One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 3/11/10


Episode # 10644 ~ Rachel Getting Harried

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Blair: Mail call

Starr: Who's it from?

Blair: Uh, L.U.

Starr: Give it to me.

Blair: Did you put La Boulaie down as your primary residence? Because I don't know why it would've gone there. What?

Starr: It's just a brochure.

Blair: Oh, sweetie, don't even worry about it. I'm sure you're gonna get a big, old, fat envelope from them very, very soon.

Starr: You think?

Blair: I know. Besides, you father is already planning a big party.

Starr: Mom, no. He can't do that, not until I get accepted.

Blair: I know that, and I told him that. Do you think he ever listens to me? No. Shocker. Hello? Maybe Kelly should talk to him.

Starr: Kelly? But Dad can't stand Kelly, and the feeling is mutual.

Blair: Yeah. Yeah. That's what I thought, but maybe times are changing.

Todd: What are you doing with that?

Kelly: You gave it to me.

Todd: Why would I do that?

Kelly: Because I was crying. Sometimes people cry when their mothers die. Here.

Todd: Oh, no. You used it. I don't think so. No, no, no, no. You keep it, Cas.

Kelly: Ohh...

Todd: All right. What are you-- I know you're not Cassie. Where's your sense of humor?

Kelly: I left it back at the cemetery, where I buried my mother.

Todd: Oh, yeah. That's not what I hear. I heard you shot down Kevin Buchanan. God, what a laugh that gave me. It just makes me feel so optimistic about the future of humanity. That's why I came by, to thank you.

Laudine: Look, Leah. It's the son of the groom.

Leah: We missed you.

Laudine: You know, if your dad looks anything like you, Kim is one lucky lady.

Kevin: Yeah. So, how do you girls know Kim?

Laudine: We used to work together in the entertainment industry.

Leah: Do you like entertainment?

Laudine: Because we are really good at it.

Kevin: Heh.

Clint: Thank you. Okay. The justice of the peace is on his way. Before you know it, you are gonna be Mrs. Clint Buchanan, or should I say Kimberly Andrews-Buchanan?

Kim: I've been thinking. Maybe I should stick with plain, old Kimberly Andrews. I don't know if I can marry you, Clint.

Dorian: You know darn well why I'm here. May I? I'm here to keep you from making the worst mistake of your life.

Viki: Oh, and what mistake would that be?

Dorian: Divorcing Charlie.

Rex: Let's get Sierra Rose home.

Téa: Wait. You're not taking that baby anywhere.

Rex: Oh, no? Watch us.

Eli: Yeah. We have a court order here, Téa, so back off.

Téa: I'll be happy to just as soon as that baby is returned to her father.

Greg: There's nobody here but you and me. Just tell me if Schuyler stole that oxytocin from the hospital or not.

Rachel: I can't do that.

Greg: You can't, or you won't?

Rachel: Schuyler is my friend. I'm not gonna betray him.

Greg: I see, but betraying me is no problem.

Rex: You're too late. We already have authorization from the judge.

Téa: A lower court judge. Luckily, someone a little further up on the food chain disagreed.

Gigi: What is that?

Téa: A stay.

Rex: Which means what?

Téa: It means that Schuyler is taking his daughter home.

Todd: I wish I could've seen the look on Kevin’s face when you gave him the old heave-ho.

Kelly: That's not how I would describe it, but how do you even know what happened?

Todd: How could I not know? He's singing his sob story all over town.

Kelly: Oh, I doubt that.

Todd: Well, he's a Buchanan, isn't he? When those people don't get what they want, they just start being like 2-year-olds. No. I bet he's crying on someone's shoulder right now.

Laudine: You know, Kim promised us that guy with that accent would give us a tour.

Kevin: Uh, yeah. His name is--thank you--Nigel.

Laudine: Right, but I think he's busy, so why don't you do the honors?

Kevin: Well, you know, I don't think there's enough time before the wedding.

Laudine: I don't think there's gonna be a wedding.

Kevin: Really? So, what do you know that I don't?

Leah: Maybe you should ask Kim.

Clint: Kimberly, do I need to remind you that you proposed to me?

Kim: I know. I know.

Clint: Well, then do you want to get married, or don't you?

Kim: I don't know what I want anymore.

Clint: Ah, you know what? This sounds like pre-wedding jitters.

