One Life to Live Transcript Monday 2/1/10


Episode # 10616 ~ Pow! Zap!

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Blair: What are you wearing?

[Doorbell rings]

[Phone beeps]

Blair: Okay. Hmm. Nothing?

Eli: Well, under the suit, nothing.

Blair: That's not how I remember it. Mm.

Schuyler: Hey.

Gigi: Yes, it's official. I am your stalker.

Schuyler: Oh, yeah? See me running away? Nice seeing you all day.

Gigi: Then make sure you save Valentine’s Day. Are you free?

Schuyler: Ooh. Let me check my schedule.

Gigi: Seriously? Clear it. Just the two of us. All alone.

Schuyler: Well, it's gonna be kind of difficult at my place.

Gigi: Yeah, no kidding. It was hard enough with Rachel and Greg. Now Matthew's camping there, too.

Schuyler: Gigi, how about a night at the Palace?

Gigi: Um, we can't afford that. How about a return engagement? Viki's cabin. Just the two of us. What?

Schuyler: Oh, nothing. I just-- I'm glad you brought it up.

Gigi: So I want to spoil you a little bit. You deserve it.


Dr. Baez: Excuse me. Schuyler, do you know what this is?

Schuyler: Uh, looks like a requisition for meds?

Dr. Baez: For oxytocin, but I don't remember signing it. You were on my rotation that day, weren't you?

Schuyler: Uh, yes, yes, I was.

Dr. Baez: Do you remember a patient who needed to have her labor induced?

Stacy: Ohh...uhh.

Rex: What--what did you say?

Stacy: My water just broke.

Rex: What?

Stacy: The baby. It's time.

Rex: Now? Oh, boy. Um, okay, how far apart are the contractions?

Kim: Whoa, is--is that--

Stacy: The baby's coming.

Kim: Oh, my God. Let's go! We gotta go!

Rex: It might not be time. The book says that just because your water breaks--

Kim: This woman is having your baby, Rex. We have to get her to the hospital right now.

[Stacy gasping]

Mitch: You will be the mother to the new prophet, Jessica. That is your destiny. Embrace it.

Jessica: Please.

Mitch: No, let me help you, my angel. Once we have erased your history, the people and the events, you will be happy.

Brody: Where has he taken Jessica? Where is she? You think I won't do it?


Marty: [Indistinct]

Marty: You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay.

Brody: Oh, my God. What have I done?

Marty: Can you hear me? John. Can you hear me?

[Jessica choking]

Nurse Charles: Good Lord, she's choking.

Mitch: Then readjust it.

[Jessica sobbing]

Jessica: I won't let you take my memories away. I won't let you. I won't let you.

Mitch: We'll see about that. 

Starr: Do you want milk or sugar?

Téa: Oh, no, no. This is fine. Thank you.

Starr: Do you think I should pour Dani a cup?

Téa: Ha ha. With how long she takes in the shower? We'll be lucky to get her registered at Llanview High in time to graduate.

Starr: Oh, yeah. I noticed that.

Téa: She hasn't been too much trouble, has she?

Starr: Oh, no, no. It's been fun.

Téa: I really appreciate you looking after her like this.

Starr: Must not be easy, suddenly finding out Todd Manning is your father.

[Téa scoffs]

Téa: You should know. You've had a lifetime of experience.

Starr: So have you.

Téa: Ha ha.

Starr: So you said he's not doing well?

Téa: Todd had a nightmare about Mitch.

Jessica: No. No, please, Mitch. What if this kills me? What then? What if it turns me into a vegetable?

Mitch: God won't let that happen.

Jessica: Are you sure? What if he's gonna punish you? What if he doesn't guide your hand?

Mitch: It won't come to that.

Jessica: Well, are you willing to bet my life on that? What will happen to your baby then, huh?

Mitch: You care about him.

Jessica: Of course I do! Please, please, I want to raise the baby.

Mitch: Leave us.

[Jessica whimpering]

Mitch: Aww. My sweet girl. You know...most of the converts in this world have come to the righteous path through a big scare. I think that's what's happening to you, and now, now you have found your way.

