One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/26/10


Episode # 10698

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Judge Shriver: Nice of you to join us, Counselor.

Nora: I apologize, Your Honor.

Judge Shriver: We're here in the matter of "The Commonwealth vs. Todd Manning." Is the district attorney's office ready to proceed?

Nora: Yes, Your Honor. We intend to provide sufficient evidence to bind Mr. Manning over to trial on charges of assault, attempted murder, and, pursuant to criminal code section 2604, the murder of an unborn child.

Judge Shriver: Very well.

Téa: Your Honor, may I be heard?

Judge Shriver: Yes, you may.

Téa: Thank you. This morning, I filed a motion to quash this indictment. I'm asking that all charges against my client be dropped today.

Jessica: Natalie, come on. I want all the details about how you and John finally got back together.

Natalie: Yeah, you don't want to hear that.

Jessica: Uh, Natalie, it's me. I'm back.

Natalie: Exactly. Exactly, and that's what's most important.

Jessica: Do you not want to talk to me? Is that it? Because I know I've been a total brat to you these past few months and I am so sorry.

Natalie: Don't.

Jessica: Please. Don't tell me that I've trashed our relationship. I am so sorry. I know I said some horrible things and I accused you of stealing my man.

Dorian: Someone tried to kill Mr. Ford?

John: Yeah. Right here. Pretty--pretty serious. Pretty messy.

Dorian: What happened?

John: Well, it looks like someone beat him with one of his own awards. This trophy thing here has got blood and hair on it.

Dorian: Any fingerprints?

John: Well, not yet, but we will.

Dorian: Glad to hear it.

John: What brings you by, Dorian?

Dorian: That's Mayor Lord to you and everybody else in this town.

John: Oh. Are you here in official capacity?

Dorian: Part of my job as mayor is to oversee the police department.

John: Yeah, but...I don't think you knew this was a crime scene when you walked through that door, so...I'm assuming you're here because of Langston.

Langston: I did something terrible last night.

Blair: Sweetheart, nothing can be that bad. Now, what is this about?

Langston: Ford. It's about Ford.

Markko: Is Ford gonna make it?

Nurse: I don't know--he's going into emergency surgery. It's a miracle he's lived this long. Someone really wanted him dead.

Rex: This is it.

Gigi: Do you think your parents lived here?

Rex: Let's find out.

Gigi: Rex, wait. Oh, I--I don't think we can do this. We just got out of jail for breaking and entering. We can't risk-- okay, that works.

[Door closes]

Gigi: Rex, look.

Cristian: Markko? Hey. They brought Ford in here.

Markko: Yeah.

Cristian: Did you see him?

Markko: Yeah.

Cristian: Is he alive?

Markko: Barely. They took him off to the operating rooms. What happened to him?

Cristian: Someone hit him over the head with one of his awards. I don't even know how long he was there bleeding. We found him this morning.

Markko: It's a miracle he's still alive. That's what one of the nurses said.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I guess it is. Look, man, I'm sorry about what happened with Ford, but he's alone, no family, so I had to be here.

Markko: Sure.

Cristian: What are you doing here?

Blair: So what about Ford? Did you sleep with him again?

Langston: You warned me. And I promised you I would stay away. I've just been so stupid, but I mean, I meant it when I promised.

Blair: I know you did. We all mean it when we say it at the time. It's just sticking with it that's the hard part.

Langston: So pathetic. Every time I would try to break up with him...

Blair: He would come up with some line to make you believe that he cared about you, or did he make you feel, like, childish and stupid for doubting him?

Langston: How did you know?

Blair: Oh, sweetie, I know the kind. They'll say anything, do anything to get you to come back for more. So come on--what exactly happened last night? Did he break it off with you?

Langston: [Sniffles] It was much worse than that.

[Camera's shutter clicks]

Dorian: My daughter has nothing to do with this man.

John: Langston was involved with this guy.

Dorian: Nonsense. She lives with her boyfriend Markko Rivera.

John: Yeah, but she was cheating on him with this guy Ford.

Dorian: How dare--ahem. How dare you slander my daughter that way? I do not want a word of what he has said to go anywhere outside of this room. Is that understood, gentlemen? I will take your names and your badge numbers before you leave here.

John: Hey, fellas? Um... do me a favor--can you give us a minute? Go grab a cup of coffee or something?

Dorian: No coffee, please. Do stay close.

CSU cop: Don't touch anything.

[Dorian sighs]

John: So now you're--you're threatening the CSU techs?

