One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 2/18/10


Episode # 10629 ~ On Frozen Pond

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

John: Well, enjoy your new home.

Mitch: I won't be here long.

John: You'll be here till you stand trial for kidnapping Stacy and Jessica. If one of them dies, you're going down for murder.

Viki: I mean, Dr. Evans should be here by now, shouldn't he? The nurse said that he was through with Jessica's surgery.

Clint: I'm sure he'll be here as soon as he can.

Viki: I'm so afraid of what he's gonna tell us.

Clint: Don't be. She's in good hands.

Viki: I can't even believe any of this happened. Jessica was shot, and Charlie was the one who did it?

Clint: Brody, what were you saying earlier? You were gonna tell us something?

Jessica's voice: Do I know you?

Brody's voice: Of course you know me. You dot have to be scared anymore, Jess. It's me.

Jessica's voice: I've never seen you before in my life.

Clint: Brody?

Viki: There he is.

Clint: Dr. Evans, how's our girl?

Dorian: And your doors are locked?

Cassie: Yes, mother. My doors are locked. My windows are locked. I haven't let anyone in.

Dorian: I'm not being paranoid. Mitch repeated his threat to hurt one of my daughters.

Cassie: Mother, you know that we're all fine.

Dorian: Well, you are and Langston, but I haven't been able to reach Adriana. I'm worried sick.

David: Do you think we're actually gonna find Adriana in this place?

Kelly: Look. We know that she left the cafe with Emile Moreau. The credit card company said that he booked a room here within the last hour.

David: Yeah, after you told him it was an emergency. I mean, where's the artistry, the showmanship, the finesse?

Kelly: It's not about finesse. It's about finding my cousin.

David: Yeah? Well, I wish your Cramer magic would've worked on the guy at the front desk. Then we'd have the actual room number.

Kelly: We will figure it out.

David: How? How are we gonna figure it out, by knocking on every single door in this place?

Kelly: I don't know. I don't know because Adriana is not answering her phone. I don't know what else to do. I don't know. I mean, what if Dorian is right, that Mitch hired this guy to go after her? I mean, David, I don't know. What if I sent my cousin to her death? I don't know. All I was trying to do was just help her get over Rex.

Oliver: Okay. You've got this number, yeah? I appreciate it. Thank you.

Rex: Did you get through to the hospital?

Oliver: Yeah, finally.

Rex: Any news of the baby?

Oliver: All I know is that Gigi and Schuyler got her there.

Gigi: Have you heard anything about Stacy?

Schuyler: No, not yet, but I'm sure Rex and Fish are on their way back with her.

Gigi: How's Sierra Rose?

Schuyler: In an incubator getting warm, receiving oxygen.

Gigi: Did they find out what's wrong with her?

Schuyler: No, not yet, but the doctors are running some tests.

Gigi: She has to be all right. They both have to be.

Schuyler: Are you-- are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you went into that water, too.

Gigi: I'm fine.

Schuyler: Yeah. Is that what the doctors say, though?

Gigi: Nothing is gonna stop me from looking after that baby until Stacy can do it on her own.

Firefighter: Roger that. I'm sorry. We're ceasing search and recovery.

Rex: What? Stacy is in there somewhere.

Firefighter: The divers haven't been able to find her.

Rex: Yeah, yeah. She's under the ice.

Second Firefighter: And we've dragged parts of the lake where the ice is thawed, and we're not finding a body.

Firefighter: And we wonít. Until the ice melts.

Rex: You can't just leave her there.

Firefighter: We've done everything we can.

Rex: You have to keep looking.

EMT: Sir, she's been under too long. Even if we did find her, she couldn't have survived.

Rex: So, you're done.

Second Firefighter: I'm sorry. I'm making it official. Stacy Morasco is dead.

Rex: You're just walking away.

Oliver: I'm really sorry, Rex.

Rex: Well, what the hell happened? I mean, Stacy is just dead?

Oliver: Hey, listen. It's not right.

