One Life to Live Transcript Friday 1/8/10


Episode # 10600 ~ Missing You

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

[Starr sighs]

Todd: Hey, what's going on?

Addie: Don't worry, this isn't an intervention.

Blair: Dorian fired Bo Buchanan--

Starr: And hired Stanley Lowell as the new police commissioner.

Todd: I thought Lowell was in jail.

Blair: Well, apparently, he was just pretending to be a part of the international drug cartel.

Langston: You know, I don't care what he says. He got Shaun shot and Starr and Hope kidnapped.

Starr: And he put a hit out on Cole.

Addie: Dorian's gone too far this time.

Todd: All right, but what does this have to do with me?

Blair: You don't expect us all to go live back at La Boulaie, do you?

Todd: Excuse me?

Addie: We're leaving Dori. If she wants to sell her soul, she's going to have to do it all by herself.

Mel: Oh, my love is like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in June.

Dorian: Mel.

Mel: Another fine mess you've got yourself into.

Dorian: Mel, what are you doing here?

Mel: Isn't it obvious? I'm the only friend you've got left.

Schuyler: Yo.

Rachel: Hey.

Schuyler: Oh, you find a cheap place, let me know. I need somewhere to live ASAP.

Rachel: Oh, why? Security catch you crashing here yet?

[Schuyler singing] Not yet.

Rachel: Then why the rush? Not that I want you to be homeless.

Schuyler: Okay, know how I said Gigi was making up her mind?

Rachel: About you and Rex? What happened?

Schuyler: She picked me.

Gigi: I was hoping that however this works out for you and me, we can make sure that Shane feels good about things. You know, that he knows he's loved and that we're both here for him.

Rex: Right. Well, just so you know, I've been talking to a lawyer.

Gigi: A lawyer?

Rex: About my rights.

Gigi: I don't understand.

Rex: Well, I'm Shane’s father.

Gigi: I know that.

Rex: Well, I wanted to get some advice about getting full custody of my son.

Mitch: Interesting. You're not what I expected. Is it possible that I underestimated you?

Stacy: You sent that cow to steal my baby?

Mitch: Nurse Charles is your friend, Stacy. She was trying to help you.

Stacy: Nurse Charles is a lunatic. She's crazier than you. Stop staring at my belly!

Mitch: That's my grandson in there.

Stacy: How do you know it's a boy?

Mitch: I know that he's my flesh and blood. You, Stacy--you are the vessel. The vessel. You are carrying the future, my future. All I'm asking is that you let me help you.

Stacy: If you think that I'm going away with you to some godforsaken compound, you can think again.

Mitch: Whether you follow me, or whether you're taken is entirely up to you.

Dani: It's the same.

Téa: No one's been here for a while.

Dani: When I was at school, when it got really bad, I used to shut my eyes and imagine I was here, walking through the house. I'd make myself see everything. The shells Daddy and I collected. The cushion he used to stuff under his head when we were watching movies. His trophies. It's like he's still here. I can't believe I'm never going to see him again.

Téa: I know, dear.

Dani: Mom?

Téa: Yeah?

Dani: Thank you for bringing me home.

Langston: Come on, sweetheart, let's go put our stuff down here.

Addie: I'm going upstairs.

Starr: Let's go.

Todd: So Dorian hired Stan Lowell to replace Bo?

Blair: Yeah, and apparently, gave him carte blanche.

Todd: God. After all he did to her family?

Blair: Well, I think she thinks he's some kind of undercover hero now.

Todd: That's bull.

Blair: I know.

Addie: I agree. I think Dorian’s losing it.

Dorian: Oh, and a fine friend you've been. How come you're not delivering a pizza, huh? Or the Sermon on the Mount? have been dead for years.

Mel: Hey, it's a minor technicality.

Dorian: What do you want?

Mel: What I always want with you, Dorian--to help you. We've had these talks before, usually when you're at a crossroads.

Dorian: You're here because I fired Bo Buchanan. Well, I had no choice. Mitch did this. The man is a psychopath. He's threatening to kill my girls.

Mel: And they walked out on you. Can you blame them?

Dorian: If only they trusted me...

Mel: No, they don't know about Mitch's threats.

Dorian: And if I tell them, he will kill them.

Mel: What are you going to do?

Dorian: Well, I'm sure you're going to tell me. Huh? That's what you always do, when you show up.

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: Mel?

Mel: Yes?

Dorian: Oh, for God's sake. Tell me what to do. I'm tired of making all of the decisions. Why do I always have to be the strong one?

