One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/10/09


Episode # 10520 ~ First There Is a Baby, Then There Is No Baby, Then There Is...

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Téa: You're up and you didn't wake me up?

Todd: You seemed like you needed to sleep.

Téa: I want to be with you, Todd.

Todd: Why should we both worry?

Téa: Because you're my fiancé. Your worries are my worries.

[Vacuum runs]

Téa: Who's that?

Todd: L.P.D. sent them.

Téa: Any word?

Todd: From who? The cops or Blair?

Téa: You still haven't heard from Blair?

Todd: I left her a million messages, too.

Ross: Very nice digs...

Blair: This stupid thing!

Ross: It's called recharging. You should give it a try.

Blair: On a plane from Tahiti?

Ross: Well, you're home now. So, um, does my room overlook the pool?

Blair: You might say that.

Ross: That's a cabana. Are you -- what do I look like, a towel boy?

Blair: Look, nobody can see you until I say so. Otherwise, it'll ruin the plan. Now, why don't you go unpack, cabana boy? I'm gonna go check on my kids.

Ross: Uh-uh-uh-uh. First, you tell me I get to stay in a big house with the rich folk. Then you can go say hi to the kids.

Marty: You want me to get you some breakfast?

Cole: No. I'm not hungry.

Marty: You need to eat something.

Cole: Starr and Hope have been with Sergei and his goons all night. You think they got breakfast?

Marty: But Starr's tough and she's smart and...

Cole: She must be so scared.

Marty: Well, probably, you know, but she's a mother now. Mothers stay strong for their children's sake.

Cole: Is that what you're doing?

Marty: Hey, I'm scared, too. But I believe what John said, that he's not gonna let anything happen to Starr and Hope.

Bo: Brody. Thanks for coming.

Brody: What's up? I figured you wouldn't need me once you had the mayor in custody.

John: You see the paper this morning?

Brody: You guys have been here all night?

Bo: Uh-huh. Starr and Hope Manning were kidnapped.

Brody: Starr, Jessica's cousin?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Brody: That baby...

Bo: That we knew as Chloe.

John: Couldn't get to Cole, so he took the next best thing.

Brody: Has he said what he wants?

Bo: He wants money and a plane.

John: And he wants to take Starr and the baby with him for insurance.

Bo: Now, we have to pinpoint Sergei's location, and we have to get in there without him knowing about it. Now, you have dealt with Sergei. Plus, you know, your training as a Navy Seal, you have combat experience. We could use you on the team.

Brody: Anything you need.

Bo: You'll have all the backup you need.

Brody: It seems like Sergei doesn't have a problem with hurting people.

Bo: Well, he beat the hell out of Todd Manning just for trying to help his own daughter.

John: And he opened up big Shaun for trying to do the same thing.

Brody: Did Shaun die?

Bo: No. But we don't know if he's gonna make it.

Rachel: Shaun was a real hero last night.

Man: Were you with Shaun?

Rachel: My mother told me what happened. She's the D.A. Her ex-husband's the police commissioner.

Woman: The paper said that Shaun tried to stop someone from kidnapping the Manning girl and her baby?

Rachel: Even after he was shot, he didn't give up.

Woman: Oh. People are always saying how proud we must be of Greg.

Man: Shaun never calls much attention to himself.

Woman: And he puts his life on the line every day. And until something like this happens, no one notices that -- including me and his father.

Greg: Thanks for everything you did last night.

Jay: No, we're not done yet.

Greg: I've asked radiology to give another once-over. I want to make sure that we didn't miss anything.

Jay: You think that's necessary? I gave him a pretty good once-over on the table.

Greg: I just want to make sure that we didn't miss anything.

Jay: Listen, your brother's had one hell of a night. I mean, you know how messy gunshot wounds are. He's on strong antibiotics, but he still has to fight off the infection, add to that the fact that he almost bled out on the table. Shaun has a lot of the battle left to fight. Why don't you wait till morning to send him down to x-ray?

Greg: He's my brother.

Jay: I know. But until he wakes up, he's not out of the woods.

Gigi: Let me guess: That was Stacy saying she's really sorry but she can't make her ob-gyn appointment.

Rex: Ding, ding, ding.

