One Life to Live Transcript Friday 3/12/10


Episode # 10645 ~ I Saw Your Picture Today

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[Toy squeaks]

Starr: Oh! I'm sorry. I tried to get this all cleaned up before you got home.

Cole: Is she with my mom?

Starr: Uh-huh. And Langston and Markko are out, so --

Cole: So, we're all alone.

Starr: [Laughs] Yup!

Waitress: Your daughter is adorable.

Marty: Oh. Ah. This is my granddaughter. But you're right. She's -- she's pretty cute.

Waitress: Your granddaughter?

Marty: Yes.

Waitress: Whatever you're using, I want some. You look young enough to be her mom.

Marty: Well, I thank you for that. Huh? Oh, goodness. Hope. What do you think? Think Grandma can pull this off?

John: Warden, this is Mitch Laurence we're talking about, so who's been in to see him? Roxanne Balsom, again?

Mitch: Hello, Roxanne. Have you done everything I've asked?

Allison: Of course. I think you'll be very pleased.

Layla: [Laughs] This is a nice surprise.

Cristian: Well, I was on my way home from work and I had some time.

Layla: Mm. So? How'd it go? Did your star pupil show up?

Cristian: Jessica? She did.

Brody: Oh, I got it, I got it. Oh. "Advanced Physics" and "Art Through the Ages." Isn't Bree a little young for this kind of --

Jessica: They're mine.

Brody: Is that a Llanview High School sweatshirt?

Jessica: I'm a senior there now.

Charlie: So, is this about the divorce?

Viki: Yes. I hired Téa Delgado and she's drawn up papers.

Charlie: Well, that was fast. I mean, I just had kind of hoped that maybe with a little time -- you really want to do this, Viki?

Viki: No. No. I've asked Téa to put everything on hold.

Shane: Hey, guys. Lois just left. They brought over the crib from Dad's apartment and we set it up. Where's the baby?

Gigi: With her dad. I had to let her go.

Schuyler: You know, it's so funny. I really didn't think I'd be able to take her home today.

Rachel: Why not? I thought the doctors gave her the okay.

Schuyler: Yeah, they did, they did, but then Gigi found a lawyer and the court gave her temporary custody, based on me taking the oxytocin.

Rachel: Okay, but I thought the Ethics Committee dropped all those charges.

Schuyler: Well, they did. They did. Thank God. I mean, if they hadn't, Téa wouldn't have been able to overturn the ruling. But, you know, as it is, I'm willing to share custody.

Rachel: But Gigi wants full custody.

Schuyler: Yeah.

Rachel: She's still angry at you.

Schuyler: And now -- now I have to break her heart all over again.

Shane: It's not fair.

Rex: You're right.

Gigi: Schuyler's her dad.

Shane: Don't defend him. He's a liar. Right, Dad?

Rex: Let's just focus on the positive, okay? Sierra Rose came through her surgery, she's doing great, and she'll be home with us before you know it.

Shane: When?

Rex: It may take a while.

Shane: I should've given that lady my e-mail address.

Rex: What lady?

Shane: Some nurse's aide at the hospital. She took pictures of me and Sierra.

Mitch: I miss my family.

Allison: Technology -- you gotta love it. Now, if you like the graphics -- ha ha -- you're gonna love the photos. I took pictures of everyone, starting with the mothers of your children.

Charlie: Have you changed your mind about the divorce?

Viki: No. You know, I don't know. I don't know, despite what Dorian says.

Charlie: Dorian?

Viki: Dorian. Yes, Dorian. Your newest best friend barged in here, insisted I take you back.

Charlie: Oh, she did not.

Viki: Oh, she most certainly did.

[Charlie laughs]

Charlie: I'm sorry. I just -- I swear that woman is such a major pain in the neck sometimes.

Viki: Sometimes?

Charlie: Hey, look, I hope you don't think I had anything to do with this --

Viki: No, no, no. I know you didn't. Dorian doesn't need any help when she's on a mission. Apparently, her guilt is so severe that she is desperate that we reconcile.

Charlie: And how's she doing?

Viki: She can be very persuasive. She's the reason I went to Texas, you know. Well, you do know that. At Asa's funeral, she told me in no uncertain terms that I should get a life.

Charlie: That sounds like Dorian, all right.

Viki: So, I went to Paris, Texas, where --

Charlie: Where you met me.

