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Gigi: Will you marry me?

Rex: I'm sorry. Could you say that again?

Gigi: Eli said it would help me get custody of Sierra Rose if I know, if I had a husband, so will you do it? Will you marry me, Balsom?

Schuyler: I--I don't mean any disrespect, Ms. Pacifico, but could I see your I.D. again?

Allison: Oh, of course. I just have to find it. My bag is a mess. I'm not organized like your mother. Oh, here it is.

Schuyler: What the hell is that?

Allison: Shh! You'll wake the baby, who's just as important to me as she is to you.

Téa: Dani, did you change your mind?

Blair: What are you doing here?

Eli: Hey, you ready for our date?

Téa: You have company.

Eli: What do you want, Blair?

Jessica: What are you doing here?

Brody: Looking for you.

Jessica: Why? Who did you talk to? Cristian? Did he tell you that he dumped me?

Brody: He didn't use that word.

Jessica: Yeah, but you figured it out.

Brody: He said he made it clear to you that he'd moved on, and I thought you might want to talk about it.


Ford: Oh, give it a rest, Langston.

Langston: Hey, Ford, you never got back to me. Where are you?

[Hope crying]

Starr: It's coming, hungry girl. Hang on.

Langston: So call me back, okay? Because Markko's on his way home, and I want to talk to you before he--

[Door closes]

Starr: Who you talking to?

Langston: Starr, I thought you and Cole were going out tonight.

Starr: Well, we were, but then Cole got caught up in his project with Hannah, so he's still at the library.

Hannah: I can't believe we're this far behind because of me. I'm so stupid.

Cole: You got distracted.

Hannah: I almost killed myself over some guy. This is after blowing you off and not showing up for class and spending every free minute tracking his ass.

Cole: You sound better now.

Hannah: Just in time to fail sociology.

Cole: Look, you're not gonna fail sociology, now that you have a handle on this relationship.

Hannah: It wasn't a relationship. It was torture.

Cole: But it's over.

Hannah: Thanks to you.

Cole: Maybe we should, uh, pick this up tomorrow.

Hannah: No. You can't leave.

Schuyler: What do you want, and who are you?

Allison: Well, I'm not the social worker, and my name isn't Melanie Pacifico, thank God.

Schuyler: Okay, so, what is your name?

Allison: Allison Perkins, and I need your baby.

Jessica: You want to hear about my breakup and how I love another guy?

Brody: No, but if it'll help you to talk...

Jessica: No. I'd just be using you, and that's not fair.

Brody: You want unfair? Losing the woman you love because she can't remember you.

Jessica: I have a lot of homework to do.

Brody: You gonna be able to concentrate, with all you have on your mind?

Jessica: Fine. Cristian loved me. I have the notes and the photos and the sketches to prove it. Or I did have them before I gave it back to them, only he refuses to admit how he feels. He refuses to remember.

Hannah: Cole? Never mind.

Cole: What?

Hannah: No. I already feel awful for wrecking your night.

Cole: You didn't wreck my night.

Hannah: I'm scared to be alone.

Starr: Langston, you can tell me anything. You know that. Come on. What's bothering you?

Langston: It's driving me crazy, and I don't know what to do.

Starr: Then let's talk about it.

[Door opens]

Markko: Hey. Anybody feel like getting a pizza? Whoa. Who died?

Langston: Nobody.

Starr: We were just talking--

Langston: About the musical. I went back on my word, and I made it all about Starr and Cole.

Markko: That's what's got you so weirded out? Why didn't you just say something?

Langston: Well, I didn't want to involve you.

Starr: And I'm okay with it, so...

Markko: Am I in it?

Langston: Yeah. I mean, you and I are minor characters, but did you talk to Cole?

Starr: Oh, no, I didn't get a chance to, but I'll call him right now.

Markko: I'm, um--I'm a minor character?

Langston: You know what I mean. You're the best friend. You're funny and sweet.

Markko: Never the stud, always the best friend.

Langston: No, that's not true.

Markko: Well, anyway, I'm just glad that it was the musical that got you so wired.

Langston: What do you mean?

Markko: Well, you were acting so sneaky and weird. I thought--I was afraid something else was going on.


Langston: Hey, Ford. You never got back to me. Where are you?

Jessica: Look, it's not like I don't like you. I'm sure you're a really great guy. I just don't know you.

Brody: So let's get to know each other.

Jessica: How?

Brody: Go out with me.

Téa: slept with her?

Eli: Oh, it was only sex, Téa. She was trying to forget about Todd, and I was trying to forget about you.