Jessica: I have. I have. I just want to be a good mother. That's all I want to be. I just want that more than anything.

Mitch: Smile, darling. Smile. Yes, there you go. This is a happy day because you are going to be the perfect mother for this baby.

Jessica: I want to be. And maybe Stacy could help. What's gonna happen to her after the baby is born?

Rex: I'm gonna call Dr. Baez and tell her that we're on our way.

Kim: Why don't you pull the car around so Stacy doesn't have to walk as far?

Rex: Didn't you park out front?

Stacy: I don't have the bag. I didn't pack.

Kim: I can do this. Just go. Go, Rex. Go.

Rex: All right, I will be right back. Just breathe, Stacy.

Stacy: Thank you. Thanks, Rex.

Rex: Call the doctor first.

Kim: Okay. I'm on it. Oh, boy.

[Stacy breathes]

Schuyler: Boy, I don't--I don't remember a specific patient, no. Isn't it fairly common to induce, though?

Dr. Baez: Yes, but I think I would remember a baby I delivered.

Schuyler: Yeah. Yeah. Well, we had clinic that day. I mean, if somebody there--

Dr. Baez: Maybe the next doctor on call might have followed through, true. I guess you're right. It's just so strange to see my scrawl and have no idea who the patient is.

[Cell phone rings]

Schuyler: It's me. It's me. Sorry.

Dr. Baez: Go ahead.

Schuyler: Hello?

Kim: Where are you?

Schuyler: At the hospital. Why?

Kim: Stacy's on her way there. She faked the whole water-breaking thing. Rex thinks she's in labor. You have to be there with the oxytocin ready to make it happen.

Schuyler: That's not the schedule we agreed to.

Kim: I know. The girl jumped the gun. But it's fine. Same thing. Deal with it, okay? And the baby's big enough.

Schuyler: This is an ambush.

Kim: You better be ready when Stacy gets there or you'll blow the whole deal. You can kiss Gigi good-bye.

Stacy: Well?

Kim: Don't worry. He'll be there.

Gigi: What's wrong?

[Blair and Elijah kissing]

Eli: Anybody else home?

Blair: Nope. You risked a lot getting over here. You know, if Todd or Téa or mom or the boys walked in, mm-mm-mm. Ha ha.

Eli: Don't worry. I have a perfectly good alibi. Business-related, of course. And anyway, I thought this was all about risk.

Blair: Oh, no. I can't risk any of my family being even the slightest bit suspicious.

Eli: Okay.

Blair: Oh!

Eli: I had a lousy day in court today with your ex. I need a little mood lifter right now.

Blair: What?

Eli: John McBain's arraignment. I couldn't get the charges dropped. Couldn't even get him bail.

Blair: John's going to jail?

Eli: Oh, no, no, no. Judge wouldn't settle for county jail. John's probably on his way to Statesville as we speak.

Brody: John, I'm sorry.

Officer: I have his weapon.

Stan: Call for backup.

Marty: Call for an ambulance! We need an ambulance.

Reporter: You're Detective McBain's girlfriend, aren't you?

Marty: Get a first aid kit. Do something.

Stan: Help is on the way.

Second reporter: Commissioner, is this a direct result of your personnel changes?

Stan: That's outrageous. I won't even comment. A man has been shot. 

Blair: That's ridiculous, Elijah. John can't go to prison.

Eli: Why? You want to go see him?

Blair: I didn't say that.

Eli: It's just--getting a little worked up. If he really is an ex.

Blair: Well, just because our relationship didn't work out, it doesn't mean that I want the man to go to prison.

Eli: Unless it's for recreational purposes. You're worried about him. I can tell.

Blair: You really want to talk about John McBain? Because I don't. He's Marty Saybrooke's problem now.


Marty: Thank God.

Reporter: How is he?

Marty: Uh, he's losing a lot of blood. Over here!

EMT: What do we have?

Marty: GSW. Abdomen.

Second EMT: You examined him?

