One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/25/10


Episode # 10719

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Price: Hey, we hit everybody in town, but school is out, and they're scattered.

John: Hmm, afraid of that.

Blair: And you can't just bang down the door. You can't bust through, Todd.

Todd: He hasn't bothered to call in an hour.

Blair: Knock.

John: 3, 2, 1.

Blair: Todd--

Todd: John, I've done more to find Hannah than you two morons have done in the last two days.

Blair: You're not helping.

John: What you want, Manning?

Todd: I want you to do your job. Find Hannah and haul her in here.

Gigi: Nice job on the food, Balsom...

Rex: Thank you.

Gigi: But I don't see any dessert.

Layla: Oh, we've got chocolate chip cookies.

Rex: Oh, and I brought these. We just need to make a fire, and we're all set. Help me find some sticks?

Gigi: I guess we are roasting marshmallows. Be right back.

Cristian: I think we're going to be waiting a while for dessert.

Layla: Mm-hmm.

Gigi: Why are we stopping? I thought we were hunting for sticks.

Rex: No. That was code.

Gigi: For what?

Rex: This. What's that?

Gigi: Seriously? You find a shiny object, and it's all over? What are you, a magpie?

Rex: I want to check it out.

Gigi: Why don't you check me out? You're the one that pulled me over here.

Rex: But that was before I saw this shiny object.

Gigi: Well, that's great.

Rex: Come on. Isn't it a little strange? I mean, who leaves an expensive case like this out in the dust?

Starr: I really thought that this would work. I thought it would get us out of trouble.

James: I know, I know. Don't worry about it.

Starr: What are you doing?

James: What does it look like? I'm stealing your car.

Starr: What?

James: I'm jacking the SUV. It means stealing.

Starr: I know what it means, but you can't.

James: I'm out of options, Starr. I'll chop this, and I'll get the cash to Bull.

Starr: I thought you wanted to stop stealing cars.

James: I want us to both keep breathing. Look. If I don't get that money back that I took--

Starr: Okay. We could find it. I mean, we could go try to look for it.

James: Forget it. That money is long gone.

Starr: Shh.

Bull: The girl he hooked up with, the Manning girl, yeah, she belongs to the club. I thought I might be able to find him here with her. Relax. The kid stole $50,000. No way I'm gonna let him fall through the cracks.

Dani: Hey, how did it go with the manager?

Nate: Turns out, there's a long line of people ahead of me for the waiter jobs. I'm still a towel jockey.

Dani: Maybe you won't even need this job much longer. You are $50,000 richer these days.

Nate: Shh.

Matthew: Excuse me, but I think I can help you find the guy you're looking for.

Bull: Beat it, kid.

Matthew: Okay. If you don't want your 50 G's, I mean--

Bull: What did you say?

Cristian: What time is it?

Layla: Later than noon, before sunset.

Cristian: Oh...

Layla: What? Don't ruin the moment.

Cristian: We have to get your mom's. We are way off schedule.

Layla: What difference does a few hours or days make?

Cristian: Days?

Gigi: Looks pretty normal to me.

Rex: You're a girl. This could be a treasure.

Gigi: Or a bomb.

Rex: It's not ticking.

Gigi: So that means there's no bomb?

Rex: Aren't you a little curious, Gige? I mean, this could be gold bars or bearer bonds, launch codes.

Gigi: So we could rule the world.

Rex: You bet. This baby and all its secrets are ours.

Nate: That money is going to the mortgage payments.

Dani: You didn't even want to keep a little bit?

Nate: My mom is already putting some of it away in my college fund.

Dani: No. I wasn't talking about that. You know, like spending money.

Nate: Have you ever seen them repossess a house? It happened to the family next door about a month ago. Sheriff comes in. He bolts your house. You can even go in and get a toothbrush. The neighbors are all watching. You got no place to go.

Dani: It sounds bad.

Nate: Yeah. I thought about a new jacket for, like, 10 seconds. The mortgage won.

Dani: I can't even imagine what it's like.

Nate: So don't. It's not pretty, and I don't like to see you frown.

Dani: I'll try not to.

Destiny: Well, neither of you have reason to frown at all. Matthew is officially off your case.

Matthew: Uh, might I suggest you move that, okay? Security around here knows me, and I'm sure they don't know who you are.

Bull: You misunderstand. I was just saying hello. Hello, and thanks for your help. Do you have my money?

