One Life to Live Transcript Friday 11/13/09


Episode # 10566 ~ Angel of Death

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Mitch: What's the matter? You seem distressed. Are you worrying about Jared? Let's say a prayer for him.

John: Hopefully, Banks makes it. You, on the other hand, might have a little accident.

Mitch: The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil. My cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Doctor: Anything in the head. Any head?

Natalie: Jared, you have to listen to me. Don't you give up! Dammit, Jared, don't you leave me!

Doctor: Go on downstairs.

Mitch: Amen.

John: Oh, you done?

Mitch: Are you a non-believer, Lieutenant?

John: Yeah. I...I don't believe people like you have anything to do with God.

Mitch: I was merely saying a prayer for the dying.

John: You better hope no one's dying.

Mitch: Well, we all die, John. Some more than once... some sooner than others.

Shane: Dad? No one told me you were coming home today.

Rex: Ahh. Sorry. Things just got away from me.

Shane: But you caught the bad guy, right? So, the case is over?

Rex: I wish it were.

Shane: Does that mean that you have to leave again?

Rex: N-n-no, no, no, no way. From now on, I am staying right here with you and your mom.

Gigi: Oh, my God. What did I do?

Schuyler: Tequila. Lots of it.

Gigi: What else did I do?

Shane: And then there was that big, gay wedding. Me and Grandma went. I thought it was gonna be boring, but --

Rex: W-w-wait-wait a second. Big, gay what?

Shane: Wedding. Like, 100 couples getting married. Including Evelyn Evil's mom, who was running for mayor.

Rex: Dorian? Married a woman?

Shane: Don't you watch the news? Anyway, it was a lot cooler than I thought it was gonna be. Almost as cool as winning best group costume at the Halloween party.

Rex: That's right. Who did you end up replacing me with?

Shane: Mom's friend Schuyler. He was great.

Schuyler: How do you feel?

Gigi: Like hell. I remember... I remember deciding to go to Michigan to help Rex...his Aunt Corrine telling me on the phone that he wanted space from me... Stacy shoving her sonogram in my face. And deciding that getting hammered was the sensible thing to do. Oh, my God. I made you bring me here. Oh, my God. I threw myself at you!

Schuyler: You were -- you were drunk and mixed up and you needed a friend. That's all.

Gigi: We didn't --

Schuyler: I slept on the couch. You were drunk. I have rules about that.

Rex: Well, I can't wait to hear about everything that I missed while I was gone, but doesn't somebody have to get ready for school?

Shane: But you just got home.

Rex: And I will be right here when you get back. Go. Get ready. And where's your mom? Geege?

Gigi: Oh, my God. Noelle. Noelle. I told Noelle I'd be home and I passed out. I left Shane alone! Where's my purse? Where's my purse? Oh, my God. Did he call?

Schuyler: It's okay.

Gigi: I gotta get him to school.

Schuyler: Shane's fine. I took care of it.

Gigi: You -- you what?

Schuyler: He's fine. I promise you. He's fine.

Gigi: What did you do?

Shane: Mom's gone.

Rex: You're here all by yourself?

Noelle: Shane Morasco, come and finish your breakfast. Oh. Rex. You're -- you're home.

Rex: Why are you here but my girlfriend isn't?

Schuyler: I -- I called Noelle last night. I just made sure she could stay until you got home this morning.

Gigi: Oh, thank God. I owe you big time.

Schuyler: Oh, don't mention it.

Gigi: I have to mention it. You took care of me. You took care of my kid. I won't forget this.

Schuyler: Uh, uh, uh, wait, Gigi, wait, wait.

Gigi: What?

Schuyler: Uh, sweatshirt. You're still wearing it.

Gigi: Yeah. Sorry. Ha ha.

Schuyler: You got it? Okay.

Gigi: Pfft.

Schuyler: You're good.

Gigi: Wish me luck.

Schuyler: Okay.

Bo: I'm a police commissioner.

Nurse: You cannot come in here and disrupt surgery.

Nora: But they're performing the surgery on our son.

Bo: Without our consent.

Nurse: I'm sorry but this is a sterile environment.

Téa: Not so fast, my friend.

Woman: Excuse me, what is the problem here?

Nora: You have a doctor who is performing a life-threatening, illegal procedure on our son.

