One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/11/09


Episode # 10521 ~ Vlad the Impaler

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John: You got to work with us, Sergei. We need the baby before we do anything else.

Sergei: You want to bargain? Bring me the baby.


John: Sergei!

Sergei: You want baby now?

Greg: There.

Dr. Gangemi: Bullet frag?

Greg: Right next to the brain stem.

Dr. Gangemi: How did we miss that?

Greg: You couldn't have seen it without the scans. But if it moves a millimeter, it will blow Shaun's brain stem.

Dr. Gangemi: Well, you can't leave it in there. I mean, any impact, even a sudden stop of traffic --

Greg: My brother could be dead on the spot.

Dr. Gangemi: I'm sorry, Evans. I mean, even if I would have seen the fragment, I wouldn't have gone anywhere near it. That's not my specialty.

Greg: No, I know.

Dr. Gangemi: I had to get your brother stable and keep him alive.

Greg: Which you did.

Dr. Gangemi: You're going to need a neurosurgeon for that. A damn good one.

Shaun: What's with the looks?

Mrs. Evans: You scared us, baby.

Shaun: I'm not going nowhere.

Destiny: Like I said, they don't listen. I told Mama you'd be up by this afternoon.

Mr. Evans: Ignore these women. Don't you do a thing until you are ready.

Shaun: I'm ready. I've got reason to get moving.

Rex: Well?

Doctor: I'll be right back with your test results and we'll take it from there.

Rex: Thank you, Doctor.

Stacy: Thank you.

Kim: Why don't you take a hike, too?

Rex: Because I might be the dad. Why are you here again?

Kim: Because I actually give a damn about the mother. You're not helping.

Rex: Excuse me?

Kim: Can't you see she doesn't feel well?

Rex: Oh. That's all I hear -- how hard it is for Stacy.

Kim: Oh, yeah, nice attitude, dad.

Rex: You have no right to get involved!

Stacy: Okay, you guys, just stop it, please!

Rex: You want her gone?

Stacy: Rex, can you please wait outside? I just cannot handle all this squabbling.

[Gigi sighs]

Schuyler: Hey.

Gigi: Hey. It's good to see you.

Schuyler: Yeah. You, too.

Gigi: Except I left you, like, ten messages.

Schuyler: Yeah, I know. I know that. Um -- I wanted to tell you face-to-face.

Gigi: Schuyler, you're not here to say goodbye, are you?

Blair: Uh-uh, where do you think you're going? No.

Todd: I'm going to find out what John McBain is doing.

Blair: No, you're not, Todd.

Todd: Yes, I am.

Blair: No! Don't go in there.

Todd: I'm going to go in there, Blair. He has no idea what he's doing. The longer this takes, the more the risk.

John: Sergei, I swear, if you hurt either one of those girls, I will hunt you down --

Sergei: Then you won't deal with me? He plays with me now, this John McBain. He gives me excuses like I am idiot child and I do not know how little time it takes to put fuel in an airplane.

John: Listen to me. If I don't hear Starr's voice right now, I swear, I will hunt you down and I'll kill you.

Starr: Hope and I are okay! We're alive!

[Muffled speech]

John: That's good, Sergei. That's good. As long as Starr and Hope are all right, then we're still in this.

Sergei: 30 minutes, John McBain. You give me everything that I ask, or next bullet goes into teen mommy's pretty little head.

Sergei: A plane fueled ready to leave the country. Money inside, safe passage to plane. These are my terms.

John: No problem. Where do you want to do this?

Sergei: 29 minutes, John McBain. Negotiation is over.

[Phone disconnects]

John: What do you think?

Bo: We got to move.

Sergei: You watch the movies? "Look out, John McBain. It's a trap."

Starr: If they think we're dead, they'll come in here shooting, and you could get my baby killed.

Sergei: If they knew where we are, already police would be here.

[Hope cries]

Starr: Can you please just let me feed her? I'll be quiet and she'll be quiet, I swear.

