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Episode # 10692

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Starr: Cole? What are you doing here?

Cole: It's the prom. I'm here for you.

Matthew: Langston's cheating on Markko?

Langston: What is this?

Ford: Uh... it's--it's not what it looks like.

Layla: I hope this has a little extra kick.

Cristian: They tried, but Mr. Vega laid down the law-- no spiking the punch.

Layla: I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Vega.

Cristian: Is it that bad chaperoning tonight?

Layla: No, not at all, as long as Jessica keeps her distance.

Brody: Are you doing what I think you're doing?

Natalie's voice: "Maybe if I put an ocean between us, I can finally move on. And I'm not telling you all this to make trouble for you or put you on the spot, but you know me, John. I can't leave anything unsaid. I love you--it's as simple as that. I understand if you want to tear this up and forget it, but if there's any part of you that feels the same way, I'll be at Rodiís at midnight. If I don't see you there, then this is good-bye."

Starr: I can't believe that you're really here.

Cole: Well, I couldn't miss this. This is your big night. Be my date to the prom?

Natalie: [Sighs] Okay. Okay. Midnight came, John didnít. I--it's time to pack it in.

Roxy: You better not be leaving.

Natalie: Look, I don't want to fight, okay, but I got a plane to catch.

Roxy: The hell you do.

Marty: Natalie left it here this afternoon.

John: It wasn't here when I--

Marty: I know. You didn't see it because I took it.

Starr: How did you get out?

Cole: A super-determined fairy godmother. She and a couple of other people thought that we deserve to be together tonight.

Starr: If you see Aunt Dorian before I do, thank her for me--and John, too?

Cole: Later. Right now, I hope you saved a dance for me.

Matthew: You want a soda or something?

Dani: Oh, no, thanks. I'm fine.

Matthew: Maybe we should dance, I mean, if you want to.

Dani: Sure.

Matthew: Hey, Nate.

Dani: Where's Whitney?

Nate: She went off with a bunch of her cheerleader friends. I don't know. Maybe they're working on their cartwheels.

Darren: This is the prom. You're supposed to dance together more than once.

Destiny: Whose rule is that?

Darren: Darren's rule.

Destiny: Well, I don't live by Darren's rule. We've had our dance, and now we're done.

Darren: Oh, no way are we done, girl. You are gonna dance with Darren and you are gonna like it.

Whitney: Darren, where have you been? We are supposed to be counting the ballots!

Destiny: Oh, better hurry. Bye.

Darren: I'll be back, and I repeat, you are gonna like it.

Jessica: I--I didn't do anything.

Brody: Don't be embarrassed. There's nothing wrong with voting for yourself--especially if you are, hands down, the most beautiful girl here. And if it means your date has to wear a crown, too, I promise I'll be a good sport.

Jessica: Oh, I don't think that you can be prom king if you don't go to this school.

Brody: Damn it. There's my life's ambition, shot just like that. Hey. Is it true you can't be prom king if you don't go to Llanview High?

Whitney: Thrones are reserved for students or the dates of students. Right, Darren?

Darren: What she said.

Brody: Then my vote wasn't wasted after all.

Matthew's voice: There's no way the guy you saw Langston with could've been Markko?

Destiny's voice: No, he was older.

Matthew's voice: It wasn't Mr. G, was it?

Destiny's voice: Ew! No.

Matthew's voice: So who?

Destiny's voice: That hot guy who teaches at L.U. I think his name is Ford?

Langston: It's not what it looks like? Because it looks to me like you were having sex with the pizza girl.

Ford: Calm down, okay? You have the wrong idea.

Langston: I left my prom to come here. I was about to break up with a guy who actually cares about me because I wanted to be with you. And then I hear Cristian talking about you hooking up with the pizza girl?

Karen: Hello? I have a name.

Ford: Langston, will you just give me a chance? I'll explain everything.

Langston: Why? How can I trust you again?

Ford: You can.

Langston: No.

Ford: Just hear me out.

Ford: I've got a lot to say and no shoulder to lean on no one for my soul to bleed on and with the road in sight I feel the earth moving too much here that I'm losing

Markko: And I'm not someone to cry for I'm not someone to try and lift your head as you walk by

Langston: I'm not afraid of the distance I'm not afraid of resisting

Ford and Langston: When everyone wants me to

Ford: And please don't complicate my story

Langston: Because I've been trying hard not to worry

Ford: And I've had alterations

Langston: Yeah, all my plans have had variations

Ford and Langston: And I I'm not someone to cry for I'm not someone to try and lift your head as you walk by

Ford: I'm not afraid of the distance

Langston: I'm not afraid of resisting

Ford and Langston: When everyone wants me to I'm not afraid of resisting when everyone wants me to

Ford: You got to believe me. This is all a big misunderstanding. Please believe me.

