One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 12/16/09


Episode # 10587 ~ The Mel Word

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Cristian: This was nowhere near the front of the storage space.

Layla: I thought you said you weren't gonna complain the whole way.

Cristian: Well, we're here, aren't we?

Layla: And look at that. Aziza was a good boy.

Cristian: What would you do if he wasn't? Stick him in that storage space?

Layla: Come on. I don't want to fight.

Cristian: Well, let's see what you're gonna say in, like, an hour.

Layla: What's in an hour?

Cristian: Well, we will have finished assembling our first Christmas tree for our first Christmas together.

[Music plays on TV]

Singer on TV: Be a singer

Chorus on TV: Be a singer

Cole: What is this?

Markko: Shh.

Langston: It's the film version of the Broadway musical "Nine."

Starr: But since when does Markko like musicals?

Markko: It is based on Fellini's "8 1/2." It's one of the most influential films of the last century.

Langston: I totally can't wait to see it.

Cole: Is that Penelope Cruz? She is so hot.

Starr: Excuse me?

Cole: What? She's a good actress.

Markko: The entire cast is amazing.

Langston: I like the dancers -- the way they move, what they can do with their bodies.

Markko: Really?

Langston: Oh, eyes on the screen, Rivera. This is one movie we're not gonna spend making out.

Cole: Ha.

Dorian: Whoo! I'm home! I am free! I am the mayor who chose to go to jail rather than back down from standing up for same-sex marriage! Hi, kids. Oh, you should've heard me at that hearing. And, believe me; I am not doing this for the glory. I am doing this because I truly --

[Dorian exhales]

Dorian: The bastard lived.

Jessica: So you want to split an empanada?

Brody: No. It kind of kills your appetite.

Jessica: It makes you want to dive headfirst into the flan. Charlie.

Charlie: Yeah?

Jessica: How are you?

Charlie: Well, you know, the mud they serve at the AA meetings is -- leaves a little bit to be desired. So I thought I'd -- I'd come prepared. Heh heh.

Jessica: Uh, so what do you say? 2 spoons and some flan?

Brody: What was that?

Jessica: What was what?

Brody: That look between you and Charlie.

Natalie: Mom?

Viki: I'm in here, honey. Hi. I was about to go and check on you.

Natalie: Yeah, I -- I was up till dawn, and then I pretty much passed out.

Viki: Well, I'm glad you got some rest, sweetheart.

Natalie: Tell me that Mitch died last night.

Viki: No. I'm sorry. He's still alive.

Natalie: Mitch didn't try and kill himself. It was me. I stabbed that son of a bitch, and I would do it all over again.

John: Don't say anything. Not a word.

Natalie: I can't let you do this.

John: I know what I'm doing. If you confess, your life is over.

Natalie: I have nothing to live for.

John: It just feels that way right now.

Natalie: John, you can't do this.

John: I know what I'm doing. Just stick to the story and everything will be okay.

Langston: We're so glad you're home safe.

Cole: If she could survive that food, she could survive anything.

Starr: Look, everyone is just glad that you're home.

Dorian: Not everyone.

Starr: No, my mom is on her way back from Seattle right now.

Dorian: What about Amelia?

Langston: She's visiting Nick Chavez in the hospital.

Dorian: Ohh. That poor man.

Cole: Yeah. It pretty much sucks.

Markko: I mean, dude was just out celebrating your swearing in.

Langston: And he gets beaten up for it.

Dorian: If only I could change people's beliefs and attitudes and not just the law.

Langston: Dorian, you've done more than enough.

Dorian: Really, Langston?

Langston: You got dragged out of the ceremony in handcuffs.

Markko: Yeah, and I got it all on tape. And people need to see what a hero you were.

Dorian: Thank you. But they better see me with a little bit more makeup and my hair done. And then, young man, you better keep the cameras rolling.

Langston: But, Dorian, you just got out of jail.

Dorian: Yes, well, jail's not gonna stop me. Bigots are not gonna stop me. No one is going to stop me.

Starr: From what?

