One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/12/09


Episode # 10500 ~ I'll Be Watching You

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Proofread By Kathy

Viki: Dorian?

Dorian: Well, hello, Viki.

Viki: You're early.

Dorian: Am I? Wonderful. I'll go return some calls...

Viki: Actually, I'm glad you're early. We havenít really had a chance to talk since you crashed my wedding.

Dorian: I'm afraid my life has been a bit hectic.

Viki: Dorian, that was the second time within a few weeks that you got drunk and made a scene.

Dorian: I am sober now. Though if I had gone ahead with David's plans, trust me, the man would've driven me to drink.

David: I donít know why Dorian doesnít want to be on my reality show. She's missing the chance of a lifetime. It's sad, really.

Ford: Yeah, for us. You promised me a rich woman, crazy sidekicks, fancy house, fancy name, extravagant living.

David: I know. I gave you a great formula.

Ford: Yeah, that we canít use! Now we have nothing. We have no location, no crew...

Priscilla: Gee, thanks.

Ford: All right, all right. No camera person. No cast.

Langston: Did I hear you say you need a camera person? This is Markko. He's an award-winning cameraman.

David: Isnít he still in high school?

Markko: I just graduated. That's a sweet camera. That model's got a 48 kilohertz, 16 bit 4-channel PCM audio, 13 to one optical zoom lens, and I'm going to guess an optical image stabilizer. Nice.

David: I donít know about any of that but the "on" button's right there.

Brody: I told you, man, I'm fine.

John: ready to make another exchange?

Brody: Same play with Cole?

John: Sergei's gotta think he's making a killing.

Brody: Yeah, well, it looks like a killing to me. So, Cole rakes in the drug money, Sergei takes him to the next level?

John: Gets him in with the supplier. Whoever's running Sergei.

Brody: And what about the bug you planted outside Cole's place? Pick anything up?

John: Well, it turns out Sergei knows a few tricks, too. He bugged Cole's room.

Brody: Cole didnít say anything to blow his cover, did he?

John: I gave him the heads-up. He knows he has to be careful. No more contact with anybody that can tip off these dealers, especially Starr.

Cole: Starr?

Cole: How'd you know I'd be working here?

Starr: I didnít. Hope wouldnít go down for a nap, so I took her for a walk.

Cole: I've missed her.

Starr: Are you okay? I'm worried about you, especially after John said that we canít--


Cole: We're being watched.

Starr: Well, what should I do? Should I get Hope out of here?

Cole: No, no, no. That's a little too suspicious.

Starr: Oh. Cole--

Cole: Hey. It's okay. Just follow my lead and kiss me again.

Marty: Jessica?

Jessica: Marty. Hi.

Marty: Hi. Lois told me you were in here. I just stopped by to give your mom and Charlie a wedding present.

Jessica: Oh, that's so sweet. Long time no see. Come here.

Marty: Oh, I know, it's been too long.

Jessica: Yeah.

Marty: Actually, I thought maybe we could catch up or something. You want to get a cup of coffee? Not that I need more.

Jessica: You okay?

Marty: Yeah. I think I'd breathe easier if my fate wasnít being decided by the hospital board. They're meeting right now, voting on whether or not I can go back to work there.

Dorian: I must admit, my recollection of your wedding is a bit hazy.

Viki: I can imagine.

Dorian: Oh. I do seem to recall, though, proposing a toast to the happy couples.

Viki: Oh, yes, you did do that. Yes, you did. Right after you told us we were making the biggest mistake of our lives.

Dorian: Huh. Did I say that?

Viki: Oh, you did. You did, indeed. But somehow, we all got married anyhow.

Dorian: Ha. I suppose I must have been, as Langston would say, toasted.

Viki: Dorian, I'm a little concerned about you. I hope this isnít becoming a habit.

Dorian: It was an aberration. It will never happen again. Not ever. No, no, no, no. Never again will a man drive me to drink.

Viki: Okay. So, you said something earlier about David?

Dorian: He's back in Llanview.

Viki: Is he really? Oh. What's he up to?

