One Life to Live Transcript Friday 3/5/10


Episode # 10640 ~ Auntie Up

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Layla: You forgot your lunch.

Cristian: Thank you.

Layla: Welcome. Mwah. You must've been in a hurry this morning.

Cristian: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I just wanted to set up here, see what I had to work with.

Layla: These kids are lucky to have you.

Cristian: We'll see about that.

Layla: I'll make dinner to celebrate tonight.

Cristian: Nice.

Layla: Mm-hmm. And next time you're in a rush, watch where you're going.

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Layla: Well...I found this broken out of the frame. Don't worry--I'll get a new frame at lunch.

Cristian: I didn't do this. Jessica did.

Viki: Okay. Here we are.

Jessica: Home. That wallpaper. It's--

Viki: We changed everything about a year ago, darling.

Jessica: I'm glad you kept the mirror.

Clint: Honey, Bree's with Renee for the whole day. We figured you could use the time.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Because I haven't lost enough already?

Viki: You just have some catching up to do.

Jessica: Some? A baby, a new family, a

Charlie: Why don't you call her?

Brody: Why don't you call Viki?

Charlie: Wouldn't do any good.

Schuyler: I don't have time for this.

Rachel: Schuyler, you need a lawyer.

Schuyler: It's not court.

Téa: No, it's the hospital ethics review board, and they do have powers.

Rachel: Will you listen to her?

Téa: If you are found guilty of stealing medication, your medical career is over.

Schuyler: You think I care about my career right now? My baby is fighting for her life. That's all I can think about. I have to go be a good father to her.

Kim: Hey!

Kyle: What's this?

Kim: You don't go visiting empty-handed. Didn't your mama teach you manners? Oh, hey, Fish.

Kyle: What are you doing here?

Kim: Actually, I just wanted to say thank you, especially to you, Oliver. I know I was probably a really big bitch up on that mountain.

Oliver: Forget it. Everybody was upset.

Kim: Okay. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that things are gonna be okay for Sierra.

Kyle: How's that?

Kim: I'm marrying Clint Buchanan. We're gonna raise Sierra Rose together.

Rex: Hey. Should I offer you coffee or tell you to go to sleep?

Gigi: Is it morning? There's no time in this place.

Rex: Yeah. How's the baby?

Gigi: Same.

Rex: She's holding her own. Doctor said that'd be a good sign, right?

Gigi: Let's hope. I look at her all plugged in to all those machines and I just want to scoop her up and wrap her up warm and take her home, wherever her home is... with Schuyler.

Rex: Maybe not. You want her, don't you? That's why I brought Eli.

Eli: Hi.

Rex: We can make sure Sierra comes home with you.

Eli: Rex tells me you delivered the baby.

Gigi: Yeah. Well, I was the only one there, so I had to. I was the first person to hold Sierra. I--I have to take care of her. I want to.

Rex: That's why Eli’s here.

Gigi: I'm Stacy’s closest relative. What do you think my chances are of getting custody of Sierra?

Eli: It's entirely up to Rex. If he wants to share custody of his daughter, that's his--

Rex: No, I--I can’t. Turns out I'm not the baby's father.

Rachel: Nobody is trying to keep you from your baby.

Téa: Except maybe the ethics review board.

Schuyler: Yeah, well, let them try. Rounds are in a half an hour. I gotta catch up with Sierra's doctor, okay?

Rachel: Are you even gonna show up?

Schuyler: I'll be in the NICU.

Rachel: Schuyler, wait!

Téa: What kind of dad are you gonna be from prison? Stealing a controlled substance is a class C felony. It takes you to Statesville.

Schuyler: It's a hospital board.

Téa: And they can refer the matter to the D.A. for charges.

Rachel: Stay, Schuyler. If you want to be a good dad, give up a few hours now so that you can be there for your daughter from now on.

Clint: One thing at a time. You don't have to conquer the world today.

Jessica: Yeah, but there's this little girl and that man.

Clint: Brody can wait.

Viki: Why don't you just get used to being home? You know. And you can spend some time with your sister. Hi, sweetheart.

Natalie: Hey. Welcome home, Jess.

Jessica: Thanks.

Viki: Would you rather rest, darling?

