One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 1/19/10


Episode # 10607 ~ Manning the Flames of Doubt

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Cole: Surprise!

Markko: Surprise!

Langston: Surprise! Ha ha ha!

Starr: What? What is-- guys, you didn't have to do all this.

Cole: Sure, we did.

Markko: You only turn 18 once.

Starr: Aww, where's Hope?

Langston: With Addie, so that means you and Cole have a whole 24 hours to yourselves.

Starr: Oh, really?

Eli: You know...

Blair: What?

Eli: I don't really have to be downtown for, like, 20 minutes.

Blair: I don't want to push our luck, you know? I don't want Todd to catch us.

Eli: Oh, Miss self-control, all of a sudden.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Eli: Well, I appreciate that, but next time--

Blair: Your place.

Eli: Hey, when will that be?

Blair: I'll call you. I'll call you, I prom-- let's say lunch.

Eli: Consider yourself booked.

Blair: Oh, you bet, I've been booked. I've been booked in, out, and sideways. You had a tie. Where's your tie?

Eli: I don't know. I think I did have a tie, though.

Todd: Morning, you all.

Rex: So, we're good?

Oliver: Yeah, paid in full.

Rex: All right. I will stay with Stacy until I have to go to work, and then you'll take over, and, Kyle, I am really sorry if this is cutting into your time with Fish.

Kyle: No problem. Can't let anything happen to Stacy.

[Cell phone ringing]

Stacy: I better take this. Hello?

Rex: Stay right outside the door.

Kyle: Sure you can afford this, Rex, around-the-clock security? It's gonna get kind of expensive.

Rex: I don't care if I have to sell everything I own. I'm not letting Mitch Laurence get his hands on my baby.

Rachel: He before you go, mind if I switch the lamp?

Schuyler: Uh, yeah, whatever.

Rachel: See you tonight?

Schuyler: Maybe. I have to go to class. Then I have to put in a couple hours at the center. Then I have a lab to write up.

Rachel: Wow, look at you, multitasking. Hey, if you see Greg...

Schuyler: Rachel, I got to go. I got to go.

Rachel: Just don't let him push you around.

Schuyler: He'll have to catch me first.

[Cell phone rings]

Schuyler: Yeah?

Kim: Haven't had your coffee yet?

Schuyler: What do you want?

Kim: A favor.

Schuyler: I'm fresh out.

Kim: Right. I'll be sure to tell your kid that if it survives.

Schuyler: Spare me the histrionics. What do you want?

Kim: Not over the phone.

Schuyler: Fine. I'll be there in 5.

Kim: Did you get all that, Stace?

Stacy: Every word. God, I love a 3-way call.

Kim: Oh, I just love a 3-way.

Stacy: You better not let the Clinster hear you say that. Well, good luck with Schuyler, and call me if you find anything out. Hey, I got to go. Talk to you.

Rex: All right?

Stacy: Always.

Blair: Eli just, um, stopped by to drop off some papers.

Todd: That's funny. I didn't hear the doorbell.

Blair: Well, Todd, you're up in your own little world up there, you know?

Todd: Right. Yeah. Where are the papers?

Eli: Uh, it's a funny thing. Been under so much stress, turns out I came all this way. I left them on my desk. Crazy. Ah, so I'll bring them by the club later.

Blair: Oh, that's a good idea.

Eli: You'll be there?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah.

Eli: Great. Todd, it's always a pleasure.

Todd: Have you heard from Téa?

Eli: I know she and Dani left for Tahiti, but, Todd, I don't think they're coming back.

[Knocks on door]

Rachel: Forgot your key again? [Gasps] Oh, my God, you're here.

Téa: Home. 

Matthew: What's that?

Destiny: Tofu, one of nature's little jokes, according to Shaun.

Matthew: I can only eat that if it's ground up in something. So, how have you been? I haven't seen you around.

Destiny: Well, you know, I've been busy, you know, going to the gym, and then there's math team. Then I tried out for the dance squad.

