One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/10/10


Episode # 10623 ~ Shocked! Shocked!

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Brody: Jessica? Oh, thank God you're okay.

Jessica: Are you --

Brody: It's me. It's Brody. That bastard drugged you, but you're gonna be okay. I promise.

Jessica: Brody. Do I know you?

Mitch: Yes, Lord! Ha ha ha!

Brody: Of course you know me. You don't have to be scared anymore, Jess. It's me.

Jessica: I've never seen you before in my life.

Téa: Hey.

Todd: Hey.

Téa: Any news on Jessica?

Todd: Viki's going out of her mind is all.

Téa: Oh, I can't even imagine. When Ross had Dani, I felt like my body was going to explode into a million different pieces, and Ross isn't half the psycho that Mitch is. If he had my daughter, I --

Todd: Our daughter.

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: Speaking of our daughter, I just dropped Starr and Cole off at their apartment and got sight of Dani through the open door.

Téa: Did she see you?

Todd: Yeah, and she hightailed it to another room the second she did.

Téa: Hey. Time, remember?

Todd: Mm-hmm. So I can't even say hello.

Téa: For now, no.

Todd: What am I supposed to do?

Téa: I don't know, but I know what I have to do.

Cole: I just thought that John would try to contact someone by now.

Starr: You know what, I'd try calling your mom again.

Cole: Well, I'm the one telling her not to worry.

Starr: It's bad enough with Jessica missing.

Cole: And now Brody and Natalie, too.

Starr: All these people that we care about.

Dani: Hey.

Starr: Hey.

Dani: He's gone, huh?

Starr: Yep, Dad's gone.

Dani: Good. I mean --

Starr: No, it's okay. He just wishes he would have got the chance to see you.

Destiny: So have you heard from Dani since she left town with her mom?

Matthew: Um -- listen. About that, Des.

Greg: Hey. What are you guys doing out so late?

Destiny: You're my brother, not my dad.

Greg: I know you're not giving me attitude.

Rachel: The power went out at your parents' place.

Destiny: When I was on the phone with Matthew.

Rachel: And then the power went out at my place, too, so I told Matthew and Destiny I'd take them out till they came back on.

Destiny: That good enough for you, Detective?

Greg: For now. I need to borrow Rachel for a second.

Destiny: Can you believe him? I don't see Greg for years and years, and now all of a sudden he wants to be all up in my business.

Matthew: Destiny, there's something about Dani I have to tell you.

Destiny: Like what? You already told me you guys kissed and that you miss her.

Matthew: Yeah, but I didn't tell you that Dani's back and that she's staying in Llanview.

Rachel: You look like you could keel over right here.

Greg: 36 hours and still counting. Storm like this, emergencies keep piling in. After I grab something to eat, I'm gonna head back in.

Rachel: There's something else, isn't there?

Greg: How well do you know your roommate?

Rachel: Schuyler?

Greg: Yeah.

Rachel: We're colleagues. Well, we're more than that. We're pretty good friends. Why?

Greg: Well, I think your friend may have made a big mistake.

Rex: That's it! Tell me why you're so interested in my kid. Huh? Why would Stacy want you to raise my child?

Schuyler: Because it's not your child. It's my child. It's my child.

Rex: What? That's crazy.

Schuyler: No, it's not. No, it's not. It's the truth.

Gigi: You aren't having Rex's baby, are you?

Stacy: You got me. It's a bowling ball.

Gigi: I know it's a baby! It's just not Rex's.

Stacy: Of course it's Rex's. Who else's would it be?

Schuyler: I am that baby's father. That's why I had to get up this mountain with a snowstorm coming because I had to tell Gigi.

Rex: I don't believe it.

Schuyler: Think about it. Why would I lie?

Dorian: Charlie! Charlie! Ch -- oh, I'm trying. I'm trying. Believe me, Mel. I am trying. 'Cause you were right. I can't let Charlie ruin his life. I have to stop him before he kills Mitch.

Charlie: That's gotta be the place. Right up there. You're as good as dead, Laurence.

Brody: Jessica, look me in the eyes. You have to know who I am.

Mitch: I wouldn't waste my breath, Lieutenant. My daughter doesn't remember you. She never will.

Jessica: Father, what's happening? Why is this man insisting that he knows me?