Jessica: No. No, I've been lying around for, like, ever. I need to, I don't know, get used to things and catch up. Maybe Natalie can help me.

Natalie: Absolutely. I am all yours today.

Jessica: Awesome.

Clint: She's acting like a houseguest.

Viki: Well, she probably feels like one.

Clint: Oh, boy.

Viki: What?

Clint: You ever wonder how much more our little Jessie can take?

Viki: You know, Clint, for what it's worth, I think we're a lot more upset than she is. Jessie was very happy at 17. Life was good, and that's where she thinks she is now. We're the ones who know how much she's missed.

Jessica: I like your red hair.

Natalie: Thank you.

Jessica: It reminds me a bit of my aunt Tina.

Natalie: Yes. She's my aunt, too, as much as I'd like not to claim her. What? Go ahead. You can ask.

Jessica: I just--I can't believe that we're twins, you know? Where did you grow up?

Natalie: It's pretty complicated.

Jessica: It's okay. I have time. Here.

Natalie: Ah, no, thank you. Um, okay, well...Mitch Laurence, he was the one who messed with everyone involved, although he had help on this one.

Jessica: Who?

Natalie: His biggest follower-- a woman named Allison Perkins.

Layla: Jessica broke the frame? How did she--isn't she in the hospital?

Cristian: Well, she found our address, snuck out, and just came over.

Layla: Why didn't you say anything?

Cristian: I know I should have. I just didn't want to embarrass her any more than she already is.

Layla: What's going on?

Cristian: Well, Jessica not only thinks she's in high school, yesterday she acted like it.

Layla: So she broke our picture?

Cristian: Well, she freaked out when she found out we live together.

Layla: Wow. That girl is more messed up than anyone thinks.

Jessica: You know, I'm kind of glad that I don't remember anything about Mitch.

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, me, too. The less you think of him, the better.

Jessica: Yeah, and I don't remember Allison, either. Just what I heard from when I was a baby.

Natalie: You know what? Better off not trying to pull that one back either.

Jessica: I can't believe I have a sister. I was so young when Megan died and I always wished for another sister.

Natalie: Well, here I am.

Jessica: I'm sorry I don't remember you.

Natalie: No, honey, it's not your fault.

Jessica: Still, but--were we close?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah. We are. Were. We fought sometimes.

Jessica: I guess that's normal, right?

Natalie: Yeah. In a lot of ways.

Jessica: Yeah. And mom still runs "The Banner"?

Natalie: Of course.

Jessica: Thank God some things don't change, huh?

Natalie: That will probably outlive all of us. Ha ha.

Jessica: And there's John.

Natalie: You remember him?

Jessica: No, it says his name. Right there.

Natalie: Oh.

Jessica: And Marty said that he was her boyfriend.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, they're together.

Jessica: But he was yours first, right? What happened between the two of you?

Marty: Hey.

John: Good morning.

Marty: Good morning. Sleep okay?

John: Yeah, I guess.

Marty: Yeah? Because you seemed like you were fighting something when you were sleeping.

John: Did I say anything?

Marty: No. Bad dreams?

John: No. No bad dreams.

Marty: Glad to hear it.

Jessica: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be nosy.

Natalie: No. No, I mean, we've been over a long time.

Jessica: Yeah, but it must have been brutal, huh?

Natalie: No. No, it's ancient history, you know. I was hurt back then, but got over it. Then I met Jared and fell in love.

Jessica: Yeah, Mom told me about him.

Natalie: He was wonderful.

Jessica: Isn't it funny how you married Jared and then Mom married his dad?

Natalie: Ha ha. Yeah, it just happened.

Jessica: I always hoped that Mom and Dad would get back together.

Natalie: Well, I mean, they're very good friends. Probably counts more these days.

Jessica: Isn't Mom happy with Charlie?

Natalie: She was very happy with Charlie for a while.

Clint: Well, I should be going.

Viki: Oh, you don't have to hurry off.

Clint: Yeah, I've got some errands to run and then Kevin and I are gonna put in a full day at B.E.

Viki: So nice to have him home, even if it's just for a few days.

Clint: Yeah. Yeah. You know, I was thinking that maybe we should get everybody together for dinner tonight, the whole family.

Viki: That would be nice.

Clint: You think it would be too much for Jessie?

