One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/3/09


Episode # 10578 ~ One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back

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Blair: Okay! In the living room! Sit down!

Jack: But don't you want to hear my side of the story?

Blair: I heard what you did, dude, and you are in so much trouble.

Jack: But, Mom--

Blair: But nothing. You know where I've been for the last two hours? Sitting in the principal's office listening to lectures about mice.

Jack: But they were living in cages!

Blair: Well, guess what. Now they're living in the salad bar in the cafeteria.

Jack: It wasn't my fault.

Blair: Someone saw you do it.

Jack: Are you going to believe a woman that gets paid less than our gardener?

Blair: Jack!

Jack: I'm sorry, but she has it in for me!

Blair: Oh, my gosh, you are so like your father, it's unbelievable.

Jack: Yeah. So can I take off, too?

Blair: Is that what this is about? You think I'm being hard on you, buddy? Well, let me tell you something. Your father would not be happy with these escapades, either.

Jack: Who cares? Because he's never coming home!

[Cheering and applause]

Dorian: Thank you. And as your new mayor, I intend to keep my campaign promise. It is my honor and privilege to be able to issue to each and every same-sex couple who participated in our ceremony last month a marriage license so that they may marry legally.


Man: Excuse me, Mayor. Attorney General Andrew Gallagher.

Dorian: Oh, we have the attorney general here. Welcome, Sir. Welcome.

Andrew: The governor has sent me to--

Dorian: To offer his congratulations.

Andrew: To shut you down.


Dorian: No--thank you. And in what way do you mean "shut me down"?

Andrew: Just what I said. There will be no gay marriages approved in Llanview.

Woman: What? No.

Téa: Todd? Look at me!

Todd: Hey, down there!

Téa: Hey, we have things to figure out.

Todd: I need my lawyer right now!

Téa: How are you going to tell Daniella that you're her father, huh?

Todd: Daniella, Daniella--God, I hate that name. That's the first thing I'm going to do, is change that stupid name. Well, no, it's the second thing. The first thing is to get as far away from you as possible.

Téa: Like hell you are!

Eli: Danielle's gone.

Téa: What?

Eli: Yeah, she's not at Child Protective Services. They don't know where she is. And I'm guessing she wanted to get as far away from the two of you as possible.

Destiny: Matthew just had surgery on his spine, you know. You can't be shoving him around in the bed.

Dani: Did I hurt you?

Matthew: No, but you don't have to baby me.

Dani: Please, I'd be hitchhiking now if it weren't for you.

Destiny: You know, Matthew's parents are going to be back any day now.

Matthew: It's true. We should find you another place to hide.

Dani: Why did they leave?

Matthew: For a funeral. There was a death in the family.

Viki: Hey, it's Mom. I just came to see if you're okay. Or as okay as you could possibly be. Do you want to be alone?

Natalie: No. Please.

Viki: I'm right here. Okay?

Natalie: I can't do it by myself.

Viki: What?

Natalie: Walk away.

Mitch: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen nobody knows my sorrow feel free to join me, brother.

Charlie: I'm not your brother.

Mitch: Oh, we're all brothers under the skin. There's nothing in me that doesn't live in you, too. So, why are you here, Charlie? Did you come to finish me off?

[Crowd boos]

Dorian: No, no, no, no. Just--just rein it in, people. Because, you see, I'm sure there has been a terrible misunderstanding. I am positive that the governor doesn't want this to be an open demonstration of discrimination.


Dorian: Exactly.

Andrew: We would like you to go quietly.

Dorian: Ha ha. You want me to go quietly?

Andrew: The governor understood your gesture during the campaign. A symbolic ceremony is free speech. There are no legal consequences. This, however, violates Pennsylvania law.

Nick: That's the point.

Amelia: Citizens of this town voted for Dorian Lord based on her pledge to uphold marriage equality.

Andrew: It's still illegal.

Dorian: Not in Llanview. Not anymore.

[Cheering and applause]

Dorian: I intend to file this certificate, whether Harrisburg likes it, or not.

Andrew: Oh. Well--

[Cheering and applause]

Andrew: Then you are going to jail.

Langston: What?

Andrew: By the end of the night, you'll wish Viki Banks were mayor.

Viki: That picture--that's at the ranch, isn't it?

Natalie: Yeah. Where we fell in love. Remember I gave it to him for Christmas?

Viki: Oh, I do remember. And he loved it. Almost as much as you loved your present.

Natalie: I needed new socks.

