One Life to Live Transcript Monday 3/8/10


Episode # 10641 ~ Bunny in the Oven

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Proofread By Kathy

Marty: Oh, my God. I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant with John's baby.

Roxy: So what's up, Doc? I'm sorry for barging in. I saw Johnny leaving, and I thought-- so what's that?

Natalie: John. Hi.

John: Hi. I heard Jessica was released from the hospital this morning, and I wanted to ask her a couple questions about the shooting.

Natalie: Uh...she's asleep. Do you just want to come back later or do you want me to wake her up? Or do you just want to, like, come in?

John: I'll take door number 3.

Cristian: Jess.

Jessica: I'm here at Llanview High because I'm a student.

Cristian: You know you already graduated.

Jessica: But like I told you yesterday, I don't remember any of it. I don't remember meeting this twin sister I have. I don't remember having my daughter. I don't remember finishing high school. So I have a lot to learn. So I thought you could teach me.

Langston: I could have sworn they were in here.

Markko: How could you forget your keys and your wallet?

Starr: And you forgot your physics book yesterday when we have a test today. What's wrong with you?

Langston: I don't know.

[Cell phone beeps]

Markko: Who's the text from?

Langston: Oh, um, it's--

Ford: Hey, there's my favorite student.

Clint: It's a standard prenuptial agreement. Seemed like the best way to expedite things. We need to hammer out a deal before our wedding.

Kim: A deal? You want to hammer out a deal?

Clint: So there are no surprises for either one of us.

Kim: Clint, I'm not marrying you for your money. I'm marrying you to give my best friend's baby a better life.

Kyle: These results will prove once and for all whether or not you're the father of Stacy’s baby.

Oliver: I don't understand. How did you run a DNA test? I never asked for one.

Kyle: I know. I did it anyway.

[Oliver scoffs]

Gigi: Let's do this. I want to file for custody of my sister's baby.

Schuyler: What? Gi--Gigi, what are you talking about?

Rex: I think you heard her.

Gigi: I'm going to raise my sister's daughter. When Sierra's ready, she's coming home with me.

Cristian: You know, Jess, I just got my teaching certificate, and today is my first day.

Jessica: Oh! Mine, too!

Cristian: But you shouldn't be here.

Jessica: Why not? I have the right to an education, too.

Cristian: Did you enroll in school?

[Jessica scoffs]

Jessica: What difference does that make?

Cristian: You know what? I better talk to the principal about this.

Jessica: Is this because I went off on you about your girlfriend yesterday?

Cristian: No. This has nothing to do with Layla.

Jessica: Good. It shouldn’t.

Cristian: What shouldn't?

Jessica: Us, silly. Because soon you are gonna realize that you and I belong together.

Cristian: Hmm...

Natalie: I'm glad you chose door number 3.

John: Do I win something?

Natalie: A confession.

John: Oh.

Natalie: It's kind of embarrassing. I, um, I sort of had a dream about you.

John: That's a little weird.

Natalie: Why is it weird?

John: I think I had a dream about you, too.

Natalie: Oh. Okay. Do we need to talk about this?

John: They're just dreams.

Natalie: Right. No big deal. It's like you said to Marty, kissing me at the cabin was a mistake, and I agree. Both kisses were a mistake, so it'll never happen again. Kissing, dreaming 'cause we're done. Right?

Roxy: You dropped your thermometer.

Marty: Oh!

Roxy: No, I got--ooh, it's still wet.

Marty: Thanks. I'll just-- you can leave the towels.

Roxy: That's not a thermometer, is it? That's a home pregnancy test.

Marty: Roxy--

Roxy: Are you having a little ankle nipper?

[Marty sighs]

Téa: So, Eli, are you in the business of taking babies away from their biological parents now?

Elijah: Why? Did you think you had that market cornered when you did the same thing to Manning?

Téa: Cheap shots for my personal life. You must really have no case.

Elijah: Oh, no. Our case is just fine, thanks to your client. All we want to do is protect this baby.

