One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/8/10


Episode # 10664

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Nora: What the hell's taking so long?

Matthew: Mom, what's wrong?

Nora: I'm sorry, sweetie. Go back to sleep. No, really, everything's--I just didn't-- thought he'd be out of surgery by now.

Matthew: What, you think something went wrong?

Nora: No, no, no, of course not. God, I hope not.

Matthew: Mom, you're worried.

Nora: Yeah.

Matthew: It's okay.

Nora: Oh... how--how is Bo? I mean, did he make it out of surgery?

Téa: Hello, gentlemen. I trust my client was treated with the utmost respect and care last night? It's okay.

Schuyler: My shirt. Is the commissioner going to be okay?

Téa: No word yet.

Schuyler: Oh, my God. He has to make it.

Téa: Yes, he does because otherwise, the charges go from attempted murder to the real thing.

[Knock on door]

Todd: Hey, Langston. What's your fantasy? You know what I think it is? I think you'd like to have someone post a video of this piece of garbage you call a script on the internet and you think next thing, "My name in lights, magazine covers with Miley Cyrus." No, that's not going to happen.

Langston: What is your problem?

Todd: No, no, no, I don't have a problem. You got a problem! And I'll tell you what it is. It's right here. It's character assassination. It's called libel.

Langston: Well, I don't know what you expect me to do about that.

Todd: Well, I'll tell you what I expect. I expect you to take this guy right here, this--this jackass, who's obviously based on me, and I want you to rewrite him from the ground up.

Langston: Well, that's not exactly your call to make, so--

Todd: Oh, really? Do you have any idea how much money I gave that school? I can shut down this production so fast it'll make your head spin.

Starr: Go ahead, Dad. Make yourself look even worse now than you did back then.

Eli: Hey, sleepyhead. Hungry for some breakfast?

Kelly: I'd love some. Thanks.

John: Well, here we go. Home, uh...

[Marty chuckles]

John: Home sweet home.

Marty: Oh, I like the sound of that.

John: Well, you can like the sound of it. See if you can live with the reality.

[Marty sighs]

Marty: Come on. What are you talking about? This place looks great.

John: Don't look under the bed.

Marty: Ha ha! Why? Like, pizza boxes?

John: No, I got rid of those. I just didn't know what to do with the dirty laundry.

Marty: You know, there is a thing called a washing machine? But you have to push the buttons.

John: Oh, that's what you do. You got to still push the buttons. I didn't know.

[Phone rings]

John: See, I'm learning.

Marty: Mm-hmm.

John: Excuse me.

Marty: I'll teach you.


Marty: Gosh. I hope it's Nora.

John: No, it's not about Bo. It's Kelly Cramer.

Kelly: You must be Blair's new friend. What do you call yourself, the shirtless chef?

Eli: Eli. And you must be...

Kelly: Blair's cousin Kelly, and your eggs are burning.

Eli: No, no, no. It's fine. I got it.

Kelly: Oh, no.

Eli: It's fine.

Kelly: I think you want to save this from total disaster.

Eli: What are you talking about, disaster?

Blair: Keep your hands off Elijah's spatula!

Greg: Bo did make it through the surgery.

[Matthew sighs]

Nora: Oh, thank God.

Greg: And we were able to remove the bullet.

Matthew: So my dad's going to be okay?

Greg: Well, we hope so, but it's been a long night and he's lost a lot of blood. Now, if he makes it through the next few hours...

Nora: If?

Greg: We're doing everything that we can to get him awake and breathing on his own.

Nora: Okay, well, then what do you need us to do? You just tell me and we'll do it.

Greg: I wish it were that simple, but there are some things that Bo is going to have to do on his own.

Todd: Well, have you read this thing? Did you see how bad she makes me look? Look at this. Look at this description of me.

Starr: Is any of it not true?

Todd: Well, I mean, have you ever heard of provocation? Granted, some of the things I did were--

Starr: Yeah, like throwing your pregnant daughter down a flight of stairs?