Gigi: Why did she make such a big deal about getting her own doctor if she's never gonna go?

Rex: She's going. I need to make sure the baby's okay.

Stacy: Rex is gonna be in, like, a half-hour.

Kim: Calm down. Have a bowl of cereal.

Stacy: Huh? He's making me go to my doctor's appointment.

Kim: So go.

Stacy: And let him find out I lost his baby?

Kim: He's not gonna find out anything. You slept with good old Officer Fish, remember?

Stacy: That doesn't mean I'm pregnant.

Kim: Only one way to find out.

Gigi: So what was her excuse this time?

Rex: Morning sickness.

Gigi: And last time?

Rex: Oh, the old crap about how she hates doctors and needles.

Gigi: She really does seem to be stalling.

Rex: I know. You'd think she'd want to take care of this baby.

Gigi: True, especially since she thinks it's her ticket to getting her hooks into you. So maybe there's another reason she's avoiding having the doctor check her out.

Rex: What?

Gigi: Maybe little Stacy isn't pregnant after all.

Stacy: I can't take a home pregnancy test. It's too soon.

Kim: Read the box.

Stacy: Okay, what if it comes out negative?

Kim: Would you stop stalling?

Stacy: The only way I'm gonna get Rex back from my sister is if he thinks I'm actually having his baby.

Kim: And he will. I mean, the guy's name is Fish, isn't it? I'm sure his boys can swim.

Stacy: I don't know.

Kim: Well, pretty soon you'll have a little guppy of your own. Now go.

Cole: Hey!

Asher: Dude, you got busted, too?

Oliver: Shut up.

Asher: You didn't say anything, did you?

Marty: Hey, just ignore him. Just ignore him.

Asher: We both keep our mouth shut, right? Dude, we're brothers in this.

Cole: We're not brothers in anything!

Asher: Hey, lay off!

Marty: Cole --

Cole: Hey, your old buddy Sergei kidnapped Starr and my baby. Know anything about that? Huh?

Blair: You think this is some kind of vacation here?

Ross: What, because I want running water and solid walls?

Blair: This from a guy who lived in a hut on a beach.

Ross: You want to remind me why I'm not on my hut on the beach right now?

Blair: Because you're here to surprise your lovely wife Téa.

Ross: Right. Who thinks she's divorcing me, even though she never told anybody we got married.

Blair: Well, Todd thinks that whatever he and Téa have got going is better than anything he's ever had in his life. Let me tell you something. He's gonna blow a gasket once he finds out that she's been lying to him from the get-go.

Ross: Yeah, but you're gonna wait to tell him until after you drop those charges against me, right?

Blair: Don't you think about pulling anything funny here, Ross, because my next call will be to John McBain. Got it?

Ross: Yes. The ex-husband cop.

Blair: Former FBI agent. So you better cooperate. Otherwise, you're gonna go to prison for trying to kidnap my kids.

Ross: This is not the deal we made.

Blair: Oh, but this is the deal we got going now. Understood?

Todd: God, Blair, turn on your damn phone.

Téa: I doubt she's turned it on in the last 10 seconds.

Todd: You know what? I'm gonna call Bo, and then I'm gonna light a fire under John McBain.

Téa: Todd, why don't you just let John do his job?

Todd: What is he waiting for?

[Line rings]

Todd: Sergei and his boys didn't have any problem shooting me. They nearly killed Shaun. I don't think they're gonna wait an extra minute to take out Starr and Hope.

Greg: Come on, bro. Time to rise and shine. Remember how Mama used to say that to us every morning? How much we hated it? She's here now, along with Dad and Destiny, and Rachel, too. She's been here all night. Hey. Hey, how you feeling?

Shaun: Like hell.

Greg: Yeah, I believe it.

Shaun: What happened?

Greg: You got shot.

Shaun: I know. What happened to Starr and Hope?

Bo: Jeez. Manning seems to think that he can do our job for us.

John: Is he coming down?

Bo: He won't if he has any sense.

John: Then again, we are talking about Manning.

Brody: These warehouses -- they're off the docks?

John: Yeah. Starr and Hope are in one of them. We just got to figure out which one.

Brody: Does he got enough men to put guards on each building?

John: He had 2 guys with him at Manning's.

Bo: Yeah, they were heavily armed.

