One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/20/10


Episode # 10672

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[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Hey, Jack, it's pizza time! Well, I guess you don't come with extra cheese.

Kelly: I couldn't find my key.

[Door closes]

Jack: Where's the pizza?

Blair: False alarm.

Jack: Hey, Kelly, you find out who offed your mom?

Blair: Hey, Jack Manning!

Kelly: Lovely.

Jack: Dad told me. So? Come on.

Kelly: No. John and I did not see any evidence that my mother was murdered. The woman who runs the clinic is sure that my mother died of natural causes.

Blair: So now you know.

Kelly: I don't know squat. This isn't over.

Dorian: And, of course, I'm going to want to dine on the terrace.

Renee: The terrace is reserved for a private party.

Dorian: Since when?

Renee: Since the private party that deserves some privacy arrived. You are at table 12, Dorian.

Dorian: Hmm, no view.

Renee: And no meddling.

Viki: Oh, my God, this is so right. Where have you been, Mr. Banks?

Charlie: In a very lonely hotel.

Viki: Aw.

Charlie: You know, but every night, I just closed my eyes, and I'd be right here.

Viki: I missed you so much because I never ever stopped loving you.

Charlie: I couldn't stop if I wanted to. I just can't believe that you're back.

Viki: Yes, I am.

Charlie: And I will never give you any reason to leave again ever. I promise.

Viki: Oh, Charlie, I love you.

Charlie: Welcome home, Mrs. Banks.

Ford: Hey, gorgeous.

Langston: What are we doing here?

Ford: Oh, I have my wish list. Don't you like this place?

Langston: It's better than sneaking around in your office and dodging your roommates.

Ford: Mm, wait till you see the tub.

Langston: Isn't it a little extravagant?

Ford: It's ours for the night for free. Ha!

Langston: What's the catch?

Ford: All you have to do is be my wife.

Markko: Langston, give me a call as soon as you get this. Alfonso del Toro is speaking at L.U. tomorrow. I'm gonna slip him a reel of my work, and I want you to help me figure out which clips to use. I'm home. Call me. Whoa. What the hell happened?

Cole: Todd Manning.

Marty's voice: What do you want me to do about it?

Todd's voice: I want you to leave. I want you to take your sorry ass and your son's sorry ass and your baby's sorry ass... and disappear for good.

Starr: Why did you do it?

Marty: You can't find a heartbeat?

John: Keep looking. Keep looking!

Téa: Any word on Marty? Oh. John said something about a baby. Any word on the baby?

Natalie: Baby has got to be okay. It's got to be okay.

Dr. Morrison: Marty, there's no heartbeat. With the cramping and the bleeding, I think you know this is an S.A.B.

John: What does that mean?

Marty: It's gone. Our baby is gone. [Sobs]

Starr: What were you thinking?

Todd: When?

Starr: Don't act like nothing happened, okay? I saw Cole.

Todd: Oh. Did you see his half-naked girlfriend?

Starr: She's not his girlfriend. Yeah. She spilled coffee on herself.

Todd: No. Don't tell me you believe that crap.

Starr: Well, it's true.

Todd: No, it isn't. Starr, if you spill coffee on yourself, you take your shirt off, you clean it. You don't leave it off, come prancing around in your underwear.

Starr: Yes, Dad. I know all of that, but this is none of your business.

Todd: Do you really think that if I was to find your boyfriend cheating on you, then I'm not gonna say something to him? I'm not gonna confront him, huh?

Starr: Well, of course, but you did more than just talk.

Todd: No. I didn't. I did nothing. He threw me out.

Starr: Well, he should've.

Todd: No. Listen. What I'm trying to do is protect you. That's why I did what I did with Cole. That's why I did all of it.

Starr: All of what? Dad, what else did you do?

Téa: Has John been back out at all?

Natalie: Not yet.

Téa: Do you think he was serious that someone pushed her? That's a horrible thought.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah. It is.

Téa: I mean, maybe she slipped, you know? Did anybody see her?

Natalie: Why are you so interested?

Todd's voice: The only reason that she came to town in the first place was to stick it to me, and I think you'd agree with me that we'd all be better off if she was dead.

Natalie: I mean, you're not friends with anyone involved here.

[Téa chuckles]

Marty: I had to watch my blood pressure, and I did.

