One Life to Live Transcript Monday 12/28/09


Episode # 10593 ~ Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Rachel: Whoa! Hello!

Schuyler: Hi. Uh --

Rachel: Naked man in the office. Why?

Schuyler: I'm -- I'm staying here.

Rachel: Because?

Schuyler: Roxy kicked me out.

Rachel: I thought she liked you.

Schuyler: Yeah, I thought she liked me, too, until Rex kicked Gigi out because of me.

Gigi: Look at you! I missed you so much!

Noelle: Go on. Give your mama some sugar.

Shane: Jeez, Mom, enough.

Gigi: Never.

Shane: You just saw me.

Gigi: Baby, I miss you every morning.

Shane: I'm not a baby. And if you miss me so much, come home.

Oliver: Uh, you can't go in there.

Rex: I won't be alone.

Oliver: Laurence isn't allowed visitors.

Rex: I'm not a visitor. The scum in there is my father.

Mitch: Did you get my package?

Dorian: Yes.

Mitch: Quite an eyeful, yes?

Dorian: Why are you calling me?

Mitch: Why does Bo Buchanan still have his job? I just gave you all the ammunition you need. Why have you not fired him?

Dorian: Ohh –

John: Hey. I hear congratulations are in order.

Nora: What?

John: Matthew.

Nora: Oh. He's -- he's being evaluated right now at the -- at the hospital.

Bo: He walked straight to us on Christmas Eve.

Nora: Yeah. It was really pretty exciting.

John: It's amazing. It's a good thing he's so stubborn.

Nora: Yeah. Well, gets it from him.

Bo: No. Her.

Nora: What? No.

John: Right.

Nora: All right. So what's up?

John: What do you say we close this Laurence case?

Bo: Close on the Stuart murder or Landers?

John: His suicide attempt. I.A.'s taken my statement. His blood, his prints, are on the weapon.

Bo: Sounds clean.

John: Well, of course. He's claiming I framed him, that I did it.

Natalie: No. John didn't do anything.

John: But Laurence stabbed himself.

Bo: Why?

John: I guess he was upset he had to go to prison. He freaked out, he grabbed the letter opener, and he stabbed himself.

Nora: Wow.

Bo: And you saw this, Nat?

John: Um, she just got there. Right?

Nora: Well, do we have Natalie on record, too?

Natalie: Uh, no.

Nora: Well, would you give a statement?

[Phone rings]

Kim: Kimberly Andrews.

Clint: This is Clint. You busy?

Kim: No, not really.

Clint: Well, I'm getting some paperwork together to take to my attorneys. Could you come over and help?

Kim: Of course. I'll be right there. My man needs me. He's getting some stuff together for the divorce. Nora, you can take that butt-ugly wardrobe, but please leave that 2-seat convertible. Ah! Hello! Could you be a little excited for me? I was happy for you when you said Rex's dad was gonna get you Rex. What?

Stacy: Just kind of tricky, that's all.

Kim: How?

Stacy: Mitch had a condition.

Kim: Yeah. From what I've heard, the condition's called craziness.

Stacy: No. He wants my baby.

Gigi: So are you having a good time with your dad?

Shane: Yeah.

Gigi: Is it, like, guyland all the time?

Shane: Yeah. We're great. Oh, never mind.

Noelle: Hey, you.

Gigi: Shane, wait. Shane, wait. Honey, I'm here. I -- I will always be here. You know that, right? I've never left you, and I never will.

Shane: You're up at this cabin, aren't you? That's not leaving?

Gigi: We've talked about this. Mom just needs a little time-out.

Shane: To hook up with Schuyler?

Gigi: Is what your dad said?

Shane: No. But I'm not stupid. Are you gonna dump Dad?

Gigi: Honey -- no matter what happens, nobody is getting dumped, especially you. We are a family, okay? We're tight.

Shane: I'm gonna go snowboard.

Gigi: Ooh, can I come?

Shane: Like I can stop you?

Noelle: Shane, uh, why don't you go ahead? Your mom and I need to have a cup of tea first.

Shane: Whatever.

Gigi: I'll make you some hot cocoa.

[Noelle sighs]

Noelle: Oh, Geeg, he is just being a kid. Do not let this upset you.

Gigi: Why not? Oh, God, I'm a rotten person.