Dorian: I'm going to take this and my fiancťe down to City Hall, and we are going to make our marriage legal.

Delphina: Oh, yeah? I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Kyle: Does it hurt?

Nick: That's okay.

Amelia: What about some chicken soup?

Nick: I don't need anything else. They're letting me out of here today. Remember?

Amelia: I know. But I've been so busy getting Dorian out of jail that I haven't had a chance to spoil you.

Nick: It's okay. Kyle's been here ever since that night.

Kyle: Just doing my job, Nick. Speaking of, maybe I can help speed up your release.

Nick: See? It pays to have friends in high places.

Kyle: You got somebody to come take care of you at home, right?

Nick: My aunt. And don't worry. She makes excellent sopa de pollo.

Kyle: All right. Well, now all that's left is to spring you.

Amelia: Oh, honey. You got it bad for him, don't you?

Nurse: You looked like you could use this.

Oliver: Wow. Thank you. It's been a long day.

Nurse: You want to sit down? The couches in the waiting room are more comfortable.

Oliver: Uh, you know, I canít. I still got another hour on my shift.

Nurse: So are you seeing anyone?

Oliver: Um, actually, yeah, I -- I am. I'm sorry.

Nurse: Figures.

Kyle: Oliver?

Oliver: I was just thinking about you.

Kyle: What are you doing here?

Oliver: Guarding Mitch Laurence.

Kyle: Ah. Keeping him from escaping, or making sure nobody finishes him off?

Jessica: What look between me and Charlie?

Brody: Jessica, come on. Something's going on. What's up?

Jessica: I'm worried about him.

Brody: That's it?

Jessica: What else would there be?

Brody: You remember last year? You and I were in St. Ann's together?

Jessica: No. I have no idea what you're taking about.

Brody: Even with all the shrinks around, I felt like you were the only one I could talk to.

Jessica: Me, too.

Brody: It's still true, Jess. You know anything you tell me stays between us.

Jessica: I know. I know. I have to tell someone this. I left the house early this morning just so I wouldn't run into my mother.

Brody: Why? What happened?

Jessica: Last night, Charlie told me that he'd been drinking.

Viki: I don't think anyone expected him to survive that suicide attempt, especially not me. Lord, I was so hoping it would succeed, put an end to all our nightmares.

Natalie: So, um, Mitch is awake?

Viki: I'm not sure.

Natalie: So you don't know if he maybe said anything?

Viki: Said anything about what?

Mitch: Hello, Detective. Here to make sure I get well soon?

Layla: Maybe we should move the couch and put the tree over --

Cristian: The tree is staying right here.

Layla: Okay.

Cristian: "Okay"?

Layla: I told you I like a take-charge guy. Remember?

Cristian: Right. Is that why you had me move it 30 times?

Layla: Maybe I just wanted to get your clothes off.

Cristian: All you have to do is ask.

Layla: Oh, yeah?

Cristian: Yeah.

Layla: Hmm.

Cristian: What do I have to do to get your clothes off?

Layla: I could think of a few things.

Cristian: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Layla: After.

Cristian: After what?

Layla: After I tell you I can't spend Christmas here with you.

Brody: Charlie's been drinking?

Jessica: Last night. I smelt it on him.

Brody: He seemed so together on Thanksgiving.

Jessica: Well, we all thought that he was getting through this. But you should've seen him when I called him on it.

Brody: What did he say?

Jessica: Well, he was embarrassed that I caught him. He was mad at himself. But he told me it was just that one time.

Brody: You believe him?

Jessica: Well, he promised me that he wasn't gonna do it again. And you saw him. He was just heading out to an AA meeting. And, I mean, he called his sponsor right in front of me.

Brody: Poor guy. He must feel awful.

Jessica: Mostly because of my mom.

Brody: That why you didn't tell her?

Jessica: He asked me not to. Am I doing the right thing?

Brody: Uh -- I always believe in being honest.

Jessica: Me, too.

Brody: But now, with everything else going on --

Jessica: No one has to know, right? I just hope that Charlie meant it when he promised it was just that once.

