One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/16/09


Episode # 10546 ~ Flight of the Buchanans

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Matthew: I don't get it. We have to go to Seattle. My surgery is first thing tomorrow morning.

Bo: No, it isn't, son.

Matthew: But Dr. Nance is waiting for me.

Nora: I called Dr. Nance. He -- I explained the situation.

Matthew: What situation? Well, I'll reschedule it. Wherever it is you're taking me, as soon as we get back, I'll fly to Seattle and I'll have the surgery.

Bo: No, you're not going to Seattle, and you're not having the surgery.

Matthew: But you said you were okay with it. You lied to me? You lied to me so I would come with you could drag me onto a pri -- private jet...thi -- this is kidnapping.

Bo: No. No, it isn't.

Nora: No, your father's right. This is us making sure you don't take ridiculous chances with your life.

Shaun: What's the matter?

Destiny: Shaun?

Shaun: That's my name.

Destiny: Are you okay?

Shaun: I don't know. Get me a mirror.

Destiny: Oh, my God. You made it.

[Knock on door]

Téa: Ahem. Todd?

Man: Room service.

Téa: No, I'm sorry, there must be some mistake. I didn't order any...

Elijah: But if I were on the menu?

Téa: Oh...

Téa's voice: You told Todd that I'm married to Ross Rayburn.

Blair's voice: You lied to your husband.

Téa's voice: He threw me out. Our marriage is over. Are you happy?

Blair's voice: Why don't you tell your best friend Blair here why you didn't tell Todd that you were married to the surfer, Téa?

Téa's voice: You'll never be more to him than a sloppy toss in a cabana.

Blair's voice: What is it about that marriage to Ross that you don't want Todd to...


[Glass shatters]

[Blair sighs]

Todd: Hey. It's okay. I'm here.

John: I'll do whatever I can for him.

Jessica Please, let us help you.

Natalie: He's not a bad man.

John: Nobody's saying that.

Natalie: Jared is. He confessed.

Jessica He -- he confessed? To what?

Natalie: Lying to us. About all of it. Apparently, he and Landers have...have been talking. They -- they planned all of this. Jared's behind all of it.

Jared: You? It was you that brought me here? 

Matthew: You guys didn't change your mind for one minute, did you? And you waited until we were in the air to tell me this? You tricked me and canceled my surgery? Who are you people?

Nora: We are the people who love you.

Matthew: Oh, don't give me that.

Bo: Matthew, we didn't want to have to lie to you, but you didn't give us a choice. We can't let you have this surgery.

Matthew: But it's not up to you! That was the whole point of going to court! The judge ruled against you. You made your case, and you lost. You have no say in this. I want the surgery. Now, turn this damn plane around and take me to Seattle, now!

Nora: No! And don't swear at me, young man.

Matthew: The judge ruled against you. You lost. You can't all of a sudden disobey a court order because you didn't get what you want.

Nora: Okay, we're not disobeying anything.

Bo: You have the right to consent to this surgery.

Nora: You see, but you're still a minor. And as your parents, we have the right to take you anyplace where you can't enforce the court order.

Matthew: Well, you know what? Sooner or later, we're going to have to land. And as soon as we do, I'm getting on a commercial airliner and going to Seattle, and having my surgery, without you! Now what?

Bo: We're not going home.

[Destiny kisses Shaun]

Shaun: Okay. I love you, too. Ow.

Destiny: Are you in pain?

Shaun: Only my face.

Destiny: Sorry. We were just so worried about you.

Shaun: Why? The surgery worked, right? Greg got the bullet?

Destiny: Every little bit. And look at you. Your eyes are open, you're talking. You're back.

Shaun: Of course I'm back. Where else would I be?

Destiny: Let me go get the nurse.

Shaun: Whoa. Hold up. Where's Mom and Dad?

Destiny: Home, I guess.

Shaun: They couldn't wait around until I woke up? Where's Greg?

Destiny: Let me go page him.

Shaun: And Rachel -- call Rachel. Okay?

Destiny: She's going to be so happy to see you.

John: Call in an APB.

Jessica So, all this time that I thought I was losing my mind, and I thought we had a stalker, and he left that video of...Nash, that was Jared? He did all this?

