One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/24/10


Episode # 10718

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[David hums]

James: Uh!

Starr: [Gasps] Oh, my God, that's David Vickers.

Dorian: I thought that Henderson would find it so much more comfortable working here at La Boulaie instead of at the office. I wonder if Cook left any snacks.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, sure. Hey, it's me.

Viki: Sweetheart, you can't possibly be done already.

Charlie: I wish. No. I just wanted to call and thank you for reminding me how important this greenhouse project is to me.

Viki: Oh, please. What kind of wife would I be if I didn't, huh?

Charlie: I don't think this meeting will take very long, so you know what? Why don't you hop in a car and head up to the cabin ahead of me, and then I'll catch up with you when I can?

Viki: Good idea. I'll see you later, oh, and, sweetheart, good luck.

Charlie: Hmm...Dorian, could you do me a favor? I know how much you love playing the hostess, but when Henderson gets here, could you cut the small talk to a minimum?

Dorian: Oh, but Henderson will--

Charlie: I know, but the sooner that we get done, the sooner I get out of here and I can meet with Viki.

Dorian: All right, but unfortunately, Henderson just texted me, and he's running a little bit late.

Charlie: What do you mean? How late?

Dorian: Well, oh, about 3 hours or something. I'm afraid you're going to have to change your plans with Viki.

Charlie: Dorian, is Henderson even coming here?

Dorian: Charlie, of course, he is. What would make you think otherwise?

Charlie: I think you made the whole thing up. I think you knew that I wanted to take today off and you found the one thing, this grant, that would make me come to work today!

Dorian: Charles, I would do no such thing.

Charlie: Oh, no? This coming from a woman who drugged me so that she could pour liquor down my throat. Good-bye, Dorian.

Dorian: Charlie, uh—

Viki: Hi.

Rex: Hi.

Viki: Hmm. Ooh, what's in the bag?

Rex: Uh, towels, stuff. I'm taking Gigi on a picnic.

Viki: Ooh, how nice, how nice.

Rex: Yeah. Actually, it's not just a picnic. This is a date.

Viki: Well, that's even nicer. I'm jealous. Charlie and I were going to go on a picnic, but Charlie disappeared, and, curiously enough, so did the picnic basket.

James: You know this guy?

Starr: Unfortunately.

James: I was positive it was Bull.

Starr: No, just someone who's full of bull.

James: Well, he looks pretty bad. Did I kill him?


Layla: Can you believe this view? That's when you say, "I forgot how amazing this place is, and I'm so glad we stopped."

Cristian: We're supposed to be on our way to your mom's.

Layla: I know, but it's such a beautiful day, and I couldn't resist.

Cristian: If this was all spur of the moment, then why'd you pack this?

Layla: Just in case. Something wrong with being prepared?

Cristian: No. There's something wrong with stalling. I'm starting to wonder if we're ever gonna tell your mom we're engaged.

Matthew: Well, look who got her old job back.

Destiny: Yeah. All I had to do was promise I would never throw a drink on another member again.

Darren: Oh, Miss, can I get some fries to go with that shake?

Destiny: Whether or not I can keep that promise, I'll let you know.

Dani: Hey.

Nate: If anybody ever asks why I got this job, you totally answer that question.

Dani: Thanks. Hey, did your mom pay the bank for the back mortgage yet?

Nate: Uh, she has till the end of the month, but I'm hoping she doesn't wait that long. The sooner she gets rid of that check, the harder it'll be to track the 50,000.

Dani: Well, there's still nothing in the news about missing money, so I think we're in the clear.

Man: Hey, Jim, yeah. Look. We are swamped today. Why don't we just try to put something on the calendar for tomorrow? Right. Tomorrow we'll do lunch. We'll go out. We'll take care of it tomorrow, okay?

Hannah: How could you talk to the cops about me, Ford? How could you do that? Hey, you feel any better?

Cole: I won't feel any better till I talk to Starr.

Hannah: You think she's gonna be able to explain why she ran off with this James guy...

Cole: I don't know.

Hannah: Or the condom wrapper?

Cole: Look. I'm not gonna jump to any conclusions till I hear the full story, okay? Just give me your phone. I'm gonna talk to her right now.

Starr: Okay. You can relax. He's alive.

James: Who is this guy, anyway?

