One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/29/10


Episode # 10679

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Natalie: What's going on?

John: We might have a witness who saw Todd Manning push Marty down the stairs.

Natalie: You owe me an apology.

John: You want an apology?

Natalie: Yes--for accusing me of trying to murder a pregnant woman.

Starr: My father may die and it's because of you.

Cole: What're you talking about?

Starr: Can I have my daughter, please? Thank you. Hi, sweetie.

Cole: Starr, I just called the hospital. No one said he was dying. Your dad can't die.

Starr: Okay. Now you care?

Cole: Just tell me what happened.

Starr: What happened is that you attacked my father and he never woke up. He's in the hospital on life support and he could die.

[Machine beeping]

[Alarm sounds]

Blair: No, Todd, no, no. Don't you leave us now. No, Todd, no. Todd.

Cole: I only hit him a couple times, all right? It wasn't that bad. He'll be fine.

Starr: Are you even listening to yourself? My dad's brain may be injured. That's if he lives. Why would you do something like that? He's my father. He's Hope's grandfather. What were you thinking?

Blair: Doctor! He was fine. He was asleep...

Dani: Mom, he's gonna be okay, right?

Blair: What's happening?

Dr. Gangemi: Call a code blue-- room 3.

Dani: What does that mean?

Téa: I don't know, honey. I don't know.

Blair: Todd! No.

Starr: Stop it! Stop! Cole! No! Stop!

Téa: Cole!

[Woman shrieks]

[Machine beeping]

[Women shouting indistinctly]

[Machine beeping]

[Women shouting indistinctly]

[Woman shrieks]

[Machine beeping]

Cole: It's over.

[Machine beeping]

[Slow music playing]

Cristian: Good. You got my message.

Layla: The "get ready for a special night" message?

Cristian: Yeah. I got a nice shirt in the back. It's clean.

Layla: You look great. I'm just wondering what you've got in mind. Where is everybody?

Cristian: Gone. We're closed. Didn't you see the sign? We have the place...all to ourselves.

Layla: What for?

Cristian: So I can romance my girlfriend.

Charlie: So we're building the day care center right in the same building with the training center so the parents can just--it's great. They drop their kids off on the way to class, then--what? What? You're smiling.

Viki: Yeah. I'm smiling. It makes me happy to see you so excited about a project.

Charlie: Well, you make me happy.

Jessica: Mom?

Viki: Jessie.

Jessica: Who's this?

Viki: Darling, I'm sorry. This is Charlie Banks--my husband. I told you about him.

Jessica: You're the one that shot me.

John: No one accused you of anything.

Natalie: You thought I was guilty.

John: Someone pushed Marty down a flight of stairs.

Natalie: And I'm sorry about that, but it seems that Marty was a little more concerned about hanging me out to dry than finding out who really did this.

John: There was a lot of evidence pointing to you, wasn't there? The argument. Your proximity.

Natalie: My motive. John, if you just looked me in the eye just once and told me that despite all the evidence, you knew I could never do this to you--

John: Natalie? I'm sorry.

Natalie: You are?

John: Yes. I admit, your feelings weren't the first thing on my mind. But I never meant to hurt you, either.

Natalie: Thank you.

John: So we're square?

Natalie: It's over. At least now we know who really did this--Todd.

John: Until this witness comes in, this friend of Cole’s... we don't know anything.

Cole: I wasn't thinking about Todd. I was thinking about my mom.

Starr: Cole, you weren't thinking about anything at all. Because if Markko hadn't pulled you off of my dad, he would've died right there on the floor. He wouldn't have made it to the hospital.

Cole: And your dad pushed my mom down a flight of stairs and left her there on the floor. She lost her baby because of him. And you want me to feel sorry for him because I hit him a couple times? He deserves a lot worse.

Starr: You don't even know if he was the one that pushed her down those stairs.

Cole: Yes, I do. Hannah saw it.

