One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/6/10


Episode # 10662

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Cristian: Hey.

Layla: Hey.

Cristian: I thought you'd be asleep.

Layla: I can't sleep without you.

Cristian: Listen--

Layla: I should--

Cristian: Go ahead. You first.

Layla: Not as good as new, but the best I could do. I never should've asked you to tear up a letter to Jessica. It was a million years ago, and it was stupid of me to make a big deal out of it. And I'm sorry.

Jessica: Please. Just because you and John are through does not mean Cristian and me are over.

Natalie: What? Jess? I thought-- I thought we were okay.

Jessica: You have a better shot with John than you do at being okay with me.

Greg: She's perfectly healthy.

Kyle: I told you.

Oliver: Are you sure? I mean, with the operation and--

Greg: Well, fortunately she's healed from that. She's fine. Probably needs to get home to get to bed.

Oliver: Yeah. I'm sorry to bug you.

Kyle: He's a new dad.

Greg: It's always good to be sure.

John: Fish. Kyle.

Oliver: Hey.

John: Who is this?

Oliver: Um, Sierra Rose. This is my daughter.

Roxy: Scotch. Rocks. Double. No rocks.

Nora: Okay. Thank you. Well, if you hear from any of the backup team, you will call me? Okay. Thank you.

Matthew: What's up?

Nora: Um, well, your father did call for backup. That's a good thing.

Matthew: Where is he?

Nora: Well, the last time they heard from him, they were close to Viki's cabin. That's--that's where they think that Schuyler has taken Gigi.

Matthew: Oh, well, it'll be okay. I mean, Schuyler's not a bad guy. Plus, Dad can talk anybody down.

Téa: God, I wish Schuyler would call.

Todd: He's on the run. What makes you think he's gonna call?

Téa: We don't know that he's on the run.

Todd: Well, he stole--what's her name--Allison's gun and he hightailed out of Statesville. What the hell do you think he's--

Roxy: Schuyler's got a gun?

Téa: No. We don't know that.

Roxy: What's going on?

Téa: I'm his lawyer. I can't exa--

Roxy: Yeah, well, I'm his mother.

Rex: Hey, I'm the one with nothing left to lose, huh? I got no mother, no father.

Schuyler: What! You have a son! You have Gigi! You have everything!

Bo: Schuyler, Schuyler! Put the gun down.

Brody: What's the status?

Officer: Suspect inside with a hostage. Commissioner went in after him.

Brody: Okay, take the team, cover all the exits, including the windows, and set up a perimeter.

Schuyler: I'm sorry. I can't let him have you.

Gigi: Just put the gun down and we'll talk, okay?

Schuyler: There's nothing left to say.

Bo: Right now. Just drop it.

Gigi: Aah!

[Bo grunting]

Brody: Shots fired! Shots fired! 

Gigi: Oh, my God!

Rex: Bo. Bo. Can you hear me?

Brody: Drop your weapon!

Rex: Bo, answer me. Call an ambulance!

Brody: Drop the gun!

Officer: Put the gun on the floor.

Gigi: Is he breathing? Bo?

Rex: Bo, come on. Open your eyes. Oh, God.

Gigi: He's breathing. He's alive. We have to stop the blood.

Brody: Don't make me shoot you.

[Phone ringing]

Rex: Bo! Open your eyes. Bo!

Dani: Maybe I should interview Starr to help prepare for the part.

Destiny: Or student extra number 4. That'll help you for the part.

Dani: I'm Starr's sister. I'm perfect for the role.

Destiny: You just want to embarrass your dad.

Dani: And what, you want all the glory?

Destiny: I love to sing. Matthew knows. Matthew?

Dani: Matthew, what's wrong?

Nora: Hi. It's me again. Yeah. I'm not hearing from you and-- so, I'm kinda getting that creepy feeling in the back of my neck, even though I'm sure you're probably knee-deep in it. I just--I don't know. I'm just waiting for you to call and tell me that I'm being silly and goofy and that you're all right and that you love me. I love you. Okay, just give me a call. Bye.