Starr: His name is David Vickers. He's a con artist. He's caused trouble for my Aunt Dorian, my Aunt Viki, my mom, my dad.

James: Okay. Well, do you know why he's here?

Starr: No, except for that whenever David is around, that always means one thing.

James: Trouble.

Starr: Oh... 

Destiny: So I haven't seen you since the seniors' graduation. How've you been?

Matthew: Better now that I don't have to run into Dani a million times a day.

Destiny: It'll get easier.

Matthew: I know, plus this place is crawling with girls who are twice as cool as she is.

Destiny: Keep telling yourself that. Maybe you'll believe it.

Darren: Oh, Miss, I'm in the mood for something hot. When do you get off of work?

Destiny: First, you've got to stop calling me Miss. Second, what is with the lame pickup lines when we're already going out?

Darren: And third?

Destiny: Third, if you don't stop acting like a jackass, I'll have you thrown out for harassing the staff.

Matthew: Okay. On that note, I'm gonna go get changed before she starts spilling stuff.

Nate: From the second we found that money, you've known what to do and even figuring out how to give it to my mom without making her suspicious. I don't know how to thank you, Dani.

Dani: You don't have to, and I didn't do anything that I didn't want to do.

Viki: Yeah. Charlie had some sort of last-minute meeting about this civic center project that he's working on with Dorian. Anyway, he did call me, and he said that I could meet him up at the cabin later.

Rex: Oh, well, then you'll have your picnic after all.

Viki: Yeah, but I'm gonna have to go and buy more food because I cannot, for the life of me, imagine where the basket went.

Starr: David, hey--

James: Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? If you wake him up, he's got nothing but questions we don't want to answer.

Starr: But I can't just leave him here.

James: He's fine, okay? He's gonna wake up on his own, and if Bull comes, this guy can't say that we were here if he never saw us.

Starr: Oh, fine. Okay. I guess anyone with a head as thick as David's would be able to survive this.

James: All right. Now, let's pick up that car of yours and cash it in.

Starr: I just really hope that I can get 50,000 for it. If not, I don't know who we're gonna get Bull off your tail.

James: Don't worry. We're gonna make it happen, okay? I know you want to get back to Cole and your daughter, so come on. Let's do this.

Cole: I'm done waiting for Starr to call, and my phone is out of juice, so--

Hannah: No.

Cole: What? What's the problem? You let me use your phone before.

Hannah: Yeah. I know, but, I mean, even if you could get in touch with Starr in this dead zone, she's gonna freak out if my name shows up on her caller I.D.

Cole: Your name is not gonna show up unless it's programmed in it.

Hannah: You don't even know if she has her phone.

Cole: There's only one way to find out.

Hannah: No. You're still calling out of state.

Cole: So?

Hannah: So, Cole, you're out on bail. You aren't supposed to cross state lines. I mean, they can track everything these days. If anybody knows that you're in Delaware, you'll be right back in a jail cell.

Cole: Damn, I can't even use a pay phone. Hey, look. I should just head back to Llanview.

Hannah: What? No. Are you crazy? You can't do that.

Charlie: Hey, Viki? Jeez. What the hell? Hey, Vickers, what happened? Hey, can you hear me?

David: Uh...what?

Charlie: Well, open your eyes. Wake up. Come on. Wake up.

David: Charlie! What the hell did you do to me?

Cristian: I don't understand why you're so afraid to tell you mom we're engaged.

Layla: I'm not, but my mom keeps hope alive for Evangeline by remembering how things used to be before the coma.

Cristian: Evangeline and I were over before that.

Layla: I know, but my mom feels like if she closes the door on you and Vange, then she's admitting that her daughter is never gonna wake up again.

Cristian: Well, what about her other daughter, the one who has a right to go on living, the one who has a right to get engaged?

Layla: Cristian, we'll tell her, but can we just enjoy this gorgeous day before we head into the storm?

Cristian: Sure.

Layla: Thank you.

Cristian: I'll give you something to enjoy.

Layla: Cris!

Dani: I-- we didn't know anyone was around.

Matthew: It's a club with members. Usually that means there's people around.

Nate: Sorry. We didn't know that you were--

Matthew: No, no, no, no. It was my mistake. I just thought this looked like a place to get changed. I didn't know it was a cheap motel room.