Starr: Well, is she telling the truth? Hmm?

Blair: Tell the doctor if he needs anything like Todd's records or blood that we--

Téa: It could be a while, honey. Let's go get some air.

Dani: I'm not leaving.

Dr. Gangemi: Okay, on 3. 1, 2, 3.

[Machine beeping]

Dr. Gangemi: Bag him.

[Machine beeping]

Dr. Gangemi: Draw some epi. Get the paddles ready.

[Machine beeping]

Dr. Gangemi: He's not responding.

Starr: I can't believe it.

Cole: I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen.

Blair: Cole, it's not your fault.

Téa: He never knew where the line was. It was only a matter of time before he crossed it.

Todd: Hey, guys. What's going on?

Dani: Maybe this is for the best. I mean, at least he can't hurt anybody anymore.

Todd: Who is that?

Starr: How can you think of this as a good thing? I'm sorry, I can’t. It hurts too much.

Todd: Oh, are you hurting?

Blair: Sweetheart, you no longer have to deal with all your father's crazy stunts.

Starr: I know that he was a lot of work. I just always hoped that he would grow up, y'know?

Todd: What the hell's the matter with you people? Like somebody died in your life.

Viki: Somebody did.

Todd: Who?

Viki: You.

Todd: I didn't die, Viki. I'm right here.

Viki: Oh, you don't believe me. See for yourself.

Todd: That's me in there?

Viki: Mm-hmm.


Viki: Don't do that. The mortician said definitely "closed casket." And trust me, no one disagreed.

Todd: Viki, I'm not gonna die because my daughter's boyfriend threw a couple of lame punches at me. I mean, I'm a little tougher than that, I think.

Viki: He was very, very angry. You killed his mother's baby.

Todd: No, I didn’t. That wasn't me.

Viki: I suppose if you'd lived, you might have been able to prove your innocence and clear your name, but you didn’t. You gave up. So now we have a closed casket, your family thinks you're a murderer, this. There was no one there to stop them.

Dr. Gangemi: Get me a laryngoscope and a number 7 E.T. tube, please. Give me some cricoid pressure. Tube. All right, we're going in.

Cole: How could you possibly believe that your dad is not guilty? Hannah saw it happen.

Starr: She says that she saw it happen. And you believe it because you want to. If you would've stopped and thought about it for two seconds? I mean, why now? Why didn't Hannah tell us as soon as it happened? Why, when she came over here and I told her that your mom was hurt, why was it such a big surprise to her? And really, Hannah, if you did see my dad push Cole's mom, like you said you did, why didn't you help her? Huh? Where were you then? Trust me, John McBain is gonna want to know all of this.

Natalie: So this friend of Cole's?

John: Some girl he knows at L.U.

Natalie: Is she a college student?

John: Good grades, clean record. That's all we know so far. We're looking to bring her in.

Natalie: You haven't talked to her?

John: No. Not yet.

Natalie: I don't get it. I mean, Marty's been hurt over 24 hours.

John: Why'd it take her so long to come forward? That's a good question.

Natalie: Think Todd got to her?

John: Maybe.

Starr: Cole, don't you see what this is? She knows how big of an issue my father is for us and she's using it to get to you. My father could die and it's all your fault! No! Let go of me!

Cole: Do not accuse her. Calm down.

Starr: Do not--are you serious? She set you up and you're defending her?

Hannah: I know I should've helped your mom. I'm sorry. It was wrong of me to leave, but I was scared.

Starr: Of what?

Hannah: Your dad! Starr, I'm sorry, but I know about him. He's a violent criminal.

Starr: You don't know anything about him.

Hannah: I'd just seen him throw a pregnant woman down the stairs. I was afraid I could be next, so I ran. But then I felt bad and I went back. Only by then Dr. Saybrooke was gone. That's why I was so surprised when you told me that she was in the hospital.