Viki: I really wish I had seen your face when you thought that was all you were getting. [Chuckles]

Natalie: I thought I covered pretty well.

Viki: Until he pulled the ring out of the box, huh?

Natalie: Hmm.

Viki: You must have lit up like a Christmas tree.

Natalie: I don't know how you and Charlie kept it a secret.

Viki: It was fun, you know?

Natalie: Yeah.

Viki: It was a good Christmas.

Natalie: Yeah. This was supposed to be our first Christmas as a married couple. We only got 6 months-- thanks to Mitch.

Charlie: You're safe from me as long as you're in that jail.

Mitch: Yeah. Yeah, I wish I could trust that, but I know what you're capable of.

Charlie: That was a long time ago. I was a different man.

Mitch: Oh. Aw, Charlie, people don't change. Sad to say since it's, you know, my life's work to help people like you find their way. But the truth is, you're the same man who drank his way all through Jared's life.

Charlie: No, you're wrong.

Mitch: Sure was a beautiful service, wasn't it? Well, from what I could hear inside the coffin, at any rate.

Charlie: Why did you do it?

Mitch: Well, it was the only way I could share the moment.

Charlie: Why did you kill my son?

Mitch: Come on, Charlie. We both know that I didn't kill Jared. You did.

Blair: You know your dad. He does that kind of stuff, you know? He feels like he has to take care of stuff, and he takes off, but then he comes back.

Jack: But he didn't even call for Thanksgiving.

Blair: No, he didn't, and he should have, but you know what? He will come home.

Jack: Whatever.

Blair: Your dad told you what he was doing, right?

Jack: Well, yeah. Going to find Téa. But why?

Blair: 'Cause he still, I guess, cares for her.

Jack: But she stole his money. Why would he go back to that?

Blair: Beats me.

Jack: No. I really want to know.

Blair: Okay. Well--um--Téa didn't really try to steal your dad's money.

Jack: Then why did they break up?

Blair: That was my fault.

Todd: How did it happen?

Téa: What did C.P.S. tell you, Eli?

Eli: Some point after I spoke to them, they went and checked on Danielle, found that she wasn't in her bed, but first, they wanted to check the entire facility to make sure she wasn't hiding somewhere in the building. Then they called me back. They're still looking for her. That's all I know.

Téa: Do they know about Ross?

Eli: Ross is in jail, Téa.

Téa: But are you sure? They came and got him to talk to his lawyer ages ago. He hasn't been back.

Todd: Maybe the boy got him sprung.

Téa: Oh, God, Eli. What if Ross got to Daniella?

Eli: Téa, there's no way that happened. We would know.

Ross: About what? What happened?

Dani: I'm sorry about your cousin's husband.

Matthew: Jared was a good guy.

Dani: I have zero problems, right?

Destiny: I wouldn't say that.

Dani: I mean, compared to what your family's dealing with? This is nothing.

Matthew: You're a fugitive and both your parents are in jail.

Destiny: Sounds like an adventure movie. Like you could just hit the road and go anywhere.

Dani: You're right. And I have to move fast. C.P.S. must know I'm gone by now.

Destiny: Then you definitely got to get out of here.

Matthew: Well, you can't just run. We need a plan.

Dani: True. Could you guard the door for us?

Destiny: Again?

Matthew: Come on, please, Des?

Rachel: The cops just picked everyone up until they could sort it all out. Todd and Téa's ex-husband got arrested, too.

Greg: Sounds like a threesome you want to avoid.

Rachel: Yeah, I agree. But, you know, Téa could probably use a friendly face in the courtroom.

Greg: Well, so go on. I'll keep an eye on Matthew.

Rachel: Thank you.

Greg: Sure

Destiny: Hey, guys, you just lost your escape route.

Viki: Mitch Laurence thrives on getting a reaction, okay? That's the fuel that keeps him going. So the only way to neutralize him is to try and put him out of your mind, as impossible as that seems.

Natalie: He killed Jared. And that wasn't enough. Can you imagine what it took for him to get into Jared's coffin just to terrorize us at the funeral?

Viki: No, don't--don't go there. Don't--

Natalie: He had to take his body--he had to take Jared's body out of the coffin and then what, just dump him on the floor?

Viki: Darling, don't think about that.

Natalie: But that's all I can think about, Mom! I just want to go over to his jail cell and I want--I want to strangle him with my bare hands.

Viki: Sweetheart, we have to let the authorities take care of Mitch. That's our only option.