Rachel: Boy, I take one day off, and all hell breaks loose.

Schuyler: Yeah. Well, it's a trial separation. He asked her to leave to figure out what she wants.

Rachel: Don't you mean "who" she wants?

Schuyler: I'm -- I'm dressed. I wasn't there. I don't know exactly what was said, but I think he figured she needed time off to, you know, get her head straight after a year of hell.

Rachel: Smart guy.

Schuyler: Yeah? I still think he's a jerk.

Rachel: Still --

Schuyler: I know. Okay? I know.

Rachel: So this Gigi-time-apart, does that include time spent with you?

Bo: Natalie, would you --

[Phone rings]

Bo: Excuse me for one second, please?

Nora: Yeah. Come on. We'll go outside.

Bo: Buchanan.

Oliver: Commissioner? It's Officer Fish. I'm on duty at the hospital right now guarding Mitch Laurence.

Bo: Yeah, I know, Fish. Is there a problem?

Oliver: Well, Rex Balsom is here, and he wants to see the prisoner. He says that Laurence is his father?

Bo: Put him on. Balsom, what the hell is going on?

Rex: I need 2 minutes. That's all.

Bo: For what?

Rex: Fish can search me. I don't have a weapon. I'm not here to hurt anyone.

Bo: Nothing good can come out of this.

Rex: I have a right to see him as next of kin.

Bo: Don't go all legal on me, Balsom. Look, I'm worried about you.

Rex: I will be okay. Mitch will not get to me. I promise.

Bo: Put Fish back on. Yeah, Fish, go ahead and let him in. But you keep an ear out, okay?

Oliver: Will do, sir. You can go in.

John: So, uh, what do you think, Bo? You already have my statement. Do we need to put Natalie through this again?

Bo: Case closed?

Nora: Well, I guess so, as far as the D.A.'s office is concerned, since I.A. is not bringing any charges up.

Natalie: So what happens to Mitch now?

Bo: Well, we're gonna keep working on it.

Natalie: You're gonna let him go, aren't you?

Bo: No. Not if we can find anything against him.

Natalie: Dad said that he might walk. I mean, that's what somebody told him. And -- okay. So Mitch walks. What then? I mean, what -- what's gonna happen if he gets out of jail?

Bo: Natalie, you will have protection.

Nora: Sweetheart, we're not gonna let anyone hurt you.

Natalie: No! I'm not the only one he could hurt. He could go after John or Jessica.

John: Hey, hey. Don't worry about me, all right? I'll -- I'll be fine. What do you say we get a cup of coffee? Yeah? Okay, we're just -- we're gonna get a cup of coffee, okay?

Bo: Okay. What's wrong with my coffee?

Nora: Do you think we're getting the real story about this stabbing?

Bo: No. Do you?

Dorian: I have to confirm that, um, this evidence is real.

Mitch: You have my word.

Dorian: You're asking me to fire one of the most popular police commissioners in the state's history. I have to be really sure before I make a move.

Mitch: Do it today.

Dorian: Be reasonable. It's a holiday.

Mitch: Exactly. New Year’s Eve can be so dangerous, especially for your girls. You have until midnight.

Mitch: Hello, son. I've been expecting you.

Clint: I need a deeper moat.

Dorian: I'm sorry to barge in, but this is important.

Clint: To you?

Dorian: To you, and to all of Llanview. There's a scandal brewing that if it isn't squelched could do a great deal of damage. Please tell me this is some cheesy, doctored-up photo.

Clint: I wish I could. Where did you get this?

Dorian: It was sent to me anonymously.

Clint: This was the night of the party up at the cabin.

Dorian: So it's true?

Clint: Don't even pretend to be sad, Dorian. You're just here to gloat.

Bo: You know, something was off with Natalie.

Nora: No. She didn't -- she didn't seem scared that Mitch would come after her.

Bo: No, it's more than that. You know, she kept bringing up that he might go after John. Do we want to know why?

Nora: No. Because I wouldn't find any story of Mitch Laurence's credible.

Bo: Okay. Do you think that John could stab Laurence?

Nora: No.

Bo: Do you believe that Laurence stabbed himself?

Nora: I am willing to take John's statement at face value, unless you give me reason not to. And please, God, don't give me reason not to.

Bo: No, no. I don't think it's the best use of department resources to waste a lot of time trying to smear a good cop.