Natalie: Well, not alone. I mean, obviously, he was involved with Landers, and he was involved somehow --

Jessica Oh, my God.

Natalie: I don't know all the details.

Jessica My God, he told Bree that that man was her father.

Natalie: I am so sorry.

John: It's not your fault.

Natalie: No, of course it's my fault. He's my husband. I should have known better. How could he lie to me about all of this? How could he lie to me? I mean, if he could lie to me about this, what else is he lying to me about, our marriage? His feelings for me? I mean, is this all a scam?

John: Don't do this to yourself.

Natalie: How could I be so dumb?

John: You're not dumb, all right? Let's just -- let's tone this down until we know some more, all right? Obviously, we need to speak to Jared.

Natalie: But I don't know where he is. He didn't tell me.

John: Maybe he did and you just don't realize. Just think back, all right? Think back and just tell us what happened. Natalie, the sooner that we bring him in, the sooner we get answers.

Elijah: I'm fat free.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Well, you know I'm watching what I eat these days.

Elijah: Oh, come on, admit it. You know you want just a little taste.

Téa: You know, you actually sound like Ross -- which is not a good thing, believe me.

Elijah: Hey, I am nothing like your almost ex. Now, I'd sure love to prove it.

Téa: Oh, I bet you would.

Elijah: Oh, don't be rude. I come in peace.

Téa: Why don't you tell me the real reason why you're here, huh?

Elijah: The truth? I was just out in the hall getting some ice, and I locked myself out of my room.

Téa: Hmm. Why don't you go down to the front desk and get yourself another key?

Elijah: What, like this?

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Don't tell me you're too modest.

Elijah: Can I please just come in and borrow your phone to call down?

Téa: You could, if I were a complete and total idiot.

Todd: It must have been a hell of a dream.

Blair: Why?

Todd: Well, you almost fell off the bed.

Blair: Oh.

Todd: You okay? Maybe I should get a doctor?

Blair: No. What are you doing here?

Todd: Oh. Do you want me to leave?

Blair: No.

Todd: Good, because I'm not going anywhere.

Téa: When exactly did you get the impression that I was a world-class idiot? It couldn't have been during the hearing when I buffed the floor with that fat-free body of yours.

Elijah: Now, Ms. Delgado, I've always had nothing but the utmost respect for you.

[Téa laughs]

Téa: Which is why you're showing up on my doorstep in nothing but a towel?

Elijah: I just explained why I'm here.

Téa: Yeah, you did. And I'm not buying it.

Elijah: Tsk. It's a pity.

Téa: Hmm.

Elijah: Oh.

Téa: You even waxed your chest for me. Wow.

Elijah: Anything for the cause. Oh, well, hey -- oh, relax, lady.

Téa: Oh, I'm relaxed, guy. In fact, I'm so relaxed, I'm not going to call security and tell them you tried to bust into my room and snatch my briefcase.

Elijah: Why would I want to snatch your case?

Téa: For the same reason your client stole it.

Elijah: My client just wants to see his kid. Can we negotiate here?

Téa: Why should I negotiate when I'm holding all the cards?

Elijah: Are you sure about that, Téa?

Téa: Ahem.

Elijah: There's nobody out there that can tell me where you stashed that kid?

Blair: You don't have to be here.

Todd: Yes, I know. I want to be here.

Blair: Well, it's not like we were in the best place before all this happened.

Todd: But we were talking.

Blair: Mm-hmm, about Téa.

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Blair: You feeling just a little bit guilty there, Todd, hmm?

Todd: Huh.

Blair: 'Cause maybe you knew you should have listened to what I said?

Todd: Yeah, you know what should have happened? You should have stayed the hell away from her, not get involved with her. She's tough.

Blair: Yeah, that's why you like her.

Todd: I don't like seeing you hurt this way.

Blair: Unless you're doing the hurting.

Todd: Oh, come on. I'm sitting here with you, I'm trying to be nice. Geez, Blair, you're the mother of my kids. I care about you.

[Blair scoffs]

Blair: Right.

Todd: You know, there was supposed to be someone here who was going to help me help you get better. That was the plan, anyway. I'll see what's going on.

Todd: There you are. About time.

Blair: Oh, there's my little man! Oh...

