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Episode # 10701

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Brody: Markko Rivera, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Robert Ford. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an att--

Markko: I already have an attorney.

Téa: Markko, don't say anything. Okay?

Brody: Fine. Let's go.

Téa: Okay.

Langston: No! You can't arrest Markko for something he didn't do.

John: Yeah, I need an update on the assault victim that was brought into the O.R.

Nurse Annemarie: Robert Ford?

John: Yeah, that's the one.

Nurse Annemarie: We just got word on him. He's out of surgery, but his condition's still critical.

Bo: Jessica?

Jessica: Uncle Bo.

Bo: Hi. Is everything all right?

[John sighs]

[Knock on door]

John: Come on in. Hey.

Natalie: Hey. I just--I came by to say... I missed you.

John: I miss you, too.

Viki: Nora! Hi!

Nora: Hi!

Viki: What a nice surprise!

Nora: Oh, I hope you think it's nice when you hear the big favor I want to ask you.

Cole: If you could be wrong about your best friend, you could be wrong about your dad.

Starr: That's completely different, Cole.

Cole: How?

Starr: Because my dad swore on his love for me. He swore on the lives of his children, on Hope's life.

Cole: And Langston swore on your friendship that she would break up with Ford. All right, they swore on the things that meant the most to you, but Langston lied the whole time. So how do you know your dad didn't lie?

Todd: Larry does good work, doesn't he? What's the matter? You know that guy?

Hannah: No.

Todd: Then why the bug eyes then?

Hannah: It's just... gruesome.

Todd: God, you are pathological, aren't you?

Hannah: What?

Todd: Well, you're lying about having seen me push Marty Saybrooke down the stairs, and now you're lying about this. Why?

Brody: Langston, we have evidence that links Markko to the crime.

Langston: I don't care. He's not guilty. It's impossible.

Brody: Impossible why? 

Starr: I've known my father for my entire life, okay? We have this special connection that I just can't put into words.

Cole: Langston's been your friend for years.

Starr: That's not the same.

Cole: You lived together. You share everything. You told me that you could basically read each other's minds.

Starr: Well, apparently I can't.

Cole: Exactly. You think you would know if your friend was lying to you, but you didn't.

Starr: Okay, well, I didn't need to know the truth about Langston and Ford. I mean, it wasn't a matter of life or death.

Cole: Okay, you made Langston swear on your friendship. Is that not important? Look, I'm just trying to get you to see that you might not know people as well as you think you do. Like your best friend, your dad, come on. Don't you get that?

Starr: Yes! I get it!

Hannah: I'm not lying. I'm not signing anything that says I lied about what I saw or that I'm guilty of doing anything to Dr. Saybrooke. So why don't you tell your goons on the other side of the door to let me leave.

Todd: Well, I can't.

Hannah: What now? You gonna torture me?

Todd: I bet that would turn you on, wouldn't it?

Hannah: You're sick.

Todd: I don't have to torture you. It's obvious what drives you crazy.

Hannah: Being held against my will by a rapist?

Todd: Journalism. What do you think I oughta run as a headline? Hmm? How about "T.A. gets K.O.D"?

[Hannah sighs]

Todd: You know what, here's the story that's gonna run. "Robert Ford, graduate student and teaching assistant at Llanview University, was assaulted last night. He was found in the bed in his apartment," blah, blah, blah, blah. Now, you go to Llanview, right? I bet if I dug a little, I'd find out that your path and Mr. Ford's path crossed.

Hannah: Yeah. [Sniffs] Sure. That's front page news. "Student at L.U., Hannah O'Connor, may have randomly seen the victim on campus." Continued in section 12.

Todd: I don't need that much space to figure out what you guys had in common. In fact, I think I've already got a whole new angle on this story.

Brody: Why is it impossible for Markko to have assaulted Robert Ford?

Langston: Because he couldn't have. Markko is the kindest, gentlest, most loving person that I've ever known, and he's not capable of killing anybody, no matter how angry he gets--

Téa: Langston, thank you very much, but I'll be defending Markko from now on. Do you have an arrest warrant?

Brody: Be my guest. It's good.

Téa: The sneakers? That's it? That's the extent of your so-called evidence against my client?

Brody: Treads on the shoe match the bloody shoeprint at the scene.