Rex: I know she was no saint--lying to me all those months, trying to pass the baby off as mine--but she came down here for her little kid. I mean, she just gave birth.

Oliver: And nothing was gonna stop her.

Rex: She cared about that little girl, Fish.

Oliver: Yeah. I know. I know that she did, and now that baby is not only fighting for its life, but she doesn't have a mother, either.

Rex: Well, she has a father, and he's with her.

Schuyler: Hey, wait. Hey.

Gigi: What?

Schuyler: Um, you should-- you should just be prepared because the babies in here can look kind of upsetting. It's not that I don't think you can handle it. I mean, obviously, you saved her from falling into freezing waters. Just the equipment--

Gigi: She's alive. That's all I care about.

Schuyler: Yeah. There she is--Sierra Rose.

Oliver: Here. Hand warmers.

Rex: Thanks.

Oliver: I'm gonna head back to town. I need to file a report on Stacy, and I might go see how the baby is doing.

Rex: You really care about that baby, don't you?

Oliver: Yeah. I do.

Rex: Yeah. I do, too. Of course, after finding out the baby is not mine--at least, that's why Schuyler says--I don't know what to believe.

Oliver: That was tough. I mean, all of this is pretty hard. Hey, do you want a ride?

Rex: No. You go ahead. I need some time.

Oliver: Are you sure, Rex? Itís freezing out.

Rex: Yeah. I'll get a ride back with the EMTs. I need some time before I can be around people again.

Oliver: All right. I get it.

Rex: Do me a favor.

Oliver: Yes, anything.

Rex: Gigi needs to know that her sister--

Oliver: Yes. Yes. Don't worry.

Rex: She's probably still at the hospital with the baby.

Oliver: I'll get over there as soon as I can.

Rex: Thanks.

David: If I wanted doors slammed in my face, I'd go back to Llanview

Kelly: We're doing this for Adriana.

David: You really think she needed to get over Rex?

Kelly: Why does that matter right now?

David: You know what? I don't understand why my dad always thought that guy was so great when he left me out in the cold. It's bringing up all sorts of memories about how my family shut me out.

Kelly: Let's go, David.

David: Kelly, you know how I love Adriana like family, but it's bringing up bad feelings for me, so I don't think I want to find her anymore.

Kelly: We're going to find her because we have to find her. Let's go.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kelly: It's Dorian.

David: Well, don't answer it. She'll kill you for letting Adriana go off with a strange man.


Dorian: Kelly is not picking up, either.

Charlie: I thought you said your daughter talked to her before.

Dorian: Yes, but a lot could've happened since then. I called and talked to the Paris police, but they won't search for her until she's been missing for 24 hours.

Charlie: I'm sorry that you're going through this.

Dorian: Charlie, I'm sorry that you're here at all. You wouldn't have gotten involved in this if it weren't for me.

Charlie: Look. It doesn't matter what happened, okay? All that really matters is that Jessica is okay.

Greg: Jessica came through like a champ.

Clint: So, she's gonna be all right?

Greg: Mm-hmm. We were able to stop the bleeding and repair any major organ damage.

Viki: Oh, thank God.

Greg: I expect a complete recovery.

Clint: Best thing I ever did was bringing you to Llanview.

Greg: Just doing my job.

Clint: You're doing it well. Thank you.

Greg: Your daughter is very strong and lucky. That bullet missed killing her by just a few millimeters.

Viki: Oh...oh, may we see her?

Greg: They're bringing her into recovery in just a moment. I'll let you know when you can see her.

Viki: Thank you. Oh, Clint!

Clint: She has been a real trouper.

Viki: She's gonna be all right. Oh, that's so wonderful. Ha!

Clint: Son, what's wrong?

Brody: I think I should prepare you.

Clint: For what? Is this what y were gonna tell us before?

Brody: Yeah.

Clint: Just say it.

Brody: When I told you about when I found Jess, I didn't exactly get to her in time.

Viki: What? You told us what Mitch was going to do. You stopped him.

Brody: Before I got there, Mitch gave Jessica electroshock.

Clint: What?

