One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/27/09


Episode # 10511 ~ Leave the Bottle

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Proofread By Kathy

John: Cole, how's it going? You okay?

Cole: Yeah.

John: Yeah?

Cole: John, I appreciate everything you've done for me. You know that, right?

John: But how much longer is this gonna take?

Cole: I'm climbing up the walls here, man. I'm afraid to call Starr. I'm worried about her and the baby. I need to get this finished and get back to them.

Starr: So, who's coming?

Dorian: How do I look?

Starr: Dangerous.

Dorian: Yes!

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Starr: Ha ha ha!

Mayor Lowell: Dr. Lord.

Dorian: Mayor Lowell, how good of you to come.

Starr: Said the spider to the fly.

Mayor Lowell: We are at war with the criminals who bring drugs into this town and poison our children. We can't afford stonewalling and incompetence from the very people who should be protecting us. I promise you, I am cleaning house.

Viki: Please. He is such a pompous windbag, I swear, if I have to listen to that man pontificate for another 4 years, I shall go stark, raving mad.

Charlie: Then don't. Back somebody else.

Viki: Oh, you have someone in mind?

Charlie: Hey, you're the hometown sweetheart here, not me. Why don't you just open your phone book, and I'm sure you can find somebody in there with name recognition, the ethics, the drive, other than my wife, of course, who doesn't seem to want to bother taking on that pompous windbag.

Viki: Come on, Charlie.

Charlie: What?

Viki: I have a new husband, you, and I'm happy. I don't want to turn my life upside down.

Charlie: Then, like I said, back somebody else.

Viki: [Sighs] The thing is, whoever runs against him is going to have to have the support of the town council, they have to have enough money to wage a proper campaign, and they have to have the experience to actually make a difference when he or she is elected.

Charlie: And my guess is, that's a pretty short list.

Viki: Do you have any idea what it would do to us, to this family if I were to run for mayor?

Charlie: No. I don't...

Viki: Thank you.

Charlie: But I do have a pretty good idea of how things would go if you don't--4 more years of you bellyaching about Mayor Lowell, throwing the remote at the TV set. Well, come on. I married a tiger. Give him hell.

Viki: [Scoffs]

Ford: I like the way you thinking, Jim.

Langston: Thanks, I think.

Ford: So, if I'm gonna be on camera, then we need to find me a love interest.

Langston: You don't already have one?

Ford: No. I'm afraid I'm married to this show at the moment, unless you know someone I can talk to or--

Langston: No, but I'm sure it can't be that hard. I mean, just set up something like today--it's hot out, and you're looking like you are, and a girl walks in, boom, love at first sight.

Ford: Kind of like how you did.

Langston: [Laughs]

Ford: Does that make you my love interest?

Markko: What's going on?

Langston: Oh, Markko, I was so worried about you. Rachel said people were shooting at you.

Markko: No. It's okay, just a bunch of noise.

Langston: But are you okay? I mean, where were you?

Markko: Up at the house with Vickers and Priscilla.

Ford: You get anything we can use?

Markko: Depends. Rachel and Dr. Evans were working out together.

Ford: Was it hot?

Markko: The AC was on.

Ford: Ha ha ha!

Markko: What?

Langston: I think what Ford was trying to say is if Rachel and Dr. Evans-- if there were sparks.

Ford: Sexual tension.

Markko: Yeah. I get it. I know what sexual tension looks like, and, yeah, there were sparks.

Oliver: Oh, man, how did I ever live without AC? Ice-cold rose. I will pour you a glass, and then I'm gonna jump in the shower.

Layla: I don't want any wine.

Oliver: Okay. Well, I think there's some iced Téa left.

Layla: I'm not thirsty.

Oliver: All right. Well, I'm just gonna jump in the shower, then.

Layla: I need answers, Oliver.

Oliver: About what?

Layla: You and Kyle Lewis.

Oliver: I told you--

Layla: I know you did. This time, I want the truth.

Gigi: Even if we don't say Stacy's name, we can't pretend she doesn't exist.

Rex: Not even for one night.

Gigi: We have to figure out some way to deal with her, or she's gonna ruin us because, whether we like it or not, she's pregnant with your child.

