One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 3/18/10


Episode # 10649 ~ How Are Things in Glocca Llanview?

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Starr: How dare you?

Langston: Starr, it's just a rough draft.

Starr: It's the entire script for your musical. And it's all about Cole and me. Look. "The main character, Starr, a teenager. Cole -- her boyfriend." You didn't even bother to change the names.

Langston: Well, they're great names.

Starr: I told you that I didn't want my life to be exploited or turned into some entertainment.

Langston: Starr, look, you gotta understand.

Starr: What?

Langston: You and Cole have, like, the greatest love story ever!

Cole: Hannah, I need to ask you a question and you have to tell me the truth, okay? Did you take those pills on accident, or were you trying to kill yourself?

Hannah: I just wanted to sleep. I just wanted to forget.

Cole: What were you trying to forget?

Hannah: That I let myself be used.

Kelly: Well, I'm sorry, but I don't enjoy being a pawn. And the last place I want to be is standing between you and Blair.

Blair: Well, that's exactly where you are standing right now. So, which one of you is gonna tell me what's going on here?

Bo: I just know when I'm not getting the whole story. I think there's a chapter missing. So, why don't you just do us both a favor and fill in the blanks? Is there something else getting in the way?

John: Not anymore.

Natalie: "Free beer with manicure"?

Roxy: For St. Patty's day. It's my favorite holiday. Oh, yeah. After Halloween.

Natalie: Every holiday after Halloween is your favorite holiday, Roxy.

Roxy: So sue me for wanting to have a good time. Oughta try it sometime.

Natalie: You knew, didn't you?

Roxy: Is that a trick question?

Natalie: When you came to talk to me about John and me, you knew Marty was pregnant.

Roxy: I didn't tell you -- did I?

Natalie: No. I found out by accident.

Roxy: You're not mad at me, are you?

Natalie: For calling me a homewrecker?

Roxy: Uh-huh.

Natalie: No. I mean, it's just your unique way of trying to protect me. At least now I understand why you were trying so hard to get me to stay away from John.

Roxy: Are you going to?

Cristian: Jessica.

Jessica: Go away! Leave me alone! Isn't that what you want?

Cristian: I'm not going anywhere.

Natalie: Roxy, I told you. There's nothing happening with John and me, so there's nothing to avoid.

Roxy: Nothing, huh?

Natalie: I'm still mourning for Jared. He was the love of my life. John's just -- been a really good friend.

Roxy: Who used to be the love of your life before Jared came along.

Natalie: Yeah. I mean, yeah, John and I had a history. You know, maybe that's why I thought that maybe I was feeling something for him.

Roxy: Weren't you?

Natalie: Even if I was, even if John was, it doesn't matter. You were right.

Roxy: What did you say? Because I don't hear that very often.

[Roxy chuckles]

Natalie: You were right. I don't want to be a homewrecker, you know? I just have to find a way to deal with Marty and John having this baby.

Nora: What? John and Marty are having a baby?

Layla: My boss is gonna be a dad?

Natalie: Great. I just blabbed it to two more people.

Layla: Oh, my God. John must be on cloud 9, right?

Nora: Or 10.

[Nora and Layla laugh]

John: Don't worry about me, Bo. I got it under control.

Bo: Well, I'm glad. Glad to hear it, even though I have no idea what it is.

John: Doesn't matter. All I need to do right now is focus in on Marty and the baby.

Oliver: Baby?

Brody: You and Marty?

John: Yeah. I hadn't planned on going public, but -- yeah.

Oliver: Come on. This calls for a celebration. Since we're off duty. Come on. Buy you a drink.

Bo: Ahem. You okay, Brody?

Brody: Sure. Great news about John and Marty, huh?

Bo: Yeah. It's Jessica, isn't it?

Brody: We had talked about having kids together. And now that's the furthest thing from her mind.

Cristian: I know you're upset.

Jessica: Upset? Upset doesn't even come close. Everybody has changed, including me. I married Antonio. You married my sister. My father isn't even my father anymore.

Cristian: I won't even pretend to know what that's like. But look, what's important is that everyone still loves you. Your family still loves you.

Jessica: I know. But all I want is you. I mean, how can I have this whole past that doesn't include you, when just yesterday, we were planning our future? And how can everything be so different when I look in your eyes and I see the boy that I saw for the first time right here?