Matthew: Because it kind of felt like you were avoiding me.

Destiny: Why would I be avoiding you?

Matthew: Because of Dani.

Rachel: So, how was the flight?

Téa: Long. This place is beautiful.

Rachel: Oh, it'll do--no butler, and I have a roommate, but then again, no fireworks and no gunshots.

Dani: Gunshots?

Rachel: Yeah. The Buchanans tend to shoot things when they get angry.

Dani: Seriously?

Rachel: They're interesting people, fill me in about Tahiti. I thought you were gonna be there a week or two and then head off on a world tour.

Téa: Um--

Rachel: You didn't get to fill me in when you called to tell me you were coming back.

Téa: Well, Tahiti was great. We figured out a lot of things, and it just felt right, coming back.

Rachel: Really?

Téa: Yeah. You said you were tired. You want to go take a shower and then take a nap?

Dani: Subtle, Mom. Where's the bathroom?

Téa: Thanks.

Rachel: Down the hall, first door on the left. Pink towels are for you guys.

Dani: Thanks.

Rachel: So, what's going on?

Téa: Oh, God, is your roommate here?

Rachel: No. He's at work. He won't be back till late.

Téa: Okay, because this can't go anywhere.

Rachel: Of course not.

Téa: Tahiti was-- it was complicated. You know, I told Dani that-- you know, I promised her that I wouldn't say anything, so bottom line is, she knows that Todd is her biological father.

Todd: Boy...

Blair: What, you're not going into the office today?

Todd: No. The news business sucks.

Blair: Yeah. You still think about Téa?

Todd: Oh, yeah. You still thinking about Eli?

Blair: Eli? Why would I be thinking about--

Todd: Ah! Stop it. I heard you guys going at it like rabbits last night.

Blair: You did not.

Todd: It's disgusting, and if you had sex on this couch, you're gonna buy me a new one.

Blair: You know what? You have a very vivid imagination.

Todd: What's--oh. Strange, this doesn't look like my tie.

Blair: We were looking over some contracts, and the man loosened his tie, Todd.

Todd: It's okay. It's okay. Whatever, as long as you're happy.

Blair: You know what? I'm gonna make you happy if it kills me. Come on.

Todd: Oh, wait a minute. No, no, no. I'm not gonna go upstairs with you, if that's what you're thinking, and I'm certainly not gonna have pity sex on the dining room table, if that's what you're thinking.

Blair: Uh, no sex, just pure, unadulterated happiness. Come on.

Oliver: You know, if it weren't for Bo getting fired, I'd actually be pulling for Laurence. I am gonna make bank on this job. The new phone that you wanted--

Kyle: No. You can keep it.

Oliver: What's wrong, Kyle? What's wrong?

Kyle: Just feel bad for Rex.

Oliver: Well, yeah. I mean, I wouldn't want Laurence coming after my kid, either.

Kyle: Yeah. I mean, you got a psychopath like Mitch Laurence on one side and a sociopath like Stacy Morasco on the other.

Oliver: Come on. Stacy is not all bad. I'm not saying that she's my favorite person in the whole entire world, but I can see why Rex is drawn to her. She can be very seductive.

Kyle: Says a gay man.

Oliver: Okay. I wasn't always gay. No. All right. I was always gay, but I had my faux-hetero moments, and, you know, Stacy definitely took advantage of my confusion.

Kyle: Wait. Are you saying you slept with Stacy Morasco?

Stacy: Can we sit at a table?

Rex: Sure. I'll be with you in a minute.

Stacy: Bup, bup, bup. Where are you going?

Rex: I need to talk to that guy over there.

Stacy: Who is he?

Rex: A lawyer.

Stacy: What do you nerd a lawyer for?

[Rex clears throat]

Eli: Oh, hey there, Rex. Ah, it's good to see you. Sorry. I would've followed up, but I didn't hear from you. I figured you went with another firm.

Rex: No. I thought about what you said, and I decided not to pursue full custody of Shane. Gigi and I will work it out.