Matthew: No, but I can point you in the right direction.

Todd: Where's Hannah? Where is she? Where is she?

John: Not discussing this with you.

Todd: You don't know, do you?

Blair: You're not helping, Todd.

Todd: Like you're not worried. Listen, John. You want help from the press? I got it for you. I plastered this wacko's mug all over the front page of the "Sun," on the web site. I bought TV time. I bought radio time. That's what I've done in the last hour. What have you done here, just pushing some papers around?

John: At this point, you're just getting in the way.

Blair: Listen, John. We have not heard anything from Starr.

John: Not since the message yesterday?

Todd: No. She's still missing, and the chances are, that psycho bitch Hannah still has her.

Starr: Wait. Okay. There has to be another way.

James: $50,000 in the next two hours? How's that gonna happen?

Starr: Well, my dad will be here soon.

James: You do not want to get him involved.

Starr: Okay, but then you won't be around. Look. Listen. My dad will buy me the car. He'll give me the keys. I give the keys to you. It'll be legal.

James: What if he gets in the middle of things?

Starr: He wouldn't. Okay. He will, but I'll handle him when he does.

James: What if he makes you go home with him? Bull is following me and you. That would lead him straight to your family, to your daughter.

Starr: There has to be some other way.

James: Look. I've done this a thousand times.

Starr: That's not comforting, James. Multiple felonies does not make me feel better about this.

James: Okay. Look. I don't want to add anything else to my rap sheet, either, but... you're right.

Starr: Wait. What? What just happened?

James: You're right. I mean, I'm not the only one. If I steal this car, you're an accomplice, and I can't do that to you, so just forget it.

Starr: Well, and then what?

James: I don't know. Maybe I'll turn myself in.

Starr: You'll go to jail?

James: Well, at least there, my dad can't touch me, probably.

Starr: Steal it.

James: What?

Starr: Come on. Jack my car.

Cristian: Where's my phone?

Layla: You don't need it.

Cristian: No. I don't. I know we're not gonna make it to your mom's tonight.

Layla: Well, that's okay.

Cristian: You know, we keep going like this, we are never going to tell your family were getting married.

Layla: They'll find out when they find out. I'm not worried about it.

Cristian: Right.

Layla: You think I'm chicken?

Cristian: You said it.

Layla: Oh, okay. You call me chicken so I'll double-time it down to Maryland and drop the bomb on them.

Cristian: The bomb?

Layla: You know what I mean.

Cristian: Yeah, but look. If it's such a big deal to tell your family that we are engaged, then why don't we just take it out of the equation?

Layla: You don't want to get married?

Cristian: Even better. Let's elope.

Nate: So we're good with Matthew?

Destiny: You are now. I backed him off.

Dani: You said something to him?

Destiny: Yeah. I saw him treating Nate like the help. That doesn't fly.

Nate: Thanks.

Destiny: Neither does trying to jump the line to become a waiter. Yeah. I've had my eye on you.

Nate: You like what you see?

Destiny: Don't play with me.

Dani: I can't believe you talked to Matthew.

Destiny: You're welcome. Now you two can make out in peace. No one is going to bother you.

Bull: What's your name?

Matthew: Matthew Buchanan.

Bull: As in the Buchanans?

Matthew: Yeah. Can I ask what your name is?

Bull: That's not so important. How do you know about my problem?

Matthew: Well, I overheard you say somebody stole 50 G's from you. That's got to suck.

Bull: Yeah. It does.

Matthew: And you said the guy who took it is hanging out with his girlfriend, a Manning?

Bull: That's right.

Matthew: Then I can help you.

Bull: You know this Manning girl?

Matthew: Definitely.

John: Okay?

Price: All right.

John: Listen. I understand that you are concerned about Starr.

Todd: No. You wouldn't understand until you actually have a kid.

Blair: Okay, Todd. That'll stop. Why don't you wait outside, and I'll deal with John, please?

Todd: I mean, are you really looking for Hannah? Do you know how dangerous this woman is?

John: Yeah. We got it.

Todd: I see. Because she is the one who killed your baby. She pushed Marty. She beat the hell out of this Ford character.

John: You want to get thrown out of here again?

Todd: Yeah, actually. That would help.

Blair: Todd-- John, we don't know anything. I mean, can you tell us anything?

John: There is no evidence that Starr was taken by anyone, all right? Wherever she is, it looks like she went voluntarily. Now, you said she wanted some time off, right?

