One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/19/09


Episode # 10505 ~ The Real Buchanans of Llantano County

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Proofread By Kathy

[Starr giggles]

Starr: Having fun, huh? Oh, how's the water feel?

Langston: How do you feel about calculus before lunch?

Starr: Oh, I hate it any time. Can you believe how cute she is?

Langston: She's adorable. I say we get the hard classes out of the way in the morning.

Starr: What are you doing?

Langston: Picking our AP classes so that we can have free periods together.

Starr: No, you don't need to do that.

Langston: You don't want to hang out with me?

Starr: I'm not going back to school.

Cole: All the counselors are out for lunch.

Sergei: Some would say permanently.

Cole: Really?

Sergei: It's a joke. Why are you here, Cole? Don't you work for me now?

Elijah: Matthew, enlighten us. Why do you think you have the maturity to make a decision of this magnitude about your health? Wasn't it your own bad judgment that put you in this wheelchair in the first place?

Téa: Objection, Your Honor! That assumes facts not in evidence. That would be irrelevant even--

Elijah: This 15-year-old boy is petitioning for the right to make a critical medical decision. His judgment, or lack thereof, is at the very center of this case.

Judge: Establish a foundation.

Elijah: Thank you, Your Honor. Matthew, the night of the accident, after you left the dance, exactly what did you do?

Matthew: I got a ride from my friend Cole Thornhart. We got into an accident and I was thrown from the car.

Elijah: Well, how could that have happened if you were wearing your seat belt?

Waitress: Thanks, Brody.

Brody: How are you?

Jessica: I'm not sure.

Brody: So where have you been?

Jessica: Well, you know how I said I didn't want to talk to Dr. Levin about it? I talked to Dr. Levin about it.

Brody: Okay.

Jessica: I don't want to lose it, Brody. I can't, so I have to face that I have a problem now.

Brody: You're not losing it.

Jessica: I'm seeing my dead husband or hallucinating...

Brody: No, Jessica, it's real.

Clint: Nora's in court today with Matthew's case turning up. I want to get over there.

Natalie: I know, Dad, and we're sorry, but this can't wait.

Clint: What's wrong?

[Doorbell rings]

Jared: This was delivered to my office yesterday.

Clint: What is it?

Jared: Nash's death.

David: Nigel, dude!

Ford: You're getting this, right?

Markko: Yeah, we're good.

David: Favor me. Kill the fatted calf, Nigel. The prodigal Buchanan son is home at last, and this time I'm here to stay.

Clint: How the hell did anybody get their hands on this? Somebody mailed this to you?

Jared: Hand-delivered.

Clint: So what about the logbook?

Jared: Well, the name was a scribble, of course. I tried to chase the guy down when I saw what it was, but he was already gone.

Clint: What about security?

Jared: We went over all the security tapes. There's only one shot, but nobody could ID him. He had no clearance to be in the building.

Clint: Can you tell who it is?

Jared: No.

Natalie: I mean, who would want to do something like this?

Clint: Does Jessie know about this? Because this could destroy her.

Jessica: How do you know it's not all in my head?

Brody: Remember when you told me about the heart outline on the French doors at your house?

Jessica: Yes, yes.

Brody: Okay, I checked. I fogged up the glass and the outline was still there. You didn't imagine it, Jess. There is somebody real stalking you.

Cole: Yeah, I work for you, but that doesn't mean I have to explain every minute of my life to you.

Sergei: It is friendly question, Cole.

Cole: Okay, how can we be friends if I don't even know your name?

Sergei: Call me Sergei.

Cole: Okay, Sergei.

Sergei: Now tell me why you are hanging out with the authorities.

Cole: I want to stay clean. I also have a mom with a cop boyfriend and who expects me to stay clean and go to college.

Sergei: Ah. Very wise.

Cole: Now I'm gonna ask you a question, Sergei, if that's okay? Why--why are you here?

Sergei: I have great interest in your life...and recovery. How it works, this is our competition.

Cole: Okay, there'll be plenty of other customers.

Sergei: Some of them right here.

Cole: Maybe. But if I give you all of my customers, you wouldn't need me, would you?

Sergei: We don't need you. Never forget that.

Cole: Why are you following me?

