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Episode # 10567 ~ Dads Gone Wild

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Natalie: [Sobbing] Oh! [Sobbing]

Dorian: Ha ha. Ring. Ring, ring.

Starr: Aunt Dorian, they said that they would call when the votes were counted, so...

Langston: Hey, Dorian, did you see this picture of Hope --

Dorian: Honey, I'm sure it's an adorable picture, but quite frankly I'm not in the mood. Ah.

Langston: Where are you going?

Dorian: I want to see what is holding things up.

Markko: No, you can't do that. I just mean, you know, it could look like you're trying to lean on them.

Dorian: Oh. Ha. And what would be wrong with that?

Amelia: He's right. You should not go over there.

Cole: Oh, they wouldn't tell you anything anyway.

Dorian: I can't just sit around here doing nothing.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Oh!

Amelia: It's the elections committee. Amelia Bennett. Finally. Who is it? Who's the winner?

Shaun: Mmm. Smell them fries?

Destiny: I don't want fries. I want to be in Seattle, make sure Matthew's okay.

Shaun: Des, you have seen enough of the world.

Destiny: So I'm grounded for trying to help Matthew? What if Greg's too late? What if the other doctor messes up? Matthew could be paralyzed for life. Shaun, he could die.

Nance: I'm sorry.

Nora: No, no, no --

Nance: No. Matthew survived the surgery, but it didn't go as well as I'd hoped.

Bo: What are you talking about?

Nance: In my gut, I knew where the problem was, but I just couldn't find a way to get a good visual. I couldn't justify the risk of any further damage to the spinal cord. I really thought I could do this. I'm sorry I got Matthew's hopes up.

Bo: What are you saying?

Nance: You should convince Matthew that life in a wheelchair is better than no life at all.

Nora: My God.

Bo: You want me to convince him? You son of a bitch, we begged you not to get his hopes up. We begged you not to do this surgery.

Nance: Mr. Buchanan --

Bo: Then why the hell did you operate on him if you weren't sure that you could help him?

Nance: No. He wanted --

Bo: He wanted to walk again! He's gonna wake up, and he's gonna want to move his legs, he's gonna want to put these shoes on and he's gonna want to play basketball again! How the hell could you do this to him?

Greg: Hey! Hey, what's happening here?

Rachel: How's Matthew?

Nora: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Ask him.

Nance: There was some apoptosis in T12, lumbar one.

Greg: Yeah, well, we expected that.

Nance: Yeah.

Greg: Look, there's usually a good amount of inflammation after an injury's like Matthew's, which is why he needed the surgery, to relieve the pressure and allow the axons to heal.

Nance: There was just too much scar tissue. I was afraid of doing more harm than good.

Greg: Is he still under?

Nance: They're just about to close --

Greg: Well, do you mind if I take a look? I spoke with the O.R. director. I still have visiting professor privileges here.

Nance: No, I'd welcome it.

Greg: Do you mind if I scrub in?

Nora: Oh, go, please, go.

Greg: I'm not making any promises, but I'll do my best.

Destiny: Greg should be there by now. And I should be, too, but you had to rat me out to Mom and Dad.

Shaun: Well, somebody had to tell them the truth, and it wasn't gonna be you. You tell them you're going to D.C. on a class trip and then you go to London.

Destiny: I was with a grown up.

Shaun: David Vickers won't never grow up.

Destiny: That's not true.

Shaun: Des, the only thing the man thinks about is himself.

Destiny: I know for a fact that he spends most of his time thinking of you know who.

Shaun: Well, you know who left him for that sister, and from the looks of it, David Vickers is the last thing on her mind.

Dorian: What? What are they saying?

Starr: Okay, Aunt Dorian, why don't you just let her handle it?

Dorian: All right.

Starr: Just take deep breaths, okay?

Dorian: Just -- just hold on to me.

Starr: Okay.

[Dorian breathing deeply]

Cole: You better pray that she wins, otherwise you're gonna be paying for that one vote for Mrs. Banks for the rest of your life.

Markko: One vote isn't gonna change anything.

Amelia: They just finished the recount, the third recount.

Langston: Ah. Oh, okay.

Dorian: And?

Amelia: It came down to one vote. Our next mayor elect is Victoria Lord Banks.

[Dorian gasps]

Natalie: I want another doctor.

