One Life to Live Transcript Monday 12/7/09


Episode # 10580 ~ No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Todd: I'm gonna take the stairs.

Téa: Me, too.

Elijah: Are you guys crazy?

Todd: I’m finding my daughter.

Ross: This will be just like that trip we took to Bora Bora. Remember? How great were those waves?

Dani: How are we gonna get out of here? What are you gonna do, like, steal a car?

Ross: Everything is under control.

Dani: Dad, this is crazy. You have a gun!

Ross: Dani, I had to get you out of there somehow, didn't I?

Dani: So you point it at Destiny?

Ross: Hey, I was never gonna hurt her. You know that.

Dani: The cops don't. They're going to come after us, and they aren't as crazy as Mom and that loser Todd.

Cop: We're on lockdown. Nobody leaves this floor.

Todd: No, no, no. I don't care. That son of a bitch has my daughter.

Starr: That is an awesome shot of Tyson Ritter.

Cole: Very "Hard Day's Night."

Markko: I was going for "Filth and the Fury."

Langston: Yeah, either way, UV's website is going to be insane.

Markko: Oh, just wait until the next song. I'm gonna try to get a little closer to the stage.

Langston: You have to do that, too?

Markko: Well, that's what Rex is paying me for.

Langston: He's not gonna care if you miss one song.

Markko: They're doing "I Wanna."

Langston: So why don't you just experience it?

Markko: And miss getting it on tape? Are you kidding?

[Glasses clink]

Cristian: To a great first date.

Layla: Did I miss something? We never had one.

Cristian: That's right. We were supposed to a few nights ago.

Layla: When you had to close the diner and the night after that --

Cristian: Because you got out of work late.

Layla: Maybe we should move somewhere with no crime or food.

Cristian: Yeah. You know, every time we try to plan something out, something screws it up. But I do want this to happen. I want us to happen.

Layla: Me, too.

Cristian: And for the record, it's gonna be special.

Layla: You know this because --

Cristian: Well, I think that Fish has the right idea. You know, you have to take charge of the situation.

Layla: And --

Cristian: And tonight's the night.

Kyle: Home sweet home.

Oliver: It's really nice.

Kyle: You don't have to say that.

Oliver: What? I mean it.

Kyle: Well, at least we have the place to ourselves.

Oliver: Right.

Marty: Hey, sorry about dinner. I just got your message.

John: Everything all right?

Marty: Yeah, well, you know, I've been in E.R. all night. 'Tis the season for psych consults. How you doing?

John: Okay. At least Laurence is locked up downstairs.

Marty: Well, that's good news.

John: Just got to figure out how he got that get-out-of-jail-free card in California.

Marty: Well, you want to figure it out over pasta?

John: Well, what about the psych consults?

Marty: I think they've finally settled down for a long winter's nap. It's dead here.

Kyle: Oliver, you know we don't have to do anything tonight, right?

Oliver: What makes you say that?

Kyle: Well, tonight was a pretty amazing first date. You know, we got to walk around in public, just like every other couple, holding hands. You know, it was surreal.

Oliver: It was.

Kyle: And if tonight ends up being the first time that we make love, it'll feel right, but only if you're ready.

Marty: Oh, my God.

John: Marty?

Marty: I have to go!

Marty: Help! I need help in here!

E.R. Orderly: This guy walked in here?

Marty: Yeah, and then collapsed. Help me get him to 3.

E.R. Nurse: I thought you were just doing psych consults.

Marty: Yeah, so did I. I need to get a line in. Let's check his vitals. Okay. Here. Hold my hand. Squeeze my hand if you can hear me. Squeeze my hand if you can hear me. Ahh, there you go. There you go.

Oliver: Is that for me?

Kyle: I didn't put that there. "Kyle, have fun with trout. Be safe. Love, Roxy."

Oliver: You told Roxy about this?

Kyle: She's kind of my best friend now. You know, we probably wouldn't have happened without her. Every time I wanted to give up on you, she always gave me hope.

Oliver: And she just gives condoms as presents to her best friends.

Kyle: It's Roxy.

Oliver: Yeah, I know. I'm not used to this. I just came out, and we never did this.

Kyle: Okay, I know, but you don't have to be embarrassed, Oliver. I love you. And you love me?

Oliver: True. That is true.

Kyle: Okay, you know what'll make you feel a lot better?

Oliver: A better personality?

Kyle: Mood lighting.

Starr: Okay, thanks.

Langston: Sure. Just let me know if she needs anything.