Brody: Did you talk to them?

John: Sergei will be calling back to see if we meet his demands.

Brody: Have you?

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan.

Sergei: I don't like waiting.

Bo: Look, we've been up all night, Sergei.

Sergei: Do you have my plane ready, or do I kill the pretty mother and her baby?

Bo: The plane is being prepped at Llantano airfield.

Sergei: That is not ready.

Bo: How are Starr and Hope?

Sergei: Alive. We got food for the baby, but the clock is ticking.

Bo: I can't let you leave with them, Sergei.

Sergei: If I let them go, why would you give me what I want?

Bo: Well, you do them any harm, you're not gonna get what you want either.

Sergei: You don't take my word?

Bo: No.

Sergei: I will free the girls when I arrive at my destination. Tick-tock.

[Line disconnects]

Bo: Are we ready to move?

John: Yeah. How did he get food for the baby with us watching the area?

Bo: I don't know. But thank God he did.

John: All right. We should have footage of the warehouses by now.

Bo: Okay, is Coast Guard ready with underwater?

John: And aerial.

Brody: You're not really giving Sergei a plane?

Bo: We're just trying to buy time. As soon as we get Intel on that warehouse, we're going in. We'll get Starr and Hope out.

Blair: So what's it gonna be? Jail or the cabana?

Ross: I will unpack...

Blair: Oh, that's a good move.

Ross: Just as soon as I get something to eat.

Blair: What? Excuse me?

Ross: Excuse me. I've -- all I've done is eaten 10 hours worth of airline food. Come on.

Blair: Aw, you poor baby. Well, you know what? I'll fix you something to eat after I see my kids. Unpack.

Téa: You can't go to the police station. What if the kidnappers call here?

Todd: I can't just sit here and do nothing.

Téa: Would you rather sit in jail? Because that's what's gonna happen if you get in John and Bo's way. Look, I know you're scared. But it's not gonna help matters, anyway, by going down there, okay? Where are you going, gimpy?

Todd: Blair's room.

Téa: Why?

Todd: Some clue as to where she is.

Blair: Yoo-hoo! Anybody here?

Téa: Blair?

Blair: Téa? Where are my kids?

Téa: Uh, the -- the boys are with your mom in New York.

Blair: What, did Todd move you in the second I left?

Téa: Uh, he's been trying to reach you.

Blair: What, he's gonna tell me that the two of you are engaged?

Téa: No.

Blair: Well, I'd be blind not to notice the big rock on your hand.

Todd: Blair? Where the hell have you been?

Blair: Oh, my God, Todd. Well, what happened?

Todd: I got a bit of bad news to relay to you.

Destiny: Have you heard anything about Starr and her baby?

Matthew: My dad will find them.

Destiny: I know he will. It was really sweet of you stay here all night.

Matthew: After all the time you spent with me in the courtroom?

Destiny: Hospitals are different.

Matthew: I'm not going anywhere.

Greg: Look, don't worry about Starr and Hope. You just get better. That's an order.

Shaun: You're my doctor?

Greg: I wish I could take credit. It took half this hospital to put you back together last night.

Shaun: Humpty Dumpty.

Greg: No. More like the six million dollar man. Hey, you up for seeing Mom and Dad and Destiny?

Shaun: And Rachel?

Greg: Yeah. She's with them, too. She's getting a big old dose of Mom and Dad right about now.

Rachel: Can I get you anything, Mrs. Evans?

Mrs. Evans: Oh --

Mr. Evans: We're fine.

Mrs. Evans: You know, you are just as sweet as my son said you were.

Mr. Evans: As beautiful, too.

Rachel: Shaun -- he talked about me?

Mr. Evans: You're the first woman our boy has been serious about in a long time.

Greg: Shaun's awake, and he's talking.

Mrs. Evans: Does that mean...

Greg: Well, he's still critical. But this is good news.

Mr. Evans: Can we see him?

Greg: Just for a few minutes. Don't tire him out.

Mr. Evans: Okay, okay.

Matthew: Why don't I get you something to eat?

Destiny: You don't have to.

Matthew: It's not a problem. I already know where all the vending machines are on this floor anyway.

Destiny: Thanks. Rachel, aren't you coming?

Rachel: Oh, family first.

