One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/30/10


Episode # 10722

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Ford: Hi. You want to hold my ankles?

[Layla moaning]

Cristian: Good morning.

Layla: I'd say so. You think we woke the neighbors?

Cristian: Well, if we didn't, we could try again.

Layla: Ha ha ha! I like that. Oh! Hee hee hee!

Hannah: Think they're done?

Cole: Maybe it's a sign.

Hannah: For us?

Cole: Yeah. I have to go.

Hannah: But we haven't figured out our next move yet.

Cole: Well, I have. I have to leave before the cops find me first.

John: Had eyes on the house since Hannah escaped?

Lynch: No one has gone in or out.

John: Okay. Let's have a look. Chief, did you see anyone else with Hannah yesterday?

Lynch: No, but she didn't let me inside. This the guy you're looking for?

John: Yeah. It's Cole Thornhart. Any sign of him?

Lynch: Hmm. I'll have my men ask around. What's she gonna do?

John: Find any sign of him.

Eli: Hey, Téa, how you doing?

Téa: Blair told you, huh?

Eli: Don't get angry. I dragged it out of her. You know me. I keep secrets for a living, just like you. Anything I can do?

Téa: Don't stare.

Eli: Sorry. Listen. You need anything at all, don't hesitate to call me, especially if you need help with Danielle.

Téa: I got it covered.

Dani: We should've heard by now.

Todd: No. What time is it? Yeah. It's too early for a kidnapper.

Dani: Well, you sure he didn't call back last night? Check your phone again.

Todd: I checked it. I checked it last night. I would've called you if he called. You didn't sleep last night, did you?

Dani: I'm scared for Nate.

Todd: Don't be scared for Nate.

Dani: That Bull guy could hurt him.

Todd: Now, I made it clear to him that if he hurts Nate, he doesn't get any money.

Bull: Rise and shine, cupcake. It's time. Do or die.

Bull: Let's go. Up and at 'em.

Nate: You're letting me go?

Bull: What, are you still dreaming? Why would I let you go? I'm trading you in. Cash refund.

Nate: Mr. Manning called back.

Bull: I do the calling, kid. I'm ready to do business.

Nate: You think he has the money?

Bull: Yeah, yeah. His little girl wants her boyfriend, so daddy will buy you back. What?

Nate: It's nothing.

Bull: What, you don't think daddy will cough up the cash? Well, he better, or you're not going home ever.

Dani: Uh-uh. I never should've told you about this.

Todd: You wouldn't have your ransom without me.

Dani: You yelled at Bull. You gave him orders.

Todd: And?

Dani: And he hung up the phone on you.

Todd: Eh, he doesn't have very good manners. Kidnappers are not the better class of people.

Dani: You turned off your phone.

Todd: Maybe that'll teach him a lesson.

Dani: What if he took off with Nate?

Todd: Yeah. Okay. What would happen?

Dani: He would kill him.

Todd: Well, what good would that do him? Nate is worth nothing to him dead.

Dani: So he keeps Nate.

Todd: Oh, honey, do you have any idea what a pain in the ass it is to keep a hostage? Oh, they're terrible. They're whining all the time. They're complaining about how they're hungry, try to escape. No. Believe me, he wants to unload your friend as soon as possible, and I made it clear that it's gonna be worth his while to do so.

Dani: You sure?

Todd: Yeah. I've done this before. You did the right thing coming to me, by the way.

Dani: How can you be so calm?

Todd: That's what dads do.

Eli: So how's Danielle taking the news?

Téa: Uh, it's hard to say, really.

Eli: It's for the best that you told her. I mean, once Todd found out, it's gonna be pretty hard to keep it from her.

Téa: Blair told you that Todd knows? You know, that girl cannot keep her mouth shut.

Eli: Téa, I'm sorry, but everyone needs a confidant, even you, Téa Delgado.

Téa: Oh...

Eli: So how's Todd handling everything?

Téa: Great, actually. He's gone with me to treatments. He's stayed with me when I've been sick after.

Eli: Todd Manning nurses you when you're sick?

Téa: Yeah, believe it or not.

Eli: Keeps up this behavior, even Dani might give him another chance, huh?