Cole: Look, Hannah, you don't have to prove anything to her. Just talk to John McBain. I'm sure he's gonna believe you, okay?

Starr: You want to believe that this is true, don't you?

Cole: Look, I know you want to believe that you're important enough for your father that he'll change for you. But why should he? Because he knows that you'll never give up on him--because you haven’t. You just keep coming back and back and back--no matter how many women he rapes or kids he kidnaps.

Starr: He's my father. That doesn't just go away because he's done terrible things, Cole.

Cole: That was my little brother or sister that he killed, okay? And that will never go away.

[Knocking on door]

Brody: Llanview P.D. Open up.

Brody: Cole Thornhart, you're under arrest.

Layla: Well, well, well. To what do I owe this honor?

Cristian: You're my girl. Isn't that enough? Amuse bouche.

Layla: Mm. Yum. Nothing like a boyfriend who knows his way around the kitchen.

Cristian: Wait till you see what comes next.

Layla: Babe. I'm serious. Why are you doing all this?

Cristian: Because this is how you deserve to be treated-- now and forever. Mwah.

Layla: Please pick up, Oliver. Oh, thank God. It's me--Layla. I need your help. I think Cris is about to propose... for real this time.

Charlie: Yeah, Jessica. That's right. I am the guy who pulled the trigger.

Viki: Honey, it was an accident, you know.

Charlie: What your mother means to say is I wasn't aiming at you. I was aiming at someone else. Okay, but the truth of the matter is that I had no business carrying a gun in the first place, and the fact that I hit you is--I mean, Jessica, you and Bree and Natalie... I've come to love you like you were my own, and I could no more hurt--but I did hurt you. I put you in the hospital, I scared your mother half to death, and--no, really. I just--I only hope that you can try to find a way to let me...make it up to you.

Jessica: Well...I don't remember any of it, so there's nothing to forgive. You have a clean slate. And anyone that makes my mom smile like that is good in my books.

Viki: Thank you, sweetheart.

[Charlie sighs]

Viki: Do you want some dinner? We finished but there's plenty left, and I'm sure that Bree wants to see you.

Jessica: Oh, I already checked in on her and she's asleep. I just came by to pick up this.

Viki: What is it?

Jessica: Oh. It's the dress. Grandpa got it for me. To wear to prom? It's not exactly how I remembered it, but I guess I can get it altered.

Viki: So you're going to go.

Jessica: I decided you're right. I shouldn't miss my senior prom.

Charlie: And let me guess. I bet you're taking that handsome Brody fella, huh?

Brody: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you...

Hannah: But he was just defending his mother. Todd Manning tried to kill her.

Cole: Hannah, it's okay. Officer, I know my rights.

Brody: Hannah O’Connor?

Hannah: Yeah.

Brody: Lieutenant's been looking for you.

John: I just hope this girl opens up when we bring her in.

Natalie: Todd's sure not gonna say anything.

John: Not now he won’t.

Natalie: What do you mean?

[Telephone ringing]

John: Cole put Manning in the hospital. McBain.

Brody: I found Cole and that witness of his. I'm bringin' them in.

John: Good. Good work. I'll--I'll be here.

Brody: Any special instructions?

John: High-profile case, Brody. We don't have a lot of latitude. By the book.

Natalie: You know what? Um, I'm gonna go. Can you, um... let me know how it goes?

John: If I can.

[Door closes]

Blair: How is she doing?

Téa: I wish she weren't here. I don't want her to see all of this.

Blair: Yeah, well, Téa, sometimes you just can't protect them.

Brody: You're gonna have to come with us, Miss O’Connor. You're wanted for questioning.

Hannah: Okay.

Brody: Sorry, Cole. Lieutenant's orders.

Cole: I understand.

Brody: Starr, you can meet us at the station.

[Telephone ringing]

Starr: Mom?

Blair: You on your way?

Starr: Why? What happened?

Blair: Um, you know, Dani's having a hard time and she's here and could really use her big sister right now.