Sergei: Why do you care if you have nothing to hide?

Langston: Okay, you did not just say that. You can't just drop out of school.

Starr: So I'm supposed to take notes while someone else is taking care of my baby?

Langston: Um, yeah.

Starr: What? I've already missed out on so much of Hope's life already.

Langston: So you're gonna miss out on the rest of yours instead?

Starr: I can't imagine leaving her all day.

Langston: But you can imagine being a dropout teenage mother?

Starr: Okay, you make that sound really awful.

Langston: Hello! Don't you want to be independent, be able to take care of yourself in the world?

Starr: Yes, I do.

Langston: Or do you just want to depend on handouts from your family for the rest of your life?

Starr: No.

Langston: Don't you want to set a good example for your daughter?

Starr: Yes. I want to take responsibility for her. How can I go back to school and do that?

Nigel: Do you have an appointment?

David: Nigel, loyal retainer to the Buchanans for generations. Ford, should we do on-screen titles?

Ford: Absolutely. We need to build brand and audience loyalty. Priscilla, write...

Nigel: Now, if you'll excuse me...

David: Nigel, dude!

Nigel: I am not by any known latitude of the word a "dude."

Ford: Genius. Write that down.

David: It is I, David Buchanan. You can no longer keep me from my birthright. It was Nigel who moved heaven and earth to prevent me from knowing that I was a Buchanan.

Nigel: And I was correct. You are not Asa Buchanan’s son.

David: He speaks nothing but the truth. It turns out I was the last stateside roll in the hay for a young...

Nigel: Undoubtedly drunken...

David: Bo Buchanan, who went to war.

Nigel: I must insist that you leave.

David: Give it a rest, Nigel! I've come back to my ancestral home, the home of my granddaddy. My handicapped little brother needs me here, and most importantly, we have to be ready for a fall-season launch.

Elijah: Matthew, was your seat belt defective?

Matthew: No.

Elijah: Did it break in the crash?

Matthew: No.

Elijah: I mean, your mom and dad taught you to buckle up, didn't they? You do know it's the law, don't you?

Matthew: Yes.

Elijah: So then how were you thrown from the car?

Matthew: I wasn't wearing my seat belt.

Téa: Your Honor, this is harassment. Matthew is in no way responsible for the accident that paralyzed him.

Elijah: Again, this speaks to his judgment and maturity.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Elijah: Matthew, why weren't you wearing your seat belt?

Matthew: I wasn't thinking.

Elijah: Why not?

Matthew: I--there was this thing at the dance.

Elijah: "A thing"?

Matthew: Uh, I don't know. Like a joke. These kids were making fun of me. I had to get out of there fast.

Elijah: So you ran out of that dance, jumped in the first car you saw, and then just didn't buckle your seat belt?

Matthew: No, it didn't happen like that.

Elijah: Would you call that sound judgment? Would you say it was a mature decision?

Destiny: Matthew's not the one who made the big mistake here. It's his parents.

Brody: Why don't you look convinced?

Jessica: Because I know myself, or, my selves. I could've drawn the heart, Brody.

Brody: Okay, you've been doing great. I haven't noticed anything off about you. Have you had any signs?

Jessica: No, no. I'm not losing time. And I've been dealing with Chloe’s death, and I've been handling it. I've been handling everything until now.

Brody: So do you think you're doing this to yourself?

Jessica: No. No, I don’t. But that's why the heart on the window freaked me out so much. It was--it was our thing.

Brody: What do you mean?

Jessica: Well, Nash would draw a heart on my hand with his finger to tell me that he loved me. You know, it's the last thing he did before he died.

Brody: I'm so sorry that some creep would use that.

Jessica: No, no. No one knew about it except Nash and me. Not even Natalie. You're the first person that I've told. There's only one person who could've known to draw a heart on that window, and that's Nash.

Nigel: I must insist...

David: Oh, relax, Nigel. Come on, this is gonna be fun!

Nigel: Who are these people?

David: This is my 3-man crew: Ford, Priscilla, Markko.

Markko: I don't have a card yet.

David: You see that? We're bringing jobs into the community.

Nigel: But why? How--why?

David: Nigel, it's a reality television show.