Mel: Because you're the strong one. And you're going to need every ounce of that strength, Dorian.

Dorian: Why? What do you know?

Mel: This fight with Mitch Laurence is only the beginning.

Gigi: You hired a lawyer to sue for custody? Who are you?

Rex: I'm trying to protect my son.

Gigi: He loves me. Why do you think he came up to the cabin? He missed me.

Rex: Yeah, and look what happened.

Gigi: We had a conversation, that's what happened.

Rex: He walked in on you and your lover.

Gigi: Oh, that is so untrue.

Rex: You weren't there with Schuyler?

Gigi: Yes, I was there with him, but don't make it sound like he walked in on us while we were--

Rex: Wh--while you were what?

Gigi: Doing what you did with Stacy. You're the one who wanted me to take time and figure out what I wanted.

Rex: Because I thought you had realized what was important. Your son, who trusted you, who believed you when you said that you loved him.

Gigi: That hasn't changed. This isn't about Shane. This is you. You're just mad that you didn't get the answer you wanted, so you're trying to punish me. Was this Stacy’s idea?

Stacy: Why aren't you in jail? Did you escape?

Mitch: What, you haven't heard? Oh, we have a new police commissioner. Yes, courtesy of our new mayor. I must say I timed it perfectly. Dorian appoints Stanley Lowell. Lowell releases me for lack of evidence. And here I am, just in time to help Nurse Charles drag you off, only you apparently are one tough cookie.

Stacy: Damn straight.

Mitch: Hmm. Who you callin'?

Stacy: The cops.

[Mitch chuckles]

Mitch: Stacy, pay attention. Commissioner Lowell dropped the charges because I own him. You have no one to call. You have no one to help you. You are mine, Ms. Morasco. At least until my baby is born--my grandson.

Stacy: And then what?

Mitch: And then I'll have no more use for you.

Rachel: Excuse me, I got to take this. Téa?

Téa: Hi.

Rachel: Where are you? I must have left half a dozen messages.

Téa: We're in Tahiti. Daniella wanted to come home, say good-bye to Ross.

Rachel: Understandable. Well, when are you coming back?

Téa: We're not coming back.

Rachel: I'm sorry?

Téa: Daniella can't live in Llanview. It's too hard for her. And I have to put her first.

Rachel: Of course you do. Uh--but what about Todd?

Téa: As far as Dani’s concerned, Todd murdered her father. She made me promise not to see him anymore.

Rachel: And how does Todd feel about that news?

Téa: He understands.

Rachel: Are we talking about the same Todd Manning? Because I can't see him accepting any of this--losing you, losing his daughter. The Todd I know would be on a warpath.

Téa: Believe it or not, Rachel, he has changed.

Rachel: Todd?

Téa: Yeah.

Rachel: And you're not worried about him?

Téa: Todd'll be fine. Oh, Blair'll see to that.

Blair: How are you doing, Todd?

Todd: I'm fine.

Blair: You are not fine. You called in sick, you've been up in bed all--

Todd: I'm fine.

Blair: Did you call her? Look, I know that you love her and she loves you, too. And yes, Dani might need a little time.

Todd: Dani is in Tahiti.

Blair: What, on vacation?

Todd: For good.

Blair: What?

Starr: Mom, I just got off the phone with Cole, and he is furious about Lowell, so we're going to go and head over to their house.

Todd: What, now? No, no, I don't think so. It's too late. Hope needs to go to bed; you got school in the morning.

Starr: And I'm going to be 18 in a few days, so--

Todd: All right, that's--whatever!

Starr: What the heck was that?

Blair: Look, your dad needs a little T.L.C right now. I know he would never admit it.

Langston: Well, why? Because we all landed on him?

Blair: No, actually, I think he--believe it or not, he likes that.

Starr: Is it Téa?

Blair: I just think that, you know, maybe just be a little easier on him tonight, and maybe not, you know, always constantly remind him that he could lose you, too, okay?

Starr: Okay, fine, I'll do it.

Blair: Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Mama, I think the boys are really hungry. Would you be so kind as to order those pizzas that you did the last time?

Addie: Last time, we tried pineapple, artichoke, and salami.

Blair: Perfect, perfect.

[Blair sighs]

Blair: I am really sorry about Téa.

Todd: Yeah, me, too.

Téa: Todd told me that he still loves me.

Rachel: He did? That's huge.

Téa: I know. I never thought he'd forgive me for not telling him about Dani, but he has. I'm not even sure why.