Todd: Well, that was an accident, and I don't think your script makes that very clear.

Starr: How about beating the crap out of Cole? Was that an accident, too, Dad? Look, it happened, everything that Langston wrote about.

Langston: You did go a little nuts.

Starr: I think the best thing you can do is buy a ticket and sit front-row.

Todd: Why would I do that?

Starr: Because maybe if you watch the play, you'll see how hard it was for me, then maybe it'll keep you from making the same mistakes with Dani.

John: Thanks. [Sighs]

John: Kelly's going to be interested to hear that.

Marty: What, did you--did she hire you to work on a case or something?

John: Yeah, she's got some questions about her mother's death.

Marty: Gosh, I heard it was a heart attack.

John: Not according to Kelly. She thinks her mother was murdered.

Blair: You two have just met and you already need a referee?

Kelly: I was only trying to help.

Blair: Elijah doesn't need your kind of help, Kelly.

Kelly: Okay, why are you so threatened right now?

Blair: Why do you always want what I have?

Kelly: I don't.

Blair: Oh, please! You're even running after something I used to have and don't want anymore!

Todd: Well, yeah, I've done some pretty terrible things, but...only because...because, you know, I love you.

Starr: Well, I love you, too, but that doesn't change what happened.

Todd: No, no, it doesn't.

Starr: I guess all we can do is just learn from it and be glad that in the end, it all worked out. And after everything that was thrown at us, Cole and I stayed together and we have the most beautiful little girl in the whole world.

Todd: Yeah, can't argue with that. My daughter's pretty beautiful, too.

Langston: All right. This is getting a little obnoxious.

Todd: So what you're trying to say is that I should concentrate on the ending, the happy ending?

Starr: Yes, and try and make a better future.

Todd: Okay, I'll try it.

Starr: Okay.

Todd: Well, looks like, uh, opening night's still on there, Langston. You got Starr to thank for that.

Langston: Yeah, and not just that. Even though you covered for me with Markko, after the other stuff you did, you kind of owe me that.

Starr: What did I do?

Langston: You tried to get Ford to stop seeing me, and that's not okay.

Clint: Natalie, how the hell did this happen?

Natalie: Apparently, Schuyler was aiming for Rex and then Uncle Bo decided he'd take the bullet instead.

Clint: Sounds like Bo, doesn't it?

Natalie: Yeah.

Clint: Damn fool. Thank you for coming to get me.

Natalie: Of course. Jessica and I, we tried to call you several times, but you never picked up.

Clint: Yeah, sorry. I turned my phone off last night.

Natalie: What happened?

Clint: You may as well be the first to know. Kim and I split up.

Roxy: Hey, Rex. How's Bo doin'?

Rex: He made it through surgery, but Dr. Evans says it's still touch and go.

Gigi: If he can make it through the next couple hours, he has a chance. He's really weak.

Rex: All because he got between me and Schuyler's gun.

Roxy: God help him for that. I'm sorry.

Rex: No, Schuyler's the one that should be sorry.

Roxy: Listen, um...the news just keeps on getting worse and worse.

Gigi: Why? Did something else happen?

Roxy: More like proof of the bad news that we already got. I did the DNA thing in case there was a screw-up. Allison was right. I'm not your mom.

Rex: So I'm just some random kid she found at the hospital. Substitute for the son you had with Mitch. The one that died.

Roxy: About that, could we not go into that now?

Rex: What are you talking about?

Roxy: Could we just wait till Bo is out of the woods?

Gigi: Roxy, what's going on? Are you saying that your baby didn't die after all?

Roxy: Sure don't look that way.

Rex: Do you know who he is?

Roxy: Listen, seriously, could we not go into that right now?

Rex: No, hey, how many secrets have we had? Where did it get us?

Gigi: Roxy, if you know who your son is, you need to say so.

Roxy: Schuyler.

Gigi: Schuyler? Schuyler?

Roxy: Yeah. Go figure.