Mrs. Evans: You are one gracious lady.

Greg: How are you doing?

Rachel: Not good.

Greg: He's out of the woods.

Rachel: Do you know how I found out Shaun had been shot? I was on my way to see him so that I could break up with him.

Rex: You don't think Stacy's really pregnant?

Gigi: I wonder. It's not like she hasn't faked medical results before.

Rex: I was there when they took the blood for the test.

Gigi: The whole time?

Rex: I was there when the doctor gave her the results. She's pregnant.

Gigi: Right. You're right.

Rex: I wish I wasn't.

Gigi: It's just she's been so weird about her OB appointments.

Rex: Are those appointments scary?

Gigi: No.

Rex: They're not, like, 9 months of needles or something?

Gigi: Maybe it's one needle she's scared of. She knows we want a paternity test, right?

Rex: She swears I'm the father.

Gigi: And we're gonna believe everything she swears to?

Rex: Let's go.

Kim: Stacy, what's the verdict? Does Oliver Fish get a Father's Day card next year?

Stacy: No. It's not ready yet.

Kim: Nothing at all?

Stacy: Why? Should there be something?

Kim: Just give it a minute.

[Blair sighs]

Blair: So what happens now? Do we just pay the ransom?

Todd: There is no ransom. These aren't kidnappers, they're drug dealers.

Blair: Well, what were drug dealers doing taking Starr and Hope?

Téa: They wanted to get to Cole.

Blair: Why?

Todd: You remember is famous community service?

Téa: Apparently he was working for the Llanview police department trying to infiltrate a drug ring.

Todd: Yep. And McBain never bothered to tell us. Your idiot ex-husband devised this brilliant plan to keep Cole out of jail. The only problem was that these drug dealers found out about it. They tried to kill him. Well, they couldn't, so they took Starr and Hope. And now that idiot has put our granddaughter's and our daughter's lives at risk with his stupid plan. And I swear to God, if anything happens to them, he's gonna have to answer to me, that's for sure.

Téa: They're gonna be all right.

Todd: You don't know that.

Téa: I believe that to be true.

Blair: Well, how long have they been gone?

Todd: Since last night. And where the hell were you?

Blair: I, uh, had a -- a business trip. Ahem.

Todd: What about your phone?

Blair: Lost its charge.

Todd: Where were you really?

Téa: Okay, listen. It doesn't matter, okay?

Blair: No, what matters is that you let our daughter and our granddaughter be kidnapped.

Téa: Todd did everything he could to try to protect them, including getting himself shot!

Blair: My God, Todd, you were shot?

Téa: And beaten and tied up.

Todd: Of course. I mean, I would've done anything to protect Starr and Hope. You know, Shaun almost did.

Destiny: Don't ever do that again.

Mr. Evans: You don't like your brother playing hero?

Destiny: Not if he's gonna make me worry this much. I'm gonna be nicer to you from now on.

Shaun: I'll hold you to that.

Mr. Evans: We heard you were a real champ, son. You protected that girl and her baby with everything you had.

Shaun: But I could've --

Mrs. Evans: You did a good job, baby.

Shaun: They're gone, aren't they? Those SOBs took Starr and Hope?

Cole: Where's my baby?

Oliver: Cole, come on! This isn't helping.

Cole: I'm not your dude.

Oliver: This isn't helping, Cole.

Asher: You're a rat?

Cole: Where are Starr and my baby, huh?

Asher: I don't know, man.

Cole: Where'd Sergei take them?!

Asher: I have no idea, man. You know Sergei. He treats me like crap.

Cole: You're lying. You know something. Tell me where they're --

Oliver: I said enough! Cole, John will take it from here.

Marty: They got it, they got it, they got it. You all right? You all right?

Cole: God, I could've -- I could've killed him with my bare hands.

Greg: You know what I was doing when they brought Shaun in? Telling Vivian how he couldn't possibly understand you.

Rachel: I didn't even let him try. And he was gonna sweep me off my feet, remember? But I decided to break up with him before he even could.

Destiny: Rachel?

Rachel: Is he awake?

Destiny: All beat up. But he's talking.

Rachel: Is he asking for me?

Destiny: He's sleeping right now. But if I know my brother, he'll bust his stitches if you're not there when he wakes up.