Viki: Oh, honey --

Natalie: No, no. Doctors make mistakes, you know? They sometimes think that the people are gone but they're not. Look at Hope and Chloe. It happens. I just need a doctor that I can trust who could just look at him, just look at him and...

Doctor: I'm so sorry. There was nothing that we could do. I'll give you some time to say your goodbyes.

Clint: Thank you.

Viki: Sweetheart --

Natalie: No. No...

Clint: Oh, God. There's nothing we can do to make this any easier.

Brody: I've got to make a phone call. Are you gonna be okay for a minute? I've got to let John know how it stands. Clint, uh...

Clint: Yeah?

Brody: Can you stay with Jess for a minute while I make a phone call?

Clint: Of course.

Brody: Thank you.

Natalie: You're still warm. I knew it. Come on, baby, see? You just hang in there, Jared. You just got to wake up, okay? You just got to wake up. Mitch...he can't kill you, and I'm not gonna let him! You just gotta wake up, Jared.

John: Yeah, you keep dreaming, Laurence.

Mitch: You can't pin those murders on me. Wayne Landers and Pamela Stuart? Where's the evidence?

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah.

Brody: Jared never made it out of the E.R. He died a few minutes ago.

John: How's Natalie?

Brody: She's fighting the truth. How's it going with Laurence?

John: I got to go.

John: Jared's dead. Four people saw you shoot him. You're going down, Laurence.

Mitch: Huh. I won't do a day's prison time for the shooting of your ex-girlfriend's late husband. But you will.

Roxy: Mitch Laurence? Who the hell gave you that stupid idea?

Rex: Aunt Corrine.

Roxy: Aunt Corrine. She hates me. You can't trust her at all. Mitch Laurence, as if.

Rex: She also gave me this.

Natalie: And we're gonna have a beautiful little girl with red hair that looks just like me. That's what you said. And a little boy who's just as stubborn as you. And we are going to take such good care of those babies just like we did with Chloe. We're gonna bathe them and feed them and rock them to sleep together. A little girl just like me...and a little boy...Just like you.

Charlie: Natalie. Natalie, honey. Hey. He's gone.

Natalie: No.

Charlie: He's gone.

Natalie: No, Charlie, feel his hand. It's still warm.

Charlie: I know, I know. But that embolism just went right to his heart, and he's gone now, and there's nothing that -- oh, God. There's nothing that we can do to bring him back. All we can do is...hold on. We'll just... Hold on to each other... until we can stand it.

Starr: Aunt Viki just won! That's aw --

Cole: Awful!

Starr: Aw -- it's so...awful that Aunt Dorian lost.

Langston: I -- I am so -- so sorry.

Dorian: Don't be. I'm demanding an immediate recount.

Amelia: Unfortunately the election committee has already counted those votes 3 times, and that's all they're required to do under the law. Dorian, I'm afraid it's over.

Langston: Yeah, but you know, who wants to be mayor anyway? You have to go to stupid shopping malls and kiss babies with runny noses and yell at the school board. I mean, it's a waste of who you are. You're Dorian Lord, and you stood up for gay rights by marrying Amelia, and no one is ever gonna forget that.

Starr: Hey, that's right.

Langston: Yeah.

Amelia: We made history. I just wish we were able to legalize all those marriages. I mean, to miss it by one vote.

Langston: Ah, it just doesn't seem fair.

Dorian: I should have won. I had the votes.

Amelia: But that's the thing with exit polls.

Langston: And promises.

Starr: People lie.

Dorian: Well, if some ratfink that promised me his vote voted for Viki, well, I can promise you they're gonna pay.

Destiny: I'm sorry, Shaun. I'm sorry Greg and Rachel got together behind your back.

Nora: How did you and Greg know where Bo and I were?

Rachel: Destiny.

Nora: Oh, right. I forgot. She talked to Matthew in London before he took off.

Rachel: She came to Greg and begged him to jump on the plane. She was afraid that, well, anyone other than her big brother just wasn't good enough. Greg still wasn't comfortable with the idea, but Shaun insisted.

Bo: I hope it wasn't for nothing.

Rachel: Just give him a chance. Destiny's right, this is Greg's specialty. I mean, he has a lot riding on this.

Clint: Natalie, come on, let's -- let's go get some air.

Natalie: Yeah.

Charlie: I just broke her heart.

Viki: No, you didn't. No, you didn't, Charlie. You didn't.