Téa: From her father? Your client is the baby's aunt. She doesn't stand a chance of getting custody.

Schuyler: Gigi, Gigi, I know I've made some mistakes. I--

Téa: Schuyler, stop talking, okay?

Gigi: Some mistakes? Schuyler, is there a mistake you didn't make? You know, I don't even care about what you did to me anymore. The only mistakes I care about are the ones that make you unfit to raise this baby.

Schuyler: She's my daughter, Gigi! She's my daughter.

Oliver: I can't believe this. You ran a DNA test without my permission?

Kyle: After we talked the other day, after you were so adamant about not being a father. Yeah, I took your water bottle.

Oliver: You stole a sample of my DNA?

Kyle: Oh, come on, it's not like I cut you while you were sleeping!

Oliver: Yeah, but I told you I didn't want to know! Did you not hear me when I said that, Kyle?

Kyle: Yeah, I heard you loud and clear, Oliver. But I also heard that you were so nervous and scared about being a gay parent. I knew you hadn't fully accepted yourself yet, so there's no way you could accept raising this child with me. I know you, Oliver. I know you would not be able to live with yourself if you didn't know whether or not Sierra was your daughter.

Gigi: I know you're Sierra's name only. You never cared about her.

Schuyler: That's not true.

Gigi: You've been denying her since you found out she was yours. You let Rex think she was his.

Schuyler: Yeah, but I made it right.

Gigi: How did you make it right?

Schuyler: Because I told Rex the truth! I told you the truth! Gigi, I nearly died on that mountain trying to get to you!

Gigi: Which you never would have had to do if you hadn't thrown in with Stacy and Kim in the first place. You used the baby to come between Rex and me.

Schuyler: I--I know, I know, and I'm sorry.

Gigi: How do you expect me to believe that you care about her at all now?

Schuyler: Because--because I know her now! The moment that I saw her, I realized what a jerk I'd been. The moment I saw her, I fell in love with her.

Rex: That's very touching. Let's go.

Schuyler: Look, Gigi, Gigi, Sierra is my daughter, and I care for her. I lost you, okay, I lost you, but I will not lose her. I will never let her go.

Oliver: Did I say I couldn't live with not knowing if I'm the father of that baby? No, Kyle, you said that, not me.

Kyle: Oh, so you're okay with this, then?

Oliver: Yes. I don't care if I never know.

Kyle: I don't believe that. I don't believe that, and I don't think you believe that either.

Oliver: So what? You know what, even if she is mine, I wouldn't saddle that kid with gay parents.

Kyle: What, now I'm not fit to be a father either?

Oliver: Wait a minute, is that why you're so anxious to know? You want this baby to be mine so badly that--do you know already? Do you know already if I'm that baby's father?

Ford: Markko, I got to tell you, I was really impressed with the way you handled that assignment.

Markko: Really? Thanks.

Starr: Move over.

Cole: Hey, what?

Starr: Well, don't you want to make room for Ford so he can sing Markko's praises?

Langston: You know what? He can have my seat. I'm getting late for class.

Starr: What class? We're seniors. No one cares.

Markko: You didn't even order yet.

Langston: Yeah, but I have to study for that physics test. Coming?

Starr: Well...actually, I should go. Cole's sociology partner is here, so you guys should get to work.

Cole: You know you're kind of cute when you're jealous.

Starr: Give me a reason to be jealous and then see how cute I am. Hey, Hannah.

Hannah: Hey.

Kyle: I ran the test, but I didn't look at the results. Figured we could do that together.

Oliver: So this part you tell me?

Kyle: Just thought we could share finding out.

Oliver: But you didn't think we could share knowing that you were running the tests in the first place?

Kyle: 'Cause I knew you'd say no.

Oliver: Yeah, you're damn right!

Kyle: Yeah, I thought if I ran the test, if I had the results right here in my hand that you'd want to know.

Oliver: Oh, because that would make me so happy?

Kyle: No! Because it's the truth, Oliver, whatever it is! I knew that whatever you found out one way or the other, I'd be here to find out with you.