Dorian: John, people just love to gossip, and obviously, you have been taken in by a scurrilous rumor.

John: We all know about this Ford-Langston relationship, and by the way you stormed in here, so do you.

Jessica: I've blown it.

Natalie: No. No, no, no, no, no. No, not at all.

Jessica: Come on, Natalie. I acted like you had stolen Cristian from me and then I accused you of trying to steal John from Marty. I treated you like dirt. But please, let me make it up to you.

Natalie: Jess, you have nothing to apologize for.

Jessica: Well, then, talk to me. I have missed you, too, okay? I want to know everything about last night. I want to know everything about you and John.

Natalie: It's just complicated.

Jessica: What? I'm a grownup now. Remember? I can handle complicated. Just come on. Start...

Roxy: Natty! Thank God you didn't take off to London.

Natalie: No, I didn't make it to London.

Roxy: And you didn't do anything else dumb, did you?

Natalie: Why would you say that?

Roxy: After seeing Johnny and Marty kissing, you were due for doing something real stupid.

Gigi: Rex. We were led to this place.

Rex: Well, Otto did everything he could to keep us away from here.

Gigi: Yeah, because the answers are here.

Rex: Well, it's hard to toss a place that's already coming apart.

Gigi: Okay, well, I'll take over from here.

Rex: All right. I'll start in that--Geeg.

Gigi: What are those?

Rex: Letters. Maybe you're right. Maybe the answer is here.

Gigi: Lilli. They're all to Lilli. That must be your mother's name.

Rex: If it's my mother, they're all signed by "Rick," so does that make him dad?

Gigi: "My dream lover, my beautiful Lilli..." yeah, I'd say that's your dad.

Rex: "I came west to make a quick buck. Instead I found a reason for living...beyond money, beyond anything in my wildest dreams. I found you, angel. You."

[Bell rings]

[Door closes]

Lilli: Can I help you?

Rick: You. You're here. Open.

Lilli: Yeah, we stay open late for arts crawl. The galleries? Were you looking for something?

Rick: Something...beautiful. Unique. From here, but could still be mine.

Lilli: You're in the right place.

Rick: I am.

Rick: It's beautiful. Does that mean something?

Lilli: Constancy. The constant heart.

Rick: Why is it broken?

Lilli: Not broken. The heart is complete...when the two pieces are together. You give one half to the person you're meant for when you feel love that is unwavering.

Rick: I'll take it.

Lilli: Good choice.

Rex: "You have my heart. Unwavering. Wait for me. All my love, Rick."

Gigi: Why "wait for me"? Where did he go? Did he come back?

Téa: The state's case is a tissue of innuendo, fueled by the district attorney's personal and long-standing vendetta against my client. Let's start with the so-called forensic evidence.

Nora: I assure the court the fibers are very real.

Téa: And also very common. This particular blend of cashmere silk was produced in Italy last winter, and sold in 25 department stores across the country. This particular shade of navy was the most popular and used in literally thousands of garments.

Nora: One of which is a blue jacket that the defendant was wearing the day of the attack.

Téa: The prosecution can't tell us when the fibers were left in the stairwell. For all we know, they could've been there for months. Secondly, the prosecution alludes to a long history of animosity between my client and Dr. Saybrooke.

Nora: This is hardly what you'd call bad feelings. I think it is well known--

Téa: There is one prior, ancient conviction that would be totally inadmissible in a court of law as a prior bad act.

Nora: But the argument immediately preceding the attack will be admissible.

Téa: Which one?

Nora: Excuse me?

Téa: Which one? Dr. Saybrooke not only had words with my client. Dr. Saybrooke had a loud, heated argument with Natalie Banks just prior to her accident. In fact, the first person, the first person that Dr. Saybrooke accused of the crime was Natalie Banks.

Natalie: No, I didn't make it to London and I didn't do anything stupid.

Roxy: So what exactly happened?

Jessica: Well, that's what I've been trying to find out.

Roxy: Sweetie, this is kind of grownup talk, so maybe you should just kind of go away and text and tweet for a while.

Natalie: Actually, Jessica is recovered. She recovered her memories. Isn't that great?

Roxy: I guess.

Natalie: Yeah. And I'm really excited. I want to hear all about you and Brody.

Jessica: Natalie. You first.

Roxy: Hey, Natty, come on. You know, she was gonna hightail it to London and I got her to take one more shot at Johnny.

Jessica: What did you do?

Natalie: I wrote a letter to John and told him exactly how I felt.