Todd: Bartender, I think you better cut this chick off, man. She's hallucinating. Your son is named Rex Balsom. He's also a towhead, but he's the other irritating one.

Roxy: You picked the wrong day to do this, dirtball. Now, I know it sounds crazy, but I swear, Schuyler is my son.

Téa: Since when?

Roxy: Since always, and I never would've found out unless that fruitcake Allison spilled everything. She let me think that my baby died, and then she gave me Rex so that Mitch wouldn't kill the two of us for letting his kid die, and she lied to me, and my baby lived. And my baby is Schuyler.

Téa: You're telling the truth.

Todd: You followed that?

Roxy: My own flesh and blood has been out there for years and I didn't even know that at all, and now he's running around town with a gun? Why?

Téa: Okay. You know that Allison kidnapped Sierra.

Roxy: Of course I know that. She came to my shop and she hid there and then that loopy bitch, she tied me up and everything, and now she's using the baby to get Mitch out of jail.

Téa: Schuyler got Allison to give the baby up, and apparently, we hear that he also got her gun.

Roxy: You mean Schuyler has my granddaughter? Well, where the hell are they?

Oliver: And I saw the test for the first time today.

John: So, when you were talking about kids before, you weren't thinking adoption. You meant this. Her.

Oliver: Yeah. My daughter.

John: Wow.

Oliver: Yeah.

John: Congratulations.

Oliver: Thank you.

Kyle: You're surprised.

John: Yeah, it's just--

Oliver: No, listen, don't worry. I'm the same way. It's like every time I say it-- "my daughter."

Kyle: Wait till you take her home to Cris and Layla.

Cristian: Let's forget about this.

Layla: I'm so sorry.

Cristian: Baby, it's over. Okay?

Layla: I can't believe I did that. Like I was in high school again.

Cristian: Look, this whole thing with Jessica, it's been a lot to handle.

Layla: But that letter. It was so sweet, Cristian.

Cristian: Sweet? There's a reason to tear it up.

Layla: No, seriously. It was young love. What a great guy you were.

Cristian: Yeah, too bad I turned into that other guy.

Layla: Who's that?

Cristian: The one that walked out on you when you were upset. Look, Layla, I'm here for you, okay? There's nothing to worry about.

Layla: Hmm. I don't like fighting with you anymore.

Cristian: Yeah? But we're so good at it.

Layla: If we miss it, let's take boxing at the gym. Not this.

Cristian: Yeah, right.

Layla: Where'd you go?

Cristian: What?

Layla: When you left.

Cristian: The diner. I--I went to get something to eat.

Layla: Long dinner. Did you tell your mom what a lousy girlfriend I am?

Cristian: Um, no. I wouldn't do that. And Mom wasn't there. Actually, uh...I was with Jessica.

Natalie: Jess, what is the matter?

Jessica: Nothing.

Natalie: Come on. You're taking shots every chance you get at me, so just spit it out.

Jessica: There's nothing to discuss, Natalie. Just stay out of my business and we'll be fine. My relationship with Cristian.

Natalie: Oh, Jess.

Jessica: That. Right there. That "oh, Jess."

Natalie: I did--I--I didn't mean anything by--look, I just--all I want to do is save you some heartache down the line.

Jessica: Worry about your own broken heart.

John: I'm gonna go see how Marty's doing. Good luck with all that.

Oliver: Yeah. Thanks.

Kyle: Thanks, John. So, you ready to go?

Oliver: Yeah, I'm ready.

Kyle: All right. Car's in the east lot. You're not moving.

Oliver: No, I'm not. I don't--I don't have any equipment, Kyle. There's a lot, right, for a baby? And we have nothing.

Kyle: We have a baby carrier.

Oliver: Thank you, crazy Allison.

Kyle: We'll get the rest.

Oliver: Yeah.

Kyle: Oliver?

Oliver: It's not just the stuff. Most people have, like, 9 months to get ready for this. It's not even one day.