Viki: And I found what I was missing. I don't want to get your hopes up, Charlie.

Charlie: I'm not complaining.

Viki: I've just put the divorce on hold for now, and actually, I'm going to be leaving Llanview.

Brody: You're back in high school?

Jessica: Don't give me that look. My parents think it's a great idea and Marty's all for it.

Brody: Big surprise.

Jessica: What is that supposed to mean?

Brody: She thinks I should stay away from you.

Jessica: Well, maybe you should.

Brody: Hey. I don't wanna fight, okay? You need space. Fine. You wanna go back to high school? Terrific.

Jessica: Really?

Brody: Sure. Whatever you need, Jessica. So, how's it going?

Jessica: Okay.

Brody: Really?

Jessica: Well, I kinda got into it with one the teachers today.

Cristian: I don't know what to do. If Jessica keeps acting like a teenager, I guess I --

Natalie: She is a teenager -- at least in her mind. What'd she do now?

Layla: Let's just say she wants to be a certain teacher's pet.

Natalie: Oh, man. Cristian, I am really sorry. I heard about this whole going back to high school thing, and this must be really awkward for the both of you.

Layla: Yeah. We feel really bad for her.

John: Yeah. I'll talk to Miss Balsom about her visits. Even though most of what she says doesn't make sense.

Roxy: So fast?

Marty: I'm sorry?

Roxy: Weren't you pregnant like a minute and a half ago?

Marty: Roxy, this is Hope. I'm baby-sitting for Starr and Cole.

Roxy: So, you're still pregnant.

Marty: I need you to keep that to yourself.

Roxy: So, you still haven't told Johnny yet, have you?

[Knocking on door]

John: Yeah?

Natalie: Got a sec?

John: Hey. Yeah. Come on in.

[Door closes]

Natalie: Thought I'd save you the trip.

John: What do you mean?

Natalie: It's okay, John. I understand. Whatever we had going on between us, this is way more important. So, you can stop trying to come up with ways to break it to me. It's fine. I just -- I wanted to congratulate you.

John: For what?

Natalie: The baby. 

Natalie: Oh, God. Oh, my God. I thought -- I would -- I mean, I thought that Marty would -- oh, my God. I -- forget what I said. I gotta go.

John: Wait, wait. Easy, easy. All right. Come on. Sit down. What's go -- go on. What's going on, Natalie?

Natalie: I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry.

John: Talk to me.

Natalie: It's not me that you need to talk to. You need to talk to Marty.

Roxy: So, what the hell are you waiting for? Don't you think Johnny deserves to know?

Marty: Come on, Roxy. Not now. Thank you.

Roxy: You afraid that Hope's gonna understand? Hope, you don't know what the hell we're talking about.

Marty: I'd prefer not to talk about it in the middle of a crowded diner.

Roxy: Hey, don't blame the crowd for you being too chicken to let Johnny know that he knocked you up.

Marty: Would you be quiet? It's not that simple.

Roxy: Oh, why? Because you don't love him? Because you don't like cops? Because you're afraid that he dresses in black all the time and he's gonna dress your baby in black?

Marty: John is a wonderful man.

Roxy: I guess he's not your "Father Knows Best" kind of guy, but let me tell you something, sister. Maybe he's not your hoochie-coo, kind of guy, but he's decent and you can rely on him. And he's no louse. And believe me, I completely cornered the market on that. Ask Rex about his daddy-o.

Mitch: That is supposed to cheer me up?

Allison: Patience, messenger.

Mitch: Show me my family -- my blood. Rex. Jessica. How is my daughter? Is her memory still blocked?

Allison: Last I heard, she'd enrolled in high school.

Mitch: Yeah, thanks to that bumbling idiot Charlie Banks. She was so lovely, so willing.

Allison: Aren't we all?

Mitch: Ah, Shane. Yeah. Nice haircut.

Allison: Ha ha! Just like his grandfather.

Mitch: And that would be Bree?

Allison: She's gotten so big.

Mitch: Ah. Who's that?

Allison: Sierra Rose.

Rex: Well, I'm gonna check with the hospital and find that nurse's aide who took Sierra Rose's picture. But first, can you put away some of the baby stuff?

Shane: I'm on it.

Rex: Can I get you anything? Want some tea? Geeg.

Gigi: You had every right to say, "I told you so," and you didn't.

Rex: I would never say that. Besides, how many times did you warn me about Stacy? And Kim? Please.