Téa: I hope so because once I'm gone, Todd is the only family she'll have.

Eli: You know, I'll always think of her as a niece.

Téa: Thanks, Eli.

Eli: You'll call me if you need anything, right?

Téa: Yeah.

Dani: Okay, so call.

Todd: No, not yet.

Dani: Todd--

Todd: me on this, all right? Everything is gonna be fine.

Dani: You don't know that.

Todd: I'm not gonna let anything happen to your boy Nate, all right? I know it looks bad, but--

Dani: This is a nightmare.

Todd: Here I am. You're not having to go through it on your own, right? We're gonna go through it together, you and me.

Layla: Where are you going?

Cristian: We got to hit the road.

Layla: We will.

Cristian: Well, if we leave now, we'll be at your mother's by lunch.

Layla: Do you think my mother is gonna feed us?

Cristian: Well, we'll wait to tell her that we're getting married until after lunch.

Layla: Well, then we need to grab a good breakfast, just to be on the safe side.

Cristian: What do you think is gonna happen?

Layla: I don't know.

Cristian: Your mom could surprise you, you know?

Layla: Or she could throw us out.

Cristian: Or she could be happy that you're happy.

Layla: No. That's your mom.

Cristian: Your mom wants her daughter to be happy, too.

Layla: Both daughters. She spent the last 3 years being Evangeline's voice, her protector.

Cristian: Evangeline would be okay with us, Layla.

Layla: I keep telling myself that.

Cristian: Well, believe it. She'd give us her blessing. I'm sure of it. You know what? We won't leave until your mom does, too.

Layla: Mm. Come here, you.

Hannah: We can't go back to Llanview yet. Don't you want to find Starr?

Cole: She can't stay away forever.

Hannah: But if she's with that guy--

Cole: She'll go home, okay? She has to. That's where I should be.

Hannah: Look. Don't--

Cole: Hope needs me.

Hannah: I'm sure that Starr left Hope in good hands.

Cole: I'm her dad, okay? I need to stay out of jail, but if they catch me out of state, I'm in big trouble unless John McBain helps me.

Natalie: Luminol didn't pick up anything in the bathroom or the kitchen.

John: Good.

Lynch: Luminol? You're looking for blood?

John: Yeah.

Lynch: Wait a minute. Wait. Hannah O'Connor can't be a killer, okay? I watched this girl grow up. Now, she is good people.

John: Yeah, chief. That's what we heard, but, you know, this attack didn't come from nowhere.

Natalie: I want to dust for fingerprints because I got nothing clean in the kitchen and the bathroom.

John: Yeah. Go ahead.

Natalie: Okay.

John: Look. Hannah, she had a relationship with this guy that she attacked, all right? He dumped her, and she didn't take it well.

Lynch: All right. It's interesting. She told me that you're the one that had a thing for her.

Natalie: Ha! She's good, but that's not true.

John: No. Hannah had a well-documented history with the victim. He turned her loose and, like I said, she didn't handle it very well.

Lynch: Well, it sounds like a lot of women could have it in for this guy.

Blair: You're certainly much better.

Ford: Oh, yeah. They're probably gonna let me go home tomorrow. I need to get back in shape. I used to have a 10 pack.

Blair: You are a shrunken, little man.

Ford: Yeah. Well, you want to help me get back into shape?

Blair: No. I don't, but I will give you a tip on how to get healthy.

Ford: What's that?

Blair: Stay away from Langston.

Ford: Oh.

Blair: Dorian says you're sniffing around her again.

Ford: Hey, she came to see me.

Blair: Well, it is not gonna happen again, and if you were smart, you'd stay far, far away from her.

Ford: Or what, you're gonna take my head off?

Blair: Think lower.

John: Chief, I'm sorry, but Ford ID'd Hannah as his attacker. We have to bring her in.

Lynch: Well, if Hannah is hung up on this Ford guy, then where does Cole Thornhart fit in?

John: Well, it looks like she latched onto Cole after Ford dumped her.

Lynch: And you're convinced that she could hurt him, too.

John: Well, we have to rule that out, don't we?

Lynch: Wait. You don't even know that he's with her.

John: Chief, they disappeared around the same time, all right? No one has heard anything from either one of them since. Natalie... have a look at this.