Marty: I'm a doctor. It looks like the shot caused a fistula to the IVC.

EMT: Let's get him on the bus.

Marty: Do it!

Brody: I'm sorry, John. It was Lowell.

Stan: You're the one with the gun.

Brody: You were the target. You jumped to save your own skin.

Stan: So you admit that you wanted to murder me?

Brody: You put John in jail so he'd be out the way and Mitch Laurence could kidnap Jessica Brennan.

Stan: Officer Lovett is an unbalanced man.

Reporter: He was decorated for bravery, putting you in jail.

Stan: Which was a huge mistake that the government had to correct. This isn't the first time that Officer Lovett has shot someone by mistake.

Brody: He's on Mitch Laurence's payroll. Investigate him. You'll see.

Stan: I should've had you arrested along with John McBain, and that is something that I can correct right now. Lock him up.

Mitch: Oh, sweetheart. What do you know about Stacy Morasco?

Jessica: She's a--a piece of work.

Mitch: Exactly. And she'll go back to the life that suits her, the life that she wants. You don't have to concern yourself with her. You just think about your child.

Jessica: Bree? Do you think-- could I--Bree would love a little brother.

Mitch: Bree is fine with Viki. Forget about those people. They're gone. They don't matter.

Jessica: Yes, yes, they do. They're the people that made me who I am, the reason that I can be a good mother to the messenger. That's why I need my memories.

Mitch: No. You only think you do. But they'll soon fade. Your life with me and our baby and our followers will be rich and full.

Jessica: I know.

Mitch: Well, you don't believe that yet, but you will.

Gigi: Was that bad news?

Schuyler: No. No, just this-- this pain-in-the-butt med student wants me to cover for him on Valentine’s Day.

Gigi: So do you have to work?

Schuyler: No. Oh, God. No. No, nothing's gonna keep us from being together.

Gigi: I hope you mean that.

Schuyler: Yeah. More than you know.

Kim: Dare I ask?

Stacy: It's just tap water.

Kim: Think that's really what it looks like when your water breaks?

Stacy: Well, I don't know, but neither does Rex, so--

Kim: Ooh. I don't know how you deal. I cannot wait for this baby to be born.

Stacy: Me, too, and I'm nowhere near going in labor.

Kim: Schuyler will take care of it.

Stacy: I hope so. How did he sound on the phone?

Kim: He was a little surprised. Don't worry. He'll step up.

Stacy: Oh, he--he better.

Kim: Don't worry. Everything has worked out so far.

Stacy: I had to lie to Schuyler about being the father of the baby, and then Kyle found out, and he'll probably end up finding out that Oliver's the real father, and then we have to go through that whole blood test thing.

Kim: Stacy, stop, okay? You're just hours away from winning the prize.

[Door opens]

Rex: Car's out front.

Kim: You are gonna have the most beautiful, perfect baby.

Rex: Did you call the doctor?

Kim: Of course.

Rex: Where's her bag?

Kim: Bag?

Stacy: Oh, right here.

Kim: Okay.

Rex: All right. I need to leave a note for Oliver.

[Stacy breathing]

[Stacy moans loudly]

Rex: That was a big one.

Stacy: Yeah, it was. Ohh.

Kim: Rex, we gotta go! Go.

Rex: All right. All right. We're on our way. Okay. Uh, uh, you get the coat? Okay. Come on. Come on.

Stacy: Ohh.

Rex: Uh, look at your clock. We need to keep timing these contractions, okay?

Stacy: Yeah. Okay.

Rex: All right.

Kim: I'm coming!

Dorian: That's strange. This is usually open. I tell you what. Let me check and make sure that Stacy's alone and then you come in. Just stick to the story.

Charlie: I've got it, Dorian. Go.

Dorian: Hello! Hello?

Charlie: Not good. Dorian.

Dorian: Nobody's home.

Charlie: Door's wide open. This is not a good sign.

Dorian: What's your point?

Charlie: Stacy's under lock and key. Armed guard 24/7. So she's now--she's just gone?

Dorian: Mitch couldn't have taken her.