Gigi: I guess we're just a pair of dummies.

Rex: We're a pair.

Gigi: This is your loss, too -- you thought you had a daughter coming. And the way they all lied to you? You must be furious. But here you are taking care of me. Who's gonna take care of you?

Starr: Okay, so, she's good? Okay. Okay. We'll see you in a little while! Okay. Bye! Stop it.

Cole: Hey.

Starr: We have at least an hour until they get home, and Hope is having a good time with your mom, so --

Cole: What's this?

Starr: What's what? My mom brought it over here.

Cole: From L.U.?

Starr: Yeah. Don't get too excited. It's just a brochure.

Cole: And a letter.

Starr: A letter? What does it say?

Cole: Why don't you read it? What?

Starr: They want me to set up an interview for the honors program. Hmm.

Cole: Well, that's great. You got to the -- passed the first cut.

Starr: You think?

Cole: Uh, guaranteed.

Starr: So, you think I'll get in.

Cole: Uh, you have straight as, perfect board scores. You don't need a scholarship. Guaranteed.

Starr: Do you know what that means? If we both go to L.U., then we can drop Hope off at the day care on campus, and then we can visit her in between classes.

Cole: That'll make life easier.

Starr: I know, and then we could sneak here for a little while.

Cole: I don't know if I can wait another 6 months.

Starr: All right, well, we have an hour, so let's make it fast.

[Knocking on door]

Starr: Mm. You've gotta be kidding me.

Cole: Just ignore it.

Starr: I am. [Giggles]

[Knocking on door]

Starr: Okay, okay. I'll go get rid of them. Cole, did you make a date with the hottie?

Cole: No.

Hannah: Hi, Starr. Can I talk to Cole?

Cole: Were we supposed to meet?

Hannah: Um, I thought so. It's -- oh, my God. It's tomorrow. Um, I'm so sorry.

Starr: Yeah, you know what? It's fine. I'm just gonna go and pick up Hope.

Cole: You sure?

Starr: Yeah. I'll see you tonight.

Hannah: I'm really sorry. I'll call and confirm next time.

Starr: No, it's okay. It's just that we have to work with 3 different schedules.

Hannah: No, I get it.

Starr: Look, really -- it's fine. Bye.

[Door closes]

Hannah: Um, I'm so sorry. I don't know where my head is these days. I can't keep anything straight since --

Cole: Since when?

Hannah: It doesn't matter.

Cole: Hannah, wait.

Hannah: I'm such an idiot.

Layla: She's stalking you.

Cristian: If she is, she doesn't know it.

Layla: The girl goes back to high school to get next to you. If that's not a plan, then I don't know what is. And she kissed you.

Cristian: Yeah, but it's not the way you kiss me. And that's what you don't understand. She's like a high school kid. She doesn't know what she's doing. And all she does is sit there in front of me and stare at me all day with these big puppy eyes. That's all it is. I swear. Look, I'm gonna head to the diner. Are we good?

Layla: As long as you know just who it is you wanna kiss.

Cristian: I'll see you tonight.

Layla: All right.

Brody: You sure this high school thing's a good idea? I mean, if your teachers are upsetting you --

Jessica: I thought that you said that you were gonna back off. Didn't -- didn't Marty tell you to leave me alone? Why are you here, anyway?

Brody: I just wanted to bring you some of your stuff.

Jessica: Why? Are you finally ready to let me go?

Viki: I mean, I've had to put my whole life on hold because of Jessica.

Charlie: She's not getting any better?

Viki: No. No, not yet. All I can do is pray and hope that maybe one day, she'll wake up and be the person that she was.

Charlie: Before I shot her.

Viki: No, Charlie. You didn't do this. This was Mitch's fault. [Sighs] Is that Jessica's state of mind, this perpetual adolescence, it is so, so hard on Bree.

Charlie: She still doesn't even recognize her own daughter?

Viki: Nope. I mean, she's trying to be sensitive, but she has absolutely no idea who she is. She thinks she's a teenager. So I just thought it would be easier for everyone if I took Bree away for a little while.

Charlie: Well, you know, I hear Paris, Texas, is mighty pretty this time of year.

Viki: Ha. Kevin has to go back to London. I thought we'd join him for a couple of weeks, you know. This will give Jessie time to follow this path that she's on and -- maybe, maybe she'll start to remember who she is.