Dorian: [Sigh]

Langston: So, what do you say? Is Markko hired?

Ford: What are you--his manager?

Langston: Maybe.

Ford: Well, he knows cameras. He just needs experience.

Markko: P.S.--surveillance video from inside Dorian's closet-- that doesnít count.

Langston: He's got experience. He just got accepted to the film program at UCLA.

Markko: Lang--

Langston: No, it's true. He's totally the next Tarantino.

Priscilla: So, what award did you win?

Markko: Just--

Langston: Top prize for his senior film.

Priscilla: Oh. Where'd they show it, the high school auditorium?

Markko: Look, babe, it's okay. Look, I donít have a lot of professional experience, but I've used every single camera I can get my hands on. I work hard, I learn fast, and I've got a real good eye.

Ford: Well, the budget for this pilot is limited. It'll be really low pay.

Markko: I'll take any extra cash. I really need money to pay for a dorm room. I canít live at Viki and Charlie's forever.

David: Viki and Charlie live together?

Langston: Yeah. They're married.

David: What are you talking about? I thought that wedding was next week.

Ford: All right. Markko, if you really want the job, it's yours.

Langston: Sweet!

David: Oh, wait a second! That's it! Dorian is not the only rich lady in this town with a cast of colorful characters, a big house with a fancy name. Llanfair, here we come.

Jessica: Donít worry. The board is gonna say yes. You'll be back at the hospital in no time.

Marty: Maybe. I just have learned to not count on things.

Jessica: Well, then I'll count on it for you, okay? You're too good not to be at that hospital, and I know the waiting sucks.

Marty: Yeah. I've made a huge to-do list. Try to distract myself from a few things.

Jessica: How's Cole?

Marty: He's brave. He's doing his community service. I just wish it was over.

Jessica: He's been through a lot.

Marty: How are you?

Jessica: I'm fine.

Marty: Hey. You're my friend. We're friends, and I donít want this big thing between us that we canít talk about.

Jessica: How is she? Your granddaughter?

Marty: Healthy. Happy. She's being doted on by too many people and she's getting the best of everything.

Jessica: Then I'm glad. I'm very, very glad. It's gonna take me a long time to heal, but, you know, I look around me and I see my family and I'm lucky. I'm very, very lucky. I just--I miss her a lot.

Marty: How could you not?

Jessica: Maybe that's why...

Marty: What?

Jessica: I'm seeing dead people.

Jared: Ha.

Natalie: Nice desk.

Jared: Nice desk yourself. What are you doing here?

Natalie: What are you doing here? I feel like I'm gonna have to come back to work a lot sooner than I anticipated just so I can see my husband.

Jared: I know it's been a lot of late nights.

Natalie: Well, thought you could use a little inspiration so you might come home early.

Jared: Why wait till I get home?

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: Sweet.

Viki: A reality series starring David Vickers?

Dorian: Ha ha! Isnít it absurd? After all that talk about going to L.A. to be a serious actor.

Viki: Well, in fairness to David, I think he really did want that.

Dorian: David is handsome, no doubt about that, but what dramatic range does he have? Who is going to pay David to be David?

Viki: David can be very entertaining.

Dorian: Yes, and clever and charming, but he certainly could never carry a show on his own. And he knows that. That's why he wants me to be the real star of the show. And of course there's my family--all very passionate, intelligent, relatable. America wouldnít just want to watch the Cramers. They'd want to be the Cramers. But it would be simply awful, wouldnít it? Living life in the public eye like that. And of course unthinkable, what with children in the house.

Viki: Yes, well, living in a fishbowl would be dreadful.

Dorian: So, the whole idea for the show is off the table, because I refuse to be part of it.

David: Viki would do anything for me, and now that she's married, she'll be a real housewife of Llantano County. Plus with that family...we can still call it the real Lords of Llanview!

Markko: What's he talking about?

Ford: No, David, you canít just switch families. What if this Viki person isnít even that interesting?

Priscilla: Yeah, that Dorian was a--woo-hoo--trip.