Eli: Good. It's gonna work out better for everyone, especially Shane.

Rex: I hope so. There is a matter of my other kid, though. I have one on the way, and I need to make sure that baby does not fall into the wrong hands.

Nigel: Miss Andrews, you have a caller.

Kim: Thanks, Jeeves. Hold my calls, 'Kay?

Nigel: Will milady be going in to work today, or shall I have the bonbons at the ready?

Kim: Not that it's any of your business, but Clint gave me the morning off. Don't you have spoons to polish?

Nigel: I'll certainly add Mr. Joplin's name to the visitors log. Mr. Clint keeps a close eye on it.

Kim: You do that, Nigel, and, just so you know, it's not what you think.

Nigel: You have no idea what I think.

[Kim sighs]

Schuyler: Wow, that guy hates your guts.

Kim: Who cares? Cafe au la-- au lait, latte?

Schuyler: This is not a social hall. What do you want, Kim?

Kim: You've stolen drugs from the hospital, right? I'll take that as a yes. Can you do it again?

Schuyler: Why?

Kim: For Stacy's kid. Baby needs a hit. . Come on.

Kyle: You slept with Stacy?

Oliver: Yeah, not my finest hour.

Kyle: Stacy Morasco, the woman you're guarding?

Oliver: Yes, Stacy Morasco. Why? What's the big deal? You knew I'd been with women before.

Kyle: Okay. When was this?

Oliver: Um, at the ball last year. I was lonely. I got a little drunk. It was Valentine’s Day.

Kyle: Okay, so this was, like, a little less than a year ago, right? Was that the only time?

Oliver: W-well--

Kyle: What?

Oliver: That was the first time.

Kyle: Oh, God, really? The first time?

Oliver: All right. You know, just don't panic, okay? There was one other time, the night before I came out.

Schuyler: You want me to score drugs for the baby?

Kim: Ha! Now who's crazy? No, never.

Schuyler: Okay. I don't have time for this.

Kim: Okay. The baby needs medicine, okay?

Schuyler: The baby isn't even born yet.

Kim: Oxytocene.

Schuyler: Oxytocin.

Kim: Right. See? No biggie. You .can't even get high off the stuff.

Schuyler: What do you know about oxytocin, Kim?

Kim: What everybody knows. It starts your engines when you want to give birth.

Schuyler: Oh, my God, you want oxytocin so you can induce labor so Stacy could have the baby early.

Kim: See? No deal.

Stacy: Hi. I'm Stacy.

Eli: Elijah Clarke. Nice to meet you.

Stacy: Would you like to join us?

Eli: Oh, thank you, but Rex and I were just discussing some legal matters.

Stacy: Like what?

Rex: We're gonna have to bring her in sooner or later.

Stacy: I would prefer sooner.

Eli: Well, Rex asked me to draw up some documents stating paternity.

Stacy: Really?

Eli: Yes, as well as establishing guardianship of your child.

Rex: In case something happens to us.

Stacy: What would happen to us?

Rex: Well, we can't let Mitch use the courts to take our baby, right?

Eli: Right. These documents would sever any ties between Mr. Laurence and Rex as well as between Mr. Laurence and Rex's children.

Stacy: Right. Okay. Yeah. That sounds good.

Eli: And while we're on the subject, do either of you have a will?

Rex: No.

Stacy: Don't look at me. I mean, I promised Kimmy my Madonna collection, but whatever.

Eli: Well, that's where we should start, especially when minor children are involved. Part of any will is to decide who'd get custody of your child.

Cole: Well, you look pretty limber this morning.

Markko: Yeah, I guess.

Cole: I just figured you'd be hurting from all those athletics last night.

Markko: What do you mean you heard us?

Cole: Dude, they can hear you in Pine Valley. You guys were going for the gold.

Starr: Cole thought you were cranking up the horror film last night.

Langston: Wait, wait, wait. Cole heard us?