Oliver: I really wish you hadn't done this.

Kyle: But I did, okay, I did. So let's just move ahead and open the envelope and find out whether or not you're the father.

Rex: It's a great story how you suddenly realized that you love the baby you've denied for months. I'm moved, but I don't believe a word of it.

Schuyler: How are you involved in this, Rex?

Rex: Oh, you let me go on thinking that I was the baby's father and it broke me and Gigi up, that's how.

Schuyler: Yeah, well, you're not the father, so--

Rex: And you are? Gigi doesn't trust you anymore, okay? She doesn't think you can take care of her niece.

Gigi: Schuyler.

[Gigi clears throat]

Gigi: If you care about Sierra as much as you say, you'll let her go. If you still care about me at all, you'll let me love and nurture her in a way that you never could.

Oliver: Are you trying to get kicked out of medical school again?

Kyle: What?

Oliver: The only reason we know any of this is because you overheard Stacy talking, who was a patient at the hospital. You broke doctor/patient confidentiality.

Kyle: I don't care! I don't care! I did what I thought was right!

Oliver: Kim threatened to turn you in if we said anything about it.

Kyle: I can live with that. That little girl deserves to know the truth, and so do you.

Oliver: Oh, so now you know what's best for me?

Kyle: Yeah, in this case, yeah, I do! And I don't care if it pisses you off! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Oliver, this is the right thing to do, and underneath all of this, you know that!

Clint: I understand that marrying me will help you get custody of Stacy's baby and that you want to give little Sierra Rose every advantage, and I'm behind you 100% on that. If not, I wouldn't have accepted your marriage proposal.

Kim: But...

Clint: But baby or not, good intentions or not, you didn't think I was gonna marry you without protecting my family's fortune, did you?

Cristian: Now, because of her memory loss, she wants to take classes here again.

Principal: Yes, I read about the Buchanan daughter's troubles in the paper.

Cristian: But you do know that she graduated a long time ago, and having her here in my class as a student can really disrupt my class.

Principal: I see your point, but her family's quite prominent in Llanview, and isn't Todd Manning her uncle?

Cristian: Yeah, but what does that--

Principal: Mr. Manning just made a sizeable donation to the school. It practically covers the entire arts program.

Cristian: Of course he did.

Principal: I don't know about you, Mr. Vega, but I don't think we should deny anyone the quality education Llanview High has to offer.

Cristian: Right, but you see, you don't understand. When Jess and I were in high school--

Principal: It was a long time ago. I'm sure you can handle whatever disruption Jessica's presence might cause.

Jessica: Everything okay?

Cristian: Welcome to Llanview High.

Jessica: Happy to be here, Mr. Vega.

John: We have a history, but...

Natalie: It's ancient.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: And I mean, we've barely seen each other in the last couple of years. So why does it feel that no matter what we're thinking or doing or saying while we're awake that there's something more? And sometimes I hope there is.

Roxy: That was a pregnancy test, and it was still wet, so that means you took it already.

Marty: Yes. Yes, I already took it. But it was negative.

Roxy: Hey, listen, I never been to med school, and I ain't no doc, but I'm not blind either. I saw that thingy. You got a bundt in the oven.

Natalie: Sorry. Forget what I said. It was grief talking.

John: Well, we both know something about that.

Natalie: Yeah. And we both know that running into someone else's arms to escape is a mistake. You've helped me out so much since Jared died. You're always coming to my rescue.

John: Old habits die hard.

Natalie: Right now, I'd love nothing more than just... to escape with you.

John: Natalie--

Natalie: But it would be wrong. The timing's off...for me. For you. And you're with Marty.

John: Right.

Natalie: So what do we do? Do we avoid each other? Do we--do we stop being friends? Stop seeing each other and just pretend like nothing ever happened between us?

Schuyler: Gigi, can I talk to you alone for a second, please?

Rex: Wait a minute.

Gigi: It's all right, Rex.

Schuyler: Okay.

Gigi: What is it?