[Doorbell rings]

Gigi: Thought you said you were gonna call first.

Stacy: Oh, I'm sorry. This is kind of important.

Gigi: Who's this?

Stacy: My best friend from Vegas.

Kim: Hi.

Stacy: Look. I need to talk to you.

Gigi: Is she staying with you at the loft?

Stacy: She's visiting, okay?

Rex: How about we talk tomorrow at the obstetrician's?

Stacy: How about we talk now? This is about the baby.

Oliver: Has somebody said something about this? Because--

Layla: Just answer the question--you and d Kyle.

Oliver: We were in college together. I've told you this before.

Layla: What was your relationship?

Oliver: Our relationship?

Layla: Yes. Your relationship.

Oliver: We were friends and frat brothers. You know, we knew each other. We had a couple classes together. Did he say something to you?

Layla: No.

Oliver: Then what is all this? Because you're obviously upset about something.

Layla: Do you know how bad this feels to even have to ask you this and to watch you dance around?

Oliver: Ask me what?

Layla: Were you involved with Kyle?

Oliver: What do you mean, involved?

Layla: You know exactly what I mean. I just found out from a total stranger that Kyle had a relationship in college with a closet case who became a cop. I need to hear you say it. Were you sleeping with Kyle Lewis, yes or no?

Oliver: Yes, okay? Yes.

Ford: So, details, Markko. I want to hear about the hot former addict and the hot neurosurgeon. What went on?

Markko: Well, by the time Dave and I got there, Rachel was sort of on top of Dr. Evans.

Ford: They were doing it?

Markko: No. They were just exercising.

Ford: That's one way of looking at it.

Markko: You don't understand. They were doing some dance moves to Z-fit on the Z-box, and they must've lost their balance. Anyway, they ended up on the floor.

Ford: But you have this on tape, right?

Markko: What I could. Rachel wasn't exactly on board with the whole reality TV thing.

Ford: Where's the camera?

Markko: Vickers and Priscilla have it. They're out looking for some more hot footage.

Ford: Without me?

Markko: What can I say, Ford? You were busy.

Markko: So, details, Lang. I want to hear about the producer and my hot girlfriend.

Langston: Oh, please. I came down here looking for you, and he told me that I could hang out till you got back, so we got to talking, and we started, you know--

Markko: You started what?

Langston: Kind of working together, I mean, just shooting ideas around about the show, but he liked what I had to say.

Markko: Hmm, which was--

Langston: He should make it a love story. I mean, I know that's kind of an obvious idea, but--

Markko: Wait. So, you're working on the show now?

Langston: Well, I mean, I don't know. Maybe, I guess, if he likes my ideas, but why? Would that be a problem?

John: I know it's tough being away from home. I'm keeping an eye on Starr and Hope. They're doing okay. How you doing? I know this can't be easy.

Cole: Yeah. Well, the first night was rough knowing that I had enough junk in my pocket to make it all go away. It's a funny thing, you know, being on the other side of it, knowing that it's just, like, this stone cold business. It really makes you feel like a fool to use. Besides, I would never do that to Starr, never, not after she got me clean. Anyway, how's my mom?

John: Good. She's back at work.

Cole: Really? I didn't know that. I'm a half a mile away, and I might as well be on the moon.

John: Oh, well, you know, hang in there, kid. You'll be home sooner than you think.

Dorian: Mayor Lowell, I'd like you to meet my grandniece Starr Manning.

Starr: Oh--

Mayor Lowell: It's a pleasure. You're a student at Llanview High?

Starr: I'm a senior. Excuse me. I just still need to print out my fall schedule, and I have you down for Tuesdays from 9:00 to 2:00.

Dorian: It's already on my calendar.

Starr: Okay.

Mayor Lowell: You're doing some kind of volunteer work at the school?

Starr: We like to call it the Hope brigade.

Dorian: And it's hardly voluntary. You see, we're all helping to care for Starr's baby.

Mayor Lowell: Aren't you a little young to be having a child?

Stacy: I'm sorry. You're right. I should've called.

Gigi: Oh, but then you wouldn't have been able to spoil our night, and since it's all about you and-- I still don't have your name--Bambi, Trixie?

Kim: It's Kim.