Kyle: Look. She's already in love with you. And you got plenty of people to help. I'm here.

Oliver: What do you know about babies?

Kyle: I know that they need food, love, and clean diapers. And we can learn the rest from other parents.

Oliver: I don't know any I can ask. Do you?

Kyle: Well, there's Roxy.

Roxy: So, Schuyler took my granddaughter? Are the cops looking for them?

Téa: Listen. Sierra is safe. Last I heard, Oliver Fish was taking care of her.

Roxy: Why would Fish have the baby?

Téa: I don't know. I think he's gonna look after her until she can go, you know, home.

Todd: Ah, she's a lucky kid. Roxy as a grandma and a gun-toting daddy. Hey. I got tomorrow's headline.

Rex: Bo, can you hear me?

Gigi: Hold him here.

Brody: Schuyler, drop the gun now!

Rex: It's gonna be okay, Bo. Can you hear me? Squeeze my hand.

Brody: Suspect in custody. Where the hell is that bus? We have an officer down.

Rex: We got an ambulance. It's gonna be fine, okay? Just hang on.

Officer: EMTs are two minutes out.

Rex: You hear that? Two minutes. That's nothing, okay? Pop songs are longer than that. Okay? It's gonna be--Bo. Open your eyes.

Gigi: There's so much blood.

Rex: Bo, come on. Hang on. Bo! Bo!

Bo: Uhh.

Rex: Hey! There he is. Hang on!

Bo: Balsom. You owe me one, buddy.

Rex: One? You put that on the list, okay, but you gotta be here to collect.

[Phone ringing]

Gigi: It's Nora.

Rex: Okay.

Gigi: Hello?

Nora: Hello?

Gigi: It's Gigi.

Nora: Gigi? Oh, thank God you're all right. Where's Bo?

Gigi: Bo's been shot.

Natalie: What are you talking about? My heart's not broken.

Jessica: You're in a mood because of John McBain. You still think about him all the time and you still really wanna--

Natalie: I told you before.

Jessica: And I didn't believe you then, either. Look. We're kind of in the same boat.

Natalie: How do you figure?

Jessica: Well, we're both in love with men who are in complicated situations.

Natalie: No. Jess, actually, I'm sorry. It's not. It's not the same.

Jessica: Fine.

Natalie: No. It isn't. Look, I know that this hurts you, but you're better off if you just accept that Cristian is with Layla and he's not going to leave her for you.

Layla: You hung out with Jessica all night?

Cristian: Not all night. Look, she was at the diner, her ride ditched her, and so I made sure she got home.

Layla: And the other two hours?

Cristian: She was asking me some questions about homework. And then Natalie showed up, so I caught up with her for a bit.

Layla: You helped her with homework.

Cristian: Please don't get mad about this. It was nothing.

Layla: Do you get why this bothers me?

Cristian: Okay. Yes. I do get it. But there's nothing to worry about.

Layla: Please. Really.

Cristian: Wait a minute. Didn't you just say--

Layla: No, didn't you just say why it wasn't cool to--

Cristian: It was nothing!

Layla: If that's what you think, then we have a real problem.

Oliver: Hey, guys. Could you keep it down? We're trying to get the baby to sleep.

Layla: Hey. [Gasps] Look at her? Him?

Oliver: It's her.

Cristian: Oliver, what are you doing with a baby?

Kyle: Funny, he was wondering the same thing.

Dani: Really, what difference does it make why I want the part if I'm perfect for it?

Destiny: You have no imagination if you--Matthew, what's going on?

Nora: Okay. We'll meet you there.

Matthew: Mom?

Nora: Just get your things. We'll talk in the car.

Matthew: Is it Dad?

Nora: Yeah. Let me get the check. I need to get our check.

Matthew: Mom, tell me.

Nora: He's been shot.

Matthew: What?!

Nora: It's okay. He's alive and he's in the hospital. We just need to get there, so get your things and I will--

Matthew: Wait, wait. How was he shot?

Nora: Schuyler Joplin shot him. Come on. Get your things. I'll get the check.

