One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/20/09


Episode # 10548 ~ London Calling

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Nikolas: Sorry, Grandmother. I won't allow you to cause any trouble for me or for Elizabeth or for Lucky, or for anyone else, for that matter.

Helena: Oh, my darling, it's a -- it's a gift to be able to lie so convincingly. No wonder Lucky never suspected anything. But then why would he? Lucky has a streak of honor and decency that even I couldn't burn out of him. It would never occur to him that you're having a tawdry little affair with Elizabeth.

Nikolas: I should have left you to die in Greece.

[Door opens]

Rebecca: Whatever you're saying to Nikolas, I'm sure it's awful and there's a good chance it's about me.

Helena: Hmm. And people think I'm narcissistic.

Dorian: My campaign is not about your fragile ego!

David: Oh, are we talking about your campaign? Silly me; I thought we were talking about your girl-on-girl nuptials, if you know what I mean.

Dorian: My gay wedding is my campaign.

Langston: Well, then you may as well throw in the towel. Because this wedding ain't happening.

Nick: This is really happening. You're actually marrying Dorian Lord.

Amelia: Symbolically, but it's a start.

Nick: And if everything goes the way we want it to, this --

Amelia: Yeah, that's a big "if."

Nick: No, but this could be the biggest step forward for this cause, ever.

Amelia: Our little local movement could inspire other communities to step up. We could actually go all the way to the state assembly.

Nick: Ah, just think. By this time next year, gay marriage might finally be legal.

Amelia: It's a nice dream. But to make that dream come true, we have to play all our cards right. That means initiating phase two of my plan.

Kyle: What's phase two?

Amelia: That, my friend, would be you.

Oliver: Hey, John?

John: Fish, you're not supposed to be here.

Oliver: Yeah, I know. It's my day off, but I figured with Jared Banks on the run, you could use all the manpower you can get.

John: No, that's not what I meant. I -- hey, hang on a second.

Viki: Charlie?

Charlie: Oh, hey. Hey, sweetheart. I'm -- I'm sorry for sneaking out like that. It's just that I didn't want to wake you up.

Viki: No, it's not a problem. I got your note. What are you doing?

Charlie: Huh? Oh -- um -- well, the police think that Jared was here last night, so I just thought that I might be able to find something that -- that they missed. You know, something that would tell me where he's gone, what he's doing. I -- but there's nothing.

Viki: Oh, sweetheart --

Charlie: No, I mean. Viki, he's my son. And I feel like I'm losing him again.

Natalie: Are we any closer in finding Jared?

John: Natalie, it's like I told you. When I know, you will know.

Natalie: Well, what about the forensics at the lodge? Pamela's autopsy. I mean, do you have any leads on who killed her?

John: Something did turn up at the lodge.

Natalie: What is it?

John: It's Jared's wallet.

Greg: Follow my pen with your eyes, not moving your head.

Shaun: Come on, man. Didn't we do all of this after I woke up last night? I got to get out of here.

Mr. Evans: Why? You have someplace to be?

Shaun: Hell, yeah. I'm 5 weeks late to the best date of my life. It's not polite to keep a lady waiting.

[Shaun chuckles]

Destiny: Hey, it's me. I know it's early in Seattle, but I wanted to wish you good luck on your operation. And, Matthew, I wanted to tell time I see you, you'd better be walking around in those sneakers I got you. Okay? Destiny out.

Rachel: Was that Matthew?

Destiny: Just his voicemail. I figured they're probably prepping him for the surgery.

Nora: Okay, I think I overpaid the cabby. He said the fare was 10 quid, so I gave him 10 pounds. How much is a quid?

Matthew: Let me have my phone and I'll look it up. What, are you afraid I'll call the judge and tell her that you've kidnapped me? That you're imprisoning me and sending me to some lame British boarding school?

Bo: Matthew, I know you're not thrilled about this, but you've got to knock it off.