Roxy: Yes, and in this letter, she said, "If you feel the same way that I do, meet me at midnight," you know, yadda, yadda, yadda. Of course, Johnny blew it and, you know, it didn't happen. And I said, "You should look for him, just one more time, just to be sure."

Natalie: Yeah, big mistake.

Roxy: Yeah, because it didn't go quite how you thought. Marty was kissing on Johnny.

Jessica: Oh, my God. You must've been so upset. What did you do?

Roxy: You know, if it were me, I would've jumped into bed with the first thing that had broad shoulders and chest hair.

John: Have a look at the sink. We need to undo the drain. We have statements from 2 people about the affair.

Dorian: There was no affair, John, and I would thank you to stop using that word. What was going on is this--this Robert Ford was sniffing after my very, very young and naive daughter.

John: So you knew about it.

Dorian: I heard about it this morning, so I came straight over here to warn him to stay away from her.

John: Too late.

Dorian: Well, he's a dead man now. Because when I get through with him--

Langston: Don't even think about it. Besides, it's too late.

Dorian: Yes, it is too late.

John: We're gonna need to talk to Langston.

Dorian: No! John, you are not to drag her into this mess.

John: She's already in it.

Dorian: Any number of people must've wanted this guy dead.

Langston: I lied to Markko. I lied to Starr. I lied to Cole. The only person I didn't lie to was Ford.

Blair: Let me guess. He lied to you.

Langston: He was sleeping with the pizza girl. Yeah. I walked in on them.

Blair: Langston, please tell me that you broke it off with him. Please tell me you did.

Langston: He convinced me that he was only doing it because he was lonely and because he was just so upset thinking about Markko and me and--I was ready to forgive him. And you know what? I actually let him kiss me. And that's when Markko walked in.

Blair: Oh, no.

Langston: It was awful. Markko broke up with me. He took a swing at Ford and then he left, and that's--that's when Ford dumped me. [Scoffs]

Blair: What?

Langston: Yeah. I gave up everything and everyone in my life for him, and Ford didn't even care. He never even gave a damn about me.

Blair: I'm sorry, Langston. I'm so sorry.

Langston: I hate him. I hope he's in hell right now.

Markko: I had to get my hand checked.

Cristian: What happened?

Markko: I broke those plates, and then I punched some walls. Really stupid. So when I woke up this morning, I couldn't move my fingers, so I came here. And after the doctor was done working on me, they brought Ford in. So you found him?

Cristian: Yeah. Layla and I did. She's a mess. We thought he was dead. He looked dead.

Markko: Yeah.

Cristian: We called the cops and we had to give statements. Markko, we had to tell them about--about how mad you were at Ford.

Téa: Dr. Saybrooke stuck by her conviction that Natalie Banks was her attacker until officer Brody Lovett encouraged her to remember her conversation with my client and throw the blame on him.

Nora: I doubt the victim needed reminding about who this attacker was.

Téa: Of course she didn't. Good point. Because here we have Llanview's favorite scapegoat. Whenever there's an unsolved crime or Marty Saybrooke runs into any trouble, which, it should be said, happens with some frequency, her good friend Lieutenant John McBain, and no fan of Todd Manning's, points the finger directly at my client.

Nora: We have an eyewitness with no axe to grind.

Téa: Your Honor, Miss Hannah O'Connor is a troubled young girl who is in love with Starr Manning's boyfriend Cole Thornhart. She's using the story she concocted to try to drive a wedge between Miss Manning and Mr. Thornhart.

Nora: Unbelievable.

Starr: No, it's true, Your Honor.

Judge Shriver: You're out of order, young lady.

Starr: Please. Hannah is lying to break us up.

Judge Shriver: Sit quietly or you'll be removed.

Téa: Your Honor, there is evidence that Miss O'Connor is unstable.

Judge Shriver: You have an offer to proffer, or am I supposed to listen to outbursts from the gallery?

Téa: Absolutely not. Miss O'Connor tried to commit suicide when someone tried to break up with her.

Jessica: What did you do when you saw John and Marty kissing?

Natalie: I had a drink or 2. Or 4. And then I went by to see Brody to tell him that I was leaving, and then I went to the airport.

Roxy: Oh, you know, I forgot to mention, it was a good-bye kiss. So I go over to Rodi's and I see Johnny and I sent him right over to the airport.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, John found me at the airport.

Roxy: Were you just hanging out there waiting for your flight?

Natalie: I--I missed my flight.