Rachel: Because he loves you and he loves Dani.

Téa: He doesn't even care if she's furious with him. He just wants her to recover and to be with me.

Rachel: Well, if he loves both of you this much, why would he turn to Blair?

Téa: He always does. They have history, kids.

Rachel: So do you.

Téa: Yeah, but I'm here. And Todd's never been a very patient man. I got to go.

Rachel: Wait. Am I ever going to see you again?

Téa: Um--well, you want to come to Tahiti? It's really nice in February.

Rachel: I would love to, but that's not what I meant, and you know that. Are you ever going to come back home?

Téa: I hope so. Because that would mean I've told Daniella the truth, and she's ready to meet her father.

Rachel: I hope so, too, for both of your sakes.

Schuyler: Who was that?

Rachel: A mother trying to make the best choice for her kid.

Gigi: Did Stacy tell you to sue for full custody?

Rex: No.

Gigi: But she knows what happened?

Rex: What, that you dumped me for a drug addict from Vegas, her ex? Yeah, she knows.

Gigi: You told her?

Rex: Yeah, sure, why not? You ashamed of him?

Gigi: I happen to be very proud of Schuyler. He's in recovery, he's in med school, and he'd never cheat on me.

Rex: Like you cheated on me?

Gigi: We were taking a break. And for you to try and take Shane away from me because I was just doing what you wanted me to do--well, that's just--

Rex: Relax--

Gigi: Do you have any idea what that would do to him? Testifying? Having to choose between us? Have you even stopped to think about him for one minute?

Rex: I'm not going to do it, okay? I couldn't go through with it.

Gigi: Yeah, because you don't have a case.

Rex: Okay, you walked out.

Gigi: You practically pushed me out the door, Rex.

Rex: Because I couldn't stand it anymore. You think I couldn't see what was going on? I saw it in your eyes. Every time you saw him, all you could think about was being with him.

Gigi: That's not what was going on. We were so much more than that, and you know it.

Rex: Really? Yeah, I wish I could believe that. Then maybe I could stop imagining the two of you in bed together.

Gigi: Hmm. Well, it sucks, doesn't it? Now you know how I felt when you slept with my sister.

Stacy: You're not taking my baby.

Mitch: That is not your decision. I am anointing your son. He will carry on my work long after I'm gone.

Stacy: And what if he's a girl?

Mitch: Oh, that's not possible. You see, my followers--they're already preparing for his arrival. Now, shall we?

Stacy: Stay away from me.

Mitch: Oh, let's not make this any harder than it has to be.

Stacy: You don't want this kid, really.

Mitch: This kid is mine!

Stacy: No, he's not. He's not your grandchild. 

Rex: Is that why this happened? You slept with Schuyler to get back at me?

Gigi: I thought we were talking about Shane and you suing for custody.

Rex: I told you, I'm not doing that.

Gigi: So you were just torturing me? Nice. Look, I know I hurt you.

Rex: I thought we were talking about Shane.

Gigi: We both love him.

Rex: Yeah, and we can't keep dragging him up and down the mountain.

Gigi: I'm not staying there anymore. I left the cabin.

Rex: Oh. So now you're moving in with Schuyler?

Rachel: Gigi's moving in with you?

Schuyler: No. No, not yet. That's way too soon.

Rachel: Then why are you looking at two-bedrooms?

Gigi: I'm not moving in with Schuyler. I have Shane to think about. I'm not going to make him live with someone he resents.

Rex: Well, you--you can stay at the carriage house--you and Shane. It's your home.

Gigi: I'm not going to ask you to move out.

Rex: You're not, I'm offering. It makes the most sense.

Gigi: I appreciate that.

Rex: Well, I'm not doing it for you; I'm doing it for my son. And before you thank me, there's a condition.

Blair: So are you going to tell me what happened?

Todd: Well, Téa stopped by after you left and told me that the reason she told Danielle that she was never going to see me again is because she thinks that that's the only way that Danielle's going to forgive me and try to process all this stuff.

Blair: Told you. She loves you.

Todd: Yeah, but I still can't figure out why she waited so long to tell me about Dani.

Blair: Are you kidding me? With your track record?

Todd: Yeah, that's right--I'm a monster, right?

Blair: No, Todd, you just do monstrous things.

Todd: Yeah. Well, anyway, I--I forgave her. And--are you interested in any of this? Really, you want to hear this?

Blair: Well, who else are you going to tell, hmm?

Todd: I love her.

Blair: Did you tell her that?

Todd: Yeah, right before she left.