Matthew: So first you won't let me walk, and now you won't even let me talk?

[Matthew scoffs]

Matthew: Parents of the year, really.

Kevin: Hey, guys! Welcome to London.

Nora: Kevin!

Kevin: So, how was the trip? 

Nora: You're going to have to excuse us. We're just all exhausted from the flight. You look great, though.

Kevin: Oh. Thanks. Sorry I'm a welcoming committee of one. Joey and Cord are in Beijing on business, and Kelly took Zane to look at a preschool.

Bo: Preschool? Already? Oh, man. We can't wait to see this little guy.

Nora: Oh, absolutely.

Kevin: I am telling you, he is a Buchanan to the core. Except for the Texas twang, of course. The kid's as British as a crumpet.

Matthew: Sounds like he's becoming his own person. But you better watch out, 'cause soon, he might end up making his own decisions for himself. You'll just have to send him to boarding school, too.

Nora: Matthew, will you just --

Bo: Give it a rest.

Matthew: What, are you afraid Kevin'll take my side?

Kevin: No -- listen, we're all on your side, Matthew. We just want you to be okay.

Matthew: So you're in on this, too? Great family.

Rachel: Have you actually spoken to Matthew since they flew out last night?

Destiny: No, have you?

Rachel: No.

Destiny: Not even to wish him luck?

Rachel: I wanted to, but, you know, the plane was taking off, and they had to turn off their phones. But I did say a prayer for him this morning.

Destiny: Like you used to for Shaun, right? And look at him now.

Rachel: Um -- you don't worry about Matthew. He's going to be just fine. How about Shaun? Is he seeing visitors yet?

Destiny: My parents have been in there all morning. But the only person he really wants to see is you.

Greg: And we're done. Everything looks great.

Shaun: I'm out of here.

Greg: Uh -- lie back down.

Shaun: You just said it looks great.

Greg: Yeah. I know you want to get back to the rest of your life, but it's best that we don't take any chances, not yet.

Shaun: But I feel fine.

Greg: Shaun --

Mr. Evans: Now, take it easy, son. I mean, Rachel waited all this time for you to get better.

Mrs. Evans: Uh-huh.

Mr. Evans: Didn't she? Well, she'll wait a while longer.

Mrs. Evans: Mm-hmm.

Shaun: Something tells me that you wouldn't feel this way if you were in this bed, worrying if someone out there was going to make a play for Mom.

Mrs. Evans: Huh. Your father wouldn't give that notion a second thought, because he thinks I only have eyes for him.

[Mr. Evans chuckles]

Mrs. Evans: I do hate it when he's right.

Mr. Evans: And just like your mother only has eyes for me --

Mrs. Evans: Rachel only has eyes for you.

Greg: Well, it's not like they're engaged, Mom.

Shaun: What's that supposed to mean? Have I got some competition?

Natalie: Where did you find this?

John: In the couch, near where Pamela's body was.

Natalie: And we're supposed to believe that this fell out of Jared's pocket while he was beating her to death, right?

John: Did I say that?

Natalie: You know, Jared could have dropped that and then left before Pamela even arrived. Or someone could have planted it.

Clint: John, Natalie's right. The wallet proves nothing.

John: In itself, no, but there's other evidence.

Natalie: Screw the evidence! I mean, when have you ever just relied on evidence to tell you who was and wasn't guilty?

Clint: Natalie, you ought to try and calm down.

Natalie: No, you -- you always rely on your gut, John. So what is your gut telling you right now? Is Jared a murderer?

Viki: Sweetheart, don't, don't. Don't give up hope. We will find him.

Charlie: And how are we going to do that?

Viki: Well, fortunately, you married a newspaper publisher, who has no qualms whatsoever about using that paper to find her son-in-law and prove his innocence.

Charlie: Thank you.