Viki's voice: Charlie B, good morning. I miss you, sweetheart. You were already gone by the time I woke up. Look, I've got to go to the "Banner" for a little while. I need to see if there's not something we can do to up the circulation. So I guess I'll see you later. All right? I love you, sweetheart. Bye-bye.

[Voice mail beeps]

Viki: Did Mitch threaten you?

Natalie: No.

Viki: Then why would you be concerned about what he might say?

Natalie: Did the doctor say anything?

Viki: About what?

Natalie: Well, I mean, just because Mitch made it through the night doesn't mean that he's gonna be okay.

Viki: I'm afraid it does, sweetheart. From everything I've heard, he is expected to survive.

Natalie: God, why couldn't he have just died?

Viki: I'm so sorry, baby. I'm so sorry that he's not out of our lives once and for all.

Natalie: No, Mom, it's not that. It's much worse.

Mitch: God wanted me to live.

John: I thought maybe you'd taken a turn for the worse.

Mitch: And you've already aided his divine plan. Everything you've done with Natalie.

John: What about Natalie?

Mitch: You put her away, didn't you?

Oliver: So how's Nick?

Kyle: He's good. His aunt's coming to take him home.

Oliver: That -- that's great.

Kyle: Yeah. It's nice of you to worry.

Oliver: It's for selfish reasons. You've been here with Nick. I've been busy with Laurence. I've missed you.

Kyle: I've missed you, too.

Oliver: You know, we never actually had our first date.

Kyle: Yeah. It'd be a shame to waste Roxy's present, wouldn't it?

Oliver: You kept those?

Kyle: Yeah. So we can pick up right where we left off.

Nick: I tried to get over Kyle.

Amelia: Oh, yeah. I see how well that's working out.

Nick: You don't understand. He's been here for me, and he's been great ever since that night, visiting me, taking care of me.

Amelia: Nick -- Nick, listen to me. You have to get over him.

Nick: Like you got over your ex?

Dorian: Delphina.

Delphina: I've had a vision I cannot ignore. If you don't tear up that marriage license, terrible things will happen.

Dorian: What kind of terrible things?

Delphina: I see a dark place from which there is no escape.

Dorian: I'm not afraid of prison.

Delphina: I'm not talking about prison, Dorian. I'm talking about death.

Amelia: Look, I know it's not easy.

Nick: See?

Amelia: But I moved on, and so should you.

Cole: Come on. You're not actually listening to this?

Delphina: Oh, goody. A nonbeliever.

Cole: You haven't predicted anything.

Starr: She just predicted someone's death.

Cole: And you don't want her to be a little more specific?

Delphina: Okay. How's this for specific? It's someone in this room.

Amelia: Forget the chicken soup. Just call me whenever you need me.

Nick: What I need is --

Amelia: Is to get over Kyle. That's what you told me.

Nick: Yeah. What do I know?

Amelia: You helped me.

Nick: How?

Amelia: You hooked me up with Dorian.

Nick: And that made things better? You still love her, don't you?

Amelia: I got to go.

Langston: Wait. Is this because of Nick Chavez? Because if those hatemongers who attacked him come after my family, I --

Dorian: They would have to do it over my dead body.

Delphina: Well, you are right about that.

Dorian: Of course. Because my reputation precedes me.

Delphina: No. Because you're the one who's going to die.

Langston: Wait, you -- you really had a vision that Dorian's gonna die?

Delphina: Well, my people, they don't lie.

Cole: You're taking this nut job seriously?

Langston: She's not a nut job.

Cole: You're kidding, right?

Starr: While I was pregnant, she predicted that there was gonna be trouble around our baby.

Cole: Dorian, you don't believe her, do you?

Dorian: Delphina once channeled my late beloved husband Mel.

Langston: What?

Dorian: And she's been right in several other predicaments in my life.

Cole: I don't believe this.

Dorian: However, Delphina, nobody is right all of the time.

Langston: Dorian --

Dorian: And that is why I intend to continue the fight and fulfill my campaign promise.

Starr: Even if it costs you your life?