Blair: Okay. Well, then she will be back.

Todd: No, she won’t. The sooner I accept that, the better.

Dani: Me and Daddy found this when we were diving off the reef.

Téa: I remember.

Dani: That's what I don't understand. Daddy knew how to cliff dive. That bridge wasn't half as high as some of the places he's jumped off of.

Téa: Sweetheart, we don't know how deep it was, what the current was like.

Dani: He was a strong swimmer. He would have been fine if that bastard hadn't shot him.

Blair: Téa will tell Dani the truth. You just have to give her some time.

Todd: The truth? Which truth, that her real father shot the only father she's ever known?

Blair: Dani will forgive you.

Todd: I wouldn’t.

Blair: Well, you know what? Let's just hope that Dani is not like you, all right? And you know what? Forgiveness isn't something that you're born with. You learn it. And look at all the progress that you've made, hmm? You know, if Téa said that she is going to come back, and she's going to bring Dani, then you have to believe her. I mean, she's not going to let that child hate you for the rest of her life. I can guarantee you that.

Téa: Todd was trying to save you.

Dani: You promised me we wouldn't talk about him.

Téa: You're the one who brought him up. Look--look, we do not have to go there. I'm just trying to help you deal with the anger that you're feeling.

Dani: He killed my father.

Téa: Sweetheart, Ross might have been okay, all right? I'll give you that. He was an experienced cliff diver, okay? But you wouldn't have been okay. If he had forced you over the side, you would have died, all right? You would have been killed. I'm sorry.

Dani: It's okay, it's okay. I just wish things could go back to the way they used to be. Just the 3 of us. We were so happy, hmm?

Téa: I know, mija, I know.

Dorian: I want to be strong. Just as strong as Mitch--no, stronger. But I have a conscience, and that puts me at a distinct disadvantage. I'll do anything to protect my girls, and Mitch knows that.

Mel: Mm-hmm. And he used that fact to force you to fire Bo Buchanan and appoint Lowell.

Dorian: The mayor gets to appoint the police commissioner. Who knew?

Mel: Mitch. And as long as you're mayor, he's got you by the throat.

Dorian: So what am I supposed to do? Quit? I'm no quitter.

Mel: Well, if you're no longer mayor, he'll leave you alone.

Mitch: So the baby you're carrying is not my grandchild? Oh, surely, you can do better than that.

Stacy: No, I promise you, it's true. I swear, it--I lost Rex's baby and I got pregnant again.

Mitch: Huh, you're good, darling, but you're not that good.

Nurse Charles: Brother Mitch, I'm so sorry. Ms. Morasco got control of the syringe--

Mitch: Stop groveling and do what I sent you here to do. Help me get my grandson home.

Gigi: So, your terms?

Rex: I don't want Schuyler around my son.

Gigi: Well, that's not very practical. Schuyler's in my life. We work together.

Rex: Well, he doesn't have to be in Shane's life.

Gigi: I thought we were trying to make this as simple as possible. If I have to worry about Shane picking up the phone, or-- or meeting me at work--

Rex: Okay, fine, they can see each other. But I do not want Schuyler spending the night when my son is there.

Gigi: He's our son.

Rex: Do we have a deal?

Gigi: Fine. I will not have Schuyler over until Shane is comfortable with it.

Rex: I can't believe we're talking about this.

Gigi: Well, it's better than not talking about it. We're working at parenting our child. That's a good thing. We're finally being honest with each other.

Rex: And if you'd been honest with me from the start, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Schuyler: If Gigi changes her mind, decides to move in, I want that extra bedroom for Shane.

Rachel: You think Gigi's going to move in with you, with her son?

Schuyler: Well, she's not going to just leave him with Rex. And Shane's a great kid.

Rachel: Who just found out that his mother has feelings for someone other than his dad.

Schuyler: I--I know. It's--I mean, it's going to take him time to adjust.

Rachel: And you, who can barely afford a studio, are going to get a two-bedroom on the off chance that someday, somehow, Gigi's going to move in with you, and Rex will allow Shane to go with her? Hey, but no pressure.

[Schuyler chuckles]

Schuyler: There is no pressure, because I'm not going to be living there alone.

Rachel: What do you mean?

Schuyler: You're moving in with me.

Gigi: I've got to go. But thank you for being so decent about letting me move back in.

Rex: I told you, this isn't about you. I'm doing it for Shane.

Gigi: Right.

[Rex sighs]

Gigi: So where are you going to live?

Rex: I'll figure it out.