Gigi: Oh, of course it is. Let me guess. You're a rocket scientist.

Kim: At least I'm not a waitress.

Gigi: No. You're a pole dancer, which is what they're calling whores these days.

Rex: Okay, okay.

Kim: Holy crap, you weren't kidding.

Gigi: Excuse me?

Kim: Stacey told me you weren't exactly thrilled about your boyfriend knocking her up, but she never mentioned you were such a bitch.

Rex: Mm, get out now.

Stacy: She didn't mean anything.

Kim: Look. I don't care who she thinks she is. She can't talk to me like that.

Rex: I don't know what Stacy has told you, but--

Kim: She's done some stuff she's not exactly proud of, which makes her human.

Gigi: Oh, is that what you told her, that you're "not exactly proud" of threatening my son's life. You're ashamed of taking a crowbar to my car, trying to push me down a flight of stairs.

Kim: You never told me that. Damn, girl.

Stacy: Look we didn't come here to go through all that.

Rex: Why are you here, Stacy?

Gigi: Run out of hot water at the loft, huh? Rex agreed to put you up, not open up a boarding house for hookers.

Kim: Where do you get off talking to me like I'm dirt? You don't even know me.

Gigi: You're Stacy's best friend. That's all I need to know.

Kim: That's it.

Rex: I don't want to have to hit a girl.

Stacy: Look. I need to say something, okay? You gonna let me say it before I lose my nerve?

Viki: I appreciate the vote of confidence, okay, but as much as I really hate the idea of another 4 years of Stanley Lowell, I don't think this family should be in the spotlight right now.

Charlie: Hey, your family is fine. Natalie and Jared are almost as happy as we are.

Viki: What about Jessica? If I run against Lowell, he will drag out everything that has happened since Nash died.

Charlie: Well, why don't you just talk it over with her, see how she feels about it? Because she looks to me like she's getting stronger every day. She's got Brody in her corner, and, if you ask me, if she were to see you take on something like this, it would do nothing but give her more hope. Viki...

Viki: What?

Charlie: Llanview needs you. This Lowell guy is a disaster.

Viki: Well, the polls don't agree.

Charlie: Well, that's only because the guy running against him is a bigger clown than he is, and, from what I hear, he's planning on dropping out right away. You want Lowell to run unopposed? I mean, sure, he talks a good game. He's got this pitch about how he's gonna end cronyism and corruption.

Viki: Yeah, and then he shut down your job site because I refused to endorse him.

Charlie: Well, that just goes with the territory when you're married to a big cheese.

Viki: Ha ha ha! You know, Charlie, I love this town. I mean, this is my home. Just makes me sick to think that somebody as craven as Stanley Lowell gets to decide its fu-- do you know that he's already talking about selling off parcels of the riverfront to a casino? He's been in Harrisburg getting votes to legalize gambling.

Charlie: Hmm. Ah, sounds like a speech to me, Viki B.

Viki: No. We have to stop this.

Charlie: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait. Stop? Stop what? I mean, stop talking about the future of your hometown, your kids' hometown, your grandkids'? I mean, as far as I'm concerned, this is one of the most important conversations that we've ever had.

Cole: So, how close are you to busting whoever it is that's bringing drugs into Llanview?

John: Close, thanks to you.

Cole: Okay, so that shipment, the one I heard Sergei talking about, you're able to use it?

John: I leaked that information to one of the guys on my team.

Cole: Why? What, is he dirty?

John: [Chuckles]

Cole: What?

John: You talking like a cop.

Cole: Well, don't get any ideas because once this is over--

John: I know. I know. You're a civilian.

Cole: Okay, so you leaked to this guy.

John: Yeah. Guess what he did.

Cole: Took it back to his source?

John: Right again.

Cole: So, you know who's bringing drugs in.

Starr: I'm not pregnant...

Mayor Lowell: Oh, thank God.

Starr: But I was. I had my daughter when I was 16. She may not have been planned, but I couldn't love her any more. She changed my life.

Mayor Lowell: I'm sure she has.

Dorian: Starr is a wonderful mother.

Starr: Excuse me.

Mayor Lowell: Children having children. What a shame.

