One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 11/17/09


Episode # 10568 ~ Hold the Phone!

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[Door opens]

Gigi: Hey.

Rex: Hey. How -- how are you feeling?

Gigi: A little better. How did everything go? Rex?

Rex: What?

Gigi: You look worse than I feel. What happened?

Charlie: You son of a bitch!

Viki: Charlie, please, stop, Charlie, stop.

Brody: Wait, Charlie! Don't do this.

Charlie: No! Let me at him. He killed my boy!

Mitch: Would it help if I said I'm sorry?

Clint: Did you get Natalie checked into a hotel? Okay, good. How's she doing? Yeah, that's what I thought. Look, Jessie, you tell her -- you tell that I'm doing everything here so we can bring Jared back home. No, I haven't been able to reach Nora. Not yet.

Dani: Where's Matthew Buchanan?

Nurse: I'm sorry?

Dani: My mom let me fall asleep in the lounge.

Téa: Her friend Matthew had spinal surgery last night.

Dani: Is he okay?

Rachel: Téa?

Téa: Rachel. Oh, you know what? Never mind. I think she can help us out. Thank you.

Rachel: What are you doing here?

Téa: Oh, we were checking on Matthew.

Rachel: He's fine. Great, as a matter of fact.

Téa: Oh. Daniella, this is Rachel -- Matthew's sister. Rachel, this is my daughter.

Blair: I did want to thank you for staying with me last night.

Todd: You already thanked me.

Blair: You know, Ross scared me to death. I'd never seen that side of him before.

Todd: Yeah. He's a creep.

Blair: Yeah. But, you know, it's actually good to be here right now. Sure beats sitting at home waiting for him to come back. He can't miss a moving target, so if he wants to -- if he wants to find me, he's gonna have to hunt me down. Hey. Table's ready.

[Todd chuckles]

Roxy: Yo! Who do I have to do to get a drink outta here?

Schuyler: Roxy.

Roxy: What the hell are you doing here?

Schuyler: I work here. Can I get you something?

Roxy: I would sooner drink out of a latrine.

Schuyler: Ha. Your choice, I guess.

Roxy: Well, it can't be any worse than the morning I've already had.

Schuyler: Did you -- did you rat Gigi out to Rex?

Roxy: What?

Schuyler: You told him you saw her leaving my place this morning, didn't you?

Rex: I went to see Roxy.

Gigi: What did she tell you?

Rex: Something I really didn't want to hear.

Gigi: Rex, I wanted to tell you myself, but you have to listen to me. It isn't what you think.

Roxy: Never mind what I told Rex.

Schuyler: Nothing happened. Okay? Nothing happened. Gigi had too much to drink and I let her sleep it off in my room. That's it.

Roxy: I don't care.

Schuyler: You're just gonna let Rex think that Gigi cheated on him?

Roxy: I didn't tell him, okay?

Schuyler: You didn't?

Roxy: I've got bigger things on my mind, and so does Rex. You think I would've told him that Gigi was leaving the apartment wearing yesterday's clothes? That would've been the last straw. I would never, ever tell that to Rex, especially after he just got home.

Rex: Wait. What are you talking about?

Gigi: What do you mean?

Rex: What do you think Roxy told me?

Gigi: Balsom, what happened?

Rex: All those times, I would ask her and she would lie or -- or clam up. I actually gave up thinking she -- she'd ever tell me the truth.

Gigi: Wait. Are you saying --

Rex: I know who my father is.

Gigi: Who is he?

Rex: A guy named -- Mitch Laurence.

Gigi: Who's he?

Rex: He's the scum of the earth and I'm -- Mitch Laurence's son.

Mitch: I see I have surprised you with a show of contrition in the face of violence.

John: Don't listen to him.

Mitch: I suppose that you believe in vengeance, eh, :Lieutenant? Like when your father died.

Brody: What do you believe in?

Mitch: I'm sorry that your son had to die.

Charlie: He didn't have to die. You murdered him.

Brody: You killed him in cold blood. We saw it.

Mitch: No, what you witnessed was the climax of a struggle.

Charlie: What struggle?

Mitch: During which your son threatened my life a number of times.

John: That's not true.

Mitch: Why? Because Jared wasn't a violent man?

Charlie: No, he wasn't.

Mitch: You weren't a violent man, either, were you, Mr. Banks? That didn't stop you from murdering your son's stepfather all those years ago.

Charlie: Shut the hell up.