Lynch: What is it?

Natalie: It's a cell phone battery, Smartphone, next generation.

John: Exactly what Cole has.

Hannah: Well, what could John McBain do?

Cole: I don't know. Sneak me back in town, go to bat with the judge if I get caught. I just don't want to put him in that position. You know, I just need to get back in town before anyone realizes that I'm gone. I just need to check my messages, and I'm sure my mom is looking for me.

Hannah: It's too bad your phone is dead.

Cole: Maybe I can talk to the front desk. Maybe they have a charger.

Hannah: No. Don't go out there.

Cole: What? There's no phone here. You lost your phone. What else can we use?

Hannah: Let me go check the front desk.

Cole: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Look. It's just down the hall, okay? It's not like anyone knows us here.

Cristian: I'm gonna pick up some breakfast, and then we hit the road, okay?

Layla: Yeah.

Cristian: You gonna be here when I get back?

Layla: Um, I'm the one who started this road trip, aren't I?

Cristian: Not exactly.

Layla: I'm not going anywhere but the shower.

Cristian: All right.

Layla: See you.

[Door closes]

Cristian: Cole... what are you doing here?

Nate: I didn't mean that--

Bull: What?

Nate: I'm sure Dani's father will come through.

Bull: Heard a lot of stuff about Manning.

Nate: It's not all true.

Bull: Yeah? Well, what about the part that he thinks he's God almighty and everyone else a cockroach that he can step on?

Nate: He loves Dani, all of his kids.

Bull: Even them he screws over. I figure it's 50-50 that he does right by you at best.

Nate: He'll come through.

Bull: You can hope, and I can plan in case Manning blows it.

Nate: What is your plan?

Bull: You don't want to know.

Todd: I know this is rough for you, but I think you can take it, right? You're tough. You're a Manning. I know it feels like hell, but you'll survive.

Téa: Todd...

Todd: Hey.

Téa: How could you? How could you tell her? How?

John: Cole's phone is still going straight to voice mail.

Natalie: Yeah. Well, now we know why. Serial number on the back of this battery is showing us this phone.

John: That looks like Cole's.

Natalie: We can contact the carrier to confirm.

John: That'll take time.

Natalie: Okay. So we keep looking. This bed looks like it's been recently used. If Hannah wanted Cole all to herself, maybe she got her wish.

Cristian: This is weird.

Cole: Yeah.

Cristian: I've never been to Aberdeen, Maryland, in my life...

Cole: Me, neither.

Cristian: And there's somebody I know right next door.

Cole: Yeah. So, um, what's going on?

Cristian: Layla and I are on our way to see her mom to tell her that we're engaged.

Cole: Oh, you are? Really? That's great. Congratulations. I think she's gonna be really happy.

Cristian: Yeah. Thanks, but she's not.

Cole: Why?

Cristian: There's a lot of history, long story, kind of like you and Todd.

Cole: Oh, right.

Cristian: It's lucky you made bail.

Cole: Yeah.

Cristian: You being in Maryland, you jumped bail, didn't you?

Ford: You're really focused below the belt, Blair.

Blair: It's not like that, you little weasel.

Ford: Too bad. It'd be the ride of your life.

Blair: You are unbelievable.

Ford: Hey, you want to think the worst about me, I'll give it to you.

Blair: You know what? You're not gonna give me anything, and you're not gonna give Langston anything. She's not a toy that you can play with, Ford.

Ford: No. She's an amazing woman.

Blair: Who's off limits to you, and it's not gonna happen again.

Ford: Why are you trying to scare me off?

Blair: Fair warning. Back off.

Ford: Why would I want to do that?

Blair: Well, let's see here, maybe because your dirty laundry is all over town. Yeah. Every woman in town knows exactly what you did, and little Miss Hannah here, I mean, they're just praying that she is set free.

Ford: Wait. Hannah is still out there?

Blair: Are you scared, Ford? Angry Hannah is nothing compared to the wrath of the Cramer women. Stay away.

Blair: Now, don't go ruining a beautiful, sunny day by reading the news. It's all bad.

Eli: Admittedly, this is a better view.

Blair: So, you have to be a lawyer today?