John: When did Jared tell you that he had lied to you? At the station?

Natalie: How did you know? He started to tell me at the station, but we didn't get a chance to finish the conversation, so we did when he got home. Look, the thing is, John, I don't think -- I don't think that he could have done this.

Jessica But you said he confessed.

Natalie: He started to, but -- but I can't imagine that he would do this to us.

[Door closes]

Brody: It's on the wire.

Natalie: Oh, my God! You guys are going to hunt him down?

John: Help us find him, Natalie. Tell us where he is. Tell us what happened.

Natalie: You mean give evidence against him.

John: Hey, you know, I agree with you. There's a lot of this that just doesn't add up. And I've seen you two together. It's clear he loves you.

Natalie: He does. I know he does.

John: But he admitted to you that -- that he's involved, and I can only assume that he got in over his head. And now you need to help us help him come in.

Natalie: I'm not testifying against him.

John: All we're trying to do is find him.

[Natalie sniffles]

Natalie: Okay. All right, for what it's worth, he did say that he did it, that he had been in contact with Landers, that -- that he planned this whole thing, and he was able to give the information to Landers of what he needed to stalk Jessica, and he got him into B.E.

Brody: But why? Why would he do this? John just said, he loves you. What could he stand to gain by going after your sister?

Natalie: I wish I knew.

[Phone rings]

Greg: I'm sorry. It might be the hospital. I gave them my number.


Greg: Gregory Evans.

Destiny: He's awake!

Greg: Who is this?

Destiny: Destiny! Shaun's awake.

Greg: What are you talking about?

Destiny: He woke up. I was with him, and he opened his eyes.

Destiny: Des, that happens sometimes.

Destiny: He talked to me. He hugged me. He's awake. You've got to get over here. He's asking for you.

Greg: I'm on my way.

Destiny: Hurry. I'll call Rachel.

Greg: No! No, I'll do that from the car. Just have the nurse page the doctor, and give Mom and Dad a call, okay?

Destiny: Got it.

Greg: All right.

Rachel: What happened? That was my sister. She's at the hospital.

Rachel: Is she okay?

Greg: Oh, she's overjoyed. She says Shaun's awake.

Rachel: What?

Greg: Shaun's out of the coma. She says he's awake.

Rachel: So, he's okay? He survived?

Rachel: That's what she's saying, yeah.

Rachel: Oh, my God. Greg, that's a miracle!

Greg: Yes. Yes, it is.

Matthew: We're not going home?

Bo: No. Not for a while.

Matthew: So what's your plan? You going to strand me on an island somewhere? Lock me in a dungeon?

Nora: No. We just wanted to give you a little more time to think things through.

Matthew: So what, you're going to lock me up until I agree with you? Look, every day I wait, I lose muscle. What don't you understand about that? I have to have this surgery now. It can't -- it cannot wait any longer.

Bo: It's going to have to.

Nora: Honey, I did some research on Dr. Nance. Now, I know that Dr. Evans has great faith in him. And someday, I'm sure he's going to be a terrific surgeon. But he just finished his surgical residency 3 years ago.

Matthew: So what?

Nora: So, the procedure that you need to have -- do you know how many times he's done it? Twice. That's it. Twice. And the results? One of the patients -- there was no change. And the other patient only regained a little bit of feeling in their legs -- just a little bit. I mean, this is no miracle.

Matthew: You're making this up.

Bo: No, son, we're telling you the truth.

Matthew: You just can't admit that you're wrong. That -- that the judge, my doctors, my lawyers -- that they're just as smart as you and just as educated.

Nora: But they're not your parents.

Matthew: So that gives you the right to lock me in a wheelchair?

Bo: No. We just thought you needed a change of scenery.

Matthew: What does that mean?

Nora: Well, we found a new school for you.

Matthew: Where?

Bo: London.

Matthew: London? You're not serious.

Bo: Well, it's just outside the city.

Nora: It's just got this fantastic reputation.

Matthew: I'm not doing it. I'm not going.

Bo: All we're asking is that you give it a try.

Matthew: And you thought you'd wait to tell me when I was trapped in a plane to tell me that you're dragging me out of the country against my will and dumping me someplace I don't want to be?