Viki: No. I think she would love it. She knows her brothers. Make her feel a little more normal.

Clint: All right. I'll take care of it, then. You're gonna invite Charlie, then?

Viki: No.

Clint: Why not? Viki, what happened? Tell me.

Viki: Charlie and I are through. I've asked him for a divorce.

Brody: Everybody needs time to heal, Charlie. But I'm not giving up on Jess, and you shouldn't give up on Viki.

Charlie: She gave up on me, not that I blame her.

Brody: What does that mean?

Charlie: She wants a divorce, and I'm going to give it to her.

Schuyler: Don't I look guilty if I bring a lawyer to the review board?

Rachel: No. You look like you're taking them seriously. And that'll make them feel good.

Téa: Yeah, that's true, but in the end, I don't care how they feel. I care what they can prove.

Schuyler: I stole the oxytocin.

Téa: See, that is just the kind of admirable honesty that I don't want to hear out of your mouth again. All right? I'm trying to save your career and keep you outta jail. Work with me here.

Schuyler: Okay, all right, okay. So, how do we do it?

Téa: We stonewall. They don't have any hard evidence. A scribble on a prescription pad somewhere that no one can read and the word of one nurse. What?

Schuyler: That's not entirely true. There's some other people that know what I did.

Eli: Schuyler knew he was Sierra's father all this time?

Rex: Yeah. He was happy to see me stuck with Stacy. He didn't want any part of the baby then. Now he's suddenly trying to play daddy.

Eli: So Schuyler is asserting his parental rights.

Rex: I guess that's what you call it. He's all talk.

Eli: But we're certain he is the father.

Rex: Who used his baby as part of a fraud. Not to mention his actions put Stacy and the baby directly in harm's way.

Eli: Gigi?

Gigi: It's true. If Schuyler had spoken up sooner, Stacy wouldn't have been kidnapped.

Rex: He's the reason she's dead.

Eli: That may be so, but it's speculation as far as the court's concerned. Rex, I'm gonna be honest. This is a tough case to make. Even though Stacy never filed a will, she did name Schuyler as the legal guardian, unless we can find a very good reason to disqualify him.

Rex: Like what?

Eli: Was he ever convicted of a crime?

Rex: No.

Eli: I'm afraid there isn't much ground for a custody case.

Rex: But Gigi is the baby's aunt.

Eli: And Schuyler is the baby's father.

Kim: I didn't expect to get married so young, but when it's right, it's--

Kyle: Why are you doing this?

Kim: I'm in love.

Kyle: With who?

Kim: Now who's being bitchy?

Kyle: Okay, I get why you want to be a Buchanan, but why do you want the baby?

Kim: I promised Stacy I would take care of Sierra. I was Stacy's best friend.

Oliver: Then why did Stacy name Schuyler the baby's guardian? I saw the will, Kim.

Kim: She only did that to get Schuyler off her back. She always wanted me to have the baby.

Kyle: That's hard to believe.

Kim: Why? She wants someone who loved her raising her baby, and that's me.

Oliver: Yeah, but Schuyler is--

Kim: Is a loser ex-junkie who's too busy with med school and Stacy's sister to be anyone's dad. Clint and I are gonna make sure Sierra has everything.

Kyle: Not if we have anything to say about it.

Natalie: You know, Jess, we could take a drive around town. You know, maybe go by Grandpa's place. It hasn't changed much.

Jessica: No, thanks.

Natalie: What do you got?

Jessica: Um, my yearbook. I haven't seen the one from senior year.

Natalie: Let's take a look.

Jessica: Um...ha. Oh!

Natalie: There you are.

Jessica: Ha ha ha! Feels like I took that picture last week. I spent, like, two hours getting dressed that morning. I couldn't figure out what to wear. I look so old now.

Natalie: Are you kidding me? First of all, you look good for any age. You're not that much older.

Jessica: I mean, I missed out on so much. I should be getting ready for graduation. That day never happened for me.

Natalie: It must be strange.

Jessica: I just want to go back.

Clint: I'm sorry, Viki. I thought Charlie was the one.

Viki: So did I. But there comes a point--

Clint: No, you don't have to explain yourself. I understand.

Viki: Thank you.

Clint: I haven't done anything.

Viki: Yes, you did. You're here. And you are the steadiest person I know.