Dorian: Absolutely. I am going to fight for the rights of same-gender couples to marry starting with my own. Oh, and here she is, my partner.

Amelia: Del?

Delphina: Mel.

Dorian: "Mel"?

Amelia: What are you doing here?

Dorian: What -- uh, can we take a time-out here? Do you two know each other?

Delphina: Oh, you could say that. Tell her, Mel.

Amelia: Delphina was my girlfriend.

Nick: It's okay, Tia Celia. No, it's -- listen, if you're sick, you're sick. Don't worry about it. I'll be fine. I'll get somebody else to take care of me.

Kyle: So what are you doing for Christmas?

Oliver: Actually, I hadn't really thought about it.

Kyle: You? The guy that owns, what is it, 2 reindeer sweaters?

Oliver: My mom gave those to me. But, you know, seeing as how my mom and dad didn't call me back on Thanksgiving, I --

Kyle: Yeah. I'm sorry about that.

Oliver: Yeah, it'll be my first Christmas without them.

Kyle: I used to spend my Christmases with my sister Rebecca.

Oliver: She taught you how to make paper garlands.

Kyle: Do you remember everything?

Oliver: I mean, it sounded like fun.

Kyle: It -- it definitely was. You -- I could teach you if you want to come over?

Oliver: Yeah, I would.

Kyle: I should get to Nick's paperwork.

Oliver: Right. A doctor's work is never finished.

Kyle: Neither is a copís.

Oliver: Well, my shift is over in half an hour. What do you say? Cafeteria? On me?

Kyle: I'll be waiting.

Cristian: I thought we were all staying here for Christmas.

Layla: My mother had a slightly different idea.

Cristian: Oh, let me guess. Guilt trip?

Layla: "It's not Christmas without my daughters. And with Evangeline sick, I -- " you know.

Cristian: She's good, huh?

Layla: Tell me about it.

Cristian: You know, I have Christmas day off. I can go to Maryland with you for the day.

Layla: You're so sweet.

Cristian: But it's not exactly a sacrifice.

Layla: Are you sure about that?

Cristian: What do you mean?

Layla: Are you ready to out ourselves to my mother with Evangeline in a coma upstairs?

John: Why would I want to put Natalie away?

Mitch: Because she stormed into your office and stabbed me with a letter opener.

John: Yeah, I don't remember that.

Mitch: Come on, Detective. These games are beneath you. We both know you arrested her.

John: Nope.

Mitch: Why not?

John: She didn't try to stab you.

Mitch: Then perhaps you would care to explain why I'm in this hospital bed.

John: You tried to kill yourself.

Viki: Natalie, what's going on? Honey, I know that you saw what happened to Mitch at the police station. I also know that something was going on between you and John.

Natalie: I don't know what you mean.

Viki: Oh, yes, you do. Come on, now. This is about much more than Mitch surviving.

Natalie: I just wish you could make this all better, Mom.

Viki: Oh, baby, I will certainly try. You just have to tell me what's wrong, and we'll go through this together.

Jessica: Your turn.

Brody: Sorry?

Jessica: Your little brow's been furrowed since we came in here. I was gonna ask you about it before, but --

Brody: I asked you about Charlie first.

Jessica: So? If there's something that you want to tell me --

Brody: Thank you. But I can't talk about this.

Jessica: Official police business?

Brody: Not just that.

Jessica: What?

Brody: This could implicate you in something.

Jessica: It's what happened at the police station yesterday.

Brody: Jessica, I canít --

Jessica: You didnít. Look, I knew it was weird that Mitch tried to commit suicide, and I know you didn't buy it either. So you think someone tried to kill Mitch, right? Who?

Brody: I can't say.

Jessica: It was my sister, wasn't it?

Mitch: Natalie tried to kill me.

John: No. You were upset about having to spend the rest of your life in prison and you tried to kill yourself.

Mitch: That's not the way it happened.

John: The way I remember it.

Mitch: And if I disagree?

John: There's nothing you can do about it.

Dorian: Amelia, this -- Delphina, this means you're a --

Delphina: A psychic.