Dr, Morrison: Your blood pressure had nothing to do with this. The fetus couldn't withstand the trauma from your fall. This isn't your fault. Marty, we need to do a D&C.

John: What's a d&c?

Dr. Morrison: It's a standard procedure after a miscarriage.

John: She's gonna be okay, right?

Marty: Huh.

Dr. Morrison: She'll be fine.

[Marty inhales and exhales]

[Door closes]

[Marty sobs]

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: Ah, there's the pizza.

Blair: Yeah. My wallet's right there on the table. So why isn't this hunt over?

Kelly: Well, we found a guy who works at the facility who seems to know something, we hope. John gave him a card, so we wait for him to call.

Blair: So you came back empty-handed.

Kelly: Not completely. Mom made this for me before she died.

Blair: Hmm.

Kelly: Oh, that's the spot.

Langston: Are you asking me to be--

Ford: Mrs. Alfonso del Toro.

Langston: Oh?

Ford: Her first name is Alicia.

Langston: Okay. I'm sorry. Explain.

Ford: Okay. Alfonso del Toro is teaching at L.U. tomorrow, okay? Now, the college booked this room for him and his wife tonight, but I get a call this afternoon saying that they weren't gonna be coming down from New York until tomorrow, and the room was already paid for, so, Senora del Toro, what do you think?

Langston: It's a great room.

Ford: What's wrong?

Langston: Nothing.

Ford: Langston--

Langston: It's just familiar, okay? This is where Markko and I made love for the first time.

Markko: You hit Todd?

Cole: No. I kept it together until he left...barely.

Markko: He came here?

Cole: Yeah. He busted in while Hannah was here, and, of course, he jumped to conclusions and threw me against the wall.

Markko: Whoa, he hit you? Well, then he deserved whatever he got.

Cole: No, no, no, no. He didn't throw any punches, but he came at me with everything else--told me I was a junkie loser, said I wasn't good enough for his daughter, and get this. He said he would never ever stop until he got Starr and Hope away from me for good.

Markko: He said that?

Cole: Yeah.

Markko: Just because you were studying with Hannah?

Cole: Well, Hannah was, um, you know, kind of topless.

Markko: Kind of?

Cole: Yeah. She just had her bra on.

Charlie: Viki, are you sure?

Viki: About what?

Charlie: Do you really think that we can pick up where we left off before Jared died?

Viki: No. No. Of course we can't. Sweetheart, you lost a child. You lost a son...

Charlie: Yeah.

Viki: And we have both lost so much.

Charlie: Yeah. Everything is changed.

Viki: Everything except loving you, and that's so much bigger than all the changes and all the losses. You're still the same man that I fell in love with.

Charlie: Yeah. No. See, I'm not. That's the thing. That guy let you down, and I'm done with that guy.

Viki: Well, something is different. It's a good thing.

Charlie: Yeah. I am different.

Viki: So I'm in love with a new guy?

Charlie: Ha! Yeah. Maybe I should use an alias or talk with an accent or something.

Viki: No. This is the face that I've dreamt about and the voice. Please let's go home.

Charlie: Yes, ma'am.

Viki: You know, I was supposed to meet Marty here, but she obviously didn't show up, so--

Charlie: Oh, you know something? Should we warn Jessica? I mean, is it gonna confuse her, you know, if she sees me there suddenly?

Viki: She's actually at Clint's tonight.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, but, I mean, if you don't think that she's ready for another change--

Viki: You know, Jessie needs to face the world that she's living in now.

Charlie: Yeah. And little Bree, how's she doing?

Viki: That child is so confused, and what she needs is people around her who love her. She's gonna be so happy to see you. She's missed you. You know what she calls you? "My zoo buddy."

Charlie: Well, it should be warm enough to go tomorrow.

Viki: No. No. You're gonna be very busy tomorrow.

Charlie: Oh. Let's go.

Dorian: Viki, Charlie, you two look--

Viki: We're going home. Good night, Dorian.

Dorian: It's so good to see you back together again. I was your champion.

Viki: Oh, lucky for us.

Dorian: Just a moment. Just a moment. Ha ha! Not so fast. You see, Charlie and I have some business we have to discuss. Shall we, Charlie?

Téa: Well, I was just thinking that if she slipped, there could be a lawsuit, and, um--

Natalie: Excuse me. How's Marty?

