One Life to Live Transcript Monday 6/14/10


Episode # 10710

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[Engine revving]

Starr: Did you just find the brake pedal?

James: Take it easy.

Starr: Take it easy? What happened to the nice guy at the park? Now you're kidnapping me and my daughter?

James: Would you stop yelling? You're gonna upset the kid.

Starr: You drove the way you just drove, and you're worried about me upsetting my kid now?

James: She's fine. I'd never let anything happen to her or you. So be cool. I lost the guy that's on my tail.

Starr: Oh, well, that's good. As soon as I find my phone, I'm gonna call the cops and have them on your tail next.

James: Starr, please don't do that.

[TV playing in background]


David: What slobadong hit this place? Matthew, what happened, little bro?

Matthew: I don't feel like talking about it!

David: Oh, no. That's not gonna fly, little bro. Not with your big bro in charge, not while your 'rents are on honeymoon. So cough it up, spit it out, and lay it on me. What's the matter, Matthew?

[Birds chirping]

Dani: Nate! Hey! What are you doing here?

Nate: This is where I like to hang. I asked you if you wanted to come with me here yesterday.

Dani: Oh, yeah. Yeah, right.

Nate: Oh, did you forget you gave me a rain check?

Dani: Okay, I kind of remembered that you liked this place. And ah, I was sort of hoping that you'd be here. What's wrong with you?

Blair: What the hell do you think you're doing?

John: I'll repeat the question. Can you tell me who did this to you?

Ford: Oh, there's a lot of people who'd want to dance on my grave.

Jessica: So are there any other suspects?

Kelly: Well, it doesn't sound that way. As far as I know, the case is wide open. The person who tried to kill Ford is still out there.

Jessica: Oh, my God. Kelly... I think I know who it is.

Kelly: What are you talking about?

Jessica: I thought that it was Markko, but now that it isn't, I mean, it must have been...

Kelly: Wait. Jessica--

Jessica: It had to have been-- it was me.

John: Yeah, a lot of people aren't happy with you. We got that. So which one of them came into your apartment and gave you this beating?

[Monitor beeping]

Ford: I don't know.

John: You don't know. You sure about that?

Kelly: You think you were the one who attacked Ford?

Jessica: It had to have been. That's what I was trying to tell you, that I was with Ford that night.

Kelly: Okay, you know what? Let's just get through this, okay? And then we will just take it slow. Just start from the beginning.

Jessica: Okay, um... it was my prom that night, and it was before I got my memories back, so I still thought that I was supposed to be with Cristian. And then I saw Cristian propose to Layla.

Kelly: Okay.

Jessica: And I just wanted to get out of there. So I got Brody to drive me home to my dad's house, and he--that's when he told me everything.

Kelly: About what happened with Mitch.

Jessica: And I was so upset. You know, my head was just spinning.

Kelly: Right.

Jessica: And I just wanted to get those thoughts out of my head, so I thought...

Kelly: Honey. Okay, you can tell me. I'm your best friend, right? You know that. You can tell me anything.

Jessica: I was still convinced that I was supposed to lose my virginity to Cristian that night, that we were supposed to sleep together for the first time. So... I just--I decided I don't know what I expected him to do. I just wasn't thinking straight.

Kelly: Okay, then what happen wasn't there and Ford answered the door. And I had met him before, and he hit on me, and... I accepted his invitation, and I cried on his shoulder, and he really made me feel better. And if I hadn't have been such a stupid kid, if I had have been myself--

Kelly: You don't have to feel bad or justify yourself or how you felt.

Jessica: I know. It's just…

Kelly: What?

Jessica: I didn't stand a chance. Here I am, this lovesick teenager, and Ford was this worldly director telling me all about his exciting life. And he just said... he said all the right things.

Kelly: What are you saying, Jess? Did you and Ford have sex that night?

Todd: What does it look like I'm doing?

Blair: Snooping into someone's confidential medical records, which is all illegal, by the way. In case you've forgotten, you're out on bail.

Todd: Are you gonna have me arrested?