Téa: I got the check. I got the check. Just go.

Matthew: Come on. Come on.

Destiny: Tell your dad I'll be praying for him.

Dani: Me, too.

Téa: I need to get to the station, okay?

Todd: I'll keep an eye on Dani.

Téa: All right. Bye. Thanks.

Todd: Hey, scratch what I just told you. This is tomorrow's front page.

Rex: He was awake for a few minutes, but then he passed out again.

EMT: You see the wound?

Second EMT: Yeah. A lotta blood.

Schuyler: GSW, lower right...

Rex: Shut up!

EMT: He's right.

Gigi: Forget him. Bo needs us. We can't leave him alone.

Rex: We want to ride with you. Okay?

Schuyler: Gigi, I'm sorry. It wasn't supposed to--oh.

Brody: Where the hell do you think you're going? You're under arrest. You better pray Bo makes it.

Natalie: You look like I just punched you in the gut.

Jessica: Didn't you?

Natalie: Jess, I'm sorry. Being subtle is really not working.

Jessica: Why? Because I don't listen to every single thing that you say like you're some sort of authority on how to live my life?

Natalie: Okay, you know what? You don't want to listen to me, then at least listen to Cristian.

Jessica: I do.

Natalie: He's told you over and over again that he--

Jessica: You don't hear everything that he says to me.

Natalie: And did he tell you that he's leaving Layla? That you're the one for him? I'm sorry.

Jessica: Then stop it, Natalie.

Natalie: I will. In a minute.

Jessica: Oh, boy.

Natalie: Jess, you have no idea how many men would give their right arm just to have a shot with you. Do you know how gorgeous you are? I mean, men, they worship you. They always will. And Brody...

Jessica: Brody. Why does everybody keep on pushing this Brody guy on me? I don't even know him, let alone love him. It's totally different than--

Natalie: Than Cristian?

Jessica: He still cares about me, okay? I, I heard him, okay? It's coming back to him. He knows what we mean to each other.

Natalie: Okay, well, then you need to work on your eavesdropping skills, because he didn't say "mean." He said what you "meant" to each other. Past tense.

Oliver: Yeah, it was the night before I came out to you guys. Sleeping with Stacy really just put me over the edge. I thought it was the lowest point of my life.

Kyle: Yeah, but look what it gave you.

Oliver: Yeah.

Layla: Oliver, congratulations. You always wanted a family, right? That's what you told me.

Oliver: Yeah, but I didn't think it would happen this quickly.

Cristian: Oliver, it's a surprise to most people. Even if you plan it, how could you be ready for a baby?

Layla: Look at her. Girl, we are gonna have a baby shower for you. What does she need?

Oliver: Um, I don't even know. Everything.

Layla: Then we'll have it soon. We'll invite everyone from the station, and we should invite your parents.

Oliver: Yeah, they don't know about the baby yet. Hardly anybody knows. I'm not really sure that I'm ready for my parents. I just--I wish I knew that they'd be into it. I really want Sierra to have grandparents.

Roxy: There she is.

Schuyler: It burned.

Brody: What?

Schuyler: In my hand. The gun. burned. I never even touched one before. I never shot anything. I would never...shoot anything. I just...needed...5 minutes, maybe 3, just a couple. Gigi was--she was beginning to get it. She saw what a mistake we'd all made, and everything was gonna be okay. It was gonna be okay...till he showed up.

Brody: Bo?

Schuyler: Rex!

Brody: You shot Bo Buchanan. Do you understand that? You shot Bo!

Schuyler: Yeah, he shouldn't have been there.

Brody: What?! Huh?

Schuyler: I didn't even know he was there.

Téa: Officer! Schuyler, don't say another word. What were you doing just now?

Brody: Stretching my legs.

Téa: Yeah. My client is injured.

Brody: He attempted to flee the scene.

Téa: And that's how you stopped him.

Brody: He shot Bo Buchanan. I'd say everyone acted with restraint.

Téa: I'd like a word alone with my client.