Brody: What the hell did you do to Jessica?

Mitch: I was merely helping my daughter rid her mind of all extraneous detail, like you, Lieutenant Lovett.

Brody: It's okay. It's okay. He's just drugged you. It's -- you'll be fine when it wears off.

Mitch: It's not as simple as that, boy.

Brody: What the hell does that mean? Huh?

Mitch: Aah!

Brody: There's got to be an antidote, a cure, something! God! Oh, my God. You gave Jessica electroshock?

Mitch: Mmm. My lovely daughter is lost to you forever.

Cole: Do you guys mind if I go turn on the news? There's no news on Jessica on the web.

Starr: Yeah, no. You just might want to keep the volume down.

Dani: I thought you understood. I mean, you know what it's like to have Todd Manning as your father.

Starr: Of course I do. Believe me.

Dani: Then why are you trying to push him on me?

Starr: Dani, I'm not.

Dani: That's what it feels like.

Cole: Hey, there's a hotline for anyone that's seen her.

Starr: I can't believe Mitch was able to have her grabbed out of Llanfair.

Cole: Yeah, he seemed pretty psycho when we saw him at the coffee shop.

Dani: You guys saw Mitch at the coffee shop?

Starr: Yes, we did. He was looking for new followers.

Cole: And it seems like Jessica won number one.

Starr: Can you imagine what it's like for Jessica having a father like Mitch Laurence?

Dani: I need to go.

Starr: Oh, Dani. I'm sorry. Do you want to go to bed now?

Cole: We don't have to do this now.

Dani: Oh, no, actually, I'm kind of hungry.

Starr: Do you want me to make you a peanut butter and banana sandwich?

Dani: Thanks, but I thought I'd walk over to Buenos Dias.

Starr: Now?

Cole: Yeah, it's kind of in the middle of the night.

Dani: Well, it's open 24 hours isn't it?

Starr: That's not what I meant.

Dani: Don't worry. I'll be fine.

Starr: Dan --

[Door slams]

Starr: I really hope that she's going to be okay.

Cole: Well, it's only a couple blocks away.

Starr: I didn't mean to upset her.

Cole: Honey, look, it's not your fault. She just -- doesn't know how to deal with your dad yet.

Matthew: Look, I really wanted to tell you, but then all that stuff with my cousin Jessica started happening. And then I wanted to tell you at school, but then there was that assembly.

Destiny: Or maybe you were afraid of how I'd react.

Matthew: Well --

Destiny: Look, I am way past thinking of you that way. We're friends. I'm cool with that. But I thought friends trusted each other.

Matthew: I do trust you.

Destiny: You just don't trust me not to be a basket case when some girl you like comes back to town.

Matthew: I'm sorry.

Destiny: Apology accepted. So what's the 411? You and Dani are like --

Dani: Thank God you guys are here.

Destiny: A thing now?

Rachel: What are you talking about? What mistake?

Greg: Look, I'm on the hospital review board. A colleague suspects that somebody forged her signature to get unauthorized meds.

Rachel: And you think that someone is Schuyler? That's crazy! I mean, look, whatever he's done in his past, Schuy's clean. I mean, he's back in med school. There's no way he would mess that up by stealing drugs from a hospital.

Greg: Well, I'm sorry, Rach, but we have proof.

Rex: You're an addict. Lying is what you do best.

Schuyler: I've been clean longer than you've known me.

Rex: Known you? Other than the fact that you're a junkie, I don't know squat about you.

Schuyler: Rex, this has nothing to do with my addiction, okay? I had sex with Stacy, and she got pregnant.

Rex: You gotta be high. You're hallucinating.

Schuyler: Oh, I wish. I wish that I was making this up.

Rex: Okay, even if you were sleeping with Stacy at the same time that I -- did, it doesn't prove anything. We still need a paternity test. You're high.

Schuyler: I am not high. And I was not sleeping with Stacy when she slept with you. I had sex with her, yes, once, about a month later.

Rex: I told you, you're not making any sense. Okay? We both know when Stacy got pregnant. You were there at the hospital when she had the test done.

Schuyler: Yeah, because back then, Rex, it was your baby she was carrying.

Rex: But now she's not.

Schuyler: She had a miscarriage. She lost your child, Rex. I'm sorry.