Blair: And it worked, too. The minute he started having fun with me, he forgot all about you. Isn't that right? I mean, you haven't mentioned her in months.

Téa: Months? You two have been going at it for months?

Eli: Oh, several. And the only reason I stopped mentioning Téa is so you'd quit yammering on about Todd.

Blair: You know what? I was wrong, and I'm sorry about that. I'm ready to move on and have more than just the best sex I ever had.

Téa: Oh, for God's sake.

Blair: So, what do you say, Eli? Let's make this about us. Let's not make it about Todd and Téa.

Allison: Step away from the baby.

Schuyler: Why--why are you doing this? What do you want with Sierra?

Allison: I don't want her. I hate babies.

Schuyler: I don't--I don't under--understand what's going on here.

Allison: The messenger.

Schuyler: The what? What?

Allison: The messenger needs the baby.

Schuyler: What is the messenger? The--Mitch Laurence.

Allison: Wants his grandchild, and he sent me, his favorite disciple, to do his bidding.

Rex: I don't know, Gige. The list of reasons, it all sounds good, but marriage is pretty important.

Gigi: I know, and I have no right to ask.

Rex: That's not true.

Gigi: I chose Schuyler over you...for all the wrong reasons, and I can see that now. That day in the cabin when you walked in on us having breakfast, I didn't want to hurt you. But it just seemed like it was nothing but problems with us. Stacy, the baby, and with Schuyler, it was--it was simple, you know. A clean slate. I could start over. But you can never start over, not when you've got a kid and baggage and problems that just keep getting worse. And why should you have to take all that on?

Rex: That--that's not what I'm saying.

Gigi: I hurt you, Rex. Why should you trust me? My son doesn't even trust me. I can see it in his face, which is why I just thought that... if we got married and we had Sierra and Shane and just really focused on us that maybe I could make it up to everybody-- to Stacy, to Shane, to you. Will you just please say yes?

Jessica: You want to go out with me on a date, even though I'm in love with another guy?

Brody: Maybe it'll take your mind off him.

Jessica: I don't want to lead you on. I don't care what Cristian says. I'm not ready to give up on him.

Brody: And I'm not ready to give up on you.

Jessica: Okay, so you're determined.

Brody: See? You're already getting to know me, and it's only been 5 minutes. Imagine a whole 3-hour date.

Jessica: 3 hours?

Brody: Now I'm hurt.

Jessica: Okay, determined and sarcastic.

Brody: And a great athlete.

Jessica: Well, I don't know about that.

Brody: Okay. I'll prove it to you. You ever play horse?

Jessica: With my brothers in the driveway.

Brody: Great. If you win, no date. If I win, you got to go out with me, unless you're afraid of the challenge.

Cole: So how's abnormal psych this semester?

Girl: Ugh. Peterson's a pervert. I swear that's why he teaches it.

Cole: There you go. Keep it.

Girl: Thanks, Cole. You're the best.

Cole: All right. There you go. Eat it up.

Hannah: You'll have some, too, right? I mean, you're not leaving yet, are you?

[Cell phone rings]

Hannah: Is that Starr? Don't tell her you're here. Please.

Cole: All right. I won't tell her. Hey, what's up?

Starr: Hey, what's going on? You working hard?

Cole: Yeah. I mean, we're kind of behind.

Starr: I just want to run something by you. You know that musical that Langston was writing, how she swore that it wasn't going to be about you and me. Well, guess what.

Cole: I thought you told her not to.

Starr: Yep, I did, but she did it anyway.

Cole: Well, have you read it?

Starr: Most of it.

Cole: And?

Starr: It's true, we have an amazing story, and when you read it, you read everything that we've been through and how we love and trust each other more than anyone. Anyway, I just wanted to talk to you about it. I'm okay with it, and it's pretty flattering. It's kind of the ultimate compliment.

Cole: Well, um, as long as you're okay with it, then so am I.

Starr: Good. I just wanted to run it by you, since we tell each other everything.

Markko: Pizza is on the way. So do you have to work, or can we finally get a little time together?

[Cell phone rings]

Langston: Oh, um, you know, I should probably get that. It could be about auditions. Sorry. Hey.

Ford: Hey. Got your messages--all 6 of them.

Langston: I'm kind of busy.

Ford: Wait, don't hang up. I just wanted to call and apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I was working.

Langston: Okay.

Ford: So how soon can you get over here?

Eli: Sorry, Blair. Too little, too late. Téa and I have plans.

Téa: Please leave me out of this.

Blair: Oh, you heard the lady, and I use that term loosely. She wants out.

Eli: Be nice. I think she was just being polite.