David: Oh, trust me. Between Viki and her daughter Jessica, we have at least 9 characters, plus the alcoholic boyfriend. Actually, Charlie's her husband now.

Langston: He's been sober for a while now.

David: Oh, you can take the alcohol out of the alcoholic--

Markko: Whoa. Hold up. What kind of project is this?

Ford: That's reality, baby.

David: There's no one more real than Viki. Plus, with her other daughter Natalie. She went from trailer park trash to debutante in no time, and then she married Jared. He's an ex-con. That's the alcoholic's son. And then Jared, he was accused of killing Jessica's husband. Oh, this is gonna be perfect. Ha ha ha ha.

Jared: I should work late-- ahh--more often.

Natalie: Hmm. Donít you even think about it.

Jared: Well, if you came back to the office...

[Both giggle]


Jessica: Maybe it's not accurate to say "people." More like "person." Maybe that means I'm not so far off the deep end.

Marty: Come on, you donít need to joke with me about this.

Jessica: No--I-- I'm seeing Nash. Or I have seen Nash. It's stupid, it's silly--

Marty: No, no, no, no, no, it's not. Tell me what happened.

Jessica: I only told Brody.

Marty: Okay, well, if you want to tell me, you know it stays between us. You know that.

Jessica: I know. I know. I-- it happened--started happening the night before my mom's wedding. I saw someone outside and I couldnít see his face, but I swore it was Nash. I swore it was him. But I tried to see him and then he was gone. So Brody went out to see, and of course, no one was there. And then Bree came in the next day with a stuffed animal, and I'd never seen it before. It was brand-new.

Marty: Okay, and?

Jessica: And it was an elephant. She said her daddy gave it to her, and elephants were a thing with her and Nash, you know. Maybe I'm losing my mind.

Marty: No. No. It's okay. Go on.

Jessica: I mean, sometimes it-- I donít know--it feels like I'm being watched. The night of my mom's wedding, I went to Nash's grave, and someone was there.

Marty: And you thought it was Nash.

Jessica: Well, I didnít see his face, again, but it was more like a feeling. I donít know. Am I crazy?

Brody: Anything I should tell Cole?

John: You both just stick to your covers, all right? Nothing to make anyone suspicious. You're just a guy looking to score.

Brody: Never thought I'd have to take acting lessons.

John: Look, you're doing good. Just hang in there. Hey! Listen to me. You ever come in here high again, you're fired.

Brody: Okay.

John: No, donít "okay" me, all right?

Brody: All right!

John: Now, go! Get your act together.

Mayor Lowell: Is there a problem?

John: No, no problem .

Mayor Lowell: I heard you say that man was on drugs. Why didnít you arrest him?

John: I'm not on duty. Hey, look, this guy Brody works for me, all right? He's a vet. I'm trying to give him a break.

Mayor Lowell: Fought in Iraq? Afghanistan?

John: The rest of it is none of your business.

Mayor Lowell: Oh, is that right?

John: Yeah. Hey, what are you doing in here, anyway? What, are you checking up on me?

Mayor Lowell: Actually, I am. What are you involved in, McBain?

Cole: Please tell me your dad didnít follow you here.

Starr: No, he didnít, I swear.

Cole: I really hate not being able to see you.

Starr: Me, too. As soon as I'm 18, I'm moving out.

Sergei: Oh.

Cole: Hey--hey, watch it.

Sergei: Excuse me, miss. My bad. Got my mind on work. New guy I donít trust. I didnít pay attention. That's when accidents happen, when you're not paying attention.

Starr: It's okay.

Sergei: Cute kid.

John: What am I involved in? Well, you know me--when I'm not slinging drinks, I'm writing tickets and fighting crime.

Mayor Lowell: Very funny, McBain. I know the commissioner's given you free rein and you take any case you want, and your first choice is to help your girlfriend's son skip out on a drug charge? I want to see a list of every case you're on.

John: Like you said, free rein. It means I donít answer to you.

Mayor Lowell: Yeah, I'd watch that attitude. That may fly with Commissioner Buchanan, but it wonít work with me. You've made a mockery of my office once before.