Blair: Don't tempt me. You shouldn't be putting your nose where it doesn't belong.

Todd: Why do you care, and what are you doing here? And here was your one opportunity to mind your own business.

Todd: You here to meet Téa? Hmm. I see you guys are all buddy-buddy now.

Blair: Yeah, Todd, right.

Todd: Which alone makes me think there's something here I need to find out about.

Blair: Not everyone has a dark secret, Todd. What does it matter if Téa and I are actually getting along? I have a fantasy end, and we're not fighting over you anymore. That’s pretty much it. So, there's the door. Why don't you use it?

Todd: I'm not gonna leave here until I find out what Téa's hiding from me.

Nate: Is everything okay?

Dani: What do you mean?

Nate: Well, I was afraid maybe something happened between you and Matthew at his parents' wedding. And since Destiny saw us kissing and told you you better tell Matthew or else. Now, I'm really sorry about that, but...

Dani: It's not your fault.

Nate: Well, I kissed you. I'm pretty sure it is my fault.

Dani: It's not, okay?

Nate: Oh. Okay. So? Did Destiny tell him? Dani. Dani, wait. What happened?

Dani: Nothing. Nothing. Except that Matthew is the best friend that I ever had, and how do I repay him? By breaking his heart.

Matthew: I just want to be left alone.

David: Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen. You were out cold last night when I came in from the wedding. You were still conked out this morning when I left. Whew! So what's up with that?

Matthew: I was tired.

David: Hey, did something happen last night at the wedding? My memory's a little hazy.

Matthew: Maybe it's because you were dancing on the tables all night.

David: Oh, yeah? People love it when I do that. Well, did I at least have a partner? Was it Viki? She didn't say anything about giving me a job. Now, just out of curiosity, did I leave my clothes on?

Matthew: I knew it was a mistake to get out of bed today.

David: Absolutely not. You listen. Me we do not take to our slumber boxes when something goes wrong. We are Buchanans! So when life hands us lemons, we make lemon drop martinis. Now, you listen up. We have the same genes, you and I. And I've been known to slob around when I've had a bad haircut, I've lost a part to a lesser actor, or a woman to a lesser lover. And I'll tell you something, your hair looks fantastic. I know you didn't lose a role, so is it Dani? Don't tell me she dissed you.

[Matthew scoffs]

Matthew: Dissed me? That would have been okay. Disrespect I can handle.

David: She dumped you?

Matthew: Bingo. You win, okay? Now, just get out of my face.

Starr: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't call the cops.

James: Because I didn't hurt you or the baby. You're both fine.

Starr: Well, yeah, that makes everything all right.

James: Look, I stopped, okay? I got you out of danger, and I stopped the car.

Starr: Give me my key and get out of my car.

James: Look, Starr, I am in a real big mess, okay? And if you call the cops, it's only gonna make things worse.

Starr: Oh, woe is you, okay? Oh, no.

James: What? What is it?

Starr: You know, how I can't find my phone? It's because it was in my purse. And do you know where my purse is?

James: Not here?

Starr: Oh! Great. I put it on the top of the car when the car wouldn't start. And then when we pulled away, it must have fallen off. That's just great.

James: Well, now you can go back and get it.

Starr: Lucky me. Thank you.

James: Look, Starr, I really appreciate the use of your car, but I need you to know that I would never--I would never put you or your baby in danger if it wasn't a matter of life and death.

Starr: That's really heartwarming; now get the hell out of my car!

James: So, listen, I'm really sorry. I really am! You know what, just forget it. All right, I'm out of here. You're never gonna see me again.

Starr: That's perfect. Ohh!

[Engine won't turn over]

Starr: James, get back here! Oh! Get back here and fix my car!

David: Oh, no, she didn't. Nobody dumps my little brother and gets away with it. What the hell happened?

Matthew: Take a wild guess.

David: Oh, no. That's not a good idea. That usually gets me in a lot of trouble.

Matthew: It's because I'm the biggest jerk on the planet.

David: That is impossible. I know much bigger jerks in Llanview alone.