Natalie: Really? Really? Is that how Jessica feels? Charlie?

Charlie: You shot my son, Mitch, in cold blood, in front of witnesses.

Mitch: No. Jared died years before I met him. The day you killed his stepfather, his fate was sealed. If you had just done your job, your son would still be alive.

Charlie: You know, they told me about you. The way you twist everything. The way you're crazy.

Mitch: You sound angry. But who are you mad at, Charlie?

Viki: Charlie wants to kill Mitch. As do you and Jessie. We all want to pay him back, but the problem with that is that once you decide to get even with Mitch Laurence, that's when he takes total control of your life. The only way to win and survive is to move on, despite him.

Mitch: You think I'm crazy. But you see, I would do anything for my family. You chose the bottle over yours. Hmm. That's crazy to me. I mean, being here, wasting your time with me, when you could be with people who love you--that's crazy.

Charlie: Not to me. See, I want answers.

Mitch: You lied to Victoria, didn't you? Yeah. Where does she think you are right now? At a meeting?

Ross: Come on, Eli, what's going on?

Eli: Listen to me, Ross. I'm sure your lawyer's going to handle anything you--

Ross: I just--I was with my lawyer and he didn't tell me squat! By the way, are you still my brother?

Téa: Shut up, Ross.

Ross: Well, now I got to know. What's up?

Eli: Okay, it's about Dani.

Téa: Don't you dare, Eli.

Eli: Hey, he's going to find out.

Ross: Find out what?

Eli: Dani's escaped Child Protective Services.

Ross: Ah, damn it!

Eli: She's missing again.

Téa: So you had nothing to do with this?

Ross: I--I--we were both locked up in here. She's running away from you.

Todd: All right, hold on, hold on. Let's try to figure out how we're going to find her. Does she have any money?

Téa: Not much.

Todd: Well, then she's going to need someone to help her, or she's not going to get far.

Téa: Matthew.

Rachel: Hey, kids.

Greg: Hey.

Matthew: Hey, how's it going?

Rachel: Great. How are you feeling?

Matthew: Great.

[Cell phone rings]

Greg: Hey, any more sensation?

Matthew: About the same.

Greg: Okay. Okay. Well, it's still good. Have you packed yet? Destiny?

Destiny: Huh?

Greg: Have you finished packing? Mom and Dad want to leave early in the morning.

Destiny: Sure.

Rachel: Yeah, of course. I'll call you the minute we see her. That was Téa Delgado's lawyer. Dani is missing.

Greg: Missing?

Rachel: She snuck out last night. Nobody knows where she is. Téa is beside herself. Have you guys heard from her?

Man: Let him talk!

Second Man: The whole town's gone gay!

Crowd members: Gay, straight, black, white! Marriage is a civil right! Gay, straight, black, white! Marriage is a civil right!

Dorian: All right, everybody, please settle down. Thank you. Thank you all very much for the support. But I can assure you, I am not going to be intimidated by threats.

Andrew: Your job as mayor is to uphold state law. Same-sex marriage is not legal.

Dorian: The state constitution does not stipulate that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Andrew: It's implied in the statute.

Dorian: Not the way my lawyers read it. I will see you in court!

Man: Yes!

Langston: Yes!

[Cheering and applause]

Dorian: Now, then--ahem--I am going to sign this marriage license certificate. And...Amelia dear. Now all that is needed is for the mayor to sign it.

Langston: Hmm.

Dorian: My goodness. Does anybody know a mayor who supports same-sex marriage?



Woman: Whoo!

Andrew: Dr. Lord, I warn you. If you continue, you will be arrested.

Dorian: By whom? You and what army?

Andrew: Him.

Andrew: Don't make a scene, Dr. Lord.

Dorian: That's "Mayor Lord" to you. Everybody, the attorney general has just requested that I not make a scene. Well, how's my scene going so far?

Starr: Going great! Keep going, Aunt Dorian.

Dorian: Thank you. Yes.

Langston: Cramer women don't back down.

Dorian: No, they don't.

Andrew: Stamp that license and you'll be in jail before the ink dries.

Amelia: You sure you know what you're doing?

Dorian: I just signed a prenup, didn't I? Yes! I intend to create the first legal same-sex marriage in Llanview.

[Cheering and applause]

Andrew: Officer, arrest her.

Oliver: And what if I don't?

Andrew: Then I'll have your badge.

Jack: Do you still love Dad?

Blair: Yeah, I do.

Jack: If you still love dad, why did you send him off to Téa?