Nora: Yeah. I know. We should just focus on finding ways to keep Laurence locked up instead.

Bo: All right. I'm willing to go through both the Landers and the Stuart murders as long as it takes for us to find a connection to Laurence. What?

Nora: When Natalie walked in here, I thought she was coming here to chew us out for breaking her daddy's heart.

Bo: She must not know.

Nora: Why hasn't Clint told her? I mean, what's he waiting for?

Clint: This just gives you happy feet, doesn't it?

Dorian: I beg your pardon?

Clint: If you're still a fake Buddhist, you could call it karma; what goes around comes around.

Dorian: I'm not at all happy about this.

Clint: Then you're slipping.

Dorian: I was hoping it was a lie. It would give me much better options.

Clint: Really? Why?

Dorian: Well, I mean, really. My police commissioner in a lip lock with my district attorney, who happens to be married to said police commissioner's brother. I don't want or need a scandal like this. I just became mayor.

Clint: Yeah. Those selfish fools. What are they thinking, when this is all about you?

Dorian: No! What am I gonna do about it? I have to go to the mayor's ball tonight. I was going to publicly endorse Bo. I was gonna stand behind his whole department.

Clint: Might want to make some rewrites in that speech.

Dorian: What would you do?

Clint: I'd fire Bo's ass.

John: You got to stop doing this.

Natalie: I'm not letting you take the heat for me.

John: There's no heat. No one believes Laurence, and the evidence backs me up.

Natalie: Because you framed him.

John: He can't prove that.

Natalie: And what if the weapon turns up, John?

John: Let it go. Okay? It's over.

Natalie: It's not over. It's never gonna be over. Not as long as that monster's still alive.

Rex: I have one thing to say. If you come near Natalie at all for any --

Mitch: Son, it's very good to see you.

Rex: Don't call me that, and leave Natalie out of this.

Mitch: Out of what?

Rex: What happened to you.

Mitch: Oh. The stabbing, the attempt on my life.

Rex: You tried to kill yourself.

Mitch: You look like such an intelligent young man.

Rex: Stick to that story, Mitch.

Mitch: No one would believe such stupidity. John McBain tried to kill me.

Rex: If you keep saying that, Natalie will.

Mitch: Son, you don't need to worry.

Rex: I am not your son!

Mitch: We will take Natalie with us.

Rex: What?

Mitch: When we leave here. When I leave, you will leave with me. I'll be checking out very soon.

Rex: You are truly nuts.

Mitch: No, no, no, not at all. I want you and my grandchild to come with me. My followers are very --

Rex: You will never lay eyes on Shane --

Mitch: No, no, no, no, no. I'm talking about the innocent: The baby that you have on the way.

Stacy: You see, Mitch has followers.

Kim: Stop.

Stacy: Oh, yeah. And they live on a compound, and he's just positive they're going back there.

Kim: Good luck with that.

Stacy: I don't know, but I believe him, Kimmy. There's just -- there's something about him. He's so powerful. He says his grandkid will bring hope to the flock.

Kim: Like a human Simba? Ugh.

Stacy: Oh, girl, it's not that cuddly. Believe me, it's way --

Kim: Creepy?

Stacy: Yeah.

Kim: Well, why can't he take Shane?

Stacy: That's exactly what I said. But I guess he needs, like, a fresh kid so he can raise him in his image.

Kim: Rex's baby.

Stacy: Yeah.

Kim: What a sick twist. So did you say "yes"?

Stacy: Well, he isn't a guy that takes "no" real well.

Kim: But how does it even work? I mean, if you give him the baby, how does that get you Rex?

Stacy: I don't know. I mean, Fish came in before I even got the details.

Kim: The real baby daddy? Ohh! That must've been interesting.

Stacy: Mitch swore he could make it work.

Kim: I don't know, Stacy. This is way too dangerous. I mean, what if this nut job finds out that this "chosen one" of his isn't actually Rex's kid?

Stacy: No, but I have those blood samples. I can get by on any test.

Kim: I don't know.

Stacy: What if he could really get me Rex?

Kim: You have to be smart. Okay? Don't buy into promises. Just tell him that you'll give him the baby only after he gives you Rex.

Schuyler: You don't approve?

Rachel: It's not my place to say.

