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Episode # 10699

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Kelly: What did you find out about this Ford guy? Well, then, work your magic! Come on, all I need is a prognosis. I'll talk to you later.

TV newscaster: Again, no arrests have been made in the brutal assault on Llanview...

Todd: Get the hell out of my chair.

TV Newscaster: University teaching assistant Robert Ford. At this time, Llanview university faculty member Robert Ford is still in surgery. No word yet on whether he's expected to survive.

Jessica: No!

[Remote falls to floor]

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Dorian: It's just you and me. And it's absolutely crucial that you tell me the truth: Did you attack Ford last night? Honey, you're my daughter, but I can't help you unless you tell me the truth. So please...did you do it?

John: Hey. What happened to your hand?

Gigi: He dumped her?

Rex: It's really harsh.

Gigi: That doesn't even sound like him.

Rex: Well, same handwriting and signature.

Gigi: This doesn't make sense, Balsom. There has to be more to this. There has to be.

Rex: Well, I...I don't know. This--this last letter from Rick is pretty clear.

Gigi: Wait. Here's something. Look at the date. Lilli sent this first, and there is no way that Rick would have left her after he got this.

Rex: What does it say?

Gigi: "My beloved, I have wonderful news. I'm having your baby."

Lilli's voice: "My beloved, I have wonderful news. I'm having your baby."

Rex: So Rick knew she was pregnant, and he still broke up with her. How could he do that if he loved her as much as he said he did?

Rick: Pete. What are you doing in my office?

Pete: Is this why you broke things off with my daughter? To be with some Indian whore?

Rick: That's none of your business.

Pete: As long as you work for me, your business is my business.

Rick: Well, it's a good thing I don't work for you anymore 'cause I've paid off my father's gambling debt, which means I'm done with you and your damn casino.

Pete: Your debt is paid when I say it is.

Rex: How could he get Lilli, my mom, pregnant and just abandon her? You're right, there's got to be more to this story, there's got to be. 

Kelly: This is my desk now.

Todd: I don't remember that.

Kelly: Yes, you do. Besides, don't you have bigger things to worry about?

Todd: Oh, by the way, what's Shaun doing outside the door?

Kelly: Dorian hired him to be my bodyguard. So, did you break out of jail or did they actually let you go?

Todd: I made bail. Are you gonna get up or what?

Kelly: Just for today. Just for today to celebrate your emancipation, but tomorrow you're back over there.

Todd: Yeah, we'll see. What is all this?

Kelly: That is my wall-to-wall coverage on giving the L.U. teacher who was bludgeoned with his own film award.

Todd: Ha! That's right. Well, I guess that's one good thing about my being in jail: McBain can't pin that one on me. Stay on it. I got bigger fish to fry. That little bitch who's claiming I shoved Marty Saybrooke down the stairs has gone missing.

Kelly: Hannah O'Connor?

Todd: If that doesn't convince these idiot cops that I'm innocent, I don't know what will.

Kelly: Unless they're the ones who have her.

Jessica: What did I do? What did I do?

Viki: Jessie? Oh, good, there you are, sweetheart. I--what's wrong?

Jessica: I was just, uh... I, uh, I was just thinking about the terrible things that I've done to the people that I care about, the people that I love, and I was wondering how I was gonna make it up to them.

Viki: Honey, you don't have to make anything up to anybody. We were just all really worried about you.

Jessica: And I am sorry for that, too.

Viki: You cannot blame yourself for any of this, you know? My God, what you've been through the last couple of months? That's a lot to deal with.

Jessica: It's no excuse for me acting like a stalker and going after someone else's boyfriend.

Viki: I'm quite sure that Cristian doesn't blame you for that, and I'm sure Layla doesn't either.

Jessica: It's not just Cristian and Layla.

Dorian: Langston, I need you to trust me. Do you remember a few years ago when you told me that your mother and father were dead?

Langston: Of course I do.

Dorian: Ever since then, I have felt a very special connection between us. What hurts you, hurts me.

Langston: I know how much you love me.

Dorian: No one deserves to be treated the way Ford treated you. You are a very special young woman.

Langston: Huh. If I'm so special, how did I manage to mess everything up so completely?

Dorian: You made some mistakes. Who doesn't? But you did not deserve to be abused. So as far as I'm concerned, whatever you did to Ford, he deserved.