Charlie: Really? Why not?                        

Dorian: Why? Because we need her.

Charlie: We need to kidnap her before he does, huh?

Starr: My dad had a dream that Mitch killed you and Dani?

Téa: Yeah. After spending all night trying to convince me that everything would be all right. I guess he was just trying to convince himself.

Starr: Mitch can really get into your head. I ran into him on my birthday.

Téa: You did?

Starr: Mm-hmm. Cole took me to the mall to spend my dad's check, and he was preaching there.

Téa: At the mall?

Starr: Actually, at the coffee shop. He was looking for followers for his flock or something like that, and Cole sort of got into it with him.

Téa: What do you mean? He attacked him?

Starr: Kind of. Well, he really wanted to.

Téa: Yeah. Him and everyone else in this town.

Starr: No kidding. I wish someone would finally do something about Mitch, once and for all.

Charlie: No signs of a struggle.

Dorian: Then it probably wasn't Mitch.

Charlie: So, Stacy just walked out of here, left the door open? What, she got a big target on her back with Mitch out there on her tail?

Dorian: From what I've heard, the girl's not the brightest bulb on the tree.

Charlie: Yeah, well, I just don't like it. Something doesn't feel right here, and I just don't think that this kidnapping...

Dorian: Stop calling it that. Really. Stacy will want to come with us.

Charlie: If she buys your story.

Dorian: The story? It's the truth. For goodness sakes. Mitch is after her. Heaven knows what will happen to her. He doesn't care about her. He only cares about the baby.

Charlie: Okay, look, when we find Stacy, how do we get in contact with Mitch? Because if you know where he is Dorian, and you've been holding out on me--

Dorian: If I knew where Mitch was, he would already be dead.

Kim: Hello? Nurse? Some help?

Rex: You okay?

Stacy: Okay, I just need to sit. Oh.

Rex: We'll get you checked in, okay?

Stacy: Ohh.

Gigi: Is everything all right?

Rex: Yeah, it's just...time. The baby's coming.

[Stacy moaning]

Blair: Mm.

Eli: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You can go right from "oh, no, my ex is in jail" to this?

Blair: Yeah. Isn't that what "this" is all about? Hmm?

Eli: What?

Blair: What? No relationship. No strings. I mean, who wants to invest all that emotion and time into something that has a 50% chance of lasting, right?

Eli: No. You're right. I mean, I for one never want to make that same mistake again.

Blair: What mistake?

Marty: I'm going with you. I don't want anyone taking risks with this patient.

Brody: I'm so sorry.

Stan: Get Lovett out of here. Book him for attempted murder.

Brody: Dig around. Ask questions.

Stan: Attempted murder of a police officer, and don't even think about trying to claim insanity.

Brody: Not a chance. I knew exactly what I was doing.

Dorian: Charlie.

Charlie: I'm lying to Viki, the one person in the world I love more than anybody. And now I'm gonna use a pregnant girl as bait to kill a man.

Dorian: You'll be a hero.

Charlie: Hmm. I don't know what I'm gonna be.

Dorian: Desperate times. You are going to be a hero because you're gonna save the lives of every person you love.

Jessica: So, is this my new home?

Mitch: Mmm, for the time being.

Jessica: Can I look around?

Mitch: Oh! You want me to unbind you?

Jessica: Yes, well, we have to start getting ready. Is there a nursery?

Mitch: Well, of course.

Jessica: Is there a kitchen so I can make healthy food and formula for the baby?

Mitch: Oh, you're really eager, aren't you?

Jessica: Well, we have to start getting ready.

Mitch: You're right. I could give you an early tour of the place, but I have to tell you... there are no available exits.

Jessica: I won't try and run.

Mitch: I have a soft spot for my children. Please, don't make me regret it.

Jessica: I'm gonna have a baby again.

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: I'm so excited. The more I think about it, the more excited I get. So...

Mitch: You want this off?

Jessica: Yes. Thank you.

Mitch: Okay.

Jessica: Where's the nursery?

Mitch: Right this way.