Starr: Okay. I'll be right over. I have to go to the hospital.

Cole: Do what you have to do.

Starr: I'll call you a lawyer.

Cole: Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it. Just do me a favor. Tell Hope that I love her and I'll be home soon.

Blair: Starr's on her way.

Téa. So...any word? Anything changed?

Téa: No one's come out of that room yet.

Dr. Gangemi: Get the paddles ready. Let's clear the patient.

Nurse: Charging.

Starr: Through sickness and in health.

Cole: For richer or poorer.

Starr: Till death do us part.

Todd: Wait a minute. Wait. Hold on. Don't do this. See, now, this isn't right because if this son of a bitch had killed me, then she wouldn't be marrying him.

Viki: I hate to break it to you, Todd, but the day you died? The whole town came out to celebrate. Everyone agreed you brought this on yourself.

Todd: Starr wouldn't buy that. She knows that everything I've ever done for her is done out of love. She needs me.

Viki: No. You need her. Starr has a whole world waiting for her. She has a brilliant future. And once she understood that she and Hope and--actually, everyone would be a lot better off once you were laid to rest, she was happy to move on.

[Wedding March playing]

Todd: Hey. Starr. Starr! Come back here! This is a nightmare.

Viki: And it's about to get a lot worse.

Dani: Mom, you're not just doing this because of me, are you?

Téa: Oh, mija, I know how much you want your family back.

Todd: Hey. I'm her family.

Téa: I needed to be sure. And now I am. I've finally found the love of my life.

Todd: That's right. That's me. I'm the love of--

Dani: Daddy!

[Téa laughs]

Todd: No, no, I'm your daddy. What's going on here?

Viki: Watch and learn, Todd. This is what happens when you give up.

Nurse: Ready, Doctor.

Dr. Gangemi: Clear.

[Machine beeping]

[Machine beeping rapidly]

Layla: Yeah. I know that the last time, I thought he was gonna propose I was wrong, but this is different. The man made amuse bouche. It's like these little hors d'oeuvres, but the point is, it's a lot of work. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Of course I asked him why. He said that I deserved to be treated like this now and forever. As in forever? I don't know how I feel. I mean, the last time, we talked about how it was too soon, but maybe it isn't because when you're in love with someone... oh, my God, I hope he doesn't get down on one knee. He would hide the ring? Would he? Oh, my gosh, the last thing I need is for a diamond to be in my mouth. I'd probably break a tooth. Oh, my God, I got to go. Bye.

Cristian: Who was that?

Layla: A friend from work. Is that for me?

Cristian: Of course.

Layla: Thanks.

Cristian: To us.

Layla: Yeah. Cheers.

Charlie: That Brody guy sure has a lot of fans in Llanview. I mean, no. I mean, you can hardly walk down the street without somebody stopping to say hello or to thank him for his service. You know, he was in the navy.

Jessica: I know.

Charlie: Yeah. He was in the Navy Seals, though. That's the best of the best. Now he's a police officer. Guy like that is pretty hard to find.

Viki: Well, he is a wonderful fellow, but I think Jessie has decided she's going alone.

Jessica: Well, I don't want to go alone. I want to go with Cristian, but he seems to have forgotten that he's supposed to ask me and he asked someone else, but that's okay. I'm gonna go by myself.

Viki: Well, and you will have a lovely time.

Jessica: Yes.

Charlie: Sure, but you'd have a better time with Brody.

Brody: Read him his rights. This is Hannah O’Connor.

John: Hi, Hannah. I'm Lieutenant McBain. I'll be with you in a minute. Would you have a seat right there, please? Come here. Hey...

Cole: What?

John: What's wrong with you? Didn't I tell you to stay away from Manning?

Cole: He pushed my mom down the stairs.

John: We don't know that.

Cole: Yes, we do. Ask her. She saw it.