Markko: I banged my hand against the wall by accident.

John: Yeah?

Markko: Yeah. Sprained it. There might be a fracture, too, which is why, you know, the splint. But it looks a lot worse than it actually is.

John: Yeah?

Dr. Gangemi: Markko. Oh, good, you're still here. I need to make a note of what time the injury occurred last night.

John: It happened last night?

Markko: Yeah. You know, I don't really--I'm not really sure.

John: Should have got it treated right away.

Markko: Well, it didn't start hurting until this morning.

John: Ah. Isn't that a little unusual, Doc?

Dr. Gangemi: No, not really. The force of the blow.

John: The force of the blow?

Dr. Gangemi: Yeah, injuries like this usually result from a fight.

John: So, Markko, who'd you hit?

Rex: There's nothing here. There's no explanation, just this one letter blowing her off. How could my father be such a bastard?

Gigi: Okay, there must be something more. Here, read the break-up letter again.

Rick's voice: "I'm never coming back. My feelings have changed."

Pete: I'm sorry. I've fallen in love with someone else. We're getting married.

Rick: I'm not getting married!

Pete: My daughter wants you, and what my little girl wants, she gets.

Rick: I won't do it.

Pete: Then your father's a dead man.

Rick: I don't love her.

Pete: Tell it to someone who cares. Now sit down and write what I say or your mother becomes a widow.

Pete: This is the last letter I'll ever write to you. I'm with someone else now. I love her, and I never loved you. Don't contact me. I never want to see you or hear from you again. Now sign it.

Rick: None of this is true!

Pete: Sign it!

Otto: "Don't contact me. I never want to see you or hear from you again." Didn't I tell you this guy would only break your heart, that he was just using you?

Lilli: No. No. That can't be true.

Otto: It's right here in black and white.

[Lilli sobs]

Otto: You have to forget him.

Lilli: I can't.

Rex: I know I wanted to find my father, but if this is who he is--

Gigi: No, no, no. This isn't it. Rex, we don't know the whole story.

Rex: Well, I hope you're right.

[Door opens]

Otto: I knew I would find you two here.

Rex: Okay, what are you gonna do, Otto, call the cops? Go ahead, but leave Gigi out of this. She didn't know what this place was. You want to arrest somebody, arrest me. 

Rex: Look Otto, we're sorry, okay? We thought that we might find something here. We didn't know that anybody lived here.

Otto: No one does. Did my daughter tell you about this place?

Gigi: Otto, please don't call the police. We didn't take anything. We were just reading some old letters.

Otto: You have no right to read those.

Gigi: Yes, we do because how else are we gonna find out who Rex's parents are?

Otto: I don't know, and I don't care! I want you out!

Rex: Can't you just talk to us?

Gigi: Please, Otto? We have so many questions.

Otto: Like I said, I don't care.

Gigi: But you're lying.

Otto: What did you say?

Gigi: Well, you keep saying that you don't care, but it's obvious that you do. You care a whole hell of a lot. Look, we know that Rex's mother and Rex's father met in your jewelry store. We know that they fell in love and she got pregnant and that Rex's father abandoned her. What we don't know is why.

Otto: That was a long time ago.

Gigi: Yeah, maybe it was, but Rex is here now. He was their baby, wasn't he?

Rex: Damn it, Otto, just tell us what happened! You know what happened. You know the part of the story that's not in these letters. Now, Rick and Lilli were my parents. I have a right to know what happened to them!

Otto: Yes, they were your parents, and I destroyed them.

Kelly: If Hannah is their chief witness against you, maybe the cops have her stashed somewhere.

Todd: What for?

Kelly: I don't know, maybe to protect her from you.

Todd: I don't think so.

Kelly: No?

Todd: No. I've got a source at the PD and they have an APB out on her. I'm gonna find her before they do.

Kelly: So you can do what?

Todd: Convince her to tell the truth.

Kelly: You know what, I don't even want to think about what you would do to convince her, and I'm sure she doesn't either, but if she knows and has heard that you're out of jail...

Todd: You think she'd take back her statement?

Kelly: Well, I'm not saying that.

Todd: Well, maybe you're right.

Kelly: Todd--

Todd: It would be great if she'd recant. But if she's gone for good, at least she can't testify against me, and the cops have nothing. Right?