Starr: Did Amelia get Dorian out of jail yet?

Langston: The bail hearing isn't until tomorrow morning. She has to spend the night.

Starr: It's not like she hasn't done it before.

Langston: Yeah, and apparently she already knows the guy in the cell next to her.

Starr: Who?

Langston: Amelia wouldn't say. Just that Dorian seems to be working all her anger out on him.

Starr: Should we go check on her?

Langston: Dorian told Amelia that she would disown us if we set foot inside the building. And it's not like you don't have somebody else you need to check up on.

Starr: I'm glad that I did.

Langston: Why?

Starr: Because now the sitter's watching Jack and Sam, too.

Langston: Your mom went out?

Starr: Yes, she went out. She went out of town.

Langston: Ah, makes sense.

Starr: How?

Langston: Well, Dorian's behind bars, so there's no one to stop your mom from chasing after your dad.

GPS: You have arrived at your destination.

Blair: Hang on, Todd. I'm almost there.

Ross: I'm sorry about all this. You know that, surfer girl?

Dani: Daddy.

Ross: It's okay. I didn't mean to do any of this. I just don't have any choice. Your mom shipped you off to that boarding school. She does things, Dani. She does things. She fixes them so I don't have the power to fight back. I can't do anything else. She's a lawyer, and -- now she's with Todd. He's loaded. And I'm just a -- I'm just a beach bum.

Dani: You're more than that, Daddy.

Ross: You're the only person that thinks that, Dani. But we're together now, right? And everything's gonna be fine. I promise.

Cop: My partner went after Rayburn. Backup's on the way. Why don't you guys just stay put and let us do our jobs?

Todd: Like you did when you let him get away with my kid?

Cop: Do you want to go to jail?

Elijah: That won't stop him. There aren't any strings left I can pull in this town.

Todd: I'm not going back to jail.

Elijah: Thank you.

Todd: I'm gonna go get my kid.

Cop: You're gonna stay put.

Todd: You're gonna shoot me?

Téa: You gonna shoot me, too? 'Cause I'm going with him.

Ross: Hey, Blair.

Blair: Ross.

Ross: Fancy meeting you here.

Blair: Yeah. Fancy.

Blair: Ross, I'm kind of surprised to see you here. I thought you'd still be in -- wow. This must be your daughter.

Ross: It is. This is Dani.

Blair: Well, I'm glad you finally found her. Hi, Dani. I'm Blair. Nice to meet you.

Ross: What are you doing in Seattle?

Blair: Todd's attorney called and said that he had been arrested.

Ross: Right. Yeah, he tried to kidnap my daughter.

Blair: But I just got off the phone with the cops, and they said that both Téa and Todd made bail and that they were coming here. What's going on? What happened?

Ross: Dani is here seeing a friend, and Téa's just bringing her some things.

Blair: Why?

Ross: Well, I'm taking Dani for a few days. Todd's planning some romantic getaway with Téa.

Blair: I thought you said that Téa wouldn't allow you to see Dani.

Ross: Yeah, well, we had a little scare when she went missing. And life's too short, and so we just decided that I would spend a little more time with her.

Blair: You're not saying much here, Dani. Is that true?

Todd: You gonna blow me away for going after my own kid? Papers are gonna love that.

Elijah: You know, Officer, point of fact -- you have no legal right to detain these people.

Cop: My captain made the call.

Elijah: Is it a quaint little custom in Seattle for captains to give the legal orders?

Markko: Check it out.

Starr: The band's about to start.

Langston: Great. Can't wait to watch it all by myself.

Starr: Gee, thanks.

Langston: No, you know I love you, but you're with Cole.

Starr: You're right. It does suck that Markko has to work.

Langston: Yeah, it does. Am I being a big baby?

Starr: You? No.

Langston: It's just that ever since he started his film class, I feel like he only looks at me through a viewfinder.

Starr: I'm sure you'll get him to put the camera down even for a little while.

Langston: Yeah. Hey, the band's about to start.

Man: Yeah, we're all set. Tyson is warming up his voice.

Markko: Sweet. Thanks. Hey, check out this next shot. It's exactly like Julien Temple.

Langston: You're a great filmmaker.

Markko: Thanks.

Langston: But you're an even better boyfriend. Just one song?

Markko: What about the UV website?

Langston: What about dancing with me?

E.R. Doctor: Somebody really beat him up -- maybe more than one somebody.