Téa: How do you even know they're Markko's?

Brody: We found the receipts for them in his apartment.

Téa: Oh, you searched his apartment illegally--

Brody: We had a warrant for that, and it's good, too. You can check it out at the station.

Téa: And you found those sneakers in a dumpster?

Brody: Right out back behind Markko's place of business where he already told us he spent last night.

Téa: That's circumstantial. You have no proof those sneakers are the same ones worn during the crime.

Brody: Lab analysis will match the blood on those shoes to the victim.

Téa: Or that he was the one who threw them out in the dumpster last night.

Brody: We have an eyewitness who saw him do it.

Jessica: I'm fine, Uncle Bo. I'm just a little tired.

Bo: Wild night, huh? Were you partying after the prom and...

Jessica: [Sighs] Actually, it was a really wild night. I got my memories back.

Bo: You serious?

Jessica: Yeah. I remember my whole entire life and all the people in it--Brody, Natalie, Bree. I remember that I'm a grownup and not a senior in high school.

Bo: Well, that's incredible! Oh, that's wonderful news!

Jessica: Thank you. Yeah, it is. So, are you here on a case?

Bo: No, I'm just here seeing the doctor, getting a clean bill of health, you know, after my wound--just in time for my wedding.

Jessica: Oh, of course! Congratulations!

Bo: Thank you very much, but you can tell me that tomorrow if you want. You can be there, can't you?

Jessica: Oh, of course I can. Yes, yes.

Bo: Okay. So you're at the hospital for...

Jessica: I had an appointment with Marty. You know, my parents thought it couldn't hurt.

Bo: Clint and Viki must be thrilled.

Jessica: Yeah, I think they had enough of me being a teenager the first time around.

Bo: Yeah, ha ha! Well, we all wanted you to just get well, that's all. So now you remember everything?

Jessica: Actually, I'm not sure.

Nora: Rachel has the flu.

Viki: Oh, well, that's terrible.

Nora: And she's in Chicago so she can't be here tomorrow for the wedding.

Viki: Oh, well, I'll just have a "Banner" photographer take lots of pictures, and we'll send them to her.

Nora: Oh, thank you. That's very generous of you, but that's not quite as big as the favor I'm about to ask you. I know this is ridiculously last minute, but it would mean the world to me if you would stand in and be my matron of honor?

Viki: Oh ho ho! Absolutely! Yes! I would love to. It would be an honor.

Nora: Oh, yes. Oh, wonderful! Terrific! Thank you, thank you so much. Okay, well, that's a plan taken care of.

Viki: Yeah, and anything you need me to do, any help you need, just let me know.

Nora: I need to make a list, but I don't even know what I need. I know that sounds ridiculous considering it should be second nature to me with all the practice I've had. But this time's different. This time's the last time.

Viki: Well, you're marrying the man you love. That's what's important.

Nora: Yes, I know what you're thinking. I mean, a year ago, you were marrying Charlie. I was marrying Clint.

Clint: We all know how that turned out.

Natalie: I, uh... guess that takes care of the missing you part, but we need to talk.

John: What's on your mind?

Natalie: Ha! Well, you know, oh, you coming to the airport and stopping me from leaving the country, admitting that we both have feelings for each other.

John: Oh, yeah, that.

Natalie: Yeah, it's kind of been radio silence since then. You know, not a call or text.

John: I don't know how to text.

Natalie: I know. I know you're not avoiding me. You're not avoiding me, right?

John: You really have to ask me that?

Natalie: I know, I know. I'm just having a lot of trouble believing that this is real.

John: What happened at the airport was real.

Natalie: A whole lot changed last night.

John: Yeah. Brody told me.

Natalie: Uhh! He did? 

John: What? He shouldn't have told me about Jessica getting her memory back?

Natalie: Oh! No. No, no. I mean, it's not like it's a big secret or anything. it's just that I don't think that any of the other family knew. So I guess I was just surprised that you knew.

John: Well, I guess he was happy. He couldn't keep it to himself.

Natalie: Yeah! Yeah, it's really great news getting my sister back, especially after all of these months of her treating me like a stranger. You're good, McBain.

John: What?

Natalie: Steering the subject on to Brody and Jessica instead of you and me.

John: Marty moved out.

Natalie: She did?