Charlie: And maybe with this time away, it'll spark some memories for you. Viki -- you and I love each other. Now, I know that's not enough, and I know I've made plenty of mistakes, but maybe -- maybe -- you can find a way to forgive me.

Mitch: Sierra Rose?

Allison: Morasco. Stacy's little girl.

Mitch: You know how I feel about that lying whore. Why would you bring me a picture of her little brat?

[Sierra crying]

Schuyler: I'm coming. I'm coming. Come here. Oh, yeah. Come here. Come here.

Rachel: Aww.

Schuyler: Hey.

Rachel: You are a natural.

Schuyler: Yeah?

Rachel: Yeah. Is that a happy baby? Are you a happy baby? Oh, yes, you are.

Rex: Why don't you get some rest? I'll be okay. See you, Shane! Let me know what Eli comes up with.

Gigi: If anything.

Rex: Come on. Puts you on the stand -- you're the world's best mother.

Gigi: [Chuckles] Then he better not put Shane up there.

Rex: What are you talking about? He's crazy about you.

Gigi: Anyway, the legal stuff is really between Schuyler and me. You don't have to get into it.

Rex: My son wants a little sister. I'm gonna make sure he gets one.

Gigi: Thank you.


Shane: When are you coming back?

Rex: So soon you won't even miss me.

Shane: I always miss you.

Rex: Call me if you need me. Anything.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Shane: So, what's up with you and Dad?

Roxy: You know, I don't know how, but Rex really turned out okay considering he had a slag heap for a father.

Marty: That's a lot of resentment you're carrying around. Here you go, sweetie. Try this.

Roxy: Oh, really? You think? Anyway, enough about me. See, you really pull off this thing. You know, you look good with kids. And those baby hormones? They're really working for you. You should trust me, because I'm a professional.

Marty: Okay. I would really appreciate if you keep this between us, because there's -- thank you, my love. There's a few things that I need to take care of me before I go public with this, okay?

Roxy: Don't worry. And you can cross Nattie off your list.

Marty: What do you mean?

Roxy: I set her straight. She's not gonna be coming between you and Johnny anymore.

Marty: Roxy, what did you tell her?

John: I deserve an honest answer.

Natalie: You do, but not from me.

John: Okay, Natalie, what's it gonna take?

Natalie: John, it's not like I wanna keep this from you, but it is not my place. Believe me, it will make things worse.

John: You came in congratulating me on a baby.

Natalie: Yes, and I'm -- I'm sorry for that. I just assumed that you would know.

John: Because?

Natalie: Because isn't the father the first person a woman should tell?

John: Go on.

Natalie: Come on, John, she's gonna hate me, more than she already does. I mean, can't you just take her out and, I don't know, ask her if she wants pickles with her ice cream?

John: I need to know.

Natalie: Marty's pregnant. It's your kid.

John: What makes you think Marty's pregnant?

Natalie: It's not like she came running to me to tell -- you know what? Maybe -- maybe I'm wrong.

John: You made the assumption. I'd like to know why.

Natalie: Okay. I was taking care of Bree and she grabbed a purse off the foyer table. Dumped all of its contents on the floor. So I was just picking it up, and -- and that's when I saw the pregnancy test which was a positive pregnancy test, and anyway, I saw Marty take the purse later. But you know what? It doesn't mean that the pregnancy test is hers.

John: Still feeling a little --

Marty: Yeah. A little -- I don't know. Just no appetite.

John: She's pregnant.

Natalie: Yeah. So that's -- gonna change things for the two of you. It sure as hell changes everything for us.

Roxy: Trust me. I didn't tell Nattie a thing. I had a heart-to-heart with her about what she wants and about how Johnny is probably not the guy to give it to her. And don't go thinking that I'm on your side, either, Doc, because I still can't rent that room of yours that you woke up with the dead guy there. So anything I said to Nattie was to protect her, not you. Because she's been through enough.

Marty: I know. And you love her.

Roxy: Love her? Of course I love her. I'm her mama. I mean, you know, kinda sorta. But listen, this is a word to the wise. Don't lie about your kids. So, make sure you tell Johnny before it's too late. Okay? Enough said.

Brody: I'm never giving up on you, Jess, and I'm not saying that to pressure you. I just know that there's a part of you deep inside that needs to hear it. These are yours.

Jessica: I played football?

Brody: We used to like to toss it around. You gave it to me. You called it a "sane" gift.