Marty: Yeah, doesn't look like a robbery. Still had his wallet on him. Nicholas. Nicholas, I'm Dr. Saybrooke. I'm Marty. Can you talk to me?

Nick: Yeah, I think so.

Marty: Do you remember what happened?

Nick: Rodi's. Some guys -- they jumped me.

Marty: Some guys -- guys you knew? Do you have any -- it's all right. Take your time. Do you have any idea why they did this to you?

Nick: Because -- because I'm gay.

[Soft music playing]

Kyle: Happy first date, Oliver Fish.

Oliver: Happy first date, Kyle Lewis.

[Glasses clink]

Man, singing: Don't leave me here without you near I need to feel you breathing

Marty: John.

Marty: Hey, everything all right?

Marty: Can you come to the hospital?

John: Yeah, what's up?

Marty: We just admitted a hate crime victim.

Man, singing: Your eyelids shine upon my heart every moment without you is too long don't leave me here without you near I need to feel you breathing

Oliver: You are so beautiful.

Man, singing:  -- Upon my heart

Marty: Hey, how you doing?

Nick: I'm okay.

Marty: Yeah? Is there someone I can call for you?

Man, singing: Ohh this is my confession I try to quit but I'm aching all the time on you ooh more than a soul connection I am caught under your spell ooh more than a soul connection I am caught under your spell --

[Phone rings]

[Pager rings]

Kyle: It's the hospital.

Oliver: Yeah, I should make sure it's not work.

Kyle: Hello?

Marty: Kyle, this is Marty Saybrooke from Llanview Hospital.

Kyle: Hi, Marty.

Marty: I'm sorry to bother you at home, but I'm working the E.R. tonight.

Kyle: What's up?

Marty: A patient is asking for you.

Oliver: Hey, John.

John: Hey, a guy was admitted to the E.R. tonight. He's pretty beaten up. I think you might know him.

Kyle: What's his name?

Marty: It's a friend of yours -- Nick Chavez.

[Applause and cheering]

Tyson Ritter: I never thought that I was so blind I can finally see the truth it's me and for you tonight you can't imagine that I'm by your side 'cause it's never gonna be the truth so far for you but can you hear me say? Don't throw me away and there's no way out I gotta hold you somehow I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you you wanna touch me, too every day but all I have is time our love's the perfect crime I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you you wanna touch me, too every way and when they set me free just put your hands on me take everything that I know you'll break and I give my life away so far for you but can you hear me say don't throw me away there's no way out I gotta hold you somehow I wanna, I wanna I wanna touch you you wanna touch me, too every day but all I have is time our love's the perfect crime I wanna, I wanna I wanna touch you you wanna touch me, too every way and when they set me free now, put your hands on my guitar.

Tyson Ritter: Tonight I'm weak it's just another day without you and I can't sleep I gave away the world for you to hear me say don't throw me away and there's no way out I gotta hold you somehow all I wanna do is touch you I wanna, I wanna touch you you wanna touch me, too every day but all I have is time our love is the perfect crime and I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you you wanna touch me, too every way and when they set me free just put your hands on me I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you you wanna touch me, too every day but all I have is time our love is such a crime and you want me, love and you want me, love and I want, I want you and yeah, yeah yeah, yeah

Kyle: Marty.

Marty: Hey, guys. Thanks for getting here so fast.

Oliver: How's he doing?

Marty: Well, he has 2 fractured ribs, but we're waiting on test results for internal injuries.

Kyle: What about head trauma?

Marty: He has a concussion, but he's lucid now and I ordered a ct.

Kyle: Okay, where is he?

Marty: He's right through there.

Kyle: Thanks.

Marty: Okay.

Kyle: Oh, God, Nick. What did they do to you?

Nick: Hey.

Layla: So, where are you taking me?

Cristian: It's a surprise.

Layla: Someplace special?

Cristian: Oh, it's very special. It's actually my favorite place.

Layla: I don't get a hint?

Cristian: No, you don't. You just get to sit there and enjoy your wine.

Layla: Hmm.

Cristian: I'm gonna go tell the chef that you're ready.

Layla: Did he just say chef?

Marty: Well, he hasn't said much, but from what I can tell he was at Rodi's, went outside, and some guys were waiting for him.

John: Can I talk to him?

Marty: Sure.

Oliver: I'm coming with you.

Nick: Thanks for coming.

Kyle: Are you kidding me?

Oliver: Nick, this is John McBain. He's the chief of detectives. Can he ask you a couple questions?

Nick: Sure.

