One Life to Live Transcript Monday 10/19/09


Episode # 10547 ~ The Born Identity

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Blair: Marty Saybrooke? What the hell is she doing here?

Todd: Now, Blair, you said you wanted to know what happened between you and Téa before you fell out the window, right?

Blair: What's she doing here? Is she going to scare it out of me?

Marty: I'm not here as a visitor, Blair, I'm here as a doctor.

Todd: She's going to hypnotize you.

Blair: The hell she is.

Todd: Now, do you want to find out what happened with you and Téa, or don't you?

Téa: I am allowed, okay? It is a mother's right to be mushy, all right? I miss you.

[Téa sighs]

Téa: Look, I promise that we will see each other soon, okay? I promise you. All right.

Ross: So? You didn't find the briefcase?

Elijah: Didn't even get near it.

Ross: Oh.

Elijah: Téa saw right through me. Afraid we're no closer to finding out where your child is than we were before.

[Ross sighs]

Ross: Well, maybe that's for the best. I'm not really that kid's father, anyway.

Cole: Attack of the killer term paper?

Starr: I wish. Attack of the free Wi-Fi. I can't resist. I'm not getting anything done.

Cole: Shut off your connection.

Starr: I tried that.

Cole: And?

Starr: Llanview's hot messes.

Cole: Oh, no.

Starr: Oh, yes. Between the story of my Aunt Dorian and her plans to marry her new lesbian lover, my mom's accident, and my dad kicking his wife out the day after he marries her, my whole family covers the front page.

Cole: You can't tear yourself away.

Starr: They update the stories every nanosecond.

Cole: Do Hope and I need to take you someplace without Wi-Fi or cell phone service? 'Cause we'll do it.

Starr: Yes.

Cole: Okay. Just give me a half an hour to come up with, you know, something.

Starr: See? That's why I love you. You put up with my family. They're a freak show riding on a roller coaster in the house of horrors.

Cole: Okay, well, if you're on it, I'll take that ride a million times. Although I think we should probably buy Hope a helmet.

Cristian: Layla. Hey, what's going on?

Layla: These look familiar?

Cristian: Oh, right. I knew I was forgetting something. Thanks.

Layla: I figured better that than have you wake me up in the middle of the night to let you in.

Cristian: Um--listen, my hands are a little...eggy right now. Can you slide them in my pocket? Just right there, under the apron. No problem.

Viki: Honey, we got your messages. What's going on?

Brody: Charlie, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your son's been lying to us. Apparently, Jared is responsible for Jessica being stalked.

Charlie: No, no. That--that can't be.

Jessica: I'm so sorry, Charlie. It's true. He admitted to it, that he's behind the threats, the stalking, even his own attack at B.E.

Charlie: Well, I don't believe that. What--not my son. Well, I need to talk to him. Where is he?

Brody: That's what we'd like to know.

Natalie: Oh!

[Natalie screams]

Natalie: No! Oh! Oh!

John: Shh, shh. 

Natalie: Oh, my God. John, is she dead? I thought it was Jared. I--when I came in and I entered, I tripped over her body and...

Natalie: Pamela.

John: You know her?

Natalie: That's--that's Pamela Stuart. She was married to my grandfather.

John: Wasn't she involved in Jared's claim he was Asa's son a while back?

Natalie: Yeah. Is she dead?

[John sighs]

John: Yeah, it's McBain. I need a C.S.U. team at the Buchanan lodge. We got a dead body.

Charlie: Oh, no, no--so you're saying my son is a murderer?

Brody: No, sir, but we are looking for him. We have a lot--

Charlie: What do you mean, you're looking for him? He's not with Natalie at Llanfair?

Brody: No. He took off before we got there and before we could ask him about...

Viki: About what? What?

Jessica: Brody and I found a suitcase in my bedroom that was packed with a whole bunch of Tess and Bess' things.

Viki: What has that got to do with anything?

Jessica: Well...I've used that suitcase a whole bunch of times since I've been integrated, so we know that it wasn't packed by either Tess or Bess. And I sure as hell didn't pack it.

Brody: The things we found in that suitcase had to have been put there recently.

Jessica: So Brody thinks that maybe someone's trying to frame me or Tess for everything that's happened.

Viki: But, darling, that's ridiculous. You're the victim in this.

Brody: Jessica, yes, but what about one of her alters? Everybody knows they're both capable of serious crimes. Why not push the blame onto one of them?