Mitch: You know -- excuse me. I never cared much for the whole nature versus nurture debate. To me, good or bad, a child grows up to be just like his parents.

Téa: Oh, uh, hold on a second, sweetheart. Daniella and Matthew were in school together in London.

Dani: Is Matthew gonna be able to walk again?

Rachel: Dr. Evans thinks he has a good chance, yeah.

Téa: Oh -- so, Matthew was right about the surgery and his parents were wrong.

Rachel: And they are relieved to have been wrong.

Dani: Can I see him?

Rachel: Well, you know what? He's asleep, but if you ask nicely, maybe you can sit next to him.

Dani: Sweet.

Rachel: It'll give us a chance to catch up.

Dani: So, you and my mom are, like, friends?

Téa: I thought you wanted to sit with Matthew.

Dani: I was just asking a question.

Rachel: We've had our ups and downs, but yeah, we're friends.

Dani: So, do you know why my mom kept me a secret from everyone in Llanview?

Todd: Okay. I'm gonna go to work now.

Blair: No, wait. You're gonna leave me here all by myself?

Todd: You want me to drop you off somewhere?

Blair: Well, no. I just thought maybe we should hang out someplace where I feel comfortable and, you know, someplace that has really good memories for me.

Todd: And that's this place?

Blair: Yeah. Because that's where we met.

Todd: That was before McBain owned it.

Blair: Well, if I can remember that far back, we both had a lot on our minds and we got it off of our minds, if I remember correctly.

Todd: Yes. You know what?

Blair: What?

Todd: Speaking of what's on my mind, before we go off on memory lane, I have something to ask you.

Blair: Anything.

Todd: All right. Are you really scared of Ross or are you just trying to prevent me from going to Seattle to see Téa?

Clint: No, I haven't left her any messages. I figured Nora's busy with Matthew.

Bo: I should probably get some sleep.

Nora: Yeah. It's -- it's been a long night.

Bo: I don't want to leave.

Nora: I don't want you to, either. Bo.

Bo: I know. We can't do this.

Nora: No matter how happy we are about Matthew -- cheating on Clint is not the way to celebrate.

Woman: If you could just sign these.

Clint: I'm sorry. What is this for?

Woman: So that we can release your son-in-law's body for transport. We're very sorry for your loss.

Clint: Thank you.

Schuyler: What'll it be, ladies?

Kim: Aren't you gonna tell us more?

Schuyler: About what?

Stacy: Oh, like, a list of drinks.

Schuyler: I thought you were pregnant.

Kim: She's kidding. We just wanted to hear what happened with Rex. When did you say he got home?

Roxy: That is so none of your b-b-b-b-beeswax.

Stacy: Um, well, he's the father of my child so, yeah, it kind of is my business.

Roxy: Honey, Rex ain't a father till the kid pops out and then maybe, just maybe we'll talk about it.

Stacy: Even if I have a picture? Yeah, that's right. Gigi better show him that sonogram because I think it'll make Rex really happy.

Gigi: I went on Shane's computer and searched "Mitch Laurence." Oh, my God.

Rex: Pretty impressive, huh?

Gigi: Said he was some kind of preacher.

Rex: He's a fake, twisted preacher.

Gigi: Who went after Viki and her family.

Rex: Viki had D.I.D. Mitch was a psychopath. It was a perfect storm.

Gigi: He's your father.

Rex: That's what Roxy said.

Gigi: Are you sure she's not just yanking your chain again?

Rex: This time I have proof. My birth certificate. Oh, and a -- little souvenir in case Shane wants something from his dear, old granddad.

Gigi: Okay, but if Roxy gave you these --

Rex: She didn't.

Gigi: Then who?

Rex: Aunt Corinne.

Gigi: You found out about all this when you were in Michigan.

Rex: That's why she got me out there. She wasn't sick at all.

Gigi: At least he's dead. You know?

Rex: It doesn't change who he was. My father.

Charlie: You will not blame my son for what you did to him.

Mitch: I know it's always disturbing when our children let us down.

Charlie: He never let me down. Jared was a good man. Better than I will ever be.

Mitch: Then you admit your flaws.

John: This is going nowhere. Maybe we should get him out of here.

Viki: Charlie, let's go. Please.

Charlie: Okay, look, Mitch, let me tell you -- you lucked out, because John and Brody have no choice but to protect you.

Mitch: Innocent until proven guilty, Charlie.

