One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/9/09


Episode # 10519 ~ Between Shaun and the Dark of Night

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Proofread By Kathy

Nora: Hey, Ringo, you got my belongings?

Cop: Yes, ma'am. Can't believe they threw a district attorney in jail.

Nora: Yeah, well, I'm just glad I'm out. One more minute in that jail cell with Téa Delgado, and you would have been booking me for murder. That is a joke. No, it's not.

Téa: [Sighs] Good-bye, Ross Rayburn. It was worth every cent it cost me to get rid of you forever.

Blair: What?

Ross: So how are your kids anyway?

Blair: The ones you tried to kidnap?

Ross: You have any others?

Blair: Why don't you just read your magazine, please?

Ross: I can't. I get motion sickness.

Blair: You're a surfer.

Ross: Yeah, I generally don't read when I surf. Come on, Blair, it's a--it's a 12-hour flight. Why don't you get to know me a little?

Blair: That'll be so worthwhile.

Ross: I think it can be.

Blair: My God, you're insufferable.

Ross: Ha ha! Look, aren't you the least bit curious as to how Ross Rayburn ticks?

Blair: You know, you're married to Téa Delgado. She thinks she's divorced you, but she hasn't. That's about all I really want to know about...Ross Rayburn.

[Cell phone rings]

Starr: It's Cole again, isn't it? He's just gonna keep calling. Let me talk to him and tell him that I'm okay.

Sergei: Then you would be lying. You see, you and your brat are far from okay.

Starr: Don't hurt my baby.

Sergei: You blocked all the windows?

Kiril: They're all covered, except for this one.

Starr: Do you know who my dad is? He and my aunt own half of this town.

Sergei: All the cars are hidden?

Vlad: They're inside. No sign from the road that anyone's here.

Starr: You're not listening to me. I know the police commissioner. He's a friend of my mom's.

Sergei: Yes. Very important, all these people. Only not one of them can find you now.

Matthew: Mom, are you okay?

Nora: Hi, honey. Yeah, sure, I am.

Matthew: I was afraid you'd be locked up all night.

Nora: Uh, no. The judge figured I'd learned my lesson by now. And I have. I know better than to jump up in the middle of a trial.

Matthew: Look, what Téa did to Rachel, that was just wrong.

Nora: Yes. Have you seen Rachel?

Matthew: Not since she ran out of court. I mean, I called the rehab center, I called the house.

Nora: I got a message from her.

Matthew: How'd she sound?

Nora: Uh...calmer.

Matthew: I'd like to find her and apologize to her.

Nora: Well, I don't think she's home right now. She said she had something she needed to do.

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Hello?

Téa: Rachel. I know you're upset about what happened in court today.

Rachel: Upset? Huh. You know what? I am not here to see you, you self-serving bitch. I'm looking for Shaun.

John: Call it in!

Oliver: Is he dead?

John: I've got a pulse, but he's not breathing.

Oliver: We need backup and a bus at La Boulaie on Lincoln Street. There's been a shooting. One victim down.

Matthew: Look, Mom, I'm really sorry about what Téa did to Rachel. I didn't know she would go off on her like that. Rachel wasn't even supposed to be a witness. It wasn't planned or anything. And you know me; I wouldn't do something like that.

Nora: No, you wouldn't sweetie, but Téa Delgado would. You wanted a shark that would go after Daddy and me for not letting you have the surgery, and that's what you got. Thanks for sticking around, though.

Matthew: I didn't want you to go to jail.

Nora: Well, that's a good thing.

Matthew: All right, you ready to go?

Nora: I have some things I have to do here, but I'm gonna give you a ride home.

Matthew: No, it's okay. I'll just see you there.

Nora: Are you sure?

Matthew: Yeah.

Nora: Love you.

Matthew: Love you, too. Let's go.

Nora: Hi. It's me. No, no, no. I'm out of jail. You don't need to get me a lawyer. Yeah. Oh, I should be home soon. I have a few things I need to take care of here, though. Yeah, I love you, too. Bye-bye.

Bo: Start the paperwork.

Nora: You arrested the mayor?

Bo: It's been all over the news.

Nora: I have been in lockup, remember?

Bo: Ah.

Nora: What did you end up getting him on, racketeering, drug trafficking?

Bo: And attempted murder.