Starr: I'm pretty sure that Aunt Dorian heard you over at the mayor's office and my dad heard you when he was with my mom and--

Langston: Don't worry. It won't happen again.

Starr: No. I'm just worried that if the neighbors file a noise complaint with the landlord, we're gonna get in trouble because there's so many of us living in here.

Langston: I know. I get it. I'm sorry. I don't know what happened. Just something came over me.

Starr: What do you mean?

Langston: Okay. If I tell you, you have to promise to keep it a secret and a real secret. You can't tell Cole.

Markko: I don't know what happened. She just went wild.

Cole: Hold that thought.

Blair: Hey.

Cole: Hey, good morning.

Blair: Where's the birthday girl?

Markko: Inside

Blair: Great. Thanks, Markko. Happy birthday.

Starr: Hi. Thank you for coming.

Blair: Oh...I wouldn't miss my little girl's birthday for the whole world.

Rachel: So, does Todd know yet?

Téa: That she knows? Not yet.

Rachel: So, you decided to tell her on your own when you and Todd decided that it was too much for her to process?

Téa: Well, it was too much for her to process at the time.

Rachel: So, what changed? You can't tell me.

Téa: I promised Daniella I would respect her privacy. Look. Long story short, Tahiti was-- It was a bit of a revelation, and Dani decided that she wants to get to know her biological father, so here we are.

Rachel: And you and Todd? Is that still a possibility?:

Téa: I have no idea, Rachel. Right now, I have to focus on Dani.

Rachel: So, what Dani thinks about Todd--and I'm not saying you're wrong--I think you're giving her an awful lot of power. Her vote decides everything, not just your future, his future.

Téa: Yes. For the time being, that is correct.

Rachel: Okay. Well, how are you managing her expectations? She has to be curious about him. It's one thing to accept that he shot Ross. It's quite a whole other thing to swallow his entire history.

Téa: Oh.

Starr: And over here is, obviously, hope's playpen.

Todd: Ah, "fractional calculus: Theory and applications," Kevin C. Ohlmstead. It's one of my favorites. Hope is a smart girl.

Starr: That is mine. I don't know how it got in there.

Cole: We had to put it on there to make room for the changing pad on the desk.

Blair: Look. I know things maybe seem like they're tough right now, but it's gonna get better. It will, and everybody starts out like this, but looks like you guys are doing all right, really.

Todd: We'll see how long it lasts.

Blair: Come on.

Cole: You know, I know we're gonna go through rough times, but we'll get through it.

Todd: And when Langston and--

Cole: Markko.

Todd: Markko decide they've had enough of the smell, the noise, and the no partying after 8:00 and you guys are on your own, then what?

Markko: So, last night--and, believe me, I'm not complaining--I think it got a little loud.

Langston: Yeah. Starr mentioned something about that.

Markko: Hey, hey, we'll have our own place before you know it, and then we won't have to worry about anyone commenting on our fantastic sex life.

Starr: So, Dad, you came all the way over here to make me feel bad on my birthday.

Todd: Eh, but I shouldn't have come, not that I don't want to celebrate your birthday. Of course I do. It's just that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I'm in a bit of a bad mood. Mom dragged me over here.

Blair: It's so my fault.

Cole: Okay, so let's start over. Happy birthday, Starr.

Todd: Oh, hey, here you go.

Starr: Dad, I told you I don't want any of your money.

Todd: No, no, no. It's not rent money. It's just "go and blow it on your birthday" money.

Blair: It's a lot, too.

Starr: My gosh. Well, in that case, thank you.

Todd: You're welcome. Oh, yeah. Heh heh heh. This is not exactly how I pictured your 18th birthday, but, you know, nothing I've ever planned in my life has gone the way I wanted it to, except for you. You're a terrific kid. I'm proud of you, happy birthday. See you later. Bye.

[Door closes]

Starr: Téa?

Blair: Among other things.

Téa: Dani needs to meet with Todd face to face, acknowledge that he is her biological father, start to get to know him--

Rachel: And his history.