John: Sorta have to do this now, but the more we know about what happened, the sooner we c find these guys that did this to you.

Nick: Uhh! Um, we were at Angel Square, just after Mayor Lord made the announcement legalizing same-sex marriage. And these guys started with us.

John: Who's us?

Nick: My friend Amelia.

John: How many of them were there?

Nick: 3.

John: They hit you?

Nick: No. No, not right away. We went to Rodi's after, and then they followed us there.

John: What happened there?

Nick: They started with us again. And Amelia, she got in their faces. And the waitress, she said she was gonna call the cops. So the guys left and Amelia left, too. And they were waiting for me in the alley. And they jumped me. And I tried to fight back, but I just couldn't.

John: Can you describe them?

Nick: Yeah, I think so.

Oliver: Wait. You said they were at the swearing-in?

Nick: Yeah.

Oliver: I saw them, right before I took Mayor Lord to jail.

John: You'd recognize them?

Oliver: Definitely.

John: All right. Don't worry. We're gonna get these punks.

Kyle: Oliver, wait. I think I should probably stay here.

Oliver: Yeah, sure.

Kyle: Okay? Be safe.

Marty: Hey, think you can find them?

John: Well, Nick says he can describe these guys, and Fish got a look at them, too.

Marty: That's good. Nick never did anything to hurt anybody, and they still did this to him. God forgive me, but right now, I wish you could do to them what they did to Nick.

Cop: Hey! Sir, you need to stay back --

Todd: I'm Danielle Rayburn's father.

Cop: We know who you are, but you can't be here.

Todd: Is there any word?

Cop: We're doing everything we can to find her.

Todd: Like that's gonna be good enough.

Téa: Todd.

Todd: They let them go, didn't they? They could be e anywhere by now.

Téa: Yeah, but he doesn't have a car.

Todd: Are you kidding me? There's 4 levels of parking garage here.

Téa: But he doesn't know how to hotwire a car.

Todd: Doesn't need to. He's got a gun. Come on.

Dani: Yeah, it's true. My mom said my dad could take me for a few days.

Blair: And you wanna go?

Ross: Why wouldn't she?

Dani: I haven't seen my dad in months.

Ross: Yeah, she's missed our pizza night.

Blair: Oh. Well, hey! Why don't we all grab one, then?

Ross: I thought you had to find Todd.

Blair: Well, he made bail. And you know what, I've heard so much about you, Dani. It'd be nice to get a chance to know you better.

Ross: Well, we're actually going to the airport right now. I told Téa I'd take her back to Llanview.

Blair: Oh, so you're leaving now?

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, my rental car's not starting. Would you mind giving us a ride?

Blair: Sure, sure. You know what, let me just -- I'll call Todd and let him know I'm here.

Todd: Blair, stop.

Blair: It'll just take a minute.

Todd: Blair.

Blair: No, I --

Ross: Just do what I say, and you won't get hurt.

Blair: Ross, what the hell are you doing?

Ross: Move.

Dani: Dad.

Blair: Are you crazy here? Are you gonna wave a gun right here in front of your daughter?

Ross: Shut up! Blair, give me your keys.

Blair: My keys?

Ross: Give me your keys now!

Blair: Okay, you can have the keys to the car. The car is right there, Ross. But I'm not gonna let you take Dani with you, all right?

Ross: She's my daughter.

Blair: No, she's not.

Ross: Shut up! She's my daughter. I don't need your permission.

Blair: Okay, okay.

Ross: Okay, okay. I thought you were on my side. I thought that you understood me. You love your daughter.

Blair: Yes, yes, I do.

Ross: Good, good. Because if you don't let us go now, you'll never see your daughter again.

Starr: Oh, my gosh. How awesome was that?

Langston: I know.

Cole: Let's just hope that I did them justice.

Markko: You were perfect, I'm sure. Thanks, man.

Cole: Thank you. I mean, you're welcome.

Langston: And you. Thank you. You totally saved me from having to dance with that guy, even if he was kind of cute.

Markko: Hey.

Langston: I'm just kidding. He wasn't as cute as you. Nobody is.

Markko: Yeah, except he doesn't work concerts.

Langston: It's not your fault you're an artist.

Markko: I'm your boyfriend. Next time I choose work over you, just slap me upside the head or something.

Langston: Yeah, a little of that, a little of that. Ha ha!

Layla: This is amazing.

Cristian: I'm glad you liked it.

Layla: You think Kyle and Oliver are eating this well?

Cristian: I doubt it.