Jessica: And I need a pen and a piece of paper so I can write down everything that we need.

Mitch: Yes, well, we have most everything prepared. You ready? It's all right, nurse. Look for yourself. Do you approve?

Jessica: Well, uh... the bed's fine, but everything else--

Nurse Charles: What's wrong?

Jessica: It's very obvious neither one of you have had a baby around. I mean, there's no diaper pail, let alone diapers. And you need them for newborns. You know, there are different sizes. And the changing table--

Mitch: Oh, you're a very meticulous mother.

Jessica: It's a very special child. Only the best.

Mitch: Well, will this changing table thing work?

Jessica: Not without the right pads and bumpers. And everything needs to have soft edges. Even the bed needs bumpers. That would be a good place for the humidifier. Is there an outlet?

Mitch: I'm sure we can make that corner work.

Jessica: Well, you're missing a lot of stuff.

Mitch: Well, the baby will be equipped, like the little prince he'll be. Anything else? Anything you need?

Jessica: No. I have everything I need.

Charlie: I almost told Viki, you know, right before you called, about our plan to kill Mitch.

Dorian: You didn't say anything, did you?

Charlie: No.

Dorian: I mean, you didn't give her--

Charlie: No, I just left.

Dorian: Something that would tip--

Charlie: No, I left. I just left her standing there. She needed comforting, and I just walked out on her.

Dorian: She needs a solution, and that's what you're going to give her.

Charlie: Hmm! I'm going to kill a man, Dorian. And Viki is never going to look at me in the same way again.

Dorian: Never's a long time, Charlie. So's forever. How many times has my family said, oh, they were never gonna forgive me? Or lovers and friends have said, "oh, we're never gonna have anything to do with you again," and they all came back eventually.

Charlie: Yeah, you hope so. Now, I understand you just cleared out your house, hmm?

Dorian: My girls and my nephews have relocated...temporarily.

Charlie: Hmm. And what if they don't come back, Dorian?

Dorian: At least they'll be alive, and that's all that matters.

Charlie: Most people don't beat Mitch at his own game.

Dorian: We have to.

Charlie: And then your girls come home and life goes back to normal, hmm?

Dorian: Ha! Yes, won't that be nice for both of us?

Charlie: My boy's in a coffin. Viki's never gonna understand. It's over for me.

Dorian: It's not like you're killing a man. You are ridding this earth of vermin. I'm the mayor. I'll give you the keys to the city.

Charlie: That'll keep me warm. Come on, let's do this.

Dorian: Yeah, but we need Stacy. Where the hell is that girl?

Stacy: Aah!

Gigi: Yeah, I know that sound.

Rex: She just started it a while ago.

Kim: And can we please get a room so she's not dropping the kid in the hall?

Rex: The doctor was supposed to meet us here.

Schuyler: Excuse me. Can you set them up in exam 2?

Nurse: Yeah, sure. This way.

Schuyler: Thank you.

Stacy: Oh!

Kim: [Indistinct]

Nurse: How long and far apart are the contractions?

Stacy: 5 and 15.

Rex: What?

Stacy: They're 5 seconds, 15 minutes apart.

Nurse: Okay, well, it sounds like you have some time, so get into a gown, and I'll be back shortly.

Stacy: Okay.

Rex: I can't believe this is really happening.

Gigi: I can't believe this is really happening.

Schuyler: You okay?

Gigi: Yeah, yeah. This is just here. So many months we fought about this--Stacy getting pregnant, Rex lying about it, all the time he spent taking care of her. The baby was like an idea. Now it's real. Rex has another child.

Schuyler: I'm sorry.

Gigi: This is how it works. You get pregnant, 9 months later you have a baby.

Jessica: Isn't this baby due soon?

Mitch: Oh, yes, very.

Jessica: Well, then, you should get working on that list of things that I mentioned.

Mitch: Oh, we'll be ready when the time comes.

Jessica: Okay. Oh...

Mitch: Oh, darling, are you all right?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm just very tired. I think I should lay down.