Dani: Don't make it seem like we were doing something--

Matthew: Look. I could care less, okay? I don't care what you're doing here with, uh, cabana boy over here. Cabana boy, is this what they're paying you for? I don't think it is.

Dani: Matthew.

Nate: No, no, no. It's okay. I don't plan on being cabana boy for much longer, but for now, I'd like to keep my job. See you later, Dani. [Sighs]

Dani: I hurt you, and you didn't deserve it, and I'm really sorry, but that was on me, not Nate, so don't take it out on him.

Matthew: I'd like to get changed if you don't mind. Thanks.

[Door closes]

Matthew: Oh...

Charlie: What I did to you?

David: Oh, Viki, thank God you're here before he tries to finish me off.

Viki: Good heavens, what happened here?

David: He attacked me.

Charlie: I what?

David: Oh, it makes sense. You've seen how she looks at me.

Charlie: Who?

David: Your wife.

Viki: David, that's ridiculous.

David: Viki, there's no need to apologize. You can't help yourself.

Dorian: David, for heaven's sake--

David: Dorian, there's no need to panic. I'm going to be fine.

Dorian: What did you do this time?

David: Me? I'm the one on the floor, having been sucker-punched. Ah! I didn't even see it coming.

Viki: Charlie, sweetheart, did you hit him?

Dorian: Of course he didn't. Charlie would never hit David.

Viki: Excuse me. Charlie has a voice. He can speak for himself.

Dorian: Excuse me. He doesn't need to because you've already taken the defensive for him.

Charlie: Will you zip it, Dorian? I'll tell you what happened. I walked through the door expecting to see you, and who should I see but David Vickers lying on the floor like a beached flounder.

David: Hey, easy.

Dorian: See? I told you Charlie didn't hit David.

David: Yeah? Well, somebody sure did.

Viki: Well, then I suggest we find out who did do it.

Dorian: Hmm.

Car Salesman: Your father said he was bringing you by in a couple of hours. Couldn't wait to feast your eyes on that baby, huh?

Starr: Yeah. It's nice.

Car salesman: Nice? That baby is fully loaded. You want to take it for a test-drive? The traffic this time of day...

Starr: Oh, no, thank you. No. I really don't. Thank you.

Car Salesman: Not to mention, the safest car in the world. Your father made sure of that. The old man is pretty overprotective. If I were you, I'd watch my back. Ha ha ha!

James: Good to know.

Car Salesman: I'll get the paperwork.

James: Didn't really picture you in that SUV.

Starr: What should I be driving?

James: I don't know, not that. That thing belongs in front of a bank guarded by guys with machine guns.

Starr: My dad wanted to buy me a good, solid car. What did you expect?

James: I don't know, like a little, you know, v8 convertible, you know? Instead, he picks out a big, old, giant tank.

Starr: I'm a mom. I have to drive Hope around, and excuse him if he wants us to be safe.

James: I was just joking, Starr. I mean, your dad did great. Must be nice to have someone who loves you that much.

Hannah: When I heard Starr and James talking, it sounded like they were gonna be away for a few days.

Cole: Well, she said she needed some time.

Hannah: She's probably not back in Llanview yet.

Cole: Look. I need to talk to her, especially after all the stuff that doesn't make sense. I need to figure out what's going on.

Hannah: Isn't it kind of obvious by now?

Cole: Not until I hear it from her. Look. If there is something going on with this James guy, she has to be straight with me, all right, so I'm not leaving here until they get back and we figure this out.

Hannah: Okay.

Cole: Boy, Starr is very vulnerable right now, and if this guy took advantage of her, if he did anything to hurt her--

Hannah: Then what?

Cole: He better hope that I don't do the same thing to him that I did to Todd.

James: I want you to be safe, too, Starr, and you will be. As soon as I can get that money back to Bull, I'm out of here.

Starr: I'll never have to see you again?

James: No. I'll walk out of your life forever.

Viki: Well, there's no evidence that somebody broke in.

David: The door was already open because I was already here.

Viki: Which is interesting, as I have absolutely no recollection of having invited you.

David: Oh. I knew that you wouldn't mind, and the sun is so much better up here. Friends don't let friends turn pasty. Now, I would like to invite everyone to try this delicious chicken salad.

Viki: Yes. It is delicious. Lois is famous for her chicken salad, which is the reason Charlie asked her to make these sandwiches for us, just the two of us.