Matthew: Yeah? Then why would I tell her that I love her?

David: You what? Get over here. Sit down. Don't leave out a single detail.

Matthew: I told Dani I loved her after prom, and she waited till my parents' wedding to tell me that she didn't love me.

David: Oh, that is cold.

Matthew: She said she wasn't ready for a boyfriend, I mean, as if we had never run away together, as if we had never kissed before and as if we hadn't been hanging out for months, as if she never tried to have sex with me!

David: She what?

Matthew: Yeah.

David: And you didn't?

Matthew: Are you writing all this down?

David: Oh, I see Pa do this all the time. Seems like a good idea. After all, a crime has been committed here, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it. Now, why didn't you have sex with her?

Matthew: Put the notepad away, David.

David: What?

Matthew: I'm serious!

David: All right.

Matthew: Besides, it turned out she--it had nothing to do with me. It was just about her being messed up about her dad. So I told her we shouldn't do it.

David: That's so...noble.

Matthew: Yeah? Look how far that got me.

David: I have got to talk to this girl. She can't let you go.

Matthew: It's too late. She already did. She dumped me so she could be with Nate Salinger.

Dani: I never wanted to hurt Matthew. But Destiny was right. It wasn't fair to lead him on.

Nate: weren't into him.

Dani: I really, really care about him. I mean, we've been through more stuff together than most married couples.

Nate: Wh--

Dani: Not like that. I was there when he took his first steps after his final surgery, and I'd only known him in a wheelchair. I can imagine how amazing that was. And then Matthew... he had my back when I found out who my real dad was and what kind of a person he is. And then when I tried to get him to have--

Nate: Get him to what?

Dani: He could have taken advantage of me, but he didn't. God, I just feel like such a creep. I mean, here's this amazing guy who learns to walk against all odds, and I turn him down, and I break his heart.

Nate: You didn't mean to.

Dani: No, that's the worst part. Turns out, I'm just like Todd Manning. All I do is hurt people.

Blair: You know, if Téa had something that she wanted you to know, she would have told you, not me. So why don't you just ask her yourself?

Todd: I have. She just keeps shutting me down.

Blair: Why don't you try harder?

Todd: And let her keep popping pills? Continue to become obviously weaker and weaker? And also, she's been very intense about how much Dani suddenly needs me in her life.

Blair: She does need you.

Todd: That’s funny, because before it was all about how Dani needed time, and now suddenly I'm her last best hope.

Blair: You're her father, Todd.

Todd: Just outside, I heard Evans talk to his nurse about how she needed to schedule Téa's next appointment, which obviously means that Téa's had other appointments.

Blair: That doesn't mean anything.

Todd: Hmm. I think you know what's going on here. I think you've known for a while. I think you've known since I was in the hospital. You came to me in the hospital that one time when I was sick. What's going on here?

Blair: Yeah, I know something.

Todd: Are you gonna tell me?

Blair: I can't. Téa swore me to secrecy.

Todd: I don't care.

Blair: I care!

Todd: You tell me, or I'm gonna get those records the hard way.

James: Sorry, but I'm in a real big hurry.

Starr: I thought you said you fixed it at the hospital.

James: I did fix it. It got us this far, didn't it?

Starr: Did you do this on purpose? Huh? So that I would be stuck here with you again?

James: Oh, of course not. I don't want to be stuck with you any more than you want to be stuck with me. Now, I got something I need to do, okay?

Starr: Well, I don't care. What are you gonna do, leave me here stranded with Hope and no phone on a street that no car drives on?

James: You said you never wanted to see me again. Well, here's your chance.

Starr: What is this? What happened to that nice guy that I met at the park that gave me the tissues and wanted to visit his friend in the hospital?

Kelly: Did you and Ford have sex that night? You can tell me.

Jessica's voice: Get away from me!

Jessica: No, it didn't get that far. I freaked out when I thought that Ford was Mitch.

Kelly: You thought Ford was Mitch.