Blair: Yes.

Todd: Oh, she doesn't just take off, not anymore.

Blair: Well, she could be with Cole. I mean, there's a possibility.

Todd: I guess we'll just wait around and see if that's true.

John: Would you like to file a police report?

Todd: Would that change anything?

John: We're doing everything we can, Blair. Didn't you say something about he was supposed to meet her at a car dealership?

Todd: Yeah. He's standing right here.

Blair: Yes. Were going to give her her graduation present.

John: Okay, so be there all right? If she doesn't show up, she doesn't get in contact with you, let me know.

Blair: All right.

Todd: Man, you are a waste of space and taxpayer dollars, I'll tell you.

Blair: Todd, just stop. You're not driving like this. Thank you, John. Just give me the keys.

Price: Whew, that's one charming man.

John: Yeah.

Price: Think we need to worry about Starr Manning?

John: They're right about one thing. Disappearing like this isn't like Starr.

James: This is a new side of you, twinkle. I like it.

Starr: Just get the keys and let's go. I need to get back to my family.

Starr: I thought you were a pro.

James: At hotwiring, not picking locks.

Starr: Well, how did you get into the car in the first place?

James: You don't pick a car lock the-- will you just let me do this?

Starr: Oh, and then we'll get out of here?

James: Well, I can't exactly just drive off with that guy there. I need a diversion.

Starr: Okay. I'll handle it. Just get the keys.

James: Just get the keys?

Starr: And do it quickly, or else we are both going to jail.

Car Salesman: I'm sorry, Ms. Manning. My supervisor is finishing with another customer. He'll be with you shortly.

Starr: It's no problem. We'll just wait here.

Car Salesman: Have a seat.

Starr: Uh, we don't need any company.

Car Salesman: My supervisor wants to make sure he sees all the paperwork.

Starr: Actually, my friend here wants to look at that sports car that we were checking out earlier.

Car Salesman: You want to see the 920?

James: Why not?

Car Salesman: Right this way.

Layla: Elope?

Cristian: Romantic, huh?

Layla: Elope?

Cristian: Yeah. It'll be our wedding, and we won't have to deal with anybody else's attitude about it. Plus, we'll save a bundle of money that we can use for a new place or an amazing honeymoon.

Layla: Elope?

Cristian: Yeah. It'll be a done deal so then when we see your mom, what can she say?

Layla: I know exactly what she'd say. She'd say, "How can my baby girl elope and not have me at her wedding?"

Cristian: Which is way better than, "I won't let my baby girl marry that guy."

Rex: Look what we found. Cris, what do you make of this?

Cristian: You found that in the woods?

Rex: Yeah, in the woods, buried.

Gigi: Yeah. It's a shiny silver box.

Dani: I can't believe you said something to Matthew.

Destiny: Girl, please. Why else did you come to me with it? And like I wouldn't get in his face, anyway, the way he was acting.

Dani: I just don't want him to get any more upset.

Nate: He was going to be, no matter what.

Destiny: The man is right, but I talked him down.

Dani: Thank you.

Destiny: Finally. You're welcome. You know, Matthew is one jealous puppy right now. He could put you both in a world of hurt.

Bull: I don't understand you, kid.

Matthew: And why is that?

Bull: Well, you hear a total strangerís phone call and you're ready to jump in and provide information?

Matthew: I'm a pretty helpful guy.

Bull: So you're not out to settle a score of your own?

Matthew: And if I am?

Bull: Look. I don't like wasting my time. You won't like it, either.

Matthew: Hey, you want your money, and I want to see the guy who took it pay.

Bull: Sometimes life works out that way, huh?

Matthew: Sometimes.

Bull: Have you seen the money?

Matthew: No, but I know the guy who took it is carrying it around with them in a backpack.

Bull: Ooh, very careless.

Matthew: Nate said it was prop money for a school play. That was a lie, so we had to have stolen it.

Bull: Nate?

Matthew: Nate Salinger.

Price: There you go. Does Manning stop by here much?

John: You don't have to worry about him. He's my headache.

Price: Unless the D.A. could put him away for that attack on Marty Saybrooke.

John: It's a big if.

Price: You don't think they can build a case?

John: I'm not sure if it's the right one to make.

Price: You're liking that O'Connor girl for that one, too, huh?

John: Can't be sure, but a lot of bells are going off.

Price: Well, maybe we should be worried about Starr Manning.