Kim: But that's crazy. I mean, I have a hot guy with a bazillion dollars. Why would I even think about giving that up?

Clint: You tell me.

[Kim sighs]

Laudine: Aw, he's a big boy. Him and Kim can figure this out.

Leah: And if they decide to bag the wedding, so what? I mean, who wants to be tied down, right?

Kevin: Well, I guess that depends on who you're tied down to.

Laudine: How about you? Wife? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?

Kevin: None of the above.

Laudine: Seriously? How does a hunk like you not have somebody special?

Kevin: That's a good question.

[Leah chuckles]

Kelly: You've got some nerve ripping on someone who's 10 times the man you will ever be.

Todd: Well, if he's all that, why did you turn him down?

Kelly: Just wasn't right.

Todd: Oh, that explains it.

Kelly: Kevin has meant the world to me. He is generous, compassionate, an amazing father, but somehow when we try to make it work, we wind up getting hurt.

Todd: Yeah. That sounds familiar.

Kelly: You and Blair?

Todd: Yes, or me and Téa.

Téa: This is stressful for everyone, so let's try to behave like grownups. I'm sure that Schuyler would be happy to give Gigi a moment to say good-bye.

Rex: No. Forget it. Sierra Rose is staying right where she is, okay? I don't care what judge you dug up or how much you paid.

Téa: Excuse me?

Rex: Nobody in their right minds would hand a newborn over to a drug addict.

Gigi: This doesn't change anything, right, Eli? I mean, what we have is legal.

Téa: I'm afraid not. That decision was made before all the facts came in.

Rex: What facts?

Téa: The results of Schuyler's hearing with the Ethics Committee. After he was cleared of any impropriety, it was decided that there's no longer any reason to keep him from his child. You want to back me up here, Counselor?

Eli: It's true. Schuyler has been granted custody.

Rachel: This isn't about you, Greg. This is about a friend who told me something in confidence, and for me to break that confidence now--

Greg: What about the patients under this friend's care? Do you not owe them anything?

Rachel: Schuyler is not treating any patients.

Greg: Yeah, not yet, but he's in training to make life-and-death decisions, Rachel, and if Schuyler sees nothing wrong with stealing drugs--

Rachel: It's not that simple, Greg. You don't have all the facts.

Greg: Because you won't give them to me, so why don't we just even the playing field here, Rachel? Why don't you tell me the whole story?

Rachel: I'm not free to do that.

Greg: So, you're choosing Schuyler over me.

Viki: Dorian, if I needed a marriage counselor, which I do not, it would not in my wildest dreams be you, so please go home. I'm fine.

Dorian: You don't look fine, and it's no mystery to me why. You miss Charlie. The two of you were perfect together.

Viki: You don't understand anything about Charlie and me.

Dorian: On the contrary. He is my--

Viki: He's your what, partner in crime?

Dorian: My friend.

Viki: Oh, and as a friend, he told you about the divorce?

Dorian: Would you deny the man a confidant in his hour of need? And don't make this about me and Charlie because it's about you and Charlie. He loves you. You love him... don't you?

Kim: I was fine until Leah and Laudine showed up.

Clint: Who and who?

Kim: The two bridesmaids from Vegas I told you about.

Clint: Oh, okay. Well, it's nice that you have friends here for your big day.

Kim: Uh, no. I wouldn't exactly call them friends. They're more like girls who if you slip during a pole routine, are all like, "aw, poor baby," and then 5 minutes later, they're making fun of you behind your back.

Clint: Well, then why do you want them at your wedding?

Kim: It was my chance to, like, say, "look at me now," you know?

Clint: So, we're talking payback?

Kim: Right. Let them see where their good, old friend Kimmy has been living--in the lap of luxury. That's where.

Clint: Well, I think you got them right where you want them.

Kim: Yeah, but now they're so jealous, they're just trying to rain on my parade, talking trash about how this marriage would never work.

Clint: Why wouldn't it work?

Kim: Because you and me, we're not marrying for love, right?

Clint: Right.

Kim: Well, isn't that the biggest mistake ever?

Kevin: So, I finally realized that I was still in love with my ex, and I asked her to marry me again.

Leah: Lucky girl.

Kevin: She said no.

Laudine: Oh, crazy girl.

Leah: Tell me about it. That girl is gonna regret that no for the rest of her natural life.