Jessica: A "sane" gift?

Brody: It's kind of an inside joke.

Jessica: Is that supposed to make me feel bad, that I don't remember inside jokes?

Brody: No, I was -- I was hoping this stuff would make you feel good.

Jessica: Look, I don't mean to upset you. You seem like a really, really nice guy, and I wish I could remember our lives together. It would solve a lot of problems. But I just -- I can't.

Brody: Good luck in school.

Viki: I'm just so angry with you inside.

Charlie: I know you are. And I don't blame you.

Viki: And this is not like the last time, you know. I'm not running away. And Jessie will be in good hands. She has an awful lot of people looking after her. I'll be checking in every day, and I'm only going -- I'm only going for a few weeks.

Charlie: Whatever you need.

Viki: It's what Bree needs. I'm doing this for Bree.

Charlie: Okay, and I want you to do whatever you have to do, but I'm just telling you that I am not gonna stop hoping that there's some way that we can get ourselves back together.

Viki: Charlie, I can't promise you anything.

Charlie: Hey, 10 minutes ago, I was getting divorced. Now that divorce is on hold. Hey, you're going away for a little while, but -- that's progress, in my book, and after all -- you know, it wouldn't be the first time that you went away from me just to turn around and come back.

Gigi: There is nothing going on with your dad and me.

Shane: You've been together nonstop, and you're being really nice to each other.

Gigi: Well, that's because we've settled some things, and your dad's been very supportive, so, you're right. Things are a little calmer, but I don't want you to get your hopes up. Just because Schuyler was a jerk doesn't mean that your dad and I are gonna get back together.

Shane: But you could, right?

Mitch: Answer me, Allison. Why would you bring me a picture of Stacy Morasco's mewling whelp?

Allison: She's a very special child. A lot of people are interested in her.

Mitch: Well, I am not.

Allison: I wouldn't say that if I were you.

Schuyler: So, what do you think, Sierra Rose? We ready to let Aunt Rachel do a little bit of baby-sitting?

Rachel: As long as daddy takes the midnight shift.

[Knocking on door]

Rachel: Rex.

Rex: Where's your roommate? Rachel, leave us alone.

Marty: She likes those, huh?

Starr: [Gasps] Hello, baby girl! Hi!


Marty: Hi. How are you?

Starr: Good. How are you?

Marty: Good. Guess who loves ketchup?

Starr: Oh, that must run in the family. Thank you so much for taking her. Cole and I really needed some time alone.

Marty: I understand. That must be hard, juggling school and the baby.

Starr: It's tough. Whenever I try to get some studying done, this one wakes up. Don't ya? Yeah, you.


Starr: And then I have to do the laundry and make her lunch and pick up all the stuff that she's thrown all over the floor. Then I'm too tired for studying, but -- it's all worth it. I wouldn't change it for the world. You and me and your daddy -- we're a team.

Hannah: I'm really sorry.

Cole: Why?

Hannah: Well, I barely even know you. To just break down like that, it's --

Cole: Look, I've seen girls cry before. My daughter? I mean, she cries like 5 times a day at least.

Hannah: I keep forgetting you're different.

Cole: I hope that's a compliment.

Hannah: It's definitely a compliment.

Cole: You wanna talk about it?

Hannah: Um, there's not really much to say. I was just stupid and got hurt.

Cole: That guy back home?

Hannah: No. Well, maybe -- in a way. We broke up over Christmas. Correction, he dumped me New Year’s Eve. Um, and so when I came back here, I guess I was trying to prove something to myself, that I'm not -- anyway. So, when I met this new guy, and he seemed really into me, and I even told him that I wasn't ready. But he was older and he kept trying no matter what I said, so, eventually, I gave in. But then, after we'd been together a couple of times, he just disappeared. He wouldn't call. Didn't answer my texts. It was like once he got me, he lost interest.

Cole: That's his loss.

Hannah: Or maybe he just found someone new. I heard him with this girl in his office at school.

Cole: His office? He's a teacher?

Hannah: A T.A. It was so horrible. Hearing them together. I just felt like such a loser.

Cole: Hannah, stop. Look. Come on, look at me. You're a terrific person. You're kind, you're sweet, you're intelligent, you're pretty. I mean, guys are jerks. Well, most of them are.