Nurse: I don't know about that, but Dr. Nance and his surgical team have already begun.

Bo: What?!

Nora: Stop them!

Woman: You must be Matthew Buchanan's parents.

Bo: Yes, and you've got to get in there right now.

Woman: I'm sorry. I can't just go barging into the O.R.

Nora: But we're his parents.

Woman: Yes, but you have no legal rights in this case. I have your son's chart right here, and it includes the court order he obtained granting him the right to give his own consent to surgery.

Nora: Thanks to her.

Charlie: How did Jared get mixed up with this maniac and get shot?

Jessica: Mitch told Jared... that he had something on Charlie.

Viki: Charlie?

Jessica: Mitch said Charlie killed someone and that he's a murderer.

Doctor: All right, give me some [Indistinct] Four O. Where's the pleuravac? Now.

Nurse: I got a faint pulse here. Correlates to the telemonitor. BP's falling. 90 palpish.

Doctor: All right, get this to the lab. Tell them we got a level one trauma here. We're gonna need plenty more of that.

Natalie: Why haven't you fixed him yet?

Doctor: Let's go, let's go, let's go. Let's get him two units, uncrossed, matched blood.

Natalie: What's going on?

Doctor: Get her out of here!

Natalie: I will sue you. I swear to God, I will sue every single one of you if you don't save him. No, they're not working fast enough. Jared! Jared, listen to me! Wake up!

[Marcie wailing]

Michael: Almost there, Marce.

Marcie: Drugs. Michael, I need drugs. I need drugs now, Michael, please.

Doctor: Marcie, you're in transition labor.

Michael: Too late for an epidural, honey.

Marcie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Michael: Those were contractions. Those hard kicks that you felt on the plane, those were contractions.

Marcie: I didn't even think it was anything, I swear. Oh, my God. What was that? What was that? Oh, God, I think my water just broke.

Doctor: That's not uncommon.

Marcie: No. No, no, see, Doctor, you have to stop the labor. Please, Michael, please tell her she has to stop the labor. It's too soon. I swear it's too soon.

Doctor: Due dates don't matter now. Your baby wants out today.

[Marcie sobbing]

[Knocking on door]

Schuyler: Uh, coming. Hey, what'd you forget? Oh, hey, Roxy, what's up? Ow. Ow! Roxy! What the hell?

Roxy: You know what you did!

Schuyler: What are you talking -- hey, hey. Enlighten me.

Roxy: You're trying to snag my son's girl.

Noelle: Gigi called me real early. Some kind of situation at the bar. It was urgent. She had to run right down there.

Rex: An urgent the bar...before 9:00 in the morning?

Noelle: Maybe she had to cover for somebody?

Rex: They're not open yet.

Noelle: I know. Um, oh, I remember. It was some kind of delivery.

Rex: Of what?

Noelle: Beats me. So I just, you know, came over to make sure that Shane got to school all right, and as soon as he's finished with his breakfast...

Rex: Since when does Gigi have to meet the beer truck?

Noelle: Rex, I'm just helping out a friend. What's with the third degree?

Shane: Finished my breakfast and I'm ready for school. Something wrong?

[Door opens]

Gigi: Rex.

Téa: In the plane on the way here, I kept praying, "Please, God, let Daniella be okay so I can kill her myself."

Dani: You're doing a pretty good job of it already. Sticking me in a boarding school? Not letting me see Dad?

Téa: Just because we have a disagreement does not mean that you can take off.

Dani: Isn't that you got out of your marriage to Dad? I only came here to help Matthew. And when that's done, when he's finally on his feet, I'm going to Tahiti to find my dad.

Téa: No, you're not, Daniella.

Dani: Dani!

Téa: No, Daniella, you are coming with me.

Dani: Keep giving me orders, Téa. You'll lose me just as the Buchanans stand to lose Matthew.

Téa: Did you just call me "Téa"?

Nora: If you do not stop that surgery right now, I'm gonna slap a lawsuit on this hospital that you will not believe, and your Dr. Nance? He won't be able to sell snake oil from a push cart!

Woman: I am very confident with the legal position of this hospital. Now, your son's surgery is in progress and it won't be halted. Any further disturbances will be met with security.

Nora: Oh, God, Bo. There's nothing else for us to do, is there?

Natalie: Jared's gonna be okay. He heard me. You know, he opened his eyes and then he squeezed my hand when they were taking him away.