Vlad: You told me bring food and diapers. You don't tell me baby is always screaming.

Sergei: Give her the kid, and a bottle of that stuff.

Starr: Thank you. Come here. It's okay. Come here. Thanks. Okay, okay. Oh. It's all right. Come here.

Sergei: Now you shut up and you keep that baby quiet. Or Evgeny will make her quiet, understand?

[Hope continues crying]

Starr: Yes. Here. Here, here.

[Hope quiets down]

Sergei: Watch her.

Evgeny: You say come here for big payday, hmm? Not baby-sit.

Sergei: These girls are very rich, very important. They will get us home safe and with lots of cash.

Evgeny: Ugh, that baby is hurting my ears with that crying.

Sergei: We will drug them for flight.

Vlad: We're taking them with us?

Sergei: What do you think?

Vlad: We dump them from the plane.

Sergei: Then U.S. Air Force shoots us down. Only way we land safe are with these little girls.

Vlad: Then what do we do with them?

Sergei: We sell them back to their rich daddy -- or whoever pays the most.

Schuyler: Why would you think I was leaving?

Gigi: Because that's what you said the last time I saw you.

Schuyler: Yeah, but you said it was a crummy idea.

Gigi: It was.

Schuyler: Well, you still think so, or you change your mind?

Gigi: No. I don't want you to leave. Especially because Rex told you to do it.

Schuyler: Yeah. Yeah, me, neither. So yeah, I'm staying.

Gigi: Excellent! What convinced you to stay?

Schuyler: You did.

Rex: I will go until the doctor comes back with the results.

Stacy: Thank you.

[Slams door shut]

Stacy: Did you have to pick a fight with him?

Kim: Yeah. Girl, you need to focus, and we need a plan right now.

Stacy: I thought we had a plan. The doctor's going to tell me that I had a miscarriage. And then Rex and I are just going to comfort each other.

Kim: And then what?

Stacy: I -- I really don't know.

Kim: Yeah, well, you'd better figure it out, because in about 15 minutes, Rex is going to find out you're not pregnant.

[Stacy sighs]

Rachel: Um -- excuse me.

Mrs. Evans: She's a nice girl. You could do worse.

Destiny: He has.

Mrs. Evans: Hmm.

Shaun: Check yourself. I can still reach you. Don't worry. I won't lose Rachel.

Greg: Look, it's our only option.

Dr. Gangemi: It's in violation of -- I'll run it by the chief of surgery, but no promises.

Greg: I'll be here if you need backup.

Dr. Gangemi: All right. I'll let you know.

Greg: Thanks.

Rachel: What was that?

Greg: Hey. How's Shaun?

Rachel: Cracking jokes. Sorry he worried his mama. Does that man complain about anything?

Greg: Only me. And he's usually right.

Rachel: So what was that about?

Greg: Uh -- Shaun's still in trouble. He needs another operation, and he needs it now.

Bo: Set up a perimeter. Don't make it obvious, but make sure they see you.

Todd: What are you guys doing?

Oliver: This is Fish with the task force. Tell swat and E.S.U. --

Bo: All right. Unit 10, we'll meet you at the river entry.

Brody: Yes, sir.

John: Have river patrol set up a 5 mile perimeter.

Brody: All right.

Oliver: This is good to depths of 80 feet.

Brody: That'll be plenty. Just, I need a safety catch for my B.C.D.

Oliver: This way, this way.

Todd: What the hell's going on?

Bo: Get out of the way, Manning. Nobody in or out till you hear from me.

Cole: What about the baby?

John: Starr and the baby are fine. But the kidnappers are getting edgy so we're going in after them.

Greg: And see this right beside it?

Rachel: The jagged thing?

Greg: That's the bullet fragment. If this jagged edge comes anywhere near Shaun's brain stem --

Rachel: Could that happen?

Greg: Yeah. At any given moment, for no good reason. Hell, Shaun could cough too hard, turn his neck the wrong way, or --

Rachel: Okay, why don't they just operate and take it out?