Schuyler: Okay, I agree that the baby needs all the love and care she can get...and--and when I came in here and you said that you wanted to raise her, too. Okay, that threw me a little. It did, but honestly, I think it's wonderful.

Gigi: You do?

Schuyler: Yes, because Sierra, she needs a mother, but she needs a father, too, so couldn't--couldn't we just-- could we raise her together? Could we do that?

Gigi: What?

Schuyler: I still love you. Okay, I still love you so much, and if you could just--if you could somehow get past everything that I've put you through, if you could let me make it up to you, then I think, really, that you could love me, too. Isn't there some way we could work this out?

Kyle: What about the baby's DNA?

Oliver: Please tell me that you at least had permission to get that.

Kyle: Sierra's a patient. I used blood that was already in the lab.

Oliver: Without asking? Kyle, you used stolen samples to run an unauthorized test.

Kyle: I work at the hospital.

Oliver: And didn't you get fired last year for running an unauthorized test for Natalie and Jared Banks?

Kyle: No. I got fired for blackmailing them, okay, not for running the test.

Oliver: You almost went to prison.

Kyle: Look, I didn't though! It all worked out!

Oliver: Oh, and you think that makes it all right?

Kyle: Okay, okay, so I broke the rules.

Oliver: No, Kyle, no. You didn't break the rules. You broke the law. Kyle, I'm a cop, okay? I can't have knowledge of a crime and not do anything about it. I could arrest you for this!

Kyle: Okay, you're a cop, Oliver, but you also could be a father, which to me I think is way more important than any little rules I might have broken.

Schuyler: Gigi, I promise you, we can make this work. We can have a future together. We can give Sierra Rose all the love two parents can.

Rex: While you're showering Sierra Rose with all this love, don't forget that you stole a drug from the hospital to induce early labor in the mother.

Schuyler: But I didn't use it.

Rex: Oh, good, fine. Where is it?

Schuyler: I didn't use it, okay? Kim was there, and she'll vouch for me.

Gigi: Kim. Your alibi is Kim.

Schuyler: Gigi. Gigi. She--she knows I didn't use it. She-- Kim will clear me.

Kim: Clint, I will never steal from you or your family. I thought you knew me better than that. Look, I know I'm not perfect, but I thought you liked me.

Clint: I do like you, and I'm looking forward to you and the baby living with me.

Kim: Then let's give Sierra Rose a home with two parents who trust each other. Let's be good role models for this baby that we're gonna be raising together. Just tear this up, okay? Don't turn this into something ugly with contracts and lawyers.

Schuyler: Gigi, Gigi, you have to listen to me. You--

Téa: Listen, no, you have to listen to me. We are late. We have to go now.

Schuyler: Okay, Téa, I know you're trying to cover for me. I know we have to get to that ethics hearing, but I have to straighten this out right now. I have to.

Elijah: Whoa, whoa. The hearing is today? Téa, do you honestly think you can hide the fact that your client stole a dangerous drug from the hospital and that he might have used it to induce early labor in the child's deceased mother?

Schuyler: One second! You told your lawyer that I stole the oxytocin?

Gigi: You did steal it.

Rex: Gigi was just telling the truth. You should try that sometime.

Schuyler: Are you trying to punish me for hurting you? Is that what you're doing? Is that why you're trying to take away my baby?

Marty: Uh, just leave the towels. I really, really need some privacy.

Roxy: So is that Johnny's kid? Hey, I'm just asking. Did you two plan it? All right, Johnny slipped one past the goalie. See, I know, you feel like you're at the bottom of the ninth, and you're 100 yards from the free throw, am I right?

Marty: Yeah, you're right.

Roxy: Yeah, listen, don't look so worried about it. My Rexy did the same thing, and he got Shane in the deal. And Cole, you got Hope. Can't beat that with a stick.

Marty: I do appreciate your enthusiasm, but I found out the minute you walked in.

Roxy: So Johnny doesn't know yet?

Marty: No!

Roxy: So call him and tell him already!

John: You know, I'm not gonna push you away or pretend I don't know you because of some dream.