Jessica: I started remembering then. I told everybody that it happened at my dad's house, but...Ford was on top of me. And then all of a sudden, I wasn't seeing Ford. I was seeing Mitch Laurence. And that's when I knew that everything that Brody had told me was true, and I flipped out and I pushed Ford off me. And it was awful.

Kelly: Oh, Jessica.

Jessica: Yeah, but don't you see? That's when it happened. That's when I must have hit him.

Ford: You think if I knew who did this I wouldn't be screaming it from the rooftops? Trying to, at least. Oh, I feel like hell. Whoever did this should get run over by a truck... and live. Then they might know what it feels like.

John: Can you tell me anything about that night?

Ford: Like what?

John: I don't know. Were you with Langston? Did Markko walk in on you guys? Did you two fight?

Ford: Yeah. He got in a sucker punch, but it didn't really hurt, at least not then. Why? You think a little guy like that could have done this?

John: He's not a suspect.

Ford: And Langston?

John: No. No evidence.

[Ford sighs]

Ford: Uh, well, what about... Karen? She's another girl I... I know. Yeah, she delivers pizza.

John: Yeah, yeah, we talked to her. She said she didn't care enough about you to hurt you.

Ford: Really?

John: You said there was a lot of people that wanted you dead. You want to tell me who they are?

Ford: What do you want, like a hater list?

John: Call it whatever you want.

Ford: Well, I'm sure it's long, but I don't usually stay up nights thinking about all the people that wish they could be me. Or with me.

John: Well, you got time to think about 'em now.

Ford: Look, man, I told you everything already.

John: Did anyone else come over?

Jessica's voice: It was stupid of me to come.

Ford: Well, wait a second. You seem upset. Why don't you come on in for a minute?

Ford: Yeah. Someone else was there.

Jessica: It makes perfect sense.

Kelly: Okay, just slow down.

Jessica: I was the one that attacked Ford. I was alone with him. I was seeing Mitch.

Kelly: And that's when you hit him?

Jessica: It must have been.

Kelly: But you don't remember.

Jessica: Well, I ran out of there. The next thing I remember, I was at my dad's house.

Kelly: Okay, Jessica, are you telling me that you don't remember?

John: All right, who else came over to your place?

Ford: Uh...I'm sorry. I guess I was thinking of Cris and Layla.

John: Your roommates?

Ford: Yeah.

John: You sure about that?

Ford: Yes.

John: Not leaving anything out?

Ford: Why would I do that?

John: I don't know. You tell .

Ford: I told you everything I know, and I'm really tired.

John: Yeah, okay.

John: Excuse me. Hi. This patient--this guy Ford. Has he had any visitors since he woke up?

Nurse Annemarie: Yes, Mr. Ford's brother was here. He caused a big commotion.

John: Yeah? How so?

Nurse Annemarie: Well, another man came around looking for him, and he just took off like a shot.

Starr: Hey.

James: What are you doing?

Starr: I'm going to the quarry.

James: No, you're not.

Starr: Why not?

James: Because that's where I'm going.

Starr: And why are you going there?

David: Wait a second. Dani was cheating on you with another dude?

Matthew: Dani swore it wasn't about Nate, but oh, I know it was.

David: How? Oh, don't tell me they're already rubbing your face in it.

Matthew: No! Look, I know where Dani's coming from, okay? I've been there with Destiny. Destiny liked me and I was already into Dani. I guess karma really is a b--

David: No, it is not. And you're not, either. Anyway, you did not deserve this.

Matthew: Yeah, right.

David: Matty, listen to me. You are a prize, my boy. Any girl from Taylor Swift to... anyone else named Taylor would be lucky to have you.

Matthew: I don't care about them.

David: Then you got nothing to worry about. Believe me, Dani's gonna wake up one day and realize she made the biggest mistake of her life. Just you watch. She's gonna come crawling back to you.

Matthew: No, she won't. Nate is all brooding. The guy quotes movies. He thinks he's Johnny Depp or something.

David: Is he really like Johnny Depp? You may be in trouble. That guy is really cool. I mean, Dani is a shallow, no-good, fickle girl with no soul.