Charlie: No, not for me. As far as I'm concerned, the jury has already rendered its verdict, and if I ever catch you alone, I am going to kill you with my own bare hands and I'll throw your carcass to the animals so they can tear it apart, which is more than you deserve for what you did to my boy!

Viki: Please, darling, let's go.

Mitch: Arrest that man.

John: For what?

Mitch: He just threatened my life.

John: Charlie, are you okay?

Charlie: Yeah. I can't stand to look at this guy anymore.

John: I know. The next time you see him, he'll be on his way to Statesville.

Mitch: Victoria. You just ignore me? The father of your -- your beautiful daughter.

Rachel: Your mother didn't keep you a secret from everyone in Llanview.

Dani: Right.

Rachel: She told me.

Dani: She did?

Rachel: The only reason she didn't tell everyone else is because she didn't want your dad to take you away.

Dani: My dad loves me.

Rachel: So does your mom, and she's very proud of you.

Dani: I'm going to sit with Matthew.

Téa: Thanks.

Rachel: I just told the truth.

Téa: She's right. I botched the situation completely.

Rachel: She still doesn't know that Todd's her father?

Téa: I suck at being a mom.

Rachel: No, you don't. I just thought that after everything that's happened --

Téa: I know. I know. And now that Bo and Nora know that I have a daughter, it's only a matter of time before Todd finds out.

Rachel: And puts two and two together?

Téa: He's a very clever man. How long do you think it'll take him to figure out that Daniella's not Ross's, she's his?

Todd: Hey. You climbed the space needle yet? No, man, I'm kidding. I know Téa's not gonna do any touristy stuff. So, where is she? What's she doing at Seattle General? Is she sick? Then what good are you?

Blair: Ross. Didn't anyone ever tell you it's impolite to sneak up on someone like that?

Ross: I thought we had a deal. I agreed not to tell Todd about my daughter as long as you agreed to help me find her.

Blair: Yeah, I remember.

Ross: Then where is she? I know you know something, Blair. Tell me now or I tell Todd all about Danielle.

Viki: I liked it so much better when you were dead.

Mitch: Viki. We created a child together.

Viki: We did nothing together.

Mitch: I thought journalists were supposed to value the truth.

Viki: The truth. You want the truth? You are a sadistic, evil excuse for a human being.

Mitch: You know, Viki, I have always worried about your judgment. Look at the man that you married, that you allowed in your house, near our daughter.

Viki: You couldn't possibly understand a man like Charlie.

Mitch: Neither can you, if you cannot admit to yourself what he is. He is a drunk. He is a murderer. He let his own son carry the burden of his guilt, and you say that I am evil? Compared to Charlie Banks, oh, Viki, I am righteousness itself.

Viki: Don't you ever say my husband's name again.

Gigi: He's your biological father. That's it.

Rex: You read about him, Gigi. Mitch -- Mitch is a -- he's a rapist. A murderer. The only good thing he put in this world was Jessica.

Gigi: Jessica?

Rex: He's her father, too.

Gigi: You're kidding. Oh, my God. So -- she's your sister. Jessica is Shane's aunt.

Rex: That's the part that's not so bad.

Gigi: I always thought Clint was her father.

Rex: Most people do. Jessica doesn't like to talk about her real dad, which I totally get.

Gigi: Well, so, that's what you'll do.

Rex: I wish.

Gigi: Why not?

Rex: His blood is in me. It's in Shane. How am I supposed to deal with that? How am I supposed to make my peace with that?

Nora: Oh, this is so good. How long has it been since you've had a pizza?

Bo: Too long.

Nora: Mm.

Bo: You know, it's a good thing that we didn't -- you know.

Nora: Lose our heads?

Bo: Yeah. I really wanted to.

Nora: Me, too.

Bo: But if Clint would've found out somehow, he'd have felt like --

Nora: Like you did when you found out about me and Sam.

Bo: I guess.

Nora: I never wanted to put you through that.

Bo: No, I know. I know that.

Nora: I don't want to put Clint through that. So as soon as all of this settles with Jessica and Natalie, I'm gonna tell him. Oh, boy.

Bo: You thinking about Matthew?

Nora: Of course.

Bo: I guess it wouldn't hurt to check up on him.

Nora: Yeah. I could do that.

[Telephone ringing]

Rachel: Matthew's fine, Mom.

Nora: I just wanted to know if he wanted to talk.

Rachel: Aren't you supposed to be asleep?