Viki: You're welcome. Tomorrow's front page will carry a story about an innocent man being set up, okay? And it will go on "The Banner's" website, and we will ask readers to contact us if they have any information whatsoever that can help Jared.

Charlie: Okay, that sounds like a plan.

Viki: Yes. The only thing is, somebody has to write the piece. Now, I would do it, but you know Jared much, much better.

Charlie: Oh, no, now, come on. No, I'm not a writer.

Viki: Darling, you put words together very well. All right. We'll do it together, okay?

Charlie: Okay.

Reporter: Mrs. Banks, why should Llanview elect a mayor whose stepson is wanted for two murders?

Kyle: So how do I figure into phase two?

Amelia: Ah, Nick hasn't told you?

Kyle: Nope.

Amelia: I didn't think you kept secrets from your man.

Nick: No, it's not a secret, it's just -- I was waiting for the right moment.

Kyle: Well, I think that moment has arrived.

Amelia: Oh, well, I got to get back to H.Q. And I -- I think if you speak from your heart, Kyle might say yes.

Kyle: Yes to what?

Dorian: Why aren't you two in school? I'm running for mayor. I can't have truants running around the house.

Starr: They gave us the day off to volunteer in a homeless shelter.

David: I smell a photo op. Ooh, but I don't like to smell the homeless.

Langston: When were you planning on telling us that you're engaged to a woman?

Dorian: Oh, that?

Langston: Yeah, that.

Dorian: I was going to tell you, just never came up.

Langston: Because you've been avoiding us.

Dorian: Can you blame me? How did I know that you wouldn't shun me?

Langston: Oh!

Starr: Oh, come off it. Half of our friends are gay.

Langston: And you are so not gay. This whole thing is a political ploy. And I'm thinking of helping my community by calling up "The Sun" and telling them that myself.

Dorian: Human sexuality is...very complex, very layered...

Langston: Yeah -- I'm dialing.

Dorian: Okay, I'm not gay. What's the big deal?

Langston: Uh -- hello? You're getting married to someone who is.

Dorian: For a good cause.

Starr: Your election.

Dorian: Right. And once I am elected mayor, I am going to usher in an era of justice and equality for all of Llanview's citizens. Now, don't you want that?

Langston: Of course we do, but that --

Dorian: Then get on board. Otherwise, it's not going to look real.

Starr: But it isn't real.

Dorian: Well, if it were real, then it wouldn't matter whether you were on board or not.

Langston: Dorian, I get that you want to win, but is this really the way?

David: She's got a point. Viki's got another dead body on her hands. We may not need this lesbian wedding to clinch.

Amelia: Oh, yes, we do. If Dorian backs out now, she'll look like a quitter and a liar. And Viki will win. Is that what you want?

Charlie: You watch what you say about my family. Now, if you'll excuse us...

Reporter: Mrs. Banks, can Llanview trust you not to use the mayor's office to influence the case against your son-in-law?

Charlie: My son is innocent.

Reporter: The LPD has identified him as a person of interest in two murders. The people deserve Mrs. Bank's word that she'll allow a proper investigation, unlike her predecessor.

Viki: Darling, it's okay.

Charlie: No...

Viki: Shh. It's all right. It's okay. The people of this town deserve a mayor who will uphold the law, and stand by her family. I believe in this country, we are still considered innocent until proven guilty. I will not denounce my son-in-law. He hasn't even been charged with anything. Let's go, Charlie.

Charlie: Some campaign manager I turned out to be. I can't even handle one reporter.

Viki: Oh, sweetheart, you're not a campaign manager now. You're a father worried about his son. Now, let's just go.

John: Natalie, I'm not going to discuss a case with a suspect's wife, even if it's you.

Natalie: So Jared is a suspect. Do you think that he's guilty?

Clint: Natalie, come on. Keep in mind, John is on our side.

Natalie: So then prove it. Stop wasting time trying to pin this on Jared and find out who's framing him.

Clint: Would you excuse us for just a minute?