Gigi: How should I know who you've had sex with? Isn't that how you made a living?

Stacy: I was a stripper, not a hooker.

Gigi: Whatever.

Stacy: Look, I love Rex. He's the only one who could be the father of my baby.

Gigi: Then why all the lying about the water breaking? Why fake labor when you're not ready to give birth? Why --

Stacy: Uhh! Oh, my God! Oh!

Téa: Do you really think that moving her in here, forcing her to have a relationship with you before she's ready is gonna help the situation?

Todd: I don't see anywhere to go but up at this point.

Téa: Believe me, the situation could get a lot worse.

Todd: Was that trying to scare me?

Téa: No, I'm not trying to scare you. I'm just saying she could end up resenting you even more than she already does.

Todd: I don't think that's possible?

Téa: Look, we have to take baby steps here, okay?

Todd: I don't do baby steps.

Téa: Well, I've noticed, but really what choice do we have? Todd, it's not right, me living here while she lives somewhere else.

Todd: What does that mean?

Téa: It means that she probably thinks that I'm choosing you over her.

Todd: But I'm her father. Why does that have to be a choice?

Téa: You know why? Because she's having a hard time accepting you as her biological father knowing what she knows about your past.

Todd: And how are baby steps gonna help that?

Téa: Look, I can't change what she read about you online. I can only hope that time really does heal all wounds. And maybe if I'm there to help her --

Todd: Then you convince her that I'm the world's greatest dad.

Téa: I'm not trying to convince her of anything. She and I -- we just -- we need to share a home again, and it can't be here.

Todd: So you're leaving me again.

Dani: I had to get out of that apartment. It was just too weird with everyone talking about Jessica, this missing cousin I never met.

Matthew: Yeah, it's gotta be strange.

Destiny: I'll leave you guys alone.

Dani: Why?

Destiny: Well, aren't you, like, a couple now?

Greg: The committee questioned the nurse who dispersed the drugs. She identified Schuyler as the person who submitted the request.

Rachel: Well, the doctor must have authorized it.

Greg: Dr. Baez is 100% certain that she did not make the request. Not one of her patients at the time would have even needed it.

Rachel: What was the drug?

Greg: Oxytocin.

Rachel: Not oxycodone?

Greg: No, and I know that's a lot of addicts' drug of choice. No. Oxytocin is a hormone. That's what makes this so odd.

Rachel: Well, what's it used for?

Greg: Primarily to induce labor. Do you know something about this?

Stacy: Aah!

Gigi: Nice try, but you can only get away with faking labor once.

Stacy: I'm not faking it this time!

Gigi: Ah! So you admit it. You faked it at the hospital.

Stacy: Gigi, please!

Gigi: Why were you trying to trick Rex into thinking that you're having the baby now?

Stacy: I am. I'm having it right now!

Gigi: I'm right, aren't I? It's not Rex's baby.

Stacy: Oh, shut up! I'm in pain!

Gigi: Stacy, you are not gonna use this baby to get out of telling me the truth.

Stacy: Oh, my back feels like it's on fire. Oh, it hurts so bad right here.

Gigi: Okay. So you read up on real symptoms.

Stacy: Rex, I need you! Ow!

Rex: What kind of twisted S.O.B. Are you telling me that my baby died?

Schuyler: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but it's true. That's why the baby she's carrying isn't full term yet.

Rex: Well, now I know you're full of it. You saw us at the hospital. She was in labor.

Schuyler: Yeah, yeah. The labor stopped, though, didn't it?

Rex: Because it was false labor. It's not like she faked it, okay? Her water broke.

Schuyler: Rex, your water doesn't break in a false labor. That's just contractions.

Rex: I was with her when it happened.

Schuyler: Were you in the room? Were you in the actual room? She faked it, Rex. I don't know how, but this is Stacy we're talking about. I wouldn't put anything past her.

Rex: Not this. If she lost the baby, she would have told me.

Schuyler: Why? Getting pregnant with your kid finally got you to pay attention to her. She wasn't gonna give that up. She had something that you two would share forever. So she did something desperate.

Dorian: Ohh --

Dorian: Ohh! It's no use, Mel! I just keep going around in circles. And we're never gonna find Charlie in time to stop him! What? Oh -- okay. I'll keep looking.