Brody: You take all the time you want. Nothing you do is gonna save him now.

John: Nora.

Nora: Greg, where is he?

Greg: Who?

Nora: Bo.

Greg: Why--would he--

Nora: He was shot. They were bringing him by ambulance.

Greg: I'll check on the ambulance now.

Nora: He should--he should be here by now. Why isn't he here?

John: Slow down. What happened?

Nora: I--I don't know. Bo and Rex, they went to go look for Gigi Morasco, because she was missing or something. I don't know. They ended up at Viki's cabin and I kept trying to call him and he never answered and then all of a sudden, Gigi was on the phone, and--and they told me that Bo was shot, and I--I don't know anything.

John: Okay. All right. Calm down. I'm gonna call the station. I'm gonna find out what they know.

Matthew: Dad!

Nora: Bo? Oh, Bo, honey, I'm here. I'm here. Stay with me. Please, God, stay with us. Stay with us, Bo.

Jessica: Are we done?

Natalie: Jess, I'm not enjoying this.

Jessica: Like hell you aren't, Natalie. Your life stinks and you're trying to make me miserable, too, but you know what? It's not going to work, because I'm not going to give up on Cristian.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: I'm going to continue to be with him and--

Natalie: Your phone--your phone's ringing.

Jessica: What? Oh. Oh.

Natalie: Yeah, you hit the green button if you want to answer it.

Jessica: I know exactly what I'm doing.

Brody: Hey, Jessica, it's Brody Lovett. Look, this isn't a call about our date. I have some news about a family member. Call me back as soon as you can, please.

Brody: Keep an eye on this one.

Officer: He's the punk that shot the commissioner?

Brody: Yeah, his arraignment's in a few hours. I'll try to be back in time. I have to notify some family.

Téa: It's okay, Schuyler. I'm here.

John: Hey...hey, what the hell happened? I just got half the story. This Schuyler Joplin...

Rex: Is a lunatic.

John: What happened?

Rex: He went after Gigi.

Gigi: He wanted to get back together.

Rex: At gunpoint.

Gigi: He snapped or something, and then Rex and Bo got there, and he went after Rex. He was going to shoot him.

Rex: Bo saw it and jumped. He took a bullet for me.

Schuyler: The thing I...heard in my head every morning for the last 6 months...the thing I was running from...the thing I was terrified Gigi would find out...

Téa: Schuyler, listen to me...

Schuyler: The only thing that mattered--that thing--a lie. My life was run by a lie--

Téa: Schuyler, listen to me. I can help you, but we need to be clear here, okay?

Schuyler: It doesn't matter.

Téa: Do you want to go to jail? Because that's where you're headed.

Schuyler: I don't care.

Téa: Well, your daughter cares.

Schuyler: I don't have a daughter. That was--that was it. That was the lie. That was the big lie. I mean, I thought I lied. Stacy lied--terrible, terrible, enormous lie. I'm not Sierra's father.

Téa: What makes you think that you're not?

Schuyler: No, I saw a test. I saw--DNA. [Sighs] DNA test. Oliver had a test. He's it. He's--he's the father. You know, Stacy lied to me to keep my mouth shut, and I couldn't do it. I wanted to step up. I wanted to be a father to my daughter, and I lost Gigi, and I could have got her back. Téa, I was so close. I could have got her back. And then the gun went off. And I lost my daughter and I lost Gigi, and Bo's...bleeding all over. I mean...I'm my father's son.

Téa: Schuyler, do you want me to contact your father, try to find out where he is, or...

Schuyler: Yeah, go--yeah, go ahead.

Téa: Why--why is--why is that so funny? He could help. A relative--

Schuyler: Mitch Laurence is my father. Yeah, I just found out today. Mitch.

Téa: Wh--what?

Schuyler: Because he raped my mother. Roxy Balsom.

Roxy: There's my girl. Look at you.

Kyle: We were just talking about you.

Roxy: That's what I like to hear. Can I?

Oliver: Yeah, sure.

Kyle: We're definitely going to need help raising Sierra.