Matthew: Hey! Don't badmouth her, okay? I still love her!

Nate: I should've left you alone. This really is my fault.

Dani: No, even--even if you weren't around, I still would've had to tell Matthew that I'm not ready for a boyfriend.

Nate: Is that true? You're not ready for a boyfriend?

James: It doesn't matter why I'm going. Why are you going?

Starr: Because some of my friends hang out at the quarry, and then I'm going to get someone to call me a tow truck and when I do, they're going to call Lieutenant McBain of the LPD for you.

James: Fine. You win, all right? You happy?

Dani: You think I came here to the quarry to sit around and talk? Last one off the cliff's a rotten egg.

Nate: Cheaters never win.

Dani: You ready?

Nate: Yeah, let's go. Whoo!

Blair: You want me to scream?

Todd: You wouldn't.

Blair: Oh, I will. And then they'll put you back in jail and you won't get out until after the trial.

Todd: Please, Blair?

Blair: Wow. A "please" out of Todd Manning's mouth.

Todd: This is something I need to know, and not just because I'm curious. Because I just want to help Téa--even though I do want to help her, I owe her my life, but if she's sick, my God, I need to know about it. She must be worried sick about Dani. Is she sick? Is she sick?

Blair: She's very sick.

Todd: How sick is she?

Blair: She's dying.

David: WWPD? What would Pa do?

Matthew: I can tell you what I'd want him to do.

David: What?

Matthew: Leave me alone.

David: That's not gonna happen.

Matthew: What did I do to deserve this?

David: Matthew, I told you. This is not about karma. Or God. Or Buddha or anything like that. This is

Matthew: Fishing?

David: That's what Pa would do. He would take you to Llantano River with a can of worms and a tackle hook.

Matthew: Fishing tackle.

David: No, buddy, I'm pretty sure it's called a tackle hook. The point is, he would tell you all about the other fish in the sea.

Matthew: More like the ones that got away.

David: Both are good lessons, but that's not gonna happen, either. I left my wading pants in London. So what else would Pa do? He probably wouldn't offer you a drink. Would he? Ahh. All right. Listen, Matthew, I really am sorry about Dani, okay? I know how much you cared about her and you saw her through a really tough time when she found out that Todd Manning was her old man. Oof.

Nate: I've never been off that cliff before. What a rush.

Dani: I thought you were gonna do a belly flop.

Nate: But then I pulled off that wicked cannonball.

Dani: Yeah, by the seat of your pants.

Nate: Hey, mission accomplished.

Dani: What was that? To look desperate?

Nate: To make you laugh. And it worked.

Dani: You could've warned me the water was freezing.

Nate: It is a mountain.

Dani: Yeah, in the middle of June.

Nate: I think you were spoiled by the south pacific.

Dani: It's so beautiful and warm there, Nate. Never had to worry about boyfriends or that my dad wasn't really my dad. I didn't know what it was like to have someone love you and not love them back.

Nate: So don't think about it now, either.

Blair: It says she's suffering from an inoperable brain tumor.

Todd: What?

Blair: It's cancer. Stage 4. I'm sorry.

Todd: Why didn't she tell me?

Blair: She didn't want you or Dani to know about it.

Todd: Dani doesn't know?

Blair: She wanted--she wanted to wait until your life was less complicated, till your charges were...

Todd: Oh, God. What does my court case have to do with this?

Blair: She was afraid, Todd, that you were gonna do something crazy. Honestly, I couldn't argue that point with her.

Todd: How did you find out about it?

Blair: Just by accident.

Todd: Yeah, right.

Blair: Okay, I was snooping, all right? Found out just like you. You happy now?

Todd: No.

Blair: I'm sorry you had to find out like this. Really, I am. I think her not telling you was just as much about her as it was you.

Todd: I don't know what that meant.

Blair: Well, she's--she was in denial, Todd, and she has been for a long time. She refused treatment at first. I had to force her into going to her first appointment. God, I'd hope somebody would do the same for me.

Todd: And you'd want that someone to be Téa?