Bo: We had to act fast.

Matthew: Yeah, because you knew I'd call Téa and she'd tell the judge. What kind of people are you?

Bo: Matthew --

Matthew: No! My whole life, you tell me to be honorable and tell the truth, because that's what it means to be a Buchanan. And then once something happens that doesn't go your way, you just throw out the rulebook. You know what? Grandpa would have been behind me.

Nora: Oh, Asa would have done far worse if it meant saving his grandson's life.

Matthew: You're wrong. Grandpa would have let me have the surgery. He was never afraid to take chances.

Bo: You're right, but your grandpa made a lot of mistakes. I can't afford to do that right now, because I love you too much.

Matthew: I hate you. I hate you both.

Nora: Yeah, I know you do. But you know what, sweetheart? I'd rather have you hate me than have you risk putting your life in the hands of a surgeon who is just not experienced enough.

Bo: Son, I know you're angry right now, and I don't blame you. I'd be mad as hell myself. But your mom's right. We can't risk you dying on that table. We just won't.

Mrs. Evans: Oh, my God. Shaun?

Shaun: Hey, Mama.

Mrs. Evans: Oh, thank God. Oh, my baby.

Shaun: It's okay, Mom.

Mr. Evans: Son, you had us worried sick.

Shaun: Why? Greg said he had it in the bag. Why is everybody acting like I just came back from the dead?

Mr. Evans: Hmm.

Destiny: Because you did.

Mrs. Evans: Honey...

Destiny: It's true.

Mr. Evans: There were a few complications. You were out for awhile.

Shaun: What's awhile?

Mrs. Evans: About a month.

Shaun: What?

Mrs. Evans: Mm-hmm.

Destiny: You were out.

Mr. Evans: But he's okay now, right, Doctor?

Doctor: He's responding normally, but Dr. Evans will have to examine him.

Mr. Evans: So, where's your brother?

Rachel: Did Destiny say how he was?

Greg: No, just that Shaun was asking for us.

Rachel: I have my car, so...

Greg: We can take mine.

Rachel: Oh, no.

Greg: I was just saying that we could park in the hospital lot, that's all. They gave me a badge.

Rachel: I'll be fine.

Greg: Okay. Look, Rachel, we're going to have to talk about this at some point.

Rachel: We will, just not now. Shaun's waiting.

Téa: If you knew where my child was, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Elijah: Nobody lives in a vacuum, Delgado. Not even you.

Téa: Ahem.

Elijah: Somebody has to have seen you with that child. Given you a ride somewhere, cashed a check, checked you in. It's just a matter of time and money before that someone talks.

Téa: Good luck.

Elijah: Tell me something. Don't you think a father deserves to have a relationship with his child?

Téa: A good father.

Elijah: Well, when was Ross anything other than a model parent?

Téa: If Ross wanted custody, why did he sign his rights away when we got divorced?

Elijah: Only you're not divorced. Those papers were never executed.

Téa: Thanks to Blair Cramer.

Elijah: Mm-hmm.

Téa: But when I fly down to Tahiti and get those papers officially confirmed and certified, then Ross' parental rights will be history.

Elijah: The guy just wants to see his kid. Have a heart, Téa.

[Téa scoffs]

[Elijah chuckles]

Elijah: Oh, that's right -- you gave yours away to Todd Manning. He stomped all over it, didn't he? Good move, Counselor. Now, if I know Todd Manning, he's probably hooking up with somebody else as we speak.

Jack: I saw you on TV when you dove out the window. It was awesome! You could be a stunt woman.

Blair: Uh -- I think I'll pass on that one, buddy.

Jack: I recorded it so you can watch it when you get home. I saw it, like, 50 times.

Blair: Well, it didn't upset you to see me fall, did it?

Jack: Maybe the first time. But after I heard you were going to be okay, I put it on the internet, and I sent all my friends the link.

Blair: Well, it's so nice that somebody was looking out for me.

Todd: Yeah.

Jack: Mom, you don't understand. Nobody's mom ever dove out a window and lived. It's like a world record.

Blair: Yeah? Well, then as long as I'm making you happy, Jack, I guess my job is done.

Jack: But Sam was a little worried, though.

Blair: Well, you can tell Sam that I'm going to be okay.