Greg: Well, if we get approval.

Rachel: If this could kill Shaun, why would the hospital say no?

Greg: Because you need a qualified surgeon who can do something like this, that specialized.

Rachel: Well, I'm sure the hospital has one.

Greg: We do. Me.

Gigi: You know you can't stay because of me, right?

Schuyler: Yeah. No, I -- yeah, I know.

Gigi: Yeah.

Schuyler: I didn't -- I didn't mean it like that.

Gigi: Good.

Schuyler: I just -- you -- you gave me a lot to think about, and I realized that I have more of a reason to stay than to go.

Gigi: Good for you.

Schuyler: Yeah, good for you? Or just okay for you?

Gigi: Good, absolutely.

Schuyler: Okay. Not good for Rex, though.

Gigi: Don't worry about him.

Schuyler: Why, you don't?

Gigi: He is doing his best to try to be grown-up about us being friends.

Schuyler: Wow. That's good.

Gigi: Besides, he's very busy, holding Stacy's hand at the doctor these days.

Woman: See? I told you it was normal.

[Man chuckles]

Man: They say cravings, they don't say what for. Pickled beets?

Rex: Ew. Is that a good book?

Woman: It's helped us a lot. Is this your first?

Rex: Uh -- my second. But it's the first time that I've been able to be here from the beginning, so I want in on all of it.

Stacy: I feel sick.

Kim: Of course you do. You just had a painful, tragic miscarriage.

Stacy: Think the doctor will be able to tell it happened weeks ago?

Kim: Probably.

Stacy: I'm done.

Kim: Look, I never said this was going to be easy, but I promise I'll make this work. So don't you dare give up.

Sergei: So we are good, yes? We take girl and baby with us?

[Pounding on door]

Sergei: It's that punk Asher. This is his idea of sneaking in quiet.

Vlad: Too many cars.

Evgeny: The police are here.

Oliver: Swat and E.S.U. are onsite.

John: They make any noise?

Oliver: Yeah, they said they should have been heard on the inside.

Todd: Hey, listen, you guys. This is my family. I want to pay the ransom.

Bo: You don't know what you're talking about, Manning.

Blair: Where are you going?

Todd: Ow. Man.

John: Listen to me. Let us do our job, all right? We're going to bring your daughter home.

Todd: If you don't, I'm going to kill you.

John: Let's go.

Marty: Send word?

John: As soon as we can.

Oliver: Swat has established a perimeter here. River patrol stopped all traffic here and here. Sensors put warm bodies inside this area right here.

Bo: Any word from Sergei?

Oliver: No, nothing yet. And swat's already on the roof. They said that there's a ventilation shaft here, so if we want eyes inside the building --

John: No. Don't do anything to move them out of the main room. We want you looking straight out at us, don't we, Sergei? We're going to keep it that way for as long as we can. Any word from Brody's team?

Oliver: Not yet.

Bo: If he doesn't get in there fast, this isn't going to work.

Evgeny: A lot of cops. Sharpshooters.

Vlad: I thought you said they hadn't found us.

Sergei: And now they have. Of course they would.

Vlad: And still no plane, Sergei. This McBain tricks you.

Sergei: He tries. We try. He tries to come in our front door, we go out another.

Vlad: You said there was only one way in.

Sergei: Evgeny, check the river hatch.

John: What about Brody? We feed him any more information?

Bo: Can you get a fix on how far in from the river the entrance is? Can this equipment do that?

Oliver: Yeah. Well, from Asher's description, it should be here, but Brody's tracking device puts him right about there.

John: So he should be in.

Oliver: Well, it could be that the estimate's a few yards off.

Bo: Or it could be that Asher fed us a line of bull.

John: We'll know soon enough.

Vlad: Sergei, they're in full body armor, assault rifles. They're not here to negotiate.

Sergei: And yet, we see them.

Vlad: Yes.