Charlie: Okay, so what you're saying is, you think Jared did this, that he packed the suitcase? Oh, come on. You're crazy.

Jessica: Well, when we showed everything to Natalie, she told us that Jared had just admitted to everything that happened.

Brody: He even admitted to having Wayne Landers beat him up.

Charlie: Why? Why--why would he do this?

Brody: Like I said, he took off before we could ask him.

Viki: Is Natalie with him?

Jessica: No. Well, at least she wasn't. We don't know where she is now.

John: Will you be okay for a second?

Natalie: Yeah, go. Search the house. I'll be fine.

John: Just--

Natalie: I know. I'll stay put. I won't touch anything.

John: Okay. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Natalie: Okay.

[Natalie sighs]

Natalie: Oh, Jared, where are you?

Blair: I'm not going to let that husband stealer get into my head, okay?

Marty: I'm sorry I can't help.

Todd: Wait-- Blair--hold on. Um--

[Blair sighs]

Todd: Hey.

Blair: What?

Todd: Don't let a little thing like John McBain stand in the way of you and your memory. He's not worth it--no offense.

Marty: Oh, none taken.

Todd: See? She's a professional. She's good.

Blair: Yeah, says who?

Marty: Blair, I know how you feel about me, but I also know exactly where you are right now. There's a huge wall between you and a part of your memory. And you keep trying to get around it, but you can't. But you want to because it's important, and it's right there, but you can't do it by yourself.

Todd: Yeah, see, you're driving yourself crazy over this stuff. Even in your sleep. She's going to help.

Marty: There's no guarantee that hypnosis will unlock your memory. But if you're willing, you may--you may discover what you've forgotten.

Todd: Yeah, you said that Téa was lying to me about something.

Blair: Wait a minute. Am I doing this for me, or for you?

Téa: I have some business that I need to clear up, but I will be there for parents' weekend. What's that? Uh--I'm not sure that your father will be able to make it.

Ross: What do you mean, you're not the kid's father?

Ross: Well, I--sure, I--I sired the child. The kid's got my D.N.A., but...

[Ross sighs]

Ross: Does that really make me a father?

Elijah: Don't let Delgado psych you out, Ross. You're not some anonymous sperm donor. You love your child.

Ross: Yeah, I--I know, but a father should be there for his kid. I mean, I couldn't even--I couldn't even leave Tahiti legally. And I couldn't--I couldn't visit my kid in boarding school, and that was--that was before Téa pulled the old switcheroo with the schools.

Ross: Yeah, but that's not on you. That's Delgado being a vindictive...

Ross: Yeah, but Téa's--I'm sitting in jail here.

Elijah: All right, we're working on that.

Ross: Maybe I should just give up. No, I'm serious. Let Téa be mother and father to our child.

Elijah: I will never let you do that.

Ross: Why not?

Elijah: Because I'm that kid's uncle. You're talking about my family, too, bro.

Blair: What, are you hoping that I'll remember something bad enough so you won't go back to her? Or are you looking for an excuse to forgive her?

Todd: I'm--I'm never going to forgive her, no matter what she--

Blair: You sure about that, Todd?

Marty: You know what? I'm going to let you two talk.

Todd: No, wait a minute. Blair?

Blair: What?

Todd: You know you are never going to get past this until you have all the answers.

Marty: You two need to sort this out. If you want to talk, I'll be in my office.

Blair: Marty...wait. I know this was probably difficult for you to ask Marty to even do this, so let's do it. Let's find out what Téa said and why I went out the window. 

Starr: God, what are we doing here?

Cole: Uh...

Starr: And Addie is babysitting Hope tonight, and the rest of my family is out being a "Llanview hot mess." We should not be wasting time writing our term papers. I should be spending alone time with you. Like, alone, alone.

Cole: Okay.

Starr: Okay?

Cole: We'll stop by the drug store to get protection and then head back to your place.

Starr: Oh, no. La Boulaie is swarming with paparazzi. They're trying to catch my Aunt Dorian and her campaign manager, so we'll just go to your place.

Cole: Markko's doing a night shoot there for his class project.

Starr: All night long? Are you kidding me?

Cole: I wish I was.

[Cole groans]

Starr: God doesn't want me to have sex more than once a year.

Cole: Or maybe he wants you to ace that paper and for me to rock this project.

Starr: You're really getting into environmental studies, aren't you?