Viki: Oh, my God.

Brody: I found Jess before she was shot. She didn't remember anything about herself. She didn't know who I was, and when she wakes up, she might not know you, either.

Gigi: She looks so tiny, so helpless.

Schuyler: I know. Doctors are finding out what's wrong. We're doing everything we can.

Gigi: You're amazing, taking care of Rex's daughter as if she were your own. I'm so lucky I found you. You're gonna be all right, little girl. Your mommy and daddy are on the way.

Rex: No. I'm good.

Kim: Rex? Rex, oh, thank God. I've been looking all over for Stacy. Have you seen her? I was at the cabin with Stacy. She was so worried about her baby, she snuck out on me...

Rex: Listen.

Kim: And let's face it, she's not exactly the outdoorsy type, plus she was so weak. She had just given birth. What if she's lost or something?

Rex: I need to talk to you.

Kim: What's going on? What are they doing here?

Rex: The ice cracked.

Kim: Have you seen Stacy?

Rex: She was here.

Rex's voice: No! Go back! No! Don't go! There's ice!

Rex: She saw Gigi and the baby from across the lake.

Kim: Oh, thank God. So, Stacy is with her baby. Phew!

Schuyler: Listen. I can't take this anymore. I'm gonna f-- I'm gonna find a doctor.

Gigi: I'll stay with her. I promised Stacy I wouldn't leave her baby alone.

Schuyler: Okay.

Gigi: Sierra Rose, hang on, sweet girl. Hang on, and I promise you that your mommy and daddy will give you the most beautiful life, and what they don't give you, your Aunt Gigi will.

Kyle: Hey, Schuyler, Schuyler, what's going on? Is that Stacy's--

Schuyler: Yeah. Yeah. She's premature.

Kyle: Not that much, right? Is there something else wrong with her? Is that why she's in the NICU?

Schuyler: They're running tests, but they don't know. They don't know what's going on.

Kyle: Did the lab put a rush on it?

Schuyler: Doesn't matter. This waiting is driving me nuts. It's my baby girl in there.

Kyle: Does Oliver know?

Oliver: Hey, can you file this death report for me, please?

Cop: Sure thing.

Dorian: Excuse me. Death report? Who died?

Schuyler: Yeah. Oliver knows about the baby. I was hoping you'd heard from him.

Kyle: Why? What happened?

Oliver: Stacy Morasco had an accident on the mountain.

Rex: Stacy is not with the baby.

Kim: Okay. Then where is she?

Dorian: What happened?

Schuyler: She fell through the ice into the lake. Rex and Oliver stayed behind to try to rescue her.

Kyle: But you haven't heard from Oliver.

Schuyler: No. I don't know what happened, if they made it out safely oró

Oliver: Stacy drowned.

Dorian: What about the baby?

Rex: Stacy tried to get to the baby, but the ice cracked underneath her, and she fell in.

Kim: Oh, my, God, she's hurt. I need to get to the hospital.

Oliver: Stacy had the baby, but the baby is sick. I need to get to the hospital.

Kim: I need to see her. Hey, can you give me a lift?

Rex: No, Kim. Wait.

Kim: I need to get to the hospital now, Rex.

Rex: Listen to me. Stacy is not at the hospital.

Kim: What? Why not?

Rex: She didn't make it out of the water. She's gone.

Clint: I'll tear Laurence apart with my bare hands.

Viki: Now wait. Are you positive he gave her electroshock?

Brody: Yes, ma'am, but Dr. Saybrooke told me memory loss is usually temporary and that it wouldn't affect Jessica's surgery. I'm sorry. I should've told you sooner. I just didn't want to pile on with everything else.

Viki: I don't get this. Why would he do that?

Brody: Laurence said he wanted to erase the unnecessary details from Jessica's life.

Clint: Like her family?

Brody: That was the idea.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Greg: Jessica is in recovery now. You're welcome to see her, but please take it easy on her. She'll be groggy.

Viki: Okay. Thanks.

Greg: Sure.

Brody: You should go in first.