Clint: Well, isn't this a hell of a note, huh? Did you ever think you'd be saying stuff like that to me?

Viki: It's true. It's true. And you're also my best friend.

Clint: I'm glad that you can say that. I feel the same way about you.

Viki: Good.

Clint: And so, my friend, this is gonna happen soon, so I should tell you. I have some news.

Viki: Okay. What?

Clint: I'm getting married.

Kim: Where the baby lives is not your problem.

Kyle: Unless Oliver is Sierra's father.

Kim: Again with that. Schuyler is the dad.

Oliver: I know.

Kim: Well, would you tell your boyfriend, then?

Kyle: Why don't you prove it?

Kim: Excuse me?

Kyle: It's just a simple blood test.

Kim: How does this have anything to do with you?

Kyle: Because Oliver’s the real father and you know it. That's why you're here, Kim.

Kim: Actually, I was just trying to be nice.

Kyle: Trying to shut us up. Because once it comes out that Oliver is the real father, you're gonna have no right to claim that baby.

Kim: This is so out of control.

Kyle: Do you really think that Oliver’s gonna give up his own child?

Kim: I think if you want to finish med school, you'll keep your mouth shut. And any information you think you have came from violating your doctor-patient confidentiality. You come after me and Sierra, and I will crush you like a cockroach. And you are so off the guest list for the wedding.

[Door closes]

Téa: Who else knows what you did?

Schuyler: Kim.

Rachel: Stacy's buddy.

Téa: The pole dancer from Vegas? Don't worry about her.

Schuyler: Okay, okay, but she's the only one who knows I didn't give the drug to Stacy.

Téa: The drug we are not admitting you took in the first place. Don't worry about her. Is she the only one who knows?

Schuyler: Gigi.

Rachel: You told Gigi?

Téa: Well, this is your ex, the one who's furious with you?

Schuyler: And Rex.

Téa: Oh, fabulous. Tell me you managed not to confess to any police officers or the chief of staff at the hospital?

Rachel: Okay, we get it, Téa. He's in a jam. How do we fix it?

Téa: We hope Gigi and Rex don't know about the review board.

Rachel: They probably don’t. They've been so focused on the baby.

Téa: Well, it seems like the best option, and if they do speak up, we deny it.

Schuyler: Deny what?

Téa: Deny you said it, deny that it is true. It is their word against yours, and there's enough bad blood to give the ethics board some doubt. And in the meanwhile, they don't have any evidence.

Schuyler: Whoa. Hold up, wait, wait. You want me to call Gigi a liar?

Gigi: So do you think I have zero chance of getting custody of Sierra?

Elijah: Oh, no, no, no. Not absolute zero.

Gigi: But...

Elijah: Listen, it's family court, so there's a lot more latitude as far as evidence is concerned.

Gigi: Translate.

Elijah: You can get away with a lot more than you could in a normal court, especially when a child is involved. Now, we might get lucky, pull the right judge and be able to make a strong argument, but to win this case--

Rex: Tell me. I'm a P.I. I'll find whatever you need.

Elijah: We need convincing evidence that Schuyler Joplin is not a good father.

Rex: That's it?

Elijah: Well, it's not that simple, Rex. We're talking facts here, concrete evidence that impeaches Schuyler's character.

Rex: Done. Believe me, there's nobody in Llanview who would be a worse dad.

Marty: Breakfast is served!

John: Thanks.

Marty: Hey.

John: You shouldn't have.

Marty: Oh, I couldn't help myself.

John: What's the matter, you're not having anything?

Marty: No, no. I'm not hungry.

John: Still feeling a little...

Marty: Yeah. Well, I don't know. Just no appetite.

John: Did you get that aspirin yesterday?

Marty: Uh, yeah.

John: Didn't help?

Marty: Didn't take it.

John: Didn't take it?

Marty: You know me; I don't like to take anything. I just figured I might be able to sleep it off.

John: Oh, it doesn't seem like that helped.

Marty: You don't need to worry so much. It's nothing.

John: Well, you know, I do worry when you're not feeling good. Uh, you could take it--

Marty: Oh, there it is.

John: Now.

John: What's the matter?

Marty: Nothing. Just--just trash.

John: What happened to the aspirin?