David: Well, I didn't want you to have to lug it all the way up here.

Charlie: It's called trespassing, Vickers.

David: Says the guy who hit me in the head. I think that's called aggravated assault.

Dorian: And that's called slander, and I am not gonna stand here and--

Viki: Wait a minute. Dorian, what are you even doing here, and how did you get here before me? I thought you two had an interview.

Charlie: Okay. No, see, there was no interview. It was just something that Dorian came up with to keep you and me apart. The interview was over before it started.

Dorian: Ha ha! Liar, liar, pants on fire. Ha ha ha! Tsk, tsk.

Rex: So what do you think, Morasco?

Gigi: Excellent choice.

Rex: I thought about a fancy restaurant or a sold-out show, but--

Gigi: But we can wear shorts.

Rex: Yeah. This way, it's just us and the water and the big, blue sky.

Gigi: It's beautiful.

Rex: You're beautiful.

Gigi: Mm. [Gasps] Aah!

Rex: Whoa!

Gigi: Ahem.

Darren: Thanks, man. Too bad that money is bogus, right?

Nate: I'm sorry. What?

Darren: The prop money from the play. If that stuff was the real thing, you wouldn't be a towel jockey. You'd own this place.

Nate: Ha ha! Yeah, yeah. Right.

Matthew: Ahem. Cabana boy, that's dirty. I want another one.

Nate: Sure.

Matthew: So, Darren, what was that money you guys were talking about?

Dani: Hey, Destiny, do you have a second? I need to talk to you about Matthew.

Bull: Excuse me, ladies, but I need to get in touch with someone you might know-- Starr Manning.

Dani: I know Starr. She's my half-sister.

Bull: Hey, did I come to the right place, or what? Now I need to know where I can find her.

Car Salesman: Sorry to keep you waiting. Because you were a little early, the paperwork wasn't finished being processed.

Starr: No problem.

Car Salesman: Now all we need is your John Hancock right there.

Starr: No. Actually, I'm not here to pick up the car. I need to cancel.

Car Salesman: Cancel what?

Starr: Well, I want to take the money that my dad spent on the car and put it towards college.

Car Salesman: I'm sorry. I'm not following you.

Starr: I want my money back.

Hannah: Cole, please. Don't get all worked up.

Cole: So you want me to let some guy try to steal my girlfriend?

Hannah: Starr is not helpless. She has a mind of her own. Maybe what you were going through got too hard for her.

Cole: You want to talk about hard? Hannah, you weren't here a year ago when I got messed up on pills. Starr made me want to get better. She made me want to have a life. That's why none of this makes sense. Starr is not the kind of person who would run after some guy she just met.

Hannah: People can surprise you, you know? You think you know them, but you don't.

Cole: When I told her I didn't want her to visit me in jail anymore, she must've thought that I wanted to break up.

Hannah: Probably.

Cole: It's not. That's not what I was trying to say, though. I wasn't trying to close a door or anything.

Hannah: She should've known that. You know what they say. When one door closes, another door opens. Maybe this is for the best.

Car Salesman: You want your money back?

Starr: It's a great car, it's just that I don't--I don't need it right now.

James: And you know what? She hasn't signed anything yet, so there shouldn't be a problem.

Car Salesman: Actually, it is. It's been customized. That car is now worth over $60,000.

Starr: Well, we could always take less, because of all the custom stuff. I'd be fine with, what, $50,000?

Car Salesman: Your father's name is on the purchase order, so I have to get his approval. Here's his number right here. I'll give him a call.

Cristian: So what brings you guys up here?

Gigi: We're here for the same reason you are.

Rex: Picnic. It's a great day for it, right?

Gigi: Picnic. Yep.

Layla: We were just celebrating our engagement.

Gigi: You're engaged? That-- that's fantastic!

Rex: Congratulations! Way to go, dude.

Cristian: Well, we decided to stop looking at the reasons to wait and start looking at the reasons not to wait. Because when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? You don't want to waste any time. Right? Am I right?

Layla: You're right.

Viki: What did you think would happen when Charlie found out there was no interview? He'd think it was cute?

Dorian: Of course not.

Viki: This is low, Dorian, even for you. How could you?

Dorian: I couldn't and I didn't.

David: You most certainly could, and you have.