Layla: Hmm, I wonder where they went. Maybe the palace or Giuseppe's or that little seafood place down by the docks? What do you think?

Cristian: That maybe we could stop talking about Fish?

Layla: Sorry.

Cristian: It's okay.

Layla: I guess I'm kind of blown away by all this.

Cristian: Yeah, I just couldn't come up with a restaurant.

Layla: No, I'm serious. I didn't know you could cook like this.

Cristian: My mom taught me everything I know.

Layla: Tell me you made flan.

Cristian: In the oven.

Layla: I knew I smelled something incredible in there. When will it be ready?

Cristian: As soon as I tell you something.

Layla: What?

Cristian: That I know you're trying to make our first date about anything else but us.

Marty: All right, these are pain meds, and they work pretty fast.

Nick: Thank you, Dr. Saybrooke.

Marty: Okay.

Kyle: Are the test results back?

Marty: Yes, and he is very lucky. No head injuries, no internal injuries, but they want to keep him overnight for observation.

Kyle: Okay, thanks. And I know this isn't your job.

Marty: I know. I'm glad I could help. If you need anything, call me anytime, right?

Kyle: Okay.

Marty: Okay.

Kyle: Thanks. Hey, buddy. Does anything hurt?

Nick: She wasn't lying about those meds.

Kyle: Oh, God. We should get plastics to look at this.

Nick: No more doctors.

Kyle: Come on, Nick. You're gonna have a scar.

Nick: I think scars are sexy. Total buzz kill. I'm sorry I messed up your big date.

Dan: You gotta be kidding me. You're seriously bringing us in for drinking in the park.

Oliver: Yeah, that's what I said.

Dan: So, we had an open container. So what? Big frickin' deal.

Oliver: You beat a guy up for being gay! You kicked the hell out of him just because he's different than you?

Dan: You think we'd touch a queer?

Oliver: Yeah, well, you're touching one now.

Dan, lisping: Oh, stop it. You're scaring me, sweetheart.

John: Fish. Stop.

Todd: No.

Dani: Daddy, don't push her like that.

Ross: Dani, Dani, I'm sorry. I'm not gonna let anybody take you, though.


Blair: Look, Ross, I know that you love your daughter, and I know that you don't want to hurt her.

Ross: I'm not gonna hurt her. You know that, right?

Blair: She knows that. I know that. But come on, this is getting serious here.

Dani: Daddy, she's right. What are we gonna do? The police are here. They'll put you in jail.

Ross: Dani, don't worry about me.

Dani: I don't want you to go to jail.

Blair: Ross, you can take the car. I'll give you the keys, but please, you gotta leave Dani here where she's safe, all right?

[Tires squealing]

Téa, shouting: Dani! Dani!

Ross: Don't come any closer! You come near me, she's dead!

John: Come on, man. He's not worth it.

Dan: You gonna let him get away with this? We didn't do anything.

John: Sanchez. Marino.

Cop: Yeah, chief?

John: Get these idiots out of here.

Cop: You got it. Come on, sweetheart.

John: Put the big mouth in with Mitch Laurence.

Dan: Who the hell is Mitch Laurence?

John: You okay? It's gotta be hard to see something like that happen to a friend of yours.

Oliver: Yeah, I grew up with it.

John: I'm sorry.

Oliver: Yeah, I felt just like them, except it was me that I hated, the same way that they hate me and Nick and Kyle and Amelia and everybody like us.

John: It's not gonna be like this forever.

Oliver: Yeah, you know, I'm not so optimistic. I don't think it'll ever change.

John: Well, there was a time when nobody even knew anybody was gay.

Oliver: Or they thought they didn't. I should have come out a long time ago.

John: Fish, you're doing everything you can. Getting those guys off the street –

Kyle: Forget about it, okay?

Nick: No, I messed up your big date.

Kyle: Oliver understands.

Nick: I didn't want her to call you.

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Nick: I didn't want to bother you. I knew Amelia was at the jail helping Dorian, and I couldn't think of who else to call, so --

Kyle: It's fine.

Nick: I didn't want to be alone, Kyle.

Kyle: You're not alone, Nick. I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere.

Layla: I'm sorry. I'm a terrible date.

Cristian: Hey, hold on a second. Just listen for a minute. Look, I get that you're a little gun shy.

Layla: You mean after falling for a guy who cheated on me all the time and then a gay guy?

Cristian: And now you're with someone that isn't exactly known for his ability to stick around.

Layla: This isn't about you.