Nora: What?

Bo: Remember we told you that Lowell had a dirty cop on the payroll?

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: He sent the guy down to lockup to murder Cole. But... McBain got there first.

Nora: Cole. Unbelievable. Sir, it's gonna be my pleasure to put you away.

Cole: Hey, John said you arrested the mayor.

Bo: Yeah. He's being processed right now.

Marty: Don't. Don't, don't. It's okay. It's not worth it, all right? He's going to jail, so it's all over.

Cole: Yeah, you're right. I can go home, back to my life now.

Marty: Yes. Just focus on that, okay.

Cole: Yeah, if I can find Starr.

[Cell phone rings]

Sergei: Look at that. So sweet. It is your boyfriend call. You think he wants to bump into you in the park? You crazy kids. A little clumsy with the acting. I knew there was something wrong with that boy. I can smell it. Did you help Cole spy on me, Miss Starr? Did you have a laugh about me, did you?

Starr: Please. Please just let me hold her.

Sergei: I can make that baby shut up.

Starr: No! She's just a baby! She didn't do anything! Please! I can get her to be quiet.

Sergei: You will not move.

[Baby crying]

Starr: It's okay. It's okay, sweetie. Mommy's here. It's okay. It's okay.

Rachel: Is Shaun here?

Téa: Uh, I don't think so, but I can give him a message if you--

Rachel: I need to speak to him in person.

Téa: Well, you're welcome to wait here.

Rachel: With you?

Téa: Well, I live here, so I'm not going anywhere. You know, it wasn't personal, Rachel.

Rachel: What?

Téa: I was an attorney, and you were a witness.

Rachel: Uh-uh, honey, you don't get to crawl under that rock. You used intimate details of my life, details that you know about because, stupid junkie that I was, I used to believe you were a friend.

Téa: I have to use whatever I can to help my clients.

Rachel: You think Matthew's case was helped by hearing that trash about me?

Téa: You started this, Rachel. You were the one who stood up in court in the middle of Greg Evans' testimony. Why the hell did you do that?

Vivian: Hey, stranger.

Greg: Hey.

Vivian: Where you been hiding?

Greg: Uh, not hiding, just, um, busy.

Vivian: And you were gonna testify in the Buchanans kid's case today, right?

Greg: Yeah, I did.

Vivian: How did it go?

Greg: It was a circus.

Vivian: A 15-year-old kid sues his own parents to make a medical decision. It was bound to get ugly.

Greg: Oh, not like that. Rachel Gannon ended up in the middle of it and got shredded for no good reason. She didn't deserve that.

Téa: Well, obviously you and Greg have a thing.

Rachel: No, there is no thing between me and Greg.

Téa: Okay.

Rachel: No, not okay. It's the truth. There's nothing romantic between us. Nothing.

Vivian: It must have been awful.

Greg: It was.

Vivian: And I was right.

Greg: About?

Vivian: Rachel. You care about her a lot more than you let on.

Vivian: Hey. Where are you?

Téa: I never said the thing with Greg was romantic. That's your word.

Rachel: Don't cross-examine me.

Téa: Okay.

Rachel: You don't know anything about it.

Téa: I wouldn't assume to know anything about it. You're, uh... you're dating Shaun, right?

John: Come on, Shaun!

Oliver: The house is clear.

John: Come on!

Oliver: Signs of a struggle upstairs, blood and stuff but no other bodies. No signs of forced entry.

John: He's breathing. Hang in there, buddy. We need pressure to stop the bleeding.


John: Where the hell's that ambulance?

Oliver: You hear that?

John: Yeah.

Blair: Okay, well, why don't you just stop that?

Ross: You know, that, see, that was bossing.

Blair: No. I need you sober.

Ross: Oh, you need me. That's so sweet.

Blair: Okay, listen, this whole point of bringing you back to Llanview--in fact, why don't we just go over the details?

Ross: Okay, details. I'm 6'2". Pisces. Which is the sensitive sign, you know. I barbecue pretty much anything--

Blair: Oh, my God. I can't believe you just told me your sign. You've been on that island way too long. You're way too lonely.

Ross: All right, what details would you like to talk about?

Blair: What we just need to have everything together when we land. We don't want to leave anything to chance, all right?

Ross: That sounds like a lot of fun.