Markko: I didn't hit anyone.

John: Hey. Come on, man. You can tell me or I'll find out another way.

Markko: Okay. Look, I got into an argument with a friend, we threw a couple punches, it was nothing.

John: Your friend have a name?

Markko: Why does it matter?

John: Well, you're hurting my feelings here. You don't want to tell me?

Markko: Okay, the guy I hit, it was Ford.

Dorian: Ford deserves whatever he gets, and, honey, if you did do this to him... breaking and entering, Detective Price?

Price: Uh, no. The door was unlocked. I take it this is your daughter Langston?

Dorian: I made it very clear to Detective McBain that I wanted the police to stay away from my daughter.

Price: Yes, you did, but I'm looking for Markko Rivera.

Dorian: He isn't here.

Price: Langston, I'm Detective Price. Do you know where Markko Rivera is?

Dorian: Don't utter a word, dear.

Price: Madam Mayor, we have the case of a deadly assault that could become a murder at any moment. If your daughter knows anything about it, she needs to tell us.

Dorian: Tell you what; you've got 2 choices here. You can either leave or you can leave.

Price: Langston? Markko's in trouble. If you want to help him--

Langston: But Markko didn't do anything. This isn't his fault. It's mine--

Dorian: No, darling! Do not say anything until your lawyer gets here.

Price: I think it would be a really bad idea to involve lawyers at this moment.

Dorian: I don't care what you think. Have a very good day. Good-bye.

Price: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Ooh.

Langston: Thanks for standing up for me.

Dorian: I'm your mother. I'm always gonna stand up for you. And that's...that's why, honey, you can tell me...what happened last night with Ford.

Rex: What do you mean you destroyed my parents?

Otto: I never told this to anyone. I never wanted anyone to know what I did to Rick and Lilli.

Rex: But you'll tell us?

Gigi: Whatever it is, it sounds like an awful lot to carry around, and now you won't have to keep it a secret anymore, Otto.

Otto: The day that letter arrived for Lilli, I got a phone call.

Rick: Otto, I need to talk to Lilli.

Otto: She doesn't want to talk to you. She hates you for lying to her.

Rick: If she won't talk to me, I need you to tell her something.

Otto: I'm not telling her nothing.

Rick: Tell Lilli that I will come back to her as soon as I can. Can you do that for me, please? Otto, please, tell Lilli that I--

Otto: I'll tell her, but I can tell you, she won't want to hear it.

Otto: Rick called.

Lilli: What?

Otto: He wanted me to tell you something.

Lilli: I knew it. Oh, I knew he didn't mean what he wrote. He couldn't. What did he say?

Otto: He said...he wanted me to make sure you understood what he wrote in his letter, that he doesn't want to see you or speak to you ever again.

Lilli: No. No. That--

Otto: I'm sorry.

Lilli: That can't be true.

Otto: I'm sorry.

[Lilli sobs]

Rex: I can't believe you lied to her like that.

Otto: I regretted it the moment it left my mouth and every moment since.

Gigi: Why did you do it?

Otto: Because I was young and jealous, and I still loved Lilli.

Rex: Did you ever tell her the truth?

Otto: No.

Gigi: Did Rick ever come back for Lilli?

Otto: Yes, he did.

Rex: Well, at least they found each other again.

Otto: I didn't say that.

Gigi: Lilli sent him back, didn't she? She let the man she loved go so he could save his family, right?

Otto: Oh, I wish she had, but she didn't.

Otto: If I told you once, I told you a million times, Rick does not want you to contact him!

Lilli: I don't care what you say, I know Rick still loves me, and I know he'll want to see our son.

Otto: I did everything I could to keep her from going to Rick, but she wouldn't listen. She wanted him to see his son.

Rex: She wanted him to see me.

Otto: I tried everything I could to keep Lilli from going to Rick, keep her for myself. Once the baby was born, everything changed. He was only a week old. When I woke up, both Lilli and the baby were gone.

Lilli: If you want to stop me, you'll have to shoot me! I'm here to see Rick, and I'm not leaving until I do. Where is he?

Pete: It's okay, Tony. You must be Lilli. I'm Rick's boss. This is my casino.

Lilli: I don't care who you are. I want to see Rick right now.

Pete: Well, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid he's not here.