[Monitor beeping]

Nora: He's so pale. Isn't there anything that you can give him, like oxygen or--

Greg: We're giving him all the support we can, Nora. The rest is up to him.

Nora: You look so far away. Please don't...don't be so far away. I need you to come back to me. Please come home to me. Just give me a sign and let me know that you're going to come back to me. Will you do that? Please?

Starr: I only went to see Ford for one reason and that's because I care about you.

Langston: Yeah, but you're not my mother, Starr.

Starr: No, but I'm your friend, and if something was to hurt you and I didn't try to stop it--

Langston: Yeah, but, okay, to stop Ford from seeing me? That's, like, so high school.

Starr: You, like, are in high school! And Ford teaches college. Shouldn't he know better? Look, I just wanted to know if he cares about you.

Langston: Why? I didn't go ask Mr. Joplin if he cared about you.

Starr: Mr. Joplin wasn't having sex with me, and he knew that I was too crazy and too young to even know what the hell I was doing!

Langston: Oh--oh, so you think that I'm just some clueless kid that can't make my own decisions?

Schuyler: I can't stop thinking about Gigi. I mean, I held a gun on her, Téa. She's going to have nightmares about me for the rest of her life.

Téa: Gigi's pretty tough. She's survived a lot.

Schuyler: Yeah, okay, fine. So I'm one more bad thing she has to get over. And what about-- what about Sierra, you know? Is she going to be okay?

Téa: I'm sure Oliver and Kyle are taking very good care of her. You need to stop worrying about everyone else and start focusing on yourself. You're the one being arraigned today.

Schuyler: Yeah, I don't know why you're wasting your time.

Téa: Because everyone is entitled to a defense, Schuyler. You need someone in your corner and that person is me.

Schuyler: Yeah. Yeah.

Schuyler: [Scoffs] I kind of thought it might be Roxy, too, but, uh...

Téa: What, did she say she was coming today?

Schuyler: No, something like that, but I guess she came to her senses and took my advice.

Téa: What advice did you give her?

Schuyler: I told her to forget I'm her son.

Rex: Well, this is insane. Instead of Mitch Laurence being my father, he's Schuyler's.

Roxy: Yeah, well, I couldn't believe it, either. That's why I did the DNA thing. But it's true.

Gigi: I don't understand. How did this happen again?

Roxy: After I had my baby, we realized how bad off it was and we knew that we had to do something. So Allison took me to this hospital, where her sister was a doctor. Leah Joplin.

Rex: Leah Joplin.

Roxy: Yeah, then Allison panicked because she thought my baby was going to die, so she grabbed you from one of the nurses and she gave you to me and she told me that you were mine. And then, when she found out that my real kid was going to live, it was too late to make the switch.

Rex: Mitch would have been suspicious.

Roxy: Yeah. So Allison made sure that I kept you and that her sister kept the other kid.

Gigi: She gave away your baby and never told you.

Roxy: Listen, um, I got to go because Schuyler's arraignment is in--

Rex: Whoa, you're going to court?

Roxy: Yeah, well, someone's got to stand by him. Why shouldn't it be his mother?

Clint: I know that you were probably expecting something like this, but there's one thing that may surprise you.

Natalie: About Kim?

Clint: Yeah. Uh, I didn't catch her at anything and she came clean all by herself. And I don't think Kim would admit to cheating on me if she were only after my money.

Natalie: I guess that's something, Dad. Look, if I was hard on Kim, I'm sorry. It was only because I didn't want to see you get hurt.

Clint: Well, the hell with me. I can take whatever I have to, so long as, at the end of the day, I still have my brother.

[Monitor beeping]

Matthew: Remember when I found out I couldn't walk? I really lost it. I threw stuff, yelled. But you let me. You knew what I needed more than I did and... and I never thanked you. Instead I made you the bad guy. I blamed you and Mom for not letting me have that surgery. I need to make that up to you, Dad. I really need to. Just please...just please give me that chance.