Blair: No. There can't be any surprises, Ross. Except for the one that actually hits Téa when everything blows up around her.

Rachel: My relationship with Shaun is none of your business.

Téa: Okay. You know, it wasn't about you, Rachel.

Rachel: What?

Téa: When Greg started talking about how Nora and Bo were afraid of taking risks, you went ballistic. It wasn't about you. Why did you make it about you?

Rachel: I am not on the stand, Delgado, so just leave me the hell alone.

Téa: Look, I'm sorry I had to be so hard.

Rachel: Huh. No, you're not.

Téa: Look, I didn't choose to make you the issue. You did that when you stood up in the middle of Greg Evans' testimony. You have to own that.

Rachel: I do! I do.

Téa: Look, something is bugging you, and it's not just me and how awful I am and all that. You know, you were right. We used to be friends.

Rachel: Yeah, a long time ago.

Téa: Huh. I miss that.

Rachel: Ha ha! Funny way of showing it.

Téa: Yeah.

Rachel: You know what? Maybe I needed today to happen to shake me up. Show me what I was doing, playing it safe.

Téa: You weren't playing it too safe in court today.

Rachel: No. And now my relationship with Shaun is trashed because of it.

Oliver: Is he gonna make it?

EMT: He's got a collapsed lung. Lost a lot of blood.

Todd: Aw, to hell with me. Got to go find Starr and hope.

John: How many were there?

Todd: Ah, there were 3 that I saw, and they had accents.

John: Sergei.

Todd: Yeah, that's the name I heard.

John: You sure they took Starr and the baby?

Todd: Well, I didn't see it, man. I was passed out by the time they did it. Next thing I know, I was in the closet. That was when I came to. You know, you put my kid in danger when you put Cole undercover, and the mayor's gonna have your job for this.

John: The mayor got arrested.

Todd: What?

John: He was the inside contact on the whole operation.

Todd: Oh, God...

John: What?

Todd: I went to Lowell. I told Lowell about Cole. I tipped him off. Damn it.

John: Not smart, but he already knew.

Todd: How?

John: Somebody tipped him off before you got there.

Todd: Yeah, but I gave up Starr and the baby's location. He asked me where they were.

EMT: Ready to roll?

John: Go to the hospital, Manning.

Todd: No.

John: You've been shot.

EMT: You're good now. I'll start you with antibiotics.

Todd: They need me here.

John: Don't be an ass.

EMT: Let's go, let's go!

Todd: I'm staying here.

John: Why, Manning?

Todd: Because these goons that took the kids, they told me to stay here and wait for their call.


Cole: Starr's still not picking up.

Marty: All right, well, John told you that he's on his way there, so don't panic, okay?

Nora: Your lawyer is on his way.

Lowell: You expect me to thank you for that? It's my right.

Nora: You know what, Stan? I don't want you to worry about a thing. We're gonna do everything by the book, I promise you, 'cause we want to make sure that you rot in jail for all your lovely things. For the kickbacks and racketeering and drug trafficking and attempted murder. Wow. The whole 9 yards.

Lowell: It's just a terrible misunderstanding. I won't sue you for wrongful prosecution since you're under stress, but I will not do one day of time.

Nora: Wow. You sound so sure.

Bo: McBain just called from Dorian's house. Sergei and a couple of his guys broke in and shot Shaun.

Nora: What about everybody else?

Bo: Dorian and Blair weren't there. They beat up Manning. They took Starr and Hope.

Cole: Took them where?

Bo: I don't know.

[Baby crying]

Kiril: Shut up! Shut that kid up!

Starr: Sorry! She's tired and hungry! Just let--just let her--if she's with me, I promise she'll be quiet.

Sergei: Ha. And what trouble will you make?

Starr: Think I'd risk my baby's life? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea what she's been through in her life? I wouldn't put her in danger. I'm her mother. She'll just sit with me. I promise.

Sergei: You promise.

Starr: Yes.

Sergei: You promise.

Starr: You can keep me tied to the chair.

Sergei: Cole, he just wants to make money selling drugs. You both annoy me very much.

Starr: You can keep me tied to the chair. You can keep me tie to the chair. Just, please, she'll just sit here. I won't do anything. I promise. She won't...

Sergei: Such pretty eyes for a liar. Give her the baby.

