were in diapers.

Ford: Actually, speaking of diapers, yours is looking a little saggy.

David: What? Where is it looking saggy? Dorian, where does my suit look saggy?

Ford: Welcome to the party, David.

Dorian: Party hearty, boys, while you can. Ford, I intend to annihilate you. You will never again do to another woman what you did to my daughter. Understood? Don't say anything, all right? And I suggest that you get out of here before I speed up my timetable.

Ford: Listen. I'm not here to bother anybody. I'm just out here to catch some sunshine and relax.

Natalie: Are you okay?

Cole: Yeah, I'm fine.

Natalie: We were worried about you, especially since Hannah trashed your apartment.

Hannah: What? What is she talking about? That's not true.

John: You're under arrest for the attempted murder of Robert Ford. Please sit down.

Hannah: That's not true, either.

John: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say...

Natalie: You need to call your mom.

Cole: Yeah, I will, but first I'm gonna call Starr.

John: Do you understand your rights...

Starr: Oh, man! I would recognize that guy anywhere. He's one of my dad's P.I.s that he keeps on retainer.

James: He must have been tracking us ever since we stole your car from the dealership.

Starr: When my mom said that he was sending someone after us, I wouldn't think that he would catch up to us this fast.

James: I have got to slip out of here before he sees us.

Starr: Why don't you take his car? This way, we get a ride and then he can't chase after us.

James: Us?

Starr: Yeah! Look. His keys are at the counter. Okay?

James: You obviously have a plan, and I don't really like it.

Starr: Yes, you will. Go with it, okay? That's the price you pay, capisce? Let's go.

James: Go with what?

Waitress: Listen. I just started my shift.

P.I.: So you haven't seen them?

Waitress: Mm-mmm, sorry. I'll keep an eye out, though.

Starr: You looking for me?

Dani: Oh, my God, I'm so relieved to hear your voice.

Nate: Me, too.

Dani: Are you all right?

Nate: I'll be okay, Dani. I am so sorry I got you involved in this. I never should have taken that money.

Dani: No, just forget about it, okay? My dad's taking care of everything. And don't worry about your mom. I covered everything with her, okay? She doesn't know about any of this. So just sit tight, and please just do whatever that guy tells you to, okay? I couldn't stand it if...

Bull: Aww. How sweet. Now put daddy back on.

Todd: Yeah.

Bull: Come quick. In case you need a reminder, come alone. If I even think you're double-crossing me, the kid here gets two to the head, and so will you.

Blair: That...was...

Eli: Amazing. We make a great pair, don't we?

Blair: Oh, "great" doesn't do it justice.

Eli: There's probably only one thing that would.

Blair: What's that?

Eli: Marry me.

Eli: What?

Blair: That was good. That was good.

Eli: What, you think I'm kidding?

Blair: You're not?

Eli: Do I look like I'm joking?

Blair: Not when you say it like that.

Eli: Blair, I'm dead serious. I love you. I want to marry you.

Dani: What did Bull say?

Todd: Dani, would you relax? Please? Everything's all set. I'm going to get Nate now.

Dani: Where? Where?

Todd: That information is given out on a need-to-know basis.

Dani: Yeah, and I need to know.

Todd: You need Nate in one piece. Okay? You should stay here. No following me, no showing up there. I don't want you to risk getting hurt or shot or--

Dani: That's not going to happen.

Todd: Did you think this was gonna happen?

Dani: Yeah, but that's--

Todd: No buts. No buts. Go back to the Palace, be with your mother.

Dani: No. You need to tell me where you're going. Would you just listen to me for a second? You have to tell someone where you're going. What if something happens and no one knows where to look?

Todd: Nothing's gonna happen.

Dani: Yeah, I'll bet you didn't think this was going to happen, either.

Todd: I want you to trust me now, please? Okay? Nothing's gonna happen to Nate. I won't let it.

Dani: Look. It's not just Nate that I'm worried about.

Jessica: Thanks for giving me the day off.

Kelly: Well, I figured you could use a couple days to celebrate something besides our country's independence.