Singer: 'Cause I could take you in my arms and never let go I could fall in love with you

Jessica: Why can't things be like how they were before?

Langston: You and Cole and have been the perfect couple since the moment you laid eyes on each other.

Starr: First of all, that's not true. Second, that's not the point.

Langston: Starr, I tried to write a different story, okay? I wrote down, like, a million other ideas, but they all sucked. Every time I tried, I just kept coming back to this one.

Starr: "This one" being the intimate details of my private life.

Langston: "This one" being the fabulous details of your private life.

Starr: Oh, yeah? Then why didn't you just write about you and Markko? Huh? The two freaks that hate each other but then realize that they're soul mates? Isn't that the best love story ever?

Cole: Does this have anything to do with the T.A. you told me about?

Hannah: I went to go see him this afternoon. He was with a girl, I think. Or he was expecting one. Either way, he wouldn't let me in. He barely even cracked open the door. Then he ditched me as fast as he could. He threw me away like I was nothing.

Cole: I think maybe I should call my mom.

Hannah: What?

Cole: She's a psychiatrist. I just really think that you should talk to someone about this.

Hannah: I am talking to someone. I'm talking to you.

Blair: Excuse me. I'm talking here. Does somebody wanna answer --

Todd: We're kind of in the middle of something here --

Blair: Yeah, I can see that you are, Todd. Excuse me, Kelly. What are you even doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on your way to London by now?

Kelly: I was. But I was detained.

Todd: Yeah, she's staying in Llanview and she's gonna come to work for me.

Blair: The hell she is.

Kelly: What makes you think I won't take this job?

Blair: I don't know, Kelly. Maybe because your whole life is on the other side of the ocean. And just this morning, didn't you say how much you were missing Zane? Huh? Why are you gonna stay here, and do what? Obviously not edit the style section. God.

Todd: We're going to expand our online content here at the "Sun," and -- she's gonna be my right hand.

Blair: What?

Kelly: Why is that so funny?

Blair: I don't know. Maybe because the last time you decided you needed to work, you nearly ran this paper into the ground.

Todd: Well, she's done a lot since then. Have you seen her blog?

Blair: "Raising Zane"? Are you serious?

Kelly: I know it doesn't compare to the success you've had running "Craze." You know, the magazine Dorian asked me to take over because you sent its circulation spiraling down the toilet?

Langston: Markko and I are in the play, too.

Starr: But all you do is fight. Where's the rest of it? When do you two stop bickering long enough to realize that you're crazy for each other?

Langston: The story's not finished yet.

Starr: So you still need to write that part?

Langston: Why are you getting so worked up over two fictional characters in a play?

Starr: Is something wrong with you and Markko?

Langston: What? What are you talking about?

Starr: Is that why you've been acting so weird lately?

Langston: I have not been weird.

Starr: Are you kidding me? You've been totally distracted. When you're around, that is. And when you're not, you're off somewhere where I don't even know where you're going. Where are you going?

Langston: Nowhere. I just need to -- it's just this musical, that's all.

Starr: Is it really just the musical? Langston, you know that you can tell me if it's not. Whether it's good or bad. Anything. That's what friends are for, isn't it?

Cole: I don't know how much help talking to me is.

Hannah: Helps a lot, actually.

Cole: Just promise me that you'll never try anything like that again.

Hannah: I wasn't even trying this time. I just -- I just wanted to close my eyes. Forget my problems. I just wanted to stop feeling.

Cole: I can relate to that.

Hannah: If you hadn't come over when you did, I could have died.

Cole: Maybe. You just have to know that no guy is worth that.

Hannah: Not the ones I've been involved with, anyway.

Cole: Whoever this T.A. jerk is, you're better than him. You are. I mean, you're -- you're smart. Funny. You're very, very beautiful. So, all in all, you're pretty amazing, so you just have to know that you have to hold out for the right guy. And he's out there.

Oliver: You know, it's weird. I was just asking your advice about becoming a father, and it turns out you're the one who's having a kid.

John: Yeah, that's a hell of a coincidence.

Oliver: Yeah, yeah, you told me that I had to decide whether I could be a father or whether I even wanted to be a father, but I guess that you were more sure of things than I was, right?

Roxy: All right, let's hear it for the Irish. Every once in a while, you need a little Irish luck every now and then.