Natalie: Roxy, come on. Give me back my ticket!

Roxy: No way.

Natalie: Look, if you don't let me out of here, I'm gonna miss my flight!

Roxy: Good! What happened with John?

Natalie: Well, I did exactly what you told me to do. I left the letter for him on his desk and I told him exactly where to meet me, and I waited for him. He didn't show, so I'm out of here!

Roxy: You got to give the guy a chance.

Natalie: What are you talking about?! This was his chance, right here, right now, and he blew it! He chose Marty.

John: You took it?

Marty: Yes. I saw it was marked "personal" and I knew who it was from. So I took it and I read it, and I was right on this. Natalie was making another play for you.

John: I can't picture you doing that.

Marty: I know. But I was convinced that if you read it, you would choose Natalie. And I wanted to make sure that you never found out.

John: What changed your mind?

Marty: Dorian.

John: Dorian?

Marty: Yeah. Believe it or not, Dorian. What she said tonight about Starr and Cole--how they love each other and how they stayed together no matter what, even when Todd did everything he could to try to stop it. I don't ever want to do to anyone what Todd has done to Starr and Cole.

Starr: Cole? Your fairy godmother even took away your handcuffs.

Cole: Yeah, not for long. Your dad's jail cell is across from mine, and if he realizes that I'm gone, he's gonna raise hell.

Starr: No, he wouldnít. Okay, maybe he would.

Cole: I know things are messed up. But we both remember how things were. Right? So can we go there for one night? Just be in love and forget about everything else?

Brody: There you are. I thought I lost you.

Jessica: Oh. Sorry.

Brody: You up for another dance?

Jessica: I was actually gonna go fix my makeup.

Brody: Hey, there's nothing to fix. You're perfect. But if you think you need to come up with an excuse to ditch me...

Jessica: That's not what I'm doing.

Brody: It scared you, didn't it?

Jessica: What?

Brody: When we were dancing before, you had that memory?

Jessica: I told you, I didn't remember.

Brody: Jessica, come on. For months you've thought of me as a stranger. But in that one moment, you saw me. The door opened just a crack and you got a glimpse of what was behind it.

Jessica: There's no door. I didn't see anything.

Brody: You will. Because now that you know it's there, you can't run away from it anymore.

Langston: How long has this been going on? Have you been playing me this whole time?

Ford: You're not listening to me.

Langston: No, no, I'm listening to you. I'm just not buying it because it's bull.

Ford: Okay. All right, here's what happened tonight. I called to order a pizza. Karen shows up. She sees that I'm missing you and she pounces.

Karen: What?!

Ford: She started kissing me and then taking off her clothes and taking off my clothes. Langston, I'm only human.

Karen: You're only full of it.

Ford: It was a weak moment. I had no intention of it ending up like this.

Langston: I wish I could believe that.

Karen: Donít. You know better. On the other hand, you are the same girl that left a great guy like Markko for this jerk.

Matthew's voice: Are you positive?

Destiny's voice: Would I say something like this if I wasn't, like, 1,000% sure?

Matthew's voice: Poor Markko.

[Snaps video camera shut]

Markko: Where's Destiny?

Destiny: Again? Why can't you just leave me alone?

Darren: Not possible. Don't you know what you do to me? Ohh, the hand again. Bossy-- I love bossy.

[Music plays]

Destiny: Now, class, today's lesson will focus on Greek mythology--more specifically, Aphrodite, the goddess of Love.

Darren: Hee-hee! Whoo!

Destiny: Sit down, young man!

Darren: Go on, girl!

Singer: Hey, pretty baby with the high heels on you give me fever like I've never, ever known you're just a product of loveliness I like the groove of your walk your talk, your dress I feel your fever from miles around I'll pick you up in my car and we'll paint the town just kiss me, baby and tell me twice that you're the one for me the way you make me feel

Girls: The way you make me feel

Darren: You really turn me on

Girls: You really turn me on

Darren: You knock me off of my feet

Girls: You knock me off my feet

Darren: My lonely days are gone

Girls: My lonely days are gone

Darren: I like the feelin' you're givin' me just hold me, baby and I'm in ecstasy oh, I'll be workin' from 9:00 to 5:00 to buy you things to keep you by my side I never felt so in love before just promise, baby, you'll love me forevermore I swear I'm keepin' you satisfied 'cause you're the one for me the way you make me feel

Girls: The way you make me feel

Darren: You really turn me on

Girls: You really turn me on

Darren: You knock me off of my feet, now, baby my lonely days are gone

Girls: My lonely days are gone

Darren: Ain't nobody's business ain't nobody's business ain't nobody's business ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby

Girls: You knock me off my feet

Singer: Whoo

Girls: My lonely days are gone

Singer: Oww

Darren: So I guess I made my point?