Jessica: But maybe we could catch up soon. Lunch tomorrow at the Palace?

Brody: Why don't you ladies talk now?

Kelly: I don't want to interrupt.

Brody: No, it's okay. I got to take this. It's John.

Jessica: I'm really not keeping you from anything, am I?

Kelly: No, no, don't worry about it. I'm really just trying to avoid David Vickers. What's up?

Jessica: It's Ford.

Ford: It's good to see you.

Langston: I wish I could say the same.

Dorian: How could you and why should you after what he did? Come, darling, let's go.

Langston: No, Dorian, it's fine. So, the doctors gave you a clean bill of health?

David: When did you stop working out? You look kind of spongy.

Ford: I'm surprised you're asking. I didn't think you would care.

Dorian: You are very fortunate that Langston takes after me, but do not confuse her high regard for human life with compassion or concern. A less generous woman would have killed you for what you did, and one evidently tried.

Ford: You're right. I behaved badly, and I got what I deserved.

Dorian: You see, that's one of the deadliest weapons in a predator's arsenal: Faux sincerity. What's next, an empty apology? Drop the act! My daughter is much too smart to give you a second chance.

David: Wouldn't be so sure about that.

Dorian: I beg your pardon?

David: Well, you keep saying how Langston takes after you.

Dorian: Yes, indeed, she does.

David: And you also mentioned that Ford and I are basically interchangeable, with the exception that I'm a large and he's a medium. You keep giving me chances.

Dorian: Each and every time, it was a large mistake.

Langston: Okay, enough, please, of the banter? Please?

Dorian: Sorry.

Langston: This is between Ford and me. I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.

Ford: I need a little rehab, but I'm all right.

Langston: Great. Then this won't hurt a bit.

Dorian: Aah! Ha ha ha!

P.I.: Your father asked me to find you.

Starr: Doesn't he know that I just wanted to be alone for a few days?

P.I.: You know your dad. He worries. And after you stole the car from the dealership and ran off with some guy, well, he has a point.

Starr: Well, I ditched that guy hours ago.

P.I.: Before or after you ran your car off the road? I found it abandoned nearby.

Starr: That was just an accident. It's not like I was hurt or anything.

P.I.: Good. Then I can take you straight home.

Starr: Actually, I was thinking, why don't we stop by at my motel first?

P.I.: Your father gave me strict orders.

Starr: It won't take that long. I mean, we could just...I don't know, I'm so tired, and you must be exhausted from all the searching that you've been doing. So we could go back to my motel and just put up our feet for a while.

Cole: I couldn't get through to Starr. My mom hasn't heard from her, either.

Hannah: Starr said she needed some time alone.

Cole: That's because you lied about everything.

Hannah: She still said it. I didn't make her say it. Just like I didn't make up the picture with her and that guy. She's probably with him right now.

Cole: Damn it, Hannah!

Natalie: Okay, guys, seriously, calm down, both of you.

John: Hey, what's the problem?

Hannah: Oh. Besides being falsely accused and arrested?

Natalie: Ford ID'd you as his attacker, and we have evidence to back it up.

Hannah: It's impossible. What evidence?

Natalie: Well, fibers that were found in his bedroom that match a sweater that was found in your closet, a sweater that has Ford's blood on it.

Hannah: Well, someone must have planted that in my closet.

Cole: So you just keep lying?

Hannah: I'm not lying.

Cole: Lying's all you know how to do. Why don't you tell John and Natalie the rest? The story about Todd and John and my mom's baby?

John: What did she tell you, Cole?

Cole: Right before you guys got here, she admitted that she lied about seeing Todd push my mom. Starr's been saying for months not to trust her, that she and her dad both agree that it's just her way of trying to break us up. And it almost worked.

John: Is this true? Did you lie about what you saw at the hospital?

Hannah: Cole's right. I lied.

Cole: How much you want to bet that she's the one that killed your baby?

Kelly: Whatever it is, it can't be that bad, because Ford just identified Hannah O'Connor as his attacker, right?

Jessica: He did.