Eli: Blair, I don't think that your cousin's making a play for me. And even if she was, she'd be out of luck. I only have eyes for you.

Blair: Mmm. Aren't you sweet? But that's never stopped Kelly from making a fool out of herself. I mean, anybody who would volunteer to work for Todd Manning obviously has man issues.

Kelly: Blair?

Blair: Hmm?

Kelly: There's an old saying about a pot and a kettle. Maybe you heard of it.

[Knock on door]

Blair: You are so clever.

Eli: Let me get that. Hey.

Todd: Threesome?

Blair: Oh, Todd! Elijah is making breakfast for us and you're obviously here to see Kelly.

Todd: As a matter of fact, I am.

Blair: Well, I think you might be more comfortable, the two of you, maybe conducting business over at "The Sun," don't you think?

Todd: It's not business. This is personal.

John: Allison Perkins said that Mitch Laurence sent her to kill Melinda, but Melinda was already dead when she got there.

Marty: Does Kelly believe that?

John: No, she doesn't know what to believe. Right now she just wants to know who's making these calls telling her her mom was murdered.

Marty: How many calls have there been?

John: Two, so far, and both came from inside the facility where her mom was living.

Marty: Out in California?

John: Yeah.

Marty: sounds like you have a plane to catch.

John: You're kidding me.

Marty: No, I'm not.

John: We just found out you're a high-risk pregnancy. That means I need to keep an eye on you and an eye on you.

Marty: Yeah, well, we are going to be just fine.

John: Mmm. I--I know you're going to be just fine. You know why? Because I'm not going anywhere.

Marty: No, no, see, see, that's the last thing that I want.

[Monitor beeping]

Clint: How you holding up?

Matthew: Fine.

Clint: You're a bad liar, just like your father.

Matthew: It's good to see you, Uncle Clint. My dad'll like to hear your voice, even if you're still mad at him.

Clint: Bo, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking it wasn't all that long ago that I was threatening to shoot you myself. I could tell you the reason that I didn't was because... Pa would never have forgiven me, but...we both know that's not it. You're my brother. And truth be told, I can't imagine a world without you in it.

Rex: Since when does Schuyler Joplin deserve any support from you? He kidnapped Gigi. He was ready to shoot me in cold blood.

Roxy: Listen, I know that Schuyler did some very, very bad things. I know that.

Rex: Really? There's a guy in the next room that might die because of what Schuyler did. He might die, Roxy.

Roxy: Rex, nobody hated Schuyler Joplin on this whole planet more than I did. I wanted to wring his neck.

Rex: So what's changed? One DNA test and suddenly the guy's got a clean slate?

Roxy: You know, it's really not about him. It's about me.

Gigi: What do you mean?

Roxy: You know, when you find out something like this, you really start thinking about what it's like to be somebody's mother. And I know I never figured it out with you. I mean, I was bad to you and Natalie. I know that. I loved you, but I blew it big-time. And, Rex, I got a chance for a do-over. I'm all that Schuy has left, and if I got a chance to do something better for him than I ever did for you, I'm taking it.

Schuyler: Bottom line, there's no defense for what I did, so what are we doing? Why are we playing games?

Téa: This is no game, Schuyler. If you plead guilty, you go straight to prison. For life, if Bo dies. You won't if you plead temporary insanity, which I can prove.

Schuyler: Yeah. Why would you want to?

Téa: Because I don't believe you were in your right mind when you kidnapped Gigi or when you tried to kill Rex. Can you honestly swear to me that you knew what you were doing?

Starr: I don't think that I'm better than you. But I know when you're not acting like yourself, and the minute you start talking about Ford, you don't make sense.

Langston: I'm--I'm sorry that you think I'm such an idiot.

Starr: Lang, I'm not judging you, okay? I swear.

Langston: Well, then you're judging Ford and that's not fair, either. You don't even know him.

Starr: You're right, I don't, and I'm sure he's really exciting and that he has a lot to offer you.