John: I'm gonna ask her, Cole, but in the meantime, I'm gonna charge you with an assault, and if Manning dies--

Cole: What was I supposed to do, huh, just let him go free? You know how he is. He'll get a million-dollar lawyer. He'll crawl through some loophole, and your kid and my little brother or sister will never get justice.

John: Hey, do me a favor. Don't talk, all right? Don't say another word to anybody. You understand me? No talking. Do me a favor, all right? Make some calls. Get the kid a lawyer.

Brody: Public defender?

John: No. No. Best you can find. He's gonna need it.

Brody: Okay. Let's go.

Hannah: Where are you taking him?

Cole: It's okay, all right? Just tell him what you told me, okay? You can trust him.

John: Okay, Hannah. Tell me what you saw Todd Manning do.

Starr: Mom, how's Dad?

Blair: Uh, they're still working on him. Listen, sweetie. Your sister has been in that same spot since I called you.

Starr: Yeah. She seemed to really open up to him. Do you think it's because of the musical?

Blair: How's Hope? Is Cole with her? Is she all right?

Starr: Langston is actually watching her. Cole was arrested.

Blair: What?

Starr: No. I really don't want to talk about it. I need to concentrate on one thing, okay? Did Dad get the test results back from his brain scan?

Blair: They haven't really had a chance to do that. Listen.

Starr: What do you mean, they haven't had a chance? I thought it was critical.

Blair: I didn't want to talk to you about it over the phone. I didn't want you to get upset, but there's been just a little minor setback since you left.

Starr: A setback?

Blair: Yes. Your--

Starr: What do you mean, a setback?

Blair: Shh. Your father's heart stopped. He went into cardiac arrest, but, sweetheart, he's gonna be fine, okay? Just he's gonna be fine. You know your father. He's the comeback kid. He's tough. He's tough as nails. He will be fine. I know it. I know he will.

Starr: No, you don’t. No, you don’t.

Blair: No. I don’t. No. I don’t. No. I don’t.

[Starr sobs]

[Sustained beep]

Nurse: Unresponsive, Doctor.

Dr. Gangemi: All right. Give him an amp of epi. Charge it again. We're going in.

Nurse: Epi is in.

Second Nurse: Charging.

Dr. Gangemi: All right. Clear.

[Rapid beeping]

Todd: This doesn't make any sense because Téa doesn't love Ross. She'd never go back to him. She was waiting for Dani to accept me as her father, then we were gonna be a family.

Viki: Yes, but you gave up. You died.

Ross: Honey, I know that you were trying to make a go of it with Todd.

Todd: Hey, beach bum, I'm her father.

Dani: And there was a moment there right before-- I thought maybe I was wrong about him, that he wasn't as bad as everyone said. I kind of started thinking about, you know, what'd it be like to have him as a father, only then I found out what he did to Cole's mom, and I realized that everyone was right about him, that I was better off now that he's dead.

Téa: He was a hard man to love.

Ross: Well, it was noble of you both to try, but he's gone now, and now I get to take my two girls back to Tahiti.

Téa: Ha ha!

Ross: Before long, you'll both forget all about Todd Manning.

Téa: Ooh.

Todd: Oh, okay. All right. I get it. Everybody hates me. Nothing new there.

Viki: No. They don't hate you, well, not anymore. You're dead, remember? Now they look back with compassion, and they look ahead with joy. Look at Blair. She's thrilled.

Blair: Oh, hoo hoo! I guess that's one thing that we do agree on. There is life without Todd, huh? Ha ha ha!

Téa: Ha ha ha!

Todd: Okay. That's enough. Get me out of here.

Viki: No, no. There is one more wedding, and you don't want to miss that.

Todd: Yeah? Why not?

Viki: Because here, in hell, we save the best for last.

Cristian: Dinner is served.

Layla: I can hardly wait.

Cristian: You know, I wanted to talk to you for a minute, but if you're hungry, we could just--

Layla: No, no, no. Sure. No. It's fine. Whatever. You're the chef.