John: I think it's a good idea.

Oliver: Well, that was intense.

John: She's scared. She doesn't like to be scared.

Oliver: Is there anything I can do to help?

John: No.

Oliver: I could join the search, man the tip line...

John: Fish, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Oliver: I don't understand.

John: You can't be on the premises.

Natalie: God, I said -- I promised myself I wasn't going to fly off the handle with John, and so much for that.

Clint: Honey, he doesn't want Jared to be guilty any more than we do.

Natalie: I know. And I know that getting mad at John is not going to bring Jared home any faster. I know that.

Clint: That's right. Honey, we are going to get to the bottom of this.

[Phone rings]

Clint: I'm sorry. I'll turn this thing off.

Natalie: No, dad, it's -- it's Nora. You should take it.

Clint: Well, I can call her back.

Natalie: No, it's okay. I'm -- I'm going to go get myself together. Go on.

Clint: All right.


Clint: Hello, honey.

Nora: [Gasps] Oh, God, I'm glad to hear your voice.

Clint: It's good to hear yours, too. How was the flight?

Nora: Long, bumpy, literally and figuratively.

Clint: Oh, Matthew took it hard, huh?

Nora: Oh, no, he loved being shanghaied in a private jet. Oh, he hates me, Clint.

Clint: Nora, he doesn't hate you. He's angry, but he's going to get over that.

Nora: I hope you're right.

Clint: Are you sure you don't need me?

Nora: I always need you. But I'll figure out some way to do without you for a while.

Clint: Well, not for too long, I hope. Nora, I love you.

Nora: I love you, too.

Nora: Hey.

Matthew: How do you call America from here?

Nora: You don't. Not until I can trust you.

Matthew: You seriously want to talk trust? Fine. If I can't call out, there's plenty I could say here. And maybe I'll start with Kevin.

Kevin: I got to tell you, seeing Matthew in that wheelchair...I just don't know how you can stand it.

Bo: Sometimes I can't.

Kevin: Well, you know, I'll talk to him, if you want me to.

Bo: I can use all the help I can get right now, Kev. But I got to give you a heads-up. Matthew doesn't pull any punches these days.

Kevin: Well, Duke was the same way, when we were at each other right up until I lost him. I just don't want to see you and Matthew end up the same way.

Bo: Neither do I.

Nora: And what exactly are you going to say to Kevin?

Matthew: Well, I'm just guessing that, you know, Kevin might not be so thrilled about helping out you and Dad if he finds out what you and Dad have been up to behind Uncle Clint's back.

Nora: If you're going to threaten me, Matthew, have the guts to put your cards on the table.

Matthew: Fine. Take me home, or I'll tell Kevin that you've been cheating on his dad with mine.

Dorian: Amelia, I can assure you, I do not intend to lose to Viki Banks.

David: That's right. There's a first time for everything.

Dorian: However, I intend to go through with our wedding, even though my daughter and grand niece have their reservations.

Amelia: Oh, I'm sure they do. It's been a whirlwind courtship.

Langston: Save it. Dorian already admitted that the whole wedding is a stunt.

Amelia: I'm still pleased to meet you. I'm Amelia Bennett.

Starr: And you're here to recruit us?

Amelia: Not exactly. But I'm sure you have a lot of questions, and I'd be happy to answer them -- after I speak to Dorian about an urgent wedding-related issue.

Dorian: Oh. We haven't hit a snag, have we?

Amelia: Oh, just the opposite. Nick and I were thinking...we could make our wedding the most talked about event Llanview has ever seen.

Nick: Not just talked about, but impossible to ignore.

Kyle: Yeah, because an African-American lesbian marrying a formerly straight, white, female mayoral candidate may somehow just slip under the radar?

Nick: Sure, it would get noticed locally. But if we do this thing right, we could get national coverage.

Amelia: Maybe even achieve the reform we're aiming for.