Mitch: My daughter will not die. She's strong. She will pull through this.

John: No one wants to hear your fake concern.

Mitch: Oh, I can assure you, it's very real. I love my daughter.

John: You tried to rape her.

Mitch: I was simply trying to keep my covenant with God. I don't belong behind bars for that. Those who shot my daughter do, Charlie Banks and Dorian Lord, but they will answer for what they've done.

Dorian: Oh, Kelly, why won't you pick up? Oh...

Kelly: Cette fille, tu la vu? Have you seen this girl?

French Maid: No. I have not seen this...fille.

David: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. How about now?

[Monitor beeping]

Viki: Jessie? Honey? Honey, we're here, darling.

Clint: Sweetheart, you're gonna be all right.

Kyle: I know you're really worried about that baby in there, but there's something else you need to know. I couldn't keep lying to Rex's mom. Roxy was really good to me when everybody else in this town couldn't give a damn. I couldn't let her keep thinking that Stacy was carrying her grandchild, so--I don't know--you can turn me in for violating confidentiality if you want. I don't care. I just know Roxy is probably gonna tell Rex, and--

Schuyler: Kyle, I told him up on the mountain. He knows.

Kyle: What about Gigi? Does she know that's not Rex's baby in there?

Gigi: I never thought I'd forgive your mommy for getting pregnant with Rex. I never thought I would be able to look at you because the man I loved for so long is your daddy.

Schuyler: I haven't told Gigi I'm Sierra's father yet. It's just been too crazy.

Kyle: Sierra.

Schuyler: Yeah. Yeah. That's her name--Sierra Rose. As soon as we find out what's wrong with her and we know that Stacy is back, I'm gonna tell Gigi.

Kyle: You better do it before somebody else does.

Schuyler: Yeah. All I can think about is my daughter right now. I'm gonna find the pediatrician.

Kyle: Sierra Rose--Oliver's.

Oliver: Kyle, hey.

Kyle: Oh, God...

Gigi: My heart doesn't care who your daddy is. I love you like there's no tomorrow, and you brought your mama and me back together. I didn't realize it, but I miss my baby sister. When she gave birth to you, it was like we got two miracles in one. We got you, and I got the sister that I used to know and love.

Kim: She's gone? What does that mean?

Rex: She never made it out. The water was too cold. She couldn't move.

Kim: No.

Rex: Fish and I tried to save her, but she went under, and she drowned.

Kim: No. She didn't drown, not Stacy. She just had the baby. She had too much to live for.

Rex: I'm sorry. I'm telling you, she is dead.

Kim: Then where's the body?

Rex: The search team couldn't find her.

Kim: Because she isn't dead.

Rex: They had to call off the search, okay? It was too cold. Nobody could survive that.

Kim: So, what, are you just giving up on her, too? Why, because you wanted her to die, because you were mad at her?

Rex: I tried to save her.

Kim: Well, we can still save her. She's a fighter. We have to look for her.

Rex: I'm sorry. There's nothing you can do.

Kim: I have to.

Rex: You can't, okay? No one can.

Kim: She's there. She's right there.

Rex: They can't find her, and they might not be able to find her till next spring...

Kim: Oh, God, oh, God...

Rex: But you were right. She wanted to live. She wanted to live for the baby, but she just couldn't do it anymore, okay? I'm sorry, Kim. I am so sorry.

[Kim crying]

Kim: Stacy!

Jessica: Where am I?

Viki: You're in the hospital, sweetheart.

Jessica: Why?

Clint: It's all right, honey. You were shot, but you're gonna be fine.

Viki: Okay. It was just an accident.

Jessica: I was shot?

Clint: Yeah. Don't you remember?

Jessica: Not really.

Viki: Well, I don't want you to worry about that, okay? The important thing is that you recover.

Clint: Yeah. You recover, and when you're better, we will explain everything.

Viki: Honey, do you know who we are?

Dorian: Oh, thank goodness. What took you so long? I'm sorry, but, really, when do we get out of here?

Eli: I'm sorry, but, as I suspected, the feds have left your fate in the hands of the LPD.