Schuyler: Okay. Don't -- don't do the counselor thing right now. Let me have my friend Rachel. Come on.

Rachel: Okay.

Schuyler: Oh, my God! What aren't you telling me?

Rachel: You know what's bugging me.

Schuyler: Yeah, I guess.

Rachel: You guess? Gigi's sister is pregnant with your baby, and you still haven't told her, have you?

Schuyler: Well, Rachel, does that sound like a Christmas tree conversation to you? It's not the right time.

Rachel: Then when will it be? In the delivery room, or when the kid turns 5 and looks exactly like you?

Schuyler: When Gigi loves me more than she'll hate what I did. When Gigi loves me half as much as I love her, then it'll be okay.

Gigi: It's weird. You know, I've never had options. It -- it was always Shane. He was numbers one through 10.

Noelle: Well, like I said, you're a good mama.

Gigi: I don't know about that. But I was there. It was Shane and me, and that was all I needed, except for his daddy. So I thought.

Noelle: And what about now? Do you know what you want?

Gigi: I want Schuyler.

Nora: I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Bo: Well, Clint let us both have it.

Nora: Oh, and you think that was it? Oh, please. He threatened to kill you.

Bo: No, I don't think that gun was loaded.

Nora: Okay, could you just think about what you said for a minute? Have you ever seen your brother like this before? Because I haven't.

Bo: No, I haven't either.

Nora: He's out for blood, Bo. Our blood: Yours and mine.

Dorian: You would fire your own brother?

Clint: I'd fire Nora, too, if I could. Too bad she's an elected official.

Dorian: You're just pissed off.

Clint: Picked up on that, did you?

Dorian: If I go after Bo and Nora on a personal level, I could be accused of being vindictive, couldn't I?

Clint: But he's the police commissioner. She is the district attorney of this city. From this day forward, what would that say to the defendants?

Dorian: That is true. On the other hand, if I just looked away --

Clint: You'd be a dishonest wuss.

Dorian: Just to be clear, if I fire Bo tonight, I won't get any trouble from you or Buchanan Enterprises?

Clint: I'll be in the front row cheering you on.

Dorian: So will all of the media. Bo's very popular with them.

Clint: He won't be once you show them that photograph.

Dorian: But then everybody's gonna know.

Clint: So what? What, am I supposed to be embarrassed? They're the ones who acted like horny teenagers.

Dorian: Will you be there?

Clint: Count on it.

Stacy: I just don't know if I could give it up.

Kim: The kid? You never wanted the baby. It was always about Rex.

Stacy: Well, yeah. Before.

Kim: "Before"?

Stacy: Kimmy, I can feel it inside of me. I can feel it growing.

Kim: Yeah. "The miracle of Life" or whatever.

Stacy: You know, I felt alone my whole life. Now I'm not.

Kim: Okay, are you saying if you could get Rex -- big "if," but if -- you'd really rather have the baby? I mean, it's not even Rex's.

Stacy: But it's mine. I've never had anybody who was mine.

Kim: Oh, Stacy.

Stacy: But, you know, you're right. I mean, how does that work? When the baby disappears, how do I get Rex?

Kim: Well, maybe Mitch tells Rex the baby died.

Stacy: And with the baby gone, how do I keep him?

Kim: You two can grieve together. I don't know. Look, you don't have to decide tonight, right?

Stacy: Well, Mitch does need an answer.

Kim: Then say "yes." See what that gets you.

Stacy: Right.

Kim: Look, I got to run. But, look, you have the baby. That means you have the power. Use it. String him along.

Rex: Listen to me, you freak. Neither Shane nor my baby will ever come near you.

Mitch: If it makes you feel any better, I don't want Shane. He can stay with his mother.

Rex: This isn't a negotiation.

Mitch: She will never forgive you anyway for sleeping with her sister. She's already moved on.

Rex: You don't know anything about my fam --

Mitch: She doesn't deserve you, Rex. Any woman who would choose a lowlife drug addict over you is a fool, to put it lightly. You're better off without her.

Noelle: You want Schuyler?

Gigi: I do. At least, I think I do.

Noelle: Are you in love with him?

Gigi: I don't know. I don't know. Um, it's -- it's so different: What I feel.

Noelle: Maybe it's lust.

Gigi: I can say no to lust.