David: Uh -- what's your plan? History's biggest gay wedding cake?

Amelia: Close. History's biggest gay wedding.

Kyle: Yeah, because what gay wedding could possibly top Liza's?

[Nick chuckles]

Nick: Everybody's.

Kyle: I'm not quite following you.

Nick: Amelia and Dorian will be the central couple. But we want to open the ceremony up to anyone who wants to get married at all.

Amelia: We'll invite Llanview's entire gay and lesbian community to stand up with us and take the plunge in one big, mass wedding.

Langston: Who's going to do that?

Nick: I was kind of hoping you would. Ahem. I guess what I'm asking is, you want to get hitched?

Oliver: Wait. Are you ordering me to leave?

John: Didn't the P.B.A. rep contact you?

Oliver: About what? Am I being fired?

John: It won't come to that, but it's been decided you need some time off.

Oliver: Is this because I'm gay?

John: No. Fish, the department received a civilian complaint from Elijah Clarke on behalf of Ross Rayburn saying you used excessive force on his client.

Oliver: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

John: I'm not. And until this is sorted out, you are on administrative leave.

Nora: Let me ask you something, Matthew. Where did you get the idea that it's okay to hurt people when you don't get what you want?

Matthew: From you and Dad.

Nora: No. We're trying to save our child's life. You're being spiteful. There's a difference. Okay, if you want to tell Kevin, tell Kevin. You're still going to that school. And all you'll end up doing is hurting Clint and Kevin. So, you want to tell him, you go right ahead.

Kevin: Hey, it's a beautiful day and -- for London, anyway. I'd love to show you guys around.

Nora: Actually, Matthew has something that he'd like to tell you first.

Destiny: What are you talking about, Shaun? You know you were the only man on Rachel's mind the whole time you were out.

Shaun: I wouldn't be surprised if another man tried to make a move on her, though.

Destiny: Who would be stupid enough to do that?

Rachel: You know, I am sure that there is a limit to the amount of people in a hospital room at one time, so I'm just --

Shaun: Greg was just leaving. You're done here, right?

Rachel: No, no, no, it's fine. I actually -- I need to call my mom and check on my brother's surgery. And besides, you need a few more minutes of family time.

Greg: Actually, we're through here. I'll be back to check on you later.

Mr. Evans: Huh.

Shaun: Hey, bro, do me a favor? Tell Rachel she can come back inside. Thanks.

Greg: Yeah.

Mr. Evans: Hmm.

Greg: Rachel, wait. Why haven't you returned any of my calls?

Rachel: I'm sorry, I meant to. I just -- you know, with Shaun waking up and my brother --

Greg: Oh, come on, Rachel, we're both smarter than that. Look, last night, there was something between us. You can't deny that.

Greg: We're going to have to deal with this.

Rachel: We will. But right now is neither the time, nor the place.

Greg: Okay, then when and where then? Because we can't ignore this.

Mrs. Evans: Gregory, may I have a word?

Greg: Uh --

Rachel: Excuse me.

Greg: I'm sorry, Mom, I can't talk right now.

Mrs. Evans: It will wait. Right now, I need you to get one thing straight.

Greg: Okay -- um -- go -- ooh!

Mrs. Evans: You back off your brother's girlfriend. Now, I have eyes. And I see what's going on here. Your brother is in bed thinking about a future with Rachel. And you want her for yourself.

Greg: Look, I -- I can't help how I feel, Mom.

Mrs. Evans: No. Maybe you can and maybe you can't. But you can control what you do. And you will honor your brother and stay away from his woman.

Greg: What if Rachel doesn't want me to stay away from her?

Destiny: You need to put the brakes on with Rachel.

Shaun: What for?

Destiny: Because she got used to you being a big, quiet lump in a bed.

[Shaun chuckles]

Destiny: Now all of the sudden, you're all "there's the woman I love. Let's go on a date. If we have a son, what should we name him?" It's scary and kind of sad.