Dorian: A lesbian.

Delphina: Wow. You must be a psychic, too.

Cole: [Whispering] Is everybody gay?

Langston: Wait, hold -- hold on a second. You totally made up that prediction, didn't you?

Amelia: What prediction?

Starr: She told Aunt Dorian that she was going to die if she didn't tear up the marriage license.

Amelia: You didn't?

Delphina: I did.

Amelia: But, Del, how could you? What were you thinking?

Starr: Isn't it a little obvious?

Langston: She wants you back.

Kyle: Hey. Is your aunt on the way?

Nick: Actually, she's sick. But it's okay. I don't really need somebody to help me.

Kyle: Are you kidding? You can't even feed yourself.

Nick: Yes, I can.

Kyle: Okay, even if you could, the hospital won't release you by yourself.

Nick: And what if I don't have any family nearby?

Kyle: Um, what -- what about Amelia?

Nick: Amelia?

Kyle: Yeah. She's got that huge house.

Nick: That's Dorian's house.

Kyle: They're married, aren't they? Mi casa es su casa? Besides, you did help Dorian get elected, right?

Nick: You're right. I did.

Kyle: Yeah.

Nick: Ah. Hey, Amelia? It's Nick. I need a favor.

Amelia: Del and I were together for a long time, and we were happy, incredibly happy.

Langston: So what happened?

Delphina: The "people" happened.

Amelia: She started predicting that our relationship would meet with a "disastrous end."

Delphina: What? That's the way they talk.

Amelia: Well, you don't have to listen to them.

Delphina: Oh, right. Ignore the dead people. Now, why didn't I think of that?

Amelia: Every morning it was something different. Once you even thought I was straight.

Delphina: Oh, I saw the way you were looking at Charlie Gibson.

Amelia: Ohh -- see? She always was afraid that I would love something else more than her.

Delphina: And you did.

Amelia: Oh -- what?

Delphina: Same-sex marriage. Come on. You became obsessed with it, more than you ever were with me.

Amelia: Oh, no, I always cared about you.

Delphina: Why did you marry Dorian?

Amelia: So that we could marry someday.

Dorian: Really?

Amelia: Yes. Really. I did this for us. But then you broke up with me.

Dorian: Delphina, is this true? Did you -- did you come over here predicting my death because you want Amelia back?

Jessica: So why does everyone think Mitch tried to commit suicide? Is it  -- --  hey, is it something that John, you know, made up to protect Natalie?

Brody: I'm almost sure he did. And after everything with the letter opener and --

Jessica: What about the letter opener?

Brody: He wouldn't let me bag it as evidence. And then he didn't want me to take Natalieís statement. I tried to talk to her after --

Jessica: And what did she say?

Brody: I got the feeling she wanted to tell me something.

[Brody sighs]

Jessica: So you -- you think they're lying about everything?

Brody: It looks that way.

Jessica: Well, what are John and Natalie gonna do now that Mitch survived?

Natalie: So, uh, you were right. There was something weird going on at the police station.

Viki: Okay.

Natalie: My head was spinning, and I couldn't -- I couldn't think.

Viki: Honey, when I came in, John was saying --

Natalie: He said that -- that he was protecting me.

Viki: Yeah. And then he said it was from reporters?

Natalie: That wasn't it, Mom.

Viki: I didn't think so. Sweetheart, what is going on?

Charlie: Vik -- Viki?

Viki: Charlie. You seem very surprised to see me.

Charlie: I just got your message. You didn't go to the "Banner"?

Viki: I changed my mind.

Charlie: Oh, yeah. Actually, I -- I probably should be going, too.

Natalie: Uh, no. No. You -- you stay.

Charlie: Look, Natalie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Natalie: No, no, you werenít. I have some -- I have some things I have to do.

Viki: Are you sure?

Natalie: Positive.

Charlie: I'm sorry about that.

Viki: It's all right. When she's ready to talk, she -- she'll tell me what's going on, you know. Sweetheart, um, actually, I have something I have to ask you.