Nora: I'm feeling a bit lucky right now.

Roxy: Oh, come on. Don't be a lightweight.

Nora: No, no, no. I mean in -- I meant in my life. You know? I've got -- Bo and Rachel and Matthew are healthy and happy, and Bo and I -- okay -- have -- we're back in each other's lives.

Roxy: How many years were you apart?

Nora: Long enough for a couple of marriages and some near misses. But you know what's so amazing? It's like nothing's ever changed.

Jessica: Don't you have to go home to Layla?

Cristian: Right now I'm concerned about you.

Jessica: Well, at least one thing hasn't changed. That's why we met, because you were concerned.

[Slow music playing]

Teen Jess: Hey. Let go of me.

Boy: Come on. Why are you so uptight?

Teen Jess: Look, I don't want to dance.

Boy: I bet you're a virgin.

Teen Jess: I asked you nicely. Let me --

Jessica: I didn't know where you could've gone.

Boy: You probably haven't even had your first kiss.

Teen Jess: Get away.

Teen Cris: You heard her. You walking out or do you want to be carried?

Boy: You're from Angel Square, right?

Teen Cris: That's right. You okay?

Teen Jess: I'm fine. What's your name, so I can thank you properly.

Teen Cris: Cristian. Cristian Vega.

Teen Jess: I'm Jessica Buchanan.

Teen Christian: I know.

Jessica: For me, that was just last year. But for you it's like a lifetime ago. You probably don't even remember.

Cristian: I remember.

Cristian: Look, Jess -- I'm never gonna forget what we had. But it is part of my past. I moved on. And you know what? You don't remember this right now, but you moved on, too. It's like we're living in two different worlds now.

Teen Jess: Cristian Vega. Thanks again for coming to my rescue at the dance.

Teen Cris: No big deal.

Jessica: My friends couldn't understand.

Girl: Jessica, what are you thinking, talking to that guy?

Teen Jess: What?

Second girl: He's totally trouble.

Teen Jess: And how do you know that?

Girl: Duh. All those Angel Square guys are trouble.

Second girl: We've gotta go.

Jessica: We were from different worlds when we met. But it wasn't the end. It was the beginning.

Roxy: You know, I think old Johnny boy could use a dose of whatever drained Nora and Jessica's brain. Because that way, the last thing he'd remember is loving you.

Natalie: Roxy, that is the last thing that I want. Besides, it doesn't matter what John remembers. He and Marty are still going to have this baby.

Bo: Ladies, gentlemen, I think a toast is in order. To John McBain.

All: Hear, hear!

Bo: Who has faced dangerous criminals, who has stared death in the face more times than I would even like to remember, and who is now about to embark on the scariest and the most rewarding road of his life. Good luck.

John: Ha.

All: Yay!

John: Thanks, Bo. If I may. In memory of my father, Thomas McBain, killed in the line of duty, who may have said on this fine day, "May the roof above us never fall in and may we friends gathered below never fall out." Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Bo and all: Hear, hear!

Man: Yay!

Second Man: Whoo!

Langston: Starr, you know you're my best friend.

Starr: Yeah, I know that. I'm starting to wonder if you do. Why have you been shutting me out?

Langston: I don't mean to. It's just --

Starr: Then what's going on?

Langston: It's just lately I've been feeling all this pressure from everyone. I mean, they all wanted the play done, like, yesterday. There's still so much work left to do and Markko -- Markko just wants to be with me all the time.

Starr: I can tell, with the way that he's been sexting you lately, but -- I thought that it seemed like you liked that.

Langston: No, I love Markko. I do.

Starr: But?

Langston: I don't know. It's just this whole idea of "one and only" -- you have no idea how lucky you are. You never doubted Cole was yours.

Starr: Are you serious? Cole and I weren't always together. Someone came between us.

Hannah: You must think I'm an idiot, doing this over some guy.

Cole: Okay. All right. All right. Okay. First of all, no, I don't think you're an idiot. The truth is -- I did the same thing.

Hannah: You accidentally OD'd on sleeping pills?

Cole: Pain killers. Nah, um -- I'm a drug addict. I haven't used in a long time, but a while back -- Starr broke up with me and everything bad that could happen just came down at me at once and --

Hannah: When it rains --

Cole: Yeah. I didn't -- I didn't know how to handle it. And I didn't think there was anyone to talk to.