Charlie: He is strong, isn't he?

Natalie: The strongest.

Charlie: Yeah.

Clint: Natalie?

Natalie: Dad?

Clint: I'm here, honey. I'm here and everything's gonna be all right. I promise you.

John: Good. Pass the word along.

Mitch: So, when does the Napa cop take me in?

John: He doesn't. I'm taking your ass back to Llanview.

Mitch: For what?

John: The murder of Pamela Stuart.

Mitch: Please, John. Can I call you that? Save yourself the time and embarrassment. I didn't kill that poor woman. Jared Banks did.

John: That's how you're gonna play it?

Mitch: I tried to save Ms. Stuart from that maniac. He held a gun to my head. He kept me captive ever since then.

John: Why would Jared kill Pamela Stuart?

Mitch: You'd better ask him that. While you still can.

Clint: I would've been here sooner, honey, but I was in London. I left as soon as your mother called me. How is Jared?

Viki: Clint, he was shot in the chest. The doctors are working on him right now.

Clint: Okay. Hey, you tell me what I can do. Anything. Just name it, honey.

Natalie: You're doing it, Dad.

Jessica: Doctor, how's Jared?

Natalie: He's gonna be all right, isn't he?

Schuyler: I'm not -- I didn't --

Roxy: You save it for someone whose last name ain't Balsom. I know what you're doing. I saw it with my own eyes.

Schuyler: What do you think you saw?

Roxy: I saw Gigi tiptoeing outta here doing the walk of shame, and I know that because I practically invented it.

Schuyler: Roxy, it was nothing like that. Gigi had a little too much to drink. I took her back here to sleep it off.

Roxy: With you?

Schuyler: Alone.

Roxy: Right.

Schuyler: Roxy, if you think I'm the kind of guy who would take advantage of drunk girls, maybe I shouldn't be staying here.

Roxy: Other girls are somebody else's problem, but this is my son's girl, so why the hell didn't you take her home?

Schuyler: Because I didn't want Shane to see her like that.

Roxy: Why? Was she that messed up? Uhh. Oh, Gigi, why did you go and do this?

Schuyler: Ask your son.

Noelle: All finished at Rodi's already? How'd everything go with that delivery?

Gigi: Had to come home. I wasn't feeling well.

Shane: What's wrong, Mom?

Gigi: Don't worry about me. I just need to --

Noelle: You know what, Shane? Why don't I take you down to the bus stop, huh?

Gigi: Everything's fine, honey. Really. Go on.

Shane: I'll see you when I get home, Dad?

Rex: You bet.

Shane: Last one to the corner's a rotten egg.

Noelle: Oh, hey!

Rex: I missed you, Morasco, but I'm home.

Gigi: For now.

Rex: For good. I told him that. I'm not going anywhere, Geege.

Gigi: Welcome home.

Rex: Tequila?

Gigi: Dropped a bottle this morning. I missed you.

Rex: I missed you, too, Morasco.

Gigi: Really? Is that why you needed space?

Rex: Why would you think that?

Gigi: I don't know, Rex. I called you a million times. I never heard back. So I called Corinne and she's the one who told me.

Rex: Told you what?

Gigi: Come on, Rex, you needed space. I get it. But why couldn't you have just told me yourself?

Rex: Because that is not true. Aunt Corinne lied to you, just like she lied to me.

Gigi: Why?

Rex: That's what I'm still trying to figure out.

John: You really think you're gonna lay this on Jared?

Mitch: I have my own guilt to deal with. I will live for the rest of my life with the knowledge that I failed to prevent Jared from raining terror on poor Jessica and Natalie. But he won't be hurting them anymore.

Doctor: Jared's alive. We extracted the bullet, but he lost quite a lot of blood.

Charlie: Okay, but he's gonna be okay?

Doctor: We managed to stabilize him.

Natalie: I need to see him.

Doctor: Well, the bullet did quite a bit of damage to Jared's lung. We're taking him up to surgery right now.

Viki: Do you think his wife and his father could just spend a few minutes with him?

Doctor: All right, a few minutes, but only one at a time.

Charlie: Okay. Look, um... you go first.

Natalie: Thank you. See? I told you he was gonna be okay.

Viki: Hopefully the worst is over.