Gigi: Okay. You know I still care about you.

Rex: Don’t. Morasco, just don’t.

Todd: So why are you being so nice to me?

Blair: I'm always nice, Todd. Just sometimes, you don't deserve it.

Todd: So are you staying?

Blair: What, overnight? The boys and mama can. I've--I may have other plans, actually.

Todd: Oh, you have other plans?

Blair: Mm-hmm. I'm a big girl.

Todd: Uh-huh.

Blair: I can take care of myself.

Téa: Sweetie, it's late. We've been traveling all day. We should get some sleep, okay? We'll go down to the beach tomorrow, and we'll say good-bye to your dad. Oh. I left a bag in the car. I'll be right back, okay?

Dani: Oh, Daddy. I miss you so much.

Todd: So you're going out on the town or something?

Blair: Whatever I do, Todd, it's my call. I'm in charge, buddy, and it's about time.

Todd: You're seeing someone, aren't you?

Jack: Pizza! Come on, we got anchovy and onions.

Todd: All right. This conversation's not over.

Blair: Go pay for it, Todd.

Dorian: I--look, it's too risky. If Mitch finds out, he'll--he'll kill my girls.

Mel: You must not let him win.

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: He's already won. He owns me and he knows it.

Mel: Bah. There's not a man on the planet earth who's ever owned Dorian Lord. Come on, woman, think. There's got to be a better way.

Dorian: The thought did occur to me that I could kill him.

Stacy: No! Let go of me!

Mitch: Calm down.

Stacy: Somebody help!

Mitch: Down!

Rex: What the hell is going on?

Rex: Get your hands off her, now!

Stacy: Thank God you're here!

Rex: Well, we're calling the police, telling them Mitch Laurence escaped.

Rachel: You want to be roomies?

Schuyler: Yeah, why not? I mean, we're already friends. We're both homeless. And we get a lot more bang for our buck if we go in on a two-bedroom together.

Rachel: True. But would Gigi go for it?

Gigi: Go for what?

Rachel: Uh--you tell her. I got to get out of here and have a conversation with Greg.

Schuyler: Ooh.

Rachel: Hey.

Gigi: Hi, bye.

Schuyler: What's up?

Gigi: Um--ahem-- I--I just saw Rex. He's moving out, so I can move back into the carriage house, live with Shane.

Schuyler: Oh, that's--well, that's good news. I'm glad he's cool with it.

Gigi: Cool? Not exactly. He's got terms. You're not allowed to stay overnight when Shane's there. The truth is, he doesn't want you there at all.

Stacy: You can't call the cops.

Rex: Why not? Never mind, I'll call Bo.

Mitch: Excuse me, Rex. If you're expecting Bo to intercede, think again. Bo Buchanan’s no longer the commissioner. The mayor replaced him.

Rex: What are you talking about?

Mitch: Well, Commissioner Lowell--he was appointed. Sworn in this morning. Oh, go ahead. Call the precinct if you don't believe me.

Rex: I'll do that.

Mel: I must be mistaken. I thought you had a conscience.

Dorian: I owe it to my family, to my constituents to kill Mitch.

Mel: I don't know if the courts would agree to that. Even if you did manage to kill him, he's Mitch. He wouldn't stay dead.

Dorian: Well, then what am I supposed to do?

Mel: Dance with me.

Dorian: Oh! That's no answer.

Mel: You'd be surprised.

Dorian: Oh... Mel...Mel... oh...

Jack: The guy at the pizza place almost puked when I told him I wanted anchovy/pineapple.

Langston: Please tell me that's not what this is.

Starr: Mm-hmm, anchovy and onions.

Langston: Is there plain? Can I get plain? Thank you.

Jack: The guy said no.

Starr: What?

Jack: I said, "Whatever happened to customer service," right?

Starr: Well, hey, that's true.

Addie: I believe it ended sometime in the 1980s.

Blair: It went out with shoulder pads, Mama.

Todd: You got that right. Who needs a woman who looks like a linebacker? Am I right, Jack?

Jack: Right. All women should look like Mom.

Blair: Aw.

Starr: That was nice.

Jack: What? It's true. Tell 'em, Dad. All women should look like Mom.

Addie: Yes.

Jack: And Téa.

Blair: Oh, now--now, that--uh-uh.

Todd: Uh-huh. Who wants to play a game? And preferably one your mom can play. That is, if she doesn't have other plans.

Blair: Well, that depends on what kind of game we're playing.

Jack: Hearts?

Todd: Hearts it is. Who's in?