Todd: Cole talked to Starr last night. Bo told me.

Blair: So they're all right?

Todd: But the dealers have started making demands.

Blair: They're bargaining with Starr and Hope's lives.

Todd: I know. They're used to getting what they want. You know, this thing went all the way up to the mayor.

Blair: Mayor?

Todd: He was taking kickbacks. He's in jail now.

Blair: Well, what's John planning to do to get them back from the bad guys?

Todd: I don't know. He won't tell me. Bo won't tell me. I don't know anything.

Blair: Todd, what are we gonna do about the girls?

Asher: I don't know anything about a kidnapping. I didn't even know Cole was undercover.

John: Why don't you tell us about the warehouses?

Asher: What warehouses?

John: These.

Asher: I've never seen it.

Oliver: Actually, we picked him up not too far from there.

John: Oh, yeah?

Oliver: Yeah. It looked like that's where he was heading.

Stacy: There's still nothing there.

Kim: I told you, you have to give it a minute.

Stacy: Well, how long has it been?

Kim: Uh, more than a minute.

Stacy: That's it. I'm not pregnant. Like a one-night stand was just gonna solve all my problems.

Kim: It could still turn out to be...

Stacy: No. I'm done, okay? I'm never gonna get Rex back.

[Pounding on door]

Rex: Stacy, ready to go?

Stacy: What am I gonna do?

Rex: Stacy, this time we're coming in.

Kim: You can't come in.

Rex: Uh, the hell I can't.

Kim: Stacy isn't dressed yet. Do you mind?

Rex: This is my place.

Kim: Oh, and that just gives you the right to just barge in?

Gigi: What don't you want us to see, Kimmy?

Kim: Nothing.

Gigi: Don't you have anything better to do like, I don't know, get a job?

Kim: I'm helping my best friend. That's more important than money.

Rex: Well, especially when you're living here rent-free.

Kim: Okay, I'll let you know when Stacy's ready.

Gigi: Ha! Do you get the feeling that we just walked in on something?

Stacy: It's over.

Kim: No, it's not.

Stacy: No, the second we go to the doctor, Rex will find out I'm not pregnant. Gigi will get to watch the whole thing. She's just been waiting to humiliate me.

Kim: No one is gonna do that to you.

Stacy: How do you know that?

Kim: Honey, sometimes you just have to think outside the box.

Asher: I wasn't going to the warehouse.

John: What were you doing on the docks?

Asher: I don't know. Hanging out. I don't even know where that place is.

John: We need to know what it looks like on the inside.

Asher: I told you I've never been there!

John: Listen to me! Starr and her baby's life are on the line.

Asher: I didn't kidnap Starr or her baby!

John: We got you for dealing all over town. In spite of being a little punk, you're 18. You know what that means? That means a bid at Statesville.

Asher: You can't pin anything on me. It's just like last time.

John: Oh, it ain't nothing like the last time. Your buddy Lowell is downstairs in a jail cell. He can't fix things for you anymore.

Asher: I'm not saying another word without a lawyer.

John: Fellas, why don't you give us a minute here, okay? And do me a favor: Send Lovett in.

Asher: Who's Lovett?

John: You -- you remember Brody, don't you?

Asher: The junkie? What is he, a snitch?

John: His testimony is gonna put you away. Unless, of course, you tell us what's inside those warehouses.

Asher: I told you, I got nothing --

Brody: There is a girl and her baby in there, you little punk.

Asher: Make him let go of me!

John: Thanks for coming, Brody. Why don't you go grab a cup of coffee or something.

John: I really don't think he likes drug dealers.

Asher: This is illegal.

John: Tell me what I want to know, or I'm gonna bring Brody back in here and we're gonna beat it out of you. And then I'm gonna arrest you for dealing. It's up to you. Hey!

Asher: Sometimes I hang out in that warehouse.

John: What does it look like inside?

Asher: What do you want to know?

Blair: John's gonna get Starr and Hope back. I know it.

Todd: Where you going?

Blair: I can't just sit around here, Todd.

Todd: All right, I'm coming with you.

Blair: All right. Let's go.

Todd: Hey, would you stay here in case the kidnappers try to call?

Téa: Of course. Yes.