Nigel: Ah!

David: I know. Brilliant, right?

Nigel: No. I would die before you make a mockery of this family.

David: Ford, do you love this guy? Nigel, I see a whole spinoff for you, some sort of a "out of the pantry and onto the red carpet" sort of makeover deal.

Ford: David?

David: Huh? Uh, everyone, hold your marks.

Ford: This isn't working.

David: Oh, no. No, no. I'm not taking off my shirt on television.

Ford: No, you promised us crazy rich people.

David: We've been knee-deep in crazy rich folks since we got to town!

Ford: Yeah, but that does us no good if we can't film. We've been kicked out of 2 houses already.

David: No, this is my family. We're good here.

Ford: Then why didn't we come here first?

David: Because I owed it to Dorian to give her a shot at fame. And Viki and Jessica--they would've made great reality television. I mean, between the two of them, there's at least 7 characters.

Ford: Wait, so this family's boring?

David: Boring? Did you see the moat? Ford, my father is the commissioner of police. My uncle is a genuine cowboy. My grandmother was an ex-madam at a brothel! My little brother is the Tiny Tim of Llanview High! Look at this! We have expensive locations, a laundry list of characters. And if you insist, I will reluctantly take off my shirt.

Ford: Your family also seems to hate you.

David: Of course they do. A big dramatic arc: "An epic journey home by a hero."

Ford: Yeah, but if they won't cooperate, then we're back right where we started. We have to start all over.

David: No. This is my family. They can't kick me out! Come on! Nigel, who's home?

Nigel: You will not pass.

David: Move or I'll make you move.

Nigel: So be it!

David: Ford?

Ford: Priscilla?

Markko: No. If you hurt him, I quit.

Priscilla: I'm not hurting anyone. I wouldn't dream of it. No animals or butlers were hurt in the making of this picture. They were tickled pink.

Nigel: No, no, no, no! Please...

[Nigel laughs]

Clint: Is that some--somebody's sick idea of a joke? Or is it a threat that's gonna lead to blackmail?

Natalie: Everyone knows that Nash's death was an accident.

Clint: Yeah. Anybody out to get back at you for it?

Natalie: You mean besides Tess?

[Nigel laughs]

David: Uncle Clint.

Clint: What--what the hell--what are you doing here, Vickers?

David: It's Buchanan now, remember?

Clint: How'd you get in?

Nigel: No, please! No--just cease and desist! Oh, I tried to stop them, sir. They're making reality-TV programming!

Clint: Oh--Vickers, I don't have any time for whatever it is you're doing. So you and your little friends, get out. Nigel, I want a word with you.

David: Cousin Natalie. Cousin Natalie, former trailer trash and pool hall hustler, now the dainty flower of the Buchanan house. Like Natalie, I came to the Buchanan family picnic late.

Jared: Take your hands off of her, you freak!

David: Speaking of freaks, these two were having sex while he pretended to be her uncle.

Natalie: No, no, he never touched me while--while he was doing all that.

David: Angle on Jared Banks. He came to town posing as the Buchanan heir.

Ford: Hold your shot. Hold that shot.

David: Almost foiled your plan there, didn't I, Banks?

Natalie: Oh, you're an idiot.

David: So you tied me up half naked in the barn and stashed me with the horses.

Jared: And I'm gonna do a lot worse if you don't leave my family alone.

David: And we certainly know you're capable of violence, don't we, Mr. Banks? For this man pushed Natalie’s sister's husband through a skylight and caused his death.

Brody: Okay, you drew a heart on your baby's casket. I saw that, and so maybe it wasn't as secret as you thought. Maybe somebody picked up on you and Nash using it before.

Jessica: Maybe.

Brody: I tried to get a fingerprint. It was too smeared for a lift, but there was a fingerprint. A human hand drew that heart. There's somebody real out there messing with you.

Jessica: Right.

Brody: So focus on that.

Jessica: Okay. Okay, I will. Um, I have to--I have to go and drop Bree's paperwork off at her preschool, so--

Brody: Be careful, okay? If you think you're being followed, you call me immediately.

Jessica: I will.

Clint: Vickers, you know that-- would you turn that thing off? You're making me crazy! You know that Nash's death was an accident.