Téa: That will have to wait. Look, Rachel. Todd has changed. The very fact that he let us go the way he did

Rachel: Do you hear yourself?

Téa: You know what the old Todd would've done. Rachel, you, of all people, should not deny him the opportunity to grow, to evolve.

Rachel: I know, and I'm not-- I hope to God he's changed for all of our sakes. I'm just saying, for Dani--

Téa: I know. It's gonna be a lot to handle, which is why I want her to meet the kinder, gentler Todd first. Rachel, I would not have fallen in love with Todd if I didn't know in my heart that he had truly changed. You know what? I should go tell him before he finds out from someone else.

Rachel: Hey, sweetheart. Did you find everything you needed?

Dani: Yeah. Thanks.

Téa: Dani, I need to go somewhere, okay, sweetheart?

Rachel: Go. We'll just chill here till you get back.

Téa: Okay. Thank you, honey. I have my phone--

Dani: If I need anything.

Téa: Yes.

Rachel: There's spare keys on the counter.

Téa: Thank you.

Rachel: So, you hungry?

Dani: No. My mom told you what happened, that Todd is my bio dad?

Rachel: Yeah. She mentioned it. That must've been a shock.

Dani: You think?

Rachel: How does it make you feel, any different about yourself?

Dani: Maybe. I mean, I didn't like him when I met him. He's a real jerk.

Rachel: Yeah. He can be.

Dani: So, you know him.

Rachel: Yeah.

Dani: So, what do you think of him?

Destiny: Why would I be avoiding you because of Dani? You said you guys were just friends, right? And, like, she's gone.

Matthew: Yeah. She left town with her mom.

Destiny: Do you miss her?

Matthew: You don't want to talk about this.

Destiny: You're right. She's not my favorite subject, but guess who's got to get over it. Me. So, tell me how you've been. Don't leave anything out.

Rex: So, how long will it take to have wills drawn up?

Eli: Well, barring any unusual requests, I could probably have it for you by the end of the day, but, again, the most important issue is going to be determining who gets custody. I mean, heaven forbid something were to happen to both of you.

Rex: But, well, I would want my sisters as guardians.

Stacy: No. I am not letting your sisters raise my kid.

Rex: Why not? Jessica is a mom. Natalie is great with kids, and they're loaded.

Stacy: And they hate me.

Rex: So, would you rather have Gigi raise our kid?

Stacy: Ha! I would come back from the dead before that happened.

Rex: So, your parents are gone. Have anyone else in mind?

Schuyler: I'm not stealing meds from the hospital dispensary so Stacy can induce labor.

Kim: So what, we wait for Mother Nature, Stacy to drop the baby in the middle of March?

Schuyler: Yeah. So?

Kim: Can you count? Because Rex can, and he'll find out and figure out that he's not the daddy. So unless you have a better plan--

Schuyler: Okay. Stacy leaves town for a couple of months.

Kim: And goes where?

Schuyler: I don't care! She goes to work with her long-lost aunt or something.

Kim: "What long-lost aunt?" Says sister Gigi, and then Rex Balsom does a little digging and blows us out of the water.

Schuyler: Kim, I am not helping Stacy induce labor to fool Rex. That's bad for the baby.

Kim: Pregnant people take it every day.

Schuyler: When they're late! Not so they can give birth 4 weeks early, Kim.

Kim: The baby is fully formed at 8 months. I read it online.

Schuyler: Okay, you know what? This may be a stretch for you but the health of this baby trumps Stacy's love life.

Kim: What about your love life, doc, huh? Because it's gonna blow sky high if you don't help us out. Schuy..right. So this is how it's gonna go. You're gonna get your hands on some oxytocin, you're gonna give it to Stacy, and we're all gonna live happily ever after.

Schuyler: No.

Kim: You have no choice.

Schuyler: Yes, I do. I tell Rex the truth--that Stacy's carrying my baby, not his.

Kyle: I need you to tell me everything that happened between you and Stacy Morasco and when.

Oliver: Okay, what is wrong, Kyle?