Langston: He does.

Starr: But I know that you love Markko, and you don't want to lose him. I think that you're stuck and you don't know what to do, and I'm stuck, too.

Langston: How?

Starr: Because I love you and I love Cole, and I hate that I'm hiding this from him and I needed to fix it. That's another reason why I went to see Ford.

Langston: Well, what did Ford say about me?

Todd: Blair, bring me the salt right now.

Blair: I'm not going to bring you anything. In fact, I'm taking your--

Eli: Blair, let him have the cold eggs if he wants.

Blair: What?

Eli: I need a sous-chef for my next batch.

Blair: Are you talking dirty to me?

Eli: Maybe.

Blair: Oh...

Todd: What are you doing? I'm not finished with that.

Kelly: You said you had personal business with me. Is it about my mother's death?

Blair: Hey, what--what did you just say?

Todd: Kelly's been getting calls that her mother Melinda was murdered.

Blair: Well, Dorian has been saying that from the get-go.

Todd: Yeah, I put my P.I. on it.

Blair: Oh, I'm sure you did and we all know why you did, too-- because you want some little gory headline for "The Sun," right?

Todd: No, Blair. It's because Kelly was upset and I wanted to help her.

Kelly: Did the P.I. come up with something?

Todd: Mm-hmm. Both calls came from the complex where your mom lived, so somebody must have seen something.

Kelly: I need to tell John.

Todd: John who?

Kelly: I asked John McBain to look into this for me.

John: Hey, listen, Mussolini. You've been here ten minutes and you're already trying to tell me what to do, trying to get me out of town.

Marty: I'm not trying to tell-- I don't--I just don't want you to change the way you are just because we're having a baby.

John: I don't even think that's possible.

Marty: No, okay...all right. I know you're going to be a father, all right? But that doesn't mean you got to stop catching the bad guys, okay? And if you can find something that can put Mitch Laurence-- don't look at me that way--and Allison Perkins away for the rest of their lives, you've got to do it.

John: You know, I'm not the only cop in town.

Marty: No, but you are the best one in town.

John: No, no, no.

Marty: Yes, and you love your job, right? And no one should stop doing what they love, and that happens to include you.

Starr: The question's more what Ford said about me.

Langston: Like what?

Starr: He said that I am a teenage slut who got pregnant in high school and threw herself at Schuyler.

Langston: He said that?

Starr: Oh, and that was just the beginning. He also tried to convince me that Cole was throwing himself at Hannah. But if you must know what he said about you, he said that you're a woman, not a girl. He told me to stay out of it and that you should make your own decisions.

Langston: Well, what else did he say?

Starr: It's what he didn't say that bothered me.

Langston: Well, what do you mean?

Starr: I asked him point-blank if he had feelings for you, and he didn't answer me.

Langston: Well, a lot of guys don't like to advertise their feelings. It doesn't mean that they don't feel anything.

Starr: So you think that Ford cares about you.

Langston: I've seen the way he looks at me, Starr.

Starr: I'm sure Hannah thought the same thing.

Langston: No, that--that was different.

Starr: How?

Langston: Because he's not into Hannah. He's into me. We understand each other.

Starr: That's what you used to say about Markko, and when did that stop being important?

Clint: You didn't set out to ruin my life. I know that. What happened with you and Nora... it was just in the cards, I guess. We all should have known that. Trouble was, when I found out... I needed to get mad at somebody, and the good thing about getting mad at your own brother is that you figure that you'll have time to...get over all that. That's what I thought we had, be brothers again.

Téa: You're not a criminal, Schuyler. You're an addict, okay? And you deserve to get help. That is what the people who care about you want to see happen.

Schuyler: Ha ha ha! What people?

Téa: Me...Rachel...

Roxy: And don't forget me.

John: Oh, um...Manning hired this P.I., but I guess Kelly wanted to step it up a bit.

Marty: Well, why would Kelly let Todd get involved?

