One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/26/09


Episode # 10510 ~ Fish in a Barrel

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Gigi: How was your shower?

Rex: Would have been better if you had joined me.

Gigi: Well, maybe you need another shower. Maybe you missed a few spots.

Rex: I don't have to check in with UV and I turned off my phone.

Gigi: What if Shane calls?

Rex: Shane from baseball practice? Are you kidding?

Gigi: Or Stacy?

[Rex sighs]

Gigi: If she decides there's anything wrong with her or the baby, she's gonna be calling you, not me.

Kim: That was fast. Usually with butterfly 7, things take a little longer.

Stacy: Yeah. Not this time.

Kim: What do you think? Do you like this one or too orangey?

Stacy: I really don't know.

Kim: So, tell Kim everything.

Stacy: There's nothing to tell.

Kim: Wasn't as good as you remembered it, was it? Never is. But who cares? As long as it gets you Rex.

Stacy: That's the thing. It didn't.

Kim: What are you talking about? Sex equals baby, and baby equals Rex.

Stacy: There is no baby.

Kim: You can't know that already.

Stacy: Yes, I can. There's no baby because there wasn't any sex.

[Doorbell rings]

Langston: Hi. I'm Langston. I'm looking for Markko. He's been working the camera for David Vickers' new reality show.

Rachel: Believe me, I know.

Langston: Well, is he around?

Rachel: You might actually want to check the hospital. The last I heard, he was running out of here dodging bullets.

Markko: Hey, boss.

Ford: Not now. I'm thinking.

Markko: It's just that--

Ford: What?

Markko: Is there any chance we'll be getting paid soon?

Ford: You'll get your money...I hope.

Markko: Priscilla and I have been talking--

Priscilla: We know that David's already blown the show's budget.

Ford: Hey, we'll make it all back.

Markko: Even if there's no show?

Ford: And why wouldn't there be a show?

Priscilla: Uh, we're living in a stable.

Markko: We want our money.

David: People, people, people! Shame on you. Have you never heard of suffering for your art?

Markko: I've suffered enough. It's 110 degrees and I'm standing in horse manure.

David: Look, I know things look bad, but that's why we have to pull together.

Ford: Wait. Why is that, exactly?

David: Because we're a family. No, we're more than a family. We are a television show about a family. We can't let something like horse manure come between us. Now, let's hug it out. Who wants to hug me first?

Layla: I was talking to this guy in the gym. We were just talking. I don't even know him. But what he said... I think Oliver used to be involved with Kyle Lewis. You know something, don't you? Chris, please tell me.

Cristian: Look, I don't know if I know anything. I thought I did. I know, I'm confused myself.

Layla: Cristian, please, come on. Whatever it is, just tell me.

Cristian: I don't know. All right, look, why don't you tell me what you heard first and then we can figure this whole thing out?

Layla: I met this guy that dated Kyle.

Cristian: And what did he say?

Layla: That Kyle's boyfriend in college was a closet case.

Cristian: That's all?

Layla: The closet case is now dating a woman and he's a cop. Do you think this cop could be Fish?

Keeton: McBain knows there's a mole in the P.D., but he doesn't know it's me, or that you're the one running things.

Oliver: Who do you think he's talking to?

John: We're about to find out.

Keeton: He also knows we're getting a package today and when and where.

Mayor Lowell: Oh, he does, does he? Quite the detective, that McBain.

Oliver: Is that the mayor? 

Cristian: Probably more than just because Kyle

Layla: I'm crazy, right? Just because Kyle's ex is a cop doesn't mean he's Oliver.

Cristian: No, it doesn't.

Layla: There's a ton of cops at the L.P.D. Who knows how many are gay?

Cristian: Probably more than you think.

Layla: And so what if Oliver knew Kyle in college? That doesn't mean he's the one Oliver had a messed-up relationship with.

Cristian: Oliver said he had a messed-up relationship?

Layla: But I told him our pasts didn't matter, and when I asked him if he was gay, he got all upset that I even asked him something like that.

Cristian: He did?

Layla: So...What do you know?

Cristian: I don't think Oliver was telling you the truth.

Layla: You think that relationship was with a guy?

Cristian: And I'm pretty sure it's not just in the past. It's in the now, too.

Oliver: I don't believe this. Is Keeton really talking to--

Mayor Lowell: What else have you got?

Keeton: McBain's busting the drop.

Mayor Lowell: I figured he would. What's the plan of attack?