Natalie: I was hoping you'd say that. A dream is just a dream, right?

John: They don't mean a thing.

Natalie: Right. No big deal. I mean, everyone has the strangest dreams about the strangest people, like the mailman, right?

John: Have you seen my mailman? I hope I'm not dreaming about that guy.

Natalie: Ha! So no big deal.

John: No big deal.

Natalie: Still friends?

John: Yeah, still friends.

Natalie: Was that mistake number 3?

Roxy: So why are you waiting to reach out and touch someone? If I had Johnny's buns in the oven--

Marty: Oh, my God, Roxy, I'm--oh, it's just--

Roxy: What?

Marty: I just--I just need a minute to process the idea that I'm going to have a baby.

Roxy: Well, it sounds like you've done it already. I mean, you know, what's there to process?

Marty: I have a grown son. I have a grown son. To have another child?

Roxy: Why not? Oh, I got it. Because Cole was such a handful?

Marty: Oh...

Cole: Okay, so if you take these to green projects in the Bronx, I'll take the one in Staten Island. Hannah? Hello? Hey, are you not into this right now, or what? What's going on?

Hannah: No, it's good. I'm cool.

Ford: Yeah, the professor agreed. Your use of the Kuleshov effect in this project really illustrated your viewpoint.

Markko: No way.

Ford: Yeah.

Markko: The professor said that?

Ford: Oh, yeah. Of course, we both have the same notes.

Markko: That's--that's great.

Ford: Is there--is there a problem?

Markko: I don't know if you noticed this, but Cole’s project partner keeps looking over here, and I'm pretty sure she's not looking at me.

Starr: Lang, did you take a look at Cole’s new partner, Hannah? How gorgeous is she?

Langston: I hadn't really noticed.

Starr: Well, she is. Markko made a point of reminding me exactly what I told him when he was crazy jealous over Ford.

Langston: What did you tell him?

Starr: Well, I told him that there was nothing to worry about.

Langston: Oh, right.

Starr: Right. And I was right. You got over your little crush with Ford, if you could even call it that. But then this happened.

Langston: What happened?

Starr: Cole told me that Hannah showed up at our place when he found out that Aunt Melinda died, and...I don't know--what do you think about it? Should I be worried? Langston?

Langston: Yeah?

Starr: What's wrong with you? Why are you so out of it?

[School bell rings]

Langston: Um, we should probably get to class.

Starr: But it's only the first b-- first bell.

Marty: Cole is a wonderful son. It's just that I--I just kind of got my life settled in, have a little baby?

Roxy: Don't you think Johnny would make the most fantastic father? I mean, he just loves kids. He got along so well with his brother's kid, Tommy before Todd Manning stepped in. That kid had him wrapped around his finger. It was so cute.

Marty: Yeah, I remember.

Roxy: Well, so call him already!

Marty: Uh, Roxy!

Roxy: Ooh, I can't wait to hear his mouth drop open.

Marty: Oh, God, Roxy, please...

Roxy: Oh, crap. You and Johnny on the skids?

John: It wasn't a mistake.

Natalie: It wasn't?

John: Just like it wasn't a mistake up in the cabin.

Natalie: When I thought you were Jared?

John: And the second one.

Natalie: When I knew it was you. And you knew it, too.

Oliver: I told you to leave this alone. And instead, you broke the law. You put me in an untenable position. Hell, you made me an accessory!

Kyle: Oh, to grand theft water bottle.

Oliver: And you went against my wishes. Why?

Kyle: 'Cause I love you? 'Cause I know that sooner or later, you'd regret this. 'Cause I know that it would kill you to stand back and let someone else raise a baby that's your own flesh and blood, a baby that's part of you, a baby that can make you feel like you have the right to be a father! You have that right, Oliver. So let's just--let's open up this envelope and find out the truth, together.

Oliver: If you want to know, fine. But you're on your own.

[Slams door shut]

Gigi: I don't want to do this anymore, okay? My niece is in there fighting for her life.

Schuyler: Gigi, Gi—

Eli: Good luck with the hearing.