Dorian: It was a bit of a challenge at first, but the family decided to pitch in so that we could make sure that Starr finished school.

Mayor Lowell: Yes. Tuesdays from 9:00 to 2:00.

Dorian: Don't worry, though. I promise you, it's not gonna interfere with my fundraising for your campaign, though someone may have to sub for me once I go back to work.

Mayor Lowell: You're going back to work?

Dorian: As chief of staff of the hospital.

Mayor Lowell: I wasn't aware there was an opening.

Dorian: It could be decided that we needed a new chief of staff. My name could be mentioned. You're on the board. Mayor, you have my vote. May I count on yours?

Mayor Lowell: Sorry. It's out of the question.

Oliver: Look. It was a really confusing time, okay? I was partying. We were drunk. We were playing truth or dare.

Layla: Don't.

Oliver: No. I just need you to understand.

Layla: You think I don't understand? I worked in fashion for years. I have all kinds of gay friends, and I even asked you, and you lied to me.

Oliver: No. I didn't.

Layla: Oliver, you made me think this thing you had in college that you never got over was with a woman.

Oliver: Trust me. I got over it. Layla, look. I swear to you, that's not who I am, okay? We were playing around, you know, experimenting when I was a kid, but I grew up.

Layla: And the experiment is over.

Oliver: Yes.

Layla: So, that wasn't you in the alley behind the Buenos Dias kissing Kyle Lewis?

Markko: Why would I have a problem with you working on the show? I mean, you're the one who talked him into hiring me in the first place, and besides, it means we get to work together.

Langston: Yeah, you, me, and Ford.

Markko: Oh, yeah? So?

Langston: I got to tell you, when I rounded this corner and I saw him outside with his shirt off pouring that bucket of water all over his ripped chest, muy caliente.

Markko: It sounds like one of those cheesy music videos from before we were even born.

Langston: Oh, no. This was the real deal.

Markko: Oh, yeah?

Langston: Yeah.

Markko: Kind of like this?

Langston: Well, a little. May be getting there. Oh, God. Oh! Aah! Ha ha ha! Ah.

Markko: Muy caliente.

Langston: Mmm.

John: I think I know who Sergei's contact is.

Cole: Who is it?

John: The guy who let drugs into this town in the first place.

Cole: Okay, so who is it? Really? You're not gonna tell me? Look. I'm risking my life here.

John: And I'm trying to keep you safe. I give you a name and you let on that you know more than you should know, they're taking you out.

Cole: John, who is it? The mayor?

Dorian: I'm sorry, Mayor. I'm afraid I don't understand.

Mayor Lowell: The current chief of staff is a personal friend and a major contributor to several of my campaigns.

Dorian: And you feel that you owe him.

Mayor Lowell: I do owe him, and I'm a man of principle, Dr. Lord.

Dorian: I respect that. I totally respect it, but what if, for example, I were to raise 3, 5, oh, 10 times as much as the chief?

Mayor Lowell: My hands are tied. I'm sorry.

Dorian: Well, then I'm afraid I'm sorry, too.

Mayor Lowell: What do you mean?

Dorian: I'm very sorry that I won't be able to rally my very wealthy, very influential friends around your reelection campaign.

Mayor Lowell: I wasn't aware this was a quid pro quo.

Dorian: Now you know.

Mayor Lowell: I'm sure we can come to some kind of an agreement.

Dorian: I'm afraid my hands are tied.

Rex: Okay. You've got our attention. Stacy, say what you came here to say, please, then go.

Stacy: Okay. Um, I--

Shane: Mom, what's she doing here?

Stacy: Hey, Shane.

Kim: He's cute.

Stacy: This is my friend Kim.

Shane: You lied to me about everything.

Stacy: No.

Shane: You said you were my donor. That was a lie, right? You said that you could save my life. That was a lie, too.

Stacy: I would never hurt you, Shane.

Shane: You made my mom break up with my dad. You said that she was sleeping with Brody. You called her a slut. You're the slut.

Kim: Stop, you little brat. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Oliver: Who told you that? Was it Cristian? He's got a thing for you, Layla. He's been trying to break us up since day one.

Layla: And I defended you because I cared about you and I thought you cared about me.

Oliver: I do.