Mitch: Oh, come, come, come. Look, I'm sorry that it's so rustic.

Jessica: It's okay. It's a bed. It's all I need.

Mitch: You and the child will have every luxury when the time comes. Shh. Ah, yes. Sweet dreams.

Brody: How do you guys stand working for Lowell?

Cop: That's it. Cuff him!

Brody: Uhh! Ah, ah, no. Not a move. Not a sound. That's it. Drop it. That's it.

[Cell phone rings]

Jessica: Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Brody: Jessica. Jessica, is that you? Do you hear me?

Cop: Ooh!

Mitch: Nurse Charles! I suggest you keep a closer watch on your possessions.

Nurse Charles: Yes, sir.

Mitch: Now, leave us.

Nurse Charles: Yes, sir.

Mitch: Obviously, my daughter and I have serious issues to discuss.

EMT: Okay, I'm gonna close it up.

Cop: Not yet. McBain's still a prisoner. We're coming along.

Marty: Oh, come on. It's bad enough you put cuffs on him.

Cop: Sorry, ma'am. We have to go with him.

Marty: Aah!

Eli: Really. Do you want to hear all the gory details about the ghosts of girlfriends past?

Blair: You want to tell me?

Eli: Not really, no.

Blair: You know what, you're the one that brought up John McBain the minute you walked in this house.

Eli: It was my case. I was having a bad day. How does that lead to this, anyway?

Blair: I don't know.

Eli: See, you're not very good at this, are you?

Blair: I'll tell you what I am good at.

Eli: What?

Blair: I'm good at sex. Mm-hmm. With no strings, hmm? No relationship. So, if you don't like that, Counselor, there's the door right over there. Elijah. Mmm, ha ha!

Starr: Dani's almost ready.

Téa: Picking out a new outfit, no doubt?

Starr: Actually, we have it narrowed down to 3 choices.

Téa: 3?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Téa: You're a miracle worker.

Starr: I kind of like being her fashion consultant, and I like helping her, too.

Téa: I'm sorry I kept your sister from you for so long.

Starr: Maybe it's better that way. We never had to fight over clothes.

Téa: Remember what I told you about your closets.

Starr: No, I don't mind sharing. Plus, it's only fair.

Téa: Why?

Starr: She shares you with me.

Téa: Estrella, I love you.

Gigi: You know, I think I'll go up to the cabin early.

Schuyler: Yeah, good idea.

Gigi: If you don't mind.

Schuyler: What, that you don't want to be here to watch Stacy give birth? No, not at all.

Gigi: I'm sure it's gonna be a great kid.

Schuyler: Yeah.

Gigi: I mean, it's Shane's little brother or sister/cousin in there. I have to accept it.

Schuyler: No, you don't. Not tonight.

Gigi: I don't mean to sound weird. I actually do wish the best for the baby. I mean, how can you not want the best for a new life?

Schuyler: Yeah.

Gigi: And my new life isn't all that bad, either. Look where I ended up, in love with a great guy.

Schuyler: I love you so much. I'm gonna get to the cabin as quick as I can, okay?

Gigi: You better.

Stacy: Oh!

Kim: [Indistinct]

Stacy: Whoo! Oh! Uhh! Oh! Ohh...

[Stacy breathing hard]

Kim: Girl, you forgot the lollipops.

Stacy: No!

Kim: Yeah.

Rex: You probably shouldn't have candy right now.

Stacy: No, no, I need them for labor.

Kim: Yes, she can't drink anything and her mouth is gonna get all dry. And all the books say you can't live without them or you'll go nuts.

Stacy: Please, I gotta have 'em. They have them down in the gift shop.

Rex: I don't want to miss anything, Kim. Maybe you could make yourself useful.

Kim: There are so many things wrong with that sentence.

Stacy: Rex, you just heard the nurse. It's gonna be a while. I still have to get undressed.

Rex: Okay, fine. Flavors?

Stacy: I don't care. Surprise me. Just get the glycerin ones. They're better.

Kim: And take your time, okay?

Stacy: Did you get the oxytocin?