Eli: Not today. Courts are closed. It's why I'm all yours, and it still gives me enough time to track Cole down.

Blair: Want some help?

Eli: No. I got some people on it, thank you. Don't worry. What about you? Anywhere you need to be today?

Blair: Nope. Took care of a little business this morning at the hospital, but now I'm free as a bird.

Eli: Yeah? What kind of business?

Blair: I took care of Ford.

Eli: Robert Ford? You went to see Ford?

[Cell phone rings]

Layla: What do you want?

Ford: How did that nut job get away?

Layla: What nut job?

Ford: Is your boss even looking for Hannah?

Layla: What are you talking about?

Ford: Hannah O'Connor. She's the girl that attacked me. John McBain is supposed to be tracking her down.

Layla: She's the one who tried to kill you?

Ford: Yes.

Layla: Why?

Ford: I don't know. She's a confused little girl. I'd like to know what's going on over there.

Layla: I'm not at the police station, Ford.

Ford: Well, if you were, would you tell me? Come on, Layla. I almost died.

Layla: That's the only reason I didn't hang up on you 5 minutes ago. You know, you're one of the skeeviest manwhores I've ever met, Ford, and I lived in L.A.

Ford: I just want to know what the police are doing to track down Hannah.

Layla: Then call John McBain. I'm on vacation, and your stuff better be out of my apartment before I get back, or I'll burn it. Good-bye.

Cristian: You're supposed to be in Llanview, right, or at least Pennsylvania.

Cole: Right. I've been looking for Starr. She took off a few days ago.

Cristian: Is she okay?

Cole: Well, we've been having our problems.

Cristian: Right, so you jumped bail to find her. How does that help?

Cole: I know. I know. That's why I'm heading home. I swear. I'm checking out and going back to Llanview.

Cristian: Good call.

Cole: You gonna turn me in?

Cristian: As far as I know, you're still in Llanview, but make sure nobody else catches up to you.

Cole: Thanks, man.

Cristian: Yep.

Cristian: Hey.

Layla: You'll never believe what I just heard. Where's breakfast?

Cristian: Well, the food in the lobby looked kind of stale, so I figured we'll just pick something up on the way. What'd you hear?

Layla: Ford just called me. He remembered who attacked him.

Cristian: Who?

Layla: Hannah O'Connor.

Cole: Well, the guy at the front desk had my same phone. Finally, something is going my way...

Hannah: Yeah.

Cole: Only he wanted $20 an hour for charging fee, but it's not gonna take long. All I have to do is check my messages and call John, see if he can get me back in town under the radar.

Lynch: I'm gonna check in with my men, see if they've picked up Hannah's trail.

John: Thanks, chief.

Lynch: It's my job.

Natalie: Chief Lynch does not love his job today.

John: Yeah. Well, you know, he thinks he knows Hannah. This doesn't sound like her. I know the feeling.

Natalie: Think this sounds like Cole?

John: I wouldn't have thought.

Natalie: Yeah. Me, neither. I mean, I didn't know Cole all that well, but I thought he and Starr were pretty solid.

John: Might have been rough. You know, once Cole went after Manning, Starr was caught between them.

Natalie: And Hannah was right there for him.

John: Mm.

Natalie: Ooh.

John: What?

Natalie: Ah. A light, short, brown hair. It's not Hannah's but it could be Cole's.

John: Well, bag it. Hey, what about this?

Natalie: I could definitely lift a print off of that.

Hannah: Hey, you know, we shouldn't hang around here.

Cole: What's wrong with my phone?

Hannah: We're calling attention to ourselves, and the guy at the front desk is gonna remember us now.

Cole: It's still not working.

Hannah: Look. Maybe it's a dead spot. Come on. Let's try from the road. I mean, we'll find a phone store and get a disposable cell or something.

Cole: The battery is missing. Did you take the battery out of my phone?

Hannah: Uh...

Téa: How could you do this to me?

Dani: Do what?

Téa: How could you do it?

Todd: I didn't do anything. I wouldn't do anything...

Téa: I heard you, Todd.

Todd: Without you.

Dani: What are you guys talking about? Mom, what's going on?