Todd: So, why do you think you and I keep getting involved with these people who bring out the worst in us?

Kelly: Is there something else to bring out in you? I must have missed it.

[Todd laughs]

Todd: Are you on their side? You've forgotten how Blair threw herself at Kevin when he was still your legally wedded husband?

Kelly: No. I'm not forgetting that.

Todd: You and she best friends or something?

Kelly: No. She's just not my punching bag, so if you want me to join in on a Blair bashing session, I'm not interested.

Todd: No, no. No bashing going on here. No. No. Just came by to have some face time with my little boy.

Kelly: They're not home from school yet.

Todd: Okay. I can wait.

Kelly: Those boys of yours are very cute, I have to say.

Todd: Oh, aren't they?

Kelly: Yeah.

Todd: And they love me, man. Yeah. I wish I could say the same about their sister Danielle, but--

Kelly: I take it she wasn't moved to tears with your charitable contributions?

Todd: That's right, and you told me that wouldn't work, didn't you?

Kelly: Yes. I did.

Todd: How right you were. You should come up with another idea for me since you seem to be an expert.

Kelly: Me?

Todd: Mm-hmm. Certainly redeemed yourself with Kevin, even after you slept with his son. How'd you do it, slick?

Kelly: Well, I didn't buy him off, for one thing. Took time, patience.

Todd: Yeah. I don't know if that's gonna work with Danielle. She seems to have made up her mind.

Kelly: Well, whatever you do, you can't give up. The Todd I know would never back down from a fight.

Blair: So, I guess they ran into each other at church.

Starr: Did you say church?

Blair: Yeah. Kelly was feeling, you know, upset about Aunt Melinda, and your dad was there, and he tried to make her feel better.

Starr: Dad as in my dad?

Blair: Yeah. I know. Weird, huh?

Starr: You think he has, like, a thing for her?

Blair: She is so not his type.

Starr: And if there was something going on between them, would you freak?

Blair: No. Of course not. Listen. Your dad can make whatever mistakes, troubles that he wants. He is so not my problem anymore.

Starr: That's good to know.

Blair: Yep. I may be a slow learner, my friend, but guess what. I think I'm finally catching on, especially all the stuff that happened with Téa. I have broken the Todd cycle.

Starr: Whoo hoo. Ha ha ha!

Blair: Mm-hmm. Yes. Your dad and I are in a very good place, which is no place.

Starr: And you know what that means.

Blair: No. I don't know what that means.

Starr: Things are getting pretty serious with you and your mystery man.

[Blair scoffs]

Eli: It's not as if we are without recourse here. We can go back before the judge.

Gigi: But today, right now--

Eli: Right now, the baby is going home with Schuyler.

Gigi: I can't believe this. I can't believe this is happening.

Schuyler: Gigi, Gigi, look. It'll be okay. I mean, we can work something out.

Rex: No. We'll work something out, and you won't be any part of it.

Téa: Okay. This is a court order. It's not easily overturned.

Rex: What about if we just ignore it? How's that?

Téa: What about if I call the LPD? You want to go to jail for this?

Rex: For Gigi? Yeah. I'll do whatever it takes. If Schuyler wants the baby, he's gonna have to go through me.

Viki: I am not going to discuss my husband with you.

Dorian: Oh! The fact that you call him your husband is all the answer that I need. You still love him, and you're heartsick about what you have done to him.

Viki: What I've done to him?

Dorian: He is a broken man, a shadow of the former gallant soul that he was when you married him, and you have no one to blame but your cold, unfeeling self.

Viki: Unf-- you want to talk about feelings, Dorian? Let's talk about my feelings; how I felt when I found out that my daughter was shot by a man who claims to love me.

Dorian: Why do you persist in thinking that he meant that to happen?

Viki: Dorian, he had a gun. He meant to kill someone. He meant to take a life.

Dorian: He is in agony about it. He's sorrier than you will ever know.

Viki: Well, I'm sorry, too, but there is nothing, nothing that I can do.

Dorian: Of course there is. You can forgive him. He's suffered enough.

Viki: No. You have suffered enough. This isn't about Charlie. This is about you. You don't want forgiveness for him. You want it for yourself.