Kyle: Just humor me.

Oliver: Okay, fine. Uh, there was the night at the ball.

Kyle: That was the first time you guys slept together.

Oliver: Right, and then, let's see. Then I started dating Layla, but I was lying to myself and to her. And then I'd see you with Nick. And again, this was not my finest hour, but I tried to mess things up for you and Nick--

Kyle: Okay, I know all about the Nick stuff. I just need to know about Stacy.

Oliver: Okay, well, it's all related, okay? So you caught on that I had been trashing you to Nick, and you leveled me, and so I got drunk, and Stacy was there, and we left together, and then we slept together. But then I woke up with this hangover, and I didn't even know where I was. I knew I couldn't pretend anymore, so then I came out to Cris and Layla and my parents.

Kyle: And this was the same week that--this was the same week that Stacy--

Oliver: That Stacy what?

Kyle: Oliver, I-- I got to tell you something.

Oliver: Okay, Kyle, you're really starting to freak me out.

Kyle: I'm sorry. I just didn't know you slept with Stacy a second time.

Oliver: Yeah, well, I got tested. I'm totally clean.

Kyle: Yeah. Okay, I know you did. So did I. It's not the issue, though.

Oliver: So then what's the problem? You can't think that I'm not committed to you or that I'm not actually gay.

Kyle: I--I know you're gay, okay? I knew before you did. I know you love me. I love you, too. Okay, you know the thing that I was upset about yesterday that I couldn't talk to you about?

Oliver: Yeah, because of, um, doctor/patient--

Kyle: Confidentiality. It involved Stacy Morasco.

Oliver: Okay.

Kyle: Okay. S-Stacy was at the hospital yesterday in a cubicle with Schuyler Joplin, okay? I--I was doing my rounds, and I walked in on them.

Oliver: What do you mean, you walked in on them?

Kyle: I opened the door, and I overheard Joplin say that--that the baby that Stacy is carrying isn't Rex's--that the baby is--Joplin said that the baby is his.

Kim: If you tell Rex the truth--that Stacy's little bun in the oven is yours--what do you think is gonna happen next? Right. Rex whips out his old phone, speed-dials his old girlfriend Gigi--

Schuyler: Just because the baby's not his doesn't change the fact that he cheated on her with her sister.

Kim: Yeah. When Gigi finds out that you slept with Stacy, too? And that the baby is yours? That you've been lying to her for months? You sat back and watched as her relationship went down in flames, her home became broken, her kid all traumatized--

Schuyler: Okay, we'll get through it. Thank you.

Kim: Yeah, and I'm the Virgin Mary.

Schuyler: I'm not helping Stacy induce labor--

Kim: You tell Rex the truth, you and Gigi are over. Are you ready for that?

Stacy: There's no way that my kid is going to anyone in your stuck-up family.

Rex: We'll get back to you on the guardianship thing.

Eli: You guys take your time. When is the baby due, by the way?

Stacy: Valentine's Day.

Rex: In any event, I would like to wait until the baby is born and we've had paternity tests before we put anything in writing.

Eli: That's fine. Whatever works. Meanwhile, I'll take care of the other matter. As for the wills, you guys just fill out these documents here and give me a call when you're ready, and I'll draw them up.

Rachel: Todd and I don't really travel in the same circles anymore.

Dani: But you did.

Rachel: We went to college together, but it was a large university.

Dani: What was he like?

Rachel: Todd? Um, well, he was quarterback of the football team. He and my boyfriend at the time, they were frat brothers.

Dani: So he was a frat bum?

Rachel: You know, have you talked to Matthew? Did you give him a call and tell him you're back?

Dani: Why does everyone always change the subject when I want to talk about Todd?

Rachel: Honey, I'm not really the right person to talk about this stuff.

Dani: You're one of my mom's best friends. You went to school with Todd. You live in the same town. Who--who better? This is my father I'm talking about. I deserve to know what he's like. Haven't I had enough surprises?

Starr: Thank you so much for the waffles. They were absolutely delicious.

