One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/12/10


Episode # 10688

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Hannah: Starr, what's wrong?

Starr: You know exactly what's wrong.

Hannah: You're hurting me. Let go.

Starr: I'll let go of you when you let go of Cole.

Todd: So what, are you gonna lock me up with him and let him finish the job?

John: Shut up, Manning.

Cole: You deserve everything you get.

Todd: Did you hear that? Little punk threatened me.

John: I didn't hear anything. Why, are you afraid?

Todd: I've got nieces who are scarier. You know all about that, don't you?

[Door clangs open]

Todd: Yeah, you like it that way. I'm' sure that's why you're gonna dump Marty and go back with Natalie.


Roxy: Hey, Natty! It's so good to see you.

Natalie: Hey, Roxy.

Roxy: So where you been hiding?

Natalie: I wasn't hiding. I was in London.

Roxy: London? Oh, jolly good. How was it?

Natalie: It was great.

Roxy: For real?

Natalie: Yeah. It was so good and I loved it so much that I'm moving there.

Roxy: Yeah, right! Ha ha!

Natalie: I'm serious. I--I fly back tonight.

Cole: Shut up about my mother. You don't even say her name, okay?

John: He will. And so will you. Ignore him and keep your mouth shut. Ignore him.

Cole: Seriously?

John: Yeah. You worry about your own case. Let me worry about Manning.

Todd: Would you guys give it a rest? Téa's gonna have me out of here by dinner.

Blair: Téa, Todd can wait, but what I have to say can't.

Téa: Mind your own business, Blair.

Blair: Look, I just overheard you tell that nurse that you were gonna skip out on your treatment!

Téa: Todd is in lockup. I need to get him out. Dani can't deal with any of this. They need me right now, Blair.

Blair: Oh, they need you? How are you gonna help anyone? That tumor has already scrambled your brains.

Matthew: And then he said that nothing happened between you two even though I didn't ask him if anything happened between you guys. And I don't know why he thought it was necessary for him to say that.

Dani: Maybe because something did happen.

Matthew: What?

Dani: We--we kissed.

Matthew: You kissed.

Dani: Yeah.

Matthew: Nate kissed you?

Dani: No. I kissed him.

Gigi: Locked box in a locked drawer. They must really want to keep what's inside a secret.

Rex: Why? It's just about my parents, right? Two young people, pregnant, probably scared. I mean, what's with all the drama with the necklaces and lock boxes? I mean, come on, what could be so bad? It can't be worse than Mitch Laurence.

Gigi: Maybe it's good.

Rex: Okay, fine. My parents are billionaires. Then they wouldn't know how to take care of themselves and get rid of me if they had to. They wouldn't need a jewelry maker to run interference for them. Come on, why such a state secret?

Gigi: Give it to me.

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Gigi: Stand back.

Rex: Gigi, you can't destroy property.

Gigi: We've already broken and entered. You're worried about a box?

Rex: All right, let me.

Gigi: No. You're too upset. You'll break your hand or something. Stand back. Ah!

Roxy: You're not serious? London?

Natalie: London is a beautiful city.

Roxy: Yeah, well, it's halfway around the world!

Natalie: Oh, it's not that far.

Roxy: Does Viki know this yet?

Natalie: No. I haven't really told anybody.

Roxy: Good, 'cause we're gonna nip this in the bud. I mean, that's just a cockamamie idea. What about the weather? You're gonna have bad hair days for the rest of your life.

Natalie: Rox, I need a change.

Roxy: Well, then I'll give you highlights. In fact, I'll give you a discount.

Natalie: I want to be in London.

Roxy: What does London have that we don't have in Llanview?

Natalie: For one, my brothers. You know, Kevin and Joey and Cord, they all live there.

Roxy: But, baby, your real family is here. Me and Viki and Rex and me--

Natalie: And they have great culture and museums and good restaurants.

Roxy: Honey, we are totally Neapolitan here. You know that they are opening up a schnitzel stand in the food court in the mall?

Natalie: Okay, well, I'll have to give that a try when I come back to visit.

Roxy: Honey, this is crazy talk.

Natalie: I'll miss you, too, Rox.

Roxy: Well, then don't go!

Natalie: I've got to get away, Roxy.

Roxy: What's the matter with you? You're talking like someone's chasing you, like you're trying to escape from-- it's John, isn't it? You're not moving to London. You're moving away from John.