Lilli: Then where is he?

Pete: He's dead. I killed him.

Rex: Now, you said my father came back here looking for Lilli.

Otto: He did. Later.

Gigi: So Pete was lying to Lilli?

Otto: But she believed him.

Pete: Rick was sneaking around on my daughter, so I killed him.

Lilli: But he couldn't have been. Rick and I haven't been together since--

Pete: No. I don't mean with you. I found him with some stripper. That wasn't the first time, either. And you weren't the first tramp he got pregnant, but you are the last.

Lilli: If Rick is dead, then show me his grave.

Pete: Grave? I dumped his body in the Pine Barrens. Good luck finding it. Get her out of here. Take these with you.

Lilli: You can't just get rid of me. I want to see Rick! I want to see Rick!

[Door closes]

Rick: Trouble?

Pete: No, it was nothing, nobody. Now she's gone.

Otto: Lilli's heart was broken forever by that lie. She came home without the baby.

Gigi: And that's when she left you at the hospital.

Rex: Yeah, and Allison grabbed me. Okay, so this guy told my mother that my father had died, and that's why she abandoned me?

Otto: Lilli couldn't go on without Rick.

Rex: Yeah, but Rick was alive. I mean, did he try to find her? Did he find out that she had me? Or didn't he care?

Kelly: So if you find Hannah before the cops do, what are you gonna do? You gonna get rid of her?

Todd: What kind of a person do you think I am?

Kelly: Are you really asking me that?

Todd: I just want to talk to her, convince her to tell the truth, that's all.

Delivery man: Special delivery.

Kelly: Oh!

Todd: For me?

Kelly: Please. Thank you.

Todd: Wow.

Kelly: Oh, they're beautiful.

Delivery man: Sign here.

Kelly: Sure.

Todd: Here you go.

Delivery man: Thank you.

Kelly: Thank you very much.

Todd: Whoever are they from?

Kelly: Uh, I don't-- give me that.

Todd: Well, wait a minute. They're for me. Find out who gave 'em to me.

Kelly: Uh-huh.

Todd: "Kelly, thanks. Love Reed." Who the hell is Reed?

Viki: You do realize you didn't hurt anybody? You and Cristian just had some awkward moments, that's all.

Jessica: Uh, they were a little more than awkward.

Viki: Well, in any case, it's all forgotten because Carlotta told me that Cristian and Layla are engaged.

Jessica: I know. I, um, was there.

Viki: Well, see? All the terrible things you did. Honey, they survived and they're happy. I think you need to try to look at the positive side of everything now, that everyone is really, really happy that you're back. You know, Natalie and Brody, they're thrilled!

Jessica: And what about Bree?

Viki: Oh, baby, children are so resilient. Yes, Bree was confused and a little upset when you were distant.

Jessica: I was a little more than distant. I didn't want to have anything to do with her.

Viki: Yes, but she understood that you were sick and that you needed to stay away. You're back, baby, and she knows that you're better.

Jessica: I just--I can't pretend that nothing bad happened.

Viki: But that's my point, sweetheart--nothing bad did happen to anyone!

John: So tell me about your relationship with this guy Ford.

Markko: He was the T.A. for one of my film classes, but you already knew that, didn't you? I'll bet you probably know everything about it.

John: Everything about what?

Markko: About Ford and my girlfriend.

John: I'd rather hear it from you. What was the connection between Ford and Langston?

Markko: Look, they were sleeping together, okay?

Langston: I already told you everything.

Dorian: Tell me again.

Langston: Markko caught Ford and me together. The two of them started fighting. I broke it up. Then Markko left, and that's when Ford dumped me.

Dorian: What did you do then?

Langston: I came back here.

Dorian: And Ford was all right when you left him?

Langston: I was the one who was hurt, not him!

Dorian: Of course you were hurt, and you were angry, but...were you angry enough to bash his head in? 

Kelly: Reed is a friend from London.

Todd: That's a pricey bunch of weeds from a friend...especially one from London.

Kelly: Well, he's in the states now. We went to New York together, saw a Broadway show.

Todd: Really? You went on a date with him?

Kelly: Are you jealous?

Todd: What? Ha. No. I just-- well, obviously he's just not the right guy for you.

Kelly: Oh. And this penetrating wisdom is based on...