Sergei: Why?

Vlad: Huh?

Sergei: If McBain and cops wanted to make a siege, why are they not shooting?

John: We got to make some noise, get their attention.

Bo: We start to play too soon and lose them.

Brody: Fish?

Oliver: I've got something. Yeah, we have you.

Bo: What's your status, Brody?

Brody: I'm in. I'm ready to move.

Rachel: You can't operate on your own brother. There has to be somebody qualified in Philadelphia or New York.

Greg: We can't wait for one of these guys to clear a schedule and come here. And the risk of transporting Shaun is worse than --

Rachel: Those are excuses.

Greg: No, they're not.

Rachel: You can't be objective.

Greg: And I can't trust anybody else to do it, either.

[Greg sighs]

Greg: Look, Rachel, I've done this surgery before. Look, I can make these cuts in my sleep.

Rachel: On your brother? You will literally have Shaun's life in your hands.

Mr. Evans: Come on, Phylicia, Des. Let Shaun rest.

Destiny: He can rest with us here.

Mrs. Evans: They want to give my baby boy a nurse full-time, then maybe I'll take a break, but you will not get me out of here otherwise.

Mr. Evans: Lord save you from strong-willed women, hmm?

Matthew: It's the same thing at my house. My mom can literally throw someone in jail.

Mrs. Evans: Oh. I like that in a mother.

[Mr. Evans chuckles]

Shaun: Bro, get me out of here.

[Mr. Evans chuckles]

Greg: Can't do it just yet, Shaun.

Mrs. Evans: Now, he needs to stay put and heal.

Mr. Evans: What?

Rachel: Matthew, we should wait outside.

Matthew: Okay. I'll see you later.

Destiny: Bye.

Mrs. Evans: What does Rachel know that we don't?

Greg: Shaun -- um -- I have some bad news.

Stacy: How am I going to convince Dr. Baez to lie about the miscarriage?

Kim: You don't.

Stacy: Well, then Rex is going to know I've been lying.

Kim: Uh-uh, you just found out yourself. You're just as shocked as he is.

Stacy: Kimmy, I remember that night, okay? It's not like I didn't notice it.

Kim: Oh, you mean the night your bitch sister showed up and tried to get you to have an abortion?

Stacy: Yeah.

Kim: Well, of course you remember it. You were a total wreck. It made you physically sick.

Stacy: Oh, yeah, it did.

Kim: Mm-hmm. And you may have had some bleeding, but you thought that was totally normal.

Stacy: Which is why I didn't say anything -- because I --

Kim: You were better the next day.

Stacy: And I didn't want to upset Rex more than Gigi had already done.

Kim: With her evil, baby-killing ways.

Stacy: So I just went on.

Kim: And you thought you dodged a bullet and everything was okay, until just now.

Stacy: Why are you not running the world?

Kim: The hours would suck.

Stacy: This works.

Kim: Mm-hmm. I mean, you not only get pity points, but you also get major, major guilt. Plus, your sister looks like the wicked witch.

Stacy: Okay, so can you distract Rex while I'm talking to Dr. Baez? I just want to make sure the stories work out.

Kim: Yeah, no problem. I'll take care of it.

Dr. Baez: Okay, Stacy. We have your results.

Kim: I'll be outside. Uh-uh. Nope. I'm not letting you in there.

Gigi: I can't blame Rex for wanting to do right by his kid.

Schuyler: Yeah, but that doesn't mean you have to pretend that you're okay with him spending time with Stacy.

Gigi: Especially if she's still playing him.

Schuyler: Uh -- I'm sorry, am I missing something?

Gigi: Stacy faked being Shane's stem cell match, didn't she? So what if there's more to this story, too?

Stacy: Doctor, just tell me. I already have a feeling.

Dr. Baez: About what?

Stacy: Well, something's not right with this pregnancy.

Rex: Move.

Kim: Forget it.

Rex: What is your problem?

Kim: Stacy's getting a pelvic exam.