Viki: A scheme that you concocted went horribly wrong, didn't it, Dorian, and now you want to be let off the hook for Jessica and for the death of your sister Melinda and for all the pain that Mitch Laurence has inflicted on everyone in this town. Well, if you want absolution, you're gonna have to look elsewhere. I'm fresh out.

Dorian: That's fine. You take out all your anger and frustration on me, on Charlie, anywhere but where it truly belongs, with you, because that's where this all started-- with you.

Todd: The Todd you know. I didn't realize we were such BFFs.

Kelly: Well, you married my cousin a few times, and there's your whole sordid history that's been on the front page of the news for several years, so it's not that hard to draw a few conclusions.

Todd: Oh, draw away.

Kelly: Oh, okay. Um, you are ruthless. You are vindictive and a complete narcissist.

Todd: Ha! Actually, I prefer the word "ego--"

Kelly: I'm not done. You're also violent and hypercritical. Okay. Now I'm done.

Todd: Ha ha! So, I'm not a good guy, huh? No. I guess I'm not. Just not in me.

Kelly: Except when you mention your kids.

Todd: Hmm.

Kelly: You know, when you say their names, you light up like Christmas, which is really all Blair and Téa ever really wanted. I think they just wanted a piece of that.

Todd: Oh, my word, Kelly, did you just say something nice to me?

Kelly: I guess I did.

Todd: Did you mean it?

Kelly: I don't say things I don't mean.

Todd: That's awesome. You want to have sex?

Kevin: Thanks for the vote of confidence, but truly, Kelly is pretty great. I mean, I would've been lucky to be her husband again.

Laudine: You ask me, you dodged a bullet, honey.

Leah: Laudine is right. Marriage is the pits.

Clint: There's a very easy way to solve this. We don't have to get married.

Kim: Don't you want to?

Clint: I said I did, didn't I?

Kim: Like, you don't sound too choked up about it.

Clint: Kim, look. I'm not the one who's talking about backing out of this. You are. Look. Listen to me. We are getting married because you promised Stacy that her baby would have a home and parents, and we can provide that, okay?

Kim: Mm-hmm.

Clint: And we seem to like each other. We have fun together, don't we?

Kim: We do, don't we?

Clint: Well, yeah, so for now, that may have to be enough.

Kim: Well, it might be. I just wish I could be sure, you know?

Clint: Yeah. I kind of do know. Would this help?

Kim: Oh! Oh, my God. Ring-a-ding-ding. Ha ha!

Clint: Ring-a-ding-ding. Ha ha! Justice Peterson, hi.

Justice Peterson: I was told this is where I could find the happy couple.

Clint: Oh, yes. Kimberly, is that us, or isn't it?

Kim: It's us, cowboy. Let's stick it to those bitches.

Kevin: So, you really think I'd be better off alone, huh?

Laudine: Nobody said you had to be alone.

Leah: Yeah. I mean, nobody said that.

Laudine: You sure we don't have time for that tour? You know, there was the one time in Vegas where me and 3 other girls...

Greg: You think you're protecting the man, but we both know what you're really doing. It's called enabling.

Rachel: How do you figure that? Schuy is not using.

Greg: So? He's indulging in all the same addictive behavior. He obtained a drug illegally, and you let him get away with it. Give him up, Rachel!

Rachel: Or what? You give up on me?

Schuyler: Rex, you have no legal rights here, and if you think you're gonna take my daughter away from me, think again.

Rex: And we're just supposed to forget about the whole time when you wanted nothing to do with her? Because I don't forget, man, okay? I know the only reason you're claiming this kid now is because you think it'll bring Gigi back.

Schuyler: Okay. I have a lot to make up for. I didn't know what it was like to be a father. I didn't know what it was like to watch my child through glass and count every breath that she took, but I do now. I do now, and I've made mistakes, yeah, but--

Téa: Schuy, you don't have to justify anything. You're her father. You can take her home now, okay?

Rex: Start walking. Gigi, I don't care what Téa says. Nobody can make you give the baby up.

Schuyler: Gigi, Gigi, I am not trying to cut you out of this baby's life. I would never do that to you. I love you, okay?

Rex: Stay the hell away from her, okay, both of them.

Téa: Schuyler!

Eli: Knock it off.

Téa: No. That is not gonna help.

Gigi: Okay, both of you. Not in front of Sierra.

Rex: I was just trying--

Gigi: Oh, we don't have any choice.