Brody: You sick animal! How could you do that to Jessica?

Mitch: I acted out of love. It was the only way I could protect my daughter from the evils of the outside world.

Jessica: Father. This man is confusing me.

Brody: Jessica? Jessica, listen to me. That freak gave you electroshock. He's jumbled things up in your mind, but that doesn't mean we can't fix it. Everything you need to know is inside of you. You just have to find it again.

Jessica: Find what?

Mitch: Darling, don't listen to him.

Brody: Your mother. Your mother Viki, your father --

Mitch: I am her father!

Brody: Clint. You remember Clint, right? And you have a daughter, a little girl. She's so beautiful. Hey, her name is Bree. You have to remember Bree, don't you?

Jessica: Bree.

Brody: All right. What about love? Do you remember love?

Starr: What did they say?

Cole: I turned the sound off. It was just a car commercial.

Starr: Did they find Jessica?

Cole: Look, why don't you just go to bed?

Starr: Mm-mmm, no. I want to stay up.

Cole: You mean wait for Dani?

Starr: Everything's been a mess lately. I don't know what to do. Did you see my dad?

Cole: Yeah, I did.

Starr: I know that he's trying really hard, but I don't think he's gonna help it.

Cole: It's what he always does, isn't it?

Starr: It's just he didn't have Dani for so long and he's afraid of losing her again.

Cole: Well, if he keeps acting like this --

Starr: Well, it's not -- it's not just that, Cole.

Cole: What?

Starr: He's afraid of losing Téa again, too.

Dani: Matthew and I aren't --

Matthew: It's not -- I mean, it's not like we're --

[Cell phone rings]

Matthew: Oh, it's my parents in Texas. I have to take this.

Dani: We should probably clear the air.

Destiny: About what?

Dani: How I was a total bitch to you before I went away.

Destiny: You apologized.

Dani: But not enough. And now --

Destiny: What?

Dani: I just feel bad. If me being friends with Matthew is why all that stuff happened with you guys on New Year’s, then --

Destiny: Hold up. You know what happened on New Year’s?

Dani: Well --

Destiny: Matthew told you I said I loved him? He also told you that we agreed to just be friends and that I'm totally over it, right?

Dani: Yeah, yeah, totally.

Destiny: Good, because it's true. Besides, all that stuff happened before you two kissed.

Dani: Excuse me? How do you know?

Rachel: Maybe Dr. Baez is mistaken.

Greg: It just doesn't make sense that of all the drugs in the hospital, Schuyler would steal oxytocin. Somebody would have to be into some pretty freaky stuff to use it for anything other than its intended purpose.

Rachel: To induce labor.

Greg: Yeah. So why would Schuyler want it?

Rachel's voice: Isn't Stacy's baby going to be born a month late?

Schuyler's voice: Yeah, well, I'll figure something out.

Rachel's voice: Really? Like what?

Rachel: I just -- I hope Schuyler didn't do it.

Schuyler: You need to know. You need to know everything.

Rex: So, tell me.

Schuyler: Okay. Okay. Soon as it sunk in that Stacy had lost her baby, she got it in her head that she could get pregnant again. So I guess because she and I used to have a thing, I was the perfect candidate.

Rex: So, you just --

Schuyler: She drugged me.

Rex: What?

Schuyler: Well, she knew she couldn't seduce me. I wasn't into her at all, so she drugged me.

Rex: Just to get pregnant.

Schuyler: Oh, come on. After all the stuff she pulled with Shane's stem cells, you really think she would draw the line at slipping me a Mickey? I was so hazy, I don't even remember having sex with her. But when I found her padding her stomach so that she could look like she was more pregnant than she was, that's when she told me the truth.

Schuyler: Uh -- Dr. Baez confirmed the due date.

Schuyler: Did the doctor tell you that herself?

Rex: I saw the sonogram. The baby was right on schedule.

Schuyler: You saw the sonogram that Kim and Stacy showed you. Were you even in the room when they did it? Were you in the room for any of the checkups?

Stacy's voice: I found another doctor. It's not the one you guys recommended. So, I'll let you know about the appointment.

Jessica's voice: You're lucky. You're carrying small.

Schuyler: You know what I'm saying is true.

Stacy: Oh -- phew.