Cole: Yeah, I mean, it's--it's a great class. My teacher's all about action. Not just reading about conservation, but affecting public policy--and doing something.

Starr: Like what?

Cole: Yeah, well, this weekend, I'm volunteering at the park, showing kids ways to protect local animals and wildlife.

Starr: This is just too cute.

Cole: Well, it's real, you know? I want to make sure we're creating a better environment for Hope to grow up in.

Starr: Sign me up.

Layla: Remember the last time I was here, we ended up locked in that freezer? Boy, did I hate you.

Cristian: Hmm. Yeah, that was ugly.

Layla: We've come a long way, baby.

Cristian: Sure have.

Layla: I better go.

Cristian: Why? I mean, do you have to? I could use the help with this flan.

Layla: Aren't you the flan wizard? Carlotta says you've got some secret ingredient.

Cristian: Oh, I'm the wizard.

Layla: Are you sure it's safe with me?

Cristian: No. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Téa: I know--you have to get back to your studies.

[Loud knocking on door]

Téa: I love you. Okay, bye.

[Knocking continues]

Téa: Carlotta...

Carlotta: My God, where have you been? I've called I don't know how many times. I've left messages.

Téa: I know. Work has been so crazy. And oh, God--this place is a disaster. You know, I haven't let housekeeping in because there's confidential stuff here. And you know how I like to keep things organized, but I have to be able to--

Carlotta: Téa...Téa...

[Téa sighs]

Carlotta: Whatever it is, it's going to be all right.

Téa: You promise?

Carlotta: Aw. You want to talk about this?

Téa: Ha, ha, ha. Why not? Ha, ha, ha.

[Téa sighs]

Téa: Apparently, I'm a bigamist. And I tried to kill Blair. And who knows? If you look in my fridge, you might find Elvis there. I don't know.

[Téa sniffles]

Carlotta: I'm sorry I didn't go to the wedding.

Téa: No, you're not. But thanks for saying that.

Carlotta: Okay, so, are the rumors true? Huh? Do you have another husband besides Todd?

Téa: Oh, it's not what you think. Ouch.

Carlotta: Well, it's not about what I think.

[Téa sighs]

Carlotta: I just want to make sure that you're all right, girl.

Téa: I thought I was divorced.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: My mistake. And even though I hate Blair, I would--I would never try to--

Carlotta: Oh, of course you wouldn't.

Téa: But that's what everyone thinks.

Carlotta: And since when do you care what anybody else thinks, hmm? Come on, tell me, what's going on? Are you in love with two men?

Téa: Only one.

Marty: I'm going to have to ask you to pretend that we are two strangers here for the same purpose--to recover your lost memory. Can you do that?

Blair: I can try.

Marty: All right, I'm going to put you into a state of relaxed concentration.

Blair: Oh, well, I don't relax when I concentrate.

Marty: Well, there's a first time for everything. Your subconscious will be doing all the work, but you will be awake and you'll remember everything that happened. Are you ready?

Blair: Yeah.

Marty: Okay. I want you to follow my finger while I count. 1, 2, 3...

Marty: I want you to recall everything that happened that led up to the fall from the window. Picture your room. Imagine yourself in there. Where are you, Blair?

Blair: In my room.

Marty: Good. Now I want you to concentrate on Téa's arrival.

[Blair gasps]

Marty: Do you see Téa?

Blair: Yeah. That bitch is here. She just woke me up out of a dream.

John: No sign of the killer, no sign of anyone.

Natalie: Look, this couldn't have been Jared, okay? He doesn't have a murdering bone in his body. It couldn't...

John: Drop it!

[Charlie sighs]

Charlie: Jared's phone has gone straight to voicemail.

Brody: We'll find him.

Charlie: Yeah, and then what? You going to lock him up again?

Brody: Charlie, he did confess.

Charlie: Yeah. This makes no sense.

Viki: I can't get through to Natalie, either.

Jessica: She was so upset. She started to doubt Jared a little bit, even though she refused to believe that he was capable of killing anyone.

Viki: Honey, it is hard to believe.

Jessica: I know. I know I can't, even though Delphina said that...

Viki: Delphina? You went to a psychic?

Jessica: Not exactly. But anyway, she told Brody and me that she kept on seeing Nash's death, and Jared was there, too.

Viki: And, what? You think that means Jared's guilty of murder?

Jessica: No, no, not at all. I mean, even Delphina didn't know what it meant. And you know, she was wrong about the other thing, as well.