Téa: Eli, wait a minute.

Rex: Wow, you're really screwed.

Schuyler: Thanks for pointing that out.

Rex: You probably shouldn't have confessed to both Gigi and me that you stole the drug.

Schuyler: Yeah, well, it was the right thing to do.

Rex: Except now, you're never going to get custody of Sierra, but maybe you can salvage your career.

Schuyler: What does--what are you--what are you saying?

Rex: We can fix this whole mess. No lawyers, no ugly custody battle.

Schuyler: Okay, how?

Rex: We make a deal. Gigi and I both agree to not rat you out to the Ethics Committee, and you give her custody of the baby. All you have to do is walk away

Schuyler: You--you think I would trade my daughter for my career?

Rex: You never wanted that kid. You were just using her to manipulate Gigi into taking you back. Admit it--you don't give a damn about the little girl. She's nothing but a chick magnet for you.

Schuyler: Okay. Okay, okay. Okay.

Cole: Hannah, come on. I need your head in the game. Look, we're already behind on this assignment.

Hannah: It's not my fault we couldn't get anything done at your house.

Cole: Right. I was only busy raising a child. Now, what's your excuse? Or...who's your excuse?

Markko: Yeah, you know, I wasn't sure about using that technique, but I thought using a wide-angle lens--hey, are you texting?

Ford: Sorry. Almost done.

Markko: What, like that can't wait till later?

Ford: Listen, I'm kind of wild about this girl. But then again, you know what's that like, don't you? To have a wild one?

Starr: Cristian?

Cristian: Hey.

Starr: You're our new teacher? That's awesome!

Cristian: Oh, hey, Starr. Listen, while we're here, it's Mr. Vega. Okay, Starr?

Jessica: Starr? Is this my little cousin, Starr? Are you a senior, too?

Starr: Jessica, are you all right?

Jessica: Well--

Cristian: Jessica is fine. But she's still recovering from her accident, and she doesn't remember anything since she was a senior in high school.

Starr: Wha--so you don't remember all of the time that you had Hope?

Jessica: Hope? Hope for what?

Starr: No, Hope the baby. Well, she's my baby. You used to call her Chloe, but her name is really Hope.

Natalie: Maybe you're right. Maybe what's going on between us isn't a mistake. But it is messing things up for the both of us. I'm still grieving for my husband, and I have to deal with that. You know, just to start something new right now--it would be... and besides, you--you want to be with Marty, so... maybe we do need to stay away from each other.

John: Is that what you want?

Roxy: Come on. Spill it. You and Johnny have a fight?

Marty: It's not that. It-- we've never even discussed living together, much less having a baby together.

Roxy: So what's holding Johnny back?

Marty: I just think he may have some unresolved feel--feelings. But you know what? Skip it.

Roxy: Ah...Natty told me that John saved her life after that crash. You know, I always thought the two of them would be toge-- oh, that's it? You think his unsolved feelings are about Natty?

Natalie: You know that I don't want you to stay away. John, please don't put this all on me.

John: You know, the last thing I wanted was to complicate things and make things worse for you.

Natalie: I know.

John: We can't go around in circles like this.

Natalie: What are you saying?

John: I have to work this out, and I have to do it soon.

[Door closes]

Marty: I have to go, and I'm sure you have more towels to deliver, so thank you very much.

Roxy: No, no, I'm good. I got no place else I got to go.

Marty: Yeah. Hey, Roxy, I really need you to keep this news to yourself.

Roxy: Oh, don't worry. My lips are going to be sealed. But you got to tell Johnny, 'cause dads have rights, too, you know.

Oliver: What just happened?

Rex: Gigi decided to go after custody of Stacy's baby, and now, Schuyler says he wants the kid. I mean, can you believe this guy? He denies that this kid is even his for months, and now all of a sudden, he claims he loves his daughter.

Oliver: What, you don't think he does?

Rex: You're a good guy, Fish, but you and I both know that Schuyler's full of it.

Schuyler: Gigi--

Gigi: Shh.