Starr: Thank you. Thank you. Hey... oh, okay. Oh, come here, sweetie. Oh, it's okay. Oh, it's okay now.

Sergei: Yes, everyone is okay.

[Baby crying]

Sergei: Pretty, pretty girls. You are my ticket out of here.

[Baby crying]

Cole: Where are Starr and the baby?

Marty: Let Bo do his job. He'll find her. Come on.

Bo: Where are they, Lowell?

Lowell: I have no idea.

Bo: You don't. You want to add kidnapping to this list of charges?

Lowell: I have no idea--

Nora: This is a teenager and a baby. I am gonna crucify you in court.

Lowell: I'm telling you, I don't know.

Lowell, on tape: You have to do something.

Sergei: Maybe his girlfriend.

Lowell: Girlfriend?

Sergei: And his baby.

Lowell: No. No, they're in my campaign manager's house. They're guarded by private security...

Cole: They have Starr, you son of a--

Marty: Cole, Cole, Cole, come on.

Bo: No, no, no. Take it easy, easy. Just take it...

John: Where are they, Lowell?

Lowell: I don't know.

Bo: Look, you set the whole thing up.

Lowell: I was at a debate all afternoon until those idiots--

Bo: Did you just hear your voice on that tape? I'd rethink that attitude.

Oliver: Sir, he might be telling the truth.

Bo: What?

Oliver: He walked out the door two minutes after the timestamp on that conversation.

John: We had a tail on him.

Oliver: He went straight to the debate, no calls.

Cole: So he doesn't know? No one knows where they took Starr and the baby? We have to find them.

[Baby crying]

Sergei: Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo. I see you. I always see you.

Starr: She doesn't like strangers.

Sergei: Then we all must become friends.

Starr: What are you gonna do to us?

Sergei: Give me her phone.

[Baby crying]

Destiny: Are you gonna say good night at least?

Matthew: Huh?

Destiny: You haven't said 10 words to me since we left the station. You're still bugged about Rachel.

Matthew: Look, it was out of line what Téa did to Rachel.

Destiny: Yeah, but your mom said she was okay.

Matthew: Then where is she?

Destiny: I just remembered. Shaun and Rachel have a big date tonight.

Matthew: Oh, yeah?

Destiny: Yeah. Shaun's been planning. Bought a new suit and everything.

Matthew: That sounds pretty normal to me.

Destiny: Not to me. I've never seen my brother like that. I bet that's where Rachel is, getting ready for Shaun.

Téa: You're breaking up with Shaun?

Rachel: It's not-- we're not even that serious.

Téa: You're not or Shaun's not?

Rachel: Shaun wants more, and I can't. It'll never happen with me. And he deser-- can you please just tell him that I'm looking for him?

Téa: Wait, wait. Shaun technically works for Todd. Maybe Todd knows where he is.

Rachel: Thanks.

Téa: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Todd: Starr?

Téa: No. It's me. Todd, are you all right?

Todd: You're not gonna believe this. Some drug dealers grabbed Starr and the baby.

Téa: What? Why would drug dealers--

Todd: Because John McBain put Cole undercover to try to catch these thugs, and they found out about it, and they went after Starr instead. And they said they were gonna call, but...

Téa: Good Lord. Are you all right?

Todd: I'm a little shot up, but...

Téa: You're shot?

Todd: I'm okay. But Shaun...

Téa: What about Shaun?

Rachel: Is Shaun there?

Todd: He got shot up pretty good. The ambulance just left with him.

Téa: Um, don't move. Todd, I'll be right there.

Rachel: What's the matter? What happened?

Téa: Shaun's been shot.

Rachel: Oh, my God.

Téa: He's on the way to the hospital right now.

Vivian: So, you and Rachel then? Is she done with your brother?

Greg: No. Uh, it's not like that.

Vivian: That's where it looks like it was headed.

Greg: No, it's not. I was wrong about Rachel. She's got a lot of things going on right now, and, um, I don't think my brother understands exactly what's going on.

Vivian: That makes two of us. Look, I'm sorry that I assumed, but if you're free and think you have a night free, maybe we should--

Doctor: Is this the GSW?

EMT: Two entry wounds--chest and neck. BP dropping fast. He's got a collapsed lung.