Blair: Well, because your Dad and Téa have some things that...they need to sort out.

Jack: Like what?

Matthew: I haven't seen Dani in a while.

Rachel: Well, promise me you'll let me know if she gets in touch.

Matthew: Sure.

Destiny: What's the big deal? I mean, she's a big girl. It's not like she would do anything stupid.

Greg: Well, she's out there alone. She's already making a dumb move. She's vulnerable.

Rachel: Her mother and father got into a really big fight about her. Ross nearly put Téa in the hospital.

Matthew: You think he'd hurt Dani?

Rachel: You know what? To tell you the truth, he could lash out at her, he could go after Téa again. So you have to let us know if she tries to get--

Dani: Oh! Hi.

Eli: Listen, I'm going to see about getting you released, okay?

Téa: Thanks.

Guard: Your lawyer's upstairs. It's time for your arraignment.

Todd: Then I'm out of here.

Guard: If you can make bail.

Todd: Every time.

Téa: Guards! Guards!

Ross: Get his radio. Get his radio. Now!

Téa: Guards!

Natalie: Did Charlie slip?

Viki: No, no. No, he always went to weekly meetings. He's just decided to go more often now because he wants to ward off whatever...challenges might come upon him.

Natalie: Mom, what is going on?

Viki: Nothing, sweetheart, you know? We're coping, and Charlie's coping.

Natalie: No, no, there's something--there's definitely something. If there's something going on with Charlie, I want to know.

Viki: There was one incident.

Natalie: What happened?

Viki: Charlie attacked Mitch Laurence in Napa. Natalie, he almost killed him.

Mitch: Why isn't your lovely bride here with you?

Charlie: Viki never needs to see you ever again. And if you even come near her--

Mitch: I know, you'll kill me. Oh, is that it?

Charlie: What?

Mitch: The list. I'm sure you told yourself you had all kinds of reasons for coming here. You want answers, you want to protect your own, but none of that--none of that is what you really want.

Charlie: Maybe I just wanted to cut you down to size.

Mitch: Well, here I am. Is it working?

Charlie: What?

Mitch: Do you still want a drink?

Charlie: No.

Mitch: Good for you. In your shoes, I'd be so wracked with guilt, I wouldn't be able to stand up straight. And I'd be torturing myself, wondering if Jared would have been a better man if I had only stayed around.

Charlie: Yeah--Jared was the best man I ever knew.

Mitch: No--no, he wasn't. He was a petty little con artist. The boy had no tools to make a decent life. What did you teach him? How to lie, how to cheat?

Charlie: No, but he--he was bigger than that. He became--

Mitch: He changed his stripes, just like you did, that's all. But in the end, he lied. He cheated. He stole. And he killed again. Yeah. He was who he was. Just like you are, Charlie. Charlie, you're a drunk. It's the hand God dealt you. And nothing changes that.

Blair: Okay. Sure, sure, I'll--I'll be right there, thank you.

Jack: What?

Blair: Your dad's been arrested.

Jack: What for?

Blair: Attempted kidnapping.

Jack: Who did he try to kidnap now?

Rachel: Matthew? You lied to me?

Matthew: Dani had my back, and she needed a place to hide out.

Dani: I didn't give him much choice.

Rachel: That's no excuse. Do you know why they put you in Child Protective Services?

Dani: Everybody has a different story.

Greg: Well, until they sort it out, C.P.S. is the safest place for you. Destiny, I can't believe that you went along with this.

Destiny: Hey, I made sure you found out.

Dani: No way!

Matthew: You did that on purpose?

Destiny: Hell, yeah. And I'll do it again.

Téa: Help! Help!

Ross: God--shut up! I'll give you help! Help? Take it back.

Todd: What?

Ross: Take back what you said about Dani.

Todd: You are seriously bent, Rayburn.

Ross: Tell me that I'm--I'm her father. Say it.

Todd: No, but I'm her father.

Ross: I'm her father. You say it. Say it. Just leave her alone. No more D.N.A. testing. I will shoot you. I will shoot you. Say it. Say it! She's mine!

Natalie: I wish John had--had let Charlie tear Mitch to shreds. I'm sorry, but it's true. That man does not deserve to breathe.

Viki: No--and I know. I know. And I know you're angry, honey. Can you tell me what else is going on?

Natalie: Hmm. You don't need this, Mom.

Viki: Oh, yes, I do. I do.

Natalie: No, it's okay. Honestly, you should go and be with Charlie. I can't even imagine what he's feeling.