Noelle: Well, Lord knows you've turned men away right and left back in Paris. Rex was your one and only. And sometimes that works, but not very often.

Gigi: I can say that this isn't like me wanting to put another notch in my belt or whatever.

Noelle: Then what, darling?

Gigi: It's Schuyler. It's who he is, how he makes me feel. And I feel horrible for wanting him, but I do.

Noelle: Well, what are you gonna do about that?

Rachel: I'm worried about you, Schuyler. You can't start a relationship off with a lie and expect --

Schuyler: I know that Rex slept with Stacy, got her pregnant, and lied about it. I know that that's the big problem with Gigi and Rex.

Rachel: And then Stacy had a miscarriage and used you to get pregnant again.

Schuyler: Yeah. But Rex broke Gigi's heart. I mean, he took her for granted.

Rachel: And you're not?

Schuyler: Me? No. I'm good for her. I mean, she's happy when she's with me. I let her be herself.

Rachel: Then she can hear the truth from you.

Schuyler: Soon.

Rachel: Schuyler, come on! You didn't do this willingly! Stacy drugged you, for heaven's sake. She took advantage of you.

Schuyler: Yeah, because -- yeah, that's a real turn-on. Please. Come on, that makes me look pathetic. Rachel, this is my chance. This. I'm not gonna blow it.

Gigi: When Rex came back into my life after all those years, I thought that's it. I'll never have to think about any of that stuff again.

Noelle: "That stuff"? What, you mean love? Life? Growing apart? Growing together? Growing up?

Gigi: Yeah. All that.

Noelle: Oh, not until you stop breathing, honey. I got married when I was just a kid. I thought it would be forever.

Gigi: What happened?

Noelle: We grew up into different people, and he turned into a no-good bum.

Gigi: That's not Rex.

Noelle: No, but that doesn't mean that he's the guy you waited for either.

Gigi: But he is.

Noelle: Well, maybe then you grew up into somebody different.

Gigi: Or maybe I'm just being stupid and I should go home and shut up.

Noelle: Can you really do that?

Gigi: No.

Noelle: Honey, you get to find out what you want. You better find out. Because if you don't, you won't be happy no matter which way you jump.

Gigi: Oh, God, I can't believe I'm saying it.

Noelle: What?

Gigi: Um, ahem, maybe Rex isn't, you know, my destiny. Maybe he was just this dream that got too big for life.

Noelle: You know, in the end, he's just a guy.

Gigi: But he's a good guy.

Noelle: He can be a good guy, a great guy. But that still doesn't make him the right guy.

Mitch: You already know in your heart that Gigi is gone. That's why you asked her to leave, to take time to think about what she wants.

Rex: How do you know that?

Mitch: Because I'm your father.

Rex: Where do you get your infor -- is my house bugged?

Mitch: And here's a little free fatherly advice. If the girl says that she needs to "think about it," she's already made up her mind.

Rex: Go to hell.

Mitch: But you can start new, clean. You and your child can come with me, Rex.

Rex: Okay, here's my advice. You stay away from my family, or you will find out just how much I really am your son.

Mitch: Oh, if your surrogate daddy could hear you now. What would Bo Buchanan say?

Rex: He'd understand.

Mitch: He'll be the first to go down, Rex, for poisoning you against me. He's number one on the list.

Oliver: Time's up, Rex.

Mitch: Thanks for coming by, and be sure to come back soon. And -- and, please, next time, bring the new family.

Oliver: You okay? You're not, are you?

Rex: That guy is not human.

Oliver: Yeah. Stacy looked the same way when she came out.

Rex: Stacy -- she saw him?

Oliver: Uh, well, I wasn't here. The guard stepped away for literally, like, one minute and she sneaked in.

Kim: Sorry, boss. I got caught in traffic, but I am ready to -- Clint, where's the legal work you want me to do?

Clint: Forget it. What are you doing tonight?

Kim: I don't know. There's this thing at Ultraviolet, but I'm not really into it.

Clint: Good. Then you're coming with me.

Kim: I am?

Clint: To the mayor's ball. Normally that's as boring as it sounds.

Kim: Are you kidding? It sounds great. I wish I could, but --

Clint: You just told me you didn't have any plans.

Kim: Yeah, but I don't have anything to wear to a ball. I don't want to embarrass you.

Clint: That job's taken. Anyway, don't worry about it. We'll go shopping.