Markko: Thank Buenos Dias for all those hours I logged in the kitchen.

Langston: Hey, you got to love a man who can cook.

Blair: Okay, Starr, are you gonna head over to the club a little early? I know I can't be there, but you guys have complete run of the place. I've just set it up.

Cole: We'll be there.

Blair: Okey-doke. Thank you so much for sending over those last pictures of Hope.

Cole: Oh, you're welcome. Here, you want to see the latest?

Blair: Sure.

Starr: Hey, you know that secret? Can it wait?

Langston: Uh, sure. It just--you know, I was thinking of dyeing my hair again, and I wanted to run it by you without input from the guys, so...

Starr: Oh, yeah. I totally get it. I've kind of missed you with color, so we'll talk about it later, but make your appointment.

Langston: Okay, cool.

Starr: Cool?

Langston: Yeah.

Cole: We got to go.

Starr: All right, sounds good. Bye.

Langston: Bye.

Blair: Have fun.

Starr: Thank you so much for coming, and thank you for my birthday party.

Blair: Oh, you're welcome. Enjoy it. Ah. So how are you, Langston?

Langston: What do you mean?

Blair: Well, you know, you h to move out of Dorian's and Todd's. I mean, that's a lot.

Langston: Oh. Right, yeah. I mean, I miss Dorian, I do, but I can't stand what she did.

Blair: Oh, yeah. I know. Listen, if you ever need anything, you can talk to me about anything. You know that. I'm there for you.

Langston: Really?

Blair: Yeah, absolutely. Is something going on?

Langston: Something happened last night, and if I don't talk about it, it's gonna tear me up inside.

Matthew: Okay, well, you know how I told you Dani and I were just friends?

Destiny: Yeah.

Matthew: The thing is, after you and I talked, Dani and I kissed.

Destiny: Okay.

Matthew: I mean, we didn't plan on it. I didn't even know it was gonna happen. It just, you know, we've been through so much, and there she was telling me she was gonna leave town, and we were saying good-bye, and it just happened, and now she's gone, and I don't know if I'll ever see her again.

Dani: I told my mom I'd come back here to meet Todd, and I will, but it's only fair for me to know a little bit about the guy. I mean, why is everyone so worried about how I'll react? What is he, some kind of monster?

Rachel: Well, honey, he shot your father. Naturally people are concerned about your feelings. Have you talked to your mother about seeing someone?

Dani: You mean a shrink? No, I'm okay. My mom and I have been talking. Can't you at least tell me what you think of him? You have to have an opinion.

[Telephone rings]

Rachel: You know what? I need to grab that. Rachel Gannon. Oh, no, I hadn't heard. What--yeah, okay. I'll come down. All right. Thanks for letting me know. You know what? There is a problem at work. Apparently one of our counselors just got arrested, and I have to go in. There's plenty of food in the fridge, movies on demand, and that nap your mom suggested is still a really good idea. And I left Matthew's number on the counter, so give him a call.

Todd: Hi.

Téa: I didn't mean to surprise you. I was scared you'd screen my calls.

Todd: No, I wouldn't do that. I was actually hoping you'd call. Preparing my speech.

Téa: Really?

Todd: Yes. Yes. It was gonna be great. I had every word just right.

Téa: Here's your chance.

Todd: I can't think of anything. No, I can think of something. I love you. That's all I got. I love you.

Kyle: Apparently Stacy had a miscarriage. She lost Rex's baby, and she didn't want him to know. I guess she thought that having his child was the only way to hold on to him. So she came up with this plan to get pregnant by somebody else and pass it off as Rex's. So she tried--

Oliver: Schuyler.

Kyle: Actually, she came to me first.

Oliver: Are you kidding?

Kyle: I'd helped her with some scams in the past. I guess I just drew the line at having sex with her.

Oliver: Yeah, but I didn't. Oh, my God.