Marty: It's in my purse. I'm sorry. I'm--I'm, uh, you're right. I'm not feeling very well.

John: Maybe you should take the morning off.

Marty: Maybe I should. Yeah, I don't have patients till 2:00, so...

John: Good. You stay here and rest.

Marty: Yeah, maybe I will.

John: I'm gonna finish getting ready.

Marty: Mm. You gonna be around tonight?

John: Absolutely.

Marty: Good. I should be better by way or another.

Natalie: Jess, are you sure you want to do this? Just look through yearbooks?

Jessica: It's the only thing that's real to me.

Natalie: Okay.

Jessica: This is from my junior year. Cristian was a senior. Have you seen this?

Natalie: No, I don't think so.

Jessica: Oh. Huh. There he is. Isn't he handsome? He still is.

Natalie: Yeah, very handsome.

Jessica: Do you know that he's a teacher now at Llanview High?

Natalie: He's teaching?

Jessica: Yeah, he's a teacher, and I still feel like a student.

Natalie: Ha ha!

Jessica: I went to go and see him the other day. Did Mom tell you?

Natalie: No.

Jessica: Ah...I was such a loser. It was so embarrassing. I threw myself at him. I made a total fool of myself.

Natalie: I'm sure that Cris will not hold that against you.

Jessica: Yeah, but his girlfriend might.

Layla: Do you think we should keep a low profile?

Cristian: What do you mean?

Layla: If it'll help Jessica adjust.

Cristian: What? No. No, look, look, I feel for Jess. I know what it's like to lose all that time, but pretending is not gonna help her.

Layla: I'm just saying we could be discreet.

Cristian: Layla, I'm proud of you. I'm proud of us. Okay, I'm not gonna rub it in Jess' face, but I'm not gonna hide it either.

Layla: Good answer. Well, I have to go so I can beat traffic.

Cristian: Okay.

Layla: You have a great first day.

Cristian: Hey, and thanks.

Layla: You watch out for those teen-age girl crushes.

Cristian: You mean kids. And I'm spoken for.

Natalie: Don't worry about Layla. I'm sure she'll understand.

Jessica: You know them?

Natalie: Yeah.

Jessica: How well do you know Cris?

Viki: You're marrying your secretary?

Clint: Makes you want to take back all that "calm, steady as a rock" kind of talk, doesn't it?

Viki: Is that why you're doing it?

Clint: No. Well, maybe a little. Well, I don't know. You surprised?

Viki: Yes, aren't you?

Clint: Yes.

Viki: See, I didn't realize that things were so serious between you and...

Clint: Kimberly Andrews. You know her name.

Viki: I'm sorry. I do know.

Clint: So then you think this is a mistake?

Viki: Do you? Oh, never mind, never mind. This is your decision. Does Kimberly Andrews make you happy?

Clint: I'm having fun.

Viki: Oh.

Clint: And my eyes are wide open.

Viki: And that means what?

Clint: It means I know Kim, and I know what she's about.

Viki: Really?

Clint: Really. And if this turns out to be a mistake, I'm gonna make sure it's a mistake where nobody gets hurt.

Viki: Okay. Congratulations. And I--I hope that you will be happy.

Clint: I'm sorry about Charlie.

Viki: Thank you. See you later.

Clint: Yeah.

[Door opens and closes]

Viki: Whew!

Brody: Off to work.

Charlie: Yeah, I got a meeting first.

Brody: Good. You can't accept it. Viki's upset. She doesn't really want a divorce.

Charlie: Yeah, she does.

Brody: Well, it won't work. You two love each other. You won't be able to walk away.

Charlie: Look, I didn't say it was gonna be easy, but there's nothing else I can do, and I'm only talking about me and Viki here. I want you to stick with Jessica.

Brody: I'm not giving up.

Kyle: Can you believe her?

Oliver: She's trying to do right by her friend. You know, I'm not sure that Schuyler will let her, but either way, the baby wins.

Kyle: Yeah? How do you figure that?

Oliver: Well, either Gigi and Schuyler raise her...

Kyle: Yeah, if they're still talking.

Oliver: Or Clint and Kim raise her, and then she's a Buchanan.

Kyle: Can you--can you really picture Kim raising a baby?