Cole: Well, Téa might get you bail, but you better get used to these bars 'cause you'll be back.

Todd: Yeah, but I didn't do it, Cole.

Cole: Hannah saw it. She'll testify.

Todd: Mm-hmm. I'm sure she will, any way you want her to. [Sniffs] I would think twice about letting his freaky little girlfriend carry your case.

Cole: She isn't--

Todd: She's for sale. That's why she came to see me in the hospital, ready to wheel and deal. Oh, you didn't know that, did you?

Hannah: What is the matter with you?

Starr: You are. You and the way that you're messing with my family.

Hannah: I'm not messing with your family.

Starr: You lied about my dad attacking Cole's mom, and now you're playing Cole.

Hannah: Well, you must not think much of your boyfriend if you think that's true.

Starr: Okay, this has gone way too far. This is gonna blow up in your face, Hannah. You made a big mistake by trying to work my dad.

Hannah: I'm not scared of your dad. He's locked up.

Starr: Not for long because his lawyer's a killer shark. Her specialty is saving my dad. She lives for it.

Téa: There's the Blair I know. Ha ha! Cheap shots at the fact that I have a brain tumor.

Blair: That's the only way to get you to pay attention.

Téa: Ho ho!

Blair: Téa, do you really want to cut short the time that you do have?

Téa: You know what? I'm not discussing this with you, Blair.

Blair: You know, you're gonna be of no help to Dani or Todd if you--

Téa: If I die? Exactly. I have very little time and a lot to do.

Blair: Okay. What do you need to do? Just please let me help.

Téa: I need to make sure that my daughter is taken care matter what. I need her to accept her father or she'll have no one. I need Dani and Todd--I need Daniella and Todd to have a relationship--a good relationship, Blair.

Blair: I understand that, but you can't do that tonight. Spring Todd tomorrow. You go home and you rest, all right? God knows, Todd Manning in jail is the best thing that could happen in this world.

Hannah: Are you threatening me?

Starr: I'm warning you.

Hannah: That your dad would attack me?

Starr: I never said that.

Hannah: Well, then what did you mean, that he'll get out of jail and...what? Should I call the police right now? I might need some protection.

Starr: You just love this, don't you, playing little victim?

Hannah: You are threatening me. I don't mean to be--

Starr: To what? To be a victim? Trust me, Hannah, you're doing a great job at it, but you can't fool everyone for long, okay? So you back off and you leave my family alone or you will regret it.

Otto: What the hell's going on here?

Gigi: We're shopping.

Otto: The store's closed.

Gigi: Oh, that explains why we couldn't get any service. We'll just come back later.

Otto: You're not going anywhere.

Rex: We don't want any trouble, Otto.

Otto: Robbery's a funny way to show it.

Gigi: We didn't steal a thing.

Otto: Yet.

Gigi: This is all your fault. You're hiding Rex's parents, and it's a good bet there's information about them in that box.

Otto: There's nothing in there for you.

Gigi: Prove it! Open the box, because we're not leaving until we get the truth.

Dani: I mean, it came out of nowhere.

Matthew: So you kissed Nate for no reason?

Dani: Well, I was confused.

Matthew: Well, so am I.

Dani: Okay, well, I was at the hospital with my mom, and Todd coded. All the doctors came running, and I felt bad for him, and I started to think that maybe he didn't do this terrible thing, and if he didn't, then maybe...but then John McBain showed up and arrested Todd for attacking Cole's mom, and everybody started fighting, and I didn't know what to think again. I mean, it was just noise and Todd in the middle of it freaking everybody out. It was so intense.

Matthew: Well, I get that!

Dani: Okay, so I went across the street to the park just to breathe, you know, only I couldn't and then Nate was there and--

Matthew: And what?

Dani: He was nice. He was just really nice and sane. It made me think that everything was okay. And I kissed him, but it didn't mean anything.

Matthew: Okay.

Dani: No, I swear.

Matthew: So it didn't mean anything?

Dani: Not at all.

Matthew: So you don't like Nate?

Blair: So how is Dani about Todd?

Téa: Oh, let's see. I seem to remember her saying that he was dead to her. Those were her words.

Blair: Well, then you've got your work cut out for you, don't you?

Téa: Uh, yeah.

Blair: So you better get home and get some rest.

Téa: Blair--

Blair: You got to start treatment tomorrow.

Téa: You really don't understand.

Blair: No, I understand you cannot neglect your health, Téa.