Viki: Charlie is...struggling. You know, he feels that Jared died because of a crime that Charlie doesn't even remember committing.

Natalie: Oh, no. This is so unfair. This is about Mitch. Oh, God, poor Charlie. How's he going to survive if he feels like that?

Charlie: Yes, I'm an alcoholic, but I'm sobered out. I've changed. Just like Jared changed. You're wrong.

Mitch: So, Pamela Stuart lied to me?

Charlie: You talked to Pamela?

Mitch: Yeah, we--we had some time before she passed. Yeah.

Charlie: Before you killed her?

Mitch: She told me the whole ugly story of your life as a father and husband. How you would promise to sober up, be there for your family. Always promising to change.

Charlie: It's a disease.

[Mitch scoffs]

Mitch: Keep telling yourself that.

Charlie: What? That's not an excuse. I take responsibility for everything that I did. And I made amends with Jared.

Mitch: Oh, reparations--that's--that's one of the steps, isn't it? I'm sure it fixed everything.

Charlie: No, and I don't pretend that it could.

Mitch: Sure you do. You have to, Charlie. It's one of the necessary fictions of a recovering drunk. It's the only way you can get out of bed in the morning without grabbing a bottle. You just have to convince yourself that if you're just--just good enough can erase the past.

Charlie: You can't get under my skin.

Mitch: Oh, I know I can't. It's too crowded. Because every time--every time you close your eyes, all you can see...all you can see is little Jared. That poor little boy that you abandoned. And there's only one way that you can drown him out. Go ahead, Charlie.

Charlie: What?

Mitch: Your left inside pocket. Yeah, you're--you're carrying heavy there. If it was a gun, I'd already be dead, but my guess is, it's a bottle. It's okay, Charlie. I won't judge you.

Andrew: Officer, you have your orders. Place the mayor under arrest.


Oliver: No, sir.

Andrew: What?

Oliver: I can't obey your order.

Andrew: She's breaking the law.

Oliver: Yeah, well, some laws need to be broken.

Andrew: That is not your call, Officer.

Oliver: God, with every single civil rights movement in this country, somebody somewhere had to break an unjust law to make things right. And that's exactly what Mayor Lord is doing. So that couples like her and her partner, and me and my boyfriend can have the same rights as every other couple out there. We want to get married someday. Well, maybe. You know, if we ever have a date first.


Oliver: Ahem. So...

Dorian: Keep your badge, Officer. Arrest me.

Woman: What?

Langston: No!

Dorian: I will go proudly.

Man: All right.


Dorian: Go ahead, cuff me.

Oliver: That's not necessary.

Dorian: That is procedure, isn't it, Attorney General?

Andrew: Yes, but it's really--

Dorian: Then go ahead and do it.

Cole: Are you getting this?

Markko: Every second.

Dorian: I am not going to let a dedicated public servant lose his job because I am keeping a campaign promise. Go ahead and cuff me.

Oliver: This feels wrong.

Amelia: Don't worry. Dorian knows what she's doing, don't you?

Dorian: Yes, I do. I am standing up for what is right.

Langston: Dorian, no, you--

Man: Yeah!


Langston: You can't let them take you!

Dorian: That's all right, darling. I've gone to jail for worse reasons.

Starr: Okay, we're going to meet you at the police station then.

Dorian: No. No, I want you to go to your concert.

Langston: We don't care about a concert right now.

Dorian: I--I want you to go, please. I'll be just fine. Markko, dear, would you mind shooting from...this is my better side. Thank you. And just think of all the attention this is going to get. Officer Fish, please. Don't worry, everybody! I am going to be fine. I'm only going to jail. Ha ha! And it is the safest place in town. Excuse me, excuse me.


Woman: Whoo! Second

Woman: Whoo!

[Cole whistles]

Charlie: I wouldn't give you the satisfaction of seeing me take a drink.

Mitch: I'd understand. No one walks around with as much pain as you carry without something to get them through the day. If it's not booze, then what do you want?

Charlie: I told you, I want answers.

Mitch: You know the answers, Charlie.

Charlie: They had you cornered in Napa. The cops were there. You knew it. You had nothing to gain by this! There was no way out! And still, you shot my son. You killed Jared in front of his wife for no reason!

Mitch: Is that a question?

Charlie: Tell me why you killed my son!

Mitch: Let's just say God decided it was his time. Listen, you want to know why your son really died?

Charlie: Why?