Vivian: Oh, my God, it looks bad.

Greg: Well, it looks like it's gonna be a long night for somebody.

Doctor: Cubicle two. Incoming trauma. Call the blood bank--

Greg: Oh, God, no!

Vivian: What is it?

Greg: It's my brother.

Greg: Wait. A GSW? What happened?

EMT: Sorry. I don't have details.

Doctor: All right, type and cross for 10 units. Get me some O negative up here fast. Set me up for a thoracotomy stat and call radiology. Tell them to meet us upstairs. We're gonna need some chest film.

Nurse: You want a fast exam?

Doctor: No, not with this much blood. This guy doesn't have much time to spare, so let's go. After you hang the blood, get me two more lines: One in the other arm and one in the groin. This guy needs volume now or we are going to lose him. Somebody try to find a family member. Let's get some history on this guy before we go to the O.R.

Vivian: You shouldn't be here.

Greg: Me. I'm, uh, I'm his family.

Doctor: Doctor.

Greg: That's my brother Shaun.

Doctor: Oh, man. All right, does Shaun have any allergies?

Greg: No.

Doctor: All right, is there any other medical conditions that we need to be concerned about?

Greg: No.

Doctor: All right. Set me up with one gram of cefazolin. Where's my blood?

Nurse: I'll call again.

Doctor: All right, we need more hands in here.

Vivian: Not you, Greg.

Doctor: She's right.

Greg: Look, how bad is it?

Doctor: Can't tell yet. It could go either way.

Rachel: Excuse me. I'm looking for a patient, Shaun Evans?

Nurse: He's in cubical two. But you can't go in.

Doctor: I need a hand with this blood. He needs to be in the O.R.

Greg: Look, I'm his next of kin. I can sign for him.

Doctor: It's a trauma, Evans. I don't need your consent.

Greg: Right.

Doctor: He's going up now.

Rachel: Shaun!

Todd: Ah, that's really smart, Boris. How are you gonna call me if you knock out all the phones?

Téa: Todd!

Todd: In here!

Téa: Oh, my God. Are you all right?

Todd: I couldn't stop them.

Téa: Is this where you were a little shot?

Todd: I don't care about that.

Téa: Well, I do care about that. Can't believe drug dealers busted in here. I mean, and Cole was working undercover?

Todd: Your tax dollars at work.

[Todd inhales sharply]

Todd: John McBain is such a moron. Yeah, that's a terrific idea. Let's put an 18-year-old kid in the middle of a bunch of drug dealers, try to bust them up.

Téa: Well, it looks like it worked.

Todd: Yeah, they got shook up all right, all the way up to the mayor apparently.

Téa: Is that why the mayor was arrested? I just caught a second of it in the car on the way over.

Todd: I'm sure all hell's broken loose, huh?

Téa: Have you heard anything since last I called?

Todd: Not a thing. I guess it would help if I could get a dial tone on it.

[Dial tone]

Todd: Oh, good, there we go. There we go. Okay. Here.

Téa: Blair must be freaking out.

Todd: She doesn't know a thing.

Téa: You have to tell her, Todd.

Todd: I can't tell her. She's on some business trip, and I can't reach her.

Téa: Well, you have to get a hold of her, Todd.

Todd: All right, well, then, give me your cell phone 'cause I'm not gonna tie up the line if she's not answering.

Ross: So I have to stay completely out of sight in Llanview? Hide?

Blair: You're a fugitive.

Ross: Yeah, but you said you were gonna work on that.

Blair: And I will, but you just got to be careful, all right?

Ross: All right, whatever, fine. I'll hide.

Blair: No. You're not gonna hide. You're gonna stay underground.

Ross: For a few days. For--no. Listen to me. You said you were gonna--

Blair: What?

Ross: Yeah, what? You're gonna get those charges taken off, away from me.

Blair: Sure, sure, sure, sure.

Ross: You know, I don't find you very convincing right now.

Blair: Well, I said that I would do it, and I will, okay? I was thinking maybe of putting you up at the Palace under an assumed name.

Ross: The Palace. I like that. royalty, traveling incognito.

Blair: Okay, you know what? Never mind. Your minibar bill will break me. Forget it.

Ross: Well, what am I supposed to do while I'm stashed away?