Nora: I'm going. I promise you won't hear from me for the next 8 hours.

Rachel: Yes, I will.

Nora: Okay. Thanks, honey. Good night.

Bo: Everything okay?

Nora: Yeah. She said everything's fine. She just was --

Bo: What?

Nora: While we've been -- I missed a call.

Bo: From?

Nora: Clint.

Dani: Mom has to have Dad's number in here somewhere. Ross. Ross.

Ross: You said if Todd finds out about Danielle, he'll feel sorry for Téa, he'll help her hide my daughter, and I'll never see her again. That's what you said.

Blair: Well, Todd is this close to taking Téa back.

Ross: Well, then tell me where Danielle is. Tell me where she is and then I can get her out of the picture.

Blair: Oh, it's that easy, huh?

Ross: Yeah. You get Todd back, I get my daughter. Everybody's happy.

Blair: She's in Seattle.

Dani: Come on. She has to have Dad's number. [Cell phone ringing] Hello?

Todd: Hello? Hello?

Gigi: Balsom, I want you to listen to me very closely. Knowing who your father is doesn't change anything. It doesn't change who you are.

Rex: Yes, it does.

Gigi: No, it doesn't. You are still the man I fell in love with. You are still Shane's dad.

Rex: And Mitch Laurence's son.

Gigi: You are not your father.

Rex: Between the time that I left you in Michigan and I saw you again in Texas, I had some pretty bad years. I never knew what was making me do the things that I did. Now -- maybe I get it. Maybe I've been like him my entire life.

Gigi: I want to show you something. Stacy gave this to me to give to you.

Rex: What is it?

Gigi: Your baby. It's amazing, isn't it?

Rex: Yeah.

Gigi: This baby has Stacy Morasco for a mother and Mitch Laurence for a grandfather. But it's still perfect. Children are not their parents. This is your future. Forget Mitch, forget the past. This is what matters.

Stacy: My sister spent the night with Schuy. Who is the slut now?

Kim: It's always the self-righteous ones.

Stacy: Oh, I can't wait. I'm gonna finish this double Rodi's burger and then so telling Rex that his precious, little Gigi is not so perfect after all.

Kim: And then what? He throws his arms around you and promises to love you and the baby forever?

Stacy: Well, maybe not exactly like that.

Kim: Do I have to do all the thinking for both of us? Ever hear of kill the messenger?

Stacy: What? Like Rex is gonna blame me for telling?

Kim: Yuh-huh.

Stacy: Okay, well, how's he gonna find out?

Kim: You have to be subtle.

Stacy: Subtle. What's subtle?

Kim: Well, every situation is unique, but the same method works for all of them. Cogitation, meditation, planning.

Stacy: Where'd you get that?

Kim: The Buchanan Enterprises web site. Guess who wrote it? Clint Buchanan, the CEO.

Stacy: And husband to Nora Buchanan, D.A.

Kim: Who's so wrapped up in her son and her ex right now that she has no time for the very rich, very lonely man she married.

[Cell phone ringing]

Clint: Nora?

Nora: Everything's fine. Matthew's fine. At least -- he had his surgery, he came out of it okay, and there's a good chance that he can walk again.

Clint: That's great. I'm happy. That's great.

Nora: Clint, is everything all right? Did -- did John find Jared?

Clint: He did.

Nora: Natalie and Jessica?

Clint: Natalie and Jessica are safe, yes, but he's -- Nora, Jared is dead.

Ross: Téa's in Seattle?

Blair: She got there last night.

Ross: You're not just telling me this to get me off your back, are you?

Blair: No. Todd's P.I. told him and then Todd told me.

Ross: So, all I have to do is get to her, make her let me see my daughter.

Blair: Come on, Ross. It shouldn't be that tough. You do have rights.

Ross: Well, in case it's slipped your mind, she's a lawyer.

Blair: Well, why don't you just pull her heartstrings? Know what? I tell you what. Why don't you tell her that I left you for Todd and Todd and I are living together with our kids?

Ross: Yeah? You think that'll work?

Blair: Yes, I think it will. Here. Take this. Go find your family before Todd sees you. Get out of here.

Todd: Who the hell is this?

Dani: Who the hell are you?

Téa: I thought I heard my phone. Who are you talking to?

Dani: Todd? Hey! Anxious much?

Téa: Todd?

Todd: Who was that?

Téa: No one. Why are you calling me?

Todd: What's that noise in the background?