Téa: Nothing. I thought--

[Cell phone rings]

Téa: I thought Todd was bothering you, and, uh--

Dani: Who is it?

Todd: Um, I have to take it. Stay with your mom.

Téa: Mijita, what's wrong? What's going on?

Todd: Yeah?

Bull: I was one ring from hanging up. You like to keep people waiting?

Todd: You're the one dragging it out.

Bull: You have the money?

Todd: Yeah--50,000, unmarked, nonsequential, small bills.

Bull: That's a good start. Now add a few zeros.

Todd: Yeah, right.

Bull: Do you hear me laughing? The price just went up--500,000.

John: How does it look?

Natalie: Well, I got one good print and a partial off the condom wrapper, but I lost Wi-Fi.

John: So we can't run a match.

Natalie: Well, I scanned a copy of Cole's fingerprint onto the hard drive, and looking at it, I see a 5-point match, so you know what that means.

John: Cole was here.

Natalie: He was thinking about safe sex.

Cole: Did you sabotage my phone?

Hannah: You think I would ever do anything to hurt you?

Cole: That's not an answer.

Hannah: I can't believe this.

Cole: The battery disappeared from my phone. Do you know anything about that?

Hannah: You shouldn't be using your phone, anyway.

Cole: You lost your phone, okay, and this was my only hope, but the battery is gone, so I can't call home.

Hannah: Well, maybe this is a sign, then.

Cole: Of what?

Hannah: That you shouldn't go back yet.

Cole: Let me see your purse.

Hannah: Oh, don't do this, Cole.

Cole: Why? Because you're afraid that I might find my cell phone battery?

Hannah: This is beyond insulting.

Cole: You're right. I-- I shouldn't. Didn't you say that you left your cell phone in Delaware?

Hannah: I did.

Cole: What the hell is this? Hmm? What's going on?

Cristian: Who's Hannah O'Connor?

Layla: Some college girl Ford was doing, probably at the same time he was seeing Langston. This guy skeeves me out.

Cristian: And this girl tried to kill him?

Layla: That's what Ford says, but she's a skinny, little thing. I don't see how she could possibly--

Cristian: Whoa, wait a minute. Wait a minute. You know this girl?

Layla: Between us?

Cristian: Mm-hmm.

Layla: She's the witness who saw Todd push Marty Saybrooke down the stairs at the hospital. I've seen her a lot at the station. She came to see Cole Thornhart every day.

Cristian: She and Cole are friends?

Layla: At least. I think she has a thing for him.

Cristian: Well, if she has a thing for Cole, then why did she attack Ford?

Ford's voice: "You weren't supposed to live. It doesn't matter. I'm in charge now."

Eli: Why did you see Robert Ford?

Blair: Because I'm onto him.

Eli: Onto him about what?

Blair: He's going after Langston again. I told him if he even comes near her just a little bit, starts breathing any of her air, he's gonna have to deal with the Cramer women.

Eli: Blair, that guy is a creep.

Blair: I know.

Eli: Half the things in the paper about him are true...

Blair: They are.

Eli: Then you shouldn't be going anywhere near him. He's dangerous. You want somebody to scare Ford, you have your lawyer do it, okay, oh, unless there was another reason you went to see him.

Blair: I have more important duties for my lawyer, but aren't you a little bit worried about, um, me and Ford?

Eli: No. Should I be?

Blair: Oh, I don't know, maybe just a little worried because--you know what?--He's got some really hot abs.

Eli: Oh, yeah?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Eli: You want hot abs?

Blair: Yes. I do.

Eli: Well, you better call a vet because these puppies are sick.

Blair: Ooh, hoo hoo!

Téa: Dani, did Todd upset you?

Dani: No.

Téa: Then what's wrong?

Dani: Nothing.

Téa: Sweetheart, I heard you two when I came in here. It sounded like he was talking you down from something pretty big.

Dani: Not really.

Téa: Oh, so you two were just chatting.

Dani: Look. He was just-- he was just here.

Téa: Okay. Well, I'm glad you two are getting along. That's good, but, baby, I'm here, too. You can tell me anything if you need to. You know that, right?

Dani: It's Nate.

Todd: Yeah. I'm sure I didn't hear that right.