John: This morning.

Natalie: You know that I never, never wanted to hurt anyone.

John: Neither did I.

Natalie: So... we've admitted how we feel about each other, so... you're free. I'm free. What happens now?

Brody: The woman whose house backs onto the alley heard a noise in the middle of the night. She looked out the window and saw someone throw the sneakers in the dumpster.

Langston: And she's saying that it's Markko? She's lying.

Téa: Langston. Langston.

Brody: She's a regular here. She had no problem ID’ing Markko.

Markko: Okay, okay, look, look, the reason you found those sneakers--

Téa: Markko! Let. Me. Do. The talking! The evidence is flimsy at best, but we have no choice but to accompany Officer Lovett to the station.

Markko: Okay.

Langston: Markko, I'm so sorry.

Markko: It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Brody: Come on, let's go.

Langston: Téa, there is no way that Markko tried to kill Ford last night.

Téa: Don't worry. I got this.

Langston: Well, isn't there anything I can do to help him?

Téa: Not unless you know who really attacked Ford.

Cole: So you're willing to admit that your dad could be wrong and that he's lying to you, too.

Starr: That is not what I said.

Cole: That's what you just said!

Starr: I said that I understand, okay? I can see how my belief in my dad would seem similar to my belief in Langston, but I still know that my dad is innocent!

Cole: That doesn't make any sense.

Starr: Okay, it might not make sense to you, but it makes perfect sense to me, Cole. I know that in my heart my dad is right and that he's telling the truth, okay. I can't explain it beyond that. I'm sorry.

Cole: I can't believe you still can't even consider that your dad might be lying to you.

Starr: Well, I can't believe that you won't even consider that the one who's lying is Hannah.

Hannah: What angle?

Todd: Oh, well, the reason you flipped your lid just now over some guy that you claim to have randomly met, perhaps, I'd say you know him pretty well.

Hannah: You're facing murder charges and all you can do is ask me about some guy I might know?

Todd: Oh, so you admit it, huh? You and Ford were friends.

Hannah: Obsess much?

Todd: Oh, wait a minute. My daughter Starr told me that the reason you tried to kill yourself was over some guy who dumped you. Was Ford the guy?

Hannah: My personal life is none of your business, you pervert!

Todd: I want you to understand something. You're the only one standing between me and life in prison. So everything in your life is my business from here on out, you understand? Including your relationship with Ford.

Jessica: Everything's filled in since high school, all the people in it--Brody, Natalie, Bree. I remember what made me forget.

Bo: That Mitch Laurence--

Jessica: I'm dealing with what he did to me. But what I'm wondering is, if an emotional trauma could make me forget years of my life, then maybe another trauma could make me forget again?

Bo: Will it put you back in high school again?

Jessica: Maybe not that dramatic, just a... if memory's fragile, then maybe I could lose something else, even minutes, perhaps. I...

Bo: I don't know. That's why it's such a good idea that you're talking to Marty. I think she can help you work through this.

Nurse Annemarie: Excuse me, Commissioner Buchanan.

Bo: Yes.

Nurse Annemarie: Are you here about the patient Robert Ford?

Bo: No, my lieutenant John McBain, he's taking care of that case. Why? Was Ford able to tell us anything about what happened to him?

Nurse Annemarie: It doesn't look good for him.

Bo: Oh, God. Thank you. Gee... did you know a guy named Robert Ford?

Jessica: Uh, he was Cristian and Layla's roommate. I met him once or twice.

Bo: Ah, then you got to be worrying about him, too.

Jessica: Yeah, I heard about what happened to him. I just wanted to make sure he was okay. I hope he makes it.

Bo: Well, he's lucky to have survived that head trauma. If we had a motive, then I think we could figure out who did this to him.

Jessica: Uncle Bo, there's something I have to tell you.

Nora: Viki and I were just talking.

Clint: Yeah, you were talking about your wedding to Bo tomorrow. You know, I just got the invitation. Must have been sent to me by mistake.

Nora: No. There was no mistake.

Clint: I stopped by to see how Jessie's doing. Is she okay?

Viki: Yeah, she's fine. Yeah, we had a great morning. Got up early and made pancakes for Bree. Bree doesn't really understand what's happening, but she is obviously thrilled to have her mother back.