Shaun: I didn't say anything about --

Destiny: It doesn't matter what you say. It's obvious you're thinking it.

Mr. Evans: You know, your sister may have a point, Shaun.

Shaun: At least Rachel knows how I feel. And the only person in town who doesn't know you have a crush on Matthew Buchanan is Matthew Buchanan.

Kevin: Oh. Whatever it is, Matthew, fire away.

Matthew: I'm sorry for the way I acted before.

Kevin: Oh, it's -- I'm sure you're exhausted from the trip and starving. It's not a big deal. As a matter of fact, there's an Indian restaurant right down the street. We could all go --

Matthew: No, thanks, I'm not hungry. I'm sure my mom and dad would like to go. From what I've seen, they like each other's company more than they like mine.

Amelia: A mass wedding would be a P.R. bonanza.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

[David chuckles]

David: Oh, Amelia. If you had been as intimate with Dorian as I have been...

Starr: Don't finish that sentence.

David: You would know that Dorian Lord does not share the spotlight with anyone, especially on one of her many, many...many wedding days.

Amelia: But it's not a real wedding.

Langston: Then why bother doing it?

Amelia: It sends a message of hope to our community.

Langston: Don't you think you're being a little naive?

Amelia: Honey, that's something I have never been accused of.

Langston: The people are going to see right through this, especially the real gay people that Dorian is claiming to stand up for.

Starr: They'll think she's using them to get elected.

Dorian: I am -- I'm not using anybody to get elected. I mean, do I want to win? Of course I do. But that's because I want to reshape this town for the better. And I want to help my gay constituency achieve their dreams.

Starr: By getting married with 100 other couples?

Dorian: Starr is right. This plan is far too radical. It's unheard of and impossible to implement. But you know, I just love it.

[Dorian laughs]

Kyle: You want to get married? Nick, we've only known each other a few months.

Nick: Look, I know we haven't known each other that long, but I think we're really great together.

Kyle: So do I. But getting married is --

Nick: Don't you believe in gay marriage?

Kyle: Absolutely. 100%. But for people who are ready to get married. I'm not.

Nick: No, you don't have to be. Look, it's not like this marriage would be recognized -- legally, anyway. But it would show Llanview that its gay and lesbian citizens are part of this community. We're not just strangers. We're their teachers, their doctors. And we want the same rights that everybody else already has. The right to commit our lives to the person we love.

Kyle: Yeah, but Dorian and Amelia don't love each other.

Nick: No, that's just political back scratching to get media coverage. But this ceremony will actually mean something if we have real, committed couples, like you and me. That's what we are, right?

Oliver: I'm a good cop, John.

John: Nobody knows that better than me.

Oliver: I've got a clean record. I've got commendations out -- I just got a medal for bravery. You read that report, okay? That guy Rayburn assaulted me, he escaped police custody, and then he resisted arrest. What was I supposed to do, John, write him a ticket?

John: And they will consider all that when you go before I.A. Just play it cool and you're going to be fine.

Oliver: Yeah, would you keep your cool in this situation? No, John, you wouldn't.

John: Fish, do as I say, not as I do.

Oliver: You know what? I.A. is going to ask me about my state of mind. They're going to want to know everything that happened that day. How Téa Delgado threatened to sue me and bring down the entire department. And you know what? There were also some other really personal issues going on that day.

John: I don't think they need to know all that.

Charlie: Oh. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Natalie: Hey.

Viki: Hi, baby.

Natalie: What are you guys doing here?

John: Hey, I'm sorry, Fish. I -- I have work to do. You're going to need to --

Oliver: Yeah, I know. Turn in my gun and my badge, I know.

John: Hang in there, buddy. I got your back.

Viki: I was writing an op-ed piece for "The Banner" in Jared's defense. John called -- asked us to come here.

John: And I want to thank you for coming down.

Viki: No problem. We're happy to help, but what do you need?