Todd: Thank you.

Téa: It's gonna be all right.

Todd: I love you.

Téa: I love you, too.

Blair: Oh, come on! Let's go, Todd!

Todd: Back with good news.

Téa: You better.

Blair: Please.

[Téa sighs]

Greg: Shaun took one bullet to the chest and one to the neck. That's the tough one. He's lost a lot of blood.

Mrs. Evans: You said he is gonna be all right.

Greg: Well, it's gonna be a difficult recoup, but he's stable now. I'm confident he's gonna make a full recovery.

Mrs. Evans: I am so grateful you were here, son.

Greg: Well, Dr. Gangemi actually performed the surgery. He's a good man.

Mr. Evans: Yeah. And he wasn't gonna let Dr. Gregory Evans' brother die.

Greg: Well, Dad, they would've worked just as hard had I not been here. But I am making sure that they don't miss anything.

Jay: Excuse me. I have those scans that you wanted.

Greg: I'll be right back.

Matthew: I got you one of everything.

Destiny: I told you, Matthew's killer.

Mrs. Evans: Well, maybe we could use a different word.

Mr. Evans: How long will it be before your trial is over?

Matthew: I have no idea.

Mrs. Evans: Well, with two Evanses on your side, you'll be up on that basketball court in no time.

Matthew: You know about that?

Mr. Evans: Destiny's talked about you almost as much as Shaun's talked about your sister.

Nurse: [Whispering] He's asleep.

Rachel: I should go.

Nurse: No. Just don't wake him.

Shaun: Sorry I missed our date.

Shaun: Now, don't cry.

Rachel: I'm sorry.

Shaun: We'll have our date. That's a promise.

Rachel: You just -- you get better for me, okay? Just do that?

Shaun: For you? I'll be up and about before tonight.

Greg: Looking good. All clear. Wait a second.

Jay: What is it?

Greg: Oh, we've got a serious problem.

Gigi: Stacy sure is taking her sweet time.

Rex: I wish things were different.

Gigi: That makes two of us, but it'll be okay.

Rex: Do you know how much I love you?

Gigi: I have an idea.

Rex: Thank you for coming to the doctor's with me.

Gigi: Well, the baby's not just a part of your life. It's a part of ours.

Stacy: "Think outside the box"?

Kim: It's a saying.

Stacy: Well, what do you expect me to do? It's too late to try and get pregnant again.

Kim: Who said you should get pregnant?

Stacy: So pretend I'm pregnant? Because Rex is gonna figure that out.

Kim: Not pretend you're pregnant. Pretend you lost the baby.

Stacy: Kim, I did lose the baby.

Kim: And when the doctor tells you, you act like you have no idea.

Stacy: So Rex thinks it just happened?

Kim: Um-mm! And he'll want to comfort you, you know.

Stacy: Kim, what would I do without you?

Kim: You'll never have to find out. Now, come on, get rid of that pregnancy test -- go flush it -- while I'll get rid of the box.

Gigi: Kim!

Kim: Um, I'll let you know when Stacy's ready.

Gigi: Have any idea when that will be?

Stacy: I'm ready.

Gigi: It's about time.

Stacy: But don't think for a minute that you're gonna come with me.

Cole: I should've never gone undercover.

Marty: It was the only way you could stay out of prison.

Cole: Yeah, and stop feeling guilty about what I did to Mathew. It was all about me.

Marty: You didn't know it went all the way to the mayor. You didn't want these people to hurt anyone else.

Cole: Yeah, but they did.

Marty: No! Starr and Hope are gonna be fine!

Cole: But if they're not, it's all on me.

Todd: You got that right.

Blair: Come on, Todd.

Todd: This is all your fault.

Blair: Just stop it.

Rex: What's the holdup now?

Gigi: Stacy doesn't want me to come.

Rex: Well, that's not negotiable.

Stacy: What, I can't decide who I want at my own doctor's appointment?

Rex: Well, it might be my baby, too, so...

Stacy: Well, Gigi wanted me to have an abortion, Rex.

Rex: She doesn't feel that way anymore.

Stacy: How do you know that? Okay, going to the doctor is scary enough without her hoping I lose your baby.

Kim: Yeah, no kidding.

Rex: Okay, well, Gigi's coming, so...