Charlie: And what does that mean, jail?

Dorian: No! Absolutely not, right? You said that we'd be released.

Eli: On your own recognizance. Ask, and you shall receive.

Dorian: Ah, ha ha ha! Wonderful. Good, because I have to go check on my daughter.

Eli: Oh, well, no.

Dorian: No?

Eli: I wouldn't leave this jurisdiction if I were you. I can't guarantee local authorities won't charge you.

Dorian: I'm sorry. You're not me, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm gonna do everything I have to do to protect my daughter from Mitch or any of his crazed followers.

Kelly: Hello? Anyone in there? Adriana could be dead. Break it down.

David: All right. Step back. You could get injured. This wood looks pretty thick. There's a pretty good chance I could get hurt.

Kelly: Get over here. Let a Cramer woman handle it. Yaah! My God.

Kelly: Adriana! Oh, my God are you okay? I'll kill that bastard Laurence.

Adriana: What are you guys doing?

Kelly: Did he hurt you?

David: This is actually kind of hot.

Adriana: No! What are you talking about?

Emile: Ou est mon petit chou, eh? Mademoiselle Cramer? Qu'est-ce qui--

Kelly: Son of a bitch! You! Your days of working for Mitch are over. You die!

John: Keep making threats. It just adds to your sentence.

Mitch: They're not threats. They're promises. Charlie and Dorian must pay for what she did.

John: Dorian is the reason you're still breathing.

Mitch: Oh, she wanted to hurt me, so she grabbed Charlie's arm in order to do it through my daughter. Dorian-- Dorian will learn that what goes around comes around.

Eli: Dorian, wait.

Dorian: No, no, no.

Eli: I just got you free. Don't do anything that's gonna land you back in here or worse.

Dorian: Do you think I care what happens to me? Mitch is after my family.

Eli: And Mitch is on his way to a super-max facility.

Dorian: It doesn't matter where he is. His crazed followers are everywhere.

Eli: And the feds are trying to round them up as we speak.

Dorian: Trying to?

Eli: Well, they're trying to ascertain the scope of his operation. They're doing the best they can.

Dorian: Oh, and is that supposed to make me feel better?

Eli: No, no. They're doing their jobs, Dorian. Are you sure Mitch wasn't bluffing when he said he was gonna hurt your daughters again?

Dorian: What I'm sure of is, the man is a psychopath, and I won't rest until I know that Adriana is all right.

Kelly: Bam!

Adriana: Oh, Kelly, stop! He has nothing to do with Mitch Laurence, okay? He wasn't trying to hurt me.

Emile: No, no.

Kelly: Cassie called. She told me that Dorian wasn't being dramatic. Mitch threatened us, and this guy told us he worked for a powerful man.

Adriana: Yes. He does. Look. Here he is with his boss--the prime minister of France.

David: I'll take care of him, Kelly. No. Don't you move, friend.

Kelly: Why did he tie you up?

Adriana: Because I asked him to.

Emile: Yes. Oui.

Kelly: You asked him to?

Adriana: It was this game, a sex game.

David: Wow, you really can take the convent out of the girl.

Kelly: You know what I think? I think he told you it was a game while all the while, he was planning to kill you.

Adriana: No. You got--hey, no. It was my idea, okay, my fantasy, and besides, if he was gonna kill me, don't you think he would've done it already?

Eli: Okay. I'll process these and meet you in what used to be Lowell's office, then?

Charlie: Okay, and I know you're anxious to get on that flight to Paris.

Eli: I didn't hear that.

Dorian: The next flight isn't for another two hours, anyway. Would you go? You have to find out how Jessica is.

Charlie: Yeah. I do, but thanks.

Dorian: No. Don't thank me.

Charlie: Well, I mean, I'd be in jail if you hadn't hired that lawyer, so--

Dorian: It's the least I could do. Will you go?

Charlie: Okay. Look. I hope Adriana is okay

Dorian: Thank you, and I hope Jessica will recover quickly, and when she does, I'm sure Viki is going to understand and forgive you.