Layla: Then tell me the truth.

Oliver: Okay, okay. Layla, the reason I didn't say anything was-- okay. Okay. Kyle and I, yes, we did have a little thing in college one time, and then he showed up and tried to start things up again, but I moved on. I was with you, and I was happy. That's the truth. You make me happy, and then anyway, Kyle kept pushing himself f me. Did Cristian tell you that, how I pushed Kyle off me and told him to leave me alone?

Layla: He said you were kissing him.

Oliver: No. Kyle kissed me.

Layla: And you only pushed Kyle away when you saw Cristian was watching you, right?

Oliver: If Cristian was so convinced I was cheating on you with a guy, then why didn't he come to you right away?

Layla: Because he wanted to be fair. He wasn't sure what was going on.

Oliver: Oh, but you are?

Layla: I know this isn't easy, Oliver, and I'm working really hard to have some compassion for you. This isn't what I wanted.

Oliver: It's not what I wanted, either. I want you.

Layla: Stop it! Just stop it! I know you are probably scared right now and that a part of you cared about me and it felt safe, but I don't want safe, okay? I want real, so do us both a favor right here, right now. Do the right thing.

Oliver: I love you.

Layla: Then trust me and tell us both the truth. Say the words. You're gay.

Oliver: No. I'm not gonna say it because it's not true. I'm not gay.

Layla: Have you ever given one thought to what it would do to me when I found out I'd been lied to like this?

Oliver: I'm with you and only you.

Layla: For how long?

Oliver: What do you mean?

Layla: You told me you wanted a future with me.

Oliver: I do.

Layla: When you're already letting yourself get backed up against an alley wall? You think that's what I want, the little bit you got left?

Oliver: No. It's much more.

Layla: When I'm with a man, I want all of him, you understand? Not just the part that walks in a room with me on his arm or brags about me to the squad or shows me off to his parents. I want to be the one who has to be backed up against the wall because he wants me so much that he can't help himself. That's what I want. Can you give me that? No! You can't, and I'm not settling for less.

Oliver: I can be what you want. I just need--

Layla: To change who you are?

Oliver: No. You like who I am. You said that yourself. I'm the kind of guy that you want. You want the kind of guy that you can talk to, someone who's kind and appreciates you and wants the kind of life that you want.

Layla: Why do you think this hurts so much, Oliver? Why? This isn't just about you and your problems. I wanted you to be the one.

Oliver: I wanted you, too. Layla, we made love.

Layla: It's not supposed to be like a test, Oliver, and I can't let you use me.

Oliver: I love you. I told the guys. I told my parents. I need you. You're the kind of woman that I've always wanted. You're smart and sensitive, and you're stylish, and you're great. I love hanging out with you.

Layla: It's not enough.

Oliver: Yeah, but it is for me, and I can be what you need, I promise. Just help me. You don't know what it's like. I can't be gay.

Langston: Okay. You win.

Markko: I better.

Langston: Ha ha! Do you have protection?

Markko: In my backpack.

Langston: Ooh, always prepared, one of the many things I love about my muy caliente boyfriend.

Viki: Even if I were to run, there's no guarantee I would win.

Charlie: And since when have you needed a guarantee? I mean, look. You ran for mayor before, and you won. Everybody loves you here. I mean, you're like the queen of Llanview.

Viki: Oh, stop, Charlie.

Charlie: Well, have you ever wondered how things would have turned out if you had been able to serve your full term?

Viki: It was a long time ago.

Charlie: Yeah, and things are worse now than they've ever been. If you had been able to serve your full term as mayor, the bar would've been a lot higher, and some termite like Lowell couldn't have even run.

Viki: What, so you're saying he's my fault?

Charlie: No. Come on. Look. All I'm saying is that this could be your shot to finish what you started.

Viki: A second chance?

Charlie: Yeah, and they don't come along every day.

Viki: No. They sure don't, but when they do, you have to take them.

Cole: So, all this time that Mayor Lowell was on your back, not letting you help my mom, asking for your badge...

John: Hey, you want to hold it down? They didn't hear you in the kitchen.

Cole: And shooting his mouth off about how the cops aren't cleaning up the drug problem, he's the problem.

John: In a word, yeah.