John: You know, if anyone is in danger, it's Cole. Hannah is fixated on him. If he sets her off, there's no telling what she'll do.

Hannah's voice: What's wrong?

Cole's voice: I found this in the bedroom.

Hannah's voice: Okay, Starr's diploma. That doesn't mean that she and James, you know--

Cole's voice: This does.

Hannah: What?

Cole: I can't do this.

Blair: Okay. You are just paranoid and downright crazy when it comes to John McBain.

Todd: I mean, you saw him. He doesn't give a damn about Starr.

Blair: That's because he doesn't think that she is in any danger, and that's a big difference, Todd, and there's no way that he's holding back on the investigation just to stick it to you.

Todd: He wants me on the hook for Marty and his baby. He is not gonna actually look for Hannah.

Blair: Oh, my gosh, he's got a manhunt out for her. Why are you making this all about you?

Todd: He wants me in jail. He doesn't care if Starr gets hurt to make it happen.

Blair: Okay. Just stop right now because if this is you being rational, I'm good to do all the talking, got it?

Todd: No, no. This is my deal. I bought the car.

Car salesman: Mr. Manning, I wasn't expecting you.

Todd: What are you talking about? We were supposed to meet Starr here today.

Car Salesman: I got the feeling she wasn't coming back.

Blair: What? Starr was here earlier already?

Car Salesman: You could say that.

Todd: Was does that mean? What are you talking about?

Car salesman: She showed up and threw a big fit when I didn't give her $60,000 cash. Then she stole a car.

Cole: I'm sorry.

Hannah: It's okay. I'm sorry, too.

Cole: Why? I mean, it wasn't-- I mean, it was me.

Hannah: If you didn't notice, I was right there.

Cole: I did.

Hannah: I really am sorry. I don't want to cause any more problems between you and Starr.

Cole: Don't worry. We did this all by ourselves, and I can't make it worse by hooking up with you.

Hannah: Hooking up?

Cole: Yeah. I mean, it wouldn't be fair, using you to hurt Starr because Starr hurt me, and you don't deserve that after what Ford did to you. Anna: You mean, you don't want to use me and then dump me?

Cole: Exactly. I couldn't.

Hanna: Is that all it would be?

Cole: What?

Hannah: If we-- I mean, would it just be-- do you care about me at all?

[Tires screech]

Starr: Aah! Whoa!

James: Oh, thank you, God.

Starr: Oh, what's your problem?

James: Nothing. I'm still alive.

Starr: Oh, please. Come on. I had to put some distance between us and the car dealer.

James: Yeah, who was not in hot pursuit with a loaded gun. Did you notice that part? Nobody was shooting at us.

Starr: Well, I'm not going to take any chances.

James: You took a corner at 50 on two wheels, and you cut off an armored truck on an exit ramp. Those are big chances.

Starr: Are we here safe and sound?

James: Look. First rule of car theft is--

Starr: Is you don't talk about car theft?

James: No. You blend into traffic. Don't draw attention to yourself.

Starr: We are here safe and sound, right? You have a car that you can use to pay off Bull.

James: In theory.

Starr: What? I mean, you're the master carjacker here. So what happens now?

James: I have no idea.

Todd: It has to be a mistake because our daughter is not a car thief.

Car Salesman: I can show you the security footage if you like.

Todd: Well, yeah. Sure. My whole security team will be looking at that footage.

Car Salesman: Definitely your daughter.

Blair: Wait a minute. This man, with which is my ex-husband, purchased the car for our daughter.

Todd: It's a very nice car, too. It's an SUV, tricked out, sweet.

Blair: Yeah, so it's not a theft.

Car Salesman: Ms. Manning decided she didn't want the car. She wanted the cash, instead. I explained to her that the money was her father's, so any cash refund would go to him. This is where she threatened me and demanded to see my manager.

Todd: That's my girl.

Car Salesman: Then, while I was showing a car to her accomplice, she took off like a bat out of hell.

Blair: Accomplice? Hannah put her up to it, Todd.

Car Salesman: Ma'am, I get the feeling no one forces your daughter to do anything.

Todd: Who was she with?

Car Salesman: Young man, but I assure you, she was in charge. She barely slowed down enough to let him in.

Todd: That's Cole making her do all the dirty work.

Blair: You don't know that, but is this who you saw?

Car Salesman: Well, that's the girl, but that's not the boy she was with.

Starr: Why don't you know what happens next?