Hannah: Not even your mom?

Cole: Not really. It's complicated. But the point is to numb the pain with drugs. And I had to hit rock bottom before I realized it just made everything worse.

Hannah: How did you get through it?

Cole: Starr and my drug counselor Rachel and -- a lot of very forgiving people. I'm really lucky.

Hannah: I guess I'm pretty lucky, too.

Blair: Wait a minute. What is going on here, Todd? We both know that Kelly isn't competent enough to run anything. Well, maybe a flea circus.

Kelly: Oh, no. You don't get to call me flea anymore. I've grown up, Blair. "Raising Zane" gets thousands of hits every week. Online critics love it.

Blair: I'd like to meet them.

Kelly: I think Todd is smart enough to know real talent when he sees it.

Blair: Talent? Even you're dumb enough to know the only reason that he would hire you is to piss me off.

Kelly: Is it working?

Todd: Listen, Blair, don't flatter yourself. When I offered Kelly the job, you didn't even enter my mind. Why would you? You said it yourself -- we're through, right?

Kelly: I don't know, Todd. Pretty obvious to me that Blair is still hung up on you. Maybe that's why you're upset. You're worried I'm gonna sleep with Todd.

Blair: I don't give a hoot who Todd sleeps with, okay? I'm just a little concerned about him scraping the bottom the barrel when it comes to you.

Kelly: You are the one who slept with Kevin when he was still my husband, okay? Not that that's anything new. You always seem to go after men who are interested in me.

Blair: Let's get the story straight here, Kelly. You always go after my men. Does Max Holden ring a bell? Ding ding ding.

Kelly: Oh, it did once he got tired of you. Mm-hmm.

Blair: Okay, I am not interested in Todd anymore. I've moved on with someone else.

Kelly: Then why does it bother you that he has offered me a job?

Blair: Because I don't like you. I'm sorry. I tried to be nice to you because we're family and then you lost your mother, but that's old news.

Kelly: Excuse me?

Blair: And I don't want to have to look at your face every single day. How's that?

Todd: Hey, Jerry, listen. Would you bring up another copy of that Kelly Cramer contract?

Blair: Why don't you just get on the plane and go back to London?

Kelly: I'm not gonna do what you want me to do.

Langston: Do you ever have doubts?

Starr: About what? Cole?

Langston: About being with him forever.

Starr: Not anymore. Not after everything we've been through to find our way back to each other. Now we're raising our daughter together, so --

Langston: Yeah, see? It really is an amazing love story.

Starr: Yeah, I guess it is.

Langston: So you'll let me do the play?

Cole: Hey, I scored some snacks from the vending machine.

Hannah: I thought you wanted me to live.

Cole: Oh, come on. You got to get something solid in that stomach.

Hannah: You didn't have to do all this.

Cole: I know I didn't, the same way that all the people that helped me didn't have to, but I don't know what I would have done without them.

Hannah: So you're paying it forward?

Cole: Something like that. Hey, are you sure -- sure you don't want to see a doctor or my mom?

Hannah: I'm sure. Thanks. But there is one other thing I need from you.

Jessica: We didn't stay in our own worlds, and then somehow we found each other.

Cristian: That was a long time ago.

Jessica: No, it wasn't. Not for me.

Teen Cris: Are you sure you should be talking to me? Somebody might see you.

Teen Jess: Sorry about Heather and Heather. They're not really my friends. They think you're dangerous.

Teen Cris: And you don't?

Teen Jess: I think we could be friends.

[Book hits floor]

Teen Jess: I keep making you do that.

Jessica: That was the first time I saw your art.

Teen Jess: These are amazing. You drew them all? You're a real artist. Is that what you want to do with your life?

Teen Cris: It's a stupid dream, like you being friends with someone like me.

Jessica: See? Dreams do come true.

Layla: So how did you get your memory back?

Nora: I had a very good doctor. He was a very good-looking doctor. And then he went crazy. So sad. Anyway, it came back in bits and pieces, and then I got chunks of it, and then the whole thing came back, you know? I was relieved, that's for sure.

Layla: Well, Jessica is living in the past and loving it, really.

Natalie: Well, who could blame her? Who wouldn't want to go back to a time when things were simpler and everything was clear?