Charlie: Yeah? What's that?

Viki: I found this outside. Does it belong to you?

Jessica: This means that Mitch can implicate John and Natalie.

Brody: Not just them.

Jessica: What are you gonna do if the truth comes out?

Brody: After everything Laurence did to you and your family, I can't say I would've done anything different.

Jessica: But if everybody finds out that he didn't try to commit suicide --

Brody: I've got information that could implicate John, not to mention your sister.

Jessica: Where are you going?

Brody: The hospital. I have to relieve the officer who's guarding Laurence.

Jessica: You're kidding?

Brody: I wish I was.

Jessica: You don't know what you're gonna do, do you?

Brody: No. But I don't want John and Natalie to get hurt.

John: I got what I need to make an attempted suicide hold up in court.

Mitch: Except proof.

John: What about the letter opener you got from my desk?

Mitch: That was Natalieís. She had it with her when she came into your office.

John: Yours is the only prints.

Mitch: I never touched it.

John: It's covered in your blood.

Mitch: You got rid of the weapon that she used.

John: Now you're just making things worse for yourself.

Mitch: I'm not the one who's going to be punished.

John: And Natalie is?

Mitch: And here I thought you believed in justice.

John: I'm pretty sure this is justice.

Mitch: She will answer for what she has done to me.

John: Really? Because it's your word against mine, and mine wins.

Cristian: So maybe it won't be exactly festive.

Layla: Telling my mom Evangelineís ex is with her sister? More like worst Christmas ever.

Cristian: Maybe. But I'll go with you if you want me to.

Layla: Have I told you lately how amazing you are?

Cristian: I don't know. I think the bubble wrap damaged my hearing.

Layla: Then I'll just have to show you.

Starr: Admit it, Delphina. Yeah, the only reason you came here was to stop Aunt Dorian from making that marriage legal, and you never saw her death.

Delphina: Okay, fine! I never saw Dorian die.

Dorian: I knew it.

Cole: So did I.

Starr: Shh.

Delphina: I know we said we'd be better off apart. Then I saw you on TV, and you were getting married and you looked so happy, and maybe I couldn't stand it.

Amelia: Really?

Delphina: Really.

Amelia: But I can't be with someone that doesn't have any faith in me.

Delphina: Faith? You married someone else.

Amelia: I told you I would come back to you.

Delphina: I'm just supposed to believe that?

Amelia: Yeah. Well, Del, that's what faith is. I believe in you, in us. And I believe we can -- we can conquer anything if we want to be together again legally someday.

Delphina: I don't know what to believe.

Cole: No one gets a guarantee.

Starr: Something usually always gets in the way -- like Mr. J.

Cole: Or drugs.

Markko: My parents or Langstonís cousin.

Langston: Hot guys pouring water over their bodies in the barn.

Markko: You're still thinking about that?

Cole: Dude, chill. Langston's just trying to say that there are tons of risks to any relationship.

Starr: Yeah. And you can get through anything as long as you love someone.

Cole: We did. And so did you and Langston.

Langston: He wasn't that hot.

Markko: Yeah. Nice try. You just have to believe in each other.

Langston: And love each other.

Starr: You do both still love each other, don't you?

Nick: No, Amelia, it's -- it's okay. Don't worry about it. No, no, no. Thanks anyway.

Kyle: Dr. Lord won't let you stay?

Nick: Yeah. Something about not having enough room.

Kyle: Oh, wow. You got to be kidding me.

Nick: Look, it's no big deal. I'll just hire an aide.

Kyle: Nick, you can't afford an aide.

Nick: But won't my insurance pay for it?

Kyle: Why don't you -- why don't you stay with me?

Nick: No. I couldn't ask you to do that.

Kyle: You're not asking.

Nick: Yeah, well, Oliver wouldn't like it.

Kyle: He'll understand. Trust me. Oliver will be fine with it.

Brody: Hey.

Oliver: Hey. You're early.

Brody: Well, I figured with Laurence it couldn't hurt.

Oliver: It's been pretty quiet. John's in there with him now.