Keeton: He wouldn't give it up. Just told us to be ready to roll.

Mayor Lowell: That's all?

Keeton: He plays things pretty close to the vest.

Mayor Lowell: Then you need to convince him to take you into his confidence. I need to be apprised of every move John McBain makes. It's the only way this operation will succeed.

Oliver: That's Mayor Lowell Keeton's talking to, isn't it?

Langston: Why don't you come in?

Man: We'll be back to pay you later.

Langston: Great. Thanks. Markko said something on the phone about Mr. Buchanan and a gun.

Rachel: You know what? Actually I wasn't even here.

Langston: But I just thought he was being dramatic.

Rachel: I'm sure he was.

Langston: It doesn't look like it.

Rachel: Trust me, if blood had been spilled, I would have heard about it.

Langston: But this whole thing was my idea. I mean, if something happens to him, it's my fault.

Matthew: Are you guys talking about Markko?

Rachel: Yeah. Do you know where he is?

Matthew: Uh, I might have an idea.

Rachel: Well, tell Langston. She's worried about him.

Matthew: Markko's fine.

Langston: Okay. Well, where is he?

Matthew: First you have to swear not to give his location away to anyone.

Ford: I can't work like this, David.

Markko: I need to eat something besides oats.

David: I apologize about the accommodations. I realize there's not a craft service table, but think of it this way. It didn't come out of the budget.

Ford: Yeah, what's left of it.

David: I promised you a very generous salary.

Ford: Yeah, and then you went and spent it on your brother's legal bills.

David: And if I didn't do that, we wouldn't have a place to stay. Now see how it all works out?

Ford: We have no money, no story, no cast, no bathrooms.

David: Yes, but look what we do have.

Ford: Oh, um, buckets, horseflies, hay.

David: Atmosphere.

Ford: You can't make a show out of atmosphere, David, believe me. I've tried.

David: Well, what do you want me to do? You're the producer. I'm just the talent.

Ford: Okay, solve one of these problems, any one, or I go.

Priscilla: So do I.

Markko: Me, too.

Kim: Wait. Wait a minute. You and Schuyler did not have sex?

Stacy: Nope.

Kim: But butterfly 7...

Stacy: Didn't work.

Kim: You used it right, didn't you?

Stacy: Oh, come on. I know how to mix a drink.

Kim: Maybe Schuy didn't drink enough.

Stacy: He downed the whole thing.

Kim: Then he shouldn't have been able to keep his hands off you.

Stacy: He couldn't for the first few minutes. It was like 2006 all over again. He actually wanted me.

Kim: Then why didn't he sleep with you?

Stacy: Because he figured out I wasn't Gigi.

Gigi: Miss any calls?

Rex: Not from Stacy. So, how about you go take that shower?

Gigi: Way to ruin the mood, Geeg.

Rex: Nothing's ruined.

Gigi: I'm sorry. I'm really trying not to think about her, really I am.

Rex: You do not need to be sorry for not wanting this child in our lives. I get it.

Gigi: It's just...if there was a problem, I know that you'd want to be there and she'd want you to be there, too. I mean, she's gonna use this baby against us every chance she gets.

Rex: Maybe. But right now, I'm with you. And you're the only person I want to think about.

Gigi: Ditto.

Rex: So let's see how long we can go without mentioning "her."

Gigi: Who?

Stacy: Schuyler passed up a night with me, no strings attached, only because I'm not Gigi.

Kim: I don't get it. Does she know some trick? I mean, she must be doing something.

Stacy: That's it. She's not. She's always had everybody's attention: My parents, boys, you name it.

Kim: What's so special about her?

Stacy: Oh, I'd like to know the same thing. She's just a big-mouth waitress with a bratty little kid and she always gets what I want.

Kim: Don't worry. Gigi will get what's coming to her.

Stacy: How do you know that?

Kim: You forget everything you learned in Vegas? Everyone's lucky streak has to end sometime.

Stacy: Yeah, mine sure has. I can't even get myself pregnant.

Kim: We just need a plan "B."

Stacy: That's the thing, Kimmy. There is no plan "B." Schuyler was my last hope. It's over. I lose.

Langston: So David and his camera crew are hiding out in the stables?

Matthew: Great idea, right?

Langston: If you don't like indoor plumbing.

Matthew: It's just temporary. I'll find something new for them.

Langston: And you really think no one will find them?