Rex: So? It's part of the process.

Kim: Not for you, jerk.

Rex: Look, I am here to be part of this.

Kim: No, you're here like a hostage. You don't want to share in the experience with Stacy. Stacy could drop dead and still give you your baby, you'd be happy. Wouldn't you?

Rex: This is not the perfect situation for anyone.

Kim: Exactly. So why should she expose herself to you?

Schuyler: Well, what do you think's going on?

Gigi: This.

Dr. Baez: Why do you think something's wrong, Stacy?

Stacy: Well, because a while back, I had this spotting, and --

Dr. Baez: Well, it didn't prevent you from getting pregnant.

Stacy: Wait -- what?

Dr. Baez: Your tests show that you're a few days pregnant.

Schuyler: Are you...pregnant?

Gigi: No! No. Good grief. Rex and I have enough to handle without another kid in the mix.

Schuyler: Okay, okay. All right. I taught biology. I'm still a guy, though. I mean -- so what's the deal with the test?

Gigi: I found it in Stacy's garbage.

Schuyler: So?

Gigi: So? What does a pregnant woman need with a home pregnancy test?

Schuyler: I don't know.

Gigi: Do you think it's possible that Stacy isn't really pregnant?

Stacy: I can't be pregnant.

Dr. Baez: The -- the results are right here.

Stacy: Okay, but I took one of those home pregnancy tests.

Dr. Baez: You can get a false negative from those, especially this early on.

Stacy: How early?

Dr. Baez: According to your HCG levels, I'd say about three days -- a week at the most.

Stacy: It worked.

Dr. Baez: What did?

Stacy: I'm pregnant! I mean, you're, like, absolutely, 100% sure?

Dr. Baez: Yes, the results are right here.

Stacy: Oh, my God!

Kim: I'm sure that's completely normal.

Vlad: There is no plane, Sergei. You're deluding yourself. The police will never let us out of here alive.

Sergei: It's not their decision to make.

Vlad: If there is any way out of here...

Sergei: All right. We will take girls and go.

Vlad: They will slow us down.

Sergei: Idiot. They are only reason we are alive now.

Vlad: Fine. Take the brats, but let's go. I don't understand what are we waiting for.

Sergei: Evgeny.

Bo: Brody?

Brody: Yeah. One man down. Moving on the main room.

[Phone rings]

John: What's that?

Bo: Sergei.

Sergei: Find Evgeny. Let no one enter this room.

John: Sergei's looking for his guy.

Bo: Brody, you got to move fast.

Brody: Roger that. I'm going in.

John: If Sergei doesn't hear from his guy in the next 30 seconds, he'll know we've breached.

Bo: Brody's aware of that.

John: Not good enough.

Bo: McBain!

[Bo sighs]

Bo: He's giving Sergei another target.

John: Sergei! Sergei! It's John McBain! I'm coming in.

Greg: This bullet fragment -- if it shifts even a millimeter, it could cut your brain stem.

Shaun: You sure I use that thing?

Greg: Shaun, you could die.

Mr. Evans: What do we do?

Greg: Shaun needs to have the fragment removed. The sooner, the better.

Mrs. Evans: Well, what are the risks?

Destiny: Any surgery is risky.

Greg: And Shaun's body has already gone through major trauma.

Shaun: You don't think I should wait?

Greg: You could. You absolutely could. I mean, you could try and live a normal life.

Shaun: Try?

Greg: Look, or you could be fine. Or one day, you could turn your neck the wrong way and --

Shaun: All right. A dead man.

Greg: If this fragment moves even a millimeter...

Mr. Evans: That can't be right.

Mrs. Evans: No, no, Gregory wouldn't come in here and scare his family senseless if he isn't absolutely sure.

Greg: Mom, I am sure. And I talked to Shaun's surgeon about it, too.

Mr. Evans: He says the same?

Mrs. Evans: Well, who's doing the surgery? Why isn't he here?