Dr. Morrison: And who are you?

Natalie: I'm a friend. Actually, if you could just tell me if her baby is okay...

Dr. Morrison: I can't discuss my patient's condition without her permission. Excuse me.

Marty: I'm sorry. I tried to be careful. I knew about the blood pressure thing. I wasn't gonna climb the flight of stairs. I was just gonna go down one flight, and if I had known that--

John: Don't.

Marty: Freight elevator. I should've called the freight elevator. That was probably still working. If I'd called them, they would've come and got me.

John: Stop it. Stop it.

Marty: I am so sorry I lost our baby.

John: You didn't lose anything, sweetheart. Stop apologizing. You're okay, and that's the important thing.

Marty: Yeah, but what about you? You really wanted to be a dad.

John: As long as I have you...

Marty: I should've just stayed at home. I could've done complete bed rest.

John: No. You did everything right. You--

Marty: Why was I by the stairs? I shouldn't have gone by the stairs. I shouldn't have been by the stairs.

John: You heard the doctor. You heard her. This is not your fault. This is not your fault. I'm the one.

Marty: What? No.

John: I should've been here. I shouldn't have been in California. I should've been here looking after you.

Marty: No, no, no. You can't be near me 24/7. No. Couldn't have done anything. Can't blame yourself, either. Only one person to blame for this. It's the person who pushed me down those stairs.

Starr: Did you do something else, Dad?

Todd: No. What?

Starr: Why do you look like that? If you made this worse, you better tell me now because--

Todd: No!

Starr: Dad, that's good because everything is a mess right now, isn't it, so please--

Todd: Eh, no. Your boyfriend and I had a little argument.

Starr: It wasn't just an argument. Cole is beyond furious at you.

Todd: Yeah. Right. He's got an anger problem. I'll tell you--

Starr: No. He has a Todd problem. He doesn't even want you in our home anymore, and we started fighting because--

Todd: Oh, did you? You defended me? Oh, sweetheart, you got in an argument with Cole because you defended me.

Cole: I was getting her a T-shirt until her shirt dried, no big deal.

Markko: Nothing going on?

Cole: No. No. I would never do that to Starr. Look. I'm not the one who's been cheating.

Markko: Who's been cheating?

[Knocks on door]

Cole: Ah, that must be the pizza. Hey.

Karen: Hey, guys night?

Cole: Looks like. Here you go. Keep the change.

Karen: Thanks.

Cole: Okay. Ah! Pizza is still hot.

Markko: Cole, who do we know that's been cheating?

Cole: Uh, nobody, probably.

Markko: Probably?

Cole: Well, you know, it's just, you know, one of those things you hear, you know, right? People do it all the time, but Starr and I never could.

Markko: Yeah. Me and Langston couldn't, either.

Langston: It was prom night. Markko and I wanted it to be really special.

Ford: Well, there's a buzzkill.

Langston: Um, I'm sorry.

Ford: No. I am. Tell me.

Langston: It was amazing.

Ford: So, a good memory?

Langston: Yeah.

Ford: Hmm, that's sweet.

Langston: Huh.

Ford: No, really. It's nice. When you look back on that, you'll want your first time to be sweet. Now it's time to make new memories, grownup memories.

Langston: Ha! Mm...

Ford: Oh...

Langston: Ford...

Ford: Hmm?

Langston: Does it ever get hard for you, knowing that I'm still with Markko?

Ford: Uh, well, I try not to think about it, especially right now.

Langston: I know, but when you do, what do you do?

Ford: What?

Langston: I mean, when I'm not here, are you with someone else?

[Cell phone rings]

Langston: Oh. I wasn't gonna answer it. I was just gonna hand it to you.

Ford: Sorry. Robert Ford.

Karen: Hey, I just finished work, but I could make a special delivery for you.

Ford: Not tonight. I'm busy. I'll call you tomorrow.

Langston: Who was that?

Viki: You have business with Charlie?

Charlie: No. She doesn't.

Dorian: There is an offer on the table--project manager for the new Llanview civic center.

Viki: What is this?

Charlie: It's a job proposal.

Dorian: Oh, it's more than just a job. It's a huge project intended to jump-start and revitalize the whole city's economy.

Viki: Did you take this job?

Charlie: No.

Dorian: Not yet. An offer was on the table. Charlie was very interested. Charlie, what's your thinking now? A few simple touches can make a big difference.