David: That's your story. But is it true or is it a mystery? Secret treachery that I will expose.

Natalie: Oh, my God. Were you the one who sent that DVD?

David: What?

Natalie: Pictures of Nash's death.

David: Footage or stills?

Jared: You want to shut him up, or I will.

Natalie: Because, you know, they showed up the same day you did.

Clint: I hope you're not trying to make money off that young man's death.

David: Vengeance from beyond the grave...jackpot! We'll kick ratings butt with this!

Jared: You get out of here!

Natalie: Oh, my God!

David: Ohh! And that's how we roll with "The Real Buchanans of Llantano County."

Delphina: Come in, Jessica.

Jessica: How did you know it was me?

Delphina: You read the door?

Jessica: Yes. So you know who I am?

Delphina: Well, I met Tess last summer. She's not around anymore, right? Or the other one: Prissy, glasses?

Jessica: How do you know Bess?

Delphina: Maybe we should go back to the door, start over. That might save us some questions.

Jessica: Okay, so you know things.

Delphina: That's why you pay me. For example, I know that you think I'm a fraud.

Jessica: My grandmother is Renee Buchanan. She believes in you, and she said that you reached my grandfather the night before my mom's wedding.

Delphina: Uh-huh. Well, that wasn't much of a conversation. Yes, Asa was into a lot of, shall we say, mischief. Didn't have time for me.

Jessica: "Mischief"?

Delphina: Mischief: Making the lights go out, mixing up the couples' names on the banner. He's not really taking that heavenly rest thing very seriously. But that's not why you're here, is it? About the other one.

Jessica: What?

Delphina: The other presence I felt that night.

Jessica: You felt someone? There was something...

Delphina: Hmm. Look at the skeptic go lily white. Yes, your grandfather was not the only one visiting from the other side that night.

Nigel: Shall I call the police, sir?

Clint: No, Nigel. I will handle it. You just go and pull yourself together.

Nigel: Thank you, sir.

Jared: You need help tossing these clowns?

Clint: No. This may be the only thing I enjoy all day. Look, I want the two of you to find Jessica. Warn her about this DVD, but do it nice and gently, okay?

Natalie: We'll call you later, Dad.

Clint: Okay.

Natalie: Markko, be careful.

Markko: Look, I'm sorry. It's a job and I really need the extra cash.

Natalie: No, I totally get it. Just stay out of the crossfire.

Langston: I already put down all your classes for you, so all you have to do is just sign.

Starr: Did you not hear a word that I said?

Langston: Yeah, but I'm ignoring you.

Starr: So you think that someone else should take care of my kid?

Langston: Starr, people in this house are in line fighting over the chance to change Hope's diapers. I mean, hot and cold running babysitters. You are so covered on that front.

Starr: I guess so.

Langston: And, look, I'll bunch all our classes together so you're only at school for, like, 5 hours tops.

Starr: It's gonna be really hard to study.

Langston: We'll do it together. Let me help. I mean, come on, Starr. What's up with you? You get straight as. Did you really want to drop out?

Starr: I--I don't know. I don't know what I want right now...except to see Cole.

Langston: Well, all he has to do is pass the GED exam and he gets his diploma. I mean, graduate high school, and in a year we can all be in college together.

Starr: Yeah, I know.

Langston: What are--are you worried about him?

Starr: I just want him to be done with his community service.

Langston: Because it's such a drag or are you scared for him? Starr, is Cole doing something dangerous?

Sergei: What is this GED?

Cole: It's an exam I have to take before college this fall.

Sergei: You're going to school?

Cole: Yeah.

Sergei: With the money that you are making now?

Cole: It's chump change compared to the money we could be making with me in college.

Sergei: University is covered.

Cole: Really? You have someone selling to all the freshmen, the new kids?

Sergei: This could be useful.

Cole: It's a gold mine. All the kids pouring into L.U.? First time when they're not being at home with their parents, looking to party? It's a big market.

Sergei: Already a businessman?

Cole: I told you I need money.

Sergei: For your baby. What a perfect guy you are.

Cole: You think? Hmm. I crashed my car; put a kid in a wheelchair. Not so perfect.