Oliver: Listen, she'll have plenty of help, okay? The Buchanans are good people. That kid will have whatever she needs.

Kyle: Yeah, except for two parents that love her.

Oliver: You don't know that. Kim might surprise you.

Kyle: And you're really willing to take that chance?

Oliver: Yeah, well, it's not my decision.

Kyle: Unless it is. Oliver, you could be a great father. Being gay--

Oliver: Isn't the issue. Really, Kyle, this is not a gay thing.

Kyle: Oh, then it's a coward thing.

Schuyler: I can't go in front of a bunch of people and call Gigi a liar. I'm the liar. I'm the one--

Rachel: Wait. Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves here?

Téa: Okay, okay. I will prepare for Gigi and Rex just in case. Meanwhile, we remind the board that there is no evidence. You can thank Rachel for that. She gave the vial of oxytocin to me.

Schuyler: And you kept it?

Téa: If I get rid of it, I'm destroying evidence, but as your lawyer, I'm not obligated to give it to them.

Rex: Schuyler is banned from teaching because of this thing with this student.

Elijah: That's a good start. Is that on record?

Rex: Probably. And he stole drugs.

Elijah: Go on.

Rex: Yeah. He took this drug that induces early labor. He was gonna give it to Stacy to make the timing work on the baby's birth.

Elijah: Is there proof of this?

Rex: Well, he told me and Gigi straight out.

Elijah: Is that why the baby was born early, do you think?

Rex: He says it's not, but there's no way to know for sure, right? Oh, and Eli, he's an addict. Now, that has got to count--

Gigi: Schuyler doesn't use drugs. He's been clean. He has-- he's been clean for years. He's not this monster.

Elijah: All right, look, custody battles are by definition ugly. They can get nasty and brutal very fast. Rex, you know, I went over this with you at the hotel.

Rex: Yeah.

Elijah: Now, this case is gonna be harder than others. Courts favor the biological parents. To try to prove that the baby's father is unfit--it'll be war. Gonna have to look at the other side as the enemy because they are. If you're not willing to do that, you really shouldn't pick this fight at all.

Rex: Geeg, it's your call. Can you do it? Can you hurt Schuyler if you have to to keep the baby?

Clint: Hey, Brody. Brody, good morning.

Brody: Hey, Clint. Is she home?

Clint: Well, as a matter of fact I just dropped her off. Yeah, Jessie's gonna spend the entire morning with Natalie, and she seemed okay.

Brody: Good. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate any updates when you can.

Clint: I know it's difficult, you having to hang back.

Brody: Marty thinks that's what Jessica needs, so no question that's what I'll do.

Clint: Son, let's hope it doesn't last all that long. And you're gonna have to excuse me. My date's waiting for me over there, but Brody, you can call me anytime.

Brody: Thank you.

Jessica: So are you and Cristian, like, good friends?

Natalie: Um, we're friendly.

Jessica: No. I mean, does he tell you things? Like, do you know what's been happening with him since high school?

Natalie: Uh, some stuff, I guess.

Viki: So, how's it going?

Natalie: Hey, Mom. Jessica's just been going through some old yearbooks. Ha ha!

Viki: Has that helped?

Jessica: Yeah, but I'm tired now.

Viki: Well, the doctor said that you should not be up longer than two hours at a time, so why don't you go rest.

Jessica: On my way.

Viki: Want me to take those?

Jessica: No, no, no. I want to hang onto them.

Natalie: Um, oh, your bedroom's on the east side now, by the nursery.

Viki: Do you want me to show you, honey?

Jessica: No. I'll find my way.

Kim: Hey, handsome! Guess what I've been up to all morning.

Clint: Oh, do I really want to know?

Kim: Yes. I found a couple of possible sites for the wedding, and we can meet with them as soon--

Clint: Oh, now, wait a minute, Kimberly. We got to get something settled here. There's not gonna be any wedding, there's not gonna be any adopting a baby until we get one thing absolutely straight.

Kim: Okay.

Rex: I thought this is what you wanted.

Gigi: I want to take Sierra home with me and raise her, but why does it have to be this war?

Rex: It doesn't have to be. We just need to be ready.

Gigi: What time is it? Shane is gonna be late for school.

Rex: I took care of it, Geeg. You're fried, aren't you?