Matthew: I don't see why they would. We don't have any horses right now, and plus David and his crew are trying to keep a low profile.

Langston: How well do you know your older brother?

Rachel: Did you guys figure out where Markko is?

Matthew: Aren't you hot?

Rachel: I'm quite comfortable, thank you.

Matthew: Well, what's in the bag?

Rachel: I have to get work done and my office is a mess. Can you tell Nigel I don't want to be disturbed by anyone?

Matthew: Okay. What, are you working on what you're going to say when you testify for my case?

Rachel: What I say is my business.

Langston: Well, thanks for your help.

Matthew: Yeah, sure.

Greg: Oh, hi. I'm looking for Matthew.

Langston: Oh, right over there.

Greg: Thanks. Matthew, hey.

Matthew: What's up?

Greg: Yeah, I heard what happened in court. Sounds like your family's lawyer gave you the real going-over.

Matthew: Yeah, I'm okay.

Greg: Well, figured it wouldn't hurt to make a house call. Like, Rachel's not around, is she?

Matthew: Why?

Greg: Well, it's probably best for both of us if we keep our distance from one another.

Matthew: Uh, could you hold on a minute?

Greg: Yeah. Everything okay?

Matthew: Yeah, I just, uh, I just got to do something. You could wait in the living room if you want.

David: You all wouldn't abandon me here, would you?

Ford: For air-conditioning? In a Llanview minute.

[Phone rings]

David: Hold that thought. David Vickers-Buchanan productions. David Vickers-Buchanan speaking.

Matthew: Get up here now. Bring the crew.

David: What's going down?

Matthew: Something good.

David: We got a live one, folks.

Ford: Well, what are you waiting for, dude? Get out there and get it.

David: Without my producer?

Ford: I have to stay here and work on story ideas.

David: Ford, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting me with your vision.

Ford: Whatever. Just don't come back without something usable.

David: Markko! Prissy!

Priscilla: I told you not to call me that.

David: Grab your gear. It's time to make magic, people.

Oliver: What are you waiting for? We could bust the mayor right now.

Keeton: How do you suggest I get on McBain's good side? I don't even know if he has a good side.

Mayor Lowell: McBain values loyalty. You follow that fool's orders like a good soldier and keep me updated.

Keeton: What do you do?

Mayor Lowell: Good-bye, Officer.

Oliver: All right. I got Keeton's location.

John: Let me see.

Oliver: Right over there by the waterfront.

John: Yeah? It's by Lowell's campaign headquarters.

Mayor Lowell: The delivery that was scheduled for today. Cancel it. I don't care how much it costs us. There's going to be a raid. My source in the department. No. We'll reschedule. It is not going to be a problem. We will always be one step ahead of John McBain.

Oliver: You really don't want to move in on Lowell?

John: Not yet.

Oliver: But we got him dead to rights.

John: We got us something better than that.

Oliver: What?

John: Lowell says I act before I think? I'm not going to prove him wrong.

Cristian: Maybe you should talk to Fish about this.

Layla: Cris?

Cristian: Layla, this has nothing to do with me.

Layla: Do you care about me?

Cristian: What?

Layla: Are we really friends?

Cristian: Yes, of course we are.

Layla: Do you know something about Oliver and Kyle you're not telling me?

Cristian: Yes.

Layla: Then, please, be my friend. Tell me what you know.

Cristian: I saw Kyle and Oliver together. They were kissing. 

Gigi: Balsom, what do you want to do for dinner? I haven't had a chance to go to the store. So unless you want Shane food...

Rex: It's already taken care of.

Gigi: You found the chicken nuggets?

Rex: I ordered from the Palace.

Gigi: Uh, ahem. Can we afford that?

Rex: Well, they take plastic, don't they? It'll be here any minute.

Gigi: Isn't it a little early?

Rex: Well, I don't know about you, but I kind of worked up an appetite.

Gigi: Mmm.

Rex: Money is no object. This is all on Blair Cramer.

Gigi: Remind me to thank her.

Rex: Nope. Tonight we don't think about anyone else, anything else. No worries, no problems. Tonight is just you and me.

Gigi: I like the sound of that.

Rex: This is our night off from our lives.

Kim: All right, all right. Nobody's lost anything yet. Let's not get crazy.

Stacy: Okay, I stop ovulating soon. There's nothing I can do.

Kim: Is that what you said when Stan kicked us out of the Diamond Room?