Destiny: The people who put Matthew in that wheelchair are Becca and her boy Justin. They did the meanest thing I've ever seen on school grounds, and they never paid one minute for it.

Judge: You have been warned, Miss.

Téa: Sit down, Destiny. This isn't helping.

Elijah: All right, Matthew, so you were upset about Becca and her boy Justin and you forgot to buckle up?

Matthew: Yeah.

Elijah: But that wasn't the worst of it. You knew Cole Thornhart was using drugs, didn't you?

Matthew: Kind of.

Elijah: A fact you never bothered to share with your parents, right?

Matthew: I--I didn't know how bad...

Elijah: You know what grownups do when they think someone has a drug problem?

Matthew: I guess it depends.

Elijah: They get that person help.

Téa: Your Honor, he's testifying.

Judge: I'm allowing this line of inquiry. But ask questions.

Elijah: Again, thank you, Your Honor. Matthew, did you know Cole was high that night?

Matthew: Not at first.

Elijah: Did he say anything that might've given you a clue?

Matthew: No. He just wanted me to get out of the car.

Elijah: So let me get this straight. The drug user that you've chosen to drive you home tried to get you out of the car, but yet you insisted on riding anyway?

Matthew: Look, I just wanted to get home!

Elijah: You would've done anything to get out of that dance, huh? Just like you'd do anything to walk again? What do you think that says about your judgment, Matthew?

Matthew: Okay, I'm sorry! I made a mistake! Everyone makes mistakes. Why don't you ask my parents? I'll bet you they did something that they regret.

Elijah: We're talking about your judgment, Matthew. Once you realized or even suspected that Cole was in an altered state, you didn't try to get out of the car. You didn't ask him to pull over and let you out.

Matthew: No. I just...

Elijah: You didn't even put on your seat belt when you knew he was high!

Matthew: No, I made a bad mistake.

Elijah: Actually, you made several that night, Matthew. You could've stopped this chain of events at any point.

Téa: Objection.

Elijah: But every time you made a bad choice that, in the end, put you in this wheelchair. Now, the next decision you make could put you in the ground!

Téa: Objection, Your Honor! That is outrageous!

Judge: Order in the court!

Elijah: No further questions.

David: I'm not leaving until my daddy comes home.

Clint: Oh, Bo does not want to see you.

David: He's in denial.

Clint: No, he's not. He's perfectly lucid, and he'd love to throw you in jail for trespassing.

David: And so it continues: Abuse and neglect. My father abandoned me at birth.

Clint: Bo didn't even know you existed, and now he wishes you didn’t.

David: Do you see? These people will cut you. I'm going nowhere until my father comes home and faces me.

Clint: Well, genius, get a load of this. Bo doesn't live here anymore.

David: Really? Well, Nora does, and he'll come here to see her. They always make excuses to see each other.

Clint: You don't know what you're talking about.

David: Oh, please. A blind man can see it from the back of a cave or a very dark room. I'm very good with metaphors. Try to get them all on camera. Nora Hanen is--

Clint: No, it's Nora Hanen Buchanan because she's my wife.

David: You married Nora? Clint Buchanan stole the love of my father's life away from him.

Téa: Redirect? So, Matthew, you know you made some mistakes on the night of the accident, correct?

Matthew: Yes.

Téa: You made some impulsive decisions that, as you have already explained to us, you know cost you dearly.

Matthew: Yes.

Téa: Okay. How has that changed you?

Matthew: I don't do anything without thinking now. I can’t.

Téa: You really consider your decisions carefully now?

Matthew: Especially big ones.

Téa: Mm-hmm. And have you really considered the decision about whether or not to get surgery?

Matthew: Yes. I went online. I researched it. I talked to Dr. Evans. I read what doctors said about Dr. Evans. I read patient reviews from people who had the same surgery that I want to get from Dr. Evans.

Téa: So you spent a lot of time on this?

Matthew: It's all I've thought about ever since I heard there was a surgery that could help me walk again.

Téa: Mm-hmm. You've looked at it from many different angles?

Matthew: Yes.

Téa: No further questions, Your Honor.

Judge: We're adjourned until tomorrow.

[Judge Pearson pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise!

Natalie: Oh, hey, Brody.