Blair: You need to--Ross, I'm gonna say it one more time. You need to be ready, and I will find some kind of, like, harmless entertainment for you in the meantime.

Ross: Oh...harmless and fun don't go together.

Blair: Yes!

Ross: Mmm. You're a hell of a woman. You are, Blair. You're smart--

Blair: Okay, and I'm totally immune to flattery.

Ross: Seriously. You know how to work the situation.

Blair: Well, you see, I'm a Cramer woman. That's what we do best.

Sergei: Very nice, your mother with the baby. She's hot. There is no exit, Starr. Windows are sealed. All doors are locked. Okay, it's time. Do what I say and you live.

Bo: Take that lowlife down to holding.

Lowell: This is malicious prosecution.

Nora: This is justice, Your Honor. You know what? I'm gonna come see you every parole date for the rest of your miserable life.

Bo: What do we know about Sergei that's not in the file?

John: Not much. He mostly worked big cities before this.

Bo: Think he may go to ground in Philly or New York?

John: I don't think he had the time. Put out an APB. Every road out of town should be covered. Hey, Cole, think. Sergei ever say anything about a safe house or places he liked to go in town?

Cole: No. No. I saw him get into a car once at the park when he thought that I was already gone. It was a black SUV, tinted windows, but it was too far to see the license plate. And besides, there must be a million of those in this town.

John: Anything else?

Cole: No.

Bo: You sure?

Cole: Look, the guy didn't even tell me his name till like a week ago.

[Cell phone rings]

Cole: Starr?

Starr: Cole.

Cole: Starr, are you okay? How's the baby?

Starr: We're all right.

Cole: Starr, if that scum laid a finger on you--

Sergei: Ah, you hurt my feelings, Cole.

Cole: Sergei, look, just let them go. If you want a hostage, just take me.

Sergei: You are not so pretty. Perhaps nobody cares to bring you home. Are you still at police station? Cole?

Cole: Yeah.

Sergei: Do grownups listen to me right now?

Bo: This is Commissioner Buchanan.

Sergei: Commissioner. So you are boss of John McBain?

Bo: That's right. And now that Mayor Lowell's been arrested, I'm the boss of about everybody, so you got to deal with me, Sergei. That's right. Lowell's behind bars so he can't help you.

Sergei: I help myself. I have something you want. Two somethings. So you will do what I want.

Todd: Blair, stop playing games. You really need to call me back. It's about Starr and the baby, and it's urgent. Pick up the damn phone!

Téa: Okay, this is coffee, my friend. Good thing it's not caffeinated.

Todd: Oh, I could use the jolt right now.

Téa: No, you couldn't. I just spoke to your doctor, and he doesn't think you can use any jolt. He just called in a prescription for antibiotics, by the way.

Todd: Yeah. These EMTs gave me a little jumpstart when they were here.

Téa: What else can I do?

Todd: Nothing.

Téa: You sure?

Todd: Yeah, I mean, look at me. God, I got all this power. I've got a newspaper, I've got websites, I've got politicians in my back pocket, and I can't do anything. I can't do anything here to get my daughter and her baby back.

Starr: It's okay, honey. It's okay. It's okay. Everything's gonna--


Sergei: Mr. Commissioner, please listen carefully.

Bo: Yeah. Okay. Just hold on one second. I want to get something to take notes. I don't want to miss anything.

Sergei: No time. Mr. Big man, you listen.

Marty: What is that?

John: Starr's phone has GPS. We can track it.

Bo: Okay, I'm here, what do you want?

Sergei: $1 million, cash, unmarked, nonsequential bills, and a plane with pilot, G4 range at least.

Bo: Well, it's gonna take a while to get a million dollars, and you want a private jet?

Sergei: This baby has very rich grandparents, yes? You make it happen. Get the money on the plane at Llanview airfield. Starr and Miss Hope and I will fly away. Once we are safe, the pilot will fly home with little girls.

Bo: All right. Let me make sure that I've got this straight.

Sergei: You do. Now get to work. Or it's do Svidanya with the girls. Understand?

Bo: Yes, yes, I understand. Okay. But how will--

[Baby crying]

Cole: What did he say?

Bo: He was timing the call.

John: He's not dumb.

Bo: Nah. Well, the trace missed him by 15 seconds.