Nora: Does Jessica have her memory back?

Viki: Yes, she does.

Clint: Yeah, everything came back to her just last night.

Nora: Oh, my God! And here I am going on--that's fantastic! Oh, I'm so happy for the both of you!

Viki: Thank you.

Clint: So, Jessie actually seemed like herself today?

Viki: Well, she's getting there, yes. I mean, her memory seems to be fine. There's something else that's bothering her, though.

Nora: Well, I think that's natural. I mean, speaking from personal experience. Jessica's just starting to place the events of the last few months, and it's gonna take her a while before she feels like her life's back on track.

Viki: I'm sure, yeah. I just have a feeling it's more than that. She seems extremely remorseful about the hurt that she thinks she did to people.

Jessica: Right before I remembered what Mitch tried to do to me and before all my memories came flooding back, I was--

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Oh, I'm sorry, Jess. I gotta take this.

Jessica: Okay.

Bo: Buchanan. They're bringing him in? All right, we have a tight case? Good. Thank you. Nice work. It looks like we've got the guy who attacked Robert Ford.

Jessica: Really?

Bo: Yeah.

Jessica: That's great.

Bo: Yeah. We've got solid evidence against him. Brody made the arrest. And now I've gotta make more phone calls. But you were about to tell me something.

Jessica: I was-- yeah, I was, um... I was just gonna tell you how grateful I am to you and everybody else for putting up with me and making sure that I was okay.

Bo: Jess. Jess. We're family. I love you. I want you to remember something. Anytime you need to talk to anybody about anything at all, remember you've always got your Uncle Bo. Okay? Remember that.

Jessica: [Sighs] Thank God it wasn't me.

Todd: Must've been pretty bad, huh? Did he break your heart? You swallowed a pharmacy?

Hannah: I'm not talking to you about any of this!

Todd: That's okay. I'm just here to listen. I want you to know that.

[Hannah sighs]

Todd: Oh, I know. I know. I do have to say something, though.

Hannah: What?

Todd: Something seems a little off, just a little weird, you know? I mean, here you are, getting all upset over this lover boy. Show you a picture of his head getting bashed in...

[Hannah crying]

Todd: Yeah, it got bashed in, and you didn't even ask who did it.

Hannah: Do they know?

Todd: Ha!

John: I know we need to talk.

Natalie: But this isn't the time or the place.

John: No, it is not, but maybe we could--

[Knock on door]

[Natalie chuckles]

John: Come in.

Brody: We just brought in Markko Rivera.

John: Oh, okay. Can you put him in interview room 1?

Brody: Yeah, we're gonna have company. Téa Delgado.

John: I guess the kid's lawyered up.

Brody: Before I even got there.

John: All right, I'll have a talk with them.

Brody: Yeah. They're right outside.

John: Yeah? Can you give me one minute?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Sure?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: All right.

Natalie: We need to finish this conversation that we started this morning about what happened between us last night.

Brody: You mean the fact that we slept together.

Natalie: Yeah. What are we gonna do about it?

Téa: You have no hard evidence against my client, Detective.

John: We have Markko's sneakers stained in blood. They match a footprint we found at the scene.

Téa: You haven't done a DNA test yet, so you don't know whose blood is on those sneakers.

John: It's not looking good, kid. If you got something to say, now's the time to say it.

Langston: Starr? It's me. Look, I know you're mad at me for lying to you, and you have every right to be. But you're still my best friend, and right now, I really need you.

Cole: Yeah, we just keep going round and round.

Starr: Yeah, you're right! Because I keep telling you that I know my dad, and you keep telling me that I don't. Instead, you are basing everything that you believe in on Hannah's word, a girl who you've only known for a few months who will do anything to split us up!

Cole: Come on. I'm not the only one that believes Hannah, okay? The cops do, too.

Starr: That's because they don't know everything. They don't know how unstable she is.

Cole: Stop. Stop, okay?

Starr: Cole, please. I know when my dad's lying and when he's not, okay? He's telling the truth, and the fact that you won't even hear me on this, it's making me wonder how well I know you.

Cole: Well, then maybe you shouldn't come here anymore.

Starr: What? What are you saying?

Cole: I mean, if we keep this up, it's gonna wreck us, and I'm not sure if we can get back from that.