Todd: Oh, come on, I mean... cheesy card and cliché note. These are cheap flowers.

Kelly: Cheap? You just said they were expensive flowers.

Todd: Well, it's the context, you know.

Kelly: Ha ha! Since when do you care about context?

Todd: I don't know. I just think he's the wrong guy for you. You deserve better.

Kelly: Really?

Todd: Yeah.

Kelly: Better than Reed Wagner?

Todd: Reed Wagner? What is-- what is a name like that? Reed. That's like something you put in your horn, man. It's not a name. Get rid of him. Dump his ass. Get rid of these flowers. They're stinking up my office.

John: When did you find out about Ford and Langston?

Markko: Last night at the prom. Couple of kids said they saw them together. I went looking for Langston, but I couldn't find her, so I tried Ford's place, and...there they were.

John: And that's when you hit him?

Markko: Yeah.

John: I would have hit him, too. Then what happened?

Markko: I don't know. He came at me, and then Langston jumped in, and...and then I realized he was the one that she really wanted and I wasn't, so I left.

John: Just give me a sec, okay? Wait right here.

Markko: Yeah.

John: What do you got?

Price: I just saw Langston Wilde.

John: Ah. Did you get anything out of her?

Price: Nah. I tried, but she lawyered up.

John: Dorian was there?

Price: Yeah, just like you thought. She wouldn't let her say a word. How about this guy?

John: Well, he admitted to walking in on Langston and Ford last night. They fought. Then he left Langston at Ford's place.

Price: You believe him?

John: About that? Yeah. Question is, did Langston leave before or after the attack?

Langston: I didn't hurt Ford, Dorian. He hurt me. He broke up with me.

Dorian: Was that the last time you saw him? Please, honey, you have got to trust me!

Langston: I do trust you.

Dorian: Well, then tell me the truth! Was that the last time you saw Ford?

Langston: I--I went back to see him again.

Rex: Now, you said Rick came back here. Did Lilli tell him what she did with their baby? Did he try to find me?

Gigi: Or did Pete come after them? Is that why they never went looking for Rex? Because Pete hunted them down and killed them?

Otto: He didn't have to.

Pete: Where do you think you're going?

Rick: Santa Fe. To see my son and his mother and to tell them that you're a liar and that I'm not dead.

Pete: How did you find out? Tony tell you? You know, you got a few weeks before your marriage. Your parents are still almost broke.

Rick: Well, when I told my parents they have a grandson, they told me not to worry about them anymore, and your daughter swore that if you did anything to hurt me or anybody else that I care about, you'd never see her again either.

Rex: I knew he would do the right thing. I knew they ended up together.

Gigi: I don't know, Rex. If they ended up together, how come they never found you? Didn't they look for their baby once they got back together?

Otto: No.

Rex: Why not?

Otto: Because they didn't get back together. They never saw each other again.

John: So where'd you go after you left Ford's place?

Markko: I went home, and I packed some stuff, and then I went to the Buenos Dias, and I crashed there. You know, Cris and Layla saw me. They can vouch for me.

John: Yeah. I talked to them.

Markko: So you know I was there?

John: Yeah, they also told me that they left. Did anyone see you after that?

Markko: No. I was there by myself for the rest of the night. I slept on a cot in the back, and then this morning when I woke up, my hand hurt, so I came here.

Price: You step out maybe?

Markko: No.

Price: Not for a walk, some fresh air?

Markko: No.

John: You didn't go back to confront the guy that was sleeping with your girlfriend?

Markko: No!

John: Okay. Let me get this straight. Cris and Layla, they see you at the Buenos Dias, and then you just go to sleep.

Markko: Yeah, that's right. I didn't leave the diner...not until this morning. And I didn't see Ford until they brought him here.

Dorian: So you did go back and see Ford again.

Langston: I had to. I couldn't believe what he had done to me. I mean, he told me that he loved me, that we would be together after I broke up with Markko, but it was all lies. He wouldn't even apologize to me. He told me that he never even loved me, that it was just for fun.

Dorian: What happened when you went back?

Langston: Nothing. I never even went inside the building.

Dorian: Why not?

Langston: 'Cause I already knew what he was gonna say. I heard it once before. I didn't need to hear it again, about how he didn't want me, about he was just using me, how he never even cared about me. I mean, oh!