James: This is a new situation.

Starr: How many cars have you stolen?

James: That was back home, okay? I've got to figure this out.

Starr: Okay, so you take a car, and you cut it up.

James: Chop. You chop the car.

Starr: Okay. You chop the car, and then you sell the pieces, right?

James: Right.

Starr: Okay.

James: Do you know anyone who fences stolen goods in Llanview?

Starr: Not offhand.

James: Okay. Well, if we were in Ohio, I know who to call.

Starr: We are not in Ohio, and we can't go to Ohio.

James: I know. That's why I have to figure this out here, okay? I've got to find a contact somehow.

Starr: How long is that gonna take?

James: I don't know.

Starr: That's not good enough. This needs to be over now. I did not steal a car for this not to be over now.

James: I get it, all right? I get it.

Starr: Do you?

James: Yes. You want this over now, and there's only one option.

Starr: What's that?

James: I call Bull.

Cristian: Who leaves a case like that in the middle of nowhere?

Rex: That's what I said.

Gigi: So why are we opening it, again?

Cristian: You haven't opened it?

Rex: No, not yet.

Cristian: Why not?

Gigi: He wanted an audience.

Layla: Enough of the suspense.

Gigi: Just open it already.

Rex: All right. 1, 2, 3.

Gigi: Nothing!

Rex: "Ford's Body Shop."

Cristian: Isn't it Ford body shop?

Rex: No. It's a name, not the brand of car. Think it's your roommate Ford?

Nate: So that's good, this stuff with Matthew.

Dani: I guess.

Nate: What?

Dani: I don't know. It's just sudden. I mean, like, he's all upset, and then 10 seconds later, there's no problem? He was really mad.

Nate: He probably still is, at me.

Dani: No. I'm the one who hurt him.

Nate: But he cares about you, so let's hope he blames me, and then you two can go back to being okay, you know, like friends, not--

Dani: I got it.

Price: All right. Well, we pulled the luds on Hannah's phone in the dorm-- a couple calls to her parents earlier in the term, but nothing now.

John: What about her cell?

Price: A couple of her classmates, said it was all about class work, and a whole bunch of calls to Ford.

John: Nothing else stands out?

Price: No. She's quiet, did her homework. Nobody ever really knew her well.

John: Parents?

Price: Well, let me see. Parents been in Europe for a couple of months. Last known pension was in Umbria, and they were on their way up north backpacking.

John: That's great.

Price: State department flagged their passports.

John: Yeah. I won't hold my breath.

[Telephone rings]

John: McBain. Yeah? Really? Which exit? Okay. Thanks. Let me know. Hannah left the state.

Price: She's on a plane?

John: No. She used her speed pass on interstate 95. She's in Delaware.

Cole: Of course I care about you. You've been a good friend. That's why I don't want to be a dog here.

Hannah: You wouldn't.

Cole: Well, I could've, but that'd really suck because you've been great to me. You know, every time something goes wrong, I look around, and there you are.

Hannah: Well, you've been the same for me. You've helped me more than you'll ever know.

Cole: I don't know how, but--

Hannah: Trust me. I've gotten through a lot because of you.

Cole: Good.

Hannah: And thanks for saying it.

Cole: What?

Hannah: That you care about me. I was beginning to think that you believed what everyone was saying.

Cole: I don't listen to anything that Todd Manning says. What?

Hannah: It's Starr, too. She thinks I'm trying to break you guys up.

Cole: Well, I don't know if I can believe anything that Starr says.

Hannah: I do. I mean, I get why she would say it. She probably noticed it before I did.

Cole: What?

Hannah: I would never try to break you guys up, but the truth is, somewhere along the line, things changed for me.

Cole: What do you mean?

Hannah: I think I'm falling for you.

Matthew: You're looking for Nate Salinger, right?

James's voice: I don't have the money.

Bull's voice: Where is it?

James's voice: I don't know. I lost it.

Bull: Little bastard told the truth.

Matthew: Huh?

Bull: Nothing.

Matthew: Look. Maybe I've got the wrong guy. I don't know.

Bull: No, no. I'm sure you're right. Where can I find Nate?

Matthew: I don't know.

Bull: Don't you want a little justice done?

Matthew: He's right over there.

Blair: You sure that this is not the guy Starr was with.

Car Salesman: Positive. This kid doesn't look anything like him.

Blair: Oh, well, what did he look like?