Charlie: Yeah, thank God. Now somebody just point me in the direction of Mitch Laurence.

John: So, everything that happened was Jared's doing. Where's your evidence?

Mitch: In your police reports, of course. What did your department keep telling the media? That Jared was a "person of interest"? Lovely phrase. Huh. Anything that you guys are unaware of, I will be happy to fill in. He confessed the whole thing to me.

John: Yeah. That'll hold up in court.

Mitch: Yeah, he seemed quite proud of what he had done. Getting away with murder. But you know, as a father, I can't hold him completely responsible. The apple never falls far from the tree.

John: I don't know what that means.

Viki: Sweetheart, we need to talk for a minute about -- about Jared and Mitch and how...all of this came to pass.

Natalie: Hey. Welcome back.

Jared: Are you okay?

Natalie: I'm much better now. No, no, no. You got to leave that on. You got to leave it on.

Jared: Just kiss me, Sparky.

Viki: Apparently, Mitch told the girls how he was able to coerce Jared into helping him.

Charlie: I knew it. I knew. I knew that Jared couldn't come up with this crazy stuff all by himself. He was forced. But -- but how? How? How did that psycho get to Jared?

Viki: Through you.

Natalie: So you're gonna be okay. All right? So they'll just have to take you down for a little surgery to fix that lung of yours.

Jared: I know.

Natalie: And don't be worried. I'm gonna be right here with your dad the whole time, okay?

Jared: Dad?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, baby. He's here. Go...

Jared: I -- I gotta talk to him.

Natalie: Shh. Lay down.

Jared: I need to talk to him.

Charlie: What do I have to do with it? I don't even know this Laurence guy.

Viki: No, but apparently he knows something about you, something that's...very bad.

Charlie: What?

Viki: Oh, God.

Charlie: Just tell me. Viki, what is it?

Viki: Charlie, he said that -- that you killed somebody.

[Marcie sobbing]

Michael: Do your cleansing breath. Marce, you're doing great. You're doing great. You're almost fully dilated. Doing great.

Marcie: I don't feel so great, Michael. Michael, I'm scared. I know -- I know that I said I would do anything to have this baby, Michael, but what if I can't?

Michael: Oh, come on, Marcie. Women -- no, women do this every day and you are the strongest person I know.

Marcie: I thought I had 6 more weeks, Michael. It hurts so much and I don't know how to be in so much pain and be scared for the baby, too.

Michael: Don't be scared for the baby. Don't be scared for the baby. The baby will be fine, and so will you, okay? This baby is our -- our miracle.

Marcie: Here comes another one...oh!

Michael: What?

Marcie: I feel like I have to push.

Michael: Right now?

Marcie: Yes. Right now.

Doctor: How's she doing?

Michael: She's pushing!

Doctor: Already? Let's do this!

Marcie: Okay. [Grunting]

Roxy: You're seriously gonna stand here and blame my son for you putting the moves on his woman?

Schuyler: Roxy, for the last time, I did not put any moves on Gigi. She was in a bad way last night and I took care of her. If Gigi could've leaned on the man she loves last night instead of me, she would have, believe me, but Rex was nowhere to be found.

Roxy: Oh, and that practically broke your little heart, didn't it?

Schuyler: Okay, I don't -- I don't have to listen to this.

Roxy: You want her. It's written all over your face.

Rex: Have I really screwed things up?

Gigi: You had to do what you had to do for your sister.

Rex: That's not what I'm asking. What the heck am I doing? I -- you feel like crap and I'm putting all this pressure on you. Here, just sit down.

Gigi: I'm just a little nauseous.

Rex: Can I -- can I get you something? Seltzer? Soda crackers?

Gigi: No, no, I just need to lie down.

Rex: All right. That good?

Gigi: Perfect. Thank you. Um, so from the beginning, what happened?

Rex: That can wait until you're feeling better. Right now I need to do something first, if that's -- okay.

Gigi: Okay. Go. I'd rather do this alone. No, no. I'm icky.

Rex: Not to me, you're not. I love you. And this... waits for no ick.

Dani: What?

Téa: Root beer. Your favorite.

Dani: Yeah, when I was, like, 10.

[Téa sighs]

Dani: What do you want?

Elijah: To give you a swift kick in the ass, but that'd be child abuse, so, just have to settle for setting you straight. Go easy on your mother.