Dorian: What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Viki: Oh, well, the problem with that is you actually have to be innocent.

David: Hey, could we focus here, people? I almost died. Shouldn't we be looking for skull fractures, Dr. Lord? Ow!

Viki: Never mind. I'll do it.

Dorian: Ugh.

Viki: Sit down.

David: Ahh. Is there blood? I hate blood.

Viki: No, there's no blood, but you have a major lump on your head. There's an ice pack in here somewhere. Let me put it on your head.

Dorian: Charlie, you rushed off before I could defend myself.

Charlie: You mean before you had a chance to make something up.

Dorian: Not at all. It was a fact we had an appointment with Henderson and it's a fact that he texted me and let me know that he was going to be 3 hours late.

Charlie: Mm-hmm. And the fact that you knew that Viki and I were gonna spend the day together had nothing to do with you sending me off in the opposite direction.

Dorian: Tell you what. What if I can prove what I'm saying is true? Hmm?

Dani: Why are you looking for Starr?

Bull: I found her phone over on the patio. I just wanted to return it.

Dani: Oh, well, I haven't seen her. Have you?

Destiny: Not today. If she comes by the club, it's usually later in the afternoon.

Dani: But don't worry. I'll make sure she gets it.

Bull: Okay. You do that.

Destiny: So what did you want to talk to me about Matthew?

Dani: He's losing it. I mean, I know that it's my fault and everything, but he's acting like a real jerk.

Darren: So when I saw all this cash in his backpack, I was like, "dude, you knockin' over liquor stores now?" He said it was for the play.

Matthew: Langston's play?

Darren: Yeah. Prop money for some scene. Nate wanted to keep it like a souvenir.

Matthew: But there wasn't a scene in Langston's play that needed fake money.

Darren: I know, but he said it was something Langston put in at the last minute. And the rest of us didn't get to see it because the show got canceled.

Matthew: Huh. That's weird.

Nate: Here you go. Anything else?

Matthew: No, I think I have just what I need.

Starr: Are you seriously going to call my dad?

Car Salesman: Is there some reason I shouldn't?

Starr: Do you know Todd Manning at all? Do you know what he does to people who give his family a hard time?

Car Salesman: I'm not trying to give anyone a hard time--

Starr: Do you know why he bought this car? Because he wants to make his little girl happy. He lives for it. And if his little girl isn't happy, then he's not happy. And trust me, you do not want to see him when he's not happy. So do you want to give me the money back or do you want to see what I'm gonna have to do about this?

Car Salesman: What?

Starr: I'll have to go to daddy and say bad things about your dealership. And is that really what you want? A front page story in "The Sun" talking about how you force customers to buy cars they don't want?

Car Salesman: No.

Starr: Do I get my money or not?

Cole: Look, just because I'm waiting here for Starr doesn't mean you have to be stuck, too. You should go.

Hannah: How are you gonna get home?

Cole: I don't know. Hitchhike, whatever.

Hannah: I'm not just gonna abandon you.

Cole: Look, you know Starr has problems with you because you went to the cops about Todd. If you're here when she gets back, it's just gonna start off all wrong.

Hannah: And what about her sleeping with another guy? That supposed to start things off right? I'm sorry, I--I shouldn't have said that. But Cole, I care about you. We're friends. You need a friend right now. So I'm not leaving.

Cole: You don't have to do that.

Hannah: Yes, I do. You've been there for me. Besides, somebody has to make sure things don't get too crazy between you and this guy.

Cole: I won't go crazy. I promise.

Hannah: What about after?

Cole: What do you mean?

Hannah: When Starr tells you that it's over and that she's with someone else. You think I'm gonna let you go through that alone?

Hannah: Starr may not care what happens to you, but...I do. And I'm not leaving you.

Dani: He's acting like he's King Matthew and Nate's supposed to bow down to him or something.

Destiny: And this is out of nowhere? Nate didn't say anything?

Dani: Matthew saw us kissing. We thought we were alone.

Destiny: So just take the macking down a notch. And-- I mean, Matthew was totally into you, Dani. You can't just expect him to get over it.

Dani: I know.

Destiny: Do you? When's the last time you had to suck it up and get over someone? I thought so.

Dani: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that I can't understand where Matthew's coming from. I mean, all I want us to do is be friends again.