Destiny: I guess you did.

Markko: Destiny!

Darren: Can you see the girl is busy?

Destiny: What's wrong?

Markko: I need to talk to you. I'm sorry, man, it's important.

[Darren sighs]

Darren: Almost time to crown the king and queen anyway. I should go get ready.

Destiny: Don't take too long.

Darren: Don't worry. Like the man said, just call my name and I'll be there.

Destiny: What's the matter?

Markko: Tell me everything you know about Langston and Ford.

Langston: How could you sleep with her? How could you sleep with her after you told me you loved me?

Ford: Whoa. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Langston: Are you kidding me? Ford, I asked you if you were sleeping with anyone else and you said no.

Ford: Because I wasn't! Langston, tonight was the first time!

Langston: No! No, I think you knew exactly what you were gonna get when you ordered your deluxe thin crust. I mean, why can't you just man up and admit you've been cheating on me?

Ford: Because I wasnít. Langston, this didn't mean anything to me.

Langston: Well, it means something to me. For months, every time I was with you, I died a little inside. I hated going behind Markko's back, but I cared about you too much to let you go.

Ford: I--I care about you, too.

Langston: Uh-uh. Because if you can jump into bed with any woman and say that it means nothing, then obviously I don't mean anything, either.

[Music plays]

Dani: What was up with Markko? It looked like he was gonna explode.

Nate: Well, as long we're both dateless, we might as well dance.

Dani: Oh, I don't know. If Matthew comes back, he might not be cool with it.

Nate: Why? It's just a dance, right?

Cristian: You know, you haven't asked me what time it is in almost an hour. Does that mean that maybe you're not dying of boredom? Maybe you're having a little fun?

Layla: Maybe. A little.

Cristian: Good. Good, because this is just the beginning. The night is only gonna get better and better.

Layla: Well, let's hope Jessica doesn't have anything to say about that.

Brody: I think you went back to high school because you felt safe. So whenever something from your old life threatens to walk through that door I was talking about, you're afraid to let it in. Look, all I'm saying is you don't have to be afraid, Jess. I would never let anything or anyone ever hurt you again.

Whitney: Attention, please. We have the results of the vote. Hello? We have a very important announcement.

Darren: Yo, people? If you want to know who's gonna rule tonight as lhs prom queen and king, listen up!

[Music stops]

Darren: Thank you.

Whitney: Class of 2010, we are proud to present your prom queen...

[Drum roll]

Whitney: Jessica Buchanan.

Jessica: Oh, my goodness! I can't believe it!

Whitney: And your prom king...

[Drum roll]

Whitney: Mr. Vega?

[Gradual applause]

Cole: I miss you so much.

Starr: I miss you, too.

Cole: You know that drawing that Hope made for me?

Starr: Yeah?

Cole: I was looking at it and I was wishing that I could just crawl inside. That I could just--just live there, you know, just you and me and Hope in our little world of crayon scribbles.

Starr: Sounds good to me.

Cole: We're gonna be together, you, me, and Hope.

Starr: I want that.

Cole: Then let's make it happen.

Starr: Even if it means going after Hannah?

John: This shouldn't have happened.

Marty: I know. I should've just turned around and walked the other way.

John: No, Natalie shouldn't have written it.

Marty: I can't speak for Natalie, but I can only speak for myself and I was wrong.

John: I don't know what she was expecting to happen. I mean, you and I are together, end of story.

Marty: Yeah. If it were only that simple, but it's not.

John: Why?

Marty: You know, it's amazing how long you can live in denial. I've been doing it for months. But today, I was finally honest with myself, and it scared me, and I--I don't want to be scared, John. Not with you. I can't live like that.

John: Hey, you don't have to be. There's nothing to be scared of.

Marty: You know, I'd love to think so. I'd love to hear a few reassuring words and have it be enough. But if I took that letter and I was prepared to lie about it, that is just not right, and I thought I left that person behind. I don't want to go there again, and I can't be with someone who brings that out in me.