John: Well, you do a pretty good job of that yourself, Mayor, but listen to me. I got a business to run here, so if you donít mind...

Mayor Lowell: You know what you should be doing? You should be cleaning up the drug problem in this town starting with Thornhart. That kid should be in prison right now.

John: Cole's a good kid and he's trying to get his act together.

Mayor Lowell: And people say you're a "smart cop." This town is being overrun with drug activity and you act as if you havenít a care in the world.

John: Are you gonna order something or not?

Mayor Lowell: You need to get your priorities straight. You hear me, McBain? You need to stop these dealers from selling to our children, instead of helping punks like Thornhart go free.

John: Hey, you know, Mayor, this is a business, you know? So if you'd like, I'll make you a pink lady, but if you're not drinking, I suggest you get out, all right? I got paying customers to deal with.

[Mayor Lowell sighs]

Sergei: I'm not around babies much. So small, innocent. They are new to this world. What do they know about betrayal? Retaliation? Nothing. Not yet. Sorry for bumping into you.

Starr: You know, that guy's right. Our daughter is innocent and she's living with my dad, who hurts everyone that he touches.

Cole: It's okay.

Starr: Well, you need to get money together so that I can move her out of there.

Cole: I will. All I need is a little time. Trust me.

[Hope babbles]

Cole: Pretty soon we'll have everything we want.

Priscilla: Your friend Viki-- she has to sign a consent form or we canít shoot.

David: That'll be a breeze. Viki would do anything for me. Plus, now that we have Markko living in the house, we'll have access to everything that goes on in there.

Markko: No, hold up. I'm not taping Mrs. Banks and her family. That's messed up.

David: Oh, young man, that's inexperience talking. We'll get her to sign after the fact, just like they do when they make those fancy documentaries. Plus, when Viki sees how good she looks on tape, she'll be all for it.

Markko: No. No way.

David: Why not?

Langston: Because Markko has integrity, unlike some people.

David: Yes, I guess he is showing signs of integrity, isnít he? He who used his girlfriend to set me up. Tried to make me look like a pervert, which I am not!

Markko: No, you're a liar and a con artist.

David: Labels.

Markko: Mrs. Banks is a really good person. Like, one of the best that I know. If you think I'm gonna use her like this, forget it. Look, I'm sorry, but I guess this means I have to quit before I even started.

Priscilla: So how are we gonna find a cameraman this late?

David: No. Markko is right.

Langston: He is?

David: Of course he is. There's another way to do this.

Viki: All right, our first item is to discuss Dr. Margaret Saybrooke's application for reinstatement as a staff psychiatrist.

Male board member: This woman has a history of psychiatric issues. She's not stable enough to work with patients.

Female board member: And wasnít she recently considered a suspect in a murder?

Viki: No. That was a mistake. The accusation was a mistake and she was cleared of all the charges. The entire incident was a mistake. Edward, Dr. Saybrooke has always been a competent psychiatrist, okay? Yes, she was ill for a time, but it was not a clinical psychiatric condition. She had physical injuries from a car accident which resulted in memory loss. She's completely recovered now. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a testament to her strength of character and mental stability. In any case, her record speaks for itself. I think she would be an asset to this hospital. I have complete faith in her. I would entrust the care of my children to her.

Mayor Lowell: Sorry I'm late. What's the vote?

Viki: We havenít voted yet.

Mayor Lowell: Good. Because I hereby categorically intend to vote against letting Marty Saybrooke come anywhere near a patient in this hospital again.

Marty: I donít like to use the word "crazy."

Jessica: Well, you know what I mean.

Marty: I do know what you mean. Okay, when you saw Nash, did you find anything that could prove that someone was there?

Jessica: No. I was the only one that saw him, or whatever I saw.

Marty: But you think he was trying to leave you a message?

Jessica: I donít know. I donít know. You know, for a while, I would go to Nash's grave and I would find peace. You know, I would tell him how much I loved him. But that I was--found someone new, someone that made me happy. You know, like--like he did.

Marty: Sure, but different.