Gigi: That one was 30 seconds long. Stacy, you better not be faking this.

Stacy: I couldn't make this up. I can't take it.

Gigi: It must be Rex's baby because you're definitely in labor.

Stacy: Uhh -- uh --

[Stacy panting]

Mitch: Cheap theatrics won't change a thing, Lieutenant.

Jessica: I shouldn't let you do that. You're a stranger. I -- I should be afraid of you, but I'm not.

Brody: That's because somewhere inside of you, you remember me and everything we mean to each other. It's still there, okay? We just have to get you to a hospital, and they can figure out how to help you.

Mitch: Don't listen to him, Jessica. You're my daughter. I am the only one you should listen to.

Jessica: Father.

Brody: What kind of father does what you were just about to do to her when I busted in here? Jessica, this man is not your father, not in any way that matters. He's evil. If you can remember the things that he's done –

Charlie: He killed my son. Now -- the bastard is gonna pay for it.

Rex: Uh-uh. I live with Stacy. She sure as heck has not been padding her stomach for the last month. When did you find out?

Schuyler: November.

Rex: You've known about this for months? Why didn't you say anything? Why'd you let me go on thinking that the baby was mine, huh? What about Gigi? You know how upset she wa -- oh. Oh, you were her shoulder to cry on, her white knight. I was the creep who knocked up her sister. You let everyone live this lie so you could get Gigi.

Gigi: I can't get a signal.

Stacy: You don't have a land line in here?

Gigi: It's dead. The blizzard knocked out the phone line. Wait here and keep trying to get a call out.

Stacy: Wait. Where are you going?

Gigi: I'm gonna check the roads and see if there's any way we can drive to the hospital.

Stacy: No. You can't go anywhere. What if something happens?

Gigi: Nothing is gonna happen to you or your baby, I promise, okay? You're right on schedule. Your body is doing everything it's supposed to. You'll be fine.

Stacy: I'm scared, Gigi.

Gigi: Don't be. Hey, your contractions are about 15 minutes apart now.

Stacy: So?

Gigi: So, this could go on for a really long time.

Stacy: How long?

Gigi: Just save your strength, okay? You'll be in labor for a while. We will get you to a hospital before you're in the final stage.

Stacy: Oh –

Rex: You let me get attached to that baby. You let Mitch think it was his grandchild. What kind of sick coward risks his own flesh and blood just to get in someone's pants?

Schuyler: That's not how it was.

Rex: That's exactly how it was. Stacy's life is in danger because of you. Your baby's life is in danger because of you, an innocent life, but who gives a damn just so you can get with Gigi.

Schuyler: I did care about that baby. I do care about that baby. That's why I'm in the will. That's why I couldn't do what Stacy and Kim asked me to do.

Rex: What are you talking about? What did they want you to do?

Schuyler: Nothing. You know, they're always scheming for something.

Rex: Hey, hey, I'm talking --

Schuyler: Okay. You want to know what it is? You want to know what they asked me to do? They didn't want to have to fake going into labor, okay, so they asked me to make it real.

Rex: What?

Schuyler: I couldn't do it. I couldn't jeopardize my child by bringing it into the world before it was ready.

Stacy: Baby, I don't know what's going on here, why you're coming early, but thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now Rex never has to know you're not his. Oh –

Dorian: Oh, I give up. I have no idea what direction Charlie went in, none. Mel, I'm sorry. I cannot stop him from killing Mitch. I can't save that man's soul. I can't even save my own.

Mitch: We're having a little party here, Charlie. Care for a drink?

Charlie: Shut up!

Brody: Charlie, I don't know where you got that gun, but you need to put it down, please. Mitch isn't going anywhere.

Charlie: Jessica, thank God you're all right.

Jessica: Have we met? I don't --

Brody: Mitch did something to her mind. We have to get her to the hospital.

Charlie: And we will.

Brody: Charlie, I need your help. We have to find the fastest way down this mountain.

Charlie: You got that. This won't take long.

Mitch: Oh, are you going to shoot me, Charlie?

Charlie: You got that right.

Mitch: Oh, you didn't have the guts to do it last time, and you don't this time, either.

Charlie: Oh, but I will. I will kill you, but you are gonna do something for me first.

Mitch: What can I do for you, Charlie?