Stacy: Oh, and he put those bitches Leah and Laura Dean on instead of us?

Kim: You snuck us in. We made twice their tips in half the time.

Stacy: I forgot about that.

Kim: See? I know you better than you know yourself. You've never lost anything you wanted to hang on to, so unless you're saying you don't want Rex--

Stacy: No, no, no. I do want Rex.

Kim: That's the Stacy Morasco I know and love. Now, what are our options? You said a sperm bank's out.

Stacy: It's too expensive, and if somebody were to see me and rat me out, that wouldn't be good.

Kim: Right, right. Let's keep it simple. Why don't we just find another guy?

Stacy: No, there's not enough time.

Kim: And if we wait another month, Rex will know it's not his. What if we hire someone?

Stacy: You are not serious.

Kim: We'll check him out first.

Stacy: No. There's only one thing left I can do.

Kim: What?

Stacy: Tell Rex the truth.

Layla: You saw Oliver and Kyle kissing? You sure?

Cristian: Yeah, I'm--I'm sure.

Layla: They weren't just, like, horsing around?

Cristian: No. No, they were into it.

Layla: I don't feel very good.

Cristian: I'm sorry, Layla. I'm so sorry.

Layla: When did you see them?

Cristian: A few days ago.

Layla: When were you going to tell me? Were you ever going to tell me?

Cristian: I didn't know what to do.

Layla: When you saw my boyfriend kissing another guy?

Cristian: I wasn't sure until now.

Layla: You just said--

Cristian: Yes, yes, it was a kiss, but Fish pushed Kyle away.

Layla: He did?

Cristian: Yeah, and he said he wasn't gay, that what happened in college didn't mean anything, that Kyle was the one who wanted it.

Layla: What?

Cristian: But it looked to me like Fish wanted it, too.

Oliver: So how long do we let Lowell run this poison into our city?

John: Just calm down.

Oliver: Well, you said that he's blaming the whole drug problem on us.

John: Can't arrest Lowell yet.

Oliver: But we heard him talking to Keeton about the raid.

John: He can say he was being advised of department action against a drug trafficking operation.

Oliver: But we heard him. He's already warning people off of it, and the shipment won't go down.

John: Today it won't.

Oliver: So then what? I guess we call off the raid?

John: Oh, no. That goes off as planned.

Oliver: Why? It's pointless.

John: It'll come up empty. It'll be far from pointless.

Rachel: Level ten, here I come.

[Music playing faintly]

David: Matthew, I thought you said there was drama.

Matthew: Inside.

David: It doesn't sound dramatic.

Matthew: Oh, it will.

Rachel: Oh!

Greg: Ha ha ha ha! Bravo, bravo.

Rachel: What are you doing here?

Greg: Matthew told me to wait for him here.

Rachel: Oh, that little--I, uh, I specifically told him that I didn't want to be disturbed.

Greg: You're not embarrassed, are you?

Rachel: Why would I be embarrassed? I'm just working out.

Greg: Oh, you were doing a lot more than that. You were--

Rachel: What, dancing?

Greg: Like nobody was watching.

Rachel: Only somebody was.

Greg: Hey, I didn't want to interrupt you.

Rachel: You act as if you've never seen anybody exercise before.

Greg: Not like that. That was definitely a Rachel that I haven't seen.

Rachel: And you never will again.

Greg: Too bad. I could have given you some pointers.

Rachel: You know what? I know what you're doing.

Greg: What? What am I doing?

Rachel: Goading me.

Greg: Now, we both know that wouldn't work. I could never get a reaction out of you. You're way too in control.

Rachel: You and me, right now. First to level ten wins.

Greg: It's on. 

David: David joins the circus. Ah. David goes Amish. It's all been done. Snake handler David. [Sighs] It's too hot to think.

Langston: Markko? You in here? 

Layla: And all this time I was worried about Oliver cheating on me with Stacy Morasco.

Cristian: Well, you knew something was wrong.

Layla: I didn't know he was cheating on me with a guy. What an idiot I was.

Cristian: Look, we don't know for sure that Fish is gay.

Layla: You just told me you saw him kissing Kyle Lewis.

Cristian: Well, maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe Kyle did come on to him.

Layla: Are you actually defending him now?

Cristian: No, I'm just saying we don't know all the facts.

Layla: What else do we need to know, except that my boyfriend's gay?

Cristian: You asked him flat-out if he was gay. He denied it.