Téa: My so-called health has an expiration date no matter what, Blair.

Blair: Yes, and that's why you need to start your treatment tomorrow. Don't you want to buy some time here?

Téa: You know what? I'd like the last hour of my life back. Can I go now, please?

Blair: Okay, you know what? I'll back off. I will.

Téa: Thank God.

Blair: But I want to ask you one thing: If Dani or Todd were sick, what would you say to them right now?

Téa: Blair, my prognosis--

Blair: I know what your prognosis is, Téa.

Téa: Okay.

Blair: I know. Would you tell them that you wanted them to fight for every minute or would you just let them go and let them give up like you have?

Todd: You didn't know your star witness was off the reservation?

Cole: Okay, it wasn't like that.

John: Is this true?

Cole: Yeah. Hannah went to see him.

John: When?

Cole: Yesterday.

Todd: I guess you didn't get the memo about never meeting with the other side.

Cole: She was only trying to help.

John: Bad idea.

Todd: Yeah. Cole wouldn't recognize one of those if it bit him. He's about as smart as a box of hair.

John: Did you know she was going?

Todd: Thank God Hope takes after her mom.

Cole: She told me after.

John: What exactly did she say?

Cole: Nothing. Just that...she was trying to get Todd to back off and drop the charges.

Todd: No, that wasn't all.

John: Cole?

Cole: That was all.

Todd: Yeah, John, forget about it. It's nothing. Trials are much more interesting when there's a surprise.

John: What?

Todd: Hannah came to see me with a deal. What, you want to know where she started the bidding?

Hannah: I don't care about your family.

Starr: You want Cole.

Hannah: Cole and I are just friends. That's all.

Starr: Drop the act!

Hannah: Maybe you should talk to someone about this. I mean, you're under a lot of stress, and things seemed pretty tense between you and Cole at the station.

Starr: Cole and I are fine, but this little thing, it isn't working.

Hannah: See, it's that kind of talk that worries me about you.

Starr: Oh, please.

Hannah: I mean, Cole was mad at you, right?

Starr: We're none of your business.

Hannah: I told him I understood why you broke his trust.

Starr: What?

Hannah: Well, you told your dad about my little accident with the pills.

Starr: Okay, it wasn't an accident. It was--

Hannah: Private. You promised Cole. He's having trouble accepting what you did.

Starr: My God, this is unbelievable.

Hannah: It's all right. I'm sure you guys will figure it out in time, but you do have a lot to make up for. It's hard to come back from a betrayal like that.

Roxy: You've moving because of John.

Natalie: No. I'm going for me.

Roxy: You know, baby, you were always lousy at the short con.

Natalie: No. It is. It is for me. You know, I want--I want something new. And I hate how it feels seeing John.

Roxy: Honey, I want to tell you, it's gonna change.

Natalie: It's gonna be easier in London.

Roxy: No. You better stick around here. I mean, John's good, but he's a guy. So you stick around here, and he's gonna remember what he wants.

Natalie: John is happy where he is with Marty.

Roxy: Well, I'm telling you, honey, it ain't gonna last.

Natalie: So--so what, am I just supposed to wait around? How pathetic is that?

Roxy: You know what pathetic is? Pathetic is being in another country, sitting in a bar with a drink with no ice in it. That's pathetic. You can't run from the truth, and believe me, I know.

Natalie: What if you can't change it, either?

Roxy: Well, baby, you don't know that until you try. You don't want to end up like me. Fight for John.

Otto: Your woman's got a mouth and a lot of nerve.

Rex: I like 'em both.

Otto: You calling me a liar, too?

Gigi: You are.

Rex: Look, we don't mean any harm, okay? I don't even want anything from my real parents. I just want to know. Okay? I have been jerked around about who they are more than I could begin to explain. We've come a long way for some answers. We'll pay for any damage to the store. I'll pay you for the information. Name it. Just please help me.

Penny: Dad, what's going on?

Otto: Caught these two stealing. Call the police.

Matthew: Do you like Nate?

Dani: What do you mean?

Matthew: You know what I mean.

Dani: Well, he's a nice enough guy, but I barely know him.

Matthew: So it's not a thing, you and Nate?

Dani: No. It's totally different than you.

Matthew: I'm sorry you felt so bad.

Dani: Matthew.

Matthew: Why didn't you just call me?

Dani: Well, I was out of it. I was just reacting to everything, that's all.