[Hannah chuckles]

Cole: But you just have to open up your eyes and look for someone that's a little more intelligent and, you know, mature. Someone with something to offer.

Layla: Brody. Hey. How you doing?

Brody: I've had better days.

Layla: Jessica?

Brody: She's still in this time warp. She doesn't know me. She doesn't want to know me.

Layla: She's busy being a teenager.

Brody: So much so that now she's gone back to high school.

Layla: And guess who her favorite teacher is?

Cristian: What's this?

Jessica: Everything you ever gave me. Since we're broken up, I don't need it anymore.

Shane: If you two could just make up --

Gigi: Enough, Mr. Know-it-all.

Shane: Well, wouldn't it be --

Gigi: Drop it. Roxy.

Roxy: Is it okay, seeing my grandson?

Gigi: Of course. Come in.

Roxy: Thanks.

Gigi: [Sighs] Look, I know that you had a problem with Schuyler and me.

Roxy: Yeah, I had a big problem. But it's over, right?

Gigi: Well, he's -- he's still my niece's father.

Roxy: Well, as long as he's out of your bed, I don't care whose father he is.

Gigi: I missed you.

Roxy: I missed you, too. So, do I get a hug?

Shane: Choking. Need air. What's wrong?

Roxy: I don't know. All this talk about babies -- it's got me all shook up.

Natalie: So, no more trips down memory lane. You're gonna be a father, John. That's huge. Anyway, so, congratulations. Oh, and for the record -- that's one lucky kid.

[Door closes] 

Hannah: Mind if we pick this up tomorrow? I don't think I can concentrate on environmental justice right now.

Cole: Yeah. No problem.

Hannah: Thanks again for dealing with me.

Cole: Hannah, you don't have to apologize for your feelings. Mr. Iowa dumps you, then you get mixed up with this T.A. You've had a rough couple weeks.

Hannah: I'm just not used to having someone to talk to.

Cole: Well, get used to it because you deserve it.

Hannah: See you tomorrow.

[Door closes]

Starr: Hi.

Cole: There's my little girl. Hi, baby.

Starr: So, Hannah left?

Cole: Yeah. We're gonna meet tomorrow.

Starr: Everything okay?

Cole: Yeah. Everything's perfect.

Brody: So when Jessica told me she had a problem with one of her teachers, she meant Cristian.

Layla: Your girlfriend is stalking my boyfriend.

Brody: I wish there was some way we could keep them apart.

Layla: Maybe there is.

Brody: What do you mean?

Layla: Maybe we can help each other.

Cristian's voice: Dear Jess, this is a special day. But I'm going to love you every day for the rest of my life.

Gigi: I'm kinda down myself. I was hoping to bring home Stacy's baby with me today.

Roxy: What happened? I thought the surgery fixed her up.

Gigi: It did. But Schuyler wants her, and his lawyer stopped me before I could take her out of the hospital. I'm telling you, Roxy, when they took that baby away from me -- you don't know –

Allison: I'll take care of him. Go lie down in that cubicle and keep your mouth shut.

Gigi: Roxy.

Allison: Sierra Rose is lovely. Who would've thought the mother could have such a beautiful child?

Mitch: Why should I care?

Allison: Because this little girl is your ticket outta here.

Rex: I can't believe you took that baby away from Gigi.

Schuyler: Well, I am her father, and Gigi can come by and see her anytime she wants.

Rex: So, what, now she's -- she's bait? You're gonna use your own kid to reel Gigi in? Well, wait, no, what am I saying? You used her to drive us apart.

Schuyler: Hey, you know what? We all made mistakes here. Point is, I love my daughter.

Rex: Since when? You didn't give a damn about her while Stacy was carrying her. Gigi delivered her. Gigi helped name her. Gigi almost froze to death in the blizzard, almost drowned, trying to get her to the hospital. And now Gigi is crying her eyes out because you decide that it might work for you to be a father. Don't you think she's lost enough because of you?

Charlie: I'm not giving up on us, Viki B. The last time you went away, I built you a diner. This time -- well, we'll just have to see. But I can promise you one thing -- I am gonna rebuild myself from the ground up, so that when you do come back --

Charlie: Natalie.

Natalie: Bye, Charlie. You okay?

Viki: [Cries] No. It's so hard to say good-bye to somebody that you love so much.

Marty: Hey.

John: Hey.

Marty: Free? Dinner's on me.

John: Why? So you can tell me you're pregnant?

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