Roxy: Well, you got that covered. Hey there, sweet cheeks, you are a sight for sore eyes.

Oliver: How'd you find out about the baby?

Roxy: Oh, Allison told me.

Kyle: How did--how did Allison...

Roxy: Oh, that whack job has known from the beginning.

Kyle: How could Allison know that Oliver was Sierra's father?

Oliver: Stacy must have told her.

Roxy: Huh?

Kyle: But Stacy couldn't have known without the DNA test.

Roxy: You had a test?

Oliver: Yeah, that's how I found out.

Layla: Trust me, Stacy and Kim knew it was you.

Kyle: Yeah, I guess they were waiting to use it at the right time.

Cristian: Or never.

Kyle: Well, I mean, I guess if they let Schuyler think the baby was his forever, as long as he keeps his mouth shut, then Stacy gets Rex.

Oliver: That was the plan, apparently.

[Sierra cries loudly]

Roxy: Here.

Kyle: Roxy?

Roxy: I got to go.

Kyle: Roxy, what's going on?

Roxy: Nothing.

Kyle: Okay, you can't fool me.

Roxy: Another time, okay?

Kyle: Roxy, you're crying. Talk to me.

Roxy: Yeah, well, newborn babies always do that to me. Tell Fish I'm very happy for him.

Todd: You guys want to get some burgers?

Destiny: How can you eat?

Todd: I'm hungry.

Destiny: Matthew's father could die.

Todd: He wouldn't want us to starve to death, all right?

Destiny: I hope Langston's script does you right.

Dani: Well, I read it. She could have made him much worse and she still would have been accurate.

Destiny: I'm going to the hospital.

Dani: Me, too.

Todd: No, no, wait a minute.

Destiny: Excuse me?

Dani: You don't tell me what to do.

Todd: I am your father.

Destiny: You're not mine. Back up off me, freak show, or we have a problem.

Greg: Get this blood work out stat. And we need a fast exam, type and cross for 6 units, at least.

Nora: Greg, how bad is he?

Greg: We got to lock down the blood, Nora. Does Bo have any allergies?

Nora: No.

Greg: Or any history of high blood pressure or pulmonary-- anything?

Nora: No.

Greg: Okay.

Nora: No, no. He just had a full workup.

Greg: Here?

Nora: Yeah.

Greg: Pull his charts.

Nora: They said he was going to outlive us all.

Greg: I need you and Matthew to step out of the room.

Nora: No, that's okay.

Greg: That's not a request, that's an order.

Nora: No, no.

Nurse: B.P. falling!

Nora: Oh, my God...

Greg: Clear the room, please! And open up the IVs.

Nurse: Wait outside!

Greg: I need a central line set up and two units of packed cells! Let's go, people! Let's go!

Natalie: Do you want to be left alone?

Jessica: Please.

Natalie: No problem. I can do that. And you know what? So will everyone else. And quite honestly, you may not remember this about Cristian, but he'll only take so much. You push him too far, he will push back.

Jessica: Cristian would never do that to me.

Natalie: Okay.

Jessica: Well, if he did, you'd be the last person I'd turn to.

Natalie: Jessica, I'm your sister.

Jessica: I don't remember you. You know, I'm sorry, but it's true.

Natalie: Brody?

Brody: Lois let me in.

Jessica: I just don't think it's a good time for you to...

Brody: Your Uncle Bo's been shot.

Natalie: What? What happened?

Brody: I'll explain on the way. We need to get to the hospital.

Matthew: Mom?

Nora: Yes, sweetie?

Matthew: I'm sorry.

Nora: For what?

Matthew: When I couldn't walk and I was mad at you and Dad, I wished that you would get hurt so you knew what it was like.

Nora: Okay, okay. This is not your doing. Right?

Matthew: I know, it's just... you and Dad--you--you guys are the greatest. I spent a whole year being mad at you and I'm so sorry.

Nora: I know. I know.

Matthew: I need to tell Dad.

Nora: And you will. He's not going anywhere. Okay?