Charlie: You can confess, and you can start by admitting you set Jared up for the murders of Wayne Landers and Pamela Stuart.

Mitch: Oh, this again.

Charlie: I want my son's name cleared, and then you can admit that you killed him.

Mitch: Charlie, the Lord speaks to me and through me directly. He is my guide, my voice through everything I do, my witness. There really is no need for confession.

Charlie: You've gotten away with lying long enough, Mitch. Say it.

Brody: Charlie, let it go.

Charlie: Say it!

Mitch: Now, let me understand it. Now, you want me to confess to killing your son and then, in turn, you will kill me? Frankly, I just don't see the benefit in complying.

Charlie: Well, then I guess I'll just have to live without that satisfaction.

Jessica: No. Don't.

Todd: You know, I can't help but have a little déja vu here, taking my kid from me and skipping town.

Téa: We're not skipping town. Dani has friends here now. She has family here. She's getting to know Starr. I want her to get to know her brothers, and I want her to get to know you.

Todd: Oh, I'm glad you could squeeze me in there.

Téa: Don't make jokes, Todd.

Todd: What am I supposed to do? You've already made up your mind to leave.

Téa: I'm not leaving.

Todd: What do you call it?

Téa: I --

Todd: Mm-hmm. So, what would you like me to do? I'm supposed to just rattle around here alone while time heals all wounds?

Téa: We're not entering the witness protection program.

Todd: Well, maybe you should. Maybe they'd send you someplace warm.

Téa: Listen. Look. I can't guarantee that staying in Llanview will make Dani change her mind, but I know that if we leave Llanview, Dani will definitely not change her mind about you, and that is all I want. I just want her to get to know you, Todd, okay?

Todd: Mm. So, no calls, no texts, no coming over?

Téa: For now, no.

Todd: And in the meantime, what about us?

Starr: I don't get any of this.

Cole: You know, I kind of get how your dad feels.

Starr: You do?

Cole: Well, it's not, you know, totally the same, but when my mom came back --

Starr: After the explosion?

Cole: Yeah. There wasn't one day that went by that I didn't wish that I could spend just one more minute with her, and when that one day came, I got my exact wish.

Starr: But you didn't.

Cole: Right, because she didn't remember me, and I didn't know how to deal with it, so I did a lot of stupid things, just like your dad.

Starr: Just like my dad.

Cole: And then something else changed, you know, after the accident.

Starr: Yeah, when your mom saved you.

Cole: She still didn't remember me, so I didn't get exactly what I want.

Starr: But it was still pretty good.

Cole: Yeah, so maybe I'm saying that that can happen for your dad, you know? Maybe he can't get exactly what he wants, but maybe Téa and Dani can do something pretty good, too?

Starr: Thank you.

Cole: For what?

Starr: That was really nice of you.

Cole: It's no big deal.

Starr: Yes. Actually, it is.

Cole: Well, I mean, it's the least I can do for you. I mean, you stayed here and took care of me when I was worried about my mom.

Starr: I guess that's what real couples do, isn't it?

Cole: Uh, the lucky ones, yeah.

Starr: I guess we're pretty lucky, then.

Cole: I guess so.

Starr: I love you.

Cole: I love you, too.

Destiny: I can't believe what a blabbermouth Matthew is.

Dani: I can't, either.

Destiny: And girls get the bad rep for gossiping with their friends?

Dani: Well, I wouldn't know. I've never had a BFF or anything. I was kind of a tomboy, and all the girls at Warwick acted like their grandmother was the queen.

Destiny: Yeah. There's all this "mean girls" stuff that happened in my school, too. All the "in girls" don't think I'm cool enough.

Dani: What? But you're way cool, and you're, like, a super friend. Seriously, I know everything you did for Matthew.

Destiny: What you did for Matthew was bad -- , too. Don't front.

Dani: Okay. Can I back?

Destiny: You got me.

Dani: You know --

Destiny: What?

Dani: Well, I was just thinking, I could use a friend to show me around school, help me feel like I know what I'm doing, a girl who understands girl stuff.

Destiny: I could use somebody like that, too. You think --

Dani: Yeah. I think we could be friends.

Rachel: So, what, we're just supposed to take this nurse's word for it that Schuyler is the one who took the drugs?