Matthew: Well, next time, just hit "reply."

Dani: What?

Matthew: I texted you.

Dani: When?

Matthew: That day. The day I was looking for you at the hospital. I figured I would just, you know, text you and let you know that if you needed to talk to somebody, you had me.

Téa: I am not giving up. I am prioritizing, Blair. Todd and Daniella come first.

Blair: Well, you know what? It doesn't work that way if it ends up killing you.

Téa: Killing me?

Blair: Yes.

Téa: Exactly my point.

Blair: Well, I don't understand your point. I don't understand why you're taking it.

Téa: What?

Blair: You fight for a damn traffic ticket in traffic court like it's life or death, but now that it is life and death, you're just taking it!

Téa: Oh, Blair, what do you want me to do? Spend all my time in a hospital?

Blair: No. I want you to go out there and maybe find out if there's a cure here. Go out and see if you can beat this thing.

Téa: That's not going to happen.

Blair: You don't know that.

Téa: Every minute I spend looking for a cure I lose with my daughter, okay?

Blair: Yeah. Miracles happen.

Téa: One happened this morning. Dani and I played hooky, and we went shopping for prom dresses.

Blair: See?

Téa: I made her smile.

Blair: See?

Téa: Ha ha! I made her smile, Blair, and, um, she actually spoke to me. We spent an hour without fighting. My daughter laughed at my bad jokes. Do you know how long it's been since my daughter laughed at my bad jokes? You want me to give all that up for what? Time in a hospital bed with radiation treatments f-for more time in a hospital bed for--no. Sorry. I'm sorry. But that's a fool's bargain.

Natalie: It's not that easy, Roxy.

Roxy: Come here. Sit down. If you want Johnny, you got to take your shot.

Natalie: I did. I bared my soul to him, and he chose Marty.

Roxy: Yeah, but that was the only play that he had. She was knocked up. What was he gonna do? Dump her and run off with you? You wouldn't have wanted him anyway.

Natalie: True.

Roxy: The baby is gone. All right, it's really sad, but there you got it, okay? And that's the only thing that was keeping them together.

Natalie: We don't know that. I mean, losing the baby could pull them closer together.

Roxy: Well, why don't you stick around and find out?

Natalie: Because I can't! I can't do this anymore! I can't take all this humiliation!

Roxy: You didn't tell Johnny that you were leaving town, did you?

Natalie: No. I told you, I haven't told anyone.

Roxy: Well, why don't you tell him and give him a chance to stop you.

Natalie: Because I cannot put my life on hold forever while John figures it out.

Roxy: Well, what if it doesn't have to be forever? What if you got the answer tonight?

Cole: John, that's bull. Hannah would never make a deal with Todd.

Todd: Oh, no, no. She came ready to do business.

Cole: You are sick.

John: So what was the deal?

Todd: That she would recant her testimony, take it all back, that she never saw me push Marty.

Hannah: If you want, I could talk to Cole for you.

Starr: You really are insane.

Hannah: Maybe he'll listen to me.

Cole: John, you can't believe a word out of his mouth.

Todd: No. She was ready to tank your case for her boy.

Cole: Hannah wouldn't do that.

Todd: She's a mentally unbalanced teenager who wants to get in Cole's pants. I think she'd do anything for him.

Starr: This won't last, Hannah. Cole's going through a really tough time right now, but soon he will realize what a sick and twisted person you really are.

Hannah: [Scoffs] All I've done is tell the truth, Starr. I saw your dad push Dr. Saybrooke.

Starr: That's a lie!

Hannah: Then what really happened? If it wasn't your dad, who pushed her?

Cole: John, this is Todd's fantasy. Okay? And he's convinced Starr, too. Hannah is just a friend, and that's all.

John: That's all she wants?

Cole: What we both want. This is--this is nuts.

Todd: Well, she is nuts, I'll give you that. You should ask her, John. She's a freshman co-ed. I mean, I think even you could sweat her out. Better do it quick.

John: So, what? You're now helping with the prosecution witnesses?

Todd: You're wasting your time here, John. The longer you think I did this, the longer Marty's real attacker gets to cover his tracks.

Starr: I don't know who pushed Marty down the stairs, but it wasn't my dad.

Hannah: That would be believable if you had any evidence. Any evidence. Maybe you think it didn't happen.

Starr: Of course I know that it happened. Marty was hurt.

Hannah: Maybe you think she just tripped and made the whole thing up.