Kelly: Okay, so you're off the hook.

Jessica: But I found out about that right after I decided to tell Brody everything that happened that night.

Kelly: By "everything," you mean...

Jessica: That I wanted to go see Cristian after the prom and he wasn't there and Ford was there and I was a mess and he consoled me and what almost happened.

Kelly: Okay. Well, if there's one thing I've learned about relationships, it's that full disclosure is good. That way, nothing will come back and bite you in the ass. How did it go?

Jessica: I didn't tell him. I was about to, but then we found out about Hannah, and I just figured, why tell Brody anything else, you know?

Kelly: Yeah. I mean, that's fair. But what changed?

Jessica: Ford's out of the hospital. We just saw him here, like, two minutes ago.

Kelly: Did he say anything?

Jessica: No, but he looked at me funny. It was as if everything that he could do to keep from winking at me.

Kelly: Well, that's because he's a sleaze.

Jessica: No, it's just so humiliating, you know? And I can't help but feel that Ford is gonna use what happened between us that night to his advantage, and I don't know what to do.

Kelly: Well, you know what? That's easy. You ask yourself, do you want Brody to hear about that night from you or from Ford?

Dorian: Ha ha ha! Mm-hmm.

Ford: You know what? Nicely done. I deserved that and then some.

Eli: You know, frankly, I'm surprised you're surprised.

Blair: Come on, Elijah. You just proposed to me out of the blue.

Eli: Wasn't exactly out of the blue, Blair. We talked about this the night that Bo and Nora got married.

Blair: I know! But I thought maybe you were just caught up in the romance of the wedding.

Eli: Well, you even said that if there was anyone who could make you think about giving marriage another try, it was me.

Blair: I had no idea that everything I said was gonna be held against me.

Eli: Blair, I put stakes down in this town for Danielle and Téa, and they don't need me anymore. I'd have gone back to Philly a long time ago if it weren't for you.

Blair: I'm glad that you didn't, but--

Eli: You've changed my life, Blair. It used to be that all I'd ever think about was me. Anytime I needed to make a decision, the only person I'd have to consider is myself. Now every time I make a decision, I think about you.

Blair: Look. I don't know.

Eli: Let's look at the facts. We've already established that we make a great team, right? No, no, "great" wouldn't do it justice. I believe that was the quote, correct?

Blair: Yes, counselor.

Eli: Now, am I also correct in saying that our greatness extends beyond the bedroom?

Blair: You would. But...

Eli: But?

Blair: This decision involves more people than just the two of us.

Eli: Well, I think your kids are terrific.

Blair: Even Jack?

Eli: When he's not blackmailing me, he's terrific. He's very entertaining. And I think I've even won the approval of Dorian.

Blair: Yes, and that is no small feat.

Eli: Then what are we waiting for?

Blair: I don't know what to say.

Eli: Say yes.

Starr: Oh, come on. You've been working for my dad for a while. We might as well get to know each other better.

P.I.: Are you for real? Your father would kill me.

Starr: He would never find out, unless he hired some detective to follow my every move, but that's you. Why don't you just give me a minute to freshen up, and I'll be back in a second. You can call my dad.

Waitress: Hey, that girl you were looking for--

P.I.: It's okay. She's here.

Waitress: Did you see the boy, too?

P.I.: The boy?

Waitress: Yeah.

Dani: Nate's not the only one who could get hurt if something goes wrong.

Todd: Don't worry about Bull. He'll be fine.

Dani: Come on, I really need you to be real right now.

Todd: I'm being real. Actually, no, I know you don't know me well, but, believe me, I've been in worse situations than this one.

Dani: Do I even want to know?

Todd: Probably not. Hey, you worry too much. You're gonna go gray before your time.

Dani: Look. Are you sure about this? Maybe we should just call the police.

Todd: No, that's a sure way to get somebody killed. All you need to do is wait at the palace with your mom, and I'll bring Nate right to you, okay? Deal?

Dani: Be careful.

Nate: It seems like everything's going according to plan, right? Mr. Manning's coming--

Bull: Kid, you better hope so.