Stacy: Okay. That's fine. Let's stop on the way and pick up a carton of cigarettes and a six pack, then.

Rex: So you'll do that to the baby if I don't do everything you want?

Stacy: I don't want Gigi there, okay? I want Kim.

Gigi: You know what? I don't have to go.

Rex: I want you there.

Gigi: But Stacy doesn't, and she's the most important person right now.

Rex: Gigi...

Gigi: I'm fine with it. Really, it's okay.

Asher: This is the one the dealers use.

John: Two highly visible access points. How do they get their shipments?

Asher: In the basement. In the floor, there's a trapdoor that opens out onto the water. When the boat pulls up, the -- the guys pass the drugs through. That's all I know.

John: You sure?

Asher: I didn't know about the kidnapping, okay? I'm sorry.

John: Fish, get this punk out of here.

Asher: What's gonna happen to me?

John: You're gonna be joining your buddy Lowell downstairs in a cell.

John: So now we know how they got the drugs in and out without seeing them.

Bo: It was a nice description from the kid. Now, we get a team on the river...

John: We go in through the trapdoor.

Brody: They might hear a whole team. I'll make that entry, recon the warehouse. Then I'll signal the boat when I've secured Starr and Hope.

John: You sure you want to do this alone?

Bo: It's what he trained to do.

[Phone rings]

[Bo sighs]

Bo: Buchanan.

Sergei: Tick-tock, tick-tock, ding.

Bo: Your plane's almost ready, Sergei.

Sergei: "Almost"?

Bo: I want to talk to Starr first. I want to hear for myself that she and the baby are okay.

Sergei: Not possible.

Bo: Sergei, I got your plane. Now, I want you to do something for me: Release one of the hostages.

[Sergei sighs]

Sergei: One?

Bo: Yeah. You can leave with Starr. Give us the baby.

Sergei: Sorry. Wrong answer.

Stacy: Okay, Rex, you ready?

Rex: You okay getting home?

Stacy: Ohh --

Gigi: Actually, I think I'm gonna call Rodi's and see if I can get an early start on my shift. But you go. You're already late.

Rex: I'll see you later.

Sergei: Perhaps you didn't understand me with my accent.

Bo: No, we're giving you everything you asked for. Give us the baby.

Sergei: That wasn't the deal.

Bo: We're trying to give you everything you want!

Sergei: You're trying to stop me. Perhaps you have forgotten what my friends did to the big man who tried to stop us.

Matthew: My dad said you rock.

Shaun: He did, huh?

Matthew: Well, he actually said you're a standup guy. I said you rock.

Shaun: Thanks, Matthew. Where's your sister?

Mrs. Evans: Right there. Would you get over here?

Rachel: I don't want to tire Shaun out.

Mrs. Evans: Oh, well, that beautiful smile of yours can only make him feel better.

Greg: There.

Jay: That a bullet frag?

Greg: Yeah. Right next to the brain stem.

Jay: How did we miss that?

Greg: You couldn't have seen it without the scans. But if it moves a millimeter, it will blow Shaun's brain stem.

Shaun: Are you sure I didn't die?

Mrs. Evans: Oh, no, baby.

Rachel: Why would you say something like that?

Shaun: Because I think I'm in heaven.


Téa: Is somebody there?

Téa: Hello? Who's out here?

Ross: You'll see me soon enough.

Marty: Come on. Just...

Blair: Will you just leave him alone?

Todd: Blair, our daughter's out there in God knows where, probably scared out of her mind.

Cole: And I wish it was me.

Todd: That makes two of us.

Marty: You know, enough! The situation's bad enough without you blaming Cole.

Todd: No, you're right. I shouldn't blame him. John McBain's the one I should be going after.

Blair: Oh, no, no, no. Stop, Todd. Just stop.

Todd: She's being held hostage right now, Blair.

Blair: This is not helping Starr!

Todd: Fine. What will help?

Blair: I don't know. I don't know. Just -- just let John do his job. He knows what he's doing, all right?

Sergei: Time is up. You know what that means.

Bo: Look, we've got the plane! We're getting the money!

John: You got to work with us, Sergei. We need the baby before we can do anything else.

Sergei: You want to bargain? Leave me the baby!


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