Starr: Why would you say something like that?

Hannah: I don't know, Starr. You're the one making up crazy stories. I'm just trying to understand. If I'm lying, Cole's mom could be lying, too.

John: You have a suspect in mind?

Starr: Cole's mom would never make up a story like this, okay? I'm sure that she was pushed.

Hannah: But why?

Starr: I don't know why. Maybe whoever did it thought that it them. They thought it would help them get exactly what they want.

Todd: Could be anyone. Could be Natalie. She was--she was there, and she and Marty had fought, so why not? She does have a temper, you know that? I don't know. You know, all of Marty's patients are crazy. Maybe one of them cracked.

Starr: My God. You did it. You pushed Marty, didn't you?

Dani: Look, if I had gotten your message, I would have called.

Matthew: It's not like it's mandatory or anything.

Dani: I know.

Matthew: I mean, if you'd rather talk to someone else.

Dani: No. No. You're great. I don't even deserve you.

Matthew: Don't say that.

Dani: Well, it's true. You're amazing to me, and I screwed up.

Matthew: Well, it's not even like it was that big of a deal, was it?

Dani: Yeah, but I hurt your feelings.

Matthew: Don't worry about me. Plus your life is tough right now.

Dani: Still...

Matthew: I mean, it'd be different if you liked Nate... that way.

Dani: I don't.

Matthew: Then it's all good. We'll go to the prom tonight... if you still want to?

Blair: I don't know what I would do either, but I hear what you're saying about actually seeing your daughter smile. Huh.

Téa: Ahh...

Blair: You know, Starr and I have been right where you and Dani are. I swear it wasn't long ago I thought if I could just sign over Capricorn, maybe I would just hear one kind word from her, you know.

Téa: Ha ha. And then she would have said, "Oh, it's all about how much I cost you, Mom."

Blair: Ha ha! So you do know what it's like to have a teenage daughter.

Téa: Well, we did give them both a hell of a dad to deal with.

Blair: Yeah, that we did which is all the more reason that you need to stick around here.

Téa: Ah...

Blair: Téa, listen to me.

Téa: Ah...

Blair: Dani deserves every minute that you can give her, and you will still be you in a hospital bed.

Téa: I don't want her to see that.

Blair: Well, what do you think she would want? I mean, really, seriously, even with all that teenage angst and attitude, what--what do you think she would say if you gave her the choice?

Téa: I would never--I would never force her to make that choice.

Blair: Oh, no, you wouldn't, but you would gyp her out of the time that she has with you? Okay, you know what? I'm gonna make a deal with you.

Téa: A what? A deal?

Blair: Yes, a deal. I'm gonna give you a day, 24 hours.

Téa: Ha ha! How generous of you.

Blair: Yes, uh, you're gonna go home and you're gonna spend a wonderful night getting your daughter ready for her first prom, and then you're gonna come back here in the morning and start your treatment.

Téa: Why should I make a deal with you? What are you gonna give me?

Blair: Oh, well, you want me to keep quiet about your illness, don't you?

Téa: You promised me that you would.

Blair: Oh, you know what? I promised, but that was, you know, not forever, and I made that promise under duress. I didn't know what it was gonna mean and--but this time, this time it'll be for real.

Téa: Wait. You--ha ha! You're blackmailing me? I have a brain tumor, and you're blackmailing me?

Blair: It's a one-time offer, Delgado? What's it gonna be?

Roxy: You tell Johnny you're leaving town, he's gonna sling right into action.

Natalie: I can't give him an ultimatum.

Roxy: Well, then don't! Just tell him how you feel.

Natalie: I did that.

Roxy: Yeah, but you didn't tell him you had a one-way ticket as a chaser.

Natalie: That kind of feels like a trick.

Roxy: Oh, really? You serious about leaving town?

Natalie: Yes.

Roxy: Then no trick and no bluff!

Natalie: Roxy, I can't go face to face with him again so I can get shot down.

Roxy: Well, then don't. Write a letter. Write a letter. You leave it at the station. No muss, no fuss. Then it's up to Johnny, and 5 bucks says that he's gonna come running to stop you from ever getting on that plane.

Natalie: Okay. Fine.

Roxy: Okay, that's what I like to hear. Now, can you spot me that 5? Ha ha! I'm only joking. All right, start writing.

Natalie: Whew...

John: So we should be looking at anyone except you--is that your theory?