Car Salesman: Well, he was a kid about her age, brown hair, nice looking.

Todd: Catch a name?

Car Salesman: Your daughter did all the talking. Now, if you'll excuse me, I was about to call the police.

Blair: What?

Todd: Oh, no, no, no. You make that call, you get fired.

Car Salesman: You can't do that.

Blair: Oh, yes, he can. Starr took a car that she owned.

Car Salesman: Not yet, she didn't.

Todd: Excuse me a second.

Blair: Oh!

Todd: Forget about being fired. What I'm gonna do, if you call the police, I'm gonna buy this establishment. I'm gonna run you out of business. What's your name?

Car Salesman: Gil.

Todd: Gil, all right. I want you to look at the big picture here. You obviously had a day you'd like to forget. I suggest that's exactly what you do. All right. Here's how it went, Gil. I sent Starr down here early to acquire the automobile. The automobile has been paid for in full by me. I'll sign all the paperwork, okay? There was no theft, no theft. Write her up.

Gil: Yes, sir.

Blair: What's going on, Todd? Who has our daughter?

Starr: You want to call the guy we've been hiding from, the guy who wants to break your kneecaps for stealing $50,000?

James: They owed me that money.

Starr: This is insane.

James: Not totally, okay? I know that Bull might want to hurt me, okay, but we've got a car that's worth more than what I owe him. We can just give Bull the car.

Starr: And what if he doesn't want it?

James: He can take it and sell the parts, just like I would.

Starr: Well, does he know the right guys that he can sell the parts to?

James: He doesn't need to. Bull is not on the run, okay? He can make the contacts. He can take it out of state and sell it if you wanted to.

Starr: What if he takes the car and still comes after you?

James: But why? He knows I don't have the money. Look. He's just an employee, Starr. He's only doing what my dad wants.

Starr: So you really think that we can trust him.

James: It's the only choice we've got.

[Starr sighs]

Cristian: I've never seen Ford with this. Have you?

Layla: No, but it is the kind case someone would carry cameras and film reels.

Cristian: Maybe.

Rex: Yeah, but a body shop--

Layla: No. I can't see Ford doing manual labor.

Rex: The address is in Dayton, Ohio.

Cristian: Dayton? Wait. Is he--

Layla: Right. Ford is from Ohio.

Cristian: Yeah, and it's not like he's been up front about things, so maybe it is his.

Layla: Not with that smooth operator thing he's got going on. Uh-uh.

Gigi: So maybe it's someone related to them.

Bull: Thanks, kid. I'll take it from here.

Matthew: Wait. What are you going to do?

Bull: I'm gonna ask the young man for my money back.

Matthew: Hey, you better be careful. Nate is a brown belt.

Bull: You think this might require a little force?

Matthew: Who knows?

Bull: Well, it's a shame if his pretty, little face got busted up in the course of this exchange, wouldn't it?

Destiny: Friend of yours?

Nate: I've got to get back to work.

Dani: Oh, yeah. I have to go, too. My mom and I are having dinner tonight.

Nate: You said that with zero attitude.

Dani: Yeah. Well, we're good. I mean, Todd is still in the picture, but he's being nice to her, like, genuinely nice, so whatever.

Nate: Maybe if he can learn genuine nice, there's hope for you and him, too.

Dani: Yeah. Don't hold your breath. See you.

Price: Delaware? Why would Hannah be going to Delaware?

John: I don't know. Maybe she's going someplace else.

Price: Then she would just stay on 95. I mean, there's a lot of traffic. There's cars. It's big. They could take it all the way down south. Delaware is like a cul-de-sac. I mean, two hours either which way there, you run into the ocean.

John: Yeah. There's no place for you to-- you got the family financials there?

Price: Oh, let me see. There.

John: Bingo.

Hannah: You know what? Just forget that. Just pretend like I never said anything.

Cole: No. Hey, it's okay.

Hannah: No. That really was the worst thing I could have said.

Cole: Hannah, it's better if we are straight with each other, right?

Hannah: And now you just want to run out the door.

Cole: No. No. It's not like that. Look, Hannah. I am a mess right now. I don't know what's going on between me and Starr, and until I know, I can't think about anything else.

Hannah: Right, of course.

Cole: All right, so you get it.

Hannah: Yeah. Cole, everything I just said, I mean, none of it matters to me more than our friendship. I don't want anything to change that.

Cole: It won't.

Cristian: There's only one way to find out. That's just take it to Ford and ask him.