Charlie: Look, I'm -- I think I need a minute with my son, huh?

Viki: I'll be outside.

Charlie: Yeah.

Viki: Sweetheart, you're not alone. I'm gonna see you through this.

Charlie: Hey, pal. She's, uh...She's wrong, you know, because I did do this. You died trying to protect me. And I never lifted a finger to protect you, not when you were little when I crawled into a bottle or now when I gave Mitch Laurence a way to get to you. I'm the one. I took you from your Natalie. Took you away from your future. It was me. I killed you just as sure as if I pulled the trigger myself.

Mitch: Come on, Detective, don't you want to know why you'll be the one punished for Jared's death?

John: I don't give a damn about your theories.

Mitch: You're the reason we're here. If you had kept an open mind, if you had remained detached, none of this would have happened. But wanted to believe that Jared was guilty. Natalie will never forgive you for that, and neither will you.

Roxy: So this birth certificate, Corrine gave it to you.

Rex: Uh-huh. She also gave me this. Oh, oh, oh. You recognize it, don't you?

Roxy: Yeah, well, you know, I don't understand. How did she get this stuff?

Rex: Mitch gave it to her.

Roxy: Mitch is dead. He's been dead for years.

Rex: Not if he's my father and it's him you got the stem cells from. So you can give it up, Rox, okay? You can tell me the truth. Was Mitch Laurence the guy in the clinic? Did he save Shane's life? Is the son of a bitch my father? 

Nora: I know you think it was wrong for Bo and I to take Matthew to London, and maybe it was. I don't know. I just -- we felt like we had run out of options. Matthew was so determined to have this surgery.

Rachel: Mom, I get it. You were trying to protect him.

Bo: Yeah, and look where it got us. We practically locked him up. He still managed to get himself here.

Rachel: Some things are just bound to happen no matter how hard you try to stop them.

Greg: Ahh...

Nora: Ah, how is he? How's Matthew?

Starr: Don't look at the boys. They both voted for you.

Dorian: Well, someone was Benedict Arnold, and I intend to find out who it was.

Markko: It's not gonna change anything. I just -- I mean, you know, whoever voted for you or didn't, it's their right to choose.

Dorian: And it's my right to investigate.

Markko: But maybe he or she just changed their mind.

Dorian: I'm gonna find that wishy-washy flip-flopper and make them pay.

Rex: You can drop the bit now, okay? So that's the big secret, what you've been afraid to tell me all these years? Mitch Laurence is my father. Makes sense. I mean, you always told me that he was evil and that you were just trying to protect me. What I don't understand is why you told me that you killed him.

Roxy: Because it's the truth. 'Cause I pulled the plug on him after Shane got exactly what he needed, and that's all that counts, Rexy. And now Shane is gonna be okay and you'll never ever have to deal with that evil son of a bitch, so just leave it alone.

Rex: I can't do that!

Roxy: Why? It's over!

Rex: Mom, if Mitch Laurence is my father, it changes everything. Jessica is my sister. I can't let it go.

Jessica: I'm sorry I never told you about Mitch. I thought he was dead and I didn't want to think about him or talk about him.

Brody: And now?

Jessica: Still don't. my father through an accident of biology. Clint Buchanan is the only father I'll ever have. I will never accept Mitch Laurence as a part of my life or my daughter's. You've seen the way he works on people.

Brody: I don't like the idea of anyone one on one with that maniac. Not even McBain.

Mitch: Too bad you couldn't save Jared. Natalie's gonna blame you for sure. You're John McBain. You're supposed to keep bad things from happening to good people, but not this time. You let me kill the man she loved. How does that make you feel?

Jessica: I know you have to go, and I want you to, it's just...

Brody: You are not -- hey. You are not gonna lose --

Jessica: You don't know that. You don't know that. Nobody knows that. That's what you realize after you've been through something like this. There are no guarantees at all.

Brody: But I can take care of myself.

Jessica: I know. You just... Please be careful.

Brody: Hey, hey, baby... I know you can't help but think about Nash. Try not to scare yourself. I am coming back to you. Okay?

Jessica: Okay.

Charlie: See, I thought that after I found you again...That, you know, maybe -- maybe we'd have the time to...Look, I failed you your whole life, but I'm not gonna fail you again. If I did kill that man, well, then I guess that just means that I'm capable of doing it again.