Bull: Listen close. 500,000 to keep the pretty boy pretty.

Todd: I wouldn't get greedy, Bull.

Bull: Don't be stingy, Manning. It's not like you can't spare it. Besides, isn't it worth it to keep your baby girl happy?

Téa: Come here.

Todd: All right. You get nothing until I know the kid is okay.

Bull: He is.

Todd: Put him on the phone right now.

Bull: Speak.

Nate: Hello?

Todd: Yeah. This is Todd Manning. Are you all right?

Nate: Yeah. I'm fine, but you need to come--

Bull: 500k, one hour.

Todd: One hour? On what planet, man?

Bull: Make it happen. The country club, cabana 2. Any cops, any security guards, you even look funny, and people will get hurt.

Blair: Hee hee hee!

Eli: Let's take this inside.

Blair: You better take it inside.

Eli: It's locked.

[Doorknob rattling]

Blair: Well, you better get it unlocked, or I am gonna embarrass us both. [Laughs]

Eli: Whoa. I was--ahem. What's going on? Hi, Anne.

Ford's voice: "Now we need to make this work for both of us. If you don't do exactly what I tell you to do, I'll come back and finish the job."

Layla: Can we not talk about Ford? Every time I hear his name, I want to clean out my ears.

Cristian: Okay. No more f-word...

Layla: Thank you.

Cristian: But what's going on with this girl Hannah and Cole?

Layla: I don't know. It just looked like she was into Cole.

Cristian: Maybe she's the type of girl that gets violent when somebody else isn't into her.

Layla: If skeevy man can be believed, are you worried about Cole? John will take care of him. What?

Cristian: Between us?

Layla: Okay.

Cristian: Seriously, you can't tell anybody.

Layla: What?

Cristian: Cole is here.

Layla: Here?

Cristian: In this motel.

Layla: He can't be. He's out on bail.

Cristian: Yeah. He said he was looking for Starr, but--

Layla: But what?

Cristian: I'm just wondering if he knows that this girl Hannah could be dangerous.

Cole: So--

Hannah: Thank you.

Cole: You've had this phone all along.

Hannah: I didn't know. I mean, look at all this stuff. I just-- it must have been at the bottom of my bag.

Cole: Okay. Then let me use it.

Hannah: No.

Cole: So I was right. You were trying to stop me from calling home.

Hannah: Look. I told you before, you use this phone, they're gonna know you jumped bail.

Cole: Is that really what you're afraid of?

Hannah: Yes.

Cole: So you did take my phone battery.

Hannah: Yes, to save you from yourself.

Cole: Okay. Well, just give me the phone. Let me make a call. They're not gonna know who it is. It's gonna be okay. Hannah--

Hannah: When you listen to your messages, promise me you won't say anything until--

Cole: What, you listened to my messages? What really are you afraid of?

Hannah: John McBain. Cole, the police aren't after you. They're after me.

Natalie: Looks like Hannah got her hooks into Cole.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: You don't seem convinced.

John: I don't know. It's not like him, no matter how things were with Starr.

Natalie: You want to put out a new APB?

John: Once we do that, Cole is on the hook for jumping bail.

Natalie: Yeah, but everyone is looking for Hannah, and if Cole is with her, he's on the hook, anyway.

Lynch: Hold on.

John: That's why we have to find Hannah first.

Lynch: Well, we caught a lead. Hannah's car is at the bus station.

Téa: What happened with Nate?

Dani: It's really complicated.

Téa: Try me.

Dani: I can't. I mean, I shouldn't bother you with this.

Téa: Bother me, mija? Please. Can't we tell each other everything, huh?

Dani: Can we? How's everything?

Todd: Everything is okay.

Dani: Mom, can I talk to Todd?

Todd: Don't you have to get ready for my court case?

Téa: I'll be at the bar.

Dani: So what happened?

Todd: I talked to Nate. He's fine. I'm gonna make the trade right now, okay?

Dani: Okay. Great. Let's go.

Todd: No, no. You stay here. No. Listen to me, Dani. I'll call you when it's over. You stay here. Keep your mom company. She could use it.

Dani: Todd... thank you. Be careful.

Blair: We are so sorry. Actually, we didn't realize that someone was in here. Have we met?