Brody: All right. What are we standing around jawing for? Time for you to get home.

Oliver: No argument here.

Brody: All right.

John: The story is you tried to kill yourself.

Mitch: "Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully."

John: Whatever. Either way, there's no way out of this.

[Knock on door]

John: Hey, Brody.

Brody: I just came on-duty. Everything okay?

John: Fine.

Mitch: Lieutenant Lovett, I expect you to take my statement.

John: Go ahead. Take his statement.

Natalie: John. It's me -- Natalie. Where are you? You know, you shouldn't have lied for me, because now Mom told me Mitch made it. What are we gonna do if he talks? Call me.

Charlie: Are you worried that I've been slipping?

Viki: I'm sorry. I don't mean to accuse you.

Charlie: No -- and that's not what I meant. I just don't think that you should be thinking about this, not right now when your daughters need you so much.

Viki: I can't help it, sweetheart. I worry about you.

Charlie: Well, you don't have to.

Viki: Charlie?

Charlie: Hmm?

Viki: Can you tell me the truth? Have you been drinking?

Charlie: No, I have not been drinking.

Kyle: Hey there, handsome.

Oliver: Hey. You ready to hit the cafeteria?

Kyle: I'm sorry. I canít. I canít.

Oliver: What? Why not?

Kyle: Nick's aunt is sick, so she's not coming to take care of him.

Oliver: So?

Kyle: So -- I kind of have to.

Oliver: There's nobody else?

Kyle: No. Nick doesn't have a lot of family in the area.

Oliver: Okay. What about Amelia?

Kyle: He tried her, but it just -- it didn't work out.

Langston: Well, go on. Talk to each other.

Delphina: Mel, I still love you.

Amelia: And I still love you, too, Del. You believe that, don't you?

Delphina: Of course I do. Of course I do.

Amelia: I missed you.

Delphina: Um -- guess we won't need that marriage license anymore, huh?

Amelia: I guess we wonít.

Delphina: Well, then, uh, may I do the honors?

Dorian: Oh! No. Not so fast.

Kyle: Nick will be ready before you know it.

Oliver: Yeah. I know he needs help. I just wish that someone else could give it to him.

Kyle: Yeah. But don't worry. We'll find some time together.

Oliver: Yeah. When you're not making him breakfast in bed.

Kyle: I don't make breakfast.

Oliver: But he'll be in your bed.

Kyle: Okay. Well, then maybe I'll be in yours. And you never know. I mean, if your roommates go away for the holidays, maybe we'll just get to spend all our free time there.

Oliver: Maybe.

Viki: Jessie.

Jessica: Sorry to interrupt.

Viki: No. I'm sorry. You should not have heard that.

Charlie: It's all right.

Viki: No, it's not all right. Um, I -- I found this outside, and I just jumped to conclusions.

Charlie: I mean, it's no big deal. That probably just came out of the carriage house's recycle bin or something.

Viki: I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking.

Charlie: I told you. I understand. Huh.

Viki: Okay. Well, I actually have to go. So I'll see you later. Bye, darling.

Jessica: Bye, Mom. You said it was the first and last time.

Charlie: Now, Jessica --

Jessica: You swore to me, and that's the only reason I didn't tell my mother.

Charlie: Will you listen to me? Okay, that bottle was from that one time.

Jessica: It was?

Charlie: Yes.

Jessica: So I don't have to worry about you?

Charlie: No. Of course not. I would never hurt your mother in that way.

Mitch: Detective McBain has already given you his statement on what happened in his office -- correct -- about how I tried to kill myself?

Brody: Do you have something you'd like to add?

Mitch: Yes. I swear to you, to anyone, to God and all his angels, that Detective McBain is lying!

John: Okay, then let's take a statement.

Brody: All right. Talk.

Mitch: I did not willfully flout my heavenly father's wishes.

Brody: So you're saying John made it up?

Mitch: To protect the person that did stab me.

Brody: All right. Who stabbed you?

Mitch: The person who really stabbed --

Natalie: John?

Mitch: The person who stabbed me is John McBain.

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