Jack: Do you want me to hate Téa? Because I will.

Blair: No, sweetheart, I don't want you to hate anybody, but see those chocolates over there? How about you and I dig in and see what those are about?

Jack: You might not like them.

Blair: Really?

Jack: There's no nuts. I think I should have them.

Todd: Why don't you go get your mom some peanut butter --

Jack: Just for you.

Blair: Oh, yeah?

Todd: Get her some peanut brittle, instead.

Jack: Money, please?

Blair: Chocolate...

Todd: Hmm.

Jack: Thank you. Mom?

Blair: Hmm?

Jack: I love you.

Blair: I love you back, buddy. I love you back.

Todd: Yeah. Hey, bring me your change.

Jack: No.

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Thank you for bringing him.

Todd: You know, Sam wanted to come, too, but -- well, when he got here, you were asleep, so -- you know, it was past his bedtime. Addie took him home.

Blair: Did he put up a fight?

Todd: Oh, of course he did. He loves you, too. We all do.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Jessica Is it because of me? Was it because I had locked you two in the basement? Is that...

Natalie: No. That was Tess, and -- no. I mean, I asked Jared point-blank, "are you doing this to get back at Jess?"

Brody: Because she sent him to prison?

Natalie: No. No, and -- and Jared understands Jessica's illness. I mean, my God, he helped take care of her children for months.

John: All right. You know what? Let's talk about what he did tell you. That he and Landers conspired to stalk your sister.

Brody: So all those e-mails and texts...

Natalie: Yeah, I guess that's the way they were communicating.

Brody: And when he said that it was planted on his phone...

Natalie: He was lying to us, okay? Can we just move on?

John: Jared found Landers' body on the terrace.

Natalie: Yeah, but he couldn't have killed him. It's not possible.

John: Did you ask him?

Natalie: Yeah, but we didn't get a chance to talk about it.

John: Why is that?

Natalie: He left. I mean, he wanted to stay. He wanted to finish the conversation, but then he got a text.

John: Did you see it?

Natalie: No. I mean, I tried, but he wouldn't let me see it. And then -- and then he got another one, and he wouldn't let me see that one, either. And then he said he had to go. And I said that I was going to come with him, and he said no, it was too dangerous. And then he left.

Brody: So there's a third conspirator.

Natalie: Or someone's threatening him. Which is the only thing that makes sense. He was forced to do this.

Jared: Stop! It's over, okay? I've already confessed to Natalie! There's no going back. We are done!

John: Brody, can you run point at the station?

Brody: I'll get some things together and head over there. You staying here?

John: I'll get a uniform to guard the house.

Jessica Well -- um -- I'm going to call Mom and Charlie and let them know what's going on.

Natalie: No, do you really have to tell Charlie?

Jessica Natalie, I don't see how we can keep this from them any longer. But if you want, we can tell them together, okay?

John: You okay?

Natalie: Yeah, I'm fine.

John: Hey, did Jared mention anyplace that he and Landers met? Maybe somewhere near B.E.?

Natalie: No.

[Phone rings]

Natalie: It's not him. This is Natalie. No, no one's supposed to be up there, not that I know of. Yeah, the police are with me right now. I'll let them know. Thanks.

John: What was that all about?

Natalie: The security company -- they couldn't get ahold of Dad, so they called me, instead. Someone tripped the alarm up at the lodge.

Blair: So are you ever going to tell me what happened between you and Téa?

Todd: When?

Blair: Earlier, when you hustled her out of the E.R.

Todd: Oh, well, no, she just said that it was an accident, and that you and Téa were fighting over Ross Rayburn and things got out of hand.

Blair: I just wish that I could remember. There's -- I get glimpses and flashes, but nothing concrete.

Todd: Well, as long as you get better, it really doesn't make any difference.

Blair: But it does make a difference, Todd. Whatever it was we were arguing about, I know that it has something to do with you, and I know that it was important.

Todd: Well, Téa's sure as hell not going to tell me. I guess that's par for the course, though, now. I just feel so naive that I trusted her. At least you were trying to be honest with me. I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time about it. You were just trying to help. I owe you one.

Blair: Yes, you do. And I'm going to collect.