Cristian: Okay. Now, look. I know it hasn't been easy lately. You've gotten dragged into my problems, and a lot of women would've walked, but not you. You've been patient and understanding. You're just-- you're just an amazing woman and the only woman for me, so bon appétit.

Viki: Well, obviously there's nothing wrong with going it alone. You know I go alone to events.

Jessica: Yeah.

Charlie: Sure, you do, but you have a lot more fun when you let me tag along. I mean, and also, who are you gonna dance with there? I mean, it is a dance, right? I mean, that's prom. That's a dance. There's a dance floor. There's a band. There's one of those mirrored balls.

Jessica: Charlie's right. I'm gonna be sitting at a table all by myself, just a wallflower.

Charlie: Well, not if you go with Brody.

Jessica: Yeah. I can't lead him on. It wouldn't be right.

Charlie: Yeah. Yeah. I guess, but, you know, he is a big boy. I mean, you can just let him take his chances, and, by the way, don't you owe him a date or something? I mean, didn't you tell me that there was some kind of a bet she lost?

Viki: I may have mentioned it, but she's under no obligation.

Charlie: Well, sure, she is. Well, I mean, a bet is a bet. You're not a welcher, are you?

Jessica: No. Of course I'm not a welcher.

Charlie: There you go, and so this is your chance. You can kill two birds with one stone. You can let him collect on his bet because you know he's not gonna let that slide, and then you have a date to the prom and with the added bonus that the guy is a pretty handsome fella. I mean, you walk in there with Brody on your arm and he's all gussied up in his dress whites and everything, and, believe me, everyone is gonna notice in that room, and I do mean everyone. So that's just something to think about.

Jessica: Yeah. I got to go. Nice to meet you, Mr. Banks.

Charlie: Charlie.

Jessica: Charlie. Of course. See you, Mom.

Viki: Yes.

Jessica: Thanks.

Viki: Man, you are a crafty old fox.

Charlie: What?

Brody: Yeah, as soon as you can. Thanks. All right. I made a couple calls. You should hear from a lawyer soon. You want to call your mother?

Cole: No. I don't want her to worry. Call her when I know that Todd is gonna pay for what he did.

John: So you went to the parking lot.

Hannah: No. That's where I was headed, but then I realized I couldn't leave Dr. Saybrooke in the stairwell, so I went back, only she wasn't there.

John: And why were you at the hospital?

Hannah: I already told you this 3 times.

John: And you're gonna have to tell it 12 more times if this thing goes to trial.

Hannah: Fine. I saw what I saw. Starr Manning's dad pushed Dr. Saybrooke down the stairs.

John: All right. Stay here, will you? I'm gonna want to talk to you again.

Hannah: Where are you going?

John: Sit tight.

Cole: Where you going?

John: I'll be back soon. Give him some water. Give him whatever he needs.

Starr: Hey, how you doing?

Dani: Okay. There's so many people crowded around the bed, it's hard to tell what's happening.

Starr: I know, but they're still working on him, so it means that they're not giving up, you know? What?

Dani: A little while ago, I would've told them to just give up, just let him die because I hated him.

Starr: But--and now?

Dani: I don't know.

Starr: Hey, hey.

[Rapid beeping]

[Sustained beep]

Nurse: Doctor, do you want to call it?

Todd: Okay, so Starr marries Cole. Blair marries Eli. Téa marries Ross. I don't know. Who else is there?

Viki: Think, Todd.

Todd: Yeah. Or what? I'm already in hell.

Viki: Then watch.

Todd: Oh, dear God.

Blair: Uh, nurse--

[All talking at once]

Nurse: Dr. Gangemi is busy trying to save Mr. Manning.

Starr: They still haven't started his heart yet?

Nurse: He's not responding. I'm sorry.

Dani: No. You can't give up. You have to save him.

[Sustained beep]

Blair: Well, it's a good thing Todd's not around to see this.