Brody: Hey, guys. What can I get you?

Jared: No, thank you. Actually, we're looking for Jessica.

Brody: She was here. She had to go over to Bree's school.

Jared: Okay.

Brody: Is everything okay?

Natalie: Yeah. We're just--we need to tell her something.

Brody: She has her phone.

Natalie: Yeah, it's kind of not a phone thing. So if you see her, could you just let her know that we need to see her? Okay?

Brody: Sure.

Natalie: Thanks.

Jared: Thanks.

Brody: Wait. Can I ask you guys something? Have you noticed anything strange around Llanfair lately?

Natalie: Like what?

Brody: Strangers around the house, weird things in the house.

Jared: Why do you ask?

Brody: I think someone could be stalking Jessica.

Jessica: So someone else was hanging around the lodge that night, a person?

Delphina: More like a presence.

Jessica: Well, do you know who it was?

Delphina: There was some wine involved.

Jessica: Oh, my God: Nash, my husband. He owned a vineyard.

Delphina: No, no, no, no. I mean, I had a really good glass of rose with a spanakopita special over at the Cafe Stavros. Yeah, so it's a little murky. But I definitely felt something.

Jessica: Well, I saw him that night. I--I saw something, and that was--that was the first time.

Delphina: You're talking about Nash.

Jessica: Yes. And I've seen him since then, and he's left me signs.

Delphina: Like what?

Jessica: I don't know. You know, this is nuts. He's dead, but someone just keeps on poking around and...

Delphina: Yeah, the dead come and visit us.

Jessica: Well, I don't believe in ghosts.

Delphina: Neither do I. We're talking about the spirit of your loved one. They come back. They check up on us. You know, it's not the Easter bunny: Your belief isn't necessary.

Jessica: Well, I just wish I knew for sure.

Delphina: Well, then call him.

Jessica: What?

Delphina: Well, you want to talk to Nash? I'm running a recession special on séances. Want to give it a shot?

Jared: There was this thing...

Natalie: Yes, we want to tell Jessica about it. That's why we wanted to warn her.

Brody: You think somebody's after her?

Natalie: We don't know. But somebody is definitely messing with our heads.

Brody: About what?

Jared: Nash's death.

Cole: Look, I want more territory. I can do more. Did you talk to your boss about it yet?

Sergei: Yes.

Cole: And?

Sergei: You go nowhere else till he meets you.

Cole: Okay. Fine. I can meet him anytime.

Sergei: You're still a baby yourself, yes?

Cole: I'm ready.

Sergei: You will sell to freshmen at L.U.

Cole: And you can make that happen all by yourself?

Sergei: I'll see what I can do.

Cole: Make it happen.

Sergei: Yes, you're so motivated. But then you have so much to protect: Your mother and Starr and that little baby girl.

[Phone rings]

Sergei: This is Sergei. So are you sure shipment is tonight?

[Continues indistinctly]

Starr: Yes, I'm worried about Cole.

Langston: And you really can't tell me what he's doing?

Starr: Believe me; you're better off not knowing.

Langston: Is this why you're all "I can't finish school"?

Starr: Well, probably. I want Cole to come home, and it makes me want to be around Hope more.

Langston: What can I do to help?

Starr: You don't have to do anything. Tell me about your life. How's Markko? Have his parents come around?

Langston: Not a bit. And he was really stressing money, but he got a job with a camera crew.

Starr: Really? That's great!

Langston: Yeah. Good job, good money. I mean, I don't have to worry about him at all.

David: So it's brother against brother for the love of a single woman, the same woman who once married a gay serial killer. The serial killer was gay, not the victims. Was that clear? Should I rephrase it?

Clint: Stop now!

David: This same woman cheated on my father so she could get pregnant, or so she said.

Clint: Now, you shut up about Nora.

David: Yet through it all, she never stopped loving my dad.

Clint: You have no--that marriage was over years ago. For heaven sakes, Bo was my best man.

David: How long before their love flowers again?

Ford: Cut! That was great. Fantastic. I'm gonna need you to sign this release form.

Clint: I'm not signing anything. Get out of my way!

Ford: Ugh! We're out of here!

David: What are you talking about? Things are just now getting good!