Todd: You know, I am an adult. Did your parents not teach you any respect for adults?

[Dani scoffs]

Destiny: When it's earned. Come on, Dani.

Todd: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Destiny: Touch me again and I will yell "stranger danger."

Todd: Okay. Okay, wait a minute. If you guys both go down to the hospital and try to be the most supportive for Matthew, what is that going to solve? Who's that going to help? And besides, he's probably crying like a puppy right now. Your best move is to just stay put. Hey, Roxanne, how much for an exclusive with the mother of a murderer?

Roxy: What?

Todd: Okay, almost murderer. But I'll buy you a drink for an interview.

Roxy: What are you flapping your gums about?

Todd: Oh, you mean you don't know? Oh, it's fantastic. Your new son shot Bo Buchanan.

Roxy: What?

Todd: Two drinks?

Gigi: After he found out that Sierra wasn't his, Schuyler went off the deep end.

Rex: He didn't have far to go.

John: You don't have to worry about him coming after you again, all right? He's going away for a long time. He shot the police commissioner.

Gigi: I'm not worried about me. Go ahead, see if there's any news.

Rex: No, they haven't moved since the nurse pushed them out. You want to see Sierra?

Gigi: I don't--I don't even know where to find her.

John: I just saw her. Oliver brought her in to get checked out. She's fine.

Gigi: Thank God.

Rex: Did he take her home?

John: I think so.

[Phone rings]

John: Oh. Excuse me.

Rex: Go.

Gigi: No, I'm not going to leave you here.

Rex: I'm good. And I know that you won't feel right until you see the baby.

Gigi: Are you sure you'll be okay?

Rex: Fine.

Gigi: Well, call me as soon as--as soon as you know any news.

Rex: I promise.

Gigi: Thanks for coming after me, Balsom.

Rex: Anytime, Morasco.

Oliver: You cannot believe the day that this kid had. I can't believe she's here, and mine.

Layla: For what it's worth, I think you should tell your parents. You'll get an answer, one way or another.

Kyle: She's right. At least you know for sure.

Oliver: You guys want me to contact my parents, after what they put you through?

Kyle: They're your parents, Oliver. Okay? The baby's changed things.

Oliver: Yeah, well...we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. Anyway, there's still a lot we got to get straight first.

Kyle: Like what?

Oliver: Well, I don't even have legal custody of Sierra yet. And Schuyler's listed as her father on the birth certificate.

Kyle: That's a technicality.

Layla: Um, I'm sure that can change with the DNA test.

Oliver: Yeah, but there's still a custody fight going on.

Kyle: Schuyler doesn't have the--

Cristian: Well, what about Gigi Morasco? If she still wants custody, are you going to fight her for it? 

Oliver: I have no idea what will happen with Gigi. I don't even think she knows I'm the father yet.

Kyle: She'll deal.

Oliver: Yeah, you don't know that.

Kyle: Yes, I do. Hey, you're both single parents. You both love Sierra, you both want what's best for her.

Oliver: Look, look.

Kyle: You'll figure it out.

Oliver: Look at that thing that she does with her hand over her eyes. It's like she needs to stretch out and sleep, right?

Kyle: Yeah. Maybe we should make her a bed.

Oliver: [Sighs] I don't even have pajamas yet.

Kyle: Oliver, she does not care what she sleeps in.

Oliver: Oh, she's going to need a diaper.

Layla: Hey, you guys figure out the bed, and I'll go out for supplies. Don't worry about it.

Oliver: Really?

Layla: Yeah, no problem.

Kyle: Hey, yeah. Here's--he's a list of the things we put together that we need, and you can use this to get all the supplies. Okay?

Layla: See you later.

Cristian: I'll drive.

Oliver: Thank you, guys.

Cristian: I'll drive you.

Layla: You don't have to come.

Cristian: I think we could use the time.

Layla: No, it's okay. I'm not mad anymore.

Cristian: Yeah, right.

Layla: Look, all I want to do is get the stuff for the baby. That's all I can handle tonight.