Bo: You know, I think that every song on this old box holds a memory for me.

John: Is that a good thing?

Bo: Mostly.

Layla: Natalie, I know we're not exactly close, but when I think about everything you went through last year, I realize I can't get upset about Jessica crushing on Cristian.

Natalie: Sure, you can. I'd be pissed as hell.

Layla: Well, at least Cristian and I are still together. I mean, Brody is so in love with Jessica, and he isn't even a part of her life.

Oliver: Man, it feels good to cut loose. I have had so much on my mind lately.

Brody: You and me both, brother.

Bo: You never got around to telling me what it was that was bothering you.

John: Really?

Bo: Mmm.

John: How about that?

["Danny boy" playing]

All: Oh!

Oh, Danny boy the pipes, the pipes are calling

[Roxy screams]

Nora: Roxy?

Layla: Oh, my God. Are you okay?

[Roxy screams]

Roxy: We're out of beer.

All: If you'll not fail to tell me that you love me I simply sleep in peace until you come to me


Cristian: Look, Jess, I'm not sure this trip down memory lane is such a good idea. I'm gonna go.

Jessica: You were always trying to run away from me. I remember when I saw you again in the hall.

Teen Jess: You're on a team? You don't seem -- I mean, you're not like the other jocks.

Teen Cris: I'm good at soccer. That's pretty much all I have in common with them.

Teen Jess: I haven't seen you around lately. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you're avoiding me.

Teen Cris: I was.

Teen Jess: Why?

Teen Cris: Because I want to see more of you.

Jessica: That didn't make any sense to me.

Teen Cris: You and I -- we don't have anything more in common than I do with my teammates.

Teen Jess: Why? Because you're from Angel Square?

Teen Cris: And you're from a house that has a name. Your mother is the richest woman in town. My mom is Dorian Lord's maid. My brother's in jail.

Teen Jess: Just because my family has money, it doesn't mean we don't have problems.

Teen Cris: What? A chauffeur took the day off?

Teen Jess: My parents are divorced. My mother -- she's sick.

Teen Cris: I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Teen Jess: I think we have a lot more in common than you're willing to admit.

Teen Cris: I got to go to work.

Teen Jess: Hey, you forgot your --

Jessica: No matter how hard you tried to run, we always ended up together.

John: Keys?

Oliver: Dude, I know I am gonna regret it tomorrow, but I'm having a really great time. Hey, hey, John, thank you for getting pregnant -- I mean, for having a baby. No, what I mean --

Bo: Fish.

Oliver: Boss?

Bo: Keys.

Oliver: Keys.

Roxy: Come on. Okay, who do you have to boink around here to get a beer? Ha ha ha!

Cole: What do you need?

Hannah: I need you to -- please don't tell anyone about this -- about the pills.

Cole: Okay. But I still think you should talk to someone.

Hannah: Look, this is never gonna happen again.

Cole: I know. I believe you. But what you're going through is really painful, and anyone would have a rough time getting through it.

Hannah: Okay, I'll go see psych services tomorrow.

Cole: Good.

Hannah: But I still don't want anyone else to know. I mean, people here love to talk. The last thing I need is for this to get back to my folks. I mean, they'd yank me out of school so fast. Please, I'd be mortified if anyone found out.

Cole: You mean like that slimy T.A.?

Hannah: Promise me you'll keep this between the two of us.

Cole: I promise.

Starr: I guess everyone at school does already know everything that happened.

Langston: And nobody cares anymore, but in a good way.

Starr: You did write a pretty amazing script, from what I read, anyway.

Langston: Of course I did. Look who inspired me.

Starr: Okay, now you're just sucking up to me. Stop.

Langston: No, I mean it. You guys are amazing. I mean, come on. Who's had to overcome bigger obstacles?

Starr: That's true.

Langston: But look, I don't want to pressure you into doing something you don't want to do, so if you want, I'll just write another script. I don't know how I'll do it in a day, but --

Starr: But no pressure, right?

Langston: I'll figure it out. Our friendship is way more important.

Starr: Wait, Lang, you would really scrap this script and start all over if I asked you to?

Langston: Of course.

Starr: I guess it would be a pretty good way to leave my mark on Llanview High before graduation.

Langston: Are you saying you're gonna let me do the play?

Starr: Let's put on a show.