Viki: What other thing?

Jessica: She said someone else was going to die.

Clint: John, what are you doing here? Natalie, what in blazes has been going on around here? I got...oh, God, that's Pamela, isn't it?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: What are you doing here, Clint?

Clint: Besides the fact that this is my lodge, I got a call that there was a break-in.

John: Well, that explains the rifle.

Clint: John, what in hell is going on? Did Pamela break in?

John: We don't know yet.

Clint: Who did you think was at the door?

Natalie: Jared.

Clint: Jared? All right, one of you had better start at the beginning.

Layla: Is this because you cook the same way you paint?

Cristian: You mean I'm a slob?

Layla: No, just passionate.

Cristian: Well, you know, the first artist I ever met was probably my mom. What she did in the kitchen--mmm, mmm, mmm. And when she served up, you could definitely taste the passion in everything she made.

Layla: That's it. That's the secret ingredient.

Cristian: Caught me.

Layla: What is it?

Cristian: Dulce de leche.

Layla: Oh. I promise, no one will hear it from me. I can barely pronounce it.

Cristian: Well, it's sweetened condensed milk. You normally just put it in, but I like to heat it up. And it makes this little caramel color.

Layla: Hmm.

Cristian: You want to try it?

Carlotta: I love you. And I want you to be happy.

Téa: This thing with Todd feels like a knife in my chest. I truly believed he changed. That if he knew...

Carlotta: Knew? Knew what? Come on, Nena. You know you can talk to me.

[Knock on door]

Todd: Téa? Téa, open up, please. Téa?

Elijah: Come on, Ross, who knows what's going on in Téa Delgado's head? All I know is, you have a legal right to see your kid.

Ross: Dude, I don't even have a legal right to be in this country.

Elijah: Again, we're working on that. Of course, those kidnapping charges are going to be a problem.

Ross: Well, Blair promised me she was going to drop those charges. A promise I--I screwed that up when I--when I double-crossed her.

Elijah: Wait a second. You're in Tahiti for all those years, stuck there.

Ross: Mm-hmm.

Elijah: Out of the clear blue, Blair Cramer tosses you a lifeline, and you screwed it up? How?

Ross: The deal was, is that I stop her ex--who's a fungus, by the way--from remarrying, and she'd drop the charges.

Elijah: You know, I know Todd Manning. I've even represented him. Calling him a fungus is being generous.

Ross: Hmm.

Elijah: But I'm sorry, I'm still not following.

[Ross sighs]

Ross: I couldn't let Blair humiliate herself.

Elijah: You got it bad.

Ross: What do you mean?

Elijah: You botched your deal. You escaped police custody and went running to her hospital bedside. You're really falling for her.

Ross: Yeah. I guess I am.

Blair: Téa lit into me for telling Todd that she had another husband, and I gave it right back to her for keeping that husband a secret. I realized that Todd had then, you know, tossed her out, and I taunted her.

Blair: Why don't you tell your best friend Blair here--

[Téa chuckles]

Blair: Why you didn't tell Todd that you were married to the surfer dude?

Blair: She gave it right back to me and told me that I was jealous and...

Téa: It never occurred to me that his jealous ex-wife would stoop so low.

Blair: She was right. I was jealous.

Marty: Keep going. Stay in the room. What happens next?

Blair: I slapped her. She slapped me.

Téa: Oh!

Blair: She wouldn't let go of the fact that I ratted her out; she didn't believe that--that I was doing it to protect my children from a lying, cheating stepmother.

Blair: But a woman like you, that is driven, and a man-eater, obsessed...I mean, how does she know what it's like to love a child?

Blair: Then Téa said...

Téa: How do I know what it's like to love a child? I have one.

Blair: That's Téa's secret--her child.

Layla: Oh. Whoa. What the--where did that come from?

Cristian: I don't know. I'm sorry, know what? I'm--I'm not sorry. I've actually been wanting to do that for some time. I was going to tell you about it, but the way you reacted to the advice I gave Fish, telling him to go with--for it with Kyle, I--I mean, you were not down with that, so I let it go. But--um--say something. You're angry. You hate me again.

Layla: No.

Cristian: But you just want to be friends, right? I mean, you've always been honest with me about that.

Layla: I haven't been honest with you at all. The truth is, I wasn't exactly shocked by that kiss. I've seen it coming. I...I wanted it.

Cristian: Oh. Well, good.