Oliver: Well, what if you're wrong about Gigi? Okay? She was ready to fight Schuyler all the way for this baby. Hey.

Kyle: Well, everything's changed now.

Oliver: Yeah, not for her.

Kyle: Oh, God. Just don't borrow trouble, okay?

Oliver: Yeah, but what if--

Kyle: "What if"--no "if's," okay? Just let it go for now.

Oliver: You know what? I can't.

Kyle: Okay, fine. You want to know what Gigi's going to do? Ask her. Call her up, invite her over, and you can duke it out.

Téa: I'll be right back, okay?

Téa: I want my client placed on suicide watch. I am telling you, he is on edge. You make sure he's in protective custody until the court authorizes a psych consult.

Officer: You're going for insanity on this one?

Téa: That is none of your concern, Officer. It is a formal request that you protect my client from himself. You are now officially on notice that my client is a danger to himself, and you are responsible. Are we clear?

Officer: Talk to Officer Glass. Fill out the paperwork.

Téa: Thank you so very much. So, Schuyler, we're going to go to your arraignment in a little while. I'm going to try to argue bail, and see if we can get you into a facility where you can--where you can rest. You had a long day, huh?

Schuyler: Yeah. I'm fi--I mean, I'm...fine. This--this chair'll work for me. This is... this is good.

Téa: Yeah, well, they...the cops might come and take you somewhere else where there's another--another chair. Or a bench, okay? And when they do, you can't say anything. Schuyler, listen to me. Listen to me.

Schuyler: Yeah, I'm--

Téa: This is important, okay? You cannot talk to anyone, especially if they put you in a cell with someone else. Don't say a word. Can you do that?

Schuyler: I'm... I'm done.

Téa: You mean you're tired?

Schuyler: Yeah, okay.

Téa: So you can keep quiet? Schuyler--Schuyler?

Schuyler: Yeah, I'll--I'm--I'll keep my mouth shut.

Téa: It's going to be okay. Okay?

Schuyler: How?

Téa: You saved a baby's life today. You got that baby away from Allison. You saved Sierra Rose's life. I'm not going to forget that. And I'm going to make sure that nobody else forgets it, either, okay? No matter what. You hang on to that. All right? You hang in there. I will be right back, and then we'll go to court.

Roxy: Schuyler?

Destiny: You know, your dad could be right. We might get in the way at the hospital.

Dani: Yeah.

Destiny: I can't believe Matthew's dad could die. I don't know what I'd do without my dad.

Rex: Is there any news?

Nora: No.

Rex: Bo's strong. He'll probably wake up and be ticked that we were so worried.

Nora: Yeah.

Rex: Nora, there's something I need to tell you.

Nurse: Mrs. Buchanan?

Nora: Yes? Is he all right?

Matthew: Is my dad okay?

Nurse: He's stabilized for now.

Nora: Oh.

[Rex sighs]

Natalie: Where's Uncle Bo?

John: They're working on him. Is Brody with you?

Natalie: Yeah, he's parking the car. Jess and he should be up here in just a minute. What's going on?

John: I don't know anything.

Natalie: Oh, God.

[Natalie sighs]

John: It's going to be okay. We don't know anything yet.

[Natalie sighs]

Nora: How can you say he's okay if he's still bleeding?

Greg: He's stable.

Nora: But you want to cut him open?

Greg: They've cleared an O.R. and we're going to prep him for surgery.

Nora: Yeah, but how can you cut him open if he's still bleeding?

Greg: We won't know the extent of the damage until we actually open him up. We're keeping up with the bleeding, but that's really all that we can do until we get to the bullet and actually repair the damage.

Nora: Okay, so you'll go in and you'll get the bullet, and then you'll come out and everything will be okay?

Greg: Well, that's certainly the hope.

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Nurse: He's coding!

Nora: What?

Greg: Okay, look, give us room, please. Get the crash cart and another unit of blood. Let's go, folks!

Nurse: Stay back.

Greg: Hurry!

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