Gigi: Come get your daughter.

Blair: There is no mystery man. There's no mystery in my life because I am an open book.

Starr: Oh. Oh, okay. So, all of the little phone calls and the text messages that you pretend are nothing, that's a chapter in your book?

Blair: Who knew that you were watching my every little, bitty move?

Starr: I'm not watching your every move, just the obvious ones. So, who is he?

Blair: There isn't anybody. You'd be the first to know if there was something going on seriously, and it's not serious because we're not even dating.

[Starr snickers]

Starr: Well, if you're not dating, then what are you doing?

Blair: Ahh...

Starr: Okay. Never mind. I don't want to know.

Kelly: I'm sorry. It sounded as if you suggested we have sex.

Todd: Yeah. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Kelly: Oh, ho ho ho! Ha ha ha! Oh, that's good. Thank you. Thank you. That is the first good laugh I've had since my mother's funeral.

[Kelly giggles]

Todd: Glad I could help.

Kelly: No. I mean it. I was about to gag at the thought, but then I pictured Blair, you know, just seeing us, and it really, really-- I don't know what's scarier. I'm not sure. I mean, her knowing that we had sex? I mean, come on. I think her head would explode.

Todd: That'd be funny.

Kelly: How would we explain it to her?

Todd: Well, we'd just say, "Hey, listen, Blair. After Kelly's mom died, she just got so depressed."

Kelly: Yeah, so depressed I couldn't even think straight.

Todd: That's right, and I've been feeling kind of down myself, you know, what with...

Kelly: Right.

Todd: The situation with Dani and Téa and--

Kelly: Just two lost souls.

Todd: Two lost souls. That's perfect. Guess we just figured, "what the hell?"

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, just any port in a storm, so that's it, Blair. That's how we ended up in bed together.

Todd: The funny thing was, it was really good.

Kelly: Pretty damn good.

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Kelly: Mm-hmm. Oh, Blair wouldn't believe it, anyway.

Todd: Right. Why not?

Kelly: Please. She knows we hate each other.

Todd: I don't hate you, Kelly. I don’t. How could I hate my second in command?

Kelly: Your what?

Todd: I want you to come work for me.            

[Kevin indistinct]

Kim: Where have you two been? Oh, is that lipstick on your shirt?

Leah: Kevin was just giving us a tour of the upstairs.

Kim: And you were giving him a tour of your-- whatever. It doesn't matter. Clint is waiting inside. Can you two pull it together, try and be bridesmaids?

Kevin: Okay. You know what? I'm just gonna leave. I'll see you girls later.

Laudine: You're going through with it?

Kim: Damn straight, but if I can't have Stacy standing by me, it's gonna have to be you two hags. Either that, or you're hitching a ride back to Vegas.

Kevin: So, you're really going through with this, huh?

Clint: Jealous?

Kevin: Well, she's a beautiful girl. There's no doubt about it. I'm just wondering if she's "till death do us part" material.

Clint: I know how it looks from the outside, but I'm on the inside, and it looks pretty damn good, but, Kevin, I tell you, I know what I'm doing.

Kevin: Okay. You know, if you're happy, I'm happy.

Clint: A lot happier than Natalie is gonna be.

Kevin: Why? She's not exactly Kim's biggest fan?

Clint: Let's put it this way. I am not looking forward to sharing the good news with Natalie, although Viki, she wished me well, and you know something? I think she actually meant it.

Dorian: Mitch Laurence could never have created all of this chaos if you hadn't paved the way.

Viki: Okay. I've heard enough, Dorian, more than enough.

Dorian: You were elected mayor, but you stepped aside and abandoned us all to the likes of Mitch.

Viki: You are unbelievable. You know perfectly well what I was facing at home. My husband had lost his son. My daughter had lost her husband, and they needed me.

Dorian: If you intended to quit at the first sign of trouble, you never should have run for office.

Viki: No. What I shouldn't have done was cede the job to you because you created all of this, Dorian. You were in charge, and instead of using the power of your office to go after Mitch, you folded, Dorian. You let him manipulate you.

Dorian: Oh, really? That should not surprise you since he threatened my family. You should've known I would do whatever it took to protect my girls.

Viki: So, because you negotiated with him instead of throwing him in jail, that's my fault?