Starr: I thought we were meant to be together, Cole. We're soulmates, and last night proved that.

Cole: Then let's hold onto that. Let's hold onto those memories.

Starr: I don't want memories. I want you, Cole. I want to hold you. I want to close my eyes and listen to you read poetry to our little girl. God, Cole, I miss you so much sometimes, I think I'm going crazy.

Cole: [Sniffs] Any time I think it gets tough, I'm just gonna close my eyes and remember how beautiful you looked--your hair, your dress, the way you looked at me when I got out of that police car. We can let last night remind us of our love. So hold onto that until...

Starr: Until when?

Cole: Until we can both share the same truth.

Starr: I guess ... I guess we really are star-crossed lovers.

Cole: I guess so.

Starr: [Sniffs] Oh! [Sighs]

[Cell door clangs shut]

Nora: I know that the two of you will do everything you can to make sure that Jessica has all the help she needs to deal with this, but if she ever needs to talk to someone who's been through something similar... I'm here.

Viki: Thank you, Nora.

Clint: I appreciate that.

Nora: Okay, well, I gotta get going 'cause I got a million things to do before... Clint, I really hope you'll come to the wedding tomorrow.

Clint: Well, you'll understand, won't you, if I decline?

Nora: I will always regret the mistakes I've made...forever-- hurting you, coming between you and your brother. But after Bo got shot, I thought that we'd kind of turned a corner. I thought we'd come to some peace? It would mean the world to Bo if you were there.

Bo: Sure would.

Viki: Jessie. Excuse me. Sweetheart, I got your message. How did everything go at the hospital?

Jessica: I, uh...think I got a lot of things resolved.

Viki: Good.

Jessica: I feel much better now.

Viki: Good.

Brody: We didn't do anything wrong. We were both free agents last night.

Natalie: Technically, you know, but that doesn't stop me from feeling like crap.

Brody: No kidding.

Natalie: You feel like you betrayed Jessica?

Brody: You do, too?

Natalie: And John. We were just finding our way back to each other. And I don't feel like starting this with some huge secret between us.

John: Nothing else you want to tell me?

Téa: Detective McBain, you know better than that.

John: Okay. Take him down to booking.

Brody: Look, I don't want to keep a secret from Jessica either, but telling her might not be the best idea.

Natalie: Because of her memory?

Brody: Well, she's just putting herself back together. I don't know how much more stress she can take right now.

Natalie: Yeah, but you're the one who told her about Mitch and you were worried that you were gonna hurt her, but that may have been the thing that made her recover her memory.

Brody: Yeah, yeah. Even if that's true, that's not the same thing as telling her I got toasted and slept with her sister.

Natalie: Look, it's not pretty, and I'm not proud of it and I'm sure that you're not either, but that is what happened.

Brody: You know, ever since what happened in Iraq, I swore I wanted to face the truth.

Natalie: We all have to. I mean, because I did I got John back. I love him, and the truth is so important to him--

[Door opens]

Natalie: And I hope this case gets solved as quickly as possible.

[Door closes]

John: So do I.

Natalie: Ah.

Todd: No, sir. Sorry. The police don't know who tried to kill Ford.

[Papers hit desk]

[Opens door]

Todd: Gents, Miss O'Connor's leaving.

Hannah: What, you're just gonna let me walk out of here?

Todd: No one saw you come in, no one's gonna see you leave. So it's pointless to go babbling that you got kidnapped or something. Plus, people might start to think you're crazy.

Todd: Stay on her. I want to know where she goes next.

Guard: You're getting some company, Thornhart.

Cole: It's late for visitors.

Markko: Dude. Dude, I'm not visiting.

Bo: Any chance we'll see you at the wedding tomorrow?

Clint: Honestly, I'm not sure I'm up for it, Bo.

Bo: Okay. All right. I understand. But I want you to know, Clint, you know, it would mean the world to me to have my big brother there with me.

Viki: You do seem to be in a better mood than you were this afternoon.

Jessica: I...yeah. I got to apologize to Cristian for trying to come between him and Layla.

Viki: And I'm sure you realize that you didn't cause any harm, darling.

Jessica: Eh...he was sweet.

Viki: Good.

Jessica: But I still have to talk to Layla.

Brody: Hello, ladies.