Greg: I am.

Shaun: You'd operate?

Greg: I'm right here, and I'm qualified.

Mr. Evans: Everybody knows how smart you are, son. Nobody --

Greg: Mom, Dad, please...look, I know what it took from you to put me through med school. I never in my life thought that I would ever be able to pay you back.

Mr. Evans: Look, you sent money.

Greg: Yeah, but I never brought myself back home. And now here I am. And maybe this is the reason. So that I could be here when you needed me most.

Mrs. Evans: You could do this surgery on your brother?

Greg: If Shaun trusts me and says yes.

Shaun: Easier said than done.

Destiny: Shaun, it's Greg. He's the best.

Shaun: So we hear.

Greg: Shaun -- um -- I don't blame you, man. But I swear to you, I would not take this on if I did not know that I could do this.

Dr. Gangemi: Dr. Evans?

Greg: Yeah? No, it's okay. Come on in. This is Dr. Gangemi.

Dr. Gangemi: Um -- the chief of surgery has agreed to allow Dr. Evans to operate on his brother.

Destiny: All right.

Dr. Gangemi: As long as Shaun and the rest of the family agree to sign a waiver releasing the hospital of any legal action.

Mrs. Evans: We can do that.

Greg: Then it's your call, Shaun.

Shaun: I can't live like a ticking time bomb. Give me a pen.

Destiny: Yes!

Schuyler: Wow. Why were you trash diving at Rex's again?

Gigi: Because when we showed up today, Stacy and her little partner in crime were acting like they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. And Stacy's been fighting going to the doctor.

Schuyler: But the doctor confirmed that Stacy's pregnant.

Gigi: Yeah, I know. We all heard the doctor with our own ears.

Schuyler: Right.

Gigi: So my question is, why does Stacy need another pregnancy test?

Rex: Is everything okay?

Dr. Baez: Stacy's getting dressed, and she asked to see Kim.

Kim: Smart girl.

Kim: What the hell is going on?

[Stacy sighs]

Stacy: I'm pregnant.

Kim: Oh, my gosh!

Stacy: Shh, shh. We didn't even need our great story. Fish did the trick.

Kim: Un-freakin'-believable!

Stacy: I know! Right? I finally get a break.

Kim: Yeah, girl, this is good. This is good. This is so good, but we still have a little bit of work to do.

Stacy: Right, timing.

Kim: Yeah.

Stacy: I mean, he finds out I just got pregnant, I'm screwed.

Kim: Okay. So for now, we keep Rex in the dark.

[Stacy laughs]

Brody: Starr and the baby in sight.

Bo: How many men?

Oliver: Two, one wounded.

John: Sergei!

John: Sergei?

Brody: What?

Bo: John's trying to distract Sergei. Wait till Sergei's focused on John, then look for your move.

John: Can you hear me? Hey, I'm unarmed. Come on, Sergei. You want out, you figure out a way to make that happen.

Sergei: Damn cowboy cop. When Vlad gets back, take girl and baby down to river.

Kiril: Da.

[Indistinct radio chatter]

Oliver: What's the plan if McBain goes inside?

Bo: There isn't one. John's making it up as he goes along. Let's hope that Brody's close enough to -- to hear them, and then he can pick his move.

John: Sergei?

Sergei: John McBain, you come by without invitation.

John: You had to know we'd find you. It's easier this way.

Sergei: Do tell me how.

Brody: I'm going now.

Bo: Roger.

John: You want safe passage to Llantano airfield, don't you?

Sergei: I find my own way back. Thanks.

John: We can get you a chopper. No roads, no roadblocks, no chances of misunderstanding along the way.

Sergei: Very thoughtful, John McBain.

John: I'm like that. But I need to see Starr and the baby first.

Sergei: You want to come inside?

John: That'd be nice. Come on, these guys will stay back. I don't think they want to see me get shot.

John: See the barricades? You see the cops? Everybody's back. I'm unarmed. I'm not even wearing a wire. Let me in.