Destiny: Well, that's a lot to ask for right now. Look, just let things chill out for a while, then...tell Nate to keep his hands somewhere that's not all over you. Sorry, I've gotta get back to work.

Dani: Thanks for listening.

Matthew: Hey, Salinger. Uh...looks like the sun shifted. Move my chair for me.

Matthew: Whoa.

Destiny: Can you tell me why I just tried to save your butt? Because you don't deserve it.

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Destiny: What is with the attitude? This is not the Matthew Buchanan I call my friend.

Matthew: Well, it's the Matthew Buchanan I am now. So live with it.

Car Salesman: I would love to accommodate you.

Starr: Great. When do I get my money?

Car Salesman: Unfortunately, there is a signed contract. Mr. Manning needs...

Starr: I would like to speak to your supervisor.

Car Salesman: He's gonna say...

Starr: Right now. Move it. [Sighs]

James: [Whistles] 98 pounds soaking wet, but daddy's little girl sure can throw her weight around.

Starr: Do you want the money or do you want to keep insulting me?

James: Insult you? Hell, I'm ready to give you an Oscar for that performance.

Starr: I would rather the cash. The sooner the better.

Gigi: Why are the guys off swimming and we're slaving over a hot picnic blanket?

Layla: You want to join them, be my guest. But fair warning-- that water is ice.

Gigi: No thanks. But I don't blame you for trying to get rid of me.

Layla: Get rid of you?

Gigi: You and Adriana are pretty close, and since I'm not her favorite person, maybe I'm not yours, either.

Layla: Okay, what happened with Rex was a long time ago. Things change. I mean, Cristian used to be with my sister Evangeline, and for a long time I thought that meant I wasn't allowed to fall in love with him, but Cristian and I are meant to be together. Maybe you and Rex are, too.

Gigi: We're trying to figure that out.

Layla: Well, you deserve that chance. As for Adriana, she's happy now. Why shouldn't you be happy, too?

Gigi: I really appreciate you saying that.

Layla: Listen, Gigi, you and Adriana may never be friends, but I don't see a reason why you and I can't be.

Rex: So when's the big day?

Cristian: We haven't set a date yet.

Rex: Think it'll be a big wedding?

Cristian: I don't know. Kind of hard to make plans when the bride's mother doesn't know she's engaged. Long story. What about you and Gigi?

Rex: Uh, well, a lot of stuff happened after we broke up that's kind of hard to forget. We're trying to start with a clean slate. And yeah, if we can get past all that bad stuff, I would love to end up in your shoes someday.

Cristian: I hope so. They feel pretty good.

Rex: I was at Bo and Nora's wedding and I was thinking I would love for Gigi and I to end up like that. Or like Charlie and Viki.

David: Ow. This is cold.

Viki: Honey, it's supposed to be cold. It'll reduce the swelling.

David: I can think of another way to reduce the swelling. Did you get that? I'm talking about having sex.

Viki: Oh, my God. David, please. Just keep it on your head.

Dorian: What if I can prove every word I said is true?

Charlie: Oh, really? How?

David: You'll both be happy to hear that I'm going to live.

Charlie: You know, shouldn't we be calling the local police to let them investigate?

Viki: Absolutely. We have to find out who did this.

Dorian: Jeff. Jeff Henderson. Hello. It's Mayor Dorian Lord. Right. Listen, I just want to confirm the text that you sent me that you are indeed going to be 3 hours late. Uh-huh. Yeah. That's what I thought.

Viki: What do you bet that's Blair on the other end?

David: Or whoever else is backing up her little fairy tale.

Dorian: Oh, yes, indeed.

David: Give me that. All right, you. We're on to you, me and Viki, so you can just stop this stupid ch-- oh. Okay. Hold on. He wants to talk to you.

Charlie: Hello? Yeah, this is Charlie Banks. Ah. And you really like the plans for the greenhouse. Yeah. No, no, I understand. Delays happen and... right, and we're just looking forward to making a presentation to you just as soon as you can get here. Yeah. Okay. Thanks again. Ah, Dorian... was...telling the truth.

Viki: Yeah. How do we know?

David: My question exactly.

Charlie: No, he--he mentioned some specifics from the plans, some things that were even in the confidential files. It was Henderson, no doubt about it.

Dorian: Does anyone want to fill in the silence with an apology to me? Hmm?