Mitch: Because you came looking for him. Jared would have stumbled his way through life all right. Just--maybe even been happy. He was doing okay here until you showed up, wasn't he? It was your selfish need for amends that killed him, Charlie. You never should have left Texas.

Jack: So, who did Dad try to kidnap?

Blair: You know what? That's enough inappropriate adult conversation for one day, okay?

Jack: It was just getting good.

Blair: You know what? I promise I will tell you everything I can when I get back.

Jack: Where are you going?

Blair: Got to go to Seattle. Going to bring your daddy home.

Matthew: I can't believe you would rat us out.

Destiny: Did you hear? The girl is in danger.

Dani: From my parents. So why should I be stuck with them?

Destiny: Téa's all right. You could do worse.

Dani: Oh, try having her for a mom.

Greg: You shouldn't be on the street, Dani.

Rachel: Thank you for speaking up, Des. You should know better.

Matthew: Did you listen to Dani?

Rachel: Yeah. She's mad at her mother. I get it. We've all been there.

Dani: What are you doing?

Rachel: Calling your mother.

Todd: No, thanks. Come on, Ross. Even you can't miss from this distance.

Téa: Todd, stop.

Ross: Why do you want a kid who barely knows you and already hates you?

Todd: Because she's mine.

Ross: No. I'm the father she's always known. I'm-- I'm the one that--

Todd: But I'm her real dad, all right? That's it. Go ahead and shoot. You know it's true, don't you?

Ross: Ahem--

Téa: Ross, look at yourself. This is insane.

Ross: The only reason boy--boy toy--boyfriend here is still alive is because I'm in control.

Todd: How do you figure that?

Ross: Because if I kill you, I get locked up. And my--my girl needs me. My girl.

Téa: Ross--

Todd: Ross--

Téa: Ross--

Todd: No, you leave her alone.

Téa: Stay away from my daughter! Guard!

Todd: What's wrong with you idiots? Prisoner escape here!

Téa: Guard!

Viki: Honey, it's cold. We should go inside.

Natalie: I can't leave him.

Viki: Honey, he's not here. He's in your heart. Jared is--is in that box of socks with an engagement ring. He's in all of your memories that made your love so special and precious and mysterious.

Natalie: We fell in love in Texas.

Viki: And he's there. Come on.

[Mitch sings spiritual and snaps fingers in rhythm]

Mitch's voice: Jared would have stumbled his way through life.

Mitch’s voice: Just--maybe even been happy. He was doing okay here until you showed up, wasn't he? It was your selfish need for amends that killed him, Charlie.

Mitch's voice: You never should have left Texas.

[Charlie Exhales]

Dorian: You're making this my favorite incarceration so far.

Oliver: Well, I really appreciate the way you stood up for the community.

Dorian: My pleasure. Oh--and this is just my first day. You know, I am so looking forward to getting into the nuts and bolts of governing.

Mitch: Is that Dr. Dorian Lord?

Oliver: That's "Mayor Lord" to you. Hey, aren't you--

Dorian: Mitch Laurence.

Mitch: Mayor? Really? Hmm. So, Your Honor, what are you in for?

Nick: Was that all a publicity stunt?

Amelia: Dorian just went to jail. Sure, we want publicity, but the woman just went to jail for us.

Man: Lookey here. It's Mary and her little lesbo.

Eli: What happened?

Téa: Ross knocked out the guard and escaped.

Officer: Prisoner escaped from second floor lockup. Suspect on foot and armed.

Second officer: He doesn't have any more rounds.

First officer: He could do enough damage with what's in the clip.

Eli: Wait a second. Ross escaped here with a loaded weapon?

Officer: Put out an A.P.B. Set up a 3 block perimeter.

Second officer: Gotcha. I want an A.P.B. and set up a 3 block perimeter!

Téa: You need to get me out of here now, okay?

Todd: Wait a minute. It's supposed to be my arraignment.

Eli: That's not my problem, Manning. All right, you're due in 15 minutes. We're just going to have to explain that--

[Cell phone rings]

Téa: Okay.

Eli: Excuse me. Hold on.

Téa: Oh, God.

Eli: Elijah Clarke.

Rachel: Hey, it's Rachel. I need to get a message to your client.

Eli: Well, she's right here. It's Ms. Gannon.

Téa: Hello?

Rachel: You can relax, Téa. Dani's here.

Téa: She's with you? Okay, good.

Todd: Where is she?

Rachel: Yeah, she's here at the hospital. She's good. We've got her. Everything's okay.

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