Sergei: This is not our deal.

John: So what? We're changing the deal. Let me see the girls.

Sergei: Let me see helicopter. You want this, you ask for that, but you give me nothing. Put helicopter in front. Then you see.

[Phone rings]

Sergei: Da.

Vlad: Police are inside. Evgeny is down.

John: Sergei? Sergei, what's going on?

[Starr screams]

John: Shots fired!

Bo: Stay on the radio, Fish. Hold your fire!

[Metallic clanging]

Bo: John?

John: In here!

John: Thanks. Okay.

Bo: Go. Yeah.

John: One down upstairs.

Bo: Okay.

Schuyler: Well, I mean, maybe this is from a test that Stacy took a long time ago. She can be a real slob.

Gigi: Not even Stacy keeps garbage from three months ago.

Schuyler: Okay. It could be Kim's.

Gigi: Yeah, I know. But if it is Stacy's, how would this work? She'd fake a pregnancy test to corner Rex, and then, what? Try to get pregnant to back it up?

Gigi: What? Schuyler? Am I onto something?

Rex: What is it you and Stacy want to keep me in the dark about?

Kim: Um --

Stacy: Baby names.

Kim: Yeah.

Rex: Like?

Kim: Oh, we're not going to tell you. Stacy came up with the perfect name.

Stacy: Mm-hmm.

Rex: And that's what all the noise was about?

Kim: Mm-hmm. See? He's no fun at all.

Rex: Let me in on it, maybe I will be.

Kim: Or maybe you'll be a pill and ruin it for Stacy.

Stacy: We'll -- we'll talk about it later.

Dr. Baez: Okay, Stacy, I have a prescription here for some prenatal vitamins. And I would like to see you again in four weeks.

Stacy: Okay.

Dr. Baez: Any questions?

Stacy: Um -- no. I'm great. I'll see you next time.

Rex: Wait -- um -- I have some questions of my own for the doctor.

Greg: We have a good idea where the bullet fragment is, so we'll be going in very carefully. We won't be in a hurry, okay?

Mrs. Evans: Well, you just do it right, Gregory. We're not going anywhere.

Greg: I'll send word whenever I can.

Mr. Evans: You hang tough, son.

Shaun: Will do.

Mrs. Evans: You're going to be fine, baby.

Destiny: You better be. You're my ride everywhere.

Shaun: Soon. Matthew, keep des out of trouble today.

Matthew: Sure.

Rachel: Are you ready? It's a lot of pressure on you.

Greg: It's what I do. You ready to go, Shaun?

Shaun: In a minute. Rachel...I told Starr that I was falling in love with you. The truth is, I'm already there, you know?

Rachel: Yeah.

Shaun: So, be ready to get dazzled. I'm keeping my date.

Rachel: See you soon.

Greg: Uh -- we need to go.

Marty: You know, you're not the only one who's frustrated, Todd. I'd like to go in that warehouse and take out those idiots myself.

Todd: Sounds like a plan. I'll drive.

Brody: Shh. Shh, shh, shh. Quick, come on.

Starr: Okay. Shh.

Brody: I have Starr and Hope at the entry point.

Oliver: River patrol should have a skiff waiting.

Brody: Roger that.

Oliver: We heard shots fired. Do you need an ambulance?

Brody: No, we're all okay. All right, you get on first. I'm going to hand you the baby.

Starr: Okay. Thank you so much.

Brody: Move, honey.

Starr: Honey, I'll be right there.

[Hope fusses]

Brody: It's okay.

Starr: Okay, I'm down.

Brody: Okay.

Starr: Come on, honey. Hey, Mommy's got you.

Brody: You got it?

Starr: Okay.

Brody: All right, go, now!

Starr: Come on. Come on, it's going to be okay. Everything's going to be okay.

Brody: Ungh! Agh!

Sergei: Now I will change the deal. I will kill the little girls while you watch. Then I will kill you.

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