Mitch: I know you, John. The people in your life, your family, your friends, all the hapless victims. You take on their pain. You carry it with you till you can somehow make it right. And when you can't, when the system conspires against you, you carry their deaths in your heart. It's getting pretty crowded in there, isn't it? All of those victims, so little justice. And then there's Caitlin. After her death, it all changed. You lost hope. Don't deny it. I can see it in your eyes. But cheer up, Johnny, you know, maybe you'll somehow manage to get me into prison and Natalie will forgive you and the two of you will come to believe that it was all meant to be, that I am somehow the angel of your happiness. Until of course you let her die, too.

Brody: John, don't! Wait! He's not worth it!

Charlie: So for everything that I've done...everything that I haven't done, I'm so sorry. And I just hope that somehow you know how proud you made me feel...and that I loved you. I hope you know that. Because I'm telling you, I may have been a pretty rotten father...but you were the best kid.

Charlie: I swear to you...That Mitch Laurence is gonna pay for this. I'll make sure of that.

Viki: Sweetheart.

Charlie: Yeah. I need a washroom.

Viki: I think it's down the hall.

Greg: We got lucky.

Bo: How lucky.

Greg: Well, we used a microsurgical technique and were able to successfully extract the bony fragments that were pressing on the cord.

Nora: Yeah. I don't know what that means. So in English, did you fix his spinal cord?

Greg: The actual damage to the cord wasn't that severe. It was the secondary impacts, the scarring, the inflammation. That took some doing, but we got it done.

Bo: Yeah. Are you saying that he'll be able to walk again?

Greg: If the nerves regenerate and he recovers as expected, I'm optimistic. Now, Llanview Hospital has a great physical therapy department.

Nora: Oh, thank you so much. Oh, my God. Thank you so much.

Greg: Glad I could be of help.

Bo: Can we see him?

Greg: He's on his way to recovery now. He should be waking up any minute. Just let the charge nurse know that I gave you permission.

Nora: It's here? Okay.

Bo: Doctor...thank you.

Greg: You're welcome.

Rachel: My God, you did it.

Greg: Looks good.

Rachel: So, how did it feel being back in the O.R.?

Greg: Oh, wow, a few butterflies. Ha ha. But once I got back in there, it came back to me.

Rachel: Thank you so much for helping my brother. I know we didn't make it easy on you.

Greg: Oh, it's never easy, but I couldn't have done it without you and Destiny. That kid's faith just can't be broken.

Rachel: That's what makes her so special.

Greg: Yeah. But I have to admit, it was Shaun who got me on that plane. That he could get past what's happened, he's just everything I want to be.

Dorian: Big or small, somebody promised to vote for me, and then they went back on their word. That's wrong. Am I right?

Shaun: You're right, and Destiny's too young to vote, and you know I've got your back.

Dorian: Thank you, Shaun.

Shaun: What's this all about?

Dorian: Some Judas promised to vote for me and they voted for Viki instead. What about Noelle? She was straddling the fence. So help me, if she voted for Viki --

Destiny: Before you get up all in her face, I have a message for you...from David Vickers.

Cole: Dorian finds out you went rogue...

Markko: I have the right to vote for anyone I want.

Cole: Yeah? How's it working out for you?

Markko: I'm not worried about Dorian. It's Langston. I lied to her.

Cole: If I were you, I'd fix that. Now.

Destiny: I was with David when you married that sister.

Dorian: David was here in Llanview? Did he vote for me? I thought he was in London.

Destiny: He was. We watched the ceremony on TV.

Dorian: It was on international television. I had no idea.

Shaun: Dorian, the point is, the man still has feelings for you.

Destiny: Only he can't do anything about it because he was taking me to London to help a friend of mine.

Shaun: The point is?

Destiny: If he'd stayed here, who knows? Maybe you'd actually be married to somebody you actually like.

Bo: Hey, bud.

Nora: Honey. Yeah. Honey, I'm right here. I'm right here.

Matthew: What happened?

Bo: Well, your surgery is over. You came through like a champ.

Matthew: Will I walk again?

Nora: Well, Dr. Evans said that he removed a lot of tissue and bone fragments that were pressing against your spinal cord, so he's very optimistic.

Matthew: Dr. Evans?

Nora: Oh, yeah. He arrived a little while after we did.