Todd: Yeah. Do your job, man.

John: I did. You had the motive and the opportunity.

Todd: But you don't have one solid piece of evidence, do you?

John: Fibers from your coat were found at the scene.

Todd: Ha ha! Well, I'm not the only person in town with good taste and a blue jacket. Ahem.

John: Later.

Todd: You got the wrong guy in jail, John, and you know it.

John: Maybe you just look right behind bars. Want me to move you to another cell?

Cole: No. I'm okay.

John: Keep it together.

Cole: Yeah. Hey, John.

John: Hmm?

Cole: Hannah's okay.

[Keys jingle]

[Door opens and closes]

Starr: You did it.

Hannah: This is ridiculous.

Starr: You pushed Marty down the stairs and made up the whole story.

Hannah: Yeah, Starr, I went to the hospital, followed Dr. Saybrooke around, and then pushed her down a stairs because why?

Starr: I don't know what you thought it would do, but you're using it to get to Cole.

Hannah: Look, I'm sorry you're having trouble with Cole, but that's all you.

Starr: No, actually, I have a lot of help thanks to you, Hannah.

Hannah: You took your father's side instead of Cole's, which makes no sense.

Starr: He's innocent this time, okay?

Hannah: You've done nothing to help Cole. You broke his trust.

Starr: A little episode. It wasn't even anything between us.

Hannah: Starr, you're losing him, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Penny: The police are on their way. I told them we had a break-in.

Rex: Is that your story, Otto?

Otto: Get on out of here. I'll tell the police you were already gone, I didn't get a good look at you.

Rex: Why would you let us go unless you don't want anybody to hear our questions?

Penny: What questions?

Rex: We'll take our chances with the police.

Penny: What really happened here?

Otto: These two broke in.

Rex: Like we told you yesterday, we just want some answers about my parents. That's all. Your father knows and he won't tell us.

Penny: Is that true?

[Knock on door]

Officer: Hey, Otto! Heard you had a break-in.

Otto: That's right. Caught 'em red-handed this morning.

Second Officer: So you got a look at 'em?

Otto: Standing right there.

Dani: Of course I want to go to prom with you. I mean, didn't you see?

Matthew: Oh, I just thought maybe your closet exploded.

Dani: Oh, yeah. I'm all satin and sequins most days. No. These are prom dresses.

Matthew: So how many times do you have to change tonight?

Dani: Uh, I have to pick just one, but Renee let us bring up a bunch. That's why my mom let me skip today. We tried them all on.

Matthew: So which one?

Dani: You'll have to see tonight.

Matthew: All right. Well, uh, I better go. You want a ride?

Dani: No. I get to skip the whole day.

Matthew: Wow. Your mom's in a good mood.

Dani: A weird one, but I'll take it.

Matthew: So tonight?

Dani: I'll see you at rehearsal later.

Matthew: All right. See ya.

Matthew: Thanks for not lying to me.

Dani: So you're really not mad?

Matthew: I can't be mad at you. But no more random park kissing.

Dani: Only with you.

Téa: Oh, 8:30 in the morning.

Nurse: Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. Like I said, the treatment is very tiring.

Téa: I will. Thank you.

Nurse: You're welcome.

Téa: Ahh... happy?

Blair: I will be when the nurse calls me and informs me that you made your treatment.

Téa: Do not bother the nurse. I will have the nausea and the fatigue to prove it. Now, I got to go see Todd.

Blair: No, no, no. Not today.

Téa: Why do you want to keep him in lockup so badly?

Blair: Because we both know the minute he is released, he is gonna want every second of your time.

Téa: That's true. Or more.

Blair: That's right, so why don't you take the evening and be with your daughter. Go home.

Téa: Good idea.

[Elevator dings]

Blair: Boy, saying thank you leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn't it?

Téa: Saying thank you to you? Yes.

Blair: Ha ha! So I guess a hug's out of the question?

Téa: Thank God for the elevator doors.

Blair: Ha ha. Ahh.

Starr: I'm not gonna lose Cole.

Hannah: I hope you don't.

Starr: Yeah, right.

Hannah: You guys definitely have something special which is why it's so sad to see you trash it. Really, you should be more careful. Have fun at prom.

Todd: Hey, I want to make a call. I get a call. I want to call my lawyer.

Cole: Téa ditched you?

Todd: No. She's probably still at the courthouse.

Cole: Or maybe she finally got tired of making excuses for your crimes.