Oliver: Well, if we were using a straight signal intercept, but the USB should buy us about 45 seconds.

John: Good man, Fish.

Cole: Did it work?

Oliver: We'll see. Takes about a minute to process.

Matthew: Shaun and Rachel?

Destiny: Yeah.

Matthew: This is a good thing, right? Shaun's a good guy?

Destiny: I'm the man's number one fan. Not so he'd know. No living with him then. But Shaun's the best guy I know.

Matthew: Better than Greg?

Destiny: They're so different. Shaun thinks I'm all about Greg, and I guess I am, but Shaun's my rock, my ride home from anywhere, anytime. He's always there, you know?

Matthew: You think he and Rachel are good together?

Destiny: Yeah. They started as friends, but that's how it works. People are friends, and then it turns into something else.

Nurse: They're ready upstairs.

Doctor: Okay, let's move.

Greg: I'll scrub in.

Doctor: Not a chance, Doctor.

Greg: I can observe!

[Screaming inaudibly]

Vivian: Let them handle it, Greg. Come on.

Greg: My brother. [Sobbing] Shaun.

Vivian: It's okay. It's okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Matthew: Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah.

Matthew: Look, I'm really glad you called. I just wanted to apologize.

Rachel: Not now, Matthew. Do you know where Destiny is?

Matthew: Yeah. Why?

Matthew: Okay, thanks, Rachel.

Destiny: Is your sister okay? She should be thinking about her date with Shaun, not-- what's wrong?

Greg: Did you get O.R. 6? I can observe.

Doctor: We're in number 4.

Greg: Then I'll be right outside.

Doctor: I'll send word down when I can.

Greg: Save my brother.

Doctor: I'll do my best. All right, let's go.

[Rachel sobbing]

Blair: I was asleep.

Ross: Mmm. Yes, you were.

Blair: long have we been flying?

Ross: I think about 9 1/2 hours left.

Blair: Oh, God, it feels like we've been flying all day.

Ross: It has been a long time since I set foot in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Blair: Ha ha! That's why it's gonna be such a big surprise. Aw, Téa will never see it coming.

Todd: I'm going to go find them myself.

Téa: Whoa, whoa. Hold on. You be careful. You're not going anywhere. You want to blow what the cops are up to?

Todd: Well, what are the cops up to?

Téa: I don't know, and you don't know, which is why you could blow it. Now you sit here, and I am going to tell you about my day at court, okay?

Todd: You're gonna tell me a story?

Téa: Yeah, I'm gonna tell you a story. It was a pretty wild day. People jumping up and down, surprise witnesses. Shaun's brother was actually quite good on the stand. What did they say at the hospital?

Todd: I don't know. They wouldn't tell me anything because I'm just his employer. I'm not family. Are you-- are you here with me now?

Téa: You think I have other more important plans for this evening?

Todd: I don't know.

Todd: Well, you gonna give it back to me?

Téa: Ha ha!

Todd: Ha. Ah...

Téa: Nah. I'm with you. Now and forever, okay?

Cole: Mom, can we get our hands on any cash?

Marty: Sure. We'll do whatever it takes...if that's what we should do.

Cole: Well, of course it is.

Bo: It doesn't work that way, Cole.

Cole: Look, Sergei doesn't want to keep Starr and the baby. We give them cash, he lets them go. What?

John: They get on that plane, they're not coming back.

Oliver: Got it.

John: How much?

Oliver: The exact address, aerial photo, and a street-level view.

Marty: Oh!



Vlad: So what, we wait?

Sergei: We give them time to get the plane and money.

Kiril: They won't do it.

Sergei: They will if they want to see little girls again.

Bo: Several buildings in that area. We don't know which one they're in.

John: And if we take enough units to check them all...

Bo: Yeah, then they might see us coming, and no telling what they'll do.

Cole: I want to go with you. Look, come on, Starr and Hope are in there.

Bo: Marty, I need you two to stay behind.

Cole: No, no. That's my child. Come on.

Marty: That's why you can't be a part of this. They're professionals. Let them do their job.

Bo: Fish, could you get them comfortable in my office, please?

Marty: You'll keep us posted, right?

Bo: Sure.

Marty: Come on.

Cole: You promise?

John: We won't let anything happen to Starr or Hope. We're gonna bring 'em home.

Cole: How?

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