Clint: Wait a minute! I'll sign it.

Clint: And you stay right where you are, because I want you to get everything on tape as I kill David.

David: Oh, come on. You got to let me take my shirt off now.

Markko: Did you miss the part about him killing you?

David: No, no, no, relax. That's just how they talk around here.

Ford: I don't know. You kind of hit a nerve about the man's wife.

Bo: I thought we had an understanding.

Elijah: We do: You want to win.

Nora: No, you can't go tearing Matthew to pieces like that.

Elijah: Nora, what would you rather see? A little discomfort on the witness stand or your son in a coffin?

Bo: No, no, don't do that to her.

Nora: I want my son whole, but I want him happy, too.

Elijah: It's just too bad he doesn't feel the same way about you. You heard the swipe he took at you guys about your big secret lapse in judgment.

Bo: We heard.

Elijah: So, clearly, he and Téa aren't above playing dirty.

Téa: Hey, Matthew? Listen, you did great. On redirect, you were wonderful. The judge will definitely see the difference between that night and now.

Destiny: He's definitely getting that surgery, isn't he?

Téa: I have every reason to hope.

Matthew: Thanks, the two of you.

Téa: Sure. I'll see you later.

Nora: We're ready to go. Are you?

Matthew: Yeah. I'll meet you at the car.

Nora: All right.

Destiny: You guys fight it out in there, and then you guys get in the same car and go home together?

Matthew: Yeah. I know, right? It's been fun so far, but I'm glad I have a big house. I can't wait to get home.

Langston: So how's the job? Are you learning lots of new camera techniques?

Markko: Mostly ducking.

Langston: Is it any fun?

Priscilla: Ahh! Oh, my God!

Ford: Everybody, stay calm!

Langston: What was that?

Markko: I'm not sure. Uh, I got to go. Clint Buchanan has a gun.

David: Ford?

Ford: Uh, go ahead and shoot, but make sure to miss all the vital organs. It's too late to recast.

Starr: Hello?

Cole: It's me. I have a couple of minutes.

Starr: I'm so glad you called. Where are you?

Cole: The rehab center. How's Hope doing?

Starr: She's great. Oh, you should see her. She looks so cute in her little swimsuit.

Cole: Take a picture for me?

Starr: Of course I will. She misses her daddy and so do I.

Cole: Me, too. So what are you doing besides swimming?

Starr: Signing up for classes. Langston convinced me that I can go to school and still have time with the baby. We could have a great year, Cole.

Cole: We will.

Starr: Once we're together.

Cole: Soon.

Sergei: He can sell to the freshmen at the university: My idea, of course. He is very eager to move up. So far, he checks out. I don't know. Something makes a bug in my ear about him.

Elijah: Your boy was rolling pretty close to the edge there.

Téa: We'll still beat you.

Elijah: If he even so much as hints at the idea that Bo and Nora are hiding something again...

Téa: Then what?

Elijah: Did you read that piece of paper I gave you?

Téa: You mean this one?

Elijah: Yeah.

Téa: It means nothing.

Elijah: So that's how you want to play?

Téa: See you tomorrow.

Bo: Matthew, wait just a minute. I think we need to talk about what you said in court today.

Matthew: Which part?

Bo: What you said about your mom and me.

Matthew: Well, I didn't tell him about you and mom making out before a wedding.

Nora: It wasn't making out...

Bo: Look, if you plan on using this against us in court, I'd like a chance to talk to Uncle Clint first. I know right now you probably hate your mom and me, but I know that you care about him. I don't think he deserves to be blindsided, don't you think?

Matthew: A lot of people don't deserve what happens to them.

Nora: Matthew, wait, wait. Matt--Markko?

David: We're leaving. See? Bye-bye.

Clint: Yes, yes, yes, you're going bye-bye, but not before you give me all the footage that you shot today.

David: Now, you take it easy.

Bo: Watch it.

David: Dad. Thank God you're here. My dad's here.

Jared: This is the person who delivered that.

Natalie: Do you recognize him?

Brody: Do you think this could be Nash?

Delphina: Nash? Nash, can you hear me? Will you show yourself to me? Your wife is here. She needs you. And I think you might need her.

Jessica: Nash? Is that you?

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