Layla: No. Not good. Because whatever this is, it can't happen again.

Brody: Yeah, okay. That was John.

Charlie: Yeah? Has he found Jared?

Brody: Afraid not. He's at the Buchanan lodge. Natalie's with him.

[Charlie sighs]

Viki: What are they doing there?

Brody: Apparently, the alarm was triggered. Someone went in without the code.

Charlie: What, Jared?

Brody: I don't know, but they found someone. A woman named Pamela Stuart. She was murdered.

Charlie: Whoa.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Charlie: Wait a minute--

Jessica: Delphina was right.

Charlie: Pamela--wasn't that the name of the woman that kind of stood up for Jared when he was first saying that he was a Buchanan?

Clint: Pamela double-crossed Jared--ruined his plan to pass himself off as Asa's son.

John: She had ties to the Buchanans, B.E., and Jared.

Clint: Yeah.

John: Excuse me.

Natalie: Dad, please, okay, this does not make Jared a killer, okay? Do not condemn him without knowing all the facts.

John: This way, fellas. Come on in. The body's right over here. Vic's name is Pamela Stuart. I believe this is the murder weapon. She was bludgeoned to death--just like Wayne Landers right before Jared found him.

[Natalie sighs]

Ross: And Blair is--she's funny. She's smart as a whip, and she's not afraid to go after what she wants. And she's a great kisser. She was mad as hell when I planted one on her, though.

Elijah: Well, let's get you out of here so you can pick up where you left off.

Ross: "Left off"? It was just one kiss.

Elijah: You and Téa are over, right?

Ross: Oh, Téa? We were over before it began. She's stuck on Todd. Unfortunately, Blair is, too. I don't know if I'd have any more luck with her than I did with Téa.

Blair: That's what I couldn't remember. That Téa had a child with Ross.

Marty: Now, stay focused, Blair. You're still under hypnosis, and you're still looking for what caused your fall. After Téa said she had a child...

Blair: That--that was the jackpot. That's what she wanted to tell me. We were down in that basement locked up, and we thought that we were dying, and...I made her admit it.

Téa: How do I know what it's like to have a child? Because I have one.

Blair: But it was...what I didn't understand is why she didn't want to tell Todd.

Blair: I want to know why this is such a big secret. Why are you so terrified to tell Todd that you were married to Ross, and that you had a kid, huh? What is it? What is it about it? Are you--are you afraid that he wasn't going to marry you because you were having a kid by another man? Is that it?

Téa: No, you don't understand.

Blair: Oh, I understand so much, Téa. Todd left the island and Ross knocked you up.

Blair: Oh, my God.

Blair: Then it hit me.

Carlotta: I'm not sure if I should leave.

Téa: It's all right. I'm okay. Well, call me when he leaves, or else I'll worry, okay?

Téa: Okay.

[Téa sighs]

Téa: How's Blair?

Todd: Why do you care?

Téa: If you're here to accuse me of trying to kill your ex again--

Todd: No, I'm here to give you this. So you can give it to your real husband, Ross Rayburn.

Téa: I don't want to give it to him.

Todd: Okay, well, I don't want it. Because it's meaningless, right? Kind of like the vows that we said to each other on our non-wedding. I just figured since we're not married--ahem--we don't need wedding bands. Why don't you take yours off?

Téa: No.

Marty: Go on, Blair. What hit you?

Blair: You said that you found out you were pregnant after you and Ross were rescued.

Téa: Don't do this, Blair. Don't do this.

Blair: That was long after Todd left the island. Oh, my God. That's the secret that you didn't want to tell me when you thought that--

Téa: Stop this right now, okay? Stop it right now!

Blair: Your child isn't Ross', it's Todd's.

Blair: Téa has a child with Todd. 

Cristian: It's too soon after what happened with you and Fish. You probably still don't trust guys. I get it.

Layla: This isn't about Fish. It's about my sister.

Starr: Done! Five pages on Nick Carroway's role in "The Great Gatsby."

Cole: Thirty pages on U.S. Farmland preservation policy post 1933. But now it's pretty late. All the drugstores are closed.

Starr: We don't need a drugstore for what I have in mind.

Cole: We don't?

Starr: No. Sorry. But it's still decadent and some may even call it sinful.

Cristian: Right. Evangeline. She's--

Layla: In a coma. And with every passing day, the odds of her coming out of it are...but she's still my sister.

Cristian: I know.

Layla: And she loved you.