John: I don't know. I guess he volunteered.

Marty: But--okay, all the more reason for you to take over. The last thing Kelly needs is to get in too deep with Todd Manning.

Todd: Kelly... you know, I hired my own investigator for this and... I went to Statesville with you, and I was about to offer to go to California with you. What do you need John McBain for?

Kelly: It's a job, Todd. It's what he does, and if my mother was murdered, then I know that the police are going to have to know, especially if Mitch and Allison are involved.

Todd: I can get answers faster than John can.

Kelly: Okay. He hasn't even agreed to help me yet. He said he needed to think about it.

Blair: Wow. Somebody doesn't want to drop everything and deal with perfect Kelly? What a shocker.

Kelly: See, it has nothing to do with me. He has a lot of other things on his plate right now.

Blair: Oh, yeah? Such as?

Kelly: Being a father, for one. Marty Saybrooke is having his baby.

Clint: No matter what's happened between us, Bo, we're family. And right now, there's a big hole in this family where you belong. Now you listen to me. We need you, Bo, and we love you. And don't you ever forget that.

[Monitor beeping]

Nora: Oh, God. Did you just hear what Clint said to you? I hope you did, because if you did, you know that you still have a brother. And, oh...


Nora: Isn't that worth holding on to? Isn't it? For us to be a family again?

Natalie: Are you okay?

Clint: Oh, none of us are going to be okay until Bo comes out of this.

Natalie: He will. I know he will.

Clint: I hope so, honey, because I don't know what I'll do if I don't get another chance to make things right with my brother.

Gigi: Will you be okay if I leave for a little bit?

Rex: Uh, where are you going?

Gigi: I won't be long.

Rex: You didn't answer the question.

Gigi: Sierra's custody hearing. It's still scheduled for today.

Rex: Well, yeah, but everything's changed now. I mean, Schuyler's not the father.

Gigi: I know, but that doesn't change how I feel. She's still my niece, Rex. I still love her just as much.

Rex: Yeah, but do you really want to take her away from Oliver and Kyle?

Gigi: Doesn't sound too good when you put it that way.

Rex: No, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to understand what you're thinking.

Gigi: I don't know. I don't know what I want, Rex, except for you to get through this and for Bo to be okay. Call me the minute you know anything. Promise?

Rex: Geeg? You being here with me tonight was really what held me together. Thank you.

Gigi: Any time.

Langston: The way that I feel about Markko... we have this connection that'll probably never go away. And I love him. I do. It's just-- it's been so long since I've been up-front with him about anything.

Starr: You could change that.

Langston: How? If he finds out how many times I've lied to him, he'll never speak to me again.

Starr: So your only choice is to keep lying?

Langston: No, but--all right. Last night, I came home late and he started asking me a bunch of questions. And instead of understanding why, I acted like he had no right to be suspicious.

Starr: That's so messed up.

Langston: I know. And it just got worse. He started telling me how much he loved me and how he didn't know what he would do with himself if something ever were to take me away from him.

Starr: And that's not enough to make you stop cheating?

Langston: Starr, look, I hate what I'm doing to him, but I also hate that somewhere inside, he knows it. He's afraid that I'm leaving him, so he's trying to trap me into staying.

Eli: I almost forgot, you were married to John McBain, too, weren't you?

Blair: Well, it was only for a little while. It was just to keep Todd from, you know, getting custody of the kids.

Eli: Yeah, right. It seems like a theme with you two.

Blair: Look, we're not going to go into battle any time soon, are we?

Eli: Blair, I don't care who you were married to, just as long as you're not carrying any torches.

Blair: Only for you.

Eli: Yeah, well, you didn't look too happy when you heard McBain's going to be a daddy.

Blair: Well, that's because I hate Marty Saybrooke. I swear, I would wish that he was with anybody, anybody but Marty Saybrooke.

Eli: Yeah?

Blair: Yeah.

Eli: How about Kelly?

Kelly: What's your issue with John?