Roxy: So you were just staying there all night?

Natalie: You know, I just--I figured that I could catch a later flight, so John found me at the airport. We're back together. End of story. But meanwhile, Jessica got her memories back.

Roxy: Woo-hoo!

Jessica: Wait.

Natalie: No, Jessica, no. Do you know how long we've waited for you to recover?

Roxy: Yeah, Brody must be dancing on air.

Jessica: We both are. And Bree is, too.

Roxy: Well, if Viki ain't gonna throw you a party, I'll do it. What was it, Jess?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, you never-- you never told us what triggered your memories.

Roxy: You know, I bet it was that hunk love-it. Tighty dress whites. Did he open up the Watergates for you?

John: If this guy Ford had any enemies, maybe Langston knows who they are.

Dorian: I doubt that very much.

John: We just want to talk to her.

Dorian: John...please? I'm asking you to leave my daughter out of this.

John: It'll be discreet.

Dorian: I don't want my daughter's name even mentioned, no, whispered in connection with this crime. And if I do, so help me, I'm going to the police commissioner. Excuse me.

Detective: That lady's a piece of work.

John: Yes, she is.

Detective: And she's scared.

John: Yeah, she is.

Detective: You think she showed 'cause she figured Langston hurt Ford?

Langston: He turned me into a person I didn't even recognize.

Blair: Shh. It's gonna get better. It will.

Langston: How? How do I live with what I've done?

Blair: Listen. Langston, you made a mistake. It was a mistake. You wanted so much to believe everything that Ford told you. But listen to me, sweetheart. You gotta forgive yourself. Forgive yourself. I'm telling you now Markko is gonna heal, things'll get back to normal with Cole and Starr and-- you have to trust me on this one, that Ford is gonna get what's coming to him.

Langston: He already has.

Markko: What did you say to the cops?

Cristian: Just what we had to, that you found Langston with Ford and that you were upset.

Markko: Anything else?

Cristian: No.

Markko: What?

Cristian: You knew that Layla and I weren't going back to the apartment, that Ford would be alone. Did you go back there?

Rex: "I live in the memories we've created. I float in a sea of them all day, and every night, I drown in you."

Rick: I love you.

Lilli: I love you, too.

Rex: "I drown in your bed, your skin against mine, breathing with the thunder. And all I can think--every day, like a pulse--I have to get back and be with you. Be with you. That's all I want. To be with you."

Rick: This is it. Here's where I belong.

Lilli: Where?

Rick: Here.


Rick: Here.

[Kiss] Here.

Lilli: [Giggles] Let's stay like this forever.

Rick: That's all I want.

Rex: "I miss you so much. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. Every breath is to get back to you. All I want is to be back with you."

Nora: Okay, there is absolutely no record of this alleged suicide attempt by Miss O'Connor. And even if there were, isn't that a question of credibility for a jury to decide?

Judge Shriver: I agree.

Téa: Your Honor, there is no time for a trial. It would be a waste of the taxpayers' money and of the court's time. First of all, there is no conclusive physical evidence in this case. Second of all, Dr. Saybrooke argued with several people before her accident. All we have is one troubled girl with an ulterior motive who, I guarantee you, would not stand up 5 minutes under cross-examination. That's all the evidence we have that a crime occurred at all. Dr. Saybrooke did not see who pushed her. All we have is Dr. Saybrooke's word, her--her impression, her hazy memory after a painful physical ordeal and an intense emotional loss, that she was in fact pushed at all. It is entirely possible, in fact probable, that this was a tragic accident, Your Honor.

Nora: Well, I would welcome a trial where the defense tried to sell that.

Judge Shriver: Does the prosecution have any more physical, direct evidence to proffer?

Nora: Not at this time, Your Honor. We feel that we have more than met our burden of proof.

Judge Shriver: We'll take a short recess while I consider the motion.

[Judge bangs gavel] All rise.

Téa: Ahem.

Todd: Nice work.

Téa: This one's for you and Dani. Okay? Yeah.

Todd: How about the three of us? When I see you work this hard, I just--it makes me wonder. Can you see a future for the three of us?

Gigi: You hear this, Balsom? Your parents loved each other.

Rex: Yeah, it sounds like. So what happened between this and ditching me in the hospital?

Gigi: I don't know. Maybe things got complicated for them.

Rex: Well, they shouldn't let that get in the way if they really love each other. You can't let it.

Rex: "Lilli, my love. Today, I've been reliving the worst day of my life."