Dorian: This center is going to house an arts and cultural facility. It's going to have job retraining and-- oh! I'm burying the lead. It's going to be green, yes, state-of-the-art design, materials, just green, green, green.

Charlie: It is where my company is going.

Viki: Sounds so impressive on paper. Now picture, Charlie. Picture working with her.

Dorian: Oh, Viki, come on. Show some of that class that you're so well-known for. I certainly had it when my Mel was working for you. Charlie, what's your answer?

Charlie: Will you just give us a minute? I can understand your doubts.

Viki: Oh, doubts is an understatement. I know. She dangled the J-word. I know.

Charlie: Yes, and I could put a lot of good men and women to work. Construction has just been dead for the last two quarters, and they're talking about the kind of work that we need--green construction, public works.

Viki: Well, it sounds wonderful. I know.

Charlie: Yes, but it's still Dorian, and I understand why you'd be worried.

Viki: Charlie, do you realize she would have absolutely no trouble leading you into trouble if it serves her?

Charlie: Yeah. I know, but I don't have to follow. Okay. Yes. She did throw out the bait, and--let's admit it--what happened before was my doing, but I don't have to do it again, and I have no intention of ever doing it again, but if working for Dorian would in any way hurt you or cause us any problems at all, then I could just drop it flat. You just say the word.

Jack: Why do you hate Kelly so much?

Blair: I don't hate Kelly.

Jack: Yeah, but you snapped at her.

Blair: Did I?

Jack: What do you have against her?

Blair: I-- I don't know, Jack. It's-- you know, it's just a complicated, old, adult thing. It's no big deal.

Jack: Is it because she killed your baby?

Blair: How do you know about that?

Jack: Well, I was short for a long time. Grownups forgot I was there. I listened, and I learned...

Blair: Unbelievable.

Jack: But that was such a long time ago, plus you have other kids now.

Blair: You know, Jack, doesn't matter how many children I have. Mamas never forget when they lose a child, and they never get over it.

Marty: Someone pushed me.

John: You felt a push?

Marty: Yes, definitely.

John: Okay. You up for telling me what you remember?

Marty: Yeah. I went to the elevator. It was out of service, so I went to the stairs. I opened the door. I was standing on the landing trying to find my keys, and I just felt a shove from behind, and then I don't remember anything else until I was laying on the ground and you were there with me.

John: Okay. Um, I'll talk to Natalie, see if she saw anything.

Marty: Natalie?

John: Yeah. I mean, she was at the top of the stairs when I found you. Maybe she saw who pushed you.

Téa: Oh, come on, Todd. Pick up.

[Cell phone rings]

Todd: You defended me to Cole.

Starr: I was making peace. It's not the same thing.

Todd: No, no. I was right.

Starr: No, you weren't. I understand your reason, but that doesn't mean that I'm taking your side.

Todd: Okay.

Starr: No, really, Dad. Why would you say something like that to Cole? You want Cole out of my life, really?

Todd: Yeah.

Starr: That wasn't just some bad moment, was it? You really wish that Cole would just disappear?

Todd: Yes. I do. Do you know how old you are? You're 18, and that son of a bitch is a loser, man.

Starr: That's not it. He's Marty's son. That's why you hate him. You wish her child never existed. Well, guess what. Cole is here. He's not going anywhere. I love him, and you can't change that, and if you do try to, we're gonna have a big problem.

Marty: Natalie was at the top of the stairs when you found me?

John: Yeah. You said the elevator was out.

Marty: Oh, my God.

John: What?

Marty: Natalie didn't see someone push me down the stairs.

John: How do you know?

Nurse: Can I help you?

Natalie: Uh, you know, I didn't understand what the doctor was saying about my friend's pregnancy, so I was just checking. Maybe you could help me.

Nurse: I can page the doctor.

Natalie: No. No. That's okay. I'll ask later.

Téa: Did you find out anything?

Natalie: No. Nurse came back too fast. What's your deal? I mean, are you thinking you could sue for more money if the baby died?

Téa: No. Don't look at me like I'm some ambulance chaser. I saw what you did with that chart. If the baby dies, then the person who pushed Marty is guilty of murder.

Marty: Natalie didn't see someone push me down the stairs because Natalie is the one who did it.