Greg: No. We got to keep investigating, but it doesn't look good for Schuyler.

Rachel: Okay, okay. What if Schuyler did make this mistake? I mean, he's still a good person. I know he's gonna make a great doctor someday.

Greg: A mistake? Rachel, this is a crime.

Rachel: I know, but --

Greg: What? Why do you keep defending this guy? Look. Patients need to be able to trust him. He stole drugs.

Rachel: He's been accused of stealing drugs. Luckily, in this country, you're innocent until proven guilty.

Greg: Look. Let's not turn this into a fight between us, okay?

Rachel: I'm sorry.

Greg: Look. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

Rachel: No. No. I'm glad you did. Better I hear it from you than through the grapevine.

Greg: I just wish I wasn't in this position.

Rachel: Yeah. Me, too.

Schuyler: Yeah. That's right. They asked me to give Stacy a drug that would induce labor early, and I couldn't do it. That's when I knew it had gone far enough.

Rex: That's when you knew, not when you found out you had a kid on the way.

Schuyler: Aw, come on. You never done something you weren't proud of?

Rex: You serious?

Schuyler: Look. I made a mistake, okay, but I was done with the lying. That's why I was on my way up here, to tell Gigi. I was gonna tell you. I just had to tell Gigi first.

Rex: So you could do a little damage control.

Schuyler: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Rex: Sorry? What the hell am I supposed to do with sorry? I lost the woman I love, my family, everything because of you!

Gigi: Even if I could get the car started, which I can't, the roads are totally blocked --

Stacy: Agh! Ugh!

Gigi: When was your last contraction?

Stacy: 5 minutes ago. We got to go to the hospital.

Gigi: Didn't you just hear me? We can't.

Stacy: No. I'm not having my baby here.

Gigi: Looks like you are.

Stacy: Oh -- oh –

Mitch: Good girl. Defend your father.

Charlie: Jessica, I am doing this for you and for everybody else that he has hurt and to make sure that he doesn't do it to anyone else ever again in this life.

Brody: This is not the way, Charlie.

Charlie: No, but, Brody, this is the only way.

Brody: Think about Viki. Think of Jared. This is not what he would want for you.

Charlie: Well, Jared is not here. Jared can't tell me what he wants, thanks to this, so now get ready to meet your maker.

Téa: I love you, maybe too much.

Todd: What does that mean?

Téa: I lose myself in you.

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: I do. I lose perspective. I lose reason.

Todd: You're not supposed to know what hit you.

Téa: Look. I need to have my wits about me, okay? I need to focus on Daniella right now. She needs to be my priority.

Todd: You don't think she's my priority right now?

Téa: No. I'm not saying that. I know she is your priority. I just need to separate what she needs from what you and I want.

Todd: Oh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, you're walking out on me.

Téa: As usual, our timing is off.

Todd: Hey, hey, if you leave right now, there are no guarantees of anything.

Téa: I know. I know I can't sit around waiting for you to see if time heals all wounds. I just hope that, you know, someday, sometime, we'll –

Dani: How lucky am I to have two amazing friends in my new town?

Destiny: Pretty lucky.

Dani: We're like the 3 musketeers. We'll do everything together.

Matthew: Yeah, everything.

Greg: I've got to head back to the E.R. It's a madhouse over there.

Rachel: Okay. Well, so, what happens to Schuyler if the board determines that he did forge this doctor's signature and got unauthorized drugs?

Greg: As far as his career goes, he's dead. I'll call you later.

Rachel: Okay.

Rex: You manipulated everyone, even my son. Shane thinks he's gonna be a big brother.

Schuyler: I didn't mean to manipulate --

Rex: You put Gigi through hell. You let her think that her sister was having my baby. You ripped us apart.

Schuyler: Oh!

Rex: Okay. I will kill you for what you did, you son of a bitch, okay? I will kill you.

Schuyler: Uh!

Stacy: Uhh, what are you talking about?

Gigi: We can't leave. The baby is coming, so guess what's gonna happen.

Stacy: No. No. I can't do this. I'm not having my baby like this.

Gigi: You don't have a choice.

Stacy: Who's gonna deliver it?

Gigi: I guess I am.

Brody: Charlie, don't do it.

Charlie: This is for my son.

Dorian: Charlie, no!


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