Dorian: I need to see you right away.

Jessica: Mom, I really appreciate you trying to make me feel better and trying to protect me--

Viki: Darling, I'm only telling you the truth.

Jessica: I know what I did.

Viki: But nothing that you did was your fault. My God, honey, you were protecting yourself from something awful! You put yourself into an innocent time in your life in order to erase the memory of your father-- your biological father, Mitch Laurence. He tried to rape you. Thank God the man is in jail and he can't hurt you now.

Jessica: Stay away from me!

Ford: Jessica!

Jessica: Get away from me!

Ford: Hang on a second!

Jessica: Get away from me! Get away from me!

Viki: Baby...everyone understands why you did the things you did, okay? And Brody, Natalie, and Cristian, they're all just really, really happy that you have recovered. But no one is happier than me.

Jessica: Ha!

Viki: Because I have my baby back.

Viki: Darling, I have to make a call. Are you okay?

Jessica: Yeah. Mom, I'm fine.

Viki: I'm always here for you.

Jessica: Uh, yes. I'm calling about a patient--Robert Ford. I just wanted to know if he was out of surgery yet. I know, but I'm a friend of his and--okay. Thank you.

Gigi: Did Rick come back here or not? Did he find Lilli?

Otto: Yes, he came back, and yes, he found her.

Rick: Where's Lilli? I want to see her.

Otto: I'll take you to her. Her heart was broken. I tried to console her, tried to make her see.

Rick: You wanted her for yourself, didn't you?

Otto: Didn't matter. She didn't want me. I mean, when she thought she'd never have you again, she just gave up. She didn't have it in her to live anymore.

Rick: And our son? Where's our son?

Otto: She came back without him. Didn't take her long to change her mind, but...she tried to look for him, but he was already gone.

Rick: Do you know where she left him?

Otto: No, but it doesn't matter. By now he's probably dead, too.

Rex: But I wasn't dead! I'm not dead!

Gigi: What about Rick? What happened to Rick?

Otto: I never knew. After Rick found out Lilli had died, he left. I never heard from him again.

Rick: You let him think that my mother killed me or left me somewhere to die.

Otto: I'm sorry. I didn't know. T I-I'm sorry.

Gigi: Well, at least now we know. She took you to a hospital where you would be safe. She loved you so much that it literally killed her to give you up.

Lilli: I'm sorry, little one. I love you so very much. I can't go on without your daddy. I just want to lay down and die.

Gigi: She loved you, Rex. You were his child, and she loved him more than her life.

Rex: I know.

Rex: Let's go home.

Kelly: Thanks. I'll be right over. Okay, I am going to the hospital. Looks like Robert Ford might be getting out of surgery soon. You want my advice?

Todd: Uh, no.

Kelly: Let this Hannah thing go. If you had nothing to do with pushing Marty, then let the cops figure out who did.

Todd: Oh, well, you're right.

Kelly: Really? You're gonna actually listen to me this time?

Todd: Well, I don't pay you all that money to ignore you, do I?

Kelly: Ah. I'll keep you posted about Ford.

Todd: Okay.

Kelly: And by the way, this Reed guy, he's pretty terrific.

Todd: Hey, it's me again. So, did you find this little bitch or do I have to fire your ass?

John: Okay, Markko, thanks.

Markko: Well, what, that's it?

John: Yeah.

Markko: Okay.

John: But...if you think of anything you might have left out, you know where to find us, right?

Markko: Thanks.

[Elevator dings]

Price: So what do you think?

John: The kid's lying.

Dorian: Thank you for coming over so quickly. Please come in.

Elijah: You didn't make it sound like I had much choice, Dorian.

Dorian: The police want to question my daughter about her relationship with Robert Ford.

Elijah: That was the T.A. who was just assaulted, right?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Elijah: Well, does Langston even have a relationship with him?

Dorian: The worst kind.

Langston: What is he doing here?

Dorian: I thought that he should be brought up to speed in case the police come back.

Langston: You think I'm lying. You said you believed me, but you still think I did it.

John: I'll get a warrant to search Markko's place and the Buenos Dias cafe.

Price: Well, what do you need from me?

John: Get a statement from the doc about Markko's injuries and then meet me back at the station.

Price: You got it. Think we're going to find out who tried to kill Robert Ford?

John: Eventually.

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