Todd: I didn't commit a crime.

Cole: Murder.

[Kicks chair]

Cole: It was a murder. Maybe that's where Téa draws the line. That's where Starr will.

Todd: Starr will?

Cole: I mean, she can't ignore the evidence forever. You're a murderer, and you're gonna fry.

Todd's voice: But you don't have one solid piece of evidence.

John's voice: Fibers from your coat were found at the scene.

Todd: Ha ha! I'm not the only person in town with good taste and a blue jacket.

Natalie: Well?

Roxy: Shh!

Natalie: Ah. It stinks, doesn't it?

Roxy: If you touch one word of this, I swear I'll give you a mullet.

Natalie: What?

Roxy: You are a freaking genius with words. What are you wasting your time doing finance at B.E. or hustling pool tournaments? You should be writing.

Natalie: So it's okay?

Roxy: You're putting the 3 J's to shame. Duh. Judith Krantz, Jackie Collins, Jackie Susann. Come on, they're not good enough to even hold your pen.

Natalie: Wow.

Roxy: But you got to make one little change.

Natalie: You're gonna edit me?

Roxy: Yeah. You gotta add the rendezvous.

Natalie: I can't believe you just got that word right.

Roxy: Don't you get smart with me. We're talking about a meet-up. Okay, so you add this. "If any part of you feels like I do, you'll meet me at Rodi's at midnight. And if I don't see you there, then it's good-bye."

Natalie: Ahh. You really think this is gonna work?

Roxy: Yeah. With you and Johnny, I'm telling you, you can't miss.

Rex: Sorry, Geeg.

Gigi: It's not your fault. I wanted to be here. We got in this together, and we will get out the same way.

Second Officer: Let's go.

Gigi: Oh, my purse!

Officer: Yep.

Penny: The two of them are right, aren't they?

Otto: Time to open.

Penny: You know about his parents?

Otto: Why don't you start the coffee? I'll get straightened up.

Penny: Why can't you just tell them what they need to know?

Otto: It's not my place to tell.

[Door opens]

Téa: Yes, 20 minutes would be fine if that would work. I believe you have that on file. Okay, thank you very much. We'll see you then. Bye-bye. Where are you going?

Dani: Well, you're working, right?

Téa: Wrong.

Dani: What happened with Todd?

Téa: Forget about Todd.

Dani: Excuse me?

Téa: You are going to be far too busy today to even think about Todd.

Dani: Well, you said I could stay home from school. It's not--

Téa: Honey, you have an excused absence from school. But, um, I'm gonna keep you busy all day.

Dani: With what?

Téa: It's the Delgado pre-prom special. We're gonna have massages. We're gonna have facials. We're gonna have mani/pedis. We're gonna do your hair. Oh, do you want an updo?

Dani: Well, I don't know. I hadn't thought about it.

Téa: Your hair looks beautiful up.

Dani: You think?

Téa: Yeah, I do, but we will have a professional opinion. This is a very important thing.

Dani: You set this up?

Téa: You heard me. 20 minutes.

Dani: This is awesome.

Téa: Yeah. It doesn't suck. Ha ha!

Starr: Mom.

Blair: Why aren't you at school?

Starr: I need to talk to Dad. Why isn't he here?

Blair: They moved him.

Starr: Well, why? He was doing so much better.

Blair: Yeah. The hospital released him. The police were waiting, and they took him straight to jail.

Todd: Boy, you really are an ignorant punk. You had the greatest girl who ever walked the earth, and you screwed it up.

Cole: Oh...

Todd: I mean, she would have done anything for you, but you were after this crazy little skank. You nearly killed me on her word. Starr's never gonna forgive you for that, Cole. She hates violence. You know, when all this is done, I'm gonna go free. I didn't hurt your mom. But you will be in here because of how you hurt me, and Starr's gonna leave you here to rot for that.

Todd's voice: Could be anyone. Could be Natalie. She was--she was there. She and Marty had fought, so why not? She does have a temper. You know that. I don't know. You know, all of Marty's patients are crazy. Maybe one of them cracked. Did you even look at any of her patients? One of them could have done it. You put the wrong guy in jail, John, and you know it.

Roxy's voice: Write a letter. Leave it at the station. No muss, no fuss. Then it's up to Johnny, and 5 bucks says he's gonna come running to stop you from ever getting on that plane.

Natalie: See you later, John. Please show up.

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