Dorian: Yes. Yes. If you had taken the job of mayor, you could've made a difference, but no. You threw it away, just like you are throwing Charlie away now.

Rex: You don't have to do this, Gigi.

Gigi: Yes, I do. Do you have the bag with her things? Her medication is in there and her clothes and diapers but only enough for a day or two.

Téa: Thank you. I can take that.

Gigi: You'll have to go shopping. She's gonna need a lot more stuff.

Schuyler: I know. I know. I have a bunch of things at home. We'll be okay.

Gigi: And the directions from the doctor are written down, but she'll need to come back very soon for a check-up.

Schuyler: I already scheduled.

Gigi: Okay, so I guess that's it. Um, you're gonna be going home with someone else, okay, but cut him some slack because he's not used to babies. There's just one thing I want you to remember, and that's I love you with all my heart, and we will see each other very soon, okay? Okay?

Schuyler: Hi.

[Sierra coos]

Schuyler: Come with me.

Rachel: You're giving me an ultimatum, Greg.

Greg: You call it an ultimatum. I call it a choice, and, yeah, maybe it is a hard choice, but I've made some hard choices for you, too, like when I put you before my family.

Rachel: There's a difference. I never asked you to do that.

Greg: Yeah, but I did it, anyway.

Rachel: But I didn't pressure you. I did everything I could not to get between you and your brother.

Greg: And I put you first, and, yeah, it was hard, but I thought that you were worth it. I thought I knew you. Maybe I was wrong.

Schuyler: I hate that this is hurting you, but I can't walk away from my daughter like I did before. I have to take care of her, and if you do it with me, we could do it together. You could hold her and feed her and sing her to sleep. I know you want that, and I know how much we have to give this baby. Gigi, we can give her the greatest gift of all--a family.

Gigi: All I want is for Sierra Rose to be okay...

Schuyler: I know. I do, too.

Gigi: And the only way I can make sure of that is to raise her myself, and I will. This is not over, Schuyler.

Téa: Come on, Schuyler. We're done here. Come on.

Rachel: I've made some tough choices, too, but there are some things I just can't change.

Greg: Like what?

Rachel: Like the part of me that has been in the same place that Schuyler is in right now. I'd have died on the streets if somebody hadn't shown me some kindness.

Greg: Well, sometimes the kindest thing you can do is let somebody take responsibility for himself.

Rachel: What if I had turned my back on you when you needed me? What if after you operated on Shaun, I just let you quit?

Greg: That was different.

Rachel: You needed somebody to believe in you. Why can't you understand that Schuyler might need the same thing? You're not even trying to see my side of this.

Greg: Maybe Shaun could do that, but I can’t. You know, I'm beginning to think that you chose the wrong brother.

Rachel: Greg! Are you breaking up with me?

Greg: I guess I am.

Blair: I don't know how you manage school with both you and Cole raising Hope. It must be hard.

Starr: All my teachers have actually been really great...

Blair: Yeah?

Starr: And Cole loves L.U. He's actually working on this new project.

Blair: What's the project?

Starr: It is for his sociology class, and he has a partner and everything, and she seems to be really nice.

Blair: She?

Starr: Mm-hmm. Don't go there.

Blair: What's she look like?

Starr: Okay. You know how we were talking before about Dad and Kelly...

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: And you said that it was nothing, that it was no way? It's like that. No way.

Kelly: You're offering me a job?

Todd: Yeah. Yeah. I'm finally taking the "Sun" into the 21st century, and so we're gonna try to do more international stuff and more stuff on the web, and I know you know that business very well.

Kelly: I haven't run a newspaper in a while.

Todd: But you have that blog thing, that parenting thing?

Kelly: You've read "Raising Zane?"

Todd: No, no. I haven't, but some interns of mine have, and they've told me that you get major hits every day. And that kind of traffic, I think, would be a major jump-start for me, or should I say for us?

Kelly: So, you want a nice, convenient link from my web site to yours.

Todd: Oh, no, no. You could just do your blog under the umbrella of the "Sun" because we could use an advice column.

Kelly: And what happens when Blair finds out?

Todd: No, forget about Blair. Forget about it. Your kids are at boarding school, right? You've been kicked out of Buchananland. You've got nothing else. You could use some focus in your life. This is the best offer you ever could have

Clint: Oh. Thank you.

Kevin: How are you? Okay. Fine. Good.

[Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" playing]

Viki: Don't you dare pretend to care about Charlie after what you've done to him.

Dorian: But I do care. I've been in the trenches with that man. I have seen his pain firsthand. That's why I am asking you to make it stop.

Viki: Dorian, I don't think I could.

Dorian: Of course you can. You mean everything to him. Wipe the slate clean. Take him back. That's all he would need to become himself again.

Viki: I'm sorry, Dorian. It's too late. He made his choice. He turned his back on me.

Dorian: Liar. He hurt you. You're hurting him back.

Viki: No. That is not my way.

Dorian: No. It's mine. Don't try to be like me, Viki. Don't try to pretend you don't care.

[Door closes]

Kim: I think we're just gonna skip to the I-dos. Clint Buchanan, I take you to be my husband, sweetest there ever was.

Clint: Kimberly Andrews, I take you to be my wife. Your turn.

Justice Peterson: By the power vested in me by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Clint: Okay.

[Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" playing]

Viki: Ch--oh... Charlie, hi. It's me. It's Viki. Um, I was wondering if you could come by. I need to talk to you about something.

Starr: It's really nice seeing you like this.

Blair: Like what?

Starr: Not obsessing over what Dad is doing or who he's seeing or who he's not seeing.

Blair: I told you, I broke the Todd cycle. Thank you.

Starr: Well, obviously you did because you'd be going crazy over this Kelly thing.

Blair: There is no Kelly thing.

Starr: All right. Well, you'd be running all over the place making sure.

Blair: Maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn't, but you know what? What doesn't even matter because Kelly is going back to London, okay?

Todd: What's the worst that could happen? You try for a couple of weeks. You hate it, you tell me to shove it.

Kelly: I could do that now.

Todd: That would be too soon. Do yourself a favor and think about it for a while, but not too long because Blair is my number-two choice.

Kelly: Oh!

Todd: I think that's the second time I made you laugh today. I'm on a roll.

Kelly: Thought you were here to see your boys.

Todd: Oh, gee whiz, I forgot they're at soccer practice. If I wasn't so busy at the "Sun," I probably would've remembered. I'll just give them a call later.

Kim: Who does that? Who comes to a wedding and tries to make off with the silverware?

Leah: One spoon. You have, like, thousands.

Kim: No.

Laudine: Things have been a little tight back home. High rollers just don't roll so high these days.

Kim: Thank God I don't have to worry about that anymore. Living on a g-string and a prayer gets old real quick.

Laudine: Mm, don't throw that g-string away so fast, honey. You're gonna need it when your hubby trades you in for a newer model.

Kim: I can't believe I sent the jet for you.

Kevin: All right, girls. Time to say good-bye. Let's go. Nigel has got everything in the car.

Leah: I give it 6 weeks.

Laudine: If you're lucky.

Kevin: Okay, okay.

Kim: Did she just take the chocolates?

[Door closes]

Kim: Oh, God.

Clint: Don't listen to them. Focus on the honeymoon.

Kim: I know, but first, I got to focus on Stacy's baby.

Schuyler: Auntie Rachel, we're home.

Rachel: Ahh... Schuyler, I didn't think you'd be back so soon. Oh, my goodness, look at her. You are so beautiful.

Schuyler: Right? Sierra Rose, this is Rachel. Rachel, this is probably the best thing that's every happened to me in my life.

Rachel: Tsk. It is an honor to finally meet you, Sierra Rose.

Schuyler: You okay?

Rachel: Oh, yeah, of course. I'm just so happy for you.

Schuyler: And it almost didn't happen if it weren't for Téa and you. I got my second chance. I may have lost everything else, but I have my daughter.

Rex: It's okay. We'll fight it.

Eli: That is a promise. You'll be hearing from me.

Gigi: Oh, the doll. I forgot to-- forgot to put the doll in Sierra's bag. I wanted her to have it.

Rex: She will. You're gonna give them to her sooner than you think.

Gigi: How could I let her go? I promised I'd take care of her. I let my sister down. I let them both down.

Kim: We're gonna have the best time on our honeymoon--you, me, and little Sierra Rose.

Rex: This is only temporary. Eli is working on it.

Kim: All we need to do is get our little girl.

[Glasses clink]

Rex: You are going to get that little girl one way or another.

Schuyler: What do you see? Anything good?

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