Téa: I owe you an apology, Nora. I was wrong to take Matthew's case.

Nora: Wow.

Téa: It was the wrong thing to do.

Nora: You spend a few minutes with the daughter you kept a big secret, and after she tries to put a continent and an ocean between you and her, that's when you begin to understand that helping my son endanger his life may not have been the best call after all? Wow, Téa. If this is what it takes to arouse parental instincts in you, I really worry about your daughter.

Charlie: Viki. You know me. I'm -- I'm not a killer.

Viki: Oh, of course you're not. I know that. And obviously, Mitch is the lunatic here, but it leaves the question, Charlie, why Jared went along with it.

Natalie: Charlie. Charlie, Jared needs to see you.

John: That's your big news? You got something on Charlie Banks?

Mitch: Who's Charlie Banks?

John: Try that one in court.

Mitch: Look, I told you. Jared had me captive. I had just gotten out of that cage he had me in when he arrived with Jessica and Natalie, both of whom threatened my life in the past, by the way. Luckily, I'd just been able to get ahold of Jared's gun.

John: Self-defense.

Mitch: As God is my witness.

John: They're more afraid of your rap sheet back in Llanview. Especially now that all those charges will be reinstated since you've rejoined the living.

Mitch: Oh, I have a feeling the statute of limitations is on my side. Admit it, John. You can't touch me.

Charlie: Look at you.

Jared: Ha ha.

Charlie: Always knew you were a fighter.

Jared: We gotta figure out a plan to protect you.

Charlie: Okay, no, no. Don't -- you don't have to protect me from anything. All right? I know Mitch Laurence says that I did something...

Jared: You did. You killed my stepfather. You came over drunk one night when I was, like, 9, and he tried to get you to leave... but you guys got into it. You hit him. He fell back, hit his head. You just staggered out...

Charlie: You know, I didn't like your stepfather, okay? But I swear to God, Jared, I didn't -- I mean, I -- I don't remember this.

Jared: Mom and Pamela just told the cops it was an accident. They never even said you were there.

Charlie: Okay, you know, this has to be a mistake.

Jared: It's not. I saw it happen, Dad. You killed him.

Charlie: Look, I -- you never... said anything.

Jared: I knew you didn't remember. And you were doing so well. You had Viki.

Charlie: Hey, listen. This Mitch Laurence guy. How does he figure into it all?

Jared: I'm sorry.

Charlie: Jared, what?

Jared: I hated you for so long. I hated my mother for covering for you. When I went to prison, I was -- [Coughs] -- Oh, so full of hate. I told another inmate what happened that night.

Charlie: What, that -- Wayne Landers guy?

Jared: They must've hooked up when he got out of prison.

Charlie: And -- and...he used this to keep you in line?

Jared: They said that they'd turn you in if I didn't do what they said. I don't want to lose you again. Now that I've finally gotten you back.

Dani: You can't talk to me like that.

Elijah: The hell I can't. I'm your uncle, remember?

Dani: You've been that for, like, two days.

Elijah: Listen, your father is my brother, okay? Your mother's doing the right thing by protecting you from him. Trust me. Your mother loves you.

Dani: She loves me so much she doesn't want anyone to know I exist. I'm drowning in her love.

Elijah: I know it's tough. Just think about what I said, okay?

Téa: You're right. It is too little too late. But I've spent the last 24 hours thinking I might never see Daniella again and I --

Nora: Yeah, it's kinda scary, isn't it? When you realize that your child can be gone just like that.

Téa: Matthew is gonna be okay.

Nora: You can't possibly know that.

Téa: You're right. But I'm here. And if you need a friend, I'm what you got.

Schuyler: How I feel or don't feel about Gigi is none of your business.

Roxy: Oh, excuse me, but it is when I see Gigi stumbling out of here this morning. Listen, man, this is the only family that I got, and I'm not gonna stand back and let some horny wannabe Dr. Feelgood take an ax to my family

Schuyler: Get out. Get out!

Roxy: You stay away from her, and if you don't, the next time I see you, I will be serving you an eviction notice.

John: No statute of limitations on murder.

Mitch: Well, when I tell my story, there won't be a dry eye in the courtroom.

John: Yeah, well, I'm sure there'll be plenty of people lined up to testify against you.

Mitch: Ah. There truly is no place like home. So many people I just cannot wait to see.