Téa: What noise?

Todd: It sounds like a hospital.

Téa: Oh, I'm -- I'm visiting Matthew Buchanan. He just had surgery.

Todd: Oh.

Téa: Uh, you never told me why you're calling.

Todd: Yeah, I know you're not with Ross. He's here in Llanview causing trouble.

Téa: What kind of trouble?

Todd: Why? You miss him or something?

Téa: Why do you care? I thought you hated me.

Todd: I don't think I ever said "hate."

Téa: You didn't have to. You said you think that I'm trying to rip you off.

Todd: Listen, I know you and Ross admitted you were scamming me, and I know I believed you when you said it, but --

Téa: But what?

Todd: Well, it just doesn't really make sense, Téa, so just level with me, okay? What's the real reason you didn't tell me you were married to Ross?

Todd: Téa, I may not be a genius lawyer, but I'm not that stupid, either.

Téa: No, you're definitely not stupid.

Todd: All right, so, tell me what's going on.

Téa: You're right. Ahh. I made a mess. And I need to clean it up. Starting right now. Listen, Todd, you and I, we -- we have a --

Blair: Téa Delgado, when are you gonna stop hurting Todd with your lies?

Téa: Blair?

Blair: First you wanna take his money, now you wanna mess with his head?

Todd: Give me my phone.

Blair: No. Téa, let me tell you something right now. Todd has three kids right here that need him, so why do you wanna screw with that?

Todd: That's enough. Téa? Téa? God, Blair, she's not answering now. Thanks a lot.

Blair: I was just trying to help you and this is the thanks I get?

Todd: By stealing the phone from me?

Blair: No, I was trying to keep you from buying all of her lies. Look, she just called you to reel you back in.

Todd: She didn't call me. I called her.

Dani: Who was that jerk who called?

Téa: You thought he was a jerk?

Dani: I thought he was something else, but if I'd said it, you'd probably put me in a convent.

Téa: Ha ha ha.

Dani: Wait a minute. Is he the reason you and Dad split up?

Rex: You said Stacy gave this to you?

Gigi: Yeah.

Rex: So, you looked at this the whole time I was away?

Gigi: I don't wanna stay here.

Schuyler: Well, where do you suggest we go?

Gigi: Let's go to your place.

Rex: Gigi, maybe that's why you got sick.

Gigi: I was kind of upset.

Rex: I am so sorry.

Gigi: You don't have to be.

Rex: Yes, I do. I've been so busy thinking about -- Mitch Laurence, I didn't ask you what it was you wanted to tell me. When I came in, you thought that Roxy had already told me?

Gigi: Oh, right. That.

Rex: So, what is it?

Schuyler: So, what happened with Rex?

Roxy: I had to tell Rex something that really made me sick.

Schuyler: Roxy, you just said that --

Roxy: Even sicker than seeing Gigi leave your room.

Schuyler: Wow. Wow, that bad, huh?

Roxy: Yeah, worse. Listen, you're a teacher. What's a word that means worse than worse?

Schuyler: I taught biology, not English.

Roxy: How about superbad? At least the bastard is dead.

Schuyler: Dead?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, dead. Buried. 16 feet under.

Schuyler: We're talking about -- we're not -- I assume we're not talking about Rex.

Kim: B.E. is looking for a new executive administrative assistant. This has Kimmy written all over it.

Stacy: Do you know how to administrate?

Kim: Please. That's just Buchanan for "secretary."

Stacy: Since when do you want to be a secretary?

Kim: Since that's what powerful men are looking for.

Stacy: You're gonna have to learn how to type.

Kim: I can text. Same thing.

Stacy: Put that on your resume.

Kim: Already did.

Stacy: I don't see "pole dancer" on here anywhere.

Kim: That's because instead of pole dancer at the Quivers and Arrows Club, I am now the associate to the president at Q&A enterprises, and if anybody asks, they're in venture capital.

Stacy: Okay. And you've never worked at the rest of these places.

Kim: But the men I danced for have. And they will give me a good recommendation, or I'll call their wives.

Stacy: You really did cogitate and meditate.

Kim: Now all I have to do is get my high heel in the door so I can use it on Clint.

Stacy: That's it?

Kim: Weren't you paying attention in Vegas? We both know how easy it is to make trouble in a marriage.

Bo: Nora? What's wrong?

Nora: It's Jared. He's dead. I'm -- I'm sorry, Clint. What did you say? I didn't hear what you said.