Gigi: This is happening really fast. I know that I said let's do this, but I just--I didn't think.

Rex: You only need to think about one thing: What kind of life do you want for Sierra Rose?

Gigi: Rex, there's more to it than that.

Rex: We'll handle it. No matter how rough it gets, no matter what happens, I'm here. I got your back, Morasco.

Oliver: I got to go. I have work.

Kyle: You don't have to.

Oliver: I can't stay here.

Kyle: Oliver--

Oliver: Listen, if I need somebody to tell me I'm half a man, I can call my dad.

Kyle: I'm sorry! Okay? I'm sorry. It was a cheap shot. You're the bravest person I know.

Oliver: Later.

Kyle: You know the definition of a hero? Somebody who's terrified but moves forward anyway.

Oliver: I'm not a hero.

Kyle: Yes, you are. You save lives, Oliver. And I get it. It's terrifying. You're gonna have a kid.

Oliver: No, I'm not even scared.

Kyle: I can only imagine--

Oliver: And Sierra isn't my daughter.

Kyle: Maybe, but Kim obviously thinks it's true, and I got a feeling you think it's true, too.

Oliver: Oh, God...

Kyle: Oliver, let's find out once and for all.

John: Mm. Promise you're gonna stay home and rest today.

Marty: Promise.

John: All right.

Marty: You got a lot of work? Busy day?

John: Every day.

Marty: Yeah, 'cause you don't usually go in this early.

John: I got a few things I got to clean up. Look, I'll, uh, I'll check in on you later. I'll bring you some chicken soup.

Marty: That sounds nice. Thanks.

John: I'll see you.

Marty: Okay. Bye.

Marty: Oh, my...

Natalie: You saved my tail.

Viki: How so? What happened?

Natalie: She started asking all these questions about Cristian, and two minutes later, I would have had to tell her I was married to him.

Viki: Oh, wow. She's totally fixated on him.

Natalie: Yeah, tell me about it. I thought it was gonna be complicated talking to her about how we're twins and the Mitch and Allison thing.

Viki: How did she take that?

Natalie: I don't know. Didn't really seem to register.

Viki: Maybe that's just as well.

Natalie: That's kind of what I thought.

Viki: Oh, my God, darling, I think--I think it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets any easier.

Natalie: Mmm.

Viki: I know.

Layla: Morning. On your way in?

Brody: Yeah. My first day back.

Layla: It's nice things are getting back to normal.

Brody: Most things.

Layla: Still rough with Jessica?

Brody: I don't know. I've had to back off and give her room.

Layla: Maybe that's not such a great idea.

Brody: Why?

Layla: Jessica showed up at our place yesterday looking for Cris.

Brody: Yeah, I heard.

Layla: But Cris handled it.

Brody: Tell him thank you.

Layla: Brody, don't worry. Cristian won't let Jessica get the wrong idea.

Jessica: Good morning, Mr. Vega.

Cristian: know, I only have a minute before class.

Jessica: I know. I'm in your class.

[Doorbell rings]

Natalie: I'll get it.

Viki: Thank you.


[Marty sighs]

Oliver: What is that?

Kyle: This thing you're not gonna be happy about.

Kim: I wanted you to know I'm planning on sticking to a really tight budget for the wedding. I don't need big and fancy.

Clint: Ha ha! You don't?

Kim: No, so if you had your heart set on fancy, you can forget it.

Clint: Ha ha! Yeah, well, knowing you as I do, I fully expect that you want a quiet, Quaker ceremony.

Kim: Whatever. What?

Clint: You're good. You're so good.

Kim: Yeah, I'll be good for you.

Clint: Uh-huh. Yeah, I hope so, but first, we have to get something cleared up before there's a wedding and before a baby gets involved.

Kim: What is that?

Clint: Prenuptial agreement.

Oliver: Tell me.

Kyle: It's a DNA test. I took a sample from you, and they compared it to Sierra's blood. We can finally find out once and for all whether or not you're Sierra's father. The answer's right here in this envelope.

Rex: You don't have to decide anything right now, Gigi. We can wait until we know the baby's okay.

Gigi: No. S-Sierra needs to know that she has a real home, that I'm waiting for her. I will do whatever it takes. File the papers. I want custody of Sierra Rose.

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