Blair: You got another slice of pizza there.

Jack: Can I save it for Kelly?

Blair: Okay. Sure.

Jack: Is it okay if I like her?

Blair: I want you to make up your own mind. It's okay. I'm fine with that.

Jack: Well, Dad likes her.

Blair: He does, does he?

Jack: Yeah. Well, I understand why you wouldn't. I mean, that?

Blair: Yeah. That is really ugly, isn't it?

Jack: Yeah.

Blair: Aunt Melinda made that for Kelly right before she died, so I think we're gonna have to look at it for a while, but we'll put it in a closet once Kelly settles down. How's that?

Kelly: I don't settle easily. Why would you say something like that?

Blair: I didn't mean that--

Kelly: No. I'm serious.

Blair: What I meant is that Mama made all kinds of ugly things for me when she was at St. Ann's, and I know we feel obligated to put it out because--

Kelly: I love the vase.

Blair: Um—

Viki: Obviously, Charlie, if you want to do this job, you should do it, and of course I will support you.

Charlie: You're the greatest.

Viki: Aw. I love the suit.

Charlie: Dorian...

Dorian: Charlie, what's your answer?

Charlie: You've got a deal.

Dorian: Oh! Ha ha ha! That is wonderful. Heh.

Markko: Hey, can you keep a secret?

Cole: Don't.

Markko: No. It's not a hard one. I'm taking Langston to the Palace on prom night.

Cole: Oh, like last year?

Markko: Yeah. It's gonna be like hitting a giant reset button. That was the best night of my life, and it's been a really hard year for Langston with me in college and no time and, you know, Langston sweating her college apps and the musical. I just really think this is gonna be the perfect antidote. Actually--oh, shoot--I got to go find Renee Divine and talk about the details. I'll catch you later.

Ford: That was a film student who wanted help on his project.

Langston: He called at night?

Ford: Yeah. My fault for giving out my cell phone.

Langston: You were just trying to help.

Ford: That's me.

Langston: Uh-huh. Oh, but I guess if you did have someone else, I couldn't complain.

Ford: No. You couldn't. You're the only woman for me.

Langston: Oh, I wish we could just go public right now.

Ford: Langston, that's not a good idea.

Langston: I know, but I just wish--I don't know.

Ford: You trying to get me run out of town?

Langston: No.

Ford: Well, it's my first year at L.U., and you're still in high school.

Langston: And Markko is still your student.

Ford: Yeah. That could make it worse.

Langston: Yeah. It could for Markko, and I couldn't do that to him right now, not with exams coming up, but-- but as soon as the term is over--

Ford: Really?

Langston: Yeah.

Ford: That soon?

Langston: Mm, not soon enough.

Ford: Huh.

Starr: Why did you even come over today, huh?

Todd: I wanted to see you.

Starr: You wanted to talk about the rewrites to the musical?

Todd: Yeah.

Starr: Well, they sucked.

Todd: Well, I'm not a writer. No. I mean, I guess I am a writer, technically, but you got the idea, right, what I was trying to get to?

Starr: Erase every bad thing that you've ever done and make it look like you're a saint? Like that would ever work.

Todd: Well, it is a story, right? Why not?

Starr: You really think you could fool Dani that way?

Todd: I'm not trying to fool her. It's just, I wanted her to see my point of view, but you're right. It's a stupid idea. That's why I came over. I just want to get the pages because I was talking to Téa, and she convinced me it would backfire.

Starr: I know that you hate the way it is with Dani.

Todd: Not yet, you don't. Imagine Hope at 15 years old hating your guts.

Starr: Oh, I can't.

Todd: Well, no. Of course you can't because your daughter never would, just like you never would. Starr, you'll always be my girl.

Natalie: Well, why are you talking about murder?

Téa: I'm a lawyer. That's the way my mind works. Let's just hope, for everyone's sake, that the baby is okay. I got to go.

Natalie: Oh, my God, what have I done?

Marty: I heard Natalie talking to Brody, and she told him that if I hadn't gotten pregnant, you two would have been together.

John: You heard her say that?

Marty: Yes, so I confronted her, and she didn't back down. In fact, she became more vicious.

John: How?

Marty: She told me that you had come to her and that you had gotten close and that you were gonna break up with me before I got pregnant. She seemed to think the two of you were gonna ride off into the sunset.

John: Except for the baby.