John: What are you saying?

Marty: I'm saying I deserve more. And that this has to end.

Singer: Let's dance

Cole: I wish you could drop this thing with Hannah. But you're not going to, are you?

Starr: She put my dad in jail, Cole.

Cole: Because he hurt someone. It wasn't Hannah that pushed my mom down the stairs, it was him.

John: Did you just decide we can't make it? I mean, don't you think that's something we should talk about?

Marty: Yes, yes. But we've talked about it already, and we just pretended that we settled it, but we hadnít. You still have feelings for Natalie, and if I hadn't gotten pregnant, we would've had this conversation months ago.

John: We weren't just about the baby. We never were.

Marty: I know.

John: Hey... I cared about you before the pregnancy and I care about you now.

Marty: But you love Natalie.

Roxy: I know Johnny, all right, and if he read that letter, wild elephants couldn't keep him away from here.

Natalie: So where is he?

Roxy: The guy's got a job! Maybe he's arresting someone, or maybe there was an accident! Maybe he's lying in a ditch somewhere!

Natalie: Or maybe he didn't want to come.

Roxy: Not in a million years. The guy is nuts about you.

Natalie: No, no, I am the one who's nuts for writing that stupid letter. Just please give me back my plane ticket, all right?

Roxy: No, no, no! There are a thousand planes! There's only one Johnny McBain, and he's not in London. He's right here!

Ford: Don't you ever say that you don't matter, because you do. Sometimes I wish you didn't--that's my problem, Langston.

Langston: Is that supposed to make sense? Because it doesnít.

Ford: Tonight with Karen never should've happened. But I only did it because of you.

Markko: I saw it, Destiny. I was going through some rehearsal footage, and all of a sudden, there was a conversation between you and Matthew.

Destiny: What were we talking about?

Matthew: Langston and Ford.

Markko: You said she was cheating on me with him.

Destiny: Well, maybe I got the wrong idea.

Markko: How, Destiny? Either Langston was cheating or she wasnít.

Destiny: Well--but what if it was for the play?

Markko: The play?

Destiny: Yeah. Langston needed help with a scene, so she asked Ford to help her act it out?

Matthew: Just tell him the truth, Des.

Destiny: A couple of weeks ago, I saw Langston and Ford here. They didn't know I was here.

Markko: So what were they doing?

Destiny: Kissing.

Layla: Is this for real?

Cristian: Of course not. I'm a teacher. I can't be prom king.

Layla: You can if Jessica stuffed the ballot box.

Cristian: This is crazy.

Layla: You're right. It is crazy--as crazy as Jessica going back to high school and taking a class with you. You let this happen, Cris. You never once lifted a finger to stop it! So get up there! You want to live your fantasy with your little prom queen? Knock yourself out.

Cristian: Layla, come on. You know that's not what I want. You should know that better than anyone.

Layla: Enough!

[Music plays]

Layla: Don't try to explain your mind I know what's happening here one minute it's love and suddenly it's like a battlefield

Starr: One word turns into a war why is it the smallest things that tear us down? My world's nothing when you don't I'm not here without a shield Starr and

Layla: Can't go back now

Langston: Both hands tied behind my back with nothing oh, no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again why we gotta fall for it now? I never meant to start a war you know I never wanna hurt you don't even know what we're fighting for why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield? A battlefield? Why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield? A battlefield? Why does love always feel like can't swallow our pride neither of us wanna raise that flag if we can't surrender then we both gonna lose what we had oh, no both hands tied behind my back with nothing nothing oh, no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again I don't wanna fall for it now I never meant to start a war you know I never wanna hurt you don't even know what we're fighting for why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield? A battlefield? Why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield? A battlefield? I guess you better go and get your armor get your armor get your armor I guess you better go and get your armor get your armor get your armor I guess you better go and get your armor

[Music continues playing]

Roxy: Okay, I'm gonna make you a little deal. You give it one more night with Johnny, and if that doesn't pan out, I will buy you another plane ticket, first class.

Natalie: Roxy, do you even know how much that costs?

Roxy: Yeah--more than what I got. But who cares? Because I don't have to be good for it, because Johnny's gonna come through with flying colors.

Natalie: So I'm just supposed to wait here and trust that between now and dawn, he's just gonna come walking through that door?

Roxy: No. You're gonna trot your little butt over to his office.

Natalie: Ha! No, thank you. I've had enough rejection for one life.

Roxy: Honey, listen to me. That's just your pride talking, okay, and your pride is the thing that's not gonna let you sleep at night.