Todd: Are you kidding? I don't even know where to start.

Kelly: Good. Then don't, because if I have my way, John McBain is going to find out what happened to my mother. There's not a damn thing you can do about it, all right?

John: I'll talk to Kelly under one condition.

Marty: Yes. What?

John: You get so much as a twinge, you call me. You don't stop to go, "oh, it's nothing." You feel anything, you hit number one on the speed dial.

Marty: And that's you?

John: That's not funny.

Marty: Look, okay. One. I promise to do everything the doctor asked me to do, if you promise not to worry.

John: Yeah, right. I'll only be a day or two.

Marty: Okay. Oh, good! That'll give me a chance to redecorate.

John: What?

Marty: I'm just--I'm having trouble and I'm thinking it just needs color, color. Perhaps flowers. I...just had you, even for a minute?

John: Not even close.

Marty: Ha ha! Ah!

Ada: The people charge Mr. Joplin with felony assault, kidnapping, illegal possession of a firearm, and resisting arrest.

Judge Battista: Ms. Delgado, how does your client plead?

Téa: Not guilty by reason of insanity, Your Honor.

[Gallery murmuring]

Rex: [Sighs] Look what Schuyler did to you. Supposed to be me, you know. Well, the truth is out now. Roxy's not my mom.

[Monitor beeping]

Rex: That's not even half of it. Turns out her--her real son is the guy who shot you. I mean, can you believe that? Roxy is Schuyler's mom. And Mitch might be his father. We don't know. We don't have a DNA test to prove it. He might still be my father. We--we don't know. [Sighs] Why am I telling you this? Maybe always know what to say. You're always so good to me. Always have a way of making sense of all of it. And I know one thing... I don't have a prayer of doing this without you. You saved my life. Yes, I should be grateful, but I want more, damn it. I want you back in this world with the rest of us.

Nora: Thank you for coming. Thank you even more... for saying what you did to Bo. Thank you.

Starr: So Markko is being wonderful and telling you how much he loves you, and you're calling it a trap? What are you doing?

Langston: I don't know. I'm a mess. It's like the guiltier I feel, the sweeter Markko is and the worse it makes me feel. I mean, I wish he would just be mean.

Starr: Are you listening to yourself? Langston, you're not making sense! You need to end this now.

Langston: Yeah, you're right. I--I'm going to.

Starr: What, for real?

Langston: Yeah, I'm going to break up with him today.

Starr: Oh, thank God. Ford does not deserve you, Langston.

Langston: Fo--no. Starr, I'm not breaking up with Ford. I'm breaking up with Markko.

Blair: You know, you gave me a big wake-up call the other day when I kind of got bent out of shape about Todd and Kelly. I am so not going to go down that road with John and Marty, trust me.

Eli: Good, because I've got no objection to history, as long as it stays history.

Blair: Yeah, well, what about you? Maybe you have some history. Maybe I should do a little investigation.

Eli: Oh, yeah?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Eli: Is that a threat?

Blair: As long as I'm not happy with what I find out.

Todd: You better hope John turns you down.

Kelly: Why?

Todd: Because there's not enough room in this investigation for both of us.

Natalie: You know what this reminds me of?

Rex: [Sighs] What?

Natalie: When we were kids, and Roxy would get so wasted and we were all alone and so scared we couldn't move.

Rex: Yeah, you'd make us say that prayer. I don't even know where you learned it.

Natalie: Me, either, but I still remember it. You? Angels, bless and angels, keep.

Rex: Angels, guard me while I sleep. Bless my heart, bless my home, bless my spirit as I roam. Guide and guard me through the night, and wake me in the morning's light.

Judge Battista: [Pounds gavel] The court has noted Ms. Delgado's plea, but I would like to hear from her client. Mr. Joplin, do you plead not guilty by reason of insanity?

Roxy: Go for it, Schuy.

Nora: I'm so lost without you, Bo. And I'm not the only one. There's so much love out there for you today. Can you feel it?

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