John: Charlie, right now, you're the only lead we got.

Dorian: A mass wedding is just the thing I need to seal my victory.

David: We can't get an event that large off the ground in time to effect the election.

Amelia: Huh. Clearly, you have never seen the lgla in action. They can organize a fundraising rave in two hours flat, glow sticks included.

Dorian: And we've got Starr and Langston to help, am I right?

Starr: Don't look at us. We have homeless people to feed.

Langston: No, this is wrong. Gay, straight, or otherwise, you're playing fast and loose with marriage, and it's sacred to people.

Dorian: Oh. So in other words, you are against?

Langston: No, no, no. I'm pro. I'm very pro, but this is not the way to go about doing it. You're calling something a marriage when it isn't.

Amelia: That's the whole point, Langston. "Civil unions," "domestic partnership" -- these are the scraps we've been thrown.

Dorian: Right. And when I am elected mayor, I am going to redress that injustice. Langston, do I have your support?

Kyle: Sure. Sure, we're a committed couple, but that's not the problem.

Nick: Then what is?

Kyle: Call me old-fashioned, but I can't be so cavalier about getting married.

Nick: No --

Kyle: I know -- it's only a gesture. Okay? But if that's all it is, then ask somebody else.

Nick: I don't want somebody else.

Kyle: Nick, I...I don't want to get married until I know it's the right time. When I know it's going to last forever.

Nick: Look, Kyle, if you don't stand up and demand these rights now, we may never get the chance to be married at all. Look, can I ask you something?

Kyle: Sure.

Nick: Is your real problem with this that you wish the person proposing to you was Oliver?

Officer: We're all pulling for you, Fish.

Oliver: Thanks.

Officer: I mean, think of it as a vacation. You know, go somewhere. Relax.

Oliver: Yeah. No, I was thinking I actually might do some volunteer work -- do some good.

Officer: The Buenos Dias is running a meals to shut-ins thing.

Oliver: Really? I'll check it out. Thanks.

Charlie: Look, I've been wracking my brain all day long. I have no idea where Jared could be.

John: Okay. Well, what do you know about his relationship with Pamela Stuart?

Charlie: Pamela and Jared's mother were close friends. And I wasn't around much at that time, but I do know that Jared and Pamela did get close, yeah.

John: Of course. Well, she helped him when he was trying to pass himself off as Asa's son.

Charlie: Okay, look -- you've got to understand that Jared never would have pretended to be someone else's son if I had been any kind of father at all.

John: I understand. But Pamela did expose Jared as a fraud at the B.E. shareholders meeting the night of Nash's death.

Natalie: No. No, Dorian did that. She just used Pamela to confirm it.

John: Still...

Natalie: "Still" nothing! This was a year ago.

John: That doesn't mean Jared forgot. And that's motive.

Rachel: Is everything okay?

Mrs. Evans: Everything is just fine. You can go in to see Shaun now. I'm sure there's plenty of room in there for you.

Rachel: Great, I'll do that.

Greg: Well, Mom? Did you see that, too, or are you only seeing what you want to see?

Mr. Evans: Now, son, a man your age ragging on your baby sister like that...and as for you, young lady, you know better than to run your mouth off at your brother while he's trying to recover from a grave injury.

Rachel: What did I miss here?

Mr. Evans: Huh. Just brothers and sisters being brothers and sisters. I'm glad you're back, Rachel. I wanted you here when we bestowed a long-awaited honor on a near fallen hero.

Shaun: What are you talking about?

Mr. Evans: Destiny, will you do the honors? You risked your life trying to protect Starr Manning and her baby girl. So the city awarded you this medal for your bravery and self-sacrifice. We've been waiting for the day for you to enjoy it yourself. Shaun, you've always been our hero. And now, you're Llanview's hero, too.

Greg: Here's something I bet you didn't know. The night Shaun was shot, Rachel was on her way to break up with him.