Kim: You gonna turn a pumpkin into a carriage, too?

Clint: Watch me. Nigel? Bring the car around, huh? Ms. Andrews and I are going shopping.

Bo: I'm signing off. Close the case.

John: Done.

Nora: And we're gonna keep after Mitch. Okay?

Natalie: So how -- how's Matthew? I heard that he -- he was walking?

Nora: Yes. Yes. He took a few steps.

Natalie: That's great. That's great news. You must be so happy.

Nora: We are.

Natalie: Dad must be impossible to live with, right?

Nora: No. Not at all.

Natalie: Well, I mean, I know that he's the one who found Greg Evans, and I'm sure he's crowing. But this -- this is gonna be an awesome New Year's for your guys.

Nora: Well, we're -- we're looking at the bright spots. Yeah.

Dorian: How lucky! You're all here.

Bo: We're working, Dorian.

Dorian: Not for long. Invitations to the mayor's ball tonight. Semiformal attire.

Nora: Tonight?

Dorian: As always, James, mark down all these lovely people as yeses.

James: Mr. And Mrs. Clint Buchanan, Commissioner Bo Buchanan and guest, Lieutenant John McBain and guest.

Nora: Clint doesn't really like these things.

Bo: I don't either. I think we'll pass.

Schuyler: I know that I'm rationalizing, okay? I know that. But I also know that I'm right about Rex and Stacy and what happened.

Rachel: So two wrongs --

Schuyler: Maybe none of it's wrong, Rachel. Do you ever think about that? Maybe Rex is supposed to be with Stacy. Maybe I'm supposed to be with Gigi.

Rachel: You think that's up to fate?

Schuyler: Well, I'm -- everything happens for a reason.

Rachel: Can you live with that despite the guilt?

Schuyler: For Gigi? Yeah, I can try.

Gigi: I don't know what I'm gonna do about Schuyler.

Noelle: You could call him.

Gigi: It is early. He's probably still home.

Noelle: Schuyler doesn't have a home, honey. Roxy threw him out.

Gigi: Why didn't he tell me?

Noelle: Well, he's a grown man. He probably didn't want you taking him in like a stray puppy.

Gigi: Oh -- honey. Oh, gosh, look at you! Let me warm you up some cocoa.

Shane: It's okay. We have to go.

Noelle: Oh, I promised I'd have him back in time for kickoff.

Shane: Yeah. Dad and I are gonna watch all the games this afternoon.

Gigi: Napoleonic pizza?

Shane: Extra large. Wanna come?

Gigi: Uh, we will watch the Super Bowl together.

Shane: That's a "no," right?

Gigi: I'll see you tomorrow, honey. I love you.

Shane: I love you, too, Mom.

Gigi: Thank you so much.

Noelle: Gigi, you are a great mom. Now it's time for you to be a happy woman. You deserve it.

Rex: Why the hell did you visit Mitch Laurence? Did you listen to me?

Stacy: I just --

Rex: Do you read the papers? This is a dangerous, dangerous man.

Stacy: Yes, I know.

Rex: Then why would you go see him?

Stacy: Well, you said he would come after everything he thought was his.

Rex: Yeah. So why did you let him see that you were pregnant with my baby?

Stacy: Rex, he already knew. Yeah. Believe me, it freaked me out, too. It was like he knew what I was gonna say before I even did.

Rex: Yeah. He gets in your head.

Stacy: Well, I'm glad I went over to that hospital. I mean, he was gonna come after me anyway.

Rex: He's in custody.

Stacy: Yeah, but for how long? I mean, he can get out, Rex. I'm just glad I got to warn him.

Rex: You warned Mitch Laurence?

Stacy: Yeah, I did. I looked him right in the face and I told him I would die before he came near our baby.

Rex: You didn't have to.

Stacy: No, Rex, you just -- you don't understand. I mean, I love this baby more than anything in this world. I -- ahh!

Rex: What?

Stacy: Oh, my God, I felt it kick! I think he just kicked! I felt it!

Rex: Well, I should hope so. I mean, I read the book. Shouldn't it have been kicking for a few weeks?

Dorian: Don't look so surprised, you two. This is an annual event.

Bo: Lowell never expected me to be there.

Dorian: This is a new day, a new administration. Besides which, it's a benefit.