Jessica: Yeah. Some part of me knew that--that Nash would be okay with it, that he would be happy that I was happy.

Marty: Yeah. You know, I went through that after Patrick died. I still do.

Jessica: So why--why now? Or am I just imagining this?

Marty: I donít know if--if this person you're seeing is real or not.

Jessica: No, it's not--it's not Nash. I know it's not Nash.

Marty: But I do know one thing. I think this is a message. It just might not necessarily be about Nash.

Jessica: Well, then what is it?

Marty: If you're thinking about Nash to this extent, maybe the question isnít what he wants to tell you. Maybe it's what you want to tell him.

Jared: I will be home as soon as I can.

Natalie: You better. Mmm.

Natalie: You know what? Maybe I should just take this with me just in case. That's weird. It's for both of us.

Jared: Probably a belated wedding present from someone on staff.

Natalie: Let's see.

Jared: Huh. There's no note.

Natalie: No label. Should we just watch it?

Jared: Yeah.

Jared: Okay.

[Natalie sighs]

Viki: Mayor, you are opposed to Dr. Saybrooke's reinstatement? May I ask why?

Mayor Lowell: Allowing her to care for patients is negligent. She canít care for her own son, a drug addict.

Viki: He's in recovery, doing community service, and paying for his mistakes.

Mayor Lowell: Not nearly enough.

Viki: Besides, her son's condition is hardly relevant to this issue.

Mayor Lowell: It most certainly is. Every doctor in this hospital has access to drugs. It wouldnít be the first time an addict's used his mother's position to steal controlled substances.

Viki: That is pure speculation and completely unwarranted. Our job here is to find qualified physicians to work in this facility. I've known Dr. Saybrooke a long time. As far as I'm concerned, she is one of the best.

Mayor Lowell: Maybe on paper. But one must question her judgment in the company she keeps.

Viki: The company she keeps? I see. Might your objection, Mayor, have to do with your feelings for John McBain? Who, I believe, was responsible for exposing your office's mishandling of Dr. Saybrooke's rescue.

Mayor Lowell: I've made my point. Why donít we put it to a vote?

Viki: Fine. Does anyone else have anything to add? Right. In a show of hands, please, all in favor of Dr. Saybrooke's reinstatement... and opposed. Well, now, that makes four of us for, and four against.

Female board member: There are nine of us. Who hasnít voted?

Dorian: I havenít. Marty Saybrooke is a home wrecker. She broke up my niece's marriage to John McBain and she has been an absentee mother to her drug-addicted son. I donít like her. However, I donít think that any of that impacts her ability to be a good doctor, and I think that's what we're looking for, isnít it? I have carefully reviewed her request and her case files, and accordingly, regarding the motion to reinstate Dr. Saybrooke, I vote affirmatively. Now, shall we all welcome Dr. Saybrooke back to Llanview Hospital?

Marty: If you could say one thing, one thing to Nash, what would it be?

Jessica: That I love him, and that I always will. I just-- I want him to know that.

Marty: Because of Brody?

Jessica: Yeah. He's been so wonderful through this whole thing. He's so patient and so loving. Every time I think I'm gonna lose it, he gives me a reality check. He told me that I should probably be talking about this with Dr. Levin.

Marty: Well, that's not a bad idea, right?

Jessica: Of course it's not, but when he told me I totally snapped at him. Look at me-- I'm talking to a shrink about this now.

Marty: Yeah, but I'm your friend. You get two for one. No fee.

Jessica: I pray every day that I wonít split into my alters again. I know what that feels like, and this-- this isnít it.

Marty: All right, so, why do you think that Nash is appearing to you now?

Jessica: We just had our wedding anniversary.

Marty: Okay. That's a big thing. What about--I donít know. Something else. Something more recent. Anything else happen?

Jessica: I told Brody I love him. And I just--I feel like Nash or this vision that I'm having of Nash, I feel like he's trying to pull me away from Brody.

Natalie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Who would send something like this?

Jared: I donít know, but I am gonna find out.

Jared: Hey! Hey, you! Hey!