Langston: Oh, my God. Thank you. Ha ha ha! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, God. I love you.

Starr: You did nail my dad, by the way.

Langston: Yeah, well, it's a writer's job -- reflect the truth.

Todd: Check that out. There's no better deal anywhere.

Blair: She doesn't need to check it out, Todd, because she's not gonna take the job. She needs to go back to London so she can "Raise Zane."

Kelly: You know, the tramp is right, Todd. I have to be in London.

Blair: So tear that up, like you've obviously torn up this last contract.

Kelly: Of course, Zane and I could move here right after the school year ends. I mean, Dorian has offered us rooms at La Boulaie down the hall from you.

Blair: Oh, well, why wait? I'm sure Zane already feels abandoned by you already.

Kelly: Like when you took off to what, Tahiti, even after Starr had been kidnapped?

Blair: You know, I'm a terrific mom to all 4 of my children. Oh, wait a minute. It's only 3. That's right, because you ran me down and killed my unborn son!

Kelly: That was an accident, Blair. Are you gonna punish me forever?

Blair: No, just until you leave.

Kelly: What makes you think I'm going to leave?

Todd: Does that mean you're taking the job?

Kelly: As fun as this afternoon has been, you should know that despite your generous offer, I never had any intention of accepting the job offer.

Blair: Well, good for you. See, even a flea has the sense enough to know that she'd be way in over her head if she went to work for you, so, ah. Looks like we're all set, then.

Kelly: Not exactly. Now we are all set. When do I start?

Langston: You are so awesome. How great is it you're letting me do the show?

Starr: Okay, under one condition.

Langston: Name it.

Starr: Cole has to sign off on it, too.

Langston: Of course. But I'm sure if you're on board, he will be, too.

Starr: And one more condition.

Langston: Yeah.

Starr: I want you to work on the Langston/Markko stuff. Give them a happy ending.

Langston: I'll -- I'll look at it.

Starr: Because they deserve one, too, don't they? I'm gonna go call Cole.

Langston: Hey, it's me. I really need to see you.

Hannah: I'm sorry.

Cole: For what?

Hannah: We still have so much work to do, and I wasted all this time on my stupid problems.

Cole: Okay, so we'll catch up, and your problems aren't stupid -- no stupider than anyone else's problems.

Hannah: Thanks for everything. Um, if you want to go --

Cole: I don't have to.

Hannah: No, I just mean, you don't have to stay. I'll be fine.

Cole: Do you want to be alone?

Hannah: Not really.

Cole: Okay. Then fine. I'll stay a while.

[Cell phone rings]

Cole: Excuse me. It's Starr.

Hannah: Oh. Go ahead.

Cole: Hey, what's up?

Starr: Hey, I have something I want to run by you. Where are you right now?

Cole: With Hannah.

Starr: You're still working?

Cole: No. We got a little behind.

Starr: Oh, okay. Well, I'll meet you at the library.

Cole: No. Uh, um, I'm not sure how long we'll be, so, um, I'll just meet you at home, okay?

Starr: Sure. I'll see you at home.

Roxy: Look at this! Am I dreaming or what? A whole roomful of hunky cops! Am I lucky or what? Okay, guys, what are we celebrating here?

["Come on, Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners playing]

Roxy: Oh, I love this song! I grew up with this chick Eileen. So let's drink to Eileen! Come on, catfish. Let's dance.

Bo: What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

Nora: I'm just attracted to a man in uniform.

Bo: Mmm.

Nora: How about we show them how it's done?

Rowland: Toora loo-rye-aye and we can sing just like our fathers come on, Eileen

Layla: So. Still sucks?

Brody: Yeah.

Layla: Same here. Let's dance.

Rowland: Verge on dirty ah, come on, Eileen come on, Eileen

John: Good times.

Rowland: Come on, Eileen too-rye-aye now you're full grown now you have shown oh

Jessica: Do you remember the next day? I found you sitting all by yourself right over there.

Teen Jess: I saw the rest of the team leave. I wanted to give this back to you. What are you working on?

Teen Cris: I --

Teen Jess: You did this from memory?

Teen Cris: I couldn't get the image out of my head.

Jessica: Do you remember that?

Cristian: I remember.

Jessica: Do you remember what happened next?

Jessica: We had our first kiss.

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