Roxy: Hey, Rexy, you're back.

Rex: Just the parent I'm looking for.

Viki: Charlie?

Charlie: Yeah, um... Jared wants to see you again.

Natalie: Okay.

Viki: Sweetheart... what happened?

Charlie: All that time, I thought I was protecting my boy. I'm the reason he got shot.

Viki: Oh, no, no. That can't be true.

Charlie: No, it's true. Look, I killed a man, and I can't even remember it. Now because of that... I almost killed my son.

Jared: I'm sorry I didn't tell you everything. I just wanted to protect my dad. I thought I could handle it.

Natalie: I know. No. It's okay. Just the next time, you better promise me that you come to me first, you hear me?

Jared: I don't think there's gonna be a next time. I'm so cold.

Natalie: Jared.

[EKG beeping rapidly]

Natalie: Jared? Jared? Help! We need a doctor! Jared. Jared!

Doctor: I can see the head.

Michael: We're so close, Marcie. You just gotta push one more time, okay, baby? Just one more big push.

Marcie: Okay.

[Marcie grunting, sobbing]

Michael: Good girl. Good girl. 

Nora: I appreciate the offer, I do, but I'm not gonna ask you to pretend to be someone you're not.

Téa: I'll be praying for Matthew.

Bo: What was that about?

[Nora sighs]

Dani: These are Matthew's. His friend Destiny gave them to him, for when he could walk again. I told him I'd keep them for him.

Bo: Thank you.

Téa: We should give them some space, okay?

Dani: I'm not leaving the hospital before I see Matthew.

Téa: No, Daniella. We won't leave the hospital until you see Matthew. I just think we should give Bo and Nora some space, all right?

Dani: Okay.

Marcie: Oh...oh, Michael. [Giggles]

Michael: Welcome to this world, little man.

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: No one can take you away from us. What do we -- what are we gonna call him?

Marcie: I don't know. When I thought about boys' names, all I could think about was Tommy, but that didn't seem right.

Michael: Yeah, yeah. And here we thought you were gonna be Gabrielle.

Marcie: Yeah. What about Gabriel? You're our angel. Gabriel.

Dr. Nance: Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan?

Nora: Dr. Nance?

Bo: How'd it go?

Dr. Nance: I'm afraid I have some bad news.

[Cell phone ringing]

Schuyler: Hey. Gigi. Everything okay?

Gigi: Yeah. Yeah. Um, I just wanted to say thanks again for taking care of me last night.

Schuyler: Oh, no need.

Gigi: Yeah, there is. Rex came home this morning.

Schuyler: Before you got back?

Gigi: Yeah, and Noelle had this cover story for me, and I went along with it.

Schuyler: Cool.

Gigi: Yeah.

Schuyler: Yeah, the last thing you needed was for Rex to come down on you for something --

Gigi: That never even happened.

Schuyler: Exactly.

Gigi: Because nothing happened, right?

Schuyler: Right. Uh...except there's something you need to know.

Gigi: Oh, my God. What? What is it?

Schuyler: Roxy saw you leave my place this morning.

Roxy: So, when did you get back in town?

Rex: This morning.

Roxy: Oh, good, and not a moment too soon. Listen...there's something I really gotta tell --

Rex: Save it. I know who my father is.

Roxy: What?

Rex: Mitch Laurence.

Mitch: So, when do I get my phone call? If I'm going back to Llanview, I have preparations I need to make.

[Phone rings]

John: Hey.

Michael: Congratulations, Uncle John.

John: Already?

Michael: Yes, he's little, but he's fine.

John: He?

Michael: Gabriel. Gabriel Thomas McBain.

John: That's a good name.

Michael: Are you gonna come visit soon?

John: Count on it. I just have one thing I need to take care of first.

Clint: Natalie, what happened?

Natalie: I don't know. I don't know. One minute he was talking, and the next minute he wasn't.

Jessica: Hey, hey, hey, hey. They'll fix him. They fixed him before, ok?

Natalie: Ok.

Dr. Nance: [Clears throat] I'm sorry.

Jessica: Oh, no.

Dr. Nance: He developed an embolism as a result of the gunshot wound. It must have lodged in his heart.

Natalie: What are you saying?

Dr. Nance: I am so sorry. Jared is dead.

[Natalie gasps then starts sobbing]

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