Jessica: You're my parents. Of course I know who you are. Why wouldn't I know you?

Clint: Well, it doesn't matter. We're just so happy that you're better.

Viki: And we love you so much.

Clint: Can't wait to get you home.

Jessica: I love you, too. I can't believe I was shot. Ha! Doesn't hurt. I'm just so sleepy.

Viki: Well, we're not gonna tire you out, darling, so we'll leave, but there's one other person who really wants to see you, okay? We'll be right outside.

Clint: Yeah. Come on.

Brody: How is she?

Clint: Well, she's confused. I don't think she remembers what that monster tried to do to her, but she knew us. She knew us right away.

Brody: She did?

Viki: Seems as if the memory loss is temporary.

Brody: Oh, you're kidding. That's--

Viki: Thank God.

Brody: That's great.

Viki: Yeah.

Brody: Can I--

Viki: Oh, absolutely. I'm sure she wants to see you.

Clint: Brody?

Brody: Yes, sir?

Clint: Thank you for taking care of our daughter.

Kim: How can my girl be gone? How? I left her for one minute, but she was so desperate to see her little baby. She was so worried. There was something wrong. What happened to the baby?

Rex: She's at the hospital with Gigi and her father. You know what I mean, don't you?

Kim: I can't talk about that right now.

Rex: Schuyler is the baby's father, isn't he?

Kim: Stacy is dead!

Rex: Even though the baby was born on that fake due date, Schuyler is telling the truth. She's not my baby, is she?

Kim: No. She's not your baby, Rex.

Oliver: Sorry I didn't call. Everything was so nuts, and as soon as I got off the mountain, I had to go to the station.

Kyle: It's okay. Okay. You're here now. That's all that's important. You okay?

Oliver: Yeah. I'm fine. How's the baby?

Kyle: They don't know yet. They're still waiting on some results. Schuyler went to find a doctor. He said you and Rex stayed behind to rescue Stacy.

Oliver: Stacy-- Kyle, Stacy didn't make it. She's dead.

Brody: Baby, you're back. You have no idea how glad I am to see you. I've never prayed so hard for anyone in my life. It's okay. You don't have to talk. Just concentrate on getting better. I just want to sit here with you, be with the woman I love.

Clint: Well, our girls are safe, and they're sound, no lasting damage, and I'd say that's nothing short of a miracle.

Viki: I know.

Dorian: Adriana, is it really you? Are you all right?

Adriana: Yes, mother. It's me. I'm fine. I'm safe.

Dorian: Oh, thank heavens.

Adriana: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you worry.

Dorian: Where are you? What happened?

Adriana: Nothing. My phone was turned off.

David: While she was turned on.

Dorian: And what about Kelly? Do you have any idea where she might be?

Adriana: She's with me, but her phone is dead.

Dorian: It was fine earlier.

Adriana: We're sorry for making you worry, really. We're both okay.

Dorian: Well, why was your phone off? You never turn it off. What were you doing?

Adriana: I was tied up. Oh...

Kim: Stacy never wanted to hurt you. Everything she did, she did because she loved you.

Rex: You think that I give a damn? Stacy made me believe the baby was mine.

Kim: Shut up about her! She's dead, for God's sakes. You want to blame someone, blame me.

Rex: What kind of person comes to town and helps Stacy do what she did, huh? All the lies that you told me for months, the games, the manipulations--was that fun? Did you laugh at what a fool I was to believe you all those months?

Kim: It wasn't like that, Rex.

Rex: Well, was it fun watching the baby tear me and Gigi apart, huh? What was it? Did you guys enjoy it?

Kim: Rex, she loved you. Stacy loved you.

Rex: Forget Stacy. What about you? How could you do this? How could you let me believe the baby was mine when it was really Schuyler's?

Schuyler: Stacy is dead?

Oliver: Man, I'm so sorry, Schuyler. Rex and I tried. We did everything that we could to save her, and then search and rescue got there, but by that time, it was too late, and Stacy disappeared into the lake. She never came back up.