Layla: Rex can do that. We have to hit the road.

Cristian: We do?

Layla: If we want to get to mom's before midnight, we do.

Cristian: We are going?

Layla: Did you really think I'd go along with eloping?

Cristian: Sounded good to me.

Layla: You hear this?

Gigi: Yeah, but he means well.

Cristian: I thought I was being romantic.

Rex: It saves a bundle, not that that's what's important.

Layla: No. It is, but this is my one and only wedding, and we want to do it up right, big-- big dress, big party, big band, and my mom in the front row with a big hat on.

Cristian: You think she'll come?

Layla: If she ever wants to speak to me again, she will.

Cristian: Damn right.

Layla: Let's get our stuff to the car.

Cristian: Okay. Now, I'm not doing this again, so are you sure you're ready?

Layla: Yes, and, Cristian, I'm sorry.

Cristian: It's okay. It's okay. I get it, and that's why I said the e-word. I just want to do whatever makes things right for us, for you.

Layla: And when my mom sees how in love we are, she'll come around, or not, but she can't change what's gonna happen. I love you, Cristian, and nothing is gonna stop me from marrying you.

Gigi: You guys go ahead, and we'll clean up here.

Cristian: Okay. Thanks.

Layla: Are you ready to set a date?

Cristian: Any time.

Layla: Good, because I can't wait to be Mrs. Cristian Vega.

Gigi: You're like a raccoon with that shiny box. You want to take it down to the water and wash it?

Rex: It's just weird, Gige. I mean, there's a story here.

Gigi: I'm going for a swim.

Rex: Wear sun block.

Gigi: I don't think so. I need to even out my tan lines.

Rex: Okay.

Price: What did you find?

John: O'Connor family real estate holdings. The family has a beach house.

Price: Let me guess.

John: Delaware.

Hannah: You look tired.

Cole: I never did get that nap.

Hannah: There was a motel off the highway. We could get a room there and rest for the night.

Cole: No. I'm not leaving here until I see Starr and that guy, whoever the hell he is, and we're gonna have it out right here.

Hannah: You really should try and take a nap. Like I said, I'll take the sofa, and you can have the bedroom in the back.

Cole: I'm not gonna sleep in some bed where Starr had sex with some other guy.

Hannah: Right. Sorry. Well, it looks like the sofa pulls out.

Cole: You can have that.

Hannah: What about you?

Cole: Just throw me some cushions, and all crash on the floor.

Hannah: No. You just got out of jail. When's the last time you slept in a real bed? Take it.

Cole: No. I can't do that.

Hannah: You're not sleeping on the floor.

Cole: So we'll just share it.

Blair: Oh, we don't know who has Starr. Because of you, that little car weasel probably won't let us see the videotape.

Todd: Well, if the security tape is so important to you, why don't you have your buddy John McBain talk to them? Oh, stop worrying. I'm not worried about them. We'll get them.

Blair: Well, you should worry, Todd, because Starr is missing.

Todd: She's not kidnapped.

Blair: We don't know that.

Todd: Well, listen. You heard the guy. She was in charge, just like we taught her to be. Whatever she's doing, that's exactly what she wants to be doing.

Blair: What do you mean, she wants to be? There's no way that Starr would want to be away from her daughter.

Todd: Oh, come on, even for a little while?

Blair: No.

Todd: Are you telling me that our daughter, 18 years old, who became a mother way, way before her time, wouldn't want a little break? No.

Blair: No. So what are we going to do?

Todd: I don't know, but it least it doesn't sound like she's in any immediate danger.

Blair: She's with a strange person.

Todd: Actually, that's good news.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Todd: Well, she's not with Cole. That's a win. Anyone besides Cole is a step up.

Matthew: That guy is a friend of my parents.

Destiny: Mm-hmm, I've never seen them before.

Dani: Hey.

Matthew: Hi.

Dani: Look. I know things are weird for you and Nate, and you could totally make his life miserable here if you wanted, but thank you for not.

Matthew: I'm not doing it for you.

Bull: Yeah?

James: Good news. I've got your money.

Bull: No kidding. I thought you lost it.

James: It turned up.

Bull: Lucky you.

James: So, just to be clear, I give you the money today, and we're clear, right?

Bull: If that's how it goes, sure.

James: That's how it'll go, and I'm sorry it's been so much trouble.

Bull: It's okay. We all make mistakes.

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