Blair: She didn't have anybody. She was alone. God, I don't know what I'd do if I found out that I was dying and our kids would be on the verge of losing their mother.

Todd: You know what? This--this guy Evans, he's a total quack. I'm gonna get her someone else. I'm gonna--I'm gonna take over this whole deal. I'm gonna find somebody who--or a cure of some kind that'll cure-- listen. I'm gonna find her a doctor who can cure her, not just give her a death sentence like Evans.

Kelly: You don't remember hitting Ford?

Jessica: Well, I know I pushed him off me. I remember that.

Kelly: Okay, but after that?

Jessica: Nothing. The next thing I remember, I was at my dad's house and then I found Brody's medal, and that's when all of my memories came flooding back.

Kelly: Everything about Mitch?

Jessica: Yes, but the good stuff, too. Like all of a sudden, I was an adult again. And I remembered being a mother, and I remembered being in love with Brody, and I knew that I wanted to go back to that life. I knew I wanted to go back to Brody and my little girl. And I was ready to put this whole thing behind me, but... I couldn't. And I knew I couldn't. Because deep down inside, I knew I did this.

Kelly: If you don't remember...

Jessica: Kelly...I was there. I thought that he was Mitch.

Kelly: That does not mean that you attacked him.

Jessica: If it wasn't me, then who was it?

Ford: Look, man, I said no more questions.

John: It's about your brother.

Ford: Okay. He was here. So?

John: Where'd he go?

Ford: I don't know.

John: He got a name?

Ford: Enough, okay? He has nothing to do with this.

John: What's his name?

[Ford sighs]

Ford: James. He came to see me. He left. End of story. Leave him alone.

Starr: Hope finally fell back asleep.

James: She's a sweet kid.

Starr: I know she is. She's beautiful. So why is this guy after you?

James: Because I have something he wants.

Dani: Wait.

Nate: Sorry. Am I moving too fast?

Dani: No, but my necklace is gone. It's from my dad. Not Todd but--

Nate: The man you thought was your dad.

Dani: I still had it after I got out of the water before we started fooling around.

Nate: Then it's gotta be around here somewhere. Could've fallen between those rocks.

Dani: Yeah. Go check. Oh, I found it!

Blair: I know that you think that everything can be fixed by a little yelling and money, but Todd, this-- this can't be fixed.

Todd: You don't know what you're talking about.

Blair: She has checked out other doctors. She's gotten second opinions. She's researched the tumor. She's checked out her opt--

Todd: Okay. Then it's my turn.

Blair: Do you think that Téa hasn't done everything she possibly can to make sure that this turned out differently? Do you really think that she wants to die and leave you and Dani? Todd, this can't be fixed. You can't... you can't fix it. And all your yelling is not what she needs. She doesn't need you to bring some quacky doctor in here to promise some kind of miracle cure.

Todd: That's exactly what she needs. What good am I? What good is my money if I can't fix her?

Blair: I know you love her. I know you love her and I know you don't want her to die, but...listen to me. The best thing that you can do is to understand... that that's exactly what's gonna happen. She's gonna die. And you need to do everything you can to make peace with Dani. All right? Todd, that's how you can help Téa. Because she is gonna die. And Dani is your daughter.

Dani: What is that doing there?

Nate: Somebody hid it here, I guess.

Dani: Like who?

Nate: How should I know?

Dani: Well, there's only one way to find out. There must be an I.D. or wallet or something--

Nate: Wait, wait! Don't.

Dani: Why not?

Nate: If this were an airport or a train station, we'd have to report an unattended bag.

Dani: Okay, I seriously doubt there's a bomb in there. Who would it kill up here?

Nate: Us.

David: I know it seems like we're dead in the water, but luckily, I got my own instincts.

Matthew: And those are good?

David: Oh, the best. Tested around the world, across many cultures and several different languages. You know what they're telling me right now?

Matthew: [Sighs] What?

David: You really smell. You gotta go take a long, hot shower, buddy.

Matthew: So? It's not like I'll ever find another girl like Dani again.