Starr: I'm in.

Langston: Yeah, me, too.

Jack: Oh, sure.

Blair: All right. I guess I can stick around and play a little game with your daddy.

Addie: You've certainly had enough practice.

Starr: Oh, wow.

Blair: Oh, now, wait a minute, Mama. If I'm going to hurt my feelings here, I'm going to make sure that you get the Queen of Spades.

Addie: Oh.

Todd: And make sure that Blair doesn't get the Jack of Diamonds, Jack. See what I--you understand?

Blair: Your dad... you want a bite?

Téa: I miss you, Todd.

Todd: Good night, Téa.

Téa: Good night.

Rex: When? So, Bo is out and Lowell is in? Thanks.

Mitch: You see? I've been cleared of all charges.

Stacy: Yeah, well, don't unpack. I'm charging you two for breaking and entering, assault, kidnap--

Mitch: I'm afraid Ms. Morasco is a bit confused.

Stacy: Yeah, well, nurse zombie here tried to stab me with a needle, and then the great reverend tried to kidnap me. He wants to take our baby to some kind of satanic cult.

Mitch: No, nothing could be further from the truth. I was simply concerned about my grandchild, and Nurse Charles is here to make sure that, well, Ms. Morasco is taking all her prenatal vitamins.

Stacy: You were just dragging me out of here! Rex saw you!

Mitch: Perhaps it's best if we go--before the little mother's blood pressure--

[Stacy sighs]

Mitch: Goes off the charts. I'm sorry.

Rex: If you come anywhere near my family again, I will--

Mitch: No, no, Rex, you're not going to kill me. I'm your father.

Schuyler: It's okay. I mean, I know Shane, like, hates me.

Gigi: No, he doesn’t.

Schuyler: I'm the guy who split up mom and dad, Gigi.

Gigi: It's not that simple.

Schuyler: It is to a kid. So--okay, so, what Rachel was talking about--

Gigi: Right. She said you'd fill me in.

Schuyler: Yeah. Uh, we found a fantastic two-bedroom apartment, and we're thinking about sharing it, if that's okay with you.

Gigi: You and Rachel?

Schuyler: Yeah. Well, because we're friends, we're already in the program together--

Gigi: I know you guys are tight. That sounds good.

Schuyler: Okay. Where's Rex going to go?

Gigi: I don't know.

Schuyler: You don't think he'd--

Gigi: Just--just--please don't go there.

Stacy: I was so scared. If you hadn't stopped by when you did--

Rex: So what happened?

Stacy: Well, the crazy nurse showed up at the door, and I know I shouldn't have answered it, but I thought it was Kim.

Rex: So she just barged in here?

Stacy: Yeah, with that big, old needle! It was like they wanted to take me away to their reservation and--I don't know--she was going to deliver the baby, and--and I was supposed to pretend that the baby died, but they were going to--I don't know--raise it or worship it, or God only knows. But then she got mad at me because I told her no. So she went after me with that needle. But I fought her off. I wasn't going to let her squirt me full of God only knows what and hurt me and the baby. But then Mitch came in, and then he tried to drag me off. That guy is crazy! He keeps talking about how the baby's got his blood and how I have to give it to him!

Rex: Okay, just--take a breath.

Stacy: No, Rex, when I have the baby, he said he's going to take it from me, because after that, he's not going to have any use for me!

Rex: He is not going to take the baby.

Stacy: You just saw him. If you didn't come in when you did, he would have had me in their trunk or something. Rex, I'm all alone. I mean, except for Kim, but she's working. I--what if he comes back?

Rex: You're not alone, Stacy. I'm moving back in.

Téa: Do you want some hot cocoa? Or warm milk with honey? I know you're not a kid anymore, but it might help you sleep.

Dani: That'll be good.

[Téa sighs]

Mel: It's time to go.

Dorian: You can't go. You have to tell me what to do. I have to protect my girls.

Mel: And you have to protect yourself.

Dorian: What do you mean?

Mel: Your soul. Murder?

Dorian: Hey, I'm just fighting fire with fire.

Mel: And everybody's burning.

Dorian: Oh, that's easy for you to say. You're dead.

Mel: Speaking of which...

Dorian: No. No, no, please don't go. You can't leave me alone. This house is so empty.

Mel: You'll never be alone. I'll always be in your heart.

[Dorian sniffs rose]

Dorian: Mmm.

Dorian: No, I'm not going to be alone. Mm-hmm. I'm going to figure out something.

Mitch: Honey, I'm home.

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