Schuyler: I-- I have to tell Gigi. I have to tell Gigi.

Gigi: You are a big reason why your daddy and I broke up, but it turned out okay, more than okay. I found Schuy. I love him so much. You know that? He's been taking care of you like you were his own, but you're gonna love your daddy, Sierra Rose, and your mommy is pretty special, too, so you get better so we can give your mommy the good news when she gets here. What? What is it? Did you talk to the doctor? Is it Sierra?

Schuyler: No. I haven't talked to anybody about Sierra yet, but I have something to tell you about Stacy.

Kim: You have to understand.

Rex: Understand what, that you and Stacy lied to me about her losing the baby? Our baby died, Kim. Did anybody mourn it, or did she just go around to plotting and scheming?

Kim: How can you even ask that? Stacy was devastated.

Rex: So devastated that she didn't tell the father of the kid. She just launched right into making a new one, and she brought Schuyler Joplin in on the game, huh?

Kim: It isn't a game.

Rex: No, no. It was a joke, and it was on me. "Surprise, Rex. You're not the dad. Guess who is. Schuyler Joplin, the guy who stole the love of your life."

Kim: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

John: Enjoy the new digs.

Mitch: This isn't over. You'll never be free from Mitch Laurence.

Dorian: I hope and pray we're finally finished with Mitch Laurence. He's on his way to a federal penitentiary.

Adriana: What about all his creepy followers?

Dorian: Being rounded up as we speak.

Adriana: I can't believe he used all of us to go after you.

Dorian: It was hideous.

Adriana: But we're Cramer women, right? We'll always be okay. You taught us to be.

Dorian: Then can I ask a favor of you?

Adriana: What is it?

Dorian: Now that this nightmare is over, would you please keep in touch?

Adriana: I promise. I love you.

Dorian: I love you, too, darling.

Adriana: Ohh...

Kelly: We're sorry we ruined your date.

David: I can show you a better binding technique, though. It's called a sheepshank. Dorian likes it better than the double sailor.

Adriana: That's--

Kelly: I was really worried about you.

Adriana: I know, and I really appreciate it.

Kelly: Come here.

Adriana: Oh, ha ha!

David: There we go.

Dorian: Adriana and Kelly are safe and sound.

Cassie: I knew it. Mother, Mitch and his followers can't be everywhere at once. He just wants you to think they can.

Dorian: He may have been bluffing, but it's going to be a long time before I'm at ease.

Cassie: Mother, you have been under so much pressure lately, you have really got to let yourself relax. You know, you should try this tea that Aunt Addie sent. I've never felt calmer, really. Trust me. Itís over.

Clint: Charlie, I thought you were still in custody.

Charlie: Yeah. No. They just let me out a little while ago. I came by to see how Jessica is doing.

Viki: She's out of surgery. She's gonna be all right.

Charlie: That's-- that's great. You know I never meant to hurt your daughter, Clint. I hope you know that. After what I went through losing Jared, I hate to be putting youth through this. I just thought I had to do it. I'm not trying to make any excuses, but I just had to settle that score with Mitch Laurence for what he did to my son. I wanted us all to be free of him, and I guess I just went about it all wrong. I love my son, and that love almost cost you your child. I'm sorry. Viki, I'll never forgive myself for what I did to Jessica, and I'll never stop loving you.

Brody: You must be exhausted. You just sleep, okay? Just wanted to tell you how much I love you.

Jessica: Who are you?

Rex: I know exactly what I'm talking about. You and Stacy made a fool of me, all the while making me care about a kid that wasn't mine, that was really Schuyler's.

Kim: You don't know anything. Schuyler Joplin isn't the father any more than you are.

Kyle: Well, that kid doesn't even have a mother. All she's got is a father, and it could be you.

Kyle: Dr. Gangemi, what are you doing here?

Dr. Gangemi: I'm taking over the Morasco baby.

Kyle: It's that bad? Gigi Morasco just got some really bad news.

Jay: Well, I'm afraid I've got some more.

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