Cole: The guy is a total criminal.

John: That, too.

Cole: Okay, so what are we gonna do about it?

John: What we're doing--building a case.

Cole: John, you said that we're dealing with ordinary criminals here.

John: What's that?

Cole: You know, Asher, Sergei, losers.

John: You think the mayor is any different? He's not.

Mayor Lowell: Let's not throw out the baby with the bath water.

Dorian: We know how you feel about babies.

Mayor Lowell: If you want to go back to work, why don't you come work for me?

Dorian: As what, your personal physician?

Mayor Lowell: No. My chief of staff on the campaign. I'm serious.

Dorian: You want me to be your campaign manager?

Mayor Lowell: Why not? You're charming, smart, connected. You're the queen of Llanview.

Dorian: Thank you.

Mayor Lowell: And you know everyone in town.

Dorian: What's in it for me?

Mayor Lowell: You go where I go. I'm planning on using this term as a launching pad for the governorship, and from there, who knows? I'm talking about real power, Dr. Lord.

Dorian: And I'd have a voice?

Mayor Lowell: You'd be my right arm. Forget about this dull hospital job. It'd be boring compared to what I can give you. What do you say?

Dorian: I say you've got a deal, mayor. Ha ha ha!

Starr: What's going on?

Mayor Lowell: Oh, um, your aunt has just agreed to run my campaign.

Starr: A man who looks down on single mothers? Are you serious?

Gigi: Don't you dare talk to my son like that.

Rex: Come here.

Shane: You lied to everybody to be with my dad, only he doesn't love you, and he never will. He loves my mom and me. I don't care if you're pregnant. I wish you'd just go away and leave us alone. I wish there wasn't any baby. I wish it was dead.

Stacy: [Sobs] I'm sorry, Shane. Look, you guys.

Kim: Don't apologize to him. That's a terrible thing to say about your little sister or brother. Aunt Stacy is pregnant, and you three better get on board because it's not going away, and neither am I.

Gigi: We all know about the baby coming.

Kim: No thanks to you. If you had it your way, Stacy would've--

Rex: Th-th-that's enough.

Shane: Stacy would've what?

Kim: Oh, and here I thought honesty was the new policy. My bad.

Shane: What's she talking about?

Kim: I'll let you explain things, daddy. Come on, honey.

Stacy: No. I need to tell them.

Kim: No, you don't.

Gigi: Tell us what?

Rex: You said you had to tell us something about the baby.

Gigi: Although it's never about the baby. The baby is just a tool to get to you.

Kim: Let's go.

Stacy: I need to tell you that, um, I found another doctor. It's not the one you guys recommended, so I'll let you know about the appointment.

Gigi: You came all the way over here to tell us that?

Kim: She was trying to be nice. She's not like you.

Shane: What was that?

Rex: That was grownups losing their tempers. Nothing has changed.

Shane: I'm sorry. What I said about the baby, that I wanted it dead, I never should've said that.

Gigi: That's okay. I totally understand.

Cole: He is different from regular criminals. He's the mayor. He has power, and, John, he hates you. He finds out that you're onto him--

John: He's not gonna know what hit him, I promise you. You're safe.

Cole: What about Starr and Hope? What about my mom? What if he goes after them?

Dorian: Is it possible, darling, that you're overreacting?

Starr: I don't like being judged.

Mayor Lowell: Well, then don't run for mayor.

Dorian: Ha ha ha!

Mayor Lowell: But seriously, Starr, I didn't mean to offend you. I was just concerned for you. When kids have kids, they don't contribute.

Dorian: Yeah. No. Wait. It's just a fact that single mothers of all ages need our support, right, Mayor?

Mayor Lowell: Oh, of course. My platform is based on family values.

Dorian: And we'll make that abundantly clear to the voters that you're behind family values and all kind of families--single mothers, single fathers.

Starr: Same-sex couples.

Mayor Lowell: Well, we'll have to work out the details.

Dorian: I have an idea. Where's the camera?

Kim: I just couldn't give those sons of bitches the satisfaction of--

Stacy: Knowing that they've won, that I lost my baby? You know, sooner or later, they're gonna figure it out.