Kim: You're almost a doctor. Of course you want to follow all the rules, but you want to know what a dermatologist in Vegas once told me? The margin of error in drugs is built-in, so let's say you have Botox that's expired. You're fine. You've got a solid 6 months. Same with this.

Schuyler: Your dermatologist told you that?

Kim: He wasn't my dermatologist exactly.

Schuyler: You gave a guy a lap dance, and he tipped you with an expired pharmaceutical. That doesn't make it right.

Kim: Stacy wouldn't do anything to harm this kid. She's gotten really attached--more attached than I'd like. And besides, the ob already signed off on it--says the kid's perfect--10 fingers and 10 whatever. All you have to do is get the baby out.

Schuyler: Yeah, by breaking my oath, committing a felony, jeopardizing my medical career--

Kim: We're gonna do this with or without you, Schuy.

Schuyler: What does that mean?

Kim: You think you're the only source for oxytocin? We just need you to get the dosing right.

Schuyler: Oh, is that all?

Kim: Fine. It's not hard. I can do it myself. Give me 10 cc's of oxytocin stat. What the hell, make it 50.

Schuyler: You're the devil incarnate, you know that, right?

Kim: You want to protect your baby, you better step up and, get us the oxytocin.

[Doorbell rings]

Stacy: Is Kimmy home?

Todd: You're back.

Téa: Yeah, I had to come back.

Todd: I missed you so much.

Téa: I missed you, too. Todd, there's something we have to do.

Blair: Langs, you can tell me anything. You know that, right?

Langston: Are you sure?

Blair: Yeah.

Langston: Because, um, this isn't exactly a run-of-the-mill teenage problem.

Blair: Oh, good, because I love complicated.

Langston: Even when it's about sex?

[Cell phone rings]

Blair: Oh, sorry. Um, I, um--I'm sorry about that. So, sex. Yes, yes. I know all about that, so lay it on me..

Langston: Okay. Um, well, there's this guy Ford.

Blair: Ford.

Langston: Yeah.

Blair: The infamous bucket. The one that Markko goes on and on about, right? That guy?

Langston: Yeah, that one. Well, um, he's back in town, and we've run into each other a couple of times, and Markko is beyond jealous.

Blair: Well, did something happen between you and Ford?

Langston: No. No, I don't think so. You see, last night, Markko and I were having sex, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I--I thought about Ford.

Destiny: I'm sorry you feel bad and that she had to leave.

Matthew: It's not even like I know what I feel or what she feels, and I guess I never will. But you know, maybe if she could have stayed, we could have figured it out. Anyway, I don't want to lose you, too. I know we said we'd be friends, but lately it doesn't really feel like it. I really miss you.

Destiny: I miss you, too.

Matthew: So we're good?

Destiny: We're good.

Nigel: Right this way.

Schuyler: Who is it?

Kim: Get out of here. Go this way.

Schuyler: But--

Kim: And don't forget, get us the oxy, stat.

Nigel: More visitors.

Kim: You're a peach, Nige.

Rex: I have to go to U.V. a little early, and the bodyguard isn’t free yet. Can Stacy stay with you?

Kim: Sure. Of course. And don't worry. I'll take good care of our girl.

Rex: Thanks.

Stacy: Bye.

Kim: You couldn't send me a text? You almost walked in on me and Schuy.

Stacy: He was in here?

Kim: Yeah. I had to give him the hard sell.

Stacy: So is he gonna help us out?

Kim: I don't know. We didn't get that far, but I spelled it out. He knows he'll lose Gigi if he doesn't get that baby out on time.

Kyle: Look at the timing. Stacy loses Rex's baby, and in the course of a week, she tries me, no dice. Schuyler, then you. Bingo--she's pregnant.

Oliver: So you're saying that the baby could be mine.

Todd: Where's Daniella?

Téa: She's here in Llanview with me. She's just with a friend right now.

Todd: How is she?

Téa: She's nervous.

Todd: Why?

Téa: Because she's about to meet her father.

Todd: What are you telling me?

Téa: I explained it to her, Todd. She knows that you're her father now.

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