Cristian: I loved her, too.

Layla: And doing this with you--it feels like...going behind her back.

Cristian: I get it. But you know what? You're the one that convinced me that I should move on, that Evangeline would want us to be happy.

Layla: I know, but together?

Carlotta: Mmm, mmm. Smells like the flan is ready.

Elijah: Women...they're like another species. That's why I stay single.

Ross: Oh, is that right? Well, I always thought it was because I was the one that got the looks in the family.

[Elijah chuckles]

Elijah: There's that jerk I grew up with and love so much.

Ross: Look, Blair is--I've never met anyone like her. I think there's a real spark between us. And it's not because I got hit by a Taser earlier.

Elijah: I'm glad you can joke about that. Ross, I hope you're right about Blair. Because her soft spot for you is your best chance at beating these charges. I'll come back and see you in the morning. Guard?

[Opens and closes jail door]

Blair: Téa has Todd's child. And when I realized it, I knew that Todd had to know, so I--I had to tell him. He's going to know about this.

Téa: No, you can't tell Todd.

Blair: Let go of me! You try and stop me!

Téa: Don't!

Blair: And she...she freaked out.

Téa: Don't go! No!

Blair: Let go!

Téa: No!

Blair: I tried to get away, but she was holding onto me, and I--I--I yanked myself away, and--and I lost balance.

Marty: Okay, Blair. Now, when I count to 10, you're going to wake up feeling refreshed, and you're going to remember everything. 1, 2...

Téa: I'm not giving this ring to you or to anyone else. Because to me, it's a symbol of what we had.

[Todd snickers]

Todd: Keep dreaming.

Téa: And what we still have.

Todd: Ahem.

Téa: You love me. We love each other. Yeah, we do. You haven't been able to get me out of your system any more than I've been able to get you out of my system.

Todd: You're in my system like poison, sister.

Téa: Oh, really?

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: Then what are you doing here, brother? You could have sent this to me in the mail. You could have thrown it in the river, but you had to see me. You had to remember how angry you are at me. Because if you forget that, you'll remember how much you love me.

Todd: That's funny; Blair said the exact same thing.

Téa: Really?

Todd: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Pretty soon, you guys will be best friends.

Téa: She said that because she's scared that it's true.

Todd: Oh. Excuse me. Oh, here you are.

Marty: How do you feel?

Blair: Pretty damn good, actually.

Marty: Are you satisfied we restored your memory?

Blair: Yeah, I'm satisfied. I remember everything. The devil is in the details.

Marty: Well, I suggest that we call Todd in and tell him what you remember.

Blair: No. I'm not telling Todd a damn thing.

Marty: I don't understand.

Blair: Well, if Todd finds out he has a child with Téa, he might go running back to her to start a family. You know, his, mine, theirs.

Marty: But you were going to tell him that day. That's why you and Téa fought.

Blair: That was then. I was in shock. But I wasn't thinking. But now I am thinking, thanks to you. So, no. I'm not going to breathe a word of this to Todd, and neither are you. Because this is all confidential, isn't it?

Marty: Yes, Blair, it is, but that's not--

Blair: Well, Marty, if you breathe one word of this to Todd, you will never practice psychiatry again, you got it?

Todd: Are we done yet?

Blair: Yeah, sure we are.

Todd: And?

Blair: It didn't work. I can't remember.

Todd: God, what the hell kind of a shrink are you?

Marty: A damn good one.

Todd: You know, I'm sorry it didn't work, Blair.

Blair: Yeah. Me, too. I guess I will just have to live without those memories forever.

Singer: I don't get much from heroes I don't give them much thought I crumble under pressure made of steel I'm not I don't like my reflection I don't like what I see I'm scared of my own shadow it casts its doubt on me but am I still the one? Am I still the one? Am I still the one? I was standing in your shadow just to understand your pain but when I needed you the most you looked the other way I wanted you to comfort me the moment we begun I loved you through your nothingness am I still the one? You're coming through the windows you're crawling through the floor you sent the spies to find me now they're kicking down my door tell me that you'll never leave me again are you sorry? Tell me that you'll never leave me again are you sorry? Tell me that you'll never leave me again are you sorr--sorr--sorr--sorr-- sorry? Tell me that you'll never leave me again are you sorr--sorr--sorr--sorr-- sorry? Tell me that you'll never leave me again are you sorr--sorr--sorr--sorr-- sorry you got me on the run

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