Layla: He's worried about what they think about him at the police department. He got me that job and then told everyone we were dating even though I wanted to keep it quiet. All I am to him is his beard!

Cristian: You don't know that.

Layla: I would have if you'd told me you caught him kissing a guy.

Cristian: Look, I'm sorry I let it go on for this long. I wouldn't have, but--

Layla: You didn't know what to think.

Cristian: No, not just that.

Layla: What else?

Cristian: Well, when you hooked up with Fish, you just seemed really happy. I didn't think I should get in the way of that.

Layla: It's okay. I don't blame you.

Cristian: You don't?

Layla: I've given you a hard enough time for butting into my life. I just wish this once, you'd ignored me.

Cristian: Whoa, whoa. Where are you going?

Layla: To find out what Mr. Fish has to say for himself.

Keeton: Sorry I'm late, Detective. The wife called, said it was an emergency. Turned out the bathroom floor was just flooded.

John: Suit up for the raid. I need everyone at their best today. The mayor expects us to deliver.

Gigi: Why didn't I know the Palace delivered?

Rex: Because Shane only eats things breaded or on sticks. You know, I was thinking we really didn't have the greatest summer.

Gigi: The summer always sucks slightly less than the spring did.

Rex: If we hadn't spent most of the time at each other's throats or--

Gigi: Or pretending to be at each other's throats.

Rex: I just feel like we missed out on all the fun stuff families are supposed to do.

Gigi: There's an inflatable pool somewhere in the garage.

Rex: I was thinking more like a vacation. You know, when Shane was sick, we did promise him that trip to Disney World.

Gigi: That seems so long ago.

Rex: I guarantee you he remembers.

Gigi: Wait, so you want to go now?

Rex: Why not?

Gigi: I hate to break it to you, but we can't all be international men of mystery. Some of us have to work for a living.

Rex: You don't think McBain will give me a few days off? Okay, we can fly down there this weekend, we can blow all of Blair's cash, and be back before the first day of school.

Gigi: Why not?

Rex: Did you just say why not?

Gigi: Yeah. Deb is always asking for more hours. Oh, my goodness! We can leave tomorrow!

Rex: Uh, no, I can't leave tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment.

Gigi: You do?

Rex: Well, it's not for me. It's for-- [Sighs]

Kim: Do you know what'll happen if you tell Rex the truth?

Stacy: I'll lose him for good.

Kim: So keep fighting.

Stacy: I can't.

Kim: Oh, you'll fight for the Diamond Room, but you won't fight for Rex?

Stacy: The Diamond Room wasn't this impossible.

Kim: Nothing's impossible if it makes you as happy as Rex does.

Stacy: That time we were together...was the best time of my life.

Kim: You can have it again. We just need to do what'll work.

Stacy: I'm too tired, Kimmy. I can't do it. Ever since I've been here, all I've done is lie, and then I have to tell, like, 10 more lies just to cover that up. And I'm always scared that somebody's going to find me out.

Kim: That's why you're tired?

Stacy: When I was pregnant with Rex's baby, I didn't have to lie. It was real. Now the baby's gone. So's my chance of ever getting back with Rex.

Kim: This can't be what you really want.

Stacy: Never got what I wanted. Don't know why I'd start now.

Ford: Could you hand me my-- the shirt? The shirt.

Langston: Oh. I'm sorry. Um, I didn't expect to see people washing in here.

Ford: Oh, you know, desperate times and all that.

Langston: I'm getting that.

Ford: You're, um--

Langston: Langston. Markko's girlfriend Langston.

Ford: I thought you were his manager, right?

Langston: He gets two for one.

Ford: Well, Markko's not in at the moment, but he'll be back. You're welcome to make yourself at home. If you don't mind the smell of horse manure.

Langston: You don't mind it?

Ford: I don't have a choice. That's what happens when you throw in with David Vickers.

Langston: But I bet you're still getting good footage of the Buchanans.

Ford: You know, it's funny, because the show's supposed to be about him and his wacky family, but they don't want anything to do with him.

Langston: Well, why not make the show just about David?

Ford: Would you watch a show just about David?

Langston: Well, I don't know. Maybe it could be about something else.

Ford: Like what?

Langston: Oh, no, I didn't mean that I--

Ford: Oh, no, no. It's all right. This is a collaborative process. If you've got an idea, bring it on.

Langston: Maybe it could be a love story?

[Dance music playing]

Rachel: You ready to quit, sucker?