Schuyler: Yeah.

Kim: Perfect. Let's pop that kid out of there.

Cop: Ohh!

Marty: John! Uhh! Keys! I got 'em!

John: Get me out of this.

Marty: Quick.

Stan: The first question for this investigation will be how Officer Lovett was able to get a weapon into this courtroom. Whoever allowed that will be severely disciplined. The next question: How he was ever cleared to become a police officer. He has a long history of mental instability. And I can assure you that under my administration, people like Brody Lovett will never be put on the police force.

Reporter: Commissioner, when the bullet was fired, it was clear that you used John McBain as a human shield. What was that all about?

Stan: We're done here. Excuse me.

Cop: Decker's still unconscious.

Stan: And you ran to me with this piece of information?

Cop: Sir.

Stan: Why the hell did you let Brody Lovett out of your sight?

Marty: I got it.

John: Okay.

Cop: Uhh!

John: What took you so long?

Marty: Is that it? Is that all of them?

Brody: No.

Marty: Uh! That's for scaring me to death! Am I the only one that wasn't in on this?

John: Relax. I wasn't sure you'd approve.

Brody: Jessica tried to call me.

John: When?

Brody: On my way here, I got a call on a restricted number.

John: Can you be sure it was her?

Brody: It had to be.

Marty: So, what now?

John: We find Jessica.

Jessica: I know. I was just calling to order some baby things.

Mitch: Jessica, stop.

Jessica: No, no. I was--

Mitch: Jessica, I don't want to hear it. Jessica, I said stop!

Jessica: You're right. You're right. I'm sorry. I'm done. I won't do it anymore. I don't want to make you angry.

Mitch: You're not making me angry. You're making me very disappointed.

Jessica: Aah!

Mitch: Nurse Charles! Get down here with every man you have! Now!


Blair: Ahh... I am so glad you don't care about me.

Eli: Oh, me, too. And thank you for not caring about me, either.

Blair: My pleasure.

Eli: You know, I could actually not care about you all night long.

Blair: Be my guest. Hmm hmm!

Charlie: [Sighs] Okay, this is nuts. How long are we gonna wait here?

Dorian: Well, we need the girl.

Charlie: Well, what happens if Rex comes walking back in here first, sees us just hanging around his apartment?

Dorian: We'll deal with that, but be careful. You're stepping in some water or something.

Charlie: I'll clean it up.

Dorian: No, don't use a cloth napkin, for crying out loud. Here, paper towel.

Charlie: Oh.

Dorian: Uhh... whoa. I think I found Stacy.

Stacy: You sure this isn't gonna hurt the baby?

Kim: It'll be fine. They use it all the time to induce labor. It's perfectly safe. And besides, the baby's 8 months. She's good to go.

Stacy: Schuyler, you better hurry. Rex is gonna be back soon, and I have to be in labor by then.

Schuyler: No.

Stacy: What do you mean no?

Schuyler: No. I'm not doing this.

John: Wish I could put in a good word at the bureau for you.

EMT: If you do that, we'll lose our jobs.

John: Can't have that. You guys need to bail now. You were never here.

EMT: You sure?

John: Yeah. Brody and I got it.

EMT: We'll drop these guys off someplace nice.

John: Do that. They're good cops. They just drew a lousy boss.

Brody: Ready to roll.

John: Yeah.

Marty: I can't believe you pulled this off. I mean, the blood squib.

Brody: I'm very sorry.

Marty: The rigged gun? How do you know Lowell wasn't gonna figure this out?

Brody: That's our ride.

Marty: To where?

John: Better you don't know that.

Brody: Well, we gotta follow up some leads on Mitch.

Marty: John.

John: You'll be more help to us here, all right? I'll be in touch when I can.

Marty: Be careful.

John: Pepperman, get us out of here as fast as you can.

Natalie: You got it, McBain.

Stan: What the hell is going on here?

Mitch: You will be with the only people you need, darling.

Jessica: No!

Mitch: The little shepherd who will lead us...and me.

Jessica: No. Please.


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