Jared: Get me security.

Cole: I could play with you 24/7, all day long, huh? All right. I really donít want you to go.

Starr: Oh, me neither. But we have to get home before my dad comes looking for us.

[Hope fusses]

Cole: Okay. All right, well, be good for your mommy, okay? All right?

Starr: She will.

Cole: Bye.

Starr: Bye. I know. We're gonna see daddy later. Let's go. Whoo. Bye.

Cole: Bye.

Cole: What's your problem? You bump into my girlfriend, talk about you donít trust the new guy?

Sergei: You got the message?

Cole: Look, it's not necessary. Look, I wonít screw this up. I need some serious cash if I want to support my family.

Sergei: I like to make sure.

Cole: I thought I already passed your test.

Sergei: That was only part one.

Brody: Dude, I gotta talk to you.

Marty: Do you think you're trying to back away from Brody?

Jessica: No! No. No, I love being with him. You know, maybe I'm having these visions so-- so I can get closer to Brody.

Marty: Why? What do you mean?

Jessica: Well, because-- you know, every time something happens, Brody comes running to take care of me and he shows me how much he cares, and, you know, it's been the best part about this whole thing.

Marty: Well, it sounds like you should just keep exploring it, then. And for the record, you're not crazy. You're just trying to figure things out like the rest of us.

Viki: Marty.

Marty: Hi, Viki.

Viki: Funny you should be here. I just came from the hospital board meeting.

Marty: And?

Viki: And you are back on staff at Llanview Hospital.

Jessica: Yes! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! It was unanimous, wasnít it?

Viki: No, it wasnít. I donít know what was going on, but for some very strange reason, Mayor Lowell was very opposed. But he was voted down.

Marty: Good. Good. Okay, well, I'm gonna have to dig that diploma out of my closet again. It wants a wall to hang on.

Viki: And now it's got one. Congratulations.

Marty: Ahh. Thank you.

Viki: Bravo.

Jessica: I'll walk you out.

Marty: Okay.

Viki: Bye, honey.

Marty: Bye. Ahh.

Jessica: Marty...

Marty: Yeah.

Jessica: Thanks so much for listening.

Marty: Are you kidding? Anytime. And I mean that.

Jessica: I'm so sorry. I didnít even ask about how you are. How are things with John?

Marty: Well, hey, it's okay. We're--we're taking it slow. I mean, he's just like Brody. He's been-- he's been very understanding and very patient.

John: Where have you been? No, I've been calling. No, listen, never mind, all right? You know the mayor's anti-drug campaign? Yeah. That's the one. Listen, find me everything you can on that and put it on my desk. Yeah. It's a rush.

Cole: Look, I'm busy.

Brody: Come on, man.

Cole: What do you want?

Brody: Can we go somewhere else?

Sergei: I remember you. Twitchy man. Thornhart's best customer. Do your business.

Brody: I need a little help, man.

Cole: I just hooked you up. You blew through that already?

Brody: You know how it is.

Cole: It's too bad, I'm all out.

Brody: I got the money. Come on.

Cole: Sorry, bro. I've got nothing for you. You're gonna have to walk it off.

Brody: You gotta have something.

Cole: Take a hike.

Sergei: Turning customers away? Very bad business.

Cole: Do you know how much I gave him? No one can go through that much in one day. So, you have to ask yourself-- what if the guy's selling? Cutting us out on the profits? And if he isnít selling, he wonít be back for more, right?

Sergei: I'm starting to change my mind about you.

Cole: Yeah?

Sergei: You understand business.

Cole: I learned a few things watching Asher. What not to do, if you know what I mean.

Sergei: What you have is natural instinct. I will speak to the boss. Maybe he'll want to meet you.

Dorian: A pleasure as always, Jane. Bye-bye.

Jane: It was.

Dorian: Edward. A word for just a moment. I would like us to schedule another board meeting just as soon as possible.

Edward: For the purpose of?

Dorian: For the purpose of reinstating me as chief of staff at this hospital. But...

David: Markko's right. We donít have to do this on the sly.