Bo: Yeah. He asked us if he could scrub in. We said yeah.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Matthew: Are you mad?

Nora: No, sweetheart. No. We're just so glad you're okay. We just love you so much.

Matthew: I'm really glad you guys are here.

Bo: So are we, bud. So are we.

Destiny: Why don't you call him?

Dorian: Huh. Knowing David, I'd probably go straight to voicemail. Excuse me, dear. Hello. I see you're wearing the right button. Ha ha.

Shaun: She's all about the election. Don't go calling David.

Destiny: Never. I was just checking to see if Greg had called. Nope.

Bo: He's out.

Nora: We did get to talk to him.

Greg: Oh, good, good. He'll probably sleep until tomorrow.

Nora: Okay.

Rachel: Why don't you guys get out of here, take a break? There's a hotel right next door.

Nora: Oh...

Bo: No.

Nora: I'm not gonna leave Matthew.

Rachel: Mom, you guys just went from Llanview to London to Seattle. You guys need some rest.

Greg: Yeah. Look, I don't anticipate any problems. I'll be here. If I need to reach you --

Rachel: I'll call you.

Nora: Well, you're gonna stay?

Rachel: Yes, so you go.

Greg: Look, you're not gonna do him any good by staying here and getting sick. Go on, get some rest. Doctor's orders.

Clint: Charlie's not in the men's room. I can't find him anywhere.

Viki: Oh, my...

Brody: John, John, don't do this. It's too easy.

John: Gonna take you back to Llanview, testify at your trial, and after you're sentenced, I'm gonna watch the inmates at Statesville tear you apart.

Mitch: Brody, I'm sorry you let your friend die. After I'm exonerated, I hope you will allow me to spend some time with Jessica. Daughters need their fathers in times like this.

Charlie: Yeah? What about my son, huh? What about him?

Rex: So how did it happen?

Roxy: How do you mean?

Rex: I mean you didn't willingly sleep with Mitch Laurence.

Roxy: Mitch? What are you, crazy? No, never.

Rex: Did he rape you?

Roxy: I don't want to talk about it.

Rex: I can get proof --

Roxy: How? Mitch is dead!

Rex: I'll get a DNA test. From Jessica. She'll help me if you won't.

Roxy: Wait. You're right. I owe you the truth.

Natalie: I need to see him.

Clint: You want us to come with you?

Natalie: Um, can you just give me a few minutes alone first?

Natalie: So, uh, Jess and Dad, they wanted to say their goodbyes, but I asked them to just give us a few minutes so we could be alone. So do you remember that day in Texas where you first told me that you loved me? It was a beautiful day. It was just the two of us finally. We were alone. And you told me how you felt about me, and I told you. It was such a relief to know that we had the same feelings for each other, the same dreams. Just to be together, you know, just the two of us. We'd have our lives together, and it all seemed so possible back then. There's just -- there's just one thing that I, uh...I never told you about that night. I made a wish...that I would die before you... Because I knew that I would never be able to handle you dying first.

Langston: So what's up? I don't want to leave Dorian alone for too long. She's driving everyone nuts trying to figure our who lost her the election.

Markko: It was me.

Langston: Yeah, okay. No. You did not vote for Victoria Banks.

Markko: I did. I'm the reason your mom lost the election.

Dorian: So...apparently David is in London nursing a broken heart.

Amelia: So does that mean you're on your way to London?

Dorian: Hmm.

Shaun: That was a sweet thing you did, telling Dorian about David.

Destiny: They're just meant to be. I know it.

Shaun: I used to believe in all of that.

[Phone rings]

Destiny: Greg? Tell me he's okay.

Greg: Well, see for yourself on that fancy phone of yours.


Bo: I'll be right down the hall.

Nora: Okay. Hey, Bo, he's gonna be okay.

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Bo, he's gonna be okay.

Bo: Ha. Uh, ahem. This -- you want to dance? I -- nah.

Nora: I'd love to.

Bo: Ha ha. Come here.

[Bo humming]

Nora: Ha! Oh.

Jessica: Nora's still not picking up?

Clint: No. And I am not gonna leave a message saying that my son-in-law is dead...and Mitch Laurence isn't.

Rex: So that is the big secret you've been keeping from me all these years? Mitch Laurence is my father.

Roxy: Honey, I'm so sorry.

Charlie: Argh!

[Mitch gagging]

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