Mrs. Evans: And what if she was? You don't know what might have happened. Maybe Shaun would have let her go. Hmm? Or maybe Rachel would have realized what a wonderful man he is and given him another chance.

Greg: Well, I guess we'll never know.

Mrs. Evans: But there is one thing we both know with absolute certainty. We both know that Shaun loves Rachel. And because he loves her, she is the one woman you cannot have.

Greg: You can't tell me who I can --

Mrs. Evans: Gregory..., I will always be grateful to you for bringing my baby boy back from the brink. But you cannot have saved your brother only to break his heart.

Natalie: This is ridiculous.

Viki: Honey --

Clint: Natalie, calm down.

Natalie: No, you -- this is your theory now? That Jared killed Pamela for revenge?

John: It was revenge that brought him to Llanview in the first place.

Natalie: That's ancient history. We're married now. Jared's a part of my family. Why would he screw all of this up?

Charlie: And Jared loved Pamela.

John: Wouldn't be the first time he hurt someone he loved.

Mrs. Evans: Were you able to get ahold of your mother?

Rachel: Oh, I couldn't get through. Her cell phone's probably still off.

Mrs. Evans: Oh. Speaking of phones -- Destiny, what -- oh, no, she did not just -- Destiny! Put that phone down and pay attention to your family! What's the matter, sweetie?

Rachel: Is it Matthew? Is he all right?

Destiny: I don't know. I just called the hospital to check on him. They said the surgery was cancelled and he never showed. And now, he's not even answering his phone. Where could he be?

Kevin: Nice sneaks. Yours?

Matthew: Sort of. There's no point in wearing basketball shoes if you can't play in them.

Kevin: Yeah, they're nice sneaks, anyway. Listen, Matthew, I -- I want to talk to you. Um -- your dad and I -- we both know what it's like to lose a son. If you can just understand --

Matthew: Please don't. I -- I know exactly what you're going to say. That my dad's afraid of losing me like he lost Drew. And like you lost Duke and little Ace. But there's something that my dad doesn't get that I think maybe you will.

Kevin: Sure, I'll try.

Matthew: See, my dad doesn't get that if I don't have this operation and try to get my legs back, he's going to lose me, anyway. And what he's doing now is just making it happen faster.

Dorian: Please, girls. It's not going to be a real wedding without the two of you by my side.

Starr: Langston and I aren't getting married for you.

Dorian: Of course, you're not. Besides which, you're underage. No, no, no, no. You will bring Cole, and you can bring Markko.

Starr: And you can forget it.

Langston: I can't shake the feeling that this wedding is going to come back and bite you. I don't know how, and I don't want to find out. Let's go.

Dorian: Oh.

Amelia: I'd better be off. I've got a big gay wedding to plan.

David: Hmm.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

David: Langston's right, you know.

Dorian: Oh, she's going to come around.

David: Maybe she will, but I won't. I'm not going to let you do this.

Kyle: Oliver? Oliver? Oliver and I are...Oliver and I are over.

Nick: That's not -- that's not what I asked you. I asked if you wished he was the one proposing.

Kyle: No! No, Nick,'re the guy I'm with, okay? And you are the only person I want to be with. Nick, you're -- you're my guy.

Nick: I was -- I was hoping you'd say that.

[Nick chuckles]

Nick: Because I want you to be with me tomorrow, standing beside me when Dorian and Amelia throw Pennsylvania's first mass gay wedding.

Kyle: What -- what are you doing?

Nick: Because you're my guy. And you are the smartest, sexiest, most fascinating man I've ever met. Even if you are a little old-fashioned. So how about it? Kyle Lewis, will you make an honest man out of me? Will you be my --

Kyle: Okay, okay, okay. You can get off the floor, though, okay?

Nick: Is that a yes?

Kyle: Yes. Yes, Nicholas Roberto Chavez, I would be honored to marry you.


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