Clint: I said I'm arranging for Jared's body to be sent home.

Nora: H-how is Natalie?

Clint: Not good. Neither is Charlie.

Nora: I wish I could be there for them, and you.

Clint: I wish you could, too, Nora.

Nora: How did this happen? Who killed Jared?

Charlie: I could've killed Laurence.

Viki: It's over now, okay? It's over.

Charlie: And I would've killed him if they hadn't pulled me off.

Viki: No. You would not have.

Charlie: I appreciate your faith in me, but I don't deserve it.

Viki: Sweetheart, you can never listen to Mitch.

Charlie: But even if he's right? Look, this is my fault, Viki. I brought this on Jared, on Natalie, on Jessica.

Viki: No. None of this is your fault.

Charlie: Yes, it is! He told me. He said Jared said that I killed a man.

Viki: Charlie.

Charlie: It's true. I didn't even know it. But I killed a man, Viki. I actually killed someone.

Detective: We're here about Mitch Laurence.

John: In here.

Viki: Don't do this to yourself. Please.

Charlie: Viki, we have to face this sometime.

Detective: Detective Deming, Napa P.D.

John: You got I.D.? Did you bring the whole department?

Deming: We weren't taking any chances.

John: This is Officer Lovett. We'll make sure we inventory everything before we take Laurence back to Llanview.

Deming: Laurence isn't going back to Llanview.

John: Excuse me?

Deming: He committed these crimes in Napa. This one belongs to us.

Stacy: Okay, so now that you've got Clint Buchanan figured out, what about me and Rex? I mean, how is he gonna find out that Gigi slept with Schuy if I don't tell him?

Kim: Trust me. I'll come up with the perfect plan.

Roxy: I can't tell you anything that I told Rex, but believe me, it was superbad and heavy.

Schuyler: Superbad and heavy is what?

Roxy: So, don't you mess with Gigi, because Rex is gonna need her more than ever.

Gigi: What I wanted to tell you -- it's not important.

Rex: You're sure?

Gigi: I'm sure.

Rex: You can tell me anything, you know.

Gigi: I know.

Rex: Geeg?

Gigi: Rex. You're a good guy. Promise me you won't forget that, okay? It doesn't matter who your father is. You're a great dad to Shane, and -- you're gonna be a great dad to that little one, too.

Rex: You're not so bad yourself, Morasco. I love you.

Gigi: I love you.

John: This guy murdered two people in Llanview.

Deming: And one in Napa. Not to mention drugging my officers.

John: You should see his rap sheet in Pennsylvania. He's coming with us.

Deming: I didn't want to do this.

Brody: John?

John: A court order?

Deming: He's ours, Lieutenant. We're taking him.

Clint: I have to go.

Nora: What?

Clint: The orderlies are here with Jared's body.

Nora: Okay. Clint --

Clint: Yeah.

Nora: I'm so sorry.

Clint: Thanks. I love you, Nora.

Nora: You, too. Bye.

Bo: What did he say?

Nora: He had to go. He's gonna -- he's gonna call back.

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: How does this happen? He's such a young guy, huh? Bo, he's dead. I don't --

[Nora sobbing]

Dani: Is that who that Todd guy was? Did he break up you and Daddy?

Téa: Why would you think that?

Dani: The way you totally freaked when I was on the phone with him.

Téa: Todd's a client.

Dani: Good. I would hate to think about you with someone that gross.

Téa: Huh. Help me.

Rachel: What happened?

Téa: Daniella was just on the phone with her own father.

Rachel: Todd?

Téa: Yeah.

Rachel: What did he want?

Téa: To forgive me, I think.

Rachel: You're kidding.

Téa: No. I was just about to tell him about Daniella, and then --

Rachel: What?

Téa: Blair got on the phone. She kept going on about how Todd has his own family, and I just lost my nerve.

Blair: You know, I know you still have feelings for Téa, but isn't that why we're here? So we can forget about all about our troubles?

[Music plays]

Blair: Oh, I love that song. Will you dance with me? Come on.

Téa: Dance with me.

Singer: Everyone's raining everyone's pouring everyone's hailing everyone's storming everyone's raging everyone's rolling everyone's raining everyone's pouring turn turn around turn around my love everyone's staying everyone's going everyone's praying everyone's growing everyone's fighting everyone's frightened everyone's raining everyone's pouring ah

Singer: Turn turn around turn my love

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