Greg: Not even close.

Rachel: Might as well give up. There is no way you could win.

Greg: Oh, yeah?

Rachel: Oh!

[Shouting indistinctly]

David: What's going on? Rachel. On the floor with your lover's brother? Are you pulling a Nora?

Ford: So you think the show should be a love story, huh?

Langston: It's just an idea.

Ford: No, no, it's better than David the snake handler. What made you think of it?

Langston: I had to write a musical for school a few years ago and it was about 2 people who were broken up finding their way back to each other.

Ford: You know, David's ex-wife is already a no-go.

Langston: It was also about 2 people who couldn't stand each other falling in love. That could work.

Ford: There doesn't seem to be much of a shortage of people who can't stand David. Who are we kidding? Who would fall for him?

Langston: Well, maybe that's the show.

Ford: "Everybody Hates David"?

Langston: At first, maybe, but then they grow to like him. Kind of like Eliza Doolittle.

Ford: Ha. I see the resemblance.

Langston: You spend the show transforming him into someone his new family can love.

Ford: And in the end...

Langston: There's already somebody who wants him just the way he is.

Ford: Not a bad idea, Markko's girlfriend Langston.

Rachel: Matthew, get back in here.

David: Rachel, I am shocked. Shocked.

Rachel: Matthew let you in here, didn't he?

David: Markko, go long. Single me, behind the couple.

Rachel: Where did Matthew go? I am gonna kill him.

David: Rachel, one brother wasn't enough? You had to have them both?

Rachel: If you don't get the hell out of here--

Greg: Who is this guy?

David: Oh, come on. You don't recognize me?

Greg: What?

David: Perhaps you've seen some of my work for the good folks at Have-a-Seat.

Greg: What are you doing here?

Rachel: He is my brother's... brother.

David: Which makes you sort of my sister.

Rachel: No, it doesn't.

David: I've always wanted a sister.

Rachel: Don't.

Greg: Is he for real?

David: Oh, this is reality, baby. It doesn't get any more real than this.

Rachel: David, get out! And take your camera crew with you.

David: The two of you have been caught in the act, cheating on my best friend Shaun. Perhaps you'd like to beg forgiveness from the American public.

Greg: You want me to toss him out of here?

Rachel: That won't be necessary. Markko, your girlfriend's looking for you.

Markko: You can't afford to pay me overtime, anyway.

David: You just cost me my cameraman.

Rachel: I am gonna cost you your life if you don't get your ass out of here.

David: Look, this is perfect, Rachel. I need a new angle for my show. Two brothers locked in battle over the same woman.

Rachel: There is no battle. I am in a relationship with Shaun.

David: We'll write around that.

Rachel: You know what? I was wrong. Tossing him out is necessary.

David: Oh--hey--what—

Cristian: You can't go see Fish.

Layla: Why not?

Cristian: Isn't he working?

Layla: So what?

Cristian: Do you really want to bust into where you both work and start yelling about how he's gay?

Layla: I don't know.

Cristian: Yes, you do. It wouldn't help anyone.

Layla: It'd make me feel better.

Cristian: Yeah, for now, but then you'd be sorry.

Layla: What am I supposed to do?

Cristian: Wait till he's off duty.

Layla: I can't wait another minute. I want the truth.

Keeton: You got a bad tip. It happens. Not your fault there weren't any drugs at the docks.

John: Yeah, well, the mayor might not think so.

Keeton: The mayor doesn't know everything that goes on in the P.D.

John: Well, he will when the "Sun" reports a raid without any arrests, won't he?

Oliver: Come on. No one reads that rag.

Keeton: Yeah, Fish is right. You can't beat yourself up over one lousy tip.

John: Go on, get out of here. I've got paperwork to fill out.

Oliver: So you don't want to go after Keeton? Get him to roll on the mayor?

John: We don't have enough on him yet.

Oliver: Come on. Meeting with the mayor isn't enough?

John: He talks his way out of that and then he goes straight to Lowell.

Oliver: All right, so we keep them thinking we're clueless?

John: That's why we had to move on today's raid.

Oliver: So as far as the mayor knows, no one suspects him.

John: But we know who we're after now. And it's time to take him down.

Gigi: Guess we couldn't avoid saying Stacy's name forever.

Rex: It's worth a try.

Gigi: We did pretty well, actually. We lasted almost 2 hours.

Rex: Almost?

Gigi: An hour and 50 minutes.