Blair: So you're really gonna do this? You're gonna have dinner with the opposing counsel? I don't know, but I think that might violate some kind of ethics code, huh? And, you know, what would Schuyler or Gigi think about the two of you sharing a straw, hmm?

Téa: She does have a point.

Eli: Oh, come on. We know where to draw the line, Téa. Look, I asked you out. You said yes.

Téa: Yes, but upon further reflection, I have to decline your invitation, Eli. I couldn't possibly steal another man from Blair.

Blair: Oh, you didn't steal squat.

Téa: Mm-hmm.

Blair: You know what? I kicked Todd to the curb long before you ever crawled out from under your rock.

Téa: It's great to see you're over him, Blair. See you tomorrow, Counselor. Oh, and you might want to prepare your client. She's going to lose. Schuyler Joplin is keeping his daughter.

Schuyler: Wait, wait. Stop, stop. I don't know where you got your information from, Allison, but you're mistaken. Sierra is not related to Mitch. Stacy lied, and he knows that. That's why he threw her into a snow bank, okay? Because he found out that Rex wasn't the father. I am. I am. So just get the hell out--

Allison: Aah!

Schuyler: Uh!

Allison: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Rex: I asked you to marry me last summer.

Gigi: And I turned you down.

Rex: Because I asked you to marry me for all the wrong reasons. I was scared. Stacy was pregnant. We thought that it was mine. And every time I turned around, I saw you and Schuyler with your heads together. I was losing you, and I could feel it, and I thought... I thought that maybe if we got married and you realized that you loved me--

Gigi: I do love you. I've always loved you.

Rex: And I love you, but it doesn't seem to stop us from hurting each other. You turned to Schuyler because you were upset, hurt. You stopped trusting me. Now I don't trust you. Yes, it makes sense on all kinds of levels. I can’t. I'm sorry. I--I think it would be a mistake to get married right now.

Allison: Hand over the baby.

Schuyler: Are you not listening to me? It's not Rex's baby. It's not Mitch’s grandchild.

Allison: Who are you? Pete the repeat? Fine. If you really need to know the whole story, I'll tell you. The reason you and the baby are so important is--

[Knock on door]

Allison: Not a word, or I swear I'll pull this trigger.

Téa: Hey, Schuy, it's me--Téa.

Blair: You certainly didn't waste any time. You got Téa on your speed dial.

Eli: Is this how you apologize?

Blair: I thought you said you weren't seeing anybody else.

Eli: I wasn't, but when you made it clear you and I had no future, I reconsidered my options. Then Téa dropped in to rattle me about the hearing tomorrow, and, well, I went for it. I didn't know you'd changed your mind.

Blair: You didn't get my message.

Eli: No. I was busy.

Blair: Apparently.

Eli: So, what happened? Did you run into Todd or something?

Blair: No, his niece.

Eli: Oh, great.

Blair: She was having a very difficult time getting over someone, so I tried to convince her to move on with her life, and then she threw it right back in my face. Said, "How can I move on when you can't even do it yourself, Blair?" And you know what? She's right. So I--I would like to move on, and I would like to move on with you, if you still want to.

Jessica: Oh. I said I used to play horse.

Brody: It's fine. If you're afraid to play me, you can just say yes to the date--

Jessica: I'm not afraid of anything.

Brody: Good to know. Your shot.

Jessica: Your turn, hotshot.

Brody: Did you just hustle me?

Jessica: Sure did. And you're gonna lose.

Brody: Oh, yeah?

Starr: Are you hungry? You want me to save you something?

Cole: I'll be okay. Hey, give Hope a kiss for me.

Starr: I already did. Love you.

Cole: I love you, too.

Hannah: This isn't right. You shouldn't have to stay here with me. I could kill Ford.

Cole: Ford? The film T.A.? That's who you were seeing?

Hannah: You know him?

Ford: So how soon can you get over here?

Langston: I'm sorry, Kayla. I can't help you with your audition tonight. I'm having pizza with my boyfriend.

Ford: Got it. Catch you next time.

Langston: Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow, Kayla.

Markko: Langston, isn't this yours?

Langston: Yeah. Thanks.

Markko: I just--I remembered you said you lost a button, and that's why you ducked into Ford's office.

Langston: Right.

Markko: Only I found it in Ford's office.

Langston: Yeah. It must have gotten caught in my sweater or something and then fallen out later. But thanks for finding it.

Gigi: Okay. I hear you. I've made all kinds of mistakes. But couldn't we just, you know, get married and then work on it to make sure that we get Sierra Rose? I can't lose her.