Bull: This is my cabana.

Eli: Oh, are you the new owner?

Bull: I reserved it for the day.

Blair: I know. It was at the high-school graduation. Yeah. You're the gentleman that returned my daughter's handbag, right?

Eli: Oh.

Bull: Yeah. Yeah. That was me.

Blair: Well, thank you so much. I didn't realize you were a member of the club...

Bull: Yeah.

Blair: And I definitely know you. You're Dani's friend.

Nate: Yeah. Ahem.

Eli: Everything okay here?

Bull: Sure. Me and my son just wanted to spend the day together.

Blair: You're Mr. Salinger?

Bull: That's right, Bill Salinger.

Blair: Well, Mr. Salinger, I am Blair Cramer.

Eli: Elijah Clarke.

Bull: Good to meet you.

Eli: Likewise.

Bull: You know, I'm sure there's a free cabana somewhere.

Eli: Of course. Sorry.

Blair: Um, yes. We're so sorry that we barged in, really.

Eli: Have a good one.

Bull: Yeah. Have a nice day.

Eli: You, too.

Blair: Did that seem just a little bit weird?

Eli: Awkward. To tell you the truth, all I could think about was taking off your clothes with my teeth.

Blair: Oh, you better behave and go find us a cabana.

Eli: On it.

Blair: Ha ha ha!

Bull: You better hope she bought it.

Nate: Or?

Bull: It'll be time to cut my losses.

Téa: All clear now?

Dani: Yeah. Sorry about that.

Téa: I saw Todd left.

Dani: Yeah. He had to go somewhere.

Téa: Uh-huh.

Dani: What?

Téa: Ha ha ha! I'm sorry. It's just hard to get used to, you being nice to Todd.

Dani: Yeah. Well, you want me to try, so--

Téa: I'm happy you are.

Dani: Really?

Téa: Mm-hmm.

Dani: You don't look happy.

Téa: I am. I'm happy.

Dani: No. You look--I don't know--pale. What's up with you?

Téa: I probably just need some sun.

Dani: No. Besides that. Mom, when you came up before, you freaked out because you thought that Todd was telling me something. What'd you think we were talking about?

Nate: Mrs. Cramer barely knows me, okay? Don't worry. She bought it.

Bull: Until she finds out there's no Bill Salinger at the club.

Nate: You'll be gone by then.

Bull: I can't afford to wait.

Nate: What are you gonna do?

Bull: What I should've done when I found you.

Blair: Well, look who crawled out of his cave. Have a nice day, jerk.

Todd: Open up. It's Manning.

John: Yeah. I'm on my way. Bus driver ID'd Hannah and Cole from the photos. They were on a bus to DC. They got off at Aberdeen, Maryland.

Natalie: Right. I'll get us a route.

John: Hey, chief, I want to thank you for all the help.

Natalie: Let's go!

Layla: You want to warn Cole about Hannah?

Cristian: I think he was checking out when I ran into him, but do you have his cell number?

Layla: No.

Cristian: All right. Well, if he's on his way back to Llanview, then I'm sure he'll hear about Hannah soon enough.

Layla: Maybe we could track him down.

Cristian: You can't tell John or anybody at the station about this.

Layla: We'll do it. We'll go look for him.

Cristian: Okay. Okay. Nice try.

Layla: What?

Cristian: You want to turn around and go back to Llanview. I know this game.

Layla: I'm not playing.

Cristian: You really, really, really, don't want to tell your mom that we're getting married, do you?

Layla: That's not it. I just don't want Cole to get hurt.

Cristian: Me, neither, but you know what? That's out of our hands.

Cole: The cops are after you? What for?

Hannah: Trying to kill Ford.

Ford's voice: "Follow my instructions to the letter. I'll be watching every move you make."

[Cell phone rings]

Ford: Hello? Why are you calling me? I did exactly what you told me to do.

Cole: John thinks you bashed Ford's head in?

Hannah: I know. That makes no sense. Cole--

Cole: Did you do it?

Ford: Yeah. I told the cops that Hannah tried to kill me, just like you said. Yeah. Have you seen the paper? I sold it. Yeah. The cops believe me, even though we both know it's a lie.

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