Rex: Want to see if we can make it to 2 hours?

Gigi: We would just be kidding ourselves.

Rex: You're right. Stacy's in our lives.

Gigi: And we need to start acting like it.

Kim: Are you absolutely, positively sure you want to do this?

Stacy: I don't have a choice.

Kim: Okay. Well, we might as well look our best if we're going into battle.

Stacy: You're coming with me?

Kim: Who's with you, baby?

Stacy: No, Kimmy. I don't want to put you through that.

Kim: Through what?

Stacy: Rex and Gigi are going to tear me apart.

Kim: Exactly. That's why I'm gonna be there.

Stacy: To protect me?

Kim: Damn right. You're telling the truth. They should be grateful.

Stacy: I don't think that they'll see it that way.

Kim: Then I'll just have to change their point of view. I promise, no matter what happens tonight, everything will be okay.

David: I think you're making a big mistake.

Rachel: Really? I don't.

David: Look, we don't have an act 3 yet.

Rachel: You don't have an act one or two, either.

David: You mean you're not gonna sign the release?

Rachel: Listen to me, David. You are gonna destroy every inch of that footage.

David: [Gasps] I can't go back to my producer with nothing.

Rachel: Well, if you don't, I'm gonna tell my mother that you weaseled your way back in here. She's just itching to file charges against you.

David: Here's what we'll do you two, make out on camera. We'll leave. Hey, come on. Maybe just a little fleeting, tasteful nudity? Come on, give me something.

Priscilla: What now?

David: I guess I go back to my producer with nothing.

Greg: Rematch?

Ford: I like this love story. But it can't just be David.

Langston: You're right. You need supporting characters.

Ford: To heighten the tension. Explain David's metamorphosis.

Langston: Maybe not just explain it.

Ford: What do you mean?

Langston: Well, maybe the people around David could have their own love stories.

Ford: Who could we get to be around David?

Langston: You. I mean, because you're already around him. And Priscilla and Markko.

Ford: And I wouldn't have to pay them extra. I like the way you think, M.G.L.

Langston: Thanks. I think.

Ford: Okay, so I'm gonna be on camera, then that means we need to find me a love interest.

Langston: You don't already have a love interest?

Ford: I'm afraid I'm married to this show at the moment. I mean, unless you know somebody or...

Langston: No, um, but I mean, it couldn't be too hard. You just set up something like today. It's hot out and you're all...Like you are, and girl walks in, boom, love at first sight.

Ford: Kind of like how you did. Does that make you my love interest?

John: Why don't you go ahead and take off?

Oliver: Are you sure?

John: Yeah. I'll have more for you tomorrow.

[Cell phone ringing]

Oliver: Hi, beautiful.

Layla: How late are you working?

Oliver: Actually, I just got cut loose.

Layla: I need to see you.

Oliver: Okay. You want to meet up at home?

Layla: Perfect.

Oliver: Is everything okay?

Layla: we'll talk about it at home. Bye.

Cristian: I'll steer clear of the apartment.

Layla: This could take a while.

Cristian: I'll find something to do. Unless you want me to be there.

Layla: I can confront my down-low boyfriend on my own.

Cristian: Okay, well, call me if you need anything. I mean it.

Layla: Thanks.

[Telephone ringing]

John: McBain.

Mayor Lowell: I just got off the phone with one very angry union boss.

John: Mayor?

Mayor Lowell: He wants to know why you shut down his docks today.

John: Yeah, we raided a boat

Mayor Lowell: I heard. Carrying, what was it? Taiwanese denim?

John: We got a tip.

Mayor Lowell: A tip. And did you get any results from this tip?

John: No.

Mayor Lowell: So this was one big waste of taxpayers' money. I want results, McBain.

John: That may take some time.

Mayor Lowell: Well, if you can't get them for me, I will replace you with someone who can.

John: Ask and ye shall receive.

Kim: You can still change your mind, you know. You don't have to tell Rex and Gigi you lost the baby.

Stacy: No...I'm ready. Look, I still think you should wait outside.

Kim: I'm not letting you face them alone. We're doing this together or not at all.

Stacy: [Sigh]

Gigi: Even if we don't say Stacy's name, we can't pretend she doesn't exist.

Rex: Not even for one night.

Gigi: We have to figure out some way to deal with her or she's gonna ruin us. Because whether we like it or not, she's pregnant with your child.

[Doorbell rings]

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