Lilli: Why do you have to go?

Rick: My dad owes these guys money. They're building casinos in Atlantic City. It's gonna make a lot of money, but for right now, he owes them this money and we have to work it off.

Lilli: Can't he just get more time to pay?

Rick: You don't negotiate with these guys. They will kill him if we don't pony up.

Lilli: This isn't you, Rick. This doesn't even sound like you.

Rick: It's not. It's my dad. But I have to help him. The second it's over, I will be back here, and I'll never leave again.

Lilli: I can't sleep without you.

Rick: I'll be looking up at the same sky as you all night.

Lilli: Every night.

Rick: Lilli, this is my home. You're my home now. I'll be back. Just wait for me.

Gigi: Didn't he come back?

Rex: I don't know.

Gigi: Maybe that's why we only have half the necklace.

Rex: Gigi, look.

Jessica: I remembered a little with Brody, but the memories came back later.

Roxy: How? What set you off?

Natalie: Brody was afraid that-- that he really upset you, when he--when he told you everything that happened about Mitch. Anyway, I know that must have been really hard for you to hear.

Jessica: Yeah. You know, there are parts of last night that I would rather forget.

Detective: So where does Madame Mayor go from here?

John: Probably to go home and put her daughter in lockdown. We have to move fast.

Detective: Mm. You know, I don't think she knew there'd been an attack before she came.

John: No. No, it caught her by surprise.

Detective: So whatever her daughter told her, it wasn't that. Any chance of a voluntary interview?

John: No. If Langston's hiding something, then Dorian's gonna throw everything in our way to try to slow us down.

Detective: So what's the move? You want to get the girl before she gets her story?

John: Nah, it's probably too late for that. We have to have the answers before we approach her, so what we do is we just work the case like we normally would. We get everything we can before we can go there. I don't think she's the first suspect, anyway.

Detective: You like the boyfriend, right?

John: Well, from what we've heard, Markko had motive and opportunity.

Markko: You think I left the Buenos Dias after you did?

Cristian: I'm just saying.

Markko: Well, you're just saying what? You think I did this to Ford?

Cristian: Well, you lost it last night. And who wouldn't, the way Langston hurt you?

Markko: I loved her.

Cristian: Yeah.

Markko: And that bastard took her away from me just for the fun of it. The whole thing was just a game to him. He didn't give a damn about Langston. All he cared about was winning.

Cristian: He's not winning now.

Markko: No, he's not.

Dorian: Hello there.

Blair: Hello, Dorian.

Langston: Dorian, where did you go?

Dorian: I went to see Robert Ford.

Langston: [Sighs] I knew it. I asked you not to.

Dorian: Did I agree?

Langston: Was he home?

Dorian: No, he wasn't. The police were there. Someone tried to kill Robert Ford last night.

Roxy: It only gets better from here on in, girls. I bet Brody was so miserable without you.

Jessica: I'm just so lucky I didn't lose him.

Roxy: Well, at least he kept it in his pants.

Natalie: Roxy!

Roxy: Hey! I'm just looking out for my girls.

Jessica: Brody had every right to dump me. I was obsessed with Cristian.

Roxy: Ha ha. You know, you and Layla almost pulled each other's hair out the night before the prom.

Jessica: I can't believe the way I acted yesterday.

Natalie: This was at the Hair Haven?

Jessica: And then later at the prom, I said terrible things to them, and that night they got engaged.

Natalie: Really? I mean, did they announce it?

Jessica: No. I...was spying on them. I saw the whole thing.

Natalie: Jess, that must have been really awful. I'm sorry. That must've been really hard for you. Is that what triggered your memories?

Jessica: That--I want that to be one of the things that I forget, you know? I owe Cristian and Layla a huge apology.

Natalie: Well, you know what? I'm sure that Layla would really appreciate that. Why don't you go see them?

Jessica: No. I can't.

Langston: Someone tried to kill Ford?

Blair: What happened?

Dorian: Nothing the pervert didn't deserve.

Blair: Well, how bad was it, Dorian?

Dorian: He's in the hospital in intensive care.

Langston: Oh, my God. [Exhales]

John: I need you guys to go over this room again, all right? Make sure you didn't miss anything.

Detective: All right. Will do. Look, like you said, man, it's amateurs, so we're gonna turn up something.

John: Yeah.

Detective: Going back to the house?

John: Hospital. We don't even know if the Vic made it. We might be looking at a murder.

Cristian: So, Markko... did you go see Ford last night?