Viki: Hey, Brody.

Jessica: Hey!

Brody: Give me another one.

Jessica: Oh, ha! I heard that you made the arrest in the Robert Ford case?

Brody: Looks like I won't have to put in OT tomorrow.

Jessica: So you can take me to Bo and Nora's wedding?

Brody: Are you asking me out on a date?

Jessica: You gonna make me play horse for it?

Brody: Probably not.

Jessica: Well, good. Then I'd be honored to be your date. I have to go in my closet and find a decent dress. I'm so over the nineties' look.

Brody: Ha ha.

John: I want the DNA test on those sneakers as soon as possible. Okay. I'm sorry. I got a lot going on here right now.

Natalie: Yeah, it looks like you're deep in the pocket. And if I know you, you probably haven't eaten today.

John: I,, I grabbed something this morning.

Natalie: Mm-hmm. I'll get out of your hair and we can talk about us some other time, you know, although the idea scares me.

John: What scares you?

Natalie: Well, you know, we've tried this before, and it didn't work.

John: Well, maybe we'll just have to try a little harder this time.

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Um... I'm probably still not gonna be any good at, you know, talking about the future.

Natalie: Yeah, I know. I mean, I don't expect you to know what happens next.

John: How about going with me to Bo and Nora's wedding?

Starr: Hey.

Langston: God, Starr. Thank God you came. Wait. What's wrong?

Starr: I just came from the jail.

Langston: Did you see Markko?

Starr: Markko?

Cole: I don't get it. Why are you here?

Markko: Ford. Langston was cheating on me with that son of a bitch.

Langston: Someone tried to kill Ford last night.

Starr: What?

Markko: The guy's in the hospital. He could die, man, not that I don't think he doesn't deserve it.

Starr: They think Markko did it? That's crazy!

Langston: I know, but Markko was so upset at Ford, I mean--

Starr: Okay, well, he can't let them railroad him. Markko needs to get a good lawyer.

Langston: He has one.

Téa: You're not to discuss this case with anyone, not even your friends. Are we clear?

Markko: I'm sorry.

Téa: Do you understand me? Not one word. This could turn into a murder charge.

Cole: I never thought things would go this far.

Langston: I know Markko's innocent.

Starr: Okay, and I know he is, too. And I know that you're scared, but you need to calm down because Téa will get Markko out of this.

Langston: But it's my fault. This is all my fault. Starr, look, I know that I have no right to ask you this, but... if I ever needed my best friend I need you right now.

Markko: Things just got out of hand.

Cole: How did it all end up like this? You know, the four of us-- we had it all.

Starr: I need my best friend, too, now more than ever.

Heavy: You're slipping, Mr. M.

Todd: Pardon me?

Heavy: Letting that girl go without getting a written confession.

Todd: Geez. See, this is why I'm the boss and you're the muscle. It wasn't about coercing a confession. I just wanted to rattle Hannah's cage, let her know I'm not gonna stop until she admits she didn't see me push Marty. Or better yet till she admits she did it herself.

Heavy: You think it worked?

Todd: It doesn't matter. I got something else. Looks like that little liar's the gift that keeps on giving. Marty and I might not have been her only victims.

Hannah: Excuse me. I was wondering if I could get an update on a patient. Robert Ford.

Nurse Annemarie: Are you a relative?

Hannah: No. A friend. A friend who cares what happens to him.

Nora: Ohh! Do you know that this is the last night that we're gonna be living in sin?

Bo: Are you getting cold feet?

Nora: I don't know. You tell me.

Bo: Feel cold.

[Nora laughs]

Bo: You know what?

Nora: What?

Bo: As far as I'm concerned, tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Nora: Mmm.

Keane: It's time to make a start to get to know your heart time to show your face time to take your place in every speck of dust in every universe when you feel most alone you will not be alone just shine a light on me shine a light I'll shine a light on you shine a light and you will see my shadow on every wall and you will see my footprint on every floor so it only takes a spark to tear the world apart these tiny little things that make it all begin just shine a light on me shine a light I'll shine a light on you shine a light and you will see my shadow on every wall and you'll see my reflection in your free fall ooh!

[Alarm clock rings]

Bo: Mornin', red.

Nora: [Chuckles] What time is it?

Bo: It's time to get married.

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