David: Hey, hey, hey. I know it feels like that right now, but let me tell you something. A change is a-coming. So you go take that shower and then pick out your studliest threads. Actually, let me pick them out for you. We're gonna put you back in the game.

Matthew: Come on, David.

David: Go. Now. Shower. Before I get mad.

Matthew: Wouldn't want that to happen.

David: Matthew, you go ahead and use my feral pheromone shower gel.

Matthew: Now that's an offer I just can't refuse.

David: Hey, it's weapons grade material. A little dab'll do ya.

David: Hey, doll, it's Dave, your fave. Do you remember me? I thought you might. Listen, need a favor. I just arrived on the private jet and there's something I want you to do for me. I want to show my little brother a good time.

Nate: This is so "Pulp Fiction."

Dani: What are you talking about?

Nate: Oh, Dani, there are so many DVDs that we need to watch together. I don't want to spoil a Tarantino masterpiece for you, so all I'll tell you is this. There's a mystery case in the movie.

Dani: What was in it?

Nate: No one ever found out. Even Tarantino didn't know.

Dani: Well, that's just stupid.

Starr: What do you have that this guy wants?

James: I don't want to get you in any deeper than I already have, so let's just say I made a mistake, okay?

Starr: You think?! But if this guy wants something so badly that it makes you kidnap me and my daughter, I mean, why not just give it back?

James: That's what I'm aiming for.

Starr: Well, don't aim for it. Just do it.

James: Don't worry. As soon as I fix your car, I'm gonna fix the situation I got myself into.

John: It's McBain. Yeah, do me a favor. See if there's a James Ford in the system.

James: All right, now head straight for the nearest gas station as soon as you get to town. And don't let those mechanics take you for a ride, okay? Tell them that you just need a new engine starter cap and that's it. Don't let them try and sell you the whole store.

Starr: Is that all?

James: I'm just trying to look out for you, all right?

Starr: I can take care of myself, thanks.

James: Okay. Well, good luck with your boyfriend. I hope I don't wind up in jail with him.

Starr: Don't think that I'm not gonna call the cops.

James: Do whatever you need to do. Still got that packet of tissues I gave you in case your allergies come back?

Starr: Yes. Now get out of here and go fix that mistake you made.

David: Look at that. Mighty sharp. Never more handsome. You look pretty good, too.

Matthew: All right, all right, could you lay off the hair now?

David: Lay off? Do you have any idea how much work it is to make it look like you don't care what your hair looks like?

Matthew: Besides, I'm not crazy about spikes, anyway.

David: Don't you smack talk spikes. Spikes are your friend.

Matthew: I don't get it. Why are you doing all this? What's your-- what's your big plan?

[Knocking on door]

David: My big plan? Oh, little brother. We're about to do Llanview right, like it's never been done before. First class all the way. And these luscious ladies, they're our dates.

Dani: What do you think we should do?

James: I'm gonna fix things.

Starr: Good.

James: And when I do, maybe I'll see you again.

Starr: Don't count on it.

James: All right. Bye, Starr.

Starr: Okay, Hope. Finally rid of that maniac. If I never see him again, it'll be too soon.

Jessica: You still haven't answered me.

Kelly: You know what? It could be any number of people. The guy clearly had so many enemies.

Jessica: But I was the only one that he invited into his bedroom that night.

Kelly: You also left before anything happened.

Jessica: I thought when Markko was arrested that this would all be over, that there's no other suspects...

Kelly: Jessica, Jessica, Jessica.

Jessica: Kelly, we have to face it. It was me.

[Knocking on door]

John: Sorry to interrupt. Your--your assistant said I could come in.

Todd: I gotta go.

Blair: You shouldn't be alone right now, Todd.

Todd: I'm not gonna be alone. I'm gonna find Téa.

Blair: Todd--

Todd: Listen, I need to be with her. She must be worried sick about Dani.

Blair: Hey. I'm so sorry.

Dani: Did that really just happen?

James: No. No. No. No. No!

Nate: Come on. Let's get out of here.

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