[David mock-coughing]

Charlie: Okay. I'm sorry. You were telling the truth.

David: Even Dorian stumbles onto the truth once in a while. Like a broken clock that's right twice a day at night when it's noon. What--how does that go?

Viki: David.

Dorian: Charlie, your apology is accepted. Poor, misguided Viki managed to convince you of the myth that I'm going to try and steal you away from her. Ha ha ha. So naturally, you were suspicious of me.

Viki: Oh, please. Charlie has plenty of his own reasons to think the worst of you.

Charlie: I know, but this time I was wrong.

Viki: Oh, please.

Dorian: We better be going. It would be so embarrassing if Henderson got to La Boulaie before we did.

Viki: Sweetheart, here. You can eat it in the car.

Charlie: I'm sorry about the picnic.

Viki: Hey, don't worry about it, okay? Just go dazzle Mr. Henderson and win your grant.

Charlie: I will. And I will make this up to you. I promise.


Viki: I love you, darling. Let me know what happens, okay?

Dorian: So, Viki, do you have anything to say to me?

Viki: Oh, yes. Yes, I do, but I don't use that kind of language.

David: But you do.

Dorian: Shut up.

David: God, I thought they'd never leave.

[Viki sighs]

David: Look at this. Good stuff's down here on the bottom. Prosciutto and melon. We're not gonna let this go to waste, are we?

David: Good, right?

Viki: Very good.

David: You gonna finish that?

Viki: Yes.

Destiny: If it bothers you so much to see Nate and Dani together, why are you here?

Matthew: Why? I have every right to be here.

Destiny: Look, do you want to move on or do you want to be miserable? Because sitting around here can't be fun right now.

Matthew: No, not really.

Gigi: Nice job on the food, Balsom.

Rex: Thank you.

Gigi: But... I don't see any dessert.

Layla: Oh, we've got chocolate chip cookies.

Rex: Oh, and I brought these. We just need to make a fire and we're all set. Help me find some sticks?

Gigi: I guess we're roasting marshmallows? Ahem. Be right back.

Cristian: I think we're gonna be waiting a while for dessert.

Layla: Mm.

Gigi: Why are we stopping? I thought we were hunting for sticks.

Rex: No, that was code.

Gigi: For what?

Rex: This. What's that?

Bull: I'm getting close. I haven't found James yet or the case of money, but it's only a matter of time.

Dani: So what I'm saying is... I don't want to hurt Matthew any more than I already have. So maybe we should just be more careful, you know, so what happened today doesn't happen again.

Nate: I was gonna say the same thing.

Dani: You were?

Nate: I feel for the guy, Dani.

Dani: Even after he called you cabana boy?

Nate: He lost you. Okay? That'd make anybody go a little crazy. And hopefully I won't be a cabana boy much longer. I'm gonna go ask the manager if I can become a waiter.

Dani: Good luck.

Matthew: You're right. This sucks. I'm outta here.

Darren: Oh, Miss? Is there alcohol in this drink or am I drunk on you?

Destiny: Really?

Bull: The girl he hooked up with--the Manning girl--she belongs to the club. I thought I might be able to find him here with her. Relax. The kid stole $50,000. No way I'm gonna let him fall through the cracks.

Darren's voice: So when I saw all this cash in his backpack, I was like, "Dude, you knockin' over liquor stores now?"

Matthew: Ahem. Excuse me. But I think I can help you find the guy you're looking for.

Starr: [Sighs] Oh, what happened to him?

James: I don't know. Maybe his supervisor's busy.

Starr: Or maybe the two of them are calling my dad and we have no prayer of getting that cash. [Sighs]

James: Maybe so.

Starr: I really thought that this would work. I thought it would get us out of trouble.

James: I know. I know. Don't worry about it.

Starr: What are you doing?

James: What does it look like? I'm stealing your car.

Cole: Where the hell is she? Starr!

Hannah: Cole, I know that you're upset...

Cole: Upset? Upset? I'm pissed as hell. She couldn't even wait for me to get out of jail? How could she run off with some guy she barely even knows?

Hannah: I know. I didn't think that she would do that, either.

Cole: What am I supposed to say when I see her? I mean, she cheated on me. How do you go back from that?

Hannah: I don't know if you can.

Cole: She turned her back on me. How could she do that to me?

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