Bo: Yeah. Well, I'll write a check.

Nora: So will I. Big.

Dorian: Bo, everybody is going to be looking to see whether or not we can all work together. So you will be there. And, Nora, you will be there with Clint.

Nora: You know, Dorian, this really isn't a very good time for Clint.

Dorian: Then come alone. John?

John: Hmm?

Dorian: I assume you will be bringing Marty?

John: I'm pretty sure we have plans.

Dorian: You planning to keep your job?

Bo: Dorian, McBain works for me.

Dorian: I suggest it would be in your best interest to attend. Natalie? I -- I would love it if you would come, if you feel up to it.

Natalie: Honestly, I don't feel like celebrating anything.

Dorian: If I have my way, Mitch Laurence will never hurt anyone again.

Natalie: Then why is it that I hear he might go free?

Dorian: Yes, the thought makes me sick, too.

Nora: Well, nobody wants him back on the streets.

Bo: We're doing everything we can to keep the guy locked up.

Dorian: Right. And I expect you to publicly announce that tonight. Okay? Otherwise, do not expect my endorsement.

Bo: Fine.

Dorian: Aha. Nora?

Nora: What? Oh. Okay. Okay.

Dorian: Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Okay. Come on time. It's gonna be a big night. 

Stacy: Yeah. Sure, the baby's been kicking for weeks, but that was big. I mean, it was -- it was really big. Do you want to feel it?

Rex: Yeah.

Stacy: Okay. It was -- it was kind of on the side. Oh, come on. Daddy's here.

Rex: I don't feel anything. Maybe --

[Stacy gasps]

Rex: Was that one?

Stacy: She's a little chorus girl.

Rex: Yeah.

Stacy: Isn't it amazing? It's just like --

Rex: Saying "hello."

Stacy: Love at first sight.

[Phone rings]

Stacy: Hello?

Mitch: Time for my answer, Stacy.

Stacy: No.

Mitch: Think carefully, little girl. Let's try again. Will you give me your baby?

Stacy: No. Don't call back.

Rex: What was that?

Stacy: It was a wrong number.

Mitch: Wrong answer.

Natalie: Feel like you dodged a bullet?

John: Yes. Twice.

Natalie: You and Marty have a Happy New Year.

John: Thanks. Happy New Year.

Kim: This is too much, Clint.

Clint: It's a shame that you couldn't decide on one outfit.

Kim: Well, I will, and we'll take the rest back tomorrow morning.

Clint: Oh, no, we won't. Hold onto all of them. They're bound to come in handy.

Kim: Yeah. Because I go to so many formal balls.

Clint: It's a new year. Who knows where you're gonna end up?

Kim: I actually like the way it's starting.

Clint: Gonna pick you up at 8:00 sharp.

Kim: I'll be ready.

[Kim squeals]

Nora: Oh, God, are we idiots to go to this thing?

Bo: I don't see any way out of it. You know, we'll just duck in, show our faces, and split.

Nora: It feels wrong. We haven't even talked to Matthew.

Bo: We weren't planning on doing that tonight, though, were we?

Nora: Well, no. But what if Clint gets it into his head to talk to Matthew without us.

Bo: He hates us, not our son.

Nora: Some New Year's.

Bo: Yeah. Well, at least this way we'll be able to spend it together.

Dorian: Your brother and your bride will be there tonight.

Clint: Together?

Dorian: Wouldn't that be in bad taste? Maybe. But you still have to come.

Clint: And you promise that they will both be publicly humiliated?

Dorian: At length.

Clint: I wouldn't miss this for the world.

[Phone rings]

Schuyler: Hey.

Gigi: Hey. Where are you?

Schuyler: Work. Treatment center. You still at the cabin?

Gigi: Yeah. I'm -- I'm looking at our Christmas tree.

Schuyler: Well, at least it isn't dropping dead pine needles.

Gigi: It's still perfect.

Schuyler: Good.

Gigi: So what are you doing tonight?

Schuyler: New Year’s Eve. Uh, well, big holiday for recovering addicts. You know, it's our all-time favorite.

Gigi: Um, well, do you want to make it a real holiday -- with me?

Schuyler: Uh, are you asking me out?

Gigi: Yeah. So what do you say?

Schuyler: There's nobody I'd rather spend New Year’s Eve with than you.

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