Natalie: They make pills for that.

Roxy: And those pills are not gonna keep away those bad dreams, and that's what you're in for if you go to London and you don't give Johnny every chance.

Marty: We both know things haven't been right between us for a while, ever since I walked in on that kiss.

John: I thought maybe we got past that.

Marty: No, we got pregnant. And that took precedence over everything else.

John: There was a reason for that. It made us happy.

Marty: I know. It made us happy. We were happy, so happy that we fell in love--with that. And Natalie--she pretty much said as much, but I didn't want to believe her, but she was right. She was right. And, you know, now that there is no baby...

[Marty sighs]

Marty: No use pretending.

John: Look at me. I'm not pretending. I never was.

Marty: I'm not saying we did it on purpose. Our hearts were in the right place. We just kept thinking that if we kept trying--but don't you think if you have to try so hard at something, then it's not right?

John: Let's figure out what we have to do to make it right.

Marty: I think it's too late. Because I know that I'll never have your whole heart, and that is just not enough for me.

Langston: How is it my fault that you cheated on me?

Ford: I never cared about a girl the way I care about you, Langston, and it makes me a little crazy. All I could think about tonight was you dancing with Markko, his hands all over you, and then you sleeping with him afterwards.

Langston: You told me you were okay with that.

Ford: I did. I thought I was. But I couldn't take it. So when I texted you and you left me hanging, I called Karen. And I knew it was a mistake as soon as I dialed her number. But now you know why. And you have to give me another chance. I mean, don't you know what it's like to screw up?

Markko: So where's Langston now?

Matthew: I don't know. I saw her earlier, but now...

Destiny: Yeah, me, too. I'm sure she's around here somewhere. Hey, maybe we could find Starr. She could tell you where to find Langston.

Boy: You looking for Langston?

Markko: Have you seen her?

Boy: Yeah. She left.

Markko: When?

Boy: I don't know. A while ago.

Markko: I think I know where to find her.

Cristian: Come on, Layla. Let's go.

Jessica: Well, Cristian, wait. We have to go get our crowns. You can't drag him out. That's not fair.

Layla: Don't worry, Jessica. He's all yours.

Cristian: Layla, listen to me.

Layla: No, I'm through with listening. You keep saying that there's nothing going on with you and Jessica, but I know better, okay? I know that you almost kissed. I know that you get jealous when she flirts with another guy. That's why we're here playing chaperone--so you can keep people from hitting on her! You want to keep playing these games, Cristian, right? Well, you got to play it without me.

Jessica: Wow. She really lost it. Are you okay?

Cristian: No, Jessica, I am not okay. And I'm not interested in whatever it is that you're doing here.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Cristian: Nothing is gonna happen between us. We're over. We've been over. I don't love you, and I never will, so just get out of my life.

Cristian: Layla, wait!

Layla: Go back inside and be with Jessica!

Cristian: I don't want to be with Jessica.

Layla: She told me all of it, Cris. She asked you to swear on your mother's life that you didn't love her anymore, and you couldn't do it, could you?

Cristian: I wouldn't swear on anyone's life but my own. And right now, I swear on my life that I love you, and only you. Or I wouldn't have brought this.

Starr: You believe Hannah, and I believe my dad. I don't know how we get around that.

Cole: Oh, how about we concentrate on right now and forget about the rest of the world?

Starr: And how do we do that?

Cole: Well, I hold you, we close our eyes, and we dance.

Starr: Whoo! Ooh.

Cole: Oh, this place cleared out fast.

Starr: Cole. Ohh! Do you remember when we had to wear these?

[Music plays]

Cole: As a matter of fact, I do.

Starr: Your majesty.

Cole: Milady.

Singer: Sometimes this life...

Starr: Just put it on the table.

Singer: ...Can seem too much yeah sometimes I feel like giving up and when I don't know how to find my strength you're right there taking hold of me saying together we can take on the world oh, yeah together we can do anything if we just believe together you and me I'll be the one to take your hand whenever you are down I'll always be your biggest fan and don't you ever doubt that in times of laughter in times of tears you just reach out and I'll be here

Marty: I should go.

Singer: Together we can take on the world oh, oh, yeah

John: I'm sorry.

Marty: So am I. You know what? But it's time. Bye.

Singer: We can take on the rain

John: Bye.

Singer: We can survive the pain we can be everything that we mean to each other together we can do anything yeah, yeah, yeah we can take on the world oh, yeah, yeah oh, together you and me

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