Téa: Insulting the opposition, pointing out her failures -- that's some strategy.

Elijah: Anything for a client.

Téa: Yeah. I can see that.

Elijah: Oh, like you're any different. You married Todd Manning to win a case. Then you got $5 million out of the deal, rumor has it, so that was a win-win. Then there was the Buchanan case where you put your best friend on the witness stand and tore her apart so her brother could risk his life on the operating table. Wonder how that one's going to turn out.

Téa: We'll see.

Elijah: You like to win as much as I do.

Téa: Mm-hmm.

Elijah: We're both willing to pull any trick in the book to make that happen.

Téa: The difference is, my tricks work.

Matthew: So you've kidnapped me, and now you're going to dump me in London?

Nora: Look, we're not dumping you anywhere. We're not abandoning you. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be taking a leave of absence, I think, so I can stay with you in London until you're settled and you can decide how you like this place.

Matthew: Oh, you don't need a leave of absence. Because I can already tell you that I hate this school, and that I hate London. That's just not going to change.

Bo: Yeah, but Cord is there, Joey. Kelly, Kevin, and Zane. And -- plus, the school in Llanview -- I mean, you were having a pretty tough time there.

Matthew: My grades are fine.

Bo: Yeah, but some of those kids were pretty rough on you.

Matthew: So the kids at this school are going to be any different?

Bo: Just give it a chance.

Matthew: What, like you gave me a chance? You took away the only chance I'll ever have again of walking.

Blair: But you don't know that.

Matthew: Yeah, I do. But obviously, nothing I want matters to you guys. Not my friends, my home, my school. You expect me to just start all over again in a place that I don't want to be. And it's already hard enough to get around in a wheelchair. I just -- I just can't believe you guys are doing this to me. You didn't even let me say good-bye to my own sister. What, she's in on this, too?

Nora: No, I didn't tell Rachel.

Matthew: Yeah, because she would have stopped you guys.

Nora: Okay, sweetheart, I know you're upset. I get it. Please, know that if you don't like this place, you don't have to stay.

Matthew: Yeah, easy for you to say. What am I going to do, run away?

[Nora sighs]

Destiny: Oh -- and Blair went out a window.

Mrs. Evans: Hmm. Well, I don't blame her. If my aunt pulled a stunt like that...

[Mr. Evans chuckles]

Shaun: Is Blair okay?

Destiny: She'll be fine. She's right down the hall.

Greg: See what happens when you fall asleep on the job? The whole world turns upside down.

Shaun: Dr. Brother...the man who saved my life. Come here, you.

Mr. Evans: So he's okay?

Mrs. Evans: Well, he looks fine. A little thin...

Shaun: Huh. Haven't had your cooking, Mom.

[Mrs. Evans chuckles]

Greg: So I'll have to run some more tests, but so far, so good.

Shaun: You got the bullet -- all the fragments?

Greg: Yeah.

Shaun: So, me not waking up...

Greg: It was my fault.

Mrs. Evans: Oh, don't listen to him. Now, he takes the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Mr. Evans: The point is, you made it. You're going to be fine.

Greg: Shaun deserves to know what happened. Look, I may have gone in too deep trying to grab all the pieces. So these last few was my fault. All of it.

Destiny: Rachel, what's wrong?

Rachel: Oh, I -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm just emotional, that's all.

Destiny: Please...I slobbered all over Shaun when he first woke up. But then he started bossing me around and I got over it. Are you going to go in and see him? He's been asking for you.

Nora: Oh, this is -- I knew it was going to be hard, but -- oh, wow. Not that I blame him, but he is never, ever going to trust us again.

Bo: Maybe not. Well, I don't think that we have any good options at this point, only bad and worse. And I'll take him being angry over burying him.

Nora: It's unfair. It's just unfair for all of us, but especially him.

Téa: So why don't we table the tricks, Elijah? Unless of course you want me to retaliate.

Elijah: Ooh, there's that tough talk I like so much. Tell me, what are you going to do, Counselor? Throw me out the window?

Téa: Oh, I don't know. I'll think of something.

Elijah: Hey, Téa! Oh, come on! Téa, open the door.

[Elijah pounds on door]

[Téa snickers]

Elijah: Téa, open the door. Come on, Téa! Hey, man, how's it going?