Ford: Oh, we donít?

David: No, no. Viki's far above that. Plus, we donít want to lose our ace cameraman. Who's willing to work for scale, or possibly less. So, Markko, I'll approach Viki on the up and up, and ask her to participate, and only then will we start shooting. Will that work for you?

Markko: Only if she says it's okay.

David: All right. It's a deal then. Let's head over to Vikiís.

Priscilla: Uh-uh. That is a $15,000 piece of equipment. It never leaves my sight. Thanks.

David: I told you, I'm a problem solver.

Ford: You just sacrificed getting your first moment with Viki on tape. Do you think that will solve our problems?

David: We've sacrificed nothing. We have the camera, donít we? What that kid doesnít know wonít hurt him.

Security guard: Last mail delivery was hours ago.

Jared: That's not possible, because I just saw someone, so they must have taken off.

Security guard: You're sure they left it?

Jared: My secretary brought me my mail right before she went home. That was just delivered.

Natalie: Okay, did anyone from the mailroom leave the building?

Security guard: No. I checked.

Natalie: That means our delivery guy changed clothes.

Jared: Okay. I need you to review the building's security tapes and then take this package to the mailroom and see if anyone recognizes it. Thank you.

[Jared sigh]

Natalie: Jared, who would do this?

Jared: I have an idea.

Viki: Honey, are you okay?

Jessica: [Sigh] Marty was just helping me work through a few things, but I'm fine now. Those are really pretty.

John: Hey.

Marty: Hey.

John: You look happy.

Marty: Oh, yeah. That's because I am. You're looking at the newest member of the psychiatric staff at Llanview Hospital.

John: No kidding? That's great. That's what you wanted.

Marty: Yeah. And I get to go back to work.

John: What's wrong?

Marty: I just wish your mayor had given me the thumbs-up.

John: What'd he say?

Marty: Well, I only know that he voted against me. I'm thinking he brought up Cole's drug history, you know, his reduced sentence. I mean, that's what he's about all these days, right? You've seen his ads running-- "our administration's gonna kick drugs to the curb. "

John: Yeah, it's kind of hard to miss.

Marty: Yeah, I guess--you know. Election year. Maybe he just needs a platform.

John: Yeah, that must be it.

Sergei: Boss, this Thornhart, he's a good earner. Smart. Knows how to smell a rat. Maybe you want to use him for something bigger. I'll set it up.

Jared: Okay, so donít hate me for asking this, but...

Natalie: What?

Jared: Is it possible Jessica sent the DVD?

Natalie: You mean Tess?

Jared: I'm just thinking that Jess has been acting a little weird lately, you know. She was late to your mom's wedding and the reception.

Natalie: No, she's integrated.

Jared: Ha. We've thought that before.

Natalie: I know, but she's accepted Nash's death now and what happened with the baby. There's absolutely no reason for the alters to come back.

Jared: [Sigh] You're right. It's just the simplest answer.

Natalie: Look, I know. I know Jess has definitely been acting strange. But she couldnít have sent this. I mean, you saw the delivery guy.

Jared: Yeah. It wasnít her. I'm willing to bet the same person who delivered the DVD is the one who created it.

Viki: Sweetheart, do you want to talk about what's bothering you?

Jessica: I've just been, you know, thinking about Nash a lot and Marty helped me figure out why.

Viki: Oh. And?

Jessica: And it's between me and my shrink.

[Doorbell rings]

Viki: Okay. Okay, I'm gonna get that.

Jessica: Is someone there?

Langston: Thanks. Your first professional job. Major props.

Markko: You're the one who deserves the props. "The next Tarantino"?

Langston: What? I meant it. Everything I said.

Markko: Oh, I'm finally gonna make some more money! College dorms, here I come.

Langston: With a frequent visitor. Hey, can you believe David Vickers?

Markko: What? You mean actually doing the right thing? Hey, who knows? Maybe the guy actually has some integrity, after all.

David: Viki. I'll bet you didnít expect to ever see me in Llanview again, huh?

Jessica: Nash? What do you want from me?

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