Natalie: You? You were the one who attacked Marty?

Hannah: No! I didn't. You have to listen to me.

Natalie: First you let me take the blame for it, then you point the finger at Todd. You could have ruined his life. I mean, you took Marty's life into your hands. You made Marty and John lose their baby, and for what? On the off chance that it might break up Starr and Cole so you can have him for yourself? How could you do that to an innocent little baby?

Hannah: Stop it!

John: Hey. This isn't helping.

Natalie: She killed your baby, John.

Hannah: Neither of you know what you're talking about! You're both wrong!

Bull: Looks like one of my guests has arrived.

James: All I'm saying is, is you didn't have to come on to the guy.

Starr: Well, we had to distract him somehow.

James: By asking him back to your motel room?

Starr: Well, it worked, didn't it?

James: Yeah, and now you're stuck right in the middle of the meet with Bull. I should have just left you there.

Starr: You would never have left me behind with that skeezy P.I. guy.

James: You played me by playing that guy?

Starr: Uh-huh, and it worked, didn't it? See? See how thinking ahead can get you exactly what you want? Now, are you sure this is where Bull wants to meet you?

James: Well, according to the directions he gave me.

Starr: So now what?

James: Now I'm gonna go in there, and you are gonna go back in that car, and you're gonna drive yourself home.

Starr: I can't do that!

James: You have to.

Starr: Not until I know that you're gonna be okay.

James: I'm gonna be okay.

Starr: You stole $50,000 from your dad, money that you don't have. He sent a bounty hunter after you to get that money back.

James: So my dad's eccentric like that.

Starr: This is not okay. What is Bull going to do when he doesn't get that money back?

James: I'm gonna go in there, and he's gonna take me back, and I'm gonna work off the money I owe him. There's nothing to worry about.

Starr: Okay, good. Then I'm gonna go with you.

James: No, no, no! No way!

Starr: What if Bull tries to pull something?

James: And what? You think just because you're in there, he's not gonna pull something? And what if he does? What are you gonna do?

Starr: You're the one who said that I'm really good at thinking on my feet.

James: Forget it! You have a baby to worry about. No, this is where we're gonna part ways, here, all right? I'm sorry that I dragged you into this. But you've saved my ass enough, and now I owe you.

Starr: And I intend to collect. Just try not to get yourself in any more trouble, okay?

James: Drive carefully, twinkle.

Starr: Next time, you leave the carjacking up to the pros.

Blair: Eli, it means so much to me that you're asking me this.

Eli: But are you turning me down?

Blair: I'm asking you to give me some time to think about this. You can do that, right? I mean, it's a really big decision, and it wouldn't be fair to either one of us if I didn't take the time to think this through.

Eli: I just don't really know what there is to think about.

Blair: When I ended things with Todd, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't make the same mistakes again and again and again.

Eli: And I've told you again and again and again, I am not Todd. And marrying me wouldn't be a mistake.

Dorian: Darling, I am so proud of the way you handled yourself with Ford.

Langston: Yeah, pushing him in the pool--real mature.

Dorian: You stood up for yourself. That's the Cramer way.

David: She's absolutely right. There's nothing that a Cramer woman does better than crash and burn her one shot at love.

Langston: What?

Dorian: Do not listen to anything that this has-been hemorrhoid salesman has to say.

David: I didn't sell hemorrhoids. I was the spokesman for the number 3 national hemorrhoid cream. Langston, I got to say, if you can see past Ford's unsightly facial twitch and that obvious glass eye, I think he's a changed man.

Dorian: The only thing that is obvious is your low I.Q.

David: I think that near-death experience made him realize what he may have lost when he lost you. Well, like Dorian, like daughter. You pushed him away.

Dorian: Not hard enough, apparently.

David: But if you wanted him back, you could certainly try, and it might work.

Dorian: She doesn't want to try. She doesn't want him back. End of subject. Come on, darling, let's go to the barbecue.

Langston: All of a sudden, I don't feel like celebrating.

Dorian: Honey--

Langston: I'll just talk to you later. It's okay.