Rex: I know how much that baby means to you, and I want you to have her. And, hell, I've spent the last 6 months thinking that I was the father. So yes, I would love nothing more than to drive down to city hall, sign a piece of paper, have a happy ending, but it doesn't work that way. First of all, you and me, Gigi, we're not there yet. It's like--it's like the other day, I was trying to help Shane with his longboard. He wanted to just take it flying down a set of steps. Don't worry. I stopped him. But the point is, is I'm trying to tell him that he can't work on all these tricks that he wants to do until he masters the basics. Where are we with the basics? Why are we getting married--just so we can throw a newborn into the mix? A baby is a hell of a lot of work. You know that better than anybody. Because suddenly nobody's sleeping. There's bills, diapers, and we're cranky. Shane's gonna start acting out. You know, he's almost a teenager. There's gonna be lawsuits because you know Schuyler is gonna keep coming after us. It's just asking for trouble, and we've been through enough. And if we are gonna have a chance, we need to master the basics, starting with trust, and I'm not there yet, and neither are you.

Gigi: Don't speak for me.

Rex: Okay. Why are you proposing to me?

Gigi: Because I trust you.

Rex: No, because I'm convenient. You want that baby. I understand. But we're not getting married. We are not walking down the aisle until the only reason we're doing it is because of how we feel about each other, not because of what it'll get us.

Téa: Hey, Schuyler, I know you're in there. Is everything okay?

Allison: Get rid of her, or I'll kill you both.

Schuyler: Okay.

Schuyler: Hey, Téa.

Téa: Hey. Uh, I just--I wanted to stop by to see how the visit with the social worker went.

Schuyler: Good, really good. Um, all systems go.

Téa: Uh-huh. So why aren't you letting me in?

Cole: Ford was hitting on my roommate's girlfriend.

Hannah: When?

Cole: The beginning of the semester.

Hannah: That's when I was seeing him. Did she hook up with him?

Cole: No. Langston would never do that to Markko.

[Knock on door]

Starr: Here. I'll get it.

Markko: Oh, uh, here you go.

Starr: Thanks. Uh, yeah. That's good. Hey, Karen.

Karen: Hey. How's the baby? Missing her daddy?

Hannah: Langston's obviously not as stupid as I am.

Cole: Look, look. You got to stop beating yourself up. This guy's not worth it.

Hannah: You're right.

Cole: It's time you moved on.

Hannah: Yeah? With who? You're taken. I mean, seriously. Where am I gonna find a guy like you? You even lied to your girlfriend for me.

Starr: How did you know that Cole wasn't home?

Karen: Oh, I just brought him a pizza over at the dorms.

Starr: No, you must have him mixed up with someone else, because he's at the library.

Karen: Hey, I never forget a tipper. He's at the dorms.

Eli: Sorry about that. I had to return a client's phone call. I thought you were taking me out.

Blair: Well, I was, but I was afraid we might run into another certain couple of people.

Eli: Todd?

Blair: Téa.

Eli: Ah. Well, you know, if we stay in, we run the risk of having sex all over this room.

Blair: No, no, no. Not on our first date.

Eli: First date, huh?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Eli: Well, what do you want to do?

Jessica: Oh. And that would be an "s" for "sore loser." Excuse me, would you? Go ahead.

Brody: Oh, thank you so much. Ahem.

Brody: Ooh! Not sore and not a loser. That ties us up, Jess.

Jessica: Yeah, well, you don't get a point for stating the obvious.

Brody: No, just for outplaying you.

Jessica: Big deal. I can make that shot in my sleep.

Rex: And I hope more than anything that we can make this work, okay? So that we can get married and be a family. And I will do whatever I can to help you get custody. I will go to the hearing. I will testify. I will pitch in to contribute financially, whatever, but I'm not losing you by going too fast.

Gigi: Okay. Just...what if we lose Sierra Rose?

Schuyler: Hey, uh, listen. I would invite you in, but I just, uh--I just got the baby to sleep, and I don't want to wake her up.

Téa: Okay. Are you sure it went okay with the social worker?

Schuyler: Yeah. It went great.

Téa: Good. Uh, what was her name?

Schuyler: Um--um, Melanie something?

Téa: Oh, Pacifico. I love her. She'll be a big help at the hearing tomorrow.

Schuyler: Good.

Téa: Are you sure you're okay?

Schuyler: Yeah, I'm g--I'm great. Listen, hey, I should, um--I should get back to the baby, so--

Téa: All right. Okay. Well, see you tomorrow.

Schuyler: Sierra?

Allison: Heed the messenger, Daddy.

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