Marty: That was her story. She actually said that she couldn't stop thinking about what might have been if there were no baby. I left her at the coffee shop. I went back to my office, and I didn't really get a chance to hear your side of the story. I left the office, and I ran into her again, and I told her that I didn't have time for her, so I went to the elevator, and then I went... to the stairs... a few hours ago. A few hours ago, Natalie said she wondered what it would be like if there were no baby, and now there is no baby, huh? She wanted our baby gone so she could be with you.

Renee: Absolutely. I'll make sure it's the same room for prom night, right down to the final details.

Markko: Oh, you're the best, and thanks for the discount.

Renee: I'm a sucker for love.

Markko: Ha ha!

Maitre d': Yes, Mr. Del Toro.

Ford: Is the paella spicy? Si, one order and a lobster, extra claws and tails.

Langston: Ha ha!

Maitre d': Right away, Senor. Buenas noches. Get a room service cart ready for Mr. Alfonso del Toro.

Markko: Hey, Julio.

Julio: Markko, what's up?

Markko: What's up? Hey, listen. I need a big favor.

Todd: Oh, dear, you are the most important person in my life.

Starr: Dad, don't do that.

Todd: It's true. My life began the second your Aunt Viki put you in my arms. You have no idea what you've done for me.

Starr: Okay. I love you, too, Dad, but don't you ever, ever make me choose between you and Cole. You won't like the consequences if you do.

Starr: [Sighs] And, Dad, stop being a jerk to Cole, okay?

Todd: Better keep your eyes open.

Viki: I'll be right there. Dorian, Charlie is a wonderful contractor, and he's gonna do a brilliant job. You picked the right man.

Dorian: So did you. I'm glad you're taking him back.

Viki: Are you?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Viki: Okay, Dorian. If you take one wrong step toward Charlie--if you try and manipulate him in any way, if you try to use him to do your dirty work again, if you do anything to try to undermine my relationship with him--I will make it my life's work to see that you regret it, okay?

Dorian: Okay. Charlie, see you tomorrow morning.

Viki: Late tomorrow morning.

Charlie: That looked like fun.

Viki: Oh, no, no, no. Just making sure we're all on the same page.

Charlie: Well, Viki, I won't fall over anything Dorian throws out there.

Viki: Darling, I trust you.

Charlie: Only you don't have to worry about anything.

Viki: Of course I do. It's Dorian.

Dorian: Okay. I want you to clear out the office right next to mine. Because Mr. Charlie Banks is going to be moving into it tomorrow morning. Yes. We're going to be working very closely together.

Marty: It had to be Natalie. Look at the evidence. She was mad at me. She wanted our baby gone, and she was right there when it happened.

John: So you think that she-- she planned it?

Marty: No. Could've been an impulse. You know Natalie. She jumps before she thinks.

John: She got a big mouth, but this is different. This is violent.

Marty: She stabbed Mitch Laurence, didn't she?

[Door opens]

Dr. Morrison: We have an O.R. ready. Marty, are you okay?

Marty: No!

John: I'm sorry. It's my fault. You know, I kept her talking when she should've been resting. Listen. I-- everything is gonna be fine. You don't worry about anything except getting through this, okay? I'm here.

Dr. Morrison: Actually, I need to examine Marty one last time, and I've ordered a sedative to make you more comfortable.

Marty: I don't want a sedative.

John: Well, just listen to me. Hey, take it, all right? Don't make this any worse for yourself than it is. Now let the doctors do their thing.

Marty: Glad you're here. Hi, Anne.

Natalie: How's Marty?

John: Doctor said she's gonna be okay.

Natalie: And the baby?

John: We lost the baby.

[Knocks on door]

Langston: Please, let Senora del Toro get it. Ha ha!

Cole: Where were you?

Starr: Didn't you read my note?

Cole: "I'm out." Very helpful.

Starr: Oh, I went to see my father.

Cole: How'd that go?

Starr: Who knows?

Cole: Did you tell him to stay out of our lives?

Starr: No, and I never will.

Téa: Talk to me, Todd. We may not have much time.

Todd: What?

Téa: Did you push Marty Saybrooke down the stairs?

John: Hey, it's gonna be okay. Everything is fine. I'll be there when you wake up, okay?

Marty: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: I'm so sorry about the baby.

John: Are you really?

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