David: Hey, Dorian, it's gonna be okay. Langston's a smart girl. There's no way she's gonna end up like you.

Jessica: So you really think I should tell Brody everything?

Kelly: Jessica, you weren't in your right mind when everything happened with Ford. You and Brody weren't together, and nothing even happened. He will understand.

Jessica: You think so?

Kelly: The man endured a prom for you. He loves you, and that's all that matters, especially if he hears the truth from the woman he has waited for through thick and thin.

Jessica: Do you think this is thick or thin?

Kelly: After everything the two of you have been through, thin, very thin.

Jessica: You're right, I need to tell Brody.

Brody: Tell me what?

Jessica: Did you talk to John?

Brody: Yeah. He and Natalie tracked down Hannah in Maryland.

Kelly: They did?

Brody: Yeah. They're bringing her in. I just was getting Bo and Nora up to speed.

Kelly: Thanks for the tip. I'm actually gonna call "The Sun" and make sure they're on top of it. I will see you guys later. I will be around if you need me, but you won't. Have a good fourth, all right? Bye.

Brody: So? You wanted to tell me something?

[Knock on door]

Todd: Hey. Talk to me. You found Starr?

P.I.: I got a lead on her.

Todd: But you don't know where she is?

P.I.: Don't worry. You'll have your daughter back soon.

Todd: All right. Take care of it.

James: Hello?

Bull: You got my money?

James: Not exactly.

Bull: That's too bad.

Todd: Starr?

Starr: Dad?

Eli: All right, Blair, you know what? Listen. I understand. Marriage has been a complicated issue for you in the past, especially with Todd. So I understand if you need some time to think, because you, my dear, are worth waiting for.

Blair: Thank you for being so understanding.

Eli: Where are you going?

Blair: I'm going to go think about this, okay? I better get a start on it because I don't want to keep you waiting.

Dorian: And what would be so horrible about Langston turning out exactly like me? Look at me. I'm successful...

David: You certainly are.

Dorian: Rich.

David: Of course you are. Well, not Viki rich, but...

Dorian: I'm intelligent and elegant.

David: No arguments there. You're also impossible to please, covetous, and sometimes just plain mean. Now, is that how you'd like Langston to turn out?

Dorian: Oh, my goodness.

David: Are you all right?

Dorian: You've made me realize something, David. It's not a hug moment, but please, take my hand. Take my hand. You're right. I've got it backwards. I should try to become more like Langston.

David: There you go.

Dorian: Ha ha! How's that for a start? Yeah!

Ford: Come on in. We should talk.

Kelly: Langston? Honey, is this really where you want to be right now?

Langston: No, it's not.

Ford: Thanks. You can go now.

Kelly: I don't think so, not until you and I have a little chat.

Brody: So what do you want to talk to me about?

Jessica: Ford.

Brody: That jerk? Why?

Jessica: There's something you need to know about him and me.

Brody: Okay.

Jessica: The night that he hit on me, that wasn't the only time that I saw Ford. There was a time after that.

Brody: When?

Jessica: The night of the prom, when he was attacked.

Kelly: Let me tell you what's gonna happen. You're gonna forget about Langston.

Ford: Am I?

Kelly: Yeah. And while you're at it, you're gonna forget about Jessica Brennan, too. Right now she is telling Brody everything that happened between you, and when she's done, you will be lucky if he doesn't offer to help Hannah O'Connor finish what she started.

Ford: The cops will have to find her first.

Kelly: She was just arrested.

Ford: She was?

Kelly: They're bringing her back home right now. So you might want to watch your step, Ford.

John: We're done here. I'm taking you in.

Hannah: But you have to listen to me. This is a mistake. I didn't try to kill Ford!

Ford: You.

Hannah: I swear, you're wrong about Ford, just like you're wrong about me and Cole's mom! I didn't push Dr. Saybrooke!

Ford: So you heard the news, right? Hannah O'Connor's been arrested.

Hannah: Please. I didn't kill your baby. But I know who did.

Ford: Looks like our frame job worked.

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