Kim: We're down, girl. We're not out. Let's go back to the loft, finish that bottle of tequila, and come up with a plan.

Stacy: You know what you did for me, nobody has ever had my back like that.

Kim: This better not be the start of some "I give up" speech because I won't hear it, not from you.

Stacy: I only have a few hours left on this egg.

Kim: I still think the sperm bank is--

Stacy: Okay. I appreciate it, but you don't give up. Thank you. I love you for it.

Kim: Don't get misty on me. What's this?

Stacy: Would you go back to the loft? I just need a little time. That's all.

Kim: Sure about this?

Stacy: Yeah.

Kim: Okay. You've got one hour. Then I'm sending out a posse.

Layla: You can't be gay?

Oliver: That's not who I am or how I was raised or who I want to be in this world.

Layla: Do you expect me to feel sorry for you because you're a gay homophobe?

Oliver: No, and I'm not homophobic, and I'm not gay. Okay. I don't even identify with that. I'm a cop. I want to get married and have a family.

Layla: Gay people have families and jobs, and in some states, they even get married.

Oliver: You're not hearing me.

Layla: You're coming in loud and clear. You hate yourself.

Oliver: That's not what I'm saying. Look. I'm a work in progress, but I'll do whatever it takes, okay? I'll go to therapy. I'll go back to church.

Layla: I'm not asking you to change who you are, Oliver, and if you're not ready to accept yourself, then there's nothing I can do about that, but you're lying to yourself and me, and I deserve better than that.

Oliver: We need to talk about this.

Layla: No. There's nothing to talk about, so please just leave because I need to be alone.

Oliver: Layla--

Layla: Get out, please. Get out. [Sobbing]

Oliver: I'm really sorry.

Layla: Me, too.

Oliver: I never meant to hurt you. [Sobbing]

Langston: Ohh... you don't think the Buchanans have security cameras, do you?

Markko: No. I checked.

Langston: Oh, you just think of everything.

Markko: You know, pretty soon, we'll have our own place. No more sneaking around.

Langston: I think I kind of liked our roll in the hay.

Markko: Yeah? Is that a fantasy of yours?

Langston: Well, every girl loves a cowboy.

Markko: Oh, like Ford got you all worked up?

Langston: Oh, all right. Well, let me put it in basketball terms for you. He may have gotten the assist, but you got the bucket.

Markko: Ha! The bucket?

Langston: Ha ha ha!

Markko: Well, remind me to thank him, partner.

Langston: Ooh!

Charlie: Mmm.

Viki: If I run for mayor, there won't be any time for this, you know?

Charlie: Nope. Well, we'll just have to take a page out of the president's playbook and have a date night.

Viki: Except we were gonna stay in.

Charlie: Hmm... wait a minute. Is that a yes? Does that mean you're running?

Viki: No. No. I have to talk to the children first.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Viki: Your glasses are probably on the floor.

Charlie: I'm looking for the phone.

Viki: Why? I'm not gonna call anyone now. It's late.

Charlie: You can't wait too long. This joker is making speeches already.

Viki: I know, and if they're anything like what we heard tonight--

Charlie: We'll beat him by a mile.

Viki: As long as you're with me.

Charlie: Honey, you aren't ever gonna get rid of me.

Cole: He threw you in jail when you were trying to get my mom away from Todd. Look. He doesn't care what happens to my family.

John: I got your mom out of there, didn't I?

Cole: Yeah.

John: I'm not gonna let the man anywhere near you or your mom or Starr and the baby.

Dorian: Starr is right, Mayor. It's important that you be seen as a man who loves families.

Starr: What are you doing? Come on. You--

Mayor Lowell: Oh, yes.

Dorian: Okay. I got the camera. All right. Nice smiles, everybody. Say, "White House."

[Camera shutter clicks]

Rex: You okay?

Gigi: Yeah. So, what do you think of Stacy's so-called reason for coming over here tonight--that she got her own obstetrician, and she had to bring a friend with her to tell us that?

Rex: Let's not worry about it. She's gone. It's over.

Waitress: Can I get you something?

Stacy: Tequila. Keep them coming. It's not like it matters anymore.

Layla: [Sobbing]

Layla: God... [Sobbing]

Oliver: Again.

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