Cristian: I know, but you know what, that's all in the past, for both of us.

Layla: It's just easy to assume the same thing is gonna happen all over again.

Cristian: Right. But you know what, I don't know what's gonna happen between us. But what I do know is that I care about you, and I've cared about you for a really long time.

Layla: Even when you were telling me that I make men miserable?

Cristian: Well, that's what guys do sometimes.

Layla: Oh, in the third grade.

Cristian: Yeah, but they do that when they like a lady, you know when they're trying to get their attention.

Layla: Oh.

Cristian: In a way, that was good for us.

Layla: That I started off hating you?

Cristian: No, that we got to know each other better. I found out a lot of things about you.

Layla: That I hate anchovies?

Cristian: No. That you're special. And that you mean more to me than anyone else, and that I would never hurt you.

Cristian: And that I want you.

Layla: I want you, too.

Cole: That was really sweet what you did for Markko and Langston.

Cole: I just held a camera.

Starr: Yeah, and practically saved their relationship.

Cole: It's no big deal. I guess I just want everyone to be as happy as we are.

Starr: Well, I think they look happy. What?

Cole: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Starr: Time to check on Hope. Ha ha!

Cole: You okay?

Starr: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm fine.

Cole: Well, what is it?

Starr: Hope's really lucky to have you as her father.

Cole: What?

Starr: You know, I've just been thinking. It's not that I don't love my dad, but he put us through so much trying to keep us apart.'

Cole: That doesn't matter now, okay?

Starr: I know, but I never want Hope to go through something like that. I want her to be as happy as we are right now and never go through anything.

Cole: She won't. Hey, not from me. Okay, our little girl's gonna have it a lot easier than you did.

Cop: Drop the gun, Rayburn!

Second Cop: The place is surrounded. You got nowhere to go!

Ross: Don't come any closer, or she's dead!

Dani: Dad, why are you doing this?

Ross: Dani, be quiet. Just get in the car.

Todd: You heard the cops, Rayburn. There's no way out of here!

Ross: Oh, yeah?

Téa: Let them go, Ross. Come on, let them go.

Ross: Dani, get in the car.

Téa: Dani? Daniella, come over here to me.

Dani: Mom.

Téa: It's okay. It's okay, Dani. Dad's not gonna hurt you. Just come right over here to me, okay? Come right over here.

Blair: Go. Go to your mom. it's gonna be all right. Go

Téa: Ross. Ross, you're scaring her.

Ross: We can do this, Dani. We can get out of here

Téa: Dani, come to me, sweetheart.

Ross: Don't go with her, Dani. If you go with her, she'll never let you see me again. It's just you and me, okay, baby? Just you and me. That's all we need. Get in the car now. Now. Now.

Téa: Dani, come back! No!

Ross: Shut up!

Téa: No!

Ross: Blair, get in the car.

Blair: Okay.

Téa: Dani! Dani!

Ross: Don't try anything funny. Okay, scoot over. Scoot over.

Téa: No. No. No! No! No!

Langston: So, who was that?

Starr: You know, don't start.

Markko: Start what?

Cole: I know we check on Hope a lot.

Langston: No, not that much. Was it, like, 16 times?

Markko: I counted 15.

Langston: Ah, you forgot when you were in the bathroom.

Cole: Oh.

Starr: Go ahead and laugh all you want, but you'll change when you have kids.

Langston: Whah.

Markko: Yeah.

Starr: What?

Langston: No, just kids and all.

Markko: It's like years from now in a galaxy far, far away.

Cole: I guess, but before we had Hope, I couldn't imagine it, either.

Langston: Yeah, well, right now, I just want to think about tonight. And with Dorian behind bars and your mom out of town, I'm guessing we could stay out past curfew.

Markko: I had an idea, but I don't know if you're going to like it.

Langston: Try me.

Markko: I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come backstage.

Langston: Well, why wouldn't I like that?

Markko: Well, it's for work. I wanted to get some footage of AAR before they take off.

["Drive Away" playing]

Langston: I love this song!

Markko: Do you wanna dance?

Langston: No. Let's go to work.

Starr: I guess I could stay out past curfew, too.

Cole: Oh, probably.

Starr: Let's go home to our baby.

Cole: Sounds good to me.

Starr: Ha ha!

[Tires squeal]

Oliver: We got 'em.

Kyle: Good job.

Nick: Thank you.

Oliver: You're welcome.

Marty: Did you get those guys? Thank you.

[Tires squeal]

Téa: Dani!

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