Schuyler: I know you don't have anything to say to me.

Gigi: Yeah, that, too.

Schuyler: Shh, just listen. If you and Rex want to blow up my career, there's nothing I can do to stop you, but there is no way I'm letting you walk out of here with Sierra.

Gigi: Now is not the time--

Schuyler: I don't know--I don't know how I'm going to find the stomach for it, but I will get into the trenches and I will fight you. I won't like it, but I will do it, Gigi. I will fight you, because she is my little girl. And she's all I have left.

Markko: You ready to head out?

Cole: Ah. Yeah. We might as well call it a day.

Hannah: We can work at my dorm room next time.

Cole: No, I don't think that's a great idea.

Hannah: Maybe you can get a sitter and we can try your place again?

Cole: You know what? How about we just meet at the library, okay? See you.

Hannah: Bye.

[School bell rings]

Cristian: Okay, can I have everyone's attention, please? I am Mr. Vega, and I am going to be teaching art appreciation for the rest of the year. Yes?

Student: Is she like a student teacher?

Cristian: No, this is Jessica Brennan.

Jessica: Buchanan.

Cristian: She's a student here, and she's going to be taking this class just like you.

Jessica: I hope that's not a problem for anyone.

Student: No problem. You can be the class cougar.


Jessica: What's a cougar?

Starr: It's when an older woman goes after a younger guy.

Jessica: Oh. I'm sorry. I already have a boyfriend.

Cristian: All right, why don't we start with some slides?

Jessica: Oh. He is so cute. I know I shouldn't say it, but I don't care if it's right or wrong.

Hannah: So...on to the next one, huh? Doing the same thing you did to me? Having crazy sex, texting every day, and telling me I'm the hottest thing, and then pretending like we never met?

Ford: Look, it was fun, but I never promised you anything, Hannah. So let it go.

[Door opens and closes]

Hannah: And I never promised I'd let it go.

Clint: So look over the prenup.

Kim: But, Clint, I really don't think this is necessary.

Clint: I want this marriage to go forward, but, darling, this is a deal breaker. No signature on the prenup means no ring on the finger and no baby.

Eli: So do you still want to file for custody of your niece?

Gigi: I--I'm not so sure anymore.

Oliver: Hey.

Kyle: I'm sorry, Oliver. I never should have interfered, and this is your decision to make and yours alone. I'm going to respect that.

Oliver: Thanks.

Kyle: You got here just in time. I was just about tear this up, but why don't we do one better? Let's burn it.

Gigi: Maybe Schuyler and I can work something out. He is her father. We can share custody, or...

Rex: Come on, Gigi, I don't know what he said to you, but he's manipulating you.

Gigi: I really do think he cares about his daughter.

Rex: He's an addict. The only thing he cares about is his next fix. And right now, all he wants is you. Now, if addicts are good at anything, it's telling other people what they want to hear. And he's been doing that for the last 8 months--ever since he slept with Stacy.

Gigi: I know him. He--he's not doing that.

Rex: He's only saying that he loves Sierra to soften you up. Okay? He doesn't give a damn about that kid. Don't buy it, Morasco. Do not fall for his lies again.

[Gigi sighs]

Oliver: Wait. Don’t.

Rex: Morasco?

Gigi: Do it. File for custody.

Eli: You're sure?

Gigi: Yeah. I want to give my sister's baby the life she deserves, with someone who truly loves her.

Eli: Okay.

Rex: You did good, Morasco. And I'll be there for you every step of the way.

Roxy: You know, Gigi never told Rexy that she was pregnant. Not that she had a chance to do that. But a lot of years passed without him being a daddy.

Marty: I just don't want to feel like I'm trapping John into anything.

Roxy: So you're going to be a single mom? You're going to go it alone? Wait a second. You're not thinking of making that bunny in the oven go away without telling Johnny?

John: Without telling me what?

Natalie: So what are you going to do, John?

Rex: Hey, I would love to stay, but I got to do some laundry.

John: What was that all about? Something you want to tell me?

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