Téa: Especially in her condition.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: What condition?

Viki: Can't you tell?

Nurse: The doctor is still working on him, but as time passes, the chance of recovery is slim.

Starr: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please, please stop this. You're scaring me. Please.

Dani: Wake up, okay?

Todd: You got to be kidding me. Shotgun wedding?

Viki: There are worse things.

Todd: Yeah? Name one. Who did this to her?

Starr: Dad, no, no, no, no, no, please. You can't die, not now. Not now.

Nurse: Sorry. You're gonna have to leave.

Dani: Don't go, not yet.

Dr. Gangemi: Give a gram of magnesium.

Blair: Listen. If you lose him, you're gonna pay for this.

Téa: I'll make sure of that!

Dr. Gangemi: Clear.

[Rapid beeping]

Blair: We're about ready to begin.

Téa: The groom is on his way.

Todd: Who was it, Viki? Was it that punk Matthew? You know who I think it was? I think it was that theater geek who had eyes on her.

Téa: Here he is.

Viki: See for yourself.

Todd: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, not McBain. Nope, not McBain. Nope.

Dr. Gangemi: Clear.

[Rapid beeping]

Starr: Oh, my God, he's awake.

Blair: Oh...

Téa: He's back.

Viki: I am so impressed, Mr. Banks.

Charlie: Uh, Charlie.

Viki: There's still so much about you that I have to learn. In fact, you're quite the schemer.

Charlie: Well, I got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Viki: Oh, Lord, nothing you learned from Dorian, I hope.

Charlie: No. Did I tell you that she tried to get me to come in under bid on that one section?

Viki: Okay. You're changing the subject.

Charlie: Mm. You got to try this cake. This is unbelievable.

Viki: You actually just manipulated Jessica into taking Brody to the prom so that he could have another chance with her.

Charlie: Oh, you don't miss a trick, do you?

Viki: Ha ha! I'm just trying to keep up with you.

Charlie: No. Look. You wanted her to go with Brody just as much as I did.

Viki: Yes. I absolutely did.

Charlie: And I didn't mean to overstep, but I saw the opportunity, so--

Viki: Charlie, I'm so glad you did. Oh, God, I'm so glad you're here. I love you so much.

Charlie: I love you.

Cristian: What's wrong? You don't like it?

Layla: No. No. It's perfect. Thank you.

Cristian: Good. Well, dig in.

[Layla laughs]

[Cell phone rings]

[Cole sighs]

Brody: Hi, Jessica. How are you?

Jessica: Will you go to the prom with me?

Brody: I'm sorry?

Jessica: I need an answer. Yes or no?

Brody: Well, hell, yes. I'd love to go to the prom with you.

Jessica: Fine. Okay, and this takes care of the second date that you keep on saying that I owe you.

Brody: Jessica? Going to the prom?

Cole: Hey, how'd it go?

Hannah: I'm fine, I guess. I told him what happened, and he just took off.

Cole: Hey, look. I really appreciate you stepping up for me, okay? Whatever happens, I got your back.

Hannah: I have yours.

Dr. Gangemi: Try and relax. I'm gonna take out your tracheal tube.

Blair: Oh...

Dr. Gangemi: Okay. Just breathe normally. I'm gonna check the results of the test. Don't tire him out.

Téa: We won’t.

Starr: Thank you, Dr. Gangemi.

Dr. Gangemi: Well, don't thank me. Thank your father. He wanted to come back.

Téa: Let's go on this side.

Blair: Thank you. Ha ha!

[EKG beeping]

Blair: What is it?

Todd: Viki.

Viki: Natalie.

Natalie: Sorry.

Viki: What's wrong?

Natalie: Todd is in the hospital.

Blair: Well, Viki is not here, Todd, but I can certainly call her if you want me to.

Todd: John?

Téa: Why would John be here?

Blair: John?

John: You're under arrest.

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