[Markko exhales]

Cristian: I'm worried about you, man.

Markko: Look, I'll be fine.

Cristian: If Ford dies, we're talking murder. Listen to me. You have to get a lawyer. They gotta suspect you, no matter what. So get out of here. You look guilty hanging around.

Markko: I--I hurt my hand.

Cristian: Yeah, you hurt your hand punching...something. Go home. Get a lawyer. Call Téa.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge Shriver: Please be seated.

Todd: You sick?

Téa: I have a headache. Ahem.

Todd: You sure that's all? I mean, you look like death on toast.

Téa: That's lovely. Thank you.

[Judge bangs gavel]

Judge Shriver: Back on the record in the matter of "The Commonwealth vs. Todd Manning," the defense motion to quash the indictment. The court finds that the prosecution has met the burden of proof and orders the defendant to stand trial on the charges.

Téa: Your Honor, in that case, if there is to be a trial, we renew our request for bail.

Nora: And the Commonwealth vigorously opposes. Mr. Manning is a very wealthy man...

Téa: Okay. Again the prosecution is mired in the past. Mr. Manning owns and operates a business here. He has 3 children who live here. In fact, he just found out that he has another daughter who now lives here. And he is eager to establish a relationship with her.

Nora: He also owns a private jet which he can throw her on and take off.

Téa: Of course Mr. Manning will voluntarily surrender his passport.

Nora: Like that's gonna help.

[Judge bangs gavel]

Judge Shriver: Bail is set at $2 million. Cash, not bond. This case is bound over for trial.

[Judge bangs gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Todd: You got outvoted.

Nora: Not so much. I'll see you at trial.

Todd: Ahem.

Nora: And I'll see you in a cage at Statesville after that.

Starr: Téa, you did a great job. I mean, it was a long shot, right?

Téa: It would be so much better if all this were over now.

Starr: Well, it'll all be better when you rip apart Hannah on that stand.

Téa: I will. At least you're out of jail.

Todd: Trial will be here soon enough.

Téa: I hope so.

Gigi: Do you think it was true, what Rick said?

Rex: About his father? I don't know. I mean, it sounded like the mob. They were building casinos in A.C. around the time I was born. Must've been like the Wild West in its own way.

Gigi: That didn't sound like Rick.

Rex: He had another side. We all do, right?

Gigi: Yeah, but no matter what, that guy loved Lilli.

Rex: She loved him.

Rick, voice-over: "Lilli, I'll be there soon. 20 days and 7 hours, on July 4th. I'm declaring my independence from all that garbage here. Anything that tries to come between us is gone on July 4th. It'll be you and me and fireworks. We'll make our own fireworks, every day for the rest of our lives."

Gigi: Only a couple of letters left.

Rex: So Rick made it back. My father came home.

Rex: "Dear Lilli." That's new. "I won't be there on July 4th. I'm never coming back. My feelings have changed. I'm sorry, but I've fallen in love with someone else. We're getting married. This is the last letter I'll ever write you."

Gigi: He dumped her?

Rex: That's really harsh.

Gigi: That didn't even sound like him.

Rex: It's the same handwriting and signature.

Gigi: This doesn't make sense. There has to be more to this, Balsom. There has to be.

Téa: I'll go arrange for bail. Call your bank.

Todd: Okay. Téa.

Téa: What?

Todd: Thanks.

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: Hey, what do you got for me? Oh, God. Yeah, okay. Thank you.

Starr: What's going on?

Todd: I don't know if it's good news or bad news.

Starr: What?

Todd: Hannah O'Connor's gone missing.

Jessica: Cristian and Layla just got engaged. I'm sure the last person they want to see is me.

Roxy: She's right.

Natalie: Roxy.

Roxy: Hey. She speaks the truth.

Jessica: I just want to spend a day at the park with Bree. But I should go and check the weather first.

Roxy: What's up with you? You're back with Johnny and I don't see no happy feet. What's the deuce?

Natalie: I--you know, I feel really bad for Marty.

Roxy: You look hung over.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, maybe a little, but I'm good. I'm good, Roxy.

Roxy: Well, you better be. You got your sister, you got your man, all in one night. Hey, baby, you hit the trifecta. So it's all good, right?

TV Newscaster: Police are investigating the brutal beating of Llanview University teaching associate Robert Ford. Ford was found in his apartment this morning. He's currently in critical condition at Llanview hospital.

Dorian:'s just the two of us now. So it's crucial that you tell me the truth. Did you attack Ford last night?

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