Todd: You're actually going to make me repay you?

Blair: Mm-hmm. Let's just look at it as a way of, like, setting an example for Jack, okay? I, you's not bad. Not that big.

Todd: Well, just remember, one wish only, so don't waste it on something stupid like a burger run.

Blair: Oh, it's bigger than a burger run.

Todd: Okay. Don't get carried away.

Blair: You owe me.

Todd: Yes, I do. I just want to make sure you don't go against my own self-interest, that's all.

Blair: Oh, conditions, conditions. Todd, that's so small.

Todd: Well, I don't -- I don't plan on giving up custody of my kids, if that's what you're thinking.

Blair: You know, I -- I didn't think of that.

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: But you know what? I don't want to go there. Actually, things are working out pretty good.

Todd: All right, all right.

Blair: Well, they're -- it's working out.

Todd: Enough --

Blair: Until I fell out the window, of course.

[Todd sighs]

Todd: Oh, the suspense is killing me. What do you want?

Blair: I want my memory back.

John: I'll call Brody on the way.

Natalie: I'm coming with you.

John: No, you're not.

Natalie: It's Jared.

John: You don't know that.

Natalie: No, you know it's him. I mean, this is where Jessica saw the stalker at the rehearsal dinner, okay? It's dark, it's secluded, it's the perfect place for this maniac to do whatever he is going to do.

John: Which is why you're staying here.

Natalie: Try and stop me.

[Door opens]

John: Here we go again.

Rachel: Of course I want to see your brother. I just -- I didn't want to intrude on the family.

Destiny: What are you talking about? You are family. You're Shaun's girlfriend.

Mr. Evans: Will you listen to your brother? The man saved your life and he's blaming himself because you took your time waking up.

Mrs. Evans: Well, all I know is my baby is alive and well. And it's all thanks to Greg. Oh, honey, we missed you so much.

Mr. Evans: Wait a minute -- what are you talking about? We were here every day.

Mrs. Evans: know who was here? Rachel. And Greg told me she even played music for you.

Mr. Evans: Boy, you must be doing something right.

Shaun: I see nothing's changed.

[Mr. and Mrs. Evans laugh]

Mrs. Evans: Well, here she is. I was just telling Shaun how you were here every day. Now, this girl is an angel.

Mr. Evans: Mm-hmm.

Shaun: Don't I know it.

Rachel: Don't you ever scare me like that again.

Shaun: Who, me? I'm not going anywhere. I promised the woman I love that I was taking her on a date. And I keep my promises.

Nora: Matthew, I have one more thing I want to talk to you about.

Bo: Matthew! Take out the headsets.

Nora: Listen, kiddo, we're not saying that you have to wait until you're 18 to have the surgery.

Matthew: Yeah, right.

Nora: No, we're going to stay on top of this, all right? And if the risks go down...

Bo: Then we'll set this up ourselves.

Nora: And your cousins are -- they're thrilled that you're coming. And you know how those Buchanan men like to go around in packs, right? I mean, can't be all bad, right?

Matthew: Who am I going to be living with?

Bo: It's a boarding school.

Matthew: Boarding school? Just keeps getting better.

Nora: Well, we -- we did think this would be better, at least in terms of your getting around. Sweetheart, it's really a fantastic school. It's very inclusive. And you're not going to be the only one there with a disability. There -- there are kids from all over the world, lots of them from the United States. You're just going to fit right in. Anyway, I...brought you a brochure, in case you're curious.

Nora: What the hell are we doing?

Téa: Hi, honey. It's Mom. What you doing?

Todd: I have been on the web. I have talked to specialists -- anyone who will talk to me. I've even researched the pharmaceuticals.

Blair: Look, I can tell you right now, I'm not taking any drugs, okay?

Todd: Hey, all right, that's fine. They don't always work. Nothing does.

Blair: I know.

Todd: There's no silver bullet.

Blair: Well, Dorian already told me that. That's why you come to my rescue.

Todd: Yeah. I told you that I would grant you your wish, and I will.

Blair: Well, what's the cure?

Todd